a *very cute* summer clothing haul (try-on)

hi guys so today I am back doing what I do best and that is exceeding my card spending limit for entertainment purposes today I’m going to be doing a summer clothing haul it has been a whole month since I’ve done a clothing haul I know you guys love

these videos I love making them and I’ve been really into fashion lately and just exploring different styles so it’s gonna be a really fun video I hope you guys enjoy it filled with clothes that I’ve been collecting over the past month and a half maybe not all of

it is clothes that I bought because some of it may be my merch so stay on the lookout for that I didn’t want to say I do clean out my closet regularly I’ll either donate my clothes to like the kidney foundation or I’ll pass on my clothes to

either some of my friends I might want my clothes and then occasionally also sell my clothes on Poshmark and depop so I’m going to start off with reformation if you don’t know what Reformation is it’s basically a sustainable clothing brand which I’ve always been interested in buying from

them I know it is a lot on the expensive side which makes it hard to buy just because literally for these two dresses it was a little bit over $300 which is crazy this first dress from Reformation I’ve never seen anything like it you can see what it

looks like but it’s just a mini dress with these two little spaghetti straps it has this comic girl printed all over it and I think it’s so cool it’s just so different I have nothing like this in my closet so it’s perfect distress I believe was $128 so

yes it is sustainable but it’s not super realistic to have a whole wardrobe from here but very glad that I picked up this piece and then the other dress that I got from them is this beautiful deep red color and it kind of wraps around in the front

and it has these two ties at the top the cut of it is super flattering is just very summery summer vibes that is this dress and those are the two pieces that I got from Reformation one accessory that I got which I’m super excited to talk about this

I mentioned it a little bit on my Instagram story today that I got a bracelet from four oceans it’s this beaded bracelet right here and basically it’s 100% made out of recycled materials from the ocean and glass from the ocean the bracelets are $20 and for every bracelet

that you buy they remove one pound of trash from the ocean so this is the little bag it came in I just wanted to show you guys I’ll link it down below it’s a super cool cause I’ve been researching it all day and I’m very into it I

actually ended up getting five more of these bracelets because I wanted to contribute to a good cause so if you guys want to buy one of these they’re actually really cute if you want to buy one of these brace I’ll have link to their website down below it’s

getting hot it’s getting hot I’m princess Polly you guys know I’m obsessed with them and this is not sponsored but I did buy a couple things from their website I got two mini dresses that are like a silky material this one is in a light yellow color this

would look super cute without with a t-shirt underneath with some cute sneakers or sandals and then I also got the same mini dress in the black color so that’s more of like a nighttime vibe not gonna lie they’re very short but I’m 18 now so I’ll make it

work also from princess Polly I got my first long skirt because all I have are mini skirts and sometimes I don’t want to worry about bending over and worrying who’s gonna see long skirts are the way to go because I’m sick of not being able to bend down

when I’m wearing skirts this is what it looks like it’s in this beautiful forced green color it has a slit on the side zippers in the back so it doesn’t give too much adjustability but this does fit me pretty well I get a size 8 and everything from

princess Polly this next piece from princess Polly is so precious and adorable it’s this light lavender color which I really enjoy this shade of purple and it has a bunch of ruffles it ties in the front perfect for the summery vibe that I’m kind of going for two

more things from princess Polly so I got these army green colored hands that fit me very well I think it’s such a different color it gives a different vibe rather than blue jeans so I’m excited to style this and then the last thing from princess Polly is this

little kind of want to call it a pirate top it’s a cream color very cropped really got to be feeling myself on the day that I wear this that is it from princess Polly moving on it to Urban Outfitters the first piece that I got was this it

looks like this is this white see-through lace I don’t really know I think this is lace but I could be wrong and I probably am wrong but it cinches in at the waist I think this would be a really cool Beach cover-up to wear this over a bathing

suit and the holes allow for proper air flow so that your boobies can breathe this is really random but I recently have been looking deep into my past and I remembered that I was deeply obsessed with Care Bears and I forgot that they existed I had to pull

that out of the depths of my memory then I saw this shirt so it has a little Care Bear on it and it says Brad it’s just a classic t-shirt and I needed to own it this next thing up from Urban Outfitters is really random for me to

buy and it takes me completely out of my comfort zone so this is what I’m talking about it’s this velvet romper with a zipper going all the way down so my hope is that no one comes for me and just pulls my zipper down because then I will

be exposed I thought it was really cool maybe I could style this in a cool way almost makes me uncomfortable but that’s what’s life is about I guess I also picked up these really cool shorts from the bdg line at Urban Outfitters kind of has color blocking denim

with the stripes and then the back looks like this so it would add a super cool touch to your outfit it’s hot also from Urban Outfitters I picked up this super adorable romper it’s in this light pink color and it has a gingham pattern the top has the

ruching feature and then it kind of almost doesn’t look like a romper because there’s a front flap it is a romper which is super easy to throw on in the summertime and then and one of my favorite parts about this hole I got a new pad I am

completely obsessed with bucket hats right now this is my third one it’s this blue color and it has this little flower detailing on the rim I’m so excited about it it is a little bit tight because it was only one size and I do have a very large

head which makes it hard but the headache is worth it because I love this hat so much I feel naked without it I got two dresses from the website super down they’re kind of complicated to put on so in the Tryon I didn’t know what I was doing

because I didn’t know how to tie them they’re the same style they basically are these little mini dresses with buttons going down the front and then the back is completely open which is why I didn’t know how to tie it so it was highly confused about that but

I got this dress in the light yellow color and then the same style dress that has the open back in the gingham style I used to not be super into dresses just because I thought they were too girly for me but recently I realized that it provides you

so much airflow I got three things from Lulu the first thing I got are these light pink Billabong shorts I owned them in a tan and black color they’re super easy to throw on and I really like how they make my booty look I got this romper also

from Lulu’s that has this really pretty floral pattern and it’s in this light pink color then the other dress that I got from them is so sweet I love the style of this it’s this greenish blue color with these pink with these white flowers on them I got

two pairs of sneakers from Fila recently that I wanted to show you guys it’s kind of a different take on their classic Fila disruptors these are the shoes that I got they’re very chunky and white Dada sneakers pretty much what I liked about it is that it had

this super cute detailing with the zipper on the side so it’s pink and purple you can unzip it I don’t know why you would unzip it but you can in case your foot gets swollen I don’t really know and then these ones remind me of little boy sneakers

just because of the color it’s red black white and gray I feel like my little brother would wear these don’t have a little brother but if I did have a little brother I’m pretty sure he would wear them I’m gonna finish off with a brandy melville I can’t

fit too many of their clothing items because I’m a medium-sized girl sometimes I wear a size large so they’re small sizes is not my cup of tea but there are select pieces that I can fit for example this top right here I really like the button-up detailing I

got this top that I’m wearing right now and then I got the same styles hop in this light green color and it’s very cropped the same style top and this bubblegum pink color I really like the color pink I got an orange shirt and it’s such a pretty

color but I feel like it’s so underappreciated so I’ll figure out how to style this I really think orange looks good on me and I’ve been told that looks good on me so I got it orange shirt that is all that I have for this haul I hope

you guys enjoyed it if you stayed to us playing the video first of all you’re awesome and second of all comment down below rice Pierce’s bread babe of the week you guys are killing it with the edits and I love you guys so much that’s all that I

have I love you By ThờiTrangMùaHè

HUGE SUMMER FASHION HAUL- Shoes, Clothes, Accessories

what’s up you guys today I’m going to be filming a huge clothing haul it happened anyway super collective video this is actually some shopping I did right before I left for camp which was like a few weeks ago and then when I was on vacation in Illinois and some online shopping as well as that much shopping today just collected from like the past month basically I like this video because I’ve been posting pictures on Instagram I’ve liked some of these items in u.

By ThờiTrangMùaHè

bro and a lot of it you guys haven’t seen an office ordered a package on over to anyone calm and actually got it today so fresh and box and by the way everyone’s been asking how I do my hair and it’s actually like um I don’t use a curling iron anymore well like during the summer release especially oh but it’s really easy it’s a non heat kind of thing so if you guys want to see if I know he curl everybody curls whatever comment down below and I’ll be sure to do it was gonna try and you store my store but like everything’s kind of scattered I’m kind of everything organized by like types of things so I’m gonna start with shoes because I mean who doesn’t love shoes I got three pairs of shoes this past month there you guys were all freaking out about supposed to picture on Instagram wearing these and there are these sandals right here and I’ve been looking for something like these forever and I found them actually a gap and I should’ve had a loss of a gap you guys would be seeing in the rest of this video obviously but oh I’m obsessed with them they’re the perfect brown color and they’re super comfortable so I think I’m gonna bring them to Europe when I go in a few weeks which I’m like sad but Tim kind of similar pair but like in black in it a little bit more strappy these are from forever 21 they’re just like super kind of like trendy I’ve been wearing them a lot with like black and gold and green kind of open today I learned today to the mall and they weren’t uncomfortable like they didn’t hurt like in they’re only sixteen dollars at forever 21 so it’s just nice to like try out things and I really like them so I don’t know if you can see like all black but yeah there we go I’m really about it not looking at the viewfinder because I freaked out that it’s not focus so like try like get into where it’s focused because this camera is such yeah sorry ass pair of shoes um I’ve been wanting a pair of espadrilles bro for quite a while now I thought this would be a really good pair of walking shoes as well as they just goes like absolutely everything really cute so I got these on Amazon there’s this kata bornin or something that but they’re really comfortable so far and they’re cutting out the cord on the insides so brought up you guys I’m just gonna dive in from Target I got this dress and I’m obsessed with ship dresses right now but I’m obsessed with ships dresses and also strikes like I always been attracted to stripes I really like it it’s something really easy to wear it wears like my big brown bag that I from made well it’s just really easy to tell he’s a little bit of a zipper in the back I can’t remember how much it was because it was like actually before I went to camp in agog this but I really liked it I just love the whole idea that this next dress is a dress I post on Instagram you’re actually whoo my gosh more is up front man I couldn’t figure out like kind of describe it so basically it’s on the store cause glicks I got this ugly because in the Midwest I don’t know but like where I live in Florida but there might be a glitch new I know there’s not just one and they are selling a ton of like stylish stuff I don’t know but eyes always maxi dresses like yes this is mine so it’s from the brand active basic but from the store flicks and it’s just this like blue and white red and her up I think I told you guys I’m like really obsessed with blue and white right now like but anyways it’s a maxi dress and it’s literally so comfortable I want to sleep in it like it’s so it’s so soft just feeling I know all right I’ve got these denim shorts from American Eagle because believe it or not I don’t really have a good pair of denim shorts other than these really really high waisted ones are basically completely ripped in I will look crazy I would and they were on sale for $25 rather than 44 and I was like it’s a sign I tried them on they’re really comfortable don’t give me a wedgie which is really important my friends so I got these and I’m really excited because actually repair Denton shorts are just wear to the beach you know it’s just casual and fun I’m J Crew factory I got a few things I got this damn shirt because I love chambray tops and it’s really easy to wear I think this would be cheaper like some printed shorts and like some Jack Rogers and these are just so easy to pair wear with and the second thing I got from j.

crew Factory what is this denim dress which was featured in my finding your style what’s your style video that I got so much good feedback on so thank you guys so much it meant a lot it’s just like it goes to a little bit above the knee but it’s just like something casual again to where I’m just like really into dresses right now because they’re really easy for somewhere to put on and you just kinda accessorize that’s not you don’t have to fuss with everything out then also I got a couple more things from that store clicks I was telling you guys about and first thing I got is this shirt and it’s like so comfortable like this top it’s just got like flowers in the front and then it’s got these all you nice sleeves on the side and zipper in the back then I also just got from like this white shirt it’s a little bit longer so I’m definitely nowhere with some leggings it’s actually big enough to like wear off the shoulder and some bracelets or something or like rings or a long necklace first accessory out complex is this dreamcatcher necklace and I actually got that specifically to wear that maxi dress I showed a little bit ago this is like six dollars and it’s gold and I don’t know it’s just nice and dainty and this bracelet I thought it’d be cute as like a summer kind of thing to wear was like if I’m not wearing any jewelry to have this is like a statement bracelet then also from galago saying they had a huge sale and I was a freaking out suddenly shopping get that much but they had some really cute something else I counted so like I said I’m really into shipped dresses right now and this looks huge on camera but you know like my body goes on its website pounds big but this is an extra small and this is a ship dress and I really love this like baby blue color and I thought it’d be really cute my Brown sandals but it fits so nicely and so cute and mmm I just and lasting from gasps is this maxi dress and I plan to wear on the plane to Europe because it’s really again it’s like a really soft material I’m not I’m gonna wear like a scarf or like a sweater with the chair because I want to be more it’s just like a navy blue color and again it was on sale and I’m into dresses right now as I said belt with us now I’m gonna start with forever21 serpentinite got them those things I love forever 21 everything is just so expensive but protune ones really up in their game in my opinion they’ve got some really cute stuff and I’ve got people saying like read you’re good done they think it’s from like Norwich like no the first thing I thought is this scarf actually and I saw exact one exactly like this on like giant career and I was like so cute $170 no I’m doing it but this one was 1080 at forever 21 and it opened wide so I think I might wear this with that Navy maxi dress and I could like wrap it on my shoulders when I’m on the plane it’s like a big blanket basically but don’t you just love these colors I just thought they were really nice colors really good for the summer if I ever get a chance to fly to that and I actually got this top one right now I had to wear it because I just love it so it’s just a navy kind of Dolman top I can I see shorts on I’m cheating but it’s really really soft I know it’s summer and it’s like hot I bought myself cold a lot of times and it’d be cute look like some cute shorts or something so and it’s really from I got this one and it’s just white and 1/8 happy count your blessings work hard follow your dreams share with each other gift things keep your memories love one another and I just thought it was a great message and it’s something really happy and I just kind of like the person to it it’s just a nice shirt to have on and didn’t look the same online it has this like weird kind of material to it I’ve never just plain white but it’s kind of I don’t know where this though it was like four dollars or something except when I try it out I think I’ll just wear it was like some shorts or something like a sweater or something I love I was so happy to find because as you guys know I’m gonna do the speech on my school we asked for colored shirts everyday I’m not back-to-school shopping but I thought this would be perfect when school starts but not I got this for the summer into to where I’m really commanding suit it’s just like a light um white collared shirt but it’s like not a button-down it’s so casual but it’s got that like canvas e-materials but it’s so soft it’s so comfortable and so cute and kind of summer if I ever go to a music festival going to wear this it’s like nine dollars on like this white top and it’s got like lace on the bottom but make you make sure you know everything’s cute short gray with like gold jewelry and nothing works like you’d go back but it’s a great top and I thought it would go good with so many other things leggings it’s just a very versatile we’re today to the mall and I got a lot of compliments and I wore my black sandals that I showed earlier it’s it’s crazy and I like it I love the flow meanness of it and then it’s like a romper but with longer pants obviously that ties at the waist I just love it and I am so happy in it I comfortable so there we go I got a couple dresses in the first one I saw on my friend and I was like oh my gosh where’d you get that she said you don’t really have a proton like okay zoom for everyone actually on it and again it’s like that blue and white color I tried it really tighten it ties around the waist and it’s really really flattering it doesn’t go that low there’s buttons a head to button but I think it’s super cute like for the summertime and it’s just I just love having dresses on hands a black dress it it’s like a fit-and-flare kind of um I just it’s nice to have black dresses and as a zipper almost all the way down then I got this romper and I am so excited about this proper so it’s a navy romper with a bow and I’ve been wanting a romper with a bow forever so it’s not perfect when I like yeah and it has like this sticky stuff on the side so it stays up because it is strapless but it fits amazingly and I got a small I think but it’s so cute and I can’t wait to wear with some sandals and like a crossbody this is like a kind of j.

crew ask style skirt I have this one in like a cream color also and I love it so it’s just got like cinches at the top and it’s like a blue cobalt blue color and I love it and then I got this skirt which I’ve tried on with like a white tank top and like a bag that you carry like this it looks really cute for the summertime um I thought was really really cute and very like girly nice breezy Chloe pants I’m just really into flowy stuff right now they’re really really comfortable I don’t know I think I could wear everything a halter top and like sandals or something I don’t know buddy it’s really comfortable and I didn’t even wear these as the drama pants so I hope you guys enjoyed this video I sure did enjoyed making it make sure to comment down below any video requests that you guys have because I’m always trying to figure out what to do so I guess I’ll just see you guys next Wednesday for my next video Fieger.


hello I can’t believe that just got it orange is the new black I’ve been trying to evade the serial for a year and I just got into it and I can’t get out of it and a web is my favorite character so you what orange is the new

black who is your favorite character let me know how rude of me this video is not about orange is the new black tea I’m gonna be doing a huge summer haul so here are all the clothes I’m gonna be talking about in this video I’m also gonna be

breaking down some of the hottest summer trends so I’ll be ready for this Oh before that if this is the first time you’re watching me hailey hello I’m Joe Beda please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more videos like this we can’t even discuss about orange

is the new black if that’s what you’re into no one cares yeah also don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up if you liked it okay let’s go let’s get into it I got two new Blazers for summer and one of them was this linen striped blazer

stripes are huge this summer guys and linen is also very very huge this summer linen is also perfect for summer because it is a very airy material which helps you keep cool now on the web said it looked like this came with a pair of shorts so it

looked like a sit that’s another huge trend for the summer set items or matching pieces but when I got this I realized that I did not do the reading it was just the blazer now this blazer is gonna size so large so it’s a little too large for

me as you can see it’s a little shapeless because it’s too huge but if I take in a few inches here and try to bring it in a little bit I think it’ll be really cute same thing I got is this blush pink suit and blush pink is

another color that is really really really training for summer and also this style of it’s called the shawl label where you see it’s like swooping down and it kind of looks like a shawl and also the scrunched up detailing on the arm is very very end guys so

I got this in the size medium I think it’s really really cured but I wish it was a little bigger so it would like stay closer and the front but it’s okay I really like it next up I have this beautiful cobalt blue blouse and what I like

about it is this frill detailing frill is unavoidable the season guys are frill skirts frill dresses present everywhere I love this console and detailing I think that’s a very beautiful and updated take on that trend a little bit highlighter on your shoulders and go you’re so already you

know I would think for white blouses so let’s not even address that issue okay this is the next table in my hall and this is like a little different from your regular peplum spectrums have been out for a while now but I love the coming back of the

petals because that will just give you a waist when you don’t have a waist or you’ve put on a little bit of weight it’s just like very gracefully covers it off you know the material itself is a little see-through transparent so you might want to wear a nude

slip inside once again feels like it’s from Zara mango has a very good quality we have another white blouse in this end it’s got a little bit of laser cutout detailing right over here this is a size medium but I think I could’ve gotten a size small because

this is fitting a little matronly on me I think this top came is it’s button spot so I sewed it right back on and everything is okay and that’s that WTS where’s the food it just speaks my mind like I can get into a room and be like

hi all the items I’m showing you in this video are definitely from Shane calm and now they have an ad you can find the download link and everything down in the description box and guys I also have a discount code for you so if you use the code

Jovita 25 on shi in comm or even the app you get makeup with it off no matter what the ocean crisis of course now this doesn’t applied to items that are already on sale it is like a general rule these tiny little very nineties style of gloves are

so in with colored glasses I remember when I was in school I had a bunch of these and who do you know they back they have these same glasses in yellow and blue and a bunch of colors and I picked red just because I would have another pair

of glasses and you’re supposed to wear them down your nose like this but I’ve got such a tiny nose it’s like pretty much like a big tip for my nose like hey I am but hey it works for pictures right but I can’t be walking around like this

because literally it’s it’s in my nostrils right no it’s not even at the tip of my nose but that’s how they did it if you wanna if you want to be rocking this kind of shades this is how you do it not really like that’s not that’s not

the vibe this this is like if you you know you you wear it however you want okay and you wear it with confidence that’s how you sell it whatever you do you wear with confidence here is another pair of glasses that I got I also got one in

yellow because a retro vibes only baby shall we move on now melanin yeah baby I love statement-making conversation starting t-shirts and this is one of them why not it looks like friends it says melanin represent so goddess are so nerdy back to the t-shirt how difficult is it

for me to focus on the subject of a tomboy love this material feels so good I’ve already worn it check out my Instagram and I just love the slightly looser fit on this I just feel so comfortable even when I’m a little bit gloated you know what I’m

talking about even when I have like a little food belly one thing I have a problem with white t-shirts are I’m always wondering if they are transparent but this one is not you don’t need to wear a hundred different layers underneath next up I have this lace dress

it is beautiful you can wear it in so many different ways you can even wear a bikini cover-up you can wear it underneath the t-shirt and have it peeking through over a jeans or you can have nickel in spaghetti black whatever and wear this on top you can

wear it as a dress you can wear it as a layering piece you can wear it as a bikini cover-up I love it and what I love more is that it’s the good kind of lace there’s like the cheap kind of lace which I hate oh my gosh

how cute is this blush pink dress I love it I think this is Portia yeah this is crochet there’s a cute little mini dress with a couple of layers I love the cut I love the color and I love the make actually I was not able to zip

it up completely on my own but you can kind of imagine what it will look like why did you note is that the back of it is completely see-through there is no lining so if you want you can wear like a mute slip like myself or just just

yet another blush pink dress I told you blush pink is a color to watch out for and also this dress has got that frilly culture already realized well I think it’s just so flattering on all body types of shapes and colors I just love it so feminine and

romantic and beautiful here is another dress with all of the frills and magical Sufi details and I love the floral print on it it’s lace actually and it’s got a little bit of glitter going on so it makes it a perfect evening dinner time cute girly kind of

an outfit as well because it’s got that might have colors but it’s still popping with your spring flowers a little bit of shimmer shimmer with these letters it’s stretchy you can eat and not feel bad about it I love that it’s perfect the next dress we have is

a beautiful wraparound dress with a lot of frill detailing and this I saw the exact dress in H&M with polka dots and sort of floral details and I personally love the floral detail mode but here’s the problem it’s a little too transparent a little to see throughs I

lean more towards the modest side so I don’t want to be showing my inner wear and that’s a lot of cleavage because it comes a little too low so I got this in aware from H&M on sale and it goes perfectly with it I feel like you have

to be a little careful with the stitching I feel like the stitching is not as strong as on the other dresses right here this is a dress that I woke my kkw ex Mario smoky blue eyes tutorial you can watch it here if you haven’t already in the

k’kaw video I work with these gold tassel earrings I think they just match so beautifully and these are all from Cheyenne calm I love the accessories and she’ll come because I’m not one to spend a lot of money on a trendy accessories because they come in and go

out of style so soon you don’t want to be missing a lot of money into those so these are perfect oh my god I love the short dress so much but I think I got it in a size large and I think I should have got it in

a size medium there is something going on with it but I think I can fix it if I figure out why it’s a little frumpy but I love the material it’s like a suede material I love the color this comes with its own bed but I’d rather wear

a belt like this I had one this sure dress a couple of times on my accessories with a pair of jeans underneath the shortest has a lot of static for some reason maybe it’s because of the suede like material it’s kind of gathering on all the electricity but

just want to quickly show you the links it’s kind of like a highly obit hi and I know in the back because of the static it sticks on my legs a lot and I’d rather wear it with a pair of shorts or something I want pants inside so

that it doesn’t stick to my legs I hate static god I have your glasses and you’re done look how cute Matt is this the longest hole you’ve done or what now this next dress is so cute gingham is huge this season as well and I love the tassels

on the neck liner this is a very sweet simple front with a little bit of frills and everything and you know how we feel about frills the season now you turn it around and the back is so deep and so cute and I think this will look so

beautiful with a cute pair of bralette like this or you can wear a slip up to you you can wear a shirt oh this dress means vacation it’s loose it’s airy I love it so much and it feels so comfortable so soft I would definitely wear a pair

of shorts with this because a little bit of wind and the whole thing can flew away okay I need to go on a vacation like right now I wonder how many are you pregnant comments and get when I wear this race just because it’s so loose like every

time guys no I’m not trying I’m just a little chubby okay let’s move right along we have got a couple of coats guys now really though how cute is this skirt I love love love the frill detailing I love that it has a nice secure snap closure with

a zipper this is size medium and this is perfect for me all of these size mediums are kind of different so always make sure that you read the description and the size description and make sure that it matches your size next we have this khaki skirt this also

has a very similar design to the red polka dotted one but it is of a different material it’s more of like a stronger kind of like it cotton style this also in a size medium and this fits me tight it’s like a wrapper long skirt basically you wrap

it around put on the button and then you well crow it right here but if it is tight for you like it is from me like the button doesn’t reach so the whole thing is dependent on just this velcro which nyan be smarting this velcro opens up guys

and it comes with a belt so I guess you can wrap it around and kind of secure yourself from the embarrassment so once you have this on probably it will not just oh oh my gosh so much I cannot wait to wear it and finally we have this

stripy asymmetrical skirt this comes with elastic band so it doesn’t matter what your wife’s eyes it’s gonna fit you I am in this size mini my large again details will be down in the description box but this is a little too long for me it was like 1/2

inch shorter I think it would have been perfect but with heels it’s perfect anyways I can make it work and lastly we have this pair of pants this is actually a really really beautiful I love the color and the style of it but the material is such that

it’s really really flimsy so unless you have Kendall Jenner’s and Gigi Hadid body it’s kind of gonna look like it’s painted on you camel toe and this is a size medium but look how tiny the waist is who is this tiny waist when they’re size is medium so

yeah maybe if it was large I would have fit I want to talk about a couple of other accessories that I bought I bought this draw hat but it came really smooshed together so I steamed it and it actually straightened out so if i steam it one more

time I think it should be fine and this is what it looks like on me right now so it needs a little bit of straightening out right here a little bit steam should do you know how much I love packing huge so I also bought a new pair

of packing cubes for our trap it’s an amazing way to organize your clothes while you travel let me know if you want me to do an entire video on how I pack for my travels I got this really cute pair of headband for my videos but somehow it

doesn’t fit my hair I guess because this little bit is welded on to the whole piece it doesn’t stretch so you see it’s not stretching so well to fit my head that’s what it looks like on my head and it’s a little too tight so I know that

I will end up with a migraine if I leave it on for too long I also got this sequence pair of cat ears from Shion but this fits just perfectly and I think I’ve already used this in a couple of my Instagram mini makeup tutorials and finally I

got a pair of shoes from Shion I’m always so scared of buying footwear from online websites because I have bunions and those are people and I usually don’t but I just took the chance because these looked so beautiful look at the detail yeah there are bugs on them

and it’s just so cute and they are so comfortable I wear them every day and I love them let me know what were your favorite pieces let me know what are you gonna purchase from all that I showed you all the links are right down below do not

forget that and all the videos are right down below just in case you missed it guys we cross 350 thousand subscribers on YouTube I want to take a second to thank you for that I love you I really do I should see you in my next one [By ThờiTrangMùaHè]

Summer Fashion Essentials | Mscrisssy

[Music] everyone what’s up welcome to my channel my name is Chrissy and for today’s video I have a summer fashion essentials that I’m going to share with you guys so I hope you guys stick around and make sure you guys hit the subscribe button comment down below and

make sure you guys turn your pulse notification on so you don’t miss out on any of my video next time I upload my yeah guys let’s go ahead and get this ik started so I just want you guys know that you guys don’t have to have the same

exact thing that I have this is my go-to items this is just my personal style my personal opinion so hope you guys like this video and yeah I just wanna let you guys know and let’s go ahead and get started the first summer fashion essentials that I wanna

share with you guys are all of my bottoms I’m talking about denim shorts denim jeans biker shorts skirts whatever it is first thing I want to share with you guys is my denim shorts it’s so funny when I got this I actually got this at Melrose last week

when I was out in LA and it took me two to three hours to find the perfect one I found the stiff sore and I was like you know what they might have something in it I went in there and guess what my boyfriend got me this denim

shorts he was like babe you should try this on and I tried it and I was like this looks like the $85 one guess what I decided to get I bought it for $20 thank God shout out to my boyfriend for helping me out because I was literally

stressing out like my goal was to find like the denim shorts that’s why I went to nowhere else anyways let’s go ahead and talk about the next summer fashion essentials and that would be my denim jeans I love denim jeans but there’s only one particular denim jeans that

I personally love and that is boyfriend jeans or mom jeans I don’t know what it’s called I think it’s called boyfriend jeans girlfriend jeans I don’t know but anyways I’m talking about like the oversized relaxed loose jeans okay so I don’t I don’t know I’m just not really

a big fan of skinny jeans there’s just something about it is super uncomfortable I feel like can’t sit around I don’t know I’m just not really a big fan so that’s why thankfully we have a freaking boyfriend jeans and bond jeans whatever you want to call it but

anyways I love my boyfriend jeans and the jeans that I have is actually certain Levi’s I only have one pair of boyfriend jeans because that’s the only thing you need I freaking love the ones that I got from a flea market I believe in Firefox and it was

like the best decision ever you just probably have to seem Instagram to like posted a picture about it a lot of you guys have asked me about it like why did you get this problem is so hard I wish I have a link for you but yeah I

got it from a flea market in Fairfax and yeah the next fashion summer essentials that I have for you guys is biker shorts your girl loves the biker shorts I don’t know if you guys have seen me wear biker shorts but I freaking love biker shorts there’s just

something about it that’s just super nice easy to put on and I feel like it’s so basic but at the same time it’s fashionable you can dress it up dress down whatever it is but if you feel like you’re just doing some errands and you just want to

add some graphic t-shirts go for it because it still looks nice so the next summer fashion essentials that I have for you guys is a friggin skirt I’m sure a lot of you guys do have a pair of skirts but anything that has to do with skirts I

feel like you can wear a crop top you know or maybe like a t-shirt and tuck it in and I feel like it does make a big difference with your wardrobe I feel like it’s more fashionable than just like a denim shorts no we’re done talking about the

bottoms let’s talk about the tops as you guys can see I’m wearing a bodysuit and this is actually a swimwear but you can wear it as a bodysuit because what I’m wearing right now look this is like summertime like this is my fashion so essentials like this is

my go-to if I were to go to a beach right now or to swimming pool party whatever it is this is definitely something I would wear or even if you’re out out and about with your friends at the lake or something like that this is something I would

wear if I’m really just trying to get time and show off a little bit and still look fashionable because I’m wearing some neon green and just add some accessories I feel like it does make a big difference so the next fashion summer essentials that I have for you

guys is crop top I’m sure a lot of guests do have 110 crop tops in their wardrobe but for me I love a freaking crop top for the summertime I feel like it’s so easy to put on and either the style and I feel like it just goes

with everything you wear like skirts jeans whatever it is I feel like girls with a lot of things for the summertime so the next summer fashion essentials that I have for you guys are graphic t-shirts or t-shirts in general it doesn’t have to be a graphic t-shirts but

for me that’s like my go-to if I’m trying to do some errands but I’m trying to go to the mall and get something real quick or if I’m really just trying to eat a lot of food because yes crop top it looks nice it makes you look sexy

might look good but sometimes there’s days where you just have to plan out your days and be like where you going today okay well if you’re going to a party that means you’re gonna have to eat a lot of food and guess what I’m not gonna wear a

crop top I’m gonna go ahead and go for my freakin graphic t-shirt and still look stylish and eat as much as I can and drink as much as I can and that’s that for the summertime for me so the next summer fashion essentials that I have for you

guys is a sundress dress any kind of dress but for me I personally love wearing sundress because I feel like it looks good on my body I’m really short I’m only 5 3 and I feel like a nice Sundra just makes you look like skinny taller and appealing

and that’s why I love the frickin sundress the next summer fashion essentials I have for you guys are rompers jumpsuits whatever it is for me I personally love my jumpsuit even though it is kind of like annoying to take it off whenever you pee or use the bathroom

in general for me it’s like easy to put on I don’t have to find like a top or a bottom it just is just one I feel like it’s like the best thing ever you could ever go for for the summertime if if you’re like trying to go

somewhere and you’re late and you only have five minutes to get ready that’s something I would go for if it’s like a dressy jumpsuit definitely wear heels when they are sandals but for me all of my jumpsuits are somewhat like street wearing more relaxed so I just wear

like an Ikea office with it now the next summer fashion essentials that you guys need in your life definitely your shoes shoes let’s talk about converse converse goes with a lot of things just wear some Congress you’re good to go it’s like the best thing you can wear

for a festival or if you’re like at a party or like at a party for like it’s a summer essentially you guys need in your part robe so next summer fashion such as South Africa’s is my Nike Air Force you guys know me you guys have probably seen

me in person wearing this like multiple times because I actually got this on my birthday and I was super excited because I’ve been wanting this for so long I actually had him before when I was a little kid like in high school but I’ve been wanting this for

so long and thankfully my boyfriend got it for me for my birthday and shout-out to you by the way for making this happen because your girl looks so cute with it and yeah I feel like it just goes with a lot of things I travel with it wherever

I go and I feel like it’s just my go-to for my summertime the next time I fashion so just have for you guys is wearing heels for the summertime especially if you’re going to a wedding for like birthdays or go the day I feel like it’s definitely a

must for summertime you don’t have to always wear like converse bands or d-does I feel like there’s certain times certain days certain occasion that you have to work heels and yeah I feel like it’s definitely a essential that you definitely need for the summertime now let’s go ahead

and talk about my summer fashion essentials that you definitely need you’re in your life I feel like this makes a big difference in your wardrobe and that is accessories yes I’m talking about hats we’re talking about sunglasses I’m talking about jewelry and I’m talking about bags so let’s

go ahead and talk about bags for me I personally love bringing fanny pack at the moment I feel like you put a lot of things in it like my makeup my wallet my credit card you know my sunglasses today the one that I actually have right now that

I personally love is my supreme bag if not that’s the only thing that I wear all the time because it’s like I don’t want to have to wear like a big bags unless I’m shooting and I have to put a lot of things in it but for me

if I’m going to an event I would just go for a fanny pack I feel like it’s so easy to use and you can wear with a lot of things and you can put it on your ways you just hang it on your shoulder you can just hold

it whatever it is how you want to wear it for me I love my fanny pack for the summertime the next summer fashions that I have for you guys is sunglasses I don’t know if you guys don’t follow me on my Instagram yet because should definitely follow my

instagram is Kirsty but I feel don’t follow me there i’ma tell you this now all my pictures have sunglasses I feel like some glasses does make a big difference with your outfit it has to be like there right sunglasses can’t be just like the same exact thing over

and over again feel like small sunglasses big sunglasses around sunglasses it makes a big difference so definitely get yourself some sunglasses especially summertime so hot sunglasses is definite most for the summertime next summer fashion asar shows that I have for you guys is jewelry if I would wear

this right now with no jewelry I would look like a basic bitch but since I have it on I look important the spot and yes it’s true accessories or a jewelry in general and does make a big difference so definitely get you something for the summertime I guess

that’s all I got for you guys I hope you guys enjoyed watching this video don’t forget to hit the subscribe button comment down below and turn your pulse notification on so you don’t miss out on any of my video next time I upload and I’ll see you guys

later bye [Music]

My Summer Fashion Obsession | Target Shopping

hey guys I have a blue tongue because I just had candy I’m in the car and I just got back from my camp which I am gonna vlog but today was the first day so but that’s interesting as my camp vlog will be now me and my mom

are gonna go to Target to get me at least a wrapper because I wear this rum for literally all the time and a long time ago I would look at robbers I’ll be like you that’s so ugly why would I wear something like that and then now they’re

like the only type of clothes I wear so we’re gonna go Target and get a few more wrappers and we have to drop Laura off at Sandy’s house because she’s spending the night there and I can’t because I’ve camp tomorrow as well I haven’t been the target so

long I feel like I haven’t been home in forever like target is my wife I think about getting maybe two or one offer you’re gonna get some food first we’re gonna get something at Pizza Hut there’s no she’s all the way back there no no no oh so

freaking good we got an icy dish you okay so I’m going to try this 122 looks really big though and then I have yeah I’m gonna try it on then I have pink hey let’s get this one it’s so cute but look at this mom don’t really like

and then there’s this one which is long it’s not my style but cute Oh mom look how cute this is that’s like look oh wait don’t look at this we have this one I’m excited about the overall so I’ve never had a pair of overalls and I love

them they’re super cute is they’re done baby because it’s not like to thank you it’s so like cute but it’s not like it’s on a phone call but I absolutely adore this one do not like this one it’s very uncomfortable and then that there’s this little flap it’s

about it it feels like it should be like this but that’s just plain ugly and then it has like this bra built-in but it’s like a tiny bra it’s like that big it’s not like that big it’s like that big and so I can feel it and it’s

just very uncomfortable and a little big let’s show my mom mom said she doesn’t like the color on this line and it’s not not cute so so far those two are not– that one’s a maybe probably asked us super cute and then that pink ones a definite yes

we’re at the fourth of July one like I said the lighting takes out some of the color it’s actually a lot prettier red and I really like it stay with you and it’s also really comfy guys I’m up steps with this one it is I just know I

just I just love it on a super cute it’s just kind of uncomfortable and it’s very tight and then it also has a little thing no I like them the shirt that I put underneath isn’t right because I don’t actually have shirt since it came in a romper

but my mom it doesn’t like them on me so I’m not going to get them you I like them but I would need a different shirt this one doesn’t tell condors it needs to be tired I don’t think I don’t like that on you at all okay okay

so I showed you the once-over getting that we gotta go sign Lulu now I gotta go find Elora and Mark Adam and now I’m gonna look at my list because I think we have to go to Home Depot to get a light bulb well I think they might

have light bulbs here so let’s try here at Target let’s check here I sure the ones that are like next well we go let’s go find out what else is on your list in the auction there was a shampoo and it like every time I get out of

the shower it is so smooth you got a ball okay so I think it’s these ones you want okay standard reveal head you want 60 watt 60 watt of the reveal ones so let’s try this okay what double-a is actually pretty good I have um cleanser from Olay

my mom and Laura went to go look at underwear she needs some new ones and I still can’t find it that birthdays Naturals up teen is a pretty good one too oh maybe way here’s some okay I’m looking for malli hair character didn’t give the shampoos gonna drop

off Laura then go to Claire’s spend our summer gift card yeah just dropped off Laura and on from the car those two real like Josh Chuck okay I am walking into Claire’s my mom is super tired so I’m gonna just look in Claire’s alone and this can be

fast because I went to the women’s mall and they said that this is the junk claire’s of the things that don’t get sold at the woodland small clothes so all the things that are like dirty and things that don’t get celled are here gonna find anything Claire’s because

everything is just super expensive and I don’t have like ten more dollars so the only thing I could get is literally like these scrunchies okay so I’m gonna put a few things over in my room then go get my bags and just kind of chill in my room

do my room is fun I have my rompers here and I was can’t craft and I I had this shirt and I ruined it look at it see it’s got a lot of paint on it so since I now have two of these shirts I’m going to take

this one I’m gonna bring outside and already and pour a bunch of paint onto it and maybe it will end up looking cute I don’t know so far this is a goner like I want what this shirt anymore I’m just playing and having fun with this um I’m

just like basically pretending that I’m painting on this shirt is mighty sure I’m going to come back later but so I was painting and I realized that I got paint all over my screen I don’t know if you can tell but I have paint all over there and

I have paint um right here and ah this sucks and I green paint on the lens I am such a messy worker oh my gosh I’m so mad at myself and there’s got purple everywhere but you know what best to see the best of everything try to find

something good about this now I know that I can paint my camera if I want to I guess yeah Eden is at our house right now and Eve oh we’re just about to drop her off at Sonic whoa my cameras foggy so did my nails a few minutes

ago they’re just plain pink and uh I like them they go great with black bye Eva ha ha I went to ZZZ utopia the same place I forgot about on but my super versus your gran was so boring wasn’t there so I’m in the doesn’t work take it

a little clearer my window doesn’t work before it gets dark this is what you look like hot water ok guys wait apparently you’re watching TV so we have no hair like so camping that’s brutal yeah like heavy and there’s no Starbucks any popcorn do you have money aspirate

and somehow I think I’ll be cleaning it the movie gets finished by hilar and then the movie it is Oh anyway so it was so so good the shadow of the day goes to Rachel Plunkett 12 whoa sparks sparks Edwards she said any I’m such a big fan

I love your blocks because you are always so happy and always smiling hide emoji I wish I could be there for your Meetup and Dundrum because I live in Ireland I really hope you go another do another one soon because I will definitely go oh so so so

so so much hard hard that’s super sweet and I really hope I get to meet you too is that would be awesome garden become one of n dentals thanks for watching bye


[Music] hi guys welcome back to my channel today’s video is going to be a clothing haul of course I’m gonna try everything on for you guys there’s a few places that are new which is exciting but yeah this is pretty self-explanatory you’ve seen these to be done so

many times so I’m just gonna get started because there’s really no intro needed okay so the first shop I’m going to talk about is new I’m really excited it’s not sponsored or anything I just randomly came across it I don’t even know how probably through Instagram but I’m

obsessed with this online shop normally I would probably say ASOS first but this one I’m just loving right now it’s all like this kind of like vintage vibe it’s right up my style alley so I’m just like loving it but the first thing is this top it looks

like these these are always so awkward because I just hold it up and I tried my best to explain it I just love the cut of it it’s like formal but still casual at the same time like it definitely has a sexy cut but like old school vibe

does that make sense I’m just talking I don’t know but yeah love it next are some shoes and I am really excited to cut these subtle vibe boss like that but they’re basically just like red sandals there have a little bit of a heel not a crazy heel

so they are like I wore them during the day and I what my feet weren’t dying if I wasn’t walking a ton but they still are heels like flats are obviously preferred but these are just really really cute these go well with jeans dresses pretty much everything and

I’m just kind of like loving a red shoe right now because I just think they make such a statement and they’re really really cute sirens filming in New York sorry the next place is Zara and Zara is another one of those stories that’s like a hit or miss

I either go in there and find a ton of stuff I like or I go there and find nothing so currently I’ve been finding a lot of things I have three things that I want to show you guys because I just am so excited about them the first

one is a red dress I just showed you red shoes and I’m showing your red dress but I think this is so so cute my favorite thing are the buttons I love the buttons the weight cut reminds me of something from Reformation which you know I love so

I just think it’s a really really cute style again kind of like has a vintage II cut to it the sleeves are really like poufy okay the next thing I’m gonna show you is linen again oh um these are pants and I’m obsessed with them you’re gonna have

to see the cutaway to really get the full full effect of what these things look like but they’re basically just this beige color or tan with very very tiny black stripes these are also soso high-waisted which I absolutely love you guys know I’m a huge fan of high-waisted

things but these go up so high that you can wear like a real real crop top um so all those tops that I have that I’m like oh I need really high-waisted things for just to not show up too much of my midriff these pants work for that

and I just love them I wear them with a big belt around the waist and I just think it’s so pretty next from Tsar if you watched my Instagram followers control my life for a day video which is my last video I had you guys vote on which

dress I should bring on my last trip that I just went on and all of you guys voted for this one so I thought I would put it in this haul because it’s really really cute I shouldn’t say all of you guys voted for this one a good

amount of you guys did but it’s really cute it looks like this all the buttons are not buttoned but basically it has a really unique button cut to it and then it has a little belt here that cinches it and I wore this dress with the red shoes

recently and it looked so good I absolutely love this again this is really really pretty it’s like a MIDI length so it’s really good if you have something a little bit nicer to go to so it’s not like a super short dress or anything next place I shopped

was princess Polly another one of my favorites I got three things two accessories so let’s just start with those first because why not the first thing our earrings they look like these they’re really really cute I’m pretty sure on the site these are called mallanna earring which i

think is really funny I don’t have any brown earrings like this I always just kind of stick to gold so I thought this was a fun little twist to pretty much go with everything that I have in this haul it would look good with just kind of classic

very different they kind of are very retro too which are fun the next thing from princess colony the Hat you guys know I love my hats and always I feel like I’m always hauling hats I love hat but this is just basically just a boater hat it’s from

lack of color it’s really cute these kind of hats are perfect for the summer again they go with this goes with pretty much everything I’m hauling so I love that I love styling this I just think it looks really cute I love it and lastly from princess Polly

is crop top guys know I love these but this is just really good for summer because well first of all it’s summers really hot so these are really easy and convenient to wear but I love white for the summer hence what I’m wearing right now and a few

other things that Halling but I just think this is really cute it has a little like florals and like is it called eyelet detailing throughout it I love that it’s kind of like puff sleeves you can wear them off the shoulder on the shoulder really really cute I

wear these with like high-waisted pants or skirts and I just think it looks so good next is revolve I love love love revolve you guys know that they have some great clothing pieces I kept looking at this because I’m so obsessed with it I’m didn’t talk about this

one first this is a big belt basically it I love this right now this is the trend that you’re going to be seeing a lot more on my Instagram and on my youtube videos I love belting things cinching my waist and having like high-waisted again it’s like that

vintage like kind of 50s look with like big skirts and like a huge belt I absolutely love it so this is by the brand lovers and friends next is a super cute top that I’m rebooting because I wore this for my birthday a couple days ago and I

love it I’m a huge fan of polka-dots especially right now but Spri the brand LPA looks like this I think I missed a couple buttons but anyways it’s a white love white and it has all these like beige polka dots on it these really cute buttons that go

on the front it’s not super cropped I’ve worked with some denim shorts and just some shoes like wedges and that was my birthday outfit but I absolutely love it I think it’s really really cute next we have Lulu’s and you guys know Lulu’s it’s one of my favorites

I only have two things in this specific haul the other things that I got from Lulu’s are for a different video but basically I got this shirt also it looks so tiny but you guys know when you buy these tops they’re like the ones that stretch it’s off

the shoulder really cute I love the stripes this mustard color right now is my absolute favorite I also love this like blueish green so yeah when I saw this top I was like must have it’s just one of those easy tops that you can just throw in with

some jean shorts and you’re good which I feel like it’s such a crucial summer outfit and then the next thing from Lulu’s are shoes I got these black shoes they’re like little mules but this cut right now is kind of all over the place again it’s like this

like vintage throwback style which I’m living for I absolutely love it but it’s got this like deep v cut into the shoe and when you’re wearing it it has such a unique look it kind of elongate the leg they look really good with jeans with dresses with pretty

much everything and I love these type of shoes because they’re not super high heeled so they’re perfect for like day to day now let’s do a toast because it would it be a my haul without some sort of pesos clothing I mean really so this skirt I’m really

excited about because you guys I just got done telling you that I love mustard right now Kars I think it’s so cute this is like a denim skirt super high-waisted also which you know I love I’m gonna sound like a broken record in every Hall um but anyways

it has like a cinched waist up here it’s so cute I love it it’s one of those skirts that you can kind of dress up or down but it’s really easy to wear a day today I love that it’s not like a typical denim skirt which is either

black or like a denim blue this one is orange or like mustard I think it’s kind of more Orange and then the last thing from ASOS is a romper and it looks like this why I originally was like yes I need this is because it kind of reminded

me of a Zimmermann outfit peace robber dress whatever if you’re familiar with that brands then we’re has the most beautiful dresses rompers outfit pieces in general like it that I’ve ever seen they’re a designer they’re very expensive and I just can’t get myself to buy one just yet

so I saw this and I was like this is awesome it kind of has the same roughly feel to it similar print I just thought it was really really pretty I plan to belt it with that beige belt then I showed you guys from revolve it’s definitely on

the fancier side so I would probably say this one for like a nice dinner or some sort of summer event and then the last thing that I’m going to show you guys is a jumpsuit it is from made well I’m kind of new to made well I’m just

started kind of trying out their clothes they have some really cute classic pieces but when I saw this jumpsuit I loved it has this really pretty floral print to it again kind of retro I’m gonna use that word too much I love the tie top here kind of

reminds me of like Selena Gomez Coachella vibes you know she’s like always wearing this stuff now but I just think it’s really cute I love the link normally jumpsuits like this I have to get hemmed because they just like swamp my legs and I have to like get

it shortened but I love this I’m kind of wear with like tennis shoes or like some wedges I just think it’s a really really cute but that is it for my haul video I really hope you guys like this got some summer fashion inspiration as always if you

want to see these outfits in action you will probably see them on my Instagram first so make sure you’re following me on there but yeah I really hope you guys liked it be sure to give it a thumbs up let me know what videos you guys want to

see next I always need new video ideas so please let me know what you want to see next and yeah I will see you guys in my next video bye

Summer Fashion Haul & Try On

[Music] [Applause] so today we’re doing a haul with free people who are an American brand and I think the thing to point out when you talk about three people is that they might be American but they do absorb all the shipping costs so I’m you don’t to be

worried if you’re ordering from overseas yes exactly so first off in their new summer collection we have this white baby doll dress which I think it’s just so pretty it’s not thin so it’s not a holiday dress but I think this is a great London option when the

weather’s a little bit warmer here I think this is just adorable I mean it is absolutely lovely and it feels amazing and as you say it it’s not it’s not very thin in line I think in the evening on holiday wear that you know with a really brown

legs yeah I’m gold sandals but equally over pair of leather trousers yeah that’s easy to see it would look fab yeah really cool absolutely gorgeous I think that’s one of my favorite pieces and it kind of have seen in a long time amazing yeah it is it does

all the work for you as well you don’t need much accessorizing you know you can just kind of throw it on and go yeah it’s stunning yes Dunning and and quite transitional you know I don’t think they were at this time of year oh you don’t want to

spend huge amounts on summer clothes you’re not going to wear for that much yeah to me this is really something that you can wear well into the author of Daphne’s agreeing it’s stunning nice so free people are also a bit of a hero for evening wear and this

dress is kind of case in point it comes in a couple of other shades but I think this green is the one that packs a real punch it’s the most stunning something green yeah it comes in white it comes in black yeah and maybe a couple of others

but I think the point to make as well is that you think of three people and you think this very sort of bohemian Miranda you know it’s part of the same family as anthropology yes and you think of these sorts of pieces but as you say it has

some incredible evening I can’t believe when I saw some of the evening where they had this season I kind of couldn’t urge people and no yeah and we ran a second round of story on their dresses remember and it performed amazingly people love that yeah yeah it’s sort

of dressy but modern and relaxed at the same time yeah I just think that’s so clever and this is just the most beautiful dress definitely so next up we have another off the shoulder dress but this one’s so pretty and if you’re really kind of prepare to embrace

the real boho versions that I’m really really worried yeah of course Red Bull and if you can even really get on camera how stunning that is and the how the color combinations work really well together don’t they I mean who would have thought orange red already looks so

good together I love the sleeve detailing as well you know we’ve seen a lot of this kind of trumpet detail around and it’s just a simple but effective yeah really nice and I like the pockets as well and it’s really that incredible tomorrow Redmond is so around the

season all it’s always around in the summer but just works on any skin color yeah any hair color and it’s just so flattering definitely so we can’t get enough of the white lacy roughly blouse look at this time of year and I think this is just another really

great version of that trend I think this is one of the best if not the best blouses of this variety I mean it is absolutely beautiful and it’s so nice yeah say like so easy to wear there’s nothing stiff about it there’s nothing you know I think sometimes

with lace it can feel a bit bulky and a bit yeah restrictive new is the most easy easy top unlike that lovely covered bottom detailing at the back lovely with a high-waisted trousers yeah completely gorgeous and a bit sexy as well with it yeah it is it’s the

kind of thing we see so many street style stars in whether it’s with a pair of denim shorts or whether it’s with skinny jeans whatever you can kind of dress it up or down however you like so obviously the tee dress look is another one that’s been around

knows the summer and this is just a really creative way to sport that look so as you can see it’s kind of one short tea dress with this funky yeah if this detachable like Cape coat thing we’ve also seen a lot of these kind of kimono style jackets

so this is a dress yeah how brilliantly cool write hate that off and wear that with a pair of jeans or with a pair of denim shouts on holiday and equally there’s a little dress yes clever new both exactly and exactly that’s amazing how clever really clever I

love the idea of this just a repair blue jeans and white t-shirt so do I just with that colored yeah that’s so nice no one’s done that have they no it’s really unusual and actually I presume you could even take away what’s underneath and just that wear that

on the phone for evening wear I love that would be quite nice as yeah it’s a really nice low V yeah again I love the sleeves it’s I suppose that’s what you get with Free People Jane you get these kind of slightly more intricate details it’s cool that’s

really clever really clever and a great investment I mean that is two pieces yeah endless ways so next up we have this play suit which is really Isabel moron to me it’s got that I notice you know boho meets Parisian chic nurse which i think is just it’s

really effective but also it’s a bit more grown-up than normal a suits and some play seats look very young but it’s a bit more covered up I mean it’s got an open back yeah which is nice and it’s just a bit more grown-up and I think this quilted

tie is really yeah yeah but it just adds a bit of something doesn’t it but you could always take it off and add something glitzy or if you wanted to wear it in the evening you know it’s quite a versatile piece that’s really versatile I think that’s just

it I mean that would be great on the beach yeah with a great big hat but also could be evening with some great jewelry and the arteries yeah it’s very nice next up we have this watery high neck blouse which to me is this is the perfect transition

piece it’s obviously in their summer collection but I mean this is something you’re gonna wear through from you know through to November it’s a great color this dark teal that’s what makes it so traditional really and I just love the sleeve detailing I do – I agree I

think it’s a stunning color and it’s nice to see you know three people do these kind of tops you know you know these are things you can watch work yeah but equally they’re things that are also so sort of Bohemia mm-hmm relaxed and laid-back and I think you

know they’re perhaps you would necessarily associate with that brand definitely it’s one in particular I love it but it’s really small it’s quite structured this one I think which also makes it that bit more wearable kind of whatever you’re doing yeah I just think it’s lovely it’s quite

a flattering color as well like the red on a lot of people’s so I think that’s a good buy yeah really nice a slightly darker teal it snows so going back to free people’s roots we’ve got this super boho white dress which is just I feel like you

must love this yeah I mean on holiday this is all I wear and you can wear this anywhere I mean you throw this to a beach vibe yeah yeah two weeks she could well it’s a small restaurant out for lunch Gruber’s own jacket yeah it’s nice in the

city when it’s really hot I mean it’s it’s so light isn’t it the easiest things are sort of teacher and it’s got that’s like linen II yes Antionette material and it’s just what see and cool yo and I just completed all that I think that’s the kind of

thing you’re gonna get loads of compliments on your Beach and I think you can buy lots of cheap sort of t-shirts he dresses on the High Street in the summer but you just don’t quite get anything that cool yeah I agree next up we have this fab kimono

I love this there’s this kind of Shinhwa sorry I think it’s the word this trend is get its it’s already just starting to take off it’s gonna be massive next season and so buy it now yeah I get involved I’m with you it’s beautiful I mean look at

that yeah just stunning I think if you like the pajama trend last year then you know this is the one yes so good for evening just literally a pair of black jeans black cami no sorted it’s a statement piece and that’s gonna dress up anything yeah it’s beautiful

yeah and I think it’s one of those things that you’re just gonna wear the seasons it’s more endless you know as much as it’s on trend now this is something lovely with velvet as well you know it’s the kind of thing that I think you could really go

back to for years and years and will be a real sort of hero of your wavery and there are so many kind of ultra expensive versions around you know with the high-end designers say this is a good way to get that for a bit less so we only

talked about this skirt before saying how Reformation it seemed to us you know I think this is just such a cool piece for summer I love the look with a crop top because it’s so high waisted but you know you can wear everything white t-shirt or whatever and

it’s just an easy throw on piece it is and who’d have thought two years ago that a bottom dance girl be so on track yeah but it is and it’s quite ageless as well oh yeah you can you can why that in lots of ways yeah lots of

an age groups and it’s just it’s just easy isn’t it and again it’s something your work for you yeah I have so many friends who would shy away from a skirt it’s like a casual piece but I think the wash makes it a really safe bet for daytime

as well it’s a good piece really nice so this jump suits me again is kind of that super like California relaxed ilk I just think personally I probably belt it you know to kind of give it a bit more shape but I just think it’s again it’s a

great throw on peace when the weather’s warm it’s sort of that dumb gorilla in his net which you know I I can’t see on myself yeah but I can see it looking great on you for example yeah it’s very laid-back and very easy you’re going to be more

inclined towards it if you’re younger because it’s got a kind of playful vibe and you could really maximize on that if you are you know I would probably work with trainers but actually you could work with a pair of wedges airing on holiday I only wear doesn’t like

I want to see it was it’s a tight white body underneath yeah definitely going through I think it needs something underneath yeah they’re it’s swimwear or a white body yeah and you know I’m Jack it exactly you know if you’re bored of dresses for the beach then this

is you know it’s called again I think that comes in a few colors so another piece that’s really kind of hitting that boho nail on the head it’s gorgeous the decoration all down the back as well it’s so intricate beautiful I don’t think you get from seeing it

hanging up what I didn’t get initially how light it is yeah it’s me it’s like that white you know it’s very wealthy it’s sort of it looks like it’s gonna be a bit of a thicker ya know you know incredibly light and actually really nice as evening wear

I think again and again you know keep saying other trousers but it just goes to show you actually you can still be buying some of the pieces that aren’t a write-off as it gets cold understand you just and I think now it’s really beautiful and flattering and it’s

there yeah yes what about the floaty drops on economy absolutely stunning so if you’re not already on board with the corset tie top now’s the time I think this is there are a lot of t-shirts around with this detail at the moment I’m not really sure about them

this I think is such a kind of it’s a more glamorous way yeah do that a little bit cheese and it’s also quite a it can be quite an intimidating friend I think whereas to me this is just quite a gentle way yeah to do it isn’t it

and it definitely rusty top so pretty pretty fabric he sees us amazing yeah and I love this sort of rusty it’s sort of not orange it’s not black yeah pink it’s a it’s just it’s a gorgeous color it’s lovely and I think the problem with this look on

other products and other pieces is that it kind of highlights an area that not many people want to highlight but because of all the loose lovely fabric here it doesn’t do that so yes you’re quite right and actually at the back it’s worth pointing out that it’s elastication

yes so it’s not one of these toxic okay it’s because it’s the belted waste it’s not it’s just a detail isn’t and lovely low back it’s got a coming in it as well yes it’s got another layer nice it sort of built here yeah but again it’s another

really season list all you know with a leather jacket you can wear that any time of year yeah we already saw one come you know if you’re willing to really embrace that community look that we have this very dramatic piece I think this is fabulous you know it’s

amazing you know you have to be prepared to make a statement in this but this yellow trend is something yeah so much of the season massive lapel yeah makes it doesn’t I think the velvet again makes it so seasonless it’s gonna be a perfect winter piece as well

and yeah fat be balls do it yes just do it exactly yeah I just want to wear it over like an LBG with like some amazing heels yeah so cool that is a real taste off me yeah walk into a party or a wedding or and abandon everyone

and yes then we have this jumpsuit which I’ve actually marked I think school yes what can you say about it it’s just it’s like a cami detail top lovely wide leg trousers and this is just like everything that holiday dressing is about I think if you are a

feminine dresser you’re probably not someone who has a Wardrobe full of Jean patiently but to me this is about as pretty as I’ve seen a jumpsuit ever yes it asks completely gorgeous and effortless honey and last for itself I love covered buttons and lace and you know it’s

cinched waist oh it’s just fab yeah completely gorgeous you notice that we have this maxi and love these like earthy territory colors that they’re doing a lot of at the moment this is just a great throw on Maxine this is so unusual but just again super flirty when

you’re boiling hot this is such a good thing to just throw on it is I think what few people does so well it’s sort of one Pete’s dressing you know I think so many of these pieces it’s sort of all you need yeah you know everything is so

strong in itself and you know you you pick up this that’s all you need yes quite but you pick up this that’s all you need and I think that’s quite rare in a brand today everything’s sort of so iconic and so strong yeah so if you are a

playsuit kind of girl then there’s this amazing boho version I’ve not seen it as a jumpsuit no neither have I that’s really different it was actually the incredible colors gorgeous because a lot of the colors are quite strong and there are lots of mustards and and quite bright

colors so I like this sort of it’s soft yeah the softness of it and I think it’s really pretty any other fact that it’s a jumpsuit and again it’s just one piece it’s darn easy and I think it’s really I think it’s really stunning and very cool really

cool yeah you’re right about those colors actually the line ich in the pink yeah so pretty sort of cheesecloth fabric yeah it is then we have officially the kind of vitac in style look you know who isn’t doing one of these this season I love these sleeves gorgeous

colors you know actually we’ve seen quite a little black around and actually if that’s not really your garb on holiday then the Navy is quite nice and it’s just so you know it’s a very soft Navy isn’t it yeah it is it is and I love the way

they’ve put the mustard with the Lila I mean it really works and you know everyone’s done these you know every High Street store this one’s just got something it’s got a bit more of a locks feel about yeah hot air scent and the fabric feels very soft it’s

not stiff at all no I think in our experience you get what you pay for with this style and you can feel in the embroidery this you know it’s good choice with the button so you could wear it undone you know with your knees yeah just be worn

this is an extra small this size so go down down down I think with the sizing it’s a cool job it’s a really nice one yeah really nice fun finally we have this using purple dress another serious transition piece it’s pretty boho but great one year-round gorgeous and

again I mean I keep saying it but the colors they’ve chosen to be embroidery you think you know that stands out to me is giving it such a lochs feel definitely and the detail of the embroidery again it feels so light I think that’s what’s really nothing about

this collection is it doesn’t feel like I’m big and bulky no and it’s almost easy to work yeah 100% I think that’s stunning and again you know great over to skinny trousers as the months go on the other jacket any favorites god I actually have so many favorites

I mean this to me my love that just has my name on it this I think is stunning I mean god I’m picking out all the white because I think that evening wear it’s just incredible I think that’s so clever I mean it’s an amazing collection and and

yeah as I said before it’s a real one piece it does all the hard work for you yeah I think it’s not everywhere in the UK and that’s the real beauty of it three people now yeah everyone realizes that it’s so easy from the UK because it’s got

a really unique special quality about I think what about you yeah I agree I love all of these white pieces I think the place use a bit of a hero as well I think that’s great for holiday that’s amazing and actually a silky version as well yes get

Free People

Mens Summer Fashion Favourites – BEST Shorts For Summer 2018

hmm so they said this is my problem here because it looks nice on this side but it looks pretty lip on this side is lip lip like this tab member seriously what am I gonna do about the Sun we’re gonna have to leave it we’re gonna have to

leave it guys I got bras and leather Jesus where this is like the third video and a road that I’ve performed a DAB what’s going on guys my name is Jay Daniels and in today’s video guys I’ve got four pairs of shorts to show you that you can
By ThờiTrangMùaHè
rock for this summer and all a super dope all are ready for diverse occasions as well as doing haul videos every now and then I want to take one item of clothing and just make a video about that specific item of clothing like for example in today’s video

I’m taking shorts for example and if that’s something you guys would like to see on the channel let me know in the comment section down below now stop fucking dabbing okay first up are these absolute sick ripped denim shorts I included these shorts in a video around about

a month ago guys but I just love the large rips and also the neat little pocket rips to all the brands like a sauce top man’s are all produced in pairs of denim shorts and these are from H&M recently I’ve seen loads of diverse ripped denim shorts and

ripped jeans in the stores of these brands is this train going to continue for the next few years I guess we’ll just have to wait and see and next we have these smart shorts from Topman okay guys look I’ve got come clean with you there’s a slight temporary

problem with this pair of shorts which is they’ve got my buttons I went to IB for a few weeks to go and I was very drunk like one Jaeger two Jaeger free a go floor I went to the toilet in the club I looked down and I had

no buttons left when I went to do my shorts back up I was like what the fuck just happened I must have ripped them off in the process of going to go to the toilet base cool don’t worry because after this video is filmed I’m going downtown to

get new buttons put on and back to the topic of the video these are from Topman I got them a year ago however you can get a new version which is identical to mine the price is 22 pound the quality of top man shoes are absolutely great I

just had that one accident where the buttons all just done a disappearing act it’s a great color because Navy it’s just so easy it goes with so much next up a pair of shorts that I absolutely love to rock on a night out when I’m on holiday now

if you know me well you will know that I love white jeans when it’s not summer however when I’m in a hotter climate the white shorts come out instantly I recommend every single boy out there gets a pair of white shorts they’re more for a smarter occasion like

a restaurant or bar I’m pairing them with a black t-shirt and my pair of adidas superstar ones last up at least pair of shorts from Hollister which I absolutely love to Chilean they’re just amazing for summer Hollister bottoms are so comfortable as most people know that’s why I

get hot abstract suits the material is just so unreal even in winter if I’m driving around to go to somewhere like the mall I’ll just stick these on with a t-shirt I like to call these my chills let’s let me know what you thought of today’s video by

leaving your opinion in a comment section down below for shorts you saw it in today’s video which one was your favorite pair and why and also let me know what you want me to talk about on the channel next week I’m J Daniels

10 Practical Fashion Trends 2019 That Are Easy To Wear | Spring/Summer 2019

hello everyone and thank you so much for being here so today’s video is gonna be all about 2019 fashion trends I am only gonna be naming ten of them obviously there are way more than ten but I wanted to go with some new ones and I wanted to

show you some that are practical to wear and I’m also going to show you guys how to wear these ten trends so if you’re interested in this video stay tuned and let’s get to the video all right so the first trend I want to talk about which I

am completely loving I talked about it a little bit in a video last year that I made on fashion trends as well it is the Western trend and so last time I talked about the Western boots I think we saw a lot of Western type of boots cowboy

boots really making its way into the fall season I’m still in love with those I’m gonna show you how I would use my red boots today but a lot of the stuff that’s coming back for Western especially the springtime is fringe now this may not be something so

totally new the fringe is super fun because when it comes to springtime a lot of festivals roll around this is a great way to dress up you’re gonna see them in a lot of skirts and dresses a lot of them in jackets like moto jackets and leather jackets

and things like that if you’re into the cowboy boot trend a lot of times people think it’s super hard to wear but really it just treated like any other boot you would this is such a fun statement piece it’s different from your typical boot and that’s what makes

it super fun if you were to go with a fringe jacket you would just basically use that as your accessory a lot of basics underneath it would be easy and easy way to dress it out alright second tryna want to talk about our bold colors now this is

again nothing new at all especially when springtime rolls and we start to see a lot more color moving away from the darker colors into the more brighter colors a lot of neon started coming back also late into like fall season but I think we’re starting to be seeing

me on a lot this year I’m not the biggest fan of Beyond but again if you were to try out that trend you would definitely want to dress it down because neon itself just speaks really loudly or you could try just bold colors in general so maybe not

neon but just brighter hues red fuchsia I think the easiest way to wear these colors is for like a resort where maybe you’re going on a vacation these types of colors are perfect for the beach and again if you do want to try color but you’re a little

bit scared of too much color again dress it down pair it with things that are a little more toned down maybe a black blazer maybe a denim jacket maybe just pairing a brighter color top with plain jeans black pants things like that that way that kind of balance

each other out okay third trend our florals florals is something that always always always makes its way back to spring summer time to me I feel like florals are always in no matter what because I feel like this past fall we saw a bunch of florals I was

wearing a lot of florals for fall and the more we move away from the wintertime at the more these pastel colored florals are going to be coming into play obviously you can wear them any way you like pairing them with jeans wearing them to work you can really

kind of wear a floral in any occasion and that’s what’s great about it all right next up I want to talk about khaki khaki is not just a color it is also like a military inspired type of clothing I think that’s kind of like the thought behind khaki

we always look at khaki maybe for khaki pants for work that’s definitely something we’re taking from when it comes to the khaki trend maybe you think of heavier duty trench coats when you think of khaki and that is definitely the route that we’re going with this it’s definitely

more masculine a lot of it is also military inspired but it’s also such a great neutral neutral color to pair with whites it looks clean it looks fresh especially going in the springtime or you can definitely still wear your fall items with it locks and things like that

if you want more of like a darker look again it’s like bringing this old-school item that we used to see a lot back in the day making it new again you can definitely make it chic all right the next item I want to talk about is shimmer or

sequins now I feel like these things are things that people are a little bit afraid of wearing on a normal day but I feel like we’re seeing more and more these types of shinier materials metallics and things like that obviously it was big for the holiday but I

think the key here to using these shinier items is again to dress them down use them as layering pieces maybe under Blazers and jackets and things like that and again if you are going maybe to like a girls night out a nice dinner these are items that she

would showcase make your accessory make it stand out super easy to wear to events like that because you just throw it on and you’re good to go you can tone them down by pairing it with jeans you could make it chic by pairing some trousers with it it’s

definitely not something to be afraid of next trend is large hats now I’m talking large oversized floppy hats not sure if you guys ever came across the picture that was kind of roaming around Instagram or the internet with this beautiful model woman just wearing this huge oversized like

tan colored floppy hat and I think we saw a lot of that on the runway this past September so large rimmed wide brimmed hats are gonna be super popular great thing about a hat is that if even if you are afraid of wearing it just think of it

as an accessory kind of like a necklace the thing that just kind of makes your completes your outfit you can wear the simplest thing maybe just like a button-down shirt with a pair of jean shorts throw in a hat you just automatically look so much more accessorized and

put together I don’t have one of those wide brim floppy hats but I do have a newer one from lack of color that is dark brown and felt material and it’s pretty wide brimmed even for me that’s probably the largest in hat size that I would go and

they look great in pictures alright next I want to talk about the puffy shoulders and I know I kind of talked a lot about it maybe even showed a lot of it in some of my videos from last year but I just love the puffy shoulders just because

they’re so different and so unique and I feel like they make any outfit look all the more dressed up they look so cute in little crop tops maybe if you’re going on vacation like a beach tropical vacation or they look great long-sleeved pair them with some trousers and

some Jeanne’s they’re just so bold and such a power-play when it comes to an outfit they really started making its way big time during this last autumn but they’re definitely here to stay super easy to wear any bottoms will go and that’s the great thing about it you

can pair them with shorts skirts jeans trousers alright next I want to talk about pleats now whenever I think of pleats I think of kind of like schoolgirl but we’re gonna see a lot of that this year and I think they’re super fun the texture of them make

it something different I have a pleated skirt that I’ve kept for so many years that I just always felt would come back and here they are now the pleats on my skirt are a little wider we’re gonna see a lot of like smaller thinner pleats coming around and

I feel like the easiest way to wear pleats is in skirts because you could just throw on any top make it look more chic by throwing on like a cami and a blazer over it alright the next try to want to talk about I’m not quite sure how

I feel about just yet it’s tie-dye now this is such a retro trend but I feel like we might be seeing it a lot especially come festival time you don’t have anything tie-dye to show you but I’m going to show you some pictures on how it may look

chic so maybe if you’re on a vacation and you want to wear a maxi dress a tie-dye print could be appropriate and get chic wear it for a resort wear but again if you want to try the trend you’re also not sure about it same thing with the

rest of them dress it down because tie-dye itself is already pretty loud and busy and a quick tip for trying any of these trends or any other trends that you want to try maybe you kind of like but you’re not so quite sure about is to start small

don’t spend too much or don’t invest too much money on any one trend maybe go to a forever 21 see what you can find try it out and then if you see that you really love it then you can move on to more expensive items if you find

one that you love that is more expensive alright lastly my 10th trend I want to talk about are shorts now you may be like okay that’s nothing new that’s not even a trend but I’m talking more like preppy longer more practical wearing shorts last year we saw the

biker short making it such a big bold statement and they’re kind of going away hopefully I’m not the biggest fan of it but for this year going into the summertime especially we’re gonna see longer shorts I myself I’m not used to shorts that are longer just because I’m

already short but I am gonna try to embrace them I have a couple they’re not as long as what we’re talking about be from my height they’re more doable and here like me where you’re shorter and maybe some of these shorts are a little too long you could

fold them at the bottom and add a belt that way it kind of fills up that space that there is with the longer short it’s not your typical jean short it’s not as casual as what a jean shirt will look like so you can use them to different

parties or events and still look dressed up are you guys that is it for this video thank you so much for watching hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did give me a thumbs up we may comment down below let me know which trend you are looking

forward to this year and if you made it to the end of this video and you’re new to my channel you like what you see please consider subscribing all you have to do is sit there was a subscribe button down below don’t forget to hit the notification bell

as well that way you get notified every time I put out a new video and also if you want daily alpha inspirations you can follow me on Instagram I’m Naomi Boyer and I’ll see you in my next video [By ThờiTrangMùaHè]


The main course begins now Last time I uploaded the first ‘Summer Fashion Essentials’ video on my t-shirt collection This time it’s a subchapter in a chapter In my fashion hauls I often showed you guys Revolve products This time I got to collaborate with Revolve So I can show you more Revolve products in detail I caught a cold so my voice is a bit off, please understand! I’ll show you guys the product I picked up I’ll show you guys five brands in total These are online brands so I wasn’t sure of the sizing I’ll share some tips on choosing the right size online, after all my experiences of getting the wrong size The first brand is called Tularosa This is the first time I bought from them I bought a top from them It’s in this sort of design It’s like linen.



a very cooling fabric It’s not a soft fabric Like polka dots, There are little details like this Not sure if this shows up on camera It’s made of 100% linen Isn’t it so cute? With the ruffle detail It might’ve looked a bit boring if it just dropped straight down over here But the ruffles definitely add some volume The sleeves are like that too I got this in a XXS, although I got XS at first Because on revolve, on the sizing chart, They have the model’s size and their measurements That really helps The model looked great so I picked a XS There’s the ruched detail in the middle So this part looked a bit large So I exchanged to a XXS You can adjust the ruched detail Using this you can make the top longer or shorter So the ruching ends up butterfly-shaped This one’s not super cropped Very pretty! There’s a brand called Lovers + Friends I really like their style I picked up two from them The first is a basic cropped tee It’s surprisingly difficult to find a good basic cropped tee The sleeve length and how cropped it is are important And all these aspects have to look good together The material’s quite stretchy Super soft too It’s made of 5% elastane And most of it is rayon So it’s really flowy These are really breezy in the summertime It feels cooling And it fits great, so I picked this one up If you have one white cropped tee, you can wear it with anything You can easily wear it inside something else The model wore a size S So I bought a size S as well And from the same brand.



the color is so so nice It’s a toned down lavender Such nice color, and it has a ruched detail So you can adjust the length on both sides It’s not that short either So it looks really nice on I bought this mainly for the color These two would look really cute together too It reminds me of gym shorts It’s made out of one of those flowy fabrics It’s in that kind of material I got this in a XS Because the model was wearing a XS This would look really cute with some sneakers in the summer I really hope shorts weather to comes soon The next brand is Majorelle From my old fashion hauls.


do you remember a cropped brown fur jacket? That brand has really nice products I got four things from them! The first one is This one! You guys must’ve been wondering where this one’s from The color of this top reminds me of hello kitty It’s knitted so it might be a little hot It’s a really stretchy knitted material It’s not super cropped, just cuts over your belly button I bought a XS but the shoulder area is a bit tight It’s not too awkward but it’s a tad small there But because this is so stretchy, it’s really comfortable This is their new product for the summertime So it doesn’t look hot or anything Although it’s a little warm Still super cute! Gingham print has that vintage vibe So I think it’d look great with blue jeans The next one from Majorelle is.



A really trendy design This is the definition of “vintage” Reminds me of F.






S I immediately fell in love with it These eyelet details are popular in summer The model was wearing a XS So I bought XS as well If you’re getting a Majorelle top, In these blouse-y, shirt-y fabric, You might want to size down I was thinking of returning it to get a XXS When I got this, the front ruched part was completely stretched out So it looked super roomy I thought it was just a decoration, not for adjusting the size and all But it’s adjustable And as I adjusted it, it fit me better The scoop neckline is really nice too And it has two ruched lines here to snatch that waistline! It’s such a lovely top Overall it’s really pretty This was also available in baby pink color That was super pretty too It’s so hot I’m going to tie my hair up Aren’t there so many cute things this time? The third product is similar to the top I just showed you This also has the eyelet detail, but in a different design This has shorts attached The neckline is really deep I’d either have to pin it here or wear it with a tank top inside I saw some foreigners wearing this one, but they wore this without anything inside For me that’s a little revealing Wear something inside if you guys are not so comfortable like me I see a lot of these button details on Revolve I don’t know if you remember the jumpsuit or the skirt I think I showed you a lot of buttoned products The sleeves are like this, really cute! It’s not super puffy and overwhelming though It’s not too big, super cute This part cinches in the waist, and there are pockets too I bought it in XS, and the model was wearing XS too It’s not too roomy or too tight Recently I’ve been seeing lots of strapped detail shoes This romper would look perfect with those shoes For my next “seven birds one stone” video, I think I’ll do a strapped shoe one And the last Majorelle product! It’s this red colored top – super eye catching It’s what I would wear if I was traveling in Spain This one was the one I bought the wrong size I bought this in XS at first, same as the other top This is even more scoop neck than the white top This is too.



It might be because my chest area is different from the models This was really loose so if I bend over a little I would flash everyone This has a ribbon detail but it doesn’t adjust the neckline So I ordered a XXS Although this one doesn’t have as much detailing, the color itself is quite intense This one has one cinching detail at the waist And it has these buttons that I like You can also tighten the neckline slightly with this ruched detail The sleeves are really short though I think that makes it look cuter As you can tell, the neckline is super wide The XS one had an even wider neckline I was thinking, how could this be a XS? I think Majorelle really cares about small details though This top is lined As the price is quite high, the quality is great The fabric on the outside is a tad rough, as this is linen But inside, it’s lined in a really soft cotton material So I really liked that detail The last brand is ‘Privacy Please’, do you remember this brand? I bought from Majorelle and Privacy Please before This time as well, I picked up this really nice pair of pants I didn’t have enough pants, so I got this paperbag style pants I see this style a lot recently When you takeout food, they put it in a paper bag right? And they crumple the top bit Paperbag pants are inspired from that design These pants often have belts You can see the little details Just like a paper bag, the top widens up a little This one’s made in such a summery color too I imagine wearing this in Nice, France This has three tones, the slightly blueish hue the white and the beige hues I got this in a XXS I think I made a good choice The model was wearing a XS But you really have to look at the model closely If you don’t want ill-fitting clothes You have to look at their height and waist, if that’s available And Revolve has those information, which is great You really have to analyze how the clothing fits on the model How tight the waist is, and how tight or loose the hip area is That model was wearing a XS I saw she had a bit of room in the waist and hip area So considering I’m shorter than the model So I got a smaller size, which I think was a smart choice The waist fits perfectly, and the rest fits very loose, which looks great The length for me, cuts at my feet So I don’t have to get it tailored This fits so nice These two would look great together And also with this white tee This is also made of linen These are an absolute must in the summertime If I had to pick out another detail It’s the lining Most linen pants like this aren’t lined Without the lining, it’s a little see-through, like most other linen pants So I really appreciate this detail The clothes on Revolve are a bit pricy but you can see that people paid attention to details Most clothes are in the mid-100 dollars range But actually in Korea as well, in brands like &otherstories, most products are over 10 million Won Yes, it’s slightly more expensive than &otherstories, but the quality makes up for it There’s one thing I forgot to show you guys! I bought this top from the same brand This one! Isn’t the color so pretty This one’s also a toned down lavender It’s slightly different from the shorts though This one’s more pink And this has more purple hues Super cropped, with these cute frills At the back, there are frills at the bottom There are lots of spaghetti strapped tops that are adjustable through these ribbons So I picked up this top in such a gorgeous color It would look pretty with the pants As this is really cropped, it’d look cute with something quite high-waisted The color is just so pretty The bottom has frills right? The funny thing is when you move around This whole thing just moves up and down like it’s alive It’s quite funny But I guess I’ll just have to not move my shoulders I got this in XS This fits comfortably I really wanted to show you guys these items quickly So I filmed this even with a runny nose I wanted to share them so bad In the first part I just showed you the really basic t-shirts So that was more like an appetizer And these, these are the main course! So today I shared with you my first collab with Revolve I’m sure you guys would love the items I picked up Thank you for watching I’ll see you again in Part 3, with super pretty items Please look forward to it! I’ll see you in the next one! Bye!! The shipping is really fast It comes in FedEx Express It takes.



3 days? Within 3 days, from LA And some items are duty-free So there’s a small tag on the website if they’re duty free So you can get them at a lower price range When you first sign up, you get a discount code You get a 10% off discount code if you sign up to the newsletter So you can get their clothing at a slightly more affordable price I shared with you all these lovely items today I hope you get your hands on some of them!.

By ThờiTrangMùaHè