Sunny Leone’s Summer Fashion Essentials

whoa it’s hot out there are you feeling the heat of course you are it’s summertime it’s time to pull out those shorts go barefoot and embrace the Sun in all its glory summertime is all about living it up and letting your toes wriggle around in those open toe

sandals and when it comes to style this season is all about pastels and boozy fabrics this is our summer carpet let’s walk it with style here’s how you can add the sunny quotient to your wardrobe get it [Music] summer for me is a perfect time to wear lots

of color it’s time to ditch the boring blocks that you’ve worn last season vibrant and colorful is my mantra neon is a perfect trend that you can experiment with [Music] [Applause] this quirky accessory is one of my favorites it’s the bandanna it’s super versatile and you can wear

it as a scarf or as a headband and add to that instant boho vibe to your outfit one of my favorite things that I’ve seen people doing with a scarf is they’re actually bit they’re making like a pony and they’re braiding the scarf into their hair and it

looks very very cute [Music] florals are always a good idea and translate well from a brunch to a party and everything in between it’s really hard to go wrong with it I mean I’m wearing florals and I love it and this is a beautiful pop of color with

florals can’t go wrong I know you really don’t want to dress up in the summers but earrings can dress up your outfit with minimal effort like these guys these are so cute I wonder if they look good in my outfit you’ll have to send me a message if

it does these aren’t too heavy and they do the job of adding that extra drama and color to your outfit like this one the courses are so in style and doesn’t have much going on but these earrings could definitely add to it for me one of the most

important summer essentials are sunglasses the right pair of glasses cannot that instant to even the most basic of outfits and there’s always gonna be one that is perfect for you that’s gonna flatter you you just have to find it it’s like you know finding that perfect pair of

jeans if you keep trying and trying and trying but once you’ve got it you look fabulous [Music] have too big this season I mean are you even doing Instagram right if you haven’t gotten a picture with a hat I mean try an oversized beautiful colored hat like this

I mean it’s great on vacations or you put the Hat you got the glasses and you’re good to go [Music] but most importantly summer is all about being me so I wear whatever I want and whatever is comfortable and it always helps if it’s in trend so when

in doubt I turn to my staples a simple white tee a pair of shorts and a slogan that describes my personality so cute short the slogan t-shirt whatever I’ll just state myself isn’t it perfect I love stuff like this the one I love the most is I’m not

a morning person don’t talk to me just kidding but I think these earrings also would look good with this what do you say yes you guys summer so fun so it’s all about going into your closet and finding the most amazing things sub just for you [Music] don’t

forget to tell me your summer fashion pics in the comment section below there’s one last thing I want to talk about you guys I’ve all the fun that we’re gonna have and the clothes and the shoes and the scarves and the slogan tees and you know friends with

you know all these different people and having a good time I believe in the idea of giving back a little bit in life so I found these amazing canvas shoes that are hand painted by these beautiful young people who are special needs and that’s what they’re doing this

summer they’re making us these amazing shoes that you guys can get the company it’s called feet me up the you guys can get a pair of these we should all give back a little bit you know for the sake of our comfort so like share and subscribe to

butterfly [Music]


hey guys welcome back to my channel if you’re new here welcome i’m allegra i made fashion beauty lifestyle content land screams like a sha-1 check me out if you’re not new here hi welcome back so today as promised I am gonna go through and talk about upcoming trends

for spring/summer 2019 I just went to New York in Paris Fashion Week which I guess was fall but sometimes in New York they were showing spring and summer so kind of confusing I also attended Fashion Week in fall for the spring so I wasn’t done with the trends

trends that I have seen a lot online shopping trends that I saw in the runways trends that I’ve just seen in like online magazines it stuff like that so let’s just get right into it try number one is cargo and utility I saw this literally all over Paris

all over New York people wearing it on the runways I think it’s a trend that’s gonna kind of go through spring into it fall cargo pants were big matching sets with cargo so like that khaki colored pant with a jacket huge utility belts utility pants like they’re just

it’s just everywhere and I’m so here for it cuz it’s a neutral so you can keep it in your wardrobe it will go with everything I’m a huge fan I wore it in New York I wore utility kind of cargo pants with a trench and a great sweater

and looked really good so utility and cargo number one trend I’m super excited for it I think it’s gonna be that’s gonna be fun trend number two is broom you know shorts or like long cycle shorts but longer shorts shorts up just like hit right above your knee

or some everywhere I think it’s a cool look I think it might be a tough look to pull off but if you can pull it off I think it’s gonna be I think it’ll look really cool I saw it a lot with sneakers and just like t-shirts like

really basic outfits I think that this is a kind of a trend that’s been evolving we look like super short shorts like mid thigh last year and now we’re into like longer Bermuda style and I think it looks really cool it can look really really hip I saw

them in of single fabric from jean to suit to cycle like stretchy so they’re everywhere it’s a cool trend on that note suiting also a huge trend suits are everywhere everyone’s wearing suits casually so if you saw my other video I bought a mint suit but I also

wore a suit at Fashion Week suits are just in and specifically I saw a lot of short suits which I think is like really cool very 80s but still really cool and then I also saw like the bicycle shorts with Blazers a lot that’s also been everywhere so

suiting very–in I’m gonna hit three on-trend colors in one we have lavender I have seen lavender everywhere it’s like the most on-trend color for this season it’s crazy it is a beautiful color I think it’s perfect for spring like it gives you that pastel sort of like you

know like spring is just like the world is like weird anyway that’s what lavender like that’s what it feels like beautiful purple is everywhere mint / pistachio I’ve been seeing that everywhere as well I just said I bought a minute suit it’s it’s pretty it’s not I’m not

talking about like teal I’m really talking about like a mint I have just been seeing it everywhere also a great color for spring gives you that like soft pretty spring kind of vibe and then the third color that I think will be great for spring but also for

summer is yellow yellow just taken the world by storm here like everyone is making things in yellow in different shades of yellow and like a really bright yellow to the softer yellows it’s everywhere yellow can be a hard color to pull off on some skin tones on some

hair colors so you would have to find the right yellow for your skin tone he’s not everyone can can pull it off but I have a full like Jean situation in yellow and I think it’s really cool so look out for that because that’s definitely a big trend

the next trend is boiler suits I think they’ve been on trend for a while but I would say in the fall and in the like fall fashion month and then this fashion month I just saw them a ton I saw them a lot in the fall with a

turtleneck underneath now I’m seeing them just like in a lot of different materials in the cargo material and just I think there’s like a ton of different ones that you can choose from I have a short sleeve one that has like a wider leg but it’s cropped they’re

coming in tons of shapes and styles and I really like them because they are a piece that you can wear casually but you can also dress up and they’re just easy it’s like wearing a dress you can just throw on your boiler suit and you’re literally good to

go you don’t think about anything else so I’m into that I’m gonna say about it but it’s a cool trend and then on the accessories trend I have been seeing a lot of different accessories accessories I feel like I’ve come more to the forefront of outfits more basic

outfits with cooler accessories so like the first one is like really mini bags like I’m talking like tiny you can’t fit anything in them I have one where is the joke I’m the one you were wearing it this morning so really really mini bags jacquimo makes really small

cute bags there’s a ton of the market right now and they’re very impractical you can’t hold anything in them but they look really cute I think they’re really cool accessory they’re definitely more of an accessory not a bag but I’ve been seeing those everywhere and they’re cool trend

bucket hats I feel like also have been around for a while but they’re coming more into fashion and not so much like hypee style you know like tons of different designers are making them they’re just more they’re easier to get they’re cool I find them a little hard

to wear ways I feel like they like hit the back of my neck all the time they come off but I’ve worn it I think it looks cool I don’t know if I can pull it off that well but it’s a it’s a nice accessory to have because

it’s different than like other hats I mean we had that like train hat for a while this is like kind of replacing that I think and then the last accessories are hair accessories so headbands huge Prada made them and they kind of blew up like those padded headbands

literally like Blair Waldorf’s tie headbands pearled headbands just like any sort of headband is I just saw everywhere crazy I actually think they’re cool especially if we’re like kind of an edgier outfitting through a headband on it kind of gives you that feminine but also edgy vibe I

haven’t tried it out yet but when I find the perfect headband I definitely will give it a go and then hair clips so like a lot of pearled hair clips everywhere every designer is making them there’s that like Gucci one there’s a Chanel one then there’s like a

ton of different ones I wore them in Paris and you can find them on like ASOS on store ads like on all these different websites but pearled hair clips or hair clips in general super on-trend quick little video but those were the those are the trends that I’m

most excited for and that I saw a lot on the runway isn’t on on people in the street style of Paris Fashion Week in New York Fashion Week I’m excited for them I can’t wait to style them and upcoming the spring and summer content let me know what

spring trends you’re most excited for and let me know if you’re excited for spring because I am thank you guys so much for watching I’ll go up the slope bye you


hi guys welcome back to my channel it is a Neumann and what best way to start a new month then with a Primark haul ad it’s another good one guys so if you’re interested to see what I got then just continue to watch so dangerous so hi everybody fin new year welcome my name is Juliet I’m a mom of two boys and I do three videos a week on all sorts day I’m bringing you another Primark or I’m just so happy we’ve Primark at the moment every time I go in I think I’m really gonna struggle this month and then I haven’t struggled and there was a lot more excessive is in this haul I have to admit Primark I’m knocking it out of the park with their accessories at the moment so yeah I got a couple of bikini some really nice things hey so where should I start mr.

ball I went into the beauty department and I’ve actually tried out prymaat foundation before and but I tried out the matte foundation and I wasn’t a massive fan but they’ve bought out this PS my perfect color glow foundation and it’s six pounds but I tried a little swatch on my hand in the actual store and it looked really nice and I bought it in shade called sand and I’m probably gonna do a makeup video and try this and the other things that I bought so I absolutely love like a highlighting glow palette that I bought from Aldi now a lot of people can get it so I wanted to try and start using something that you guys can buy as well so they’ve bought out these new ultra glow highlight powders and I’ve bought like a dark shade this is spotlight and also a hot like a light gold called brunch club so I don’t know if I put them together you can see the difference so ones like a darker bronze and ones a lighter gold and I bought these for like a contour and highlight they were three pounds each so again I’ll probably do a makeup Primark video later in the week and test out these products for you next accessories I bought these scrunchies it is a three pack there is a gray one and new decal and also this really pretty pink flowered scrunchie a pound for three so I love those I was so happy I we need to get some scrunchies because my hair so keeps telling me off you’re using like elastic like em like thin bubbles she says that break your hair so I’m so happy with these scrunchies still on accessories I bought some jewelry and don’t buy jewelry very often cuz I’m not that adventurous so I’ve got this pack of pearl earrings and you can see they’re so there are 12 pairs of earrings for one pound fifty today I do if anybody’s like me I always lose earrings so I thought they were really nice lots of different sizes I got those though got some gold ones so I’ll actually saw my friend Lisa she was actually wearing the other day and I thought that was so beautiful so I got these old dangly earrings and they were just 2 pounds let’s see if I can pop them in and show you though while I was in the jewelry section I bought this pack of anklets now there were loads of different ones and but I bought these I thought they were these would be so nice for holiday because they’ve got the shells on and the tassels and then also just a plain gold one in the middle I really really liked these and these were three unclips for two pounds Oh what next a belt so I bought this but I left like a good kind of straw style straw is really in at the moment so I’ve bought this it’s got a really nice gorgeous tortoise shell buckle and I bought this in a large because even though it’s quite stretchy it’s actually quite small so it’s just step back and show gay like this is a large and I can just Betty Brown me and if it was a waist about I’d probably have a little bit more room it’s was five pounds that was three pounds hmm I’m now debating whether it’s worth five pounds external accessories I got this beautiful scarf it is leopard print with flecks oh it’s like it’s a silvery it’s silver I think but it’s got like a gold Sheen to it sauce with the silvery gold and this scarf I just thought was so beautiful if you could imagine in the summer when it’s a bit chilly and you just want to pop something over like a white t-shirt and this was just four pounds and I really really liked that I thought was so beautiful depended on trends and if it stays in this will be a really nice like summer autumn piece as well oh also I almost missed out I bought these as well these are like some Reno’s the pearl hair grips these are just sewing at the moment and these were just two pounds for the two so I’ve just come to edit and I forgot about these so yeah those are so beautiful I’ll see if I can pop them in my hair quickly so obviously you wouldn’t wear it like this but that issues so you can see in the hair the kind of size it is I just thought these are so beautiful okay bags now first bank I bought was more for like holiday for like a beach bag this one was a bit more expensive I thought and it is this one it’s a gay like a straw bag and it’s like not what’s the word took a shopper bag but yeah and it’s got these wooden handle detail at the top I really liked this but it was 10 pounds and so I’m a bit like oh I mean an Armin about it but I did really like this bag I thought would be perfect for by the pool so I did get it and I’m still like on the fence with it so let me know what you guys think but yeah 10 pounds but now this is my favorite bag and I actually bought this before my because it was on the last video that I did with my spring/summer outfits but there’s some items on there actually that I bought that I haven’t shown you on a haul so if you wanted to see some of those items I’ll leave that video linked above and below in the description and you can go and have a look because I did get some great pieces that I didn’t show on my haul but this one I had to show and it is this bag I am in love with this bag I have worn it out a few times since I’ve had it and I generally don’t take back out but it is beautiful it’s like a dupe of the Chloe banks and the bangle strap and it’s got woven detail at the top and then it also has inside and over the shoulder strap as well but I absolutely love this and it was eight pounds and now I found seems like a lot for a bag but I honestly do think that this would go with so many outfits I really think it is worth the money so I’m gonna show you four go into the clothes a pair of shoes have bought shoes the last few times have been into Primark and I honestly thought I wouldn’t find any more than I liked until I saw these I thought these were so lovely so they really come for like a linen e cottony beige and cream and they’ve got a wicker sole platform and I just thought these were so beautiful just friendless women like to slip on with jeans or with anything and these were eight pounds okay I think the prices are going up a little bit but I did really like these shoes so yeah let me know what you think and I’ve got those in a four because I’m a size 4 okay so I will start with bikini this is the first bikini I bought it’s like this blue gingham fabric and it’s really like um creepy is that the wrong word to use and then this is the top so the top is actually too small and broke when I wrote Riley are elastic bits at the back and broke so it is a beautiful bikini but it just didn’t have another one and and the top was six pounds and the bottom was four pounds so unfortunately this has got to go back but if I could get this in a bigger size I would definitely recommend a is a beautiful bikini for 10 pounds the next bikini I’ve got was again it just doesn’t I would show it you but it really the last the last I showed you in the last haul I felt kind of okay in that one because it was like a covering my mom Tom but this one is like a hipster style bikini and it is this crocheted bikini and it’s got these gold beaded detail on the sides but it’s like it doesn’t tie it the sides they’re just like it’s just detail and already you can see there it’s just like detail so you can widen it a bit with those but it is a very low and so not for me but then that is the top I mean it is a beautiful bikini this one was a bit more expensive at the bottoms were five pounds top was eight pounds so eight and five that’s what 13 pounds for that bikini so it’s quite an expensive for Primark I suppose bikini and it isn’t the fillet but just not my star what so oh why not show you a couple of my syenite ins so I cannot go into Primark without perusing the sale aisle can I and the moment there’s some absolute of bargains in there so this was just a nice casual it’s like a thin cotton e long sleeved top it’s got a little pocket on the front and this was reduced from seven pounds to a pound next bargain again was this so they only had these in xxs-3x trous mall or i got this in x XL which i wanted an oversized one anyway and it’s like this creme v-neck e jumper and it’s just nice and soft and this again it was reduced from five pounds to one pounds and I just thought this would be so nice not in the summer when you it’s a bit cooler on the evening you could just throw this over and have it kind of off the shoulder a little bit I just really liked that for a pound I think it’s just really nice too in your wardrobe obviously I’m gonna leave the best clothing I was until last because I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t next up we have some jogging bottoms I’ve bought some more of this if you saw my all probably Wow quite a few months ago I bought some minis joggers and I absolutely loved them I wear them a lot but Primark joggers do tend to go Bob ley I’m not gonna lie and say they’re amazing but these are only 5 pounds so every couple of months I will get a new pair a new pair because my other ones are medium and they’re really big on me now so I’ve bought myself a small and yeah it’s just like this really nice family color and they’re cooked at the bottom there’s such good quality even then they go bobble a they are really thick and lovely and fleecy inside and I’ll just think you can’t go wrong however I did see on somebody’s time I’ll call the other day that they said that the men’s jogging bottoms wash better and they’re only 5 pounds as well so I may try that out it sounds like a good tip to me to Purdue try it out or let you know so if you saw in my last haul I’ve got a couple of pairs of satin pajamas which were lovely but they were quite pricey and today I went in and noticed that I’ve gotten so six men and today I notice they’ve got some like you know the tables where they stack all the pajamas we’ve got some really nice ones so I’ve got this pair of like cottony shorts aren’t they just so beautiful the pattern on those are so beautiful and they really have a really nice soft cotton and these were just three pounds for the buttons and then look at the tops they hurt so these were two pound 54 like this little crop and it’s a really good quality like it’s a double layered I’ll try it on for you and see if I can get away with you’re on camera but it feels like you could like you’re not going to be able to see nipple through this is what I’m saying like if you’re wearing this and the postman comes to the door I think you’ll get away with it so it’s a nice little crop top with this lace detail across the bottom and I’ve got it as small as well and that was to power 50 so I actually bought two of these the pair of shorts have got one of the years again florally with a full at the bottom but these are red with like a polka dot in them I just thought that was so cute for again three pounds and I bought those in as small as well so three party 150 so five pound fifty for a pajama set which is really really good I think have you got one we get in there Rhonda so if you’ve watched my channel for a while you’ll know I’m obsessed with bodysuits and I bought this and I am going to be 100% honest I didn’t realize it was a one-shoulder bodysuit I thought it was like two straps so it’s this is like a one-shoulder kaki bodysuit I’m gonna give you a try but I think it might be something that goes back I mean I know that the one-shoulder is all in fashion at the moment but I’m not a massive fan of it so I’ll try it on maybe with the jogging buttons and see what I think but yeah that was and five pounds it’s not as thick as the other body suits I’ve had and it’s a bit thinner so we’ll try them on and see what I think they had that in loads of different colors oh I don’t know whether you’re gonna like it but I just saw it and I just really really liked it there was just something about it I really liked and it is of this a v-neck top and it’s got like are they leopards cheetahs leopards all over it all over as you can see and it’s a really really like light cottony flowy material I just thought this would be really nice for in the summer when like doing the school run and stuff maybe with a cute pair of denim shorts and just some nice flip-flops I just thought it was just a lovely little casual top and it was only six pounds which i think is really good I just love all these like nudes and we’re in this season and I just loved that so I thought I’m gonna have to get it sticking with animals so animal print actually know is massive this season especially snakeskin so I got these they are like a really thin flowy that at least it actually says joggers they’ve got like a not pencil piglet like a pig pegleg peg leg good pencil leg I don’t know so yeah they type run at the bottom anyways what I’m going for and they’ve got like a little toy yeah they’re elasticated anyway I thought these were so not so nice and light I bet these would be really nice to travel in I’ve got them in a size 10 and they were seven pounds so a little pricier and but I think these would be so nice with not just a white come a or a black cami and yeah and some flip-flops and finally I just love it so on my last haul I bought a tea dress which I absolutely love no another friend this summer is white embroidery looking out for a really nice white embroidery like a dress and I saw this funny enough and I thought it was a play suit and I put it back and as I was walking to the tills I saw it and I thought sure I’m gonna have a look at it and I’m so glad I did and it is this focus it is this white embroidered tea dress and we get it if I can show you close-up what it looks like so it’s not got this detail all over its blind it is tailored it’s got like two tailored seams down the front and down the back it’s got these lovely little sleeves and I think it looks so expensive but I would say it’s quite expensive for Primark 18 pounds I don’t know what you think on that but 18 pounds for a dress from Primark I think that’s taking the biscuit a little and but I do have to say I think it is really good quality and I think that’s what we’ve got to try and think now like Primark I’ll put in the prices up a little but because the quality is getting better like I literally would see this in Topshop I think he would see it in Matalin like you probably get away with seeing something in this quad in Zara it is lovely it’s got these little buttons all the way down the front but the actual rather you can say which you can see the loop is like elasticated so put doing them off and unfasten them is actually really easy but I’ll just love this dress and really do I think it is so nice and I think for summer it will be such a nice staple item you can either dress it up with loads of gold jewelry and gold accessories and that nice little bag and some nice gold heels or hat on and sunglasses and some flip-flops and wear it out like lunch I do think it is such a versatile and such a beautiful dress so guys that is everything I got from Primark this month I really hope you enjoyed this video I love to get in there the first of the month see what they’ve got in and try and film on the same day and get it out to you so you’re getting the first look at everything that I find let me know what your favorite pieces are I would love to know yeah if you did like this video don’t forget to give it a thumbs up anetha say or we’d love for you to subscribe and stick around and share if you liked the video share with your friends I would love to grow this little YouTube family so until next time guys take care [Music].


hey everyone welcome back to my channel for today’s video I have a Walmart try on haul to share with you guys and this is gonna be a little bit smaller than the typical try on haul I’m actually planning like my large summer try on haul early June so

stay tuned for that but this one wasn’t even planned I’m actually working with them over on my blog so I recently placed an order to find some pieces that I potentially would want to wear it to style for that and I would rather be safe when it comes

to that so I normally buy like multiple outfit options that way I can wear the best option instead of just kind of settling if that makes sense so I wasn’t even planning on sharing these but I thought it would actually be fun to show you guys like what

caught my eye for this photo shoot and kind of bring you into the campaign to interact a little bit more because I would love your feedback on these outfits and I don’t really ask for your favorite outfit anyway because I like to see that but I would love

to see your favorite outfit for this video because I will probably feature that outfit for the campaign for Walmart and I think that’s kind of fun and if that post is up it will be linked down below so definitely check that out so you can see what outfit

I ended up picking for the photo shoot lots of fun things coming up but let’s jump into today’s outfits so I just got this bag and I haven’t even taken the wrappings off just yet but this is from soul Society and I was actually really torn on what

color to get but I ended up going with the white and a brown I thought about getting the pink but I thought this would be a little more versatile circle bags I feel like are having their moment I actually have another one two of them actually to share

with you guys from Walmart but I felt like this one worked the best with this outfit just because it’s a little more neutral I’ve actually had this top for quite some time but I wasn’t able to link it until now so you best believe I’m gonna share it

with you guys now because it’s one of my favorite tops I actually own it in white and navy I love them I think it is so flattering and I got the navy because I knew I’d want to wear it with white jeans and then I got the white

just to go with everything else and I wore them so much when I first got them I actually had to stop wearing them because it was like the most asked about item on Instagram stories so I know now that I can share it it’s probably gonna go quickly

I hope they have a lot of stock of these because I want all of you guys to get them they’re so cute so it has like this ruffle detail the peplum is so flattering and it just is so cute I love it I love eyelet I’ve talked about

that in multiple videos I’m wearing it with this Victoria Emerson rat bracelet which I hope they restock soon because I have been living in it it was in my April favorites and then I’m wearing my go-to white jeans from Walmart I have a feeling these are going to

be really hard to find now that this video is going up because they’re on clearance but if you guys can get your hands on them by like multiple pairs I wish I kind of got multiple pairs because they’re so good and they were so cheap and I actually

just got mine out of the wash so you can see they wash really well they keep their shape and they’re actually stretchy so they’re not uncomfortable to put on after you get them out of the dryer which I just did so love these can’t say enough good things

about them I’ve been living in them since my last march on hall and then these wedges I wore these in that Tran hole as well but I just love the neutral little ruffle feel like for the price point these are comfortable and easy to walk in and they

give you that same look so I’m glad that I size down in this dress I feel like it does run a little big this is an extra small so I would probably size down if you guys are interested in it I do feel like it looks a little

matronly it’s just a little overwhelming on my frame just with like how big this ruffle is and then the length but it is very comfortable kind of easy breezy dress I feel like for the right occasion this would be cute the off-the-shoulder does stay on so that’s a

plus in my book I do feel like the belt definitely helped kind of break up how much material is kind of hanging on my body so I threw on this one from H&M although I think I’m going to get the real Gucci belt so I’m going to be

returning this one but if you’re looking for a Gucci belt dupe this one’s under $10 highly recommend it if I wasn’t getting the real one when my next student loan is paid off because I do really well the reward system then I would keep this one so the

dress is double but I would still be careful with what I wore underneath don’t wear any like colorful printed undergarments you will still see it because it is a little bit on the thin side but the material is really soft it almost feels like nothing other than around

the shoulder you can feel the shoulder kind of cinching in right here but otherwise it is pretty comfortable sometimes this can be really like diggy but it is pretty comfortable so I loved the floral print of this it’s very pastel there’s yellows pinks and blues and I actually

was expecting this to be more of a chiffon material I didn’t really look at the picture too much but it’s actually like that balance II cotton a Jersey blend type material so it’s very stretchy and comfortable like I don’t even feel anything up here it’s great I only

feel it kind of around my waist where this seam is right through here that’s kind of a little tight I do think that I would prefer a small I did size down to an extra small and I feel like it’s just a little grabby and tight through my

hips and I just would like it a little more flowy through this area so I would recommend to get your normal size I am a normal size small but it just seemed like Sophia ran big but I guess that’s not the case so I do think the neckline

is very flattering I love this crisscross design typically wrap stuff doesn’t work on me unless it is made perfectly so I do really appreciate the cut of this and it is a fake faux wrap so you don’t have to worry about it opening up on you and then

the straps are adjustable and I just love all the little ruffle details they’re not overwhelming but they do wonders for small busted girls and then the strap around the waist is really long so I actually have my double knotted there and then it has just pretty little ruffles

that aren’t overwhelming like they just flow well I don’t know this is cute but I definitely think I need a little bit bigger size as for my bracelet I forgot to mention it last outfit this is another Victoria Emerson bracelet I loved how like the blue tie tin

and it just seems very summery to me the layers are all just one big buckle so it’s very easy to get off and on because it’s just a magnetic closure which I definitely appreciate you can it on and get out the door and then I’m wearing my favorite

little Tory Burch sandals I love this blush color it’s really subtle but just enough pink to add in they do take a little bit of breaking in but once you do they’re just like my go-to sandal they’re so good so I love the pretty blue floral print of

this dress this would be really cute for a baby shower or summer wedding it’s really easy breezy comfortable you do have to it’s like a tulip style dress so when you sit down there is like the layer that’s long enough but it will be opening up a little

bit so keep that in mind but I think the cut of that is just really flattering and it shows off your shoes really well so I do like the fit like the tulip style maxi dress and then this print is just really pretty I love the blues and

the purples of it this top fits a little bit big I don’t have the like I feel like if I was wearing a normal bra I would fill it out a little bit more but right now it’s kind of a little sad looking but I do appreciate that

it comes with a clasp because otherwise it would definitely be a no-go for me the sleeves are really fluttery and ruffly and pretty and then the back has like a little tie there it does dip down just a little bit but not too low codes like too right

there this little blush straw bag I definitely had to see in person I love circle bags I love straw bags and I haven’t seen one in this color so I think it’s really cute I think it was around 30 ish Oh had to guess and I actually have

another one from the same brand or boutique on there and then I’m wearing these comfortable white this dress feels a teeny bit heavier than the last one that one was like a chiffon material this one is almost like that bouncy material but a little heavier I love again

the print on this dress it’s just really cute I love the floral it is a little bit different than the type of floral I’ve seen before as more of like an artistic take on a floral if that makes any sense the waistband is a thick smocked waste which

I don’t have anything like this it’s almost like maternity style but it just gives it a really easy like fold over effect and then I do really love this neckline the sides you tie in two cute little bows and I do feel like this neckline is a little

different than what I typically wear so it’s nice to mix it up every now and then there is a little bit of a keyhole but I actually it just lays flat so I didn’t even notice until just then and then it does have an under layer that stops

right under the knee so that doesn’t go all the way down and has like this ruffle little peplum detail on the bottom so what’d you guys think of this one but I do always like to add something to my cart that’s out of my comfort zone just to

see what I think about it so for me that was these pants um let me know what you guys think of them I’ve been seeing pants like this everywhere so I thought I might as well try them from Walmart they do fit really well they look make your

waist look really small because they are high-waisted this is a size four I don’t love this bright silver button so i’m i would like fold my shirt over top of it and then this is a little denim off the shoulder top as for this bag i do really

love the bag i think the print is so cute and i love the colors in it but i do wish that this was a removable strap it just seems really thick for the size of the bag so I would almost prefer to just carry it like this or

if the strap was smaller I just seemed like it just seems like the proportions are off a little bit there’s like more strap than there is back but I do really think the print is adorable and very summery so when wearing pants like this I would definitely go

for a nude heel that will make your legs look the longest and I feel like it’s the most flattering especially since these are very like bailed at the bottom they’re very flowy but let me know how would you guys think of these pants I’ll definitely be interested to

read the comments on this but I will show you guys this shirt without the pants on I mean with pants on but with different pants I was looking for my white shorts and I could not find them anywhere so I guess I need to ask that to my

list because that’s what I wanted to wear this shirt with I don’t typically ever wear denim on denim or these types of colors so it’s not my favorite but I just do on these shorts I fell more in love with these shorts every time I put them on

they are a splurge for denim shorts but I can see why I can definitely see the quality when it comes to them I guess I’ll put it that way they’re very comfortable and I’m glad that I picked them up but here’s that shirt without the pants just so

you can see it untucked so it has a little bit of a C hemline and it is a little bit shorter so I feel like I have like a little bit of a mess-up sleeve on this one because this one looks completely different it just seems like it’s

sewn differently because it do you see how thick it is over here it just keeps like folding over like that and that’s just how it is and then it will pop up easily whereas this one is normal so I feel like it’s just like an error with how

it’s sewn on but if you end up getting this let me know if yours is like that too I feel like with this type of top it would be really cute to like wear your hair up and play up your accessories like your earrings wear like a messy

ponytail or wear a cute little scarf in your hair I would just have fun with my accessories when it came to this type of shirt and then I have on a little cute both sides I just think they’re adorable so I do really like this shirt I love

the C green color to it it’s different than my normal pink but I do still really like this type of color I wear blues a lot more in the spring and summertime and then it has like an oval neckline and then the ruffle sleeves are very flattering sometimes

they can make your arms look and feel bigger but this one’s actually really flattering I think this top is really cute some of you guys could potentially wear it to work the only thing kind of holding me back from wearing it to work is the back has like

a low cross detail I feel like I could get away with it because my hair would cover it but I know that somebody I’ll have more strict dress code so this is one of those shirts that you may or may not be able to wear to work but

if you can I feel like that’s a really great value because you can definitely dress this down to wearing it with white jeans that type of thing arrested here like I was gonna wear it to work with my favorite work pants and then just some gold Tory flats

that I have been wearing a tend to work so I am losing steam I’ve been filming all day and I’m just like ready to get in comfy clothes but this dress is actually the same as that first top I’m telling you I’m obsessed with all of those pieces

so this is a sweet little dress and it has the same eyelet detail down the front and same kind of cinching at the waist it is a little flowy err on the bottom half but I just love the ILA detail so much so I feel like this would

be cute with a little like half-up half-down little conservative hairstyle and i think it’s just really sweet I don’t actually have a handbag to share I do have another handbag but I just didn’t have the right outfit for it so I’m just not a hundred percent sold on

these just yet so I’m gonna read browse and see what else I find I think they’re all cute they’re all just kind of the same to me there’s not one main stand out so I would definitely love your feedback down in the comments I’ll grab that other bag

that I haven’t styled and a pair of shoes that I haven’t styled actually I have two more items to share but I just didn’t find the right outfit for them I think this little bag is just so precious I absolutely love it I had it in mind actually

for those denim shorts I styled and then a pretty little white eyelet blouse oh I have that one from Walmart maybe I’ll go that route I just love this little bag so I’m kind of want to feature it I think I love the size it’s just really cute

and I actually do like that it comes with a strap most straw bags like this I haven’t seen a strap that goes with it and then the little pom detail is removable if you don’t love that or if you wanted to mix it up take it off and

then put a scarf on it will be a little tricky but you can definitely squeeze them up and over that I think they’re so adorable so there is one accessory I feel like I kind of want to style this on the blog and then I got these sandals

and I am just not a silver person I feel like I look like and like The Tin Man or something and I actually for whatever reason thought they were gold when I ordered um based on the image and I just did not look carefully enough so I was

expecting these to be like a pretty champagne gold and they’re bright silver so I think I do really like the style I’m gonna see they’re still available I’ve seen a couple bloggers share these since I’ve ordered I think like I think I saw Emily Gemma she has a

very large following share these in rose gold so they sold out completely that was the color I originally wanted but I think they have them in white I might swap them out for that I think they are really cute and comfortable but I just I’m just not a

silver person especially this metallic and bright alright those are the outfits that caught my eye recently at Walmart and one of those will be featured really soon over on my blog so be sure to check that post out whenever it goes up to see which one I went

with and don’t forget to let me know your favorite down in the comments below because that one will most likely be featured and I’m really excited about this like I think it’s fun to have a little more interaction with a try on haul so let me know your

thoughts on it if you liked this type of try on haul it’s a little smaller than my normal like all out Tran hauls but I think I found some really cute pieces so I hope you guys enjoyed it if you’re not already subscribed I would love for you

to consider subscribing to stick around for more fashion content here on my channel I have a lot more Walmart content coming out for the rest of the year so you can see that consistently thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you in the next

video [Music] make it shine but I can see that you don’t that’s one day


hey y’all welcome back and this is gonna be another Walmart shot with me I love filming these I love Walmart you guys seem to love these Walmart hauls and Walmart shot with me so that’s what this is gonna be today there probably won’t be a haul at the end because if I get anything it’ll be for the girls Easter baskets and I’ll do a whole separate video on that but I’m just going to go around and show you guys everything they have new for spring and summer I haven’t done a video of this since January and you guys love these so let’s head on in and see what they have so I don’t know about y’all but I love elf products they have one of those filthy lights that go on your phones I’ve never tried the sponges by elf they are four dollars they have as so many and new products I’ve found lately this is probably something I need hydrating bubble masks have such dry skin I like this peak packaging is like a new line I have the glow stick that they carry and it’s really really good it’s kind of like the to look lipstick these are really cute they have these little makeup organizers that you could put in a drawer and then they also have these and brush organizers which is your Walmart brand so that one’s 694 that’s 984 not bad at all and then I’m not very tall so I can’t reach up there but they have some really cute travel bags this is the size I need for my makeup and then I like this pattern even more that’s really cute love the see-through actually might get this one I’m debating I’m gonna put it in the buggy how many of you buy something or you don’t buy it but you put it in the buggy because you’re thinking about buy it because you need time to think about it I do that all the time and then also in that design they have the kit and then this style as well and then down here if this one this one’s cute – love these I like that – you and what do you know Walmart is now caring Kaboodle’s I think that’s so funny they’re actually only 1297 here and I think it Target there are $20 I think that’s how much I paid for the girls but 1297 or mark and then they have these little bags these are really neat of course I’m gonna like the cold coffee mascara hustle that’s for me for sure leave a trail glitter wherever you are or wherever you go and I like that one too and then they also have this big one if you just want like the whole travel case this one is in 1997 and you get pretty much everything cute little macaroon lip balms I’ve actually never had a macaroon in the life so this is the first mermaids have more fun soothing bath crumbles and then they have unicorn among horses that’s cute and then I’ve never seen these either I guess they’re just like for bubble baths so if you like peeps and you like birthday cake flavored stuff just I mean I love birthday cake stuff I love peeps but these not disgusting look at these little wine glasses they’re actually plastic these I would get these for any time of year honestly normally and don’t really buy too much Easter decor just because you know you you can’t leave it out too long but I love this stuff right here this is stuff you could use like during the summer just these little plates and stuff and I think these are supposed to be like Easter baskets but I could totally see myself using this as some kind of decor with the pastel colors and 298th is not a bad process at all okay this is a cute Easter basket check that out if I already didn’t have my girls Easter basket I would totally go for something like that they even have paint back here too look they have all those baskets with the tassels and then look at these I mean you don’t even have to use these it’s like an Easter basket you could use them for anything really then they have these down here which I would just use as a decor piece there’s 798 love that I can’t believe that Walmart has two basket baskets now how much are these I don’t know how much they are probably not much though I love the white color and then they have the little while X right here or no lavender what am I talking about la likes I love that so to be honest with you guys they have so much Easter decor and it’s all cute but to me Easter is about over it’s already April Easter is what April 21st this year so I mean how long would you really need to use this but they do have some cute stuff but I’m not going to show you too much Easter stuff just because it’s about over and then they have this hanging in the Easter decor it’s like a little truck but really you could use this all summer all spring and then I’ve been debating this forever I don’t know why I keep waiting I love this so much I’ll probably put it in my kitchen if I got it and then these are really neat too but honestly have no idea where I put those little lemon things and then those are nice and colorful probably would not match my house but they’re cute so I found this whole state I guess did you open your garden it actually matches my garden plaid perfectly and then I found these little birds these are really really cute but yeah if you just want to get a better look at it that’s what it looks like really cute and they have two different colors so I love these little water bottles these are so cute they have three different kinds I think this one right here would probably be my favorite and they have all these little cute more these called kitchen towels but to be honest with you I just like these Walmart better home and garden ones these baby blue ones those are so pretty so I think I’m gonna show these place mats in my last Walmart shot with me but they still have them there’s a Pioneer Woman brand and then they have this color and then I really like these these would go with pretty much anything they would go with like a farmhouse inspired theme and of course you can never have too many coffee mugs this is the one I would get look at these these are so cute I don’t need any more cups but if I did I’d be going for that one and it’s only for 78 that’s not bad this is the part of the store that always gets me in trouble like seriously how cute are these tumblers this is the one that I like the most I saw this a couple weeks ago in my Walmart and actually posted it on my Instagram story and I’ve been thinking about it ever since it’s only 12 84 but I literally have no more room for anymore cups and then these are really cute and different too they finally have the snow cone and ice cream makers out to yum y’all know cotton candy is my favorite and then probably blue raspberry oh my gosh this is really making me want summer to hurry up and get here with all these neat little table cloths and then lo you’ve got your infusion pitcher over here and then this little covered tray for cakes or cookies or whatever you want to put it in this cake tray it’s probably my favorite design I love that and then they also have like the matching cups and then oh my gosh all the summer bobs over here look at these you know I cannot handle Walmart they have so much cuteness I mean I’ve always loved Walmart but just here lately maybe it’s because I’m getting older and I’m more into like home decor and kitchen stuff that I’ve noticed but I love these I saw these same things at t.


maxx and I think this was 15 and this was like $9.

99 crazy there are literally cups everywhere I go but they’re asking for it I have to get this like how can I not get this oh my goodness I’m gonna be ashamed of myself and I’ll leave here but look so cute this is why I have no room for any more cups or bowls in my kitchen because people make the cutest uh-huh and then they have these little kids dinnerware sets and it’s twenty-four pieces only five dollars they’ve got a different a few different color combinations as well these are so cute I like these like this one more of course these are really really cute for only five dollars and then I guess these are for kids but they’re 394 and they’re really adorable y’all know how expensive beach towels usually are these are pretty big and they are only eight ninety four I’m starting to have a slight obsession with Pioneer Woman stuff because he makes the cutest things look at this I love love love that she even has these like little bags like if you’re taking a meal somewhere with you or doing potluck you could zip it up in this I’m telling y’all Pioneer Woman is making everything these are refrigerator letters these are super cute too and then she has like the utensil things that you can put in your drawers and I believe these right here would be for like your spice cabinet we have even moved on to the salt and pepper shakers this is insane everything I mean I am loving it I really like this one right here so gorgeous all of her stuff is gorgeous and then she just has this coffee mug stand and then the bottom of it is down here I guess so it doesn’t get broken off but it’s really pretty and then even tiered trays now how cute is that and we also have bread boxes and then they have the mug racks here this is actually just like mimeograph except for – wat at this point I might as well just name my video Walmart pun your woman’s shop with me because this store has so much of her stuff but I’m not complaining so we love these oatmeal cookies in our house I just had to smell it and see if it actually smell like one and yes it does but I would probably consider this more of a fall or winter scent and then I really like these flameless led Lots usually you just see the normal candle looking ones that they have these and then they also have these right here they have those but those aren’t that cute to me but those are cute and then these are as well I think these sounds are new too I really like that and then that one’s pretty too but that’s just like the ordinary that you can find that Hobby Lobby but I’ve never seen one with like a painting on it like that that’s really really nice check out these pinatas the coffee the taco they have the cutest gowns I love these you’ll know I love my RVs and my trucks that’s really cute and I think they have like some different ones back here yes and then the cute little coffee pajama shorts and they have these little cute pajama shorts but they are way too short for me I would not be able to wear these they have a bunch of different kind they’re kind of messy right now but those are probably gonna favorite and then I like this is on two and then I may have to show these on my last video but they still have these like Steve Madden looking to use I really am digging the white I don’t know how long I’d be able to go without getting them dirty but I like them a lot and then I really like these flats totally Giddings if they had not died and then they have all the little Birkenstock looking shoes so if you’ve been looking for those they do have some at Walmart and they are very affordable they even have some of these wedges like I was looking for some like this forever from Target and I finally ended up ordering from Amazon that’s not a bad pass not to 88 they have these right here for little girls I really like those and then they have these right here I would wear these if they had these in my size I may pick up a pair for Ansley because that’s not bad 1276 for these and then they also have these and little girls they’re just kind of like seen men’s but they have like the glitter on them have these as well these 798 that is like a really good price and these would pretty much go with anything see I would wear this too I feel like they make all of the cute stuff for the little girls or maybe I’m just like maybe I need to grow up maybe that’s what it is and all to keep work out short I love them all and I mean really look little girls sports bras do they make like a 1000 XL because I would definitely go for this one this one and then they have a really good selection of bathing for little girls big girls I guess you could say I guess size 6 to 16 I really like this one right here and then they have some really cute like juniors shirts my daughter’s started wearing juniors so we do shop over in this section a little bit they have these if these are your style lace is not really my style but for some it might be and then more lace I don’t really like those but you never know some people might and then me myself and huh like all of these right here even though when we’re them because they probably come really short but they’re not very expensive I think they’re like eight dollars not 92 I do think these dresses are really pretty I probably wouldn’t wear them because I couldn’t pill them all but I do like them and they are 1592 and they have a bunch of these little lounge pants I feel like if these days if anybody just wants to go summer shopping or beach shopping they can just get up Walmart that’s crazy I like these I know my daughter would like them and they have them in white navy blue and then they have these little shirts back here which are also cute as well these are kind of dressy check these out I love the dress on the left that one is very pretty I love the color but they have a lot more designs as you can see back there and I know these shirts right here have pretty much been in since the fall but I love these pink ones they’re only ten ninety two and then they have the light blue and the green but if it were me being blonde I would probably go with the light pink or the baby blue and then check this out that’s really cute I mean not for me but you know maybe somebody who has that body top I like that that’s pretty and then they have these tank tops different kinds do what is this let’s check this out I like these colors can we restart the weekend why yes we can every single time love that these are cute little teeth I really think Aubree would like things your only 792 you know I found so much stuff in this Walmart that I want to put in the girls talking then I just put everything back because I got overwhelmed then they have the canvas shirts as well I like these as well they seem like they’re pretty good quality and they have you know this different color back here those are 1092 and as far as that little spring dresses go they have a lot a lot a lot but they have a bunch of different designs that blue is really pretty I usually don’t go for like that color dream during the summer or spring but so many pretty spring dresses and there are only 10 bucks some other cute little blouses or shirts whatever you want to call them and they also have them in my favorite print my favorite print right now here are more of the dresses they have and then they have t-shirts over here and then this little shirt you know I’m really just impressed with everything that they have this year just so much trendy stuff so are these supposed to be in style now I mean I could take that one I would not wear a skirt that short these days but yeah I love these for somebody like Ansley’s age and check out the designs of these rompers like for real so adorable so it’s a little messy over here but the beach bags they have are incredibly just took you I would like this one for like the girls it may be one of those with the brown handles for myself you may have these two down here as well they have all this kind of stuff that you would like take to the beach to put your phone in and things like that and then it’s kind of cluttered over here but they have like all these little bags like this and they’re made out of like mesh material I guess stuff you would take out to the beach and then I just like the color of these bags these would do good as beach bags as well more cute bag I love this one right here I like that a lot actually then they have all these right here which I really really like this one and then I couldn’t believe it when I found out that Walmart had these straw bags these two are probably my favorite I might end up getting the one on the left just ignore that cannon hat and then they have this one down here which I really like the handles on this one and then all of these mini backpacks I love the clear ones and then we went on our trip to meet disc in the girls I bought both the girls both of my girls one of these I got anslee the pink and then Aubry has this one I don’t know where the pain gets here I haven’t seen it and then they have these little weekender bags that one down there is cute actually I think Madeleine had that one that one comes with the water bottle but I really like the one with the leaves on it too and then who doesn’t need a cute little head to wear on the beach and then if you’re in the fanny packs they do have a pretty good selection of those as well this section over here just screams out summer to me I really like this hat right here the one that says summer Bob’s that’s so adorable and I think it’s pretty cool that I have all of these sunglasses that are pretty minutes later the same as what adults are wearing now and they are all to fit kids they have a good variety of scrunchies I will probably come back and pick the girls some of these up to put in their Easter basket they have a lot of cute little designs this is the Hat I need I’ll take this one and then I’ll be fun or even this one this one will work for me as well and then they just have these little bags I guess you could use these as a beach bag as well I do like that a lot pink one I like the one that says de que down there on the left and then I like this one back here as well y’all know and every Walmart shot with me I show you a little bit of the food section and what I thought its new the first thing I found is these brands cinnamon rolls with strawberry and cream flavored icing and you know I’m about to take them home with me I don’t know if these are new I guess they are obviously they say new I think my girls would love these maybe I’ll get them when we go back to the grocery store this weekend because they’re on spring break so they don’t need anything like that now but they love cotton candy flavored anything I’ve never seen these before either apparently they’re new I don’t know are these they are in the yogurt section maybe it’s pudding but they have the salted caramel delight Kate better strawberry Royale and a vanilla fudge do it I’m pretty sure everybody has seen all of these new chips by now but to be honest none of them sound appealing to me so I don’t think I’m gonna try any of them I wonder if those are actually really good I don’t think this Sour Patch ones would be but honestly this is my favorite cereal ever made I was so happy when they brought it back I’ve probably seen this before but I’m gonna be honest though it’s been really really good and so does this I don’t know if everybody has a Buffalo Wild Wings near their homes but I’ve never seen any of these in the store so if you like their sauces you can come to Walmart and get them now they do have these which I would never bought not a huge fan of Jolly Ranchers in general but that’s pretty interesting [Music].


hey guys what’s up welcome back to my channel yes I do have a new setup also for my Tryon halls since I do have a new background and everything for my regular videos actually really like the setup way better I just feel like I can move around more

and it’s just more spacious to me so in today’s video we’re doing a spring /summer trying hollaback fashion Nova I do actually have quite a bit of items this time around so this video might be a little longer than my normal ones so let’s go ahead and jump

right into the video ok first things first I’m gonna start with the denim I’ve always talked really highly of fashion over jeans I just love the way they fit and they just feels so nice on your skin like they just don’t feel bad at all they don’t feel

like too tight to loose like it’s just like the perfect fit I do have a few jeans I’m gonna show you guys today oh I just remembered I’m actually wearing one of them I guess I’ll just talk about the ones I’m wearing right now so these ones are

just high-waisted black jeans and I do have rips in them as well just on the kneecap here and then the rest is just basic nothing else to it these ones are super cute they go with everything obviously cuz they’re black I do wear size 3 and fashion of

a jeans ok first jeans we’re gonna talk about are these denim jeans and they are actually not ripped at all I know that’s such a shocker for me these actually fit more like a boyfriend type of Jean I don’t know I saw it on the model and uh

Zuko these are kind of different and they’re kind of cute so I decided to get these and I absolutely love the way they fit it’s definitely a different type of fit I really feel like a lot of people would love these jeans but I definitely do so if

you get a size 3 in these and on the back here you guys can see that there’s just these cool little detailing and there’s two pockets on the side with like a little actual pocket not just for show so there’s two actual pockets just on the side here

just to give it you know kind of a cool effect and on the bottom they actually are more flared out they’re not fitted which I like a lot I don’t have a lot of jeans that are more flared out because that’s kind of not my vibe I don’t

really love that but depending on the genes sometimes I do really like that the bottom of the genes have an unfinished hem that’s why we have all of this little fabric here which obviously gives a different type of luck as well next item we have is a light

pair of denim jeans and these actually have a lot of distrust in them in the front it is high-waisted with two pockets on the front and it is a size three like I’ve said just some distress on the frontier there’s actually nothing on the back and the bottom

of these ones are actually very similar to the other ones they’re not finished so it’s an unfinished hem there’s actually a lot of distress rips and stuff like that at the bottom there yeah I love the way these fit honestly like they just don’t even know what else

to say they just fit super nice they’re very comfortable to make your butt looks really good okay so the next pair of jeans we have are the famous Kylie Jenner jeans that she wore and one of her photos and like everybody was obsessing about it a long time

ago I think it’s not recent does he get those ones and just test them out and honestly they fit so nicely and they just make me look super curvy like I was honest like I was like oh okay so the jeans and they are highway said these ones

actually have no rips in them and they are dark blue kind of like a navy tone so that is something I was super excited about and I’ve already worn them once and I was literally like whoa and then on the front there are two pockets no rips in

these ones I did roll them up because you guys already know the drill do you guys know they just don’t fit me at the bottom so that one is also in a size 3 also love that fashion OVA actually offers like ankle jeans for short people like me

very very helpful it does make me super happy so these ones are ankle jeans are medium blue two pockets on the front two pockets on the back like normal and then there are no rips just on front side but there are rips just at the bottom here um

rips on the bottom and on the back also this one has an unfinished hem as well so it has just this cool little detailing here and yeah these ones fit we’re good I wish there were a little bit more tighter around the ankle but I mean is what

it is he’ll really like them since we’re in spring now I wanted to get a bunch of spring colors and you know just add it to my wardrobe this is another item this is another item that I got I absolutely love these types of throw on hoodies I

guess it’s not really a hoodie but you guys get what I’m saying something that’s super quick and easy and I can just put on and just leave the house this is one it’s kind of like a light pink color there is pockets on the front and then there

is also kind of like a turtleneck detailing type thing going on and then there is a zipper as whoa yeah so I did get a size small and this is called currently chilling jackets and it is fairly thin material and it is a crop type of it’s not

so cropped but it’s also not normal fitting if you know what I’m saying next item we have here is the last memory long line blazer and this is in blue it’s kind of like a different blue I don’t actually have anything that’s like this type of blue in

my wardrobe we’re excited to get this I go to any size medium because I wanted it to fit a little bit larger you know so I can like maybe not layer things but wear it as like oversize so this one is a long sleeve and does have a

wrap around a string that you can type in the front but that depends on how you want to wear the Blazer and like how it fits I mean which I would have stuck to a size small just because I feel like it does fit bigger already but I

mean it is what it is there are no shoulder pads on this one it’s just a regular simple blazer then it does have this folded detailing here yeah super cute this one does not have any pocket but it is really thin material it’s very breathable as well-accepted we

have here is a t-shirt and I saw this shirt and I was like oh my god I need this so this shirt says tired of the and I love this little graphic tee you get a size small I really wish that it was a little bit shorter because

I feel like super long but I guess maybe that’s just because I’m short and I can’t fill the entire shirt I mean it’s still a nice shirt I weren’t already it looks really good with like jeans and like the jacket and just like a hair in a bond

and there is nothing on the back here short sleeve you guys already know I don’t we have is something I actually wanted to wear to the gym this is one of their windbreakers I think for like active wear so this one says one off and it’s yellow cropped

it has a little bit of an elastic at the bottom here and also on the sleeves yeah I wear this is the Gemini I actually really like it it’s so breathable and it’s not thick or anything so I don’t feel like I’m like over sweating but on the

inside there is this kind of like mesh detailing up and be more breathable I take it as a small it just says one off on both sides of the sleeves on the back it says nothing and I just love that it’s yellow you know it’s not something that

I have a lot of you know like I have a few black windbreakers but I just wanted to get jackets so I could wear it at the gym because I always feel like I’m in a sports bra and sometimes I don’t always want to be so this is

perfect for the gym honestly I’ve already wore it once excited we have is another active wear and I wanted to get this because they’ve been kind of having an obsession with wearing long-sleeved crop type tops at the gym so I wanted to get this one I love the

one that I have I have a black one that is kind of like a zipper and it’s long sleeve but I thought this would be kind of the same but it really wasn’t I wish that this was a little bit tighter at the neckline it just he’s not

flattering to me you know like it’s not something I would wear to the gym I would probably wear it somewhere else like if I was going out this did come in a two-piece set so this is the long sleeve so this is called for the weekend lounge set

I got a size small and the zippers like goes all the way down here so you can wear it you know half zipped full zipped it’s totally up to you then I’ll show you guys at the bottom so these are the biker shorts that they would go with

I honestly feel like your shorts like this I mean you could wear it to the gym but honestly like I don’t really know these are the biker shorts same kind of zipper detailing in the front of the talk it actually has it on bottom part of these pants

as well so that’s super cool a different type of look for sure and yeah it’s more like a spandex kind of material is very shiny last item we have is this super cute clear purse bag type saying I’ve been kind of obsessed with like having clearbags I’ve been

posting in a lot of my Instagram so I saw this on fashion open I was a good this is a really cute like it comes in black pink nude a ton of other colors and I actually didn’t know that it came with like a makeup bag or I

I’m guessing this is some type of makeup bag because it’s clear everyone’s gonna be able to see what is in your bag so this is actually such a good and cool thing that they have you know you can just put your makeup or your wallet or your credit

cards whatever in this little bag here like it has its kind of like snakeskin kind of texture and also the little mini bag has the same thing that is everything for my fashion of a try on haul I hope you guys enjoyed I do also have a discount

code like I say in all of my videos it’s just saying I will put all of the links and everything corresponding sizes in the description box down below just in case you guys missed it and you don’t want to rewatch this video I get it I get it

let me know what your favorite item was from the shrine haul in the comments down below and also let me know if you guys want to see a specific type of video or whatnot I’m also gonna be doing my secret collection video I just wanted to get it

done professionally actually and I just kind of thought about this on the fly like I don’t know I don’t know like a week ago I just kind of working out the details with someone that I’m in contact with to film this sneaker collection video so it is coming

I promised you guys that it is coming I wanna make it really special and different because it is really important to me so I hope you guys understand it is coming though don’t worry thank you guys so much for watching and I’ll see you in my next video

bye [Music]


hello my love’s welcome back to my channel oh my goodness I need to wake up I need to wake up right now I’m just feeling so drowsy I have very long day but anyways you’ve got something really fun planned out I know you love my shine halls and

we’ve got a super fun one planner for today we’ve got a little bit of fashion a little bit of accessories and what’s the most fun guys Home Organization stuff’s not organization but home stuff you know all the links of all the products that I’m gonna be showing you

today in this video will be linked down below I will be trying out all the stuff the clothes that I got very excited guys summer is coming I have a travel planned out these are the things that I’m planning on taking to my summer destination let’s get started

so first things first I got this beautiful wicker bag I’ve been wanting to buy this particular style of bag for the last one year and I was like you know this trend is gonna pass this trend is gonna pass and it didn’t and this year this trend the

wicker bag the circular bag even like the semicircular bag the rectangular wicker bag it’s back with a vengeance it’s beautiful but I still feel like it’s not worth an investment so I thought a shield bag is perfect for it it’s also just so perfect for your summer travels

right it’s got enough space in there oh what’s in that oh I’ll tell you about that it’s made really well second thing I have is from the home section and look at this thing as I’ve never seen something like this this is a pair of tongs but made

specifically for frying food for example you are frying like a cutlet or something so you can just like put this right in it get your cutlet let the oil drip out and you know like I love it I love things like this I love these kitchen gadgets this

is so amazing this right here is a tea bag so if you love tea you would have a collection of loose tea like me once again if you’ve seen my kitchen organization guys once I open that tea cabin all of what you see in that top shelf is

loose tea I got this tea bag for that purpose and what’s really fun about this is that you can put your loose tea in it right and then once you dip dip dip and it’s time to take it out you can squish the excess liquid out you’re not

wasting it I feel like this is such a genius invention and it doesn’t look like one of those gimmicky things that will spoil very soon it it’s it’s well made my the only one who gets excited for things like this I don’t know I have a makeup bag

not like I needed another makeup bag but when I saw this I was immediately drawn to it and I saw one I don’t remember who but some beauty bloggers speak about a makeup bag which looks very similar so this particular makeup bag has different pouches right so you

can segregate your makeup like eyeliners here your skincare here I don’t travel with a lot of makeup so I could probably have all of my toiletries and makeup in here and you know that I’m a little OCD when it comes to organizing my stuff I feel that’s like

the best way to like have a stress-free travel and a stress-free life so these little pouches and compartments I felt was just so perfect but this plastic does feel very flimsy so I don’t know how how well it will last I just got it but the zipper and

everything else feels really nice so if you’d like to see how I use this for my upcoming travel make sure to follow me on my Instagram I show all of these knickknacks on my Instagram stories because obviously I cannot make an entire video just to show you how

I fill my makeup pouch you know what I’m saying oh my gosh it really I feel like such a housewife which I’m not but still I get so excited for things like this I’m not even kidding you onion vegetable chopper it’s this gadget that comes in this really

fugly green like why do they make it in this color I have no idea why couldn’t they make it in like a nice white or something right but anyways what you do is you put your onion ginger garlic right here and it’s got a blade thingy here you

close it and it chop it a few times and done the next thing that I have are these planners this is like one of those memes to your life versus what you get on the internet love these daily planners let me show you a close-up of it you

see so I can plan my Monday Tuesday Wednesday and I really am planner right but it turns out to be such a small little thing like what am I supposed to plan with this what am I supposed to write in there I thought those planners would look like

these planners these I got on Amazon but then when I get the Shi in one this this is a size difference like what am I supposed to do with this I don’t know it’s like cute I guess already I’ve got something in a white little box I forgot

what this is is that a lipstick organizer it is I got a new lipstick organizer I’ve got a bunch of these from Xi in itself the next thing I have is one of these double buckle belt I have one of this and it was from forever 21 again

nothing expensive but I lost it I can’t find it and I’ve wanted to wear it with so many outfits this is nothing new guys this is like so three years ago but I still like the look of it you know this belt is not of really great quality

it doesn’t feel so great but it looks really good it doesn’t look like it’s really cheap so it works it works with my dresses so I’m just like man whatever yah yah then I got a bunch of these labels to help me organize my kitchen because I’ve got

a lot of bins in which I organize my things a lot of bottles in which I organize all the grains and things so I thought it would be a good idea if I started labeling everything because sometimes I forget what is in what I could write on it

with like a nice gold marker or a silver marker I think you can write on it with a little chalk as well but I don’t have chalk with me it’s just paper I mean field throw use another one so I really like this I I really like this

thing and finally from all the fun knickknacks that I got I got this little marble looking mousepad it’s so pretty and it’s got like a little velvety thing on the backside so it doesn’t slip and slide around this one is really made well so I really like that

so everything else that I have right now in my big shine basket are clothes the first thing I have over here is this cute spaghetti strap top this was so so so cute that I couldn’t resist myself I already tried it on and it’s so beautiful guys I

love the way it’s made it’s got lining in it there is like an elastic backing to it so it like keeps everything tight and held together and the whole dress has lining so a lot of the times when we buy things from websites like she in it can

be really transparent and flimsy and I don’t I don’t like that so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that comes with a full-length lining the whole dress has a lining it’s got beautiful pockets and beautiful buttons down the center so I really like it the only problem

I found in this dress is that it’s got these buttons gap over here on the chest area for me so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna run a stitch right through the center so it just stays closed the whole time I have these little cups from a

sports bra and what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna stick these cups right in here the next thing I have here is a beautiful sequin top I bought it in the size medium and it’s got chain straps right here this also looks like it’s really well made

guys the stitches are so clean there is no hanging thread it’s also got a nice almost satin lining oh I see a small little thread right there that looks really really pretty so the next thing that I have is a bodysuit and I saw Shweta talk about how

she likes to use a body suit as a sari blouse and I thought that was such a brilliant idea because I’m never comfortable showing my stomach and having a body suit means you’re covered completely and it still gives you that whole you know tight sexy elegant vibe so

I’ve got this body suit but guys this looks really transfer that is really transparent it was really pretty don’t you think like a sari over this would have been beautiful so the next item I have is this beautiful mustard yellow top a slight variation on a cold shoulder

so instead of having a proper cutout on the shoulder it’s got a little bit of lace detailing which I thought was very very interesting and some frills right there and what I love most is that yellow color that nice mustard yellow color it looks very beautiful guys it’s

got a little bit of stray thread hanging I can see but on the whole it looks very beautiful I got it in the size medium and I feel like I should have picked a size small I got another bodysuit guys and I thought this would be such a

sari blouse bodysuit because it’s got like a bunch of lace on top a bunch of lace on the midsection area and like a nice stripe in the blouse area I thought this is so pretty I’m not gonna be trying this out right now but I will definitely try

to wear this in a look and posture on my Instagram but this is made really well I’ve got a corduroy jumper oh my cutest face this is so cute I expected the core dry part to be a little bit more thicker like denim but it’s not it’s a

little bit more softer it’s a little bit more flimsy but I love it I love it it’s so cute like with a white t-shirt or a white shirt a black t-shirt a black shirt so cute so cute and like I said I’m really feeling this yellow color for

the season and as for my very last item I’ve got nada another bodysuit so I got this beautiful maroon number it has a very t-shirt feel and I feel like this size medium is way too large so the next time I buy bodysuit I’m gonna buy a size

smaller so that it’ll stay tight like a sari blouse what you don’t want like loose t-shirt underneath your sari that’s never gonna look nice but otherwise the style was really pretty with that lace fluffy sleeve and that is everything that I got in my summer haul this year

from Shion calm what are your summer plans this year guys let me know down in the comment section below all the videos right down below I shall see you in my next one I love you [Music]


hello hello you guys welcome back to my channel if you’re new here my name is Emily Fowler I’m so excited for today’s video because as you can see by the title it is an Amazon haul and these pieces are so good you guys there’s dresses rompers shoes accessories and so much other stuff so thank you guys so much for clicking on this video if you do like the video make sure to give it a thumbs up it really helped support my channel and let’s YouTube know that you’re liking what you’re watching and then also subscribe if you haven’t already and if you are subscribed and you want to get notified every single time I upload make sure to hit that foul notification right by like the Bell button right by the subscribe button so that you get a post notification every single time I upload a new video so everything will be linked in a blog post for you guys so in the description box you’re gonna open it up and it’s gonna have a little bit of text about the video and then there will be something that says like click here for links to everything mentioned in the video click that link anything that I am wearing drain out during the video like in an outfit I will link for you guys not just the items that I’m mentioning it for from Amazon so make sure to go check out that blog post I share like pictures of each outfit and then underneath it is how you can chop it so alright now that we got all the housekeeping stuff out of the way let’s get started with the video all right so first things first I’m going to share these earrings because I think they are the cutest thing in the entire world so these are $8.

99 they have a bunch of different colors and everything but I got these like kind of cheetah tortoise e-print and I think they are adorable right now I’m just wearing like a white tank top and jeans and it just really kind of dresses it up I think they’re so cute if your hairs down hairs up whatever they’re kind of like a wreck tape what’s this an arc to them not a rectangle what am I saying yeah this is knock to God and I just think they’re so cute okay now we’re gonna talk shoes oh my gosh you guys these are the cutest shoes I think I’ve gotten from Amazon I don’t know I’ve got some cute shoes from Amazon but these are adorable so the first ones I don’t wanna mention are these I already wore them and does anybody else always trip and then get like a little so these are so nice you guys these are kind of like a you know that soft touch feeling that’s what these feel like that suede but like something similar they have a good amount of cushion to them and I believe these are like dupes for a designer one I don’t remember which one I don’t know I know Sam Edelman has ones like this I think Steve Madden maybe I don’t know I got a size 9 in these I’ve worn them around they are so comfortable and I just really love them the inside of them is nice and soft this is nice and flimsy so it’s not gonna hurt your foot at all you’re not gonna get a blister these are such good quality shoes and so comfortable for such a low price next we have these platform espadrille kind of slide sandals I think these are so cute I have a couple pairs of shoes from this brand soda and I really like them the espadrille trend and the platform trend is so on right now and if you want to kind of participate but not spend a bunch of money then I think these are a good option so these ones are 2380 and I love this like light tan color they also have ones with kind of like a strap here on the ankle part that are so cute that I almost got and I really want a leopard pair but they were out of stock when I ordered them so these are so cute I love that the bottom is like a little bit different and they’re just like a cute statement piece and you can look taller of your short without you know wearing heels and being super uncomfortable since I cut my hair I just have a little rat tail all the time I need to okay I have one more accessory and it is a belt you guys you probably seen these everywhere they’re kind of like a Gucci dupe like not exactly like the Gucci one you know not counterfeit where it has the jeez it’s kind of like a dupe because it’s a very similar I love I love the brown color especially for this time of year but like fall as well I just think it’s so flattering with the gold and everything so this belt was only 997 which i think is such a good deal and I got this sighs medium I believe which is nice because I can wear it around my um you know hips area with jeans but then I can also wear it like higher up on me and it still works all right first thing I’m gonna mention is so soft so comfortable and can be worn as a dress or could be worn as just like a whole cover-up so this is it this is actually what it says it’s a beach cover-up but I would wear it as a dress so this is 1899 I got a size medium in this I love that the straps are adjustable that it’s like a V in the front and in the back and it does have side slits and it has pockets which is so nice I would recommend wearing like I don’t know shorts or something underneath this I have like these really kind of like silky shorts that I wear with things like this then it’s not showing like underwear things like that because it is a thin fabric I do think you can get away with just wearing this though with nude things new bra new shorts whatever and so be fine because it is I don’t know it’s just lightweight it’s perfect for the summertime I love that you can tie up the bottom like the front part or you could tie both of the slits together on the side and make it just a little bit shorter so you can wear this a bunch of different ways I love this kind of like purpley blue color it’s just a really pretty shade then we have a romper and this one you guys is so cute as well again we have the like kind of spaghetti straps this one I got in a size large because I think I read the reviews and they were saying it was small I probably could have done a medium and been totally fine but I do kind of like the look of this because it almost looks like a dress how its kind of flowy and gathered in the front and it’s actually romper so you feel super comfortable I do like that the top of this like by your bra area is double lined as well and again I would just wear kind of like new to underwear with this and you would be totally fine the straps are adjustable like I said and I just think the pattern is super flattering and just fun for any occasion you could wear this to a bunch of different stuff dress it up dress it down whatever you would like okay next we have the cutest like almost kimono esque dress I think this is so beautiful the pattern is stunning and just so fun for this time of year this one is $17.

99 again a really nice prep like good price it is kind of like a silky texture and it buttons up the front there is like hidden buttons in there which i think is really cute it’s like that oversized kimono we look it comes with a tie around the waist and then the other thing I really like about this is that you could just unbutton it and use it as a kimono so it has multiple purposes and you could wear it a bunch of different times and it’s only $17.

99 which is amazing oh I got a size medium in this I definitely could have gone with a small because it is definitely oversized so I would say go down a size if you’re kind of between sizes like I usually am I would definitely definitely go down a size okay next we have this white floral e button-down kind of a line dress again spaghetti shops kind of and then adjustable which is really cute and I love that it has the V in the front in the back again I just think that’s really flattering for some reason and this one is so so cute I believe I got a medium in this yeah I got a medium in this and I think it fits me really nicely it is a little bit more oversized I maybe could have done a small in this so again if you’re between sizes go down I would say because it is a little bit kind of oversized but I think this is so flattering you can wear this to a wedding again I would wear all nude under this I would wear nude shorts and a nude bra and like something sticky or strapless or whatever you would like but it’s not like see-through see-through only if you’re wearing dark underwear um so yeah I just love this for a shower a wedding you know something like that you could really definitely dress this up with some heels and make it look a little bit more dressy than like a super casual look next we have just a basic tee that I thought was so freaking cute this is only 99 and I just love it so much I did get a size large in this because again the review said it ran very small I could have done a medium I think since I am losing a little bit of weight I could probably just start going with smalls again but I’m still kind of not sure so especially on Amazon I always order size up and I do like oversized t-shirts so if you want those types in oversize order one hour two sizes up and I just love this so much I think it is so cute especially with destroyed light wash denim and these earrings something like that it’s just a really cute fun print and I will say this is that like normal t-shirt material this is stretchy it is probably like I don’t know poly a cotton in spandex so yeah it does have some spandex in it so it is nice and stretchy which is actually coming handy when I went to taya and it not at the waist I thought it was really cute like that so alright so we have two more items the next thing I want to talk about is this adorable kimono you guys I love this so I got a small in this because kimonos are always oversized so definitely always go down and this pattern is just so beautiful I love kimonos like this because you can turn them over shorts you could throw them over jeans um whatever you would like basically and they’re just like a fun accessory to really jazz up a certain outfit especially if it’s a little chilly where you’re at like or you’re going in somewhere that’s air-conditioned it’s just kind of nice to have a little kimono to add some flavor to your looks so I just think a basic like white tee and jeans with this over top is just so chic and cute so then last but not least I got this dress that ties at the like straps here and the straps do come completely apart so you can tie them to whatever length you want if you have you know a shorter if you’re shorter you could tie it up high or whatever I will say this material is not stretchy so just keep that in mind if you are bigger trusted I did get a medium Ennis and again I could have done a small because it a little bit long on me but I don’t combine that that much because then I don’t have to worry about it like flying up you know so I will say that I definitely could have done a small because it is pretty oversized so again go down if you’re between sizes but I do love the look of this it’s just like a cute effortless look where it just kind of flows away from your body and I just think it’s very flattering the neckline and everything and it dips low in the back and again the color is just so key all right you guys that is it for this haul I hope you enjoyed it I think I found some adorable summer pieces for you guys if you want something else from Amazon then please let me know down below from the comments are you looking for basics are you looking for more dresses more rompers what are you looking for accessories I’m gonna do a workout haul where I have some stuff from Amazon some stuff from Airy that kind of stuff and I also have a swimsuit haul coming but those are not Amazon ones so if you want me to do a dedicated swim study but haul from Amazon let me know in the comments and I would have be happy to do so so thank you guys so much for watching I really appreciate it don’t forget to subscribe and give it a thumbs up because it really helps me out and that’s it for the video so alright you guys I’ll see you in a video very very soon bye guys [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause].

SUMMER FASHION 2019 | Easy outfit ideas for summer

[ThờiTrangMùaHè] hi it’s Bridget it’s hope your summers going really great welcome to this video on summer fashion so this Rack is full of summer essential pieces that’s just guys right it outfit number one just a pair of black shorts plus it back in good to go out looks

kind of dressy kind of casual and it’s super easy you switch it with a black skirt this one is a leather skirt there you go two really simple summer outfits all you need is a lace top if you want to get that blessed kind of like going out

vibe Oh number three all you need is this place to add to like a couple different bottoms and they all look different easy and cute it’s nice to go plain graphic tees anywhere is good these will meet arcing up pretty easy too and you can also tie it

down some or other essential the cropped denim jacket so it looks kind of like this and this is the other white top essential it’s just like a white non graphic tee so instead of having something that’s very like poppy oops in the graphic heat it’s just something that’s

more right now I’m just wearing it with black shorts super basic I’m switching off between black rip shorts and just like regular denim shorts let’s go for if you’re just heading out and I’ll show you in a second how to dress it up a little bit if you’re

trying to dress it up a bit just add some hoops and wear it with a skirt it looks casual but then it could also look like I put in some effort or leather skirts or tucked into a corner a circle skirt I also put a white dress down

as an essential so yeah this one is actually my 8th grade graduation dress now this looks kind of like fancy but it’s honestly like so easy crop denim jacket for that day time to [Music] course clean on its own freak hipsters boho which I eat most important one

is like your little black dress type thing dress plus jacket it totally works yeah no further explanation honestly for why you need a black dress a daytime look top down jacket and your Gucci Oh what else I like a floral dress this is I’m the one that I

actually bought for like my high school baccalaureate it’s kind of ill-fitting but this is getting tedious time I also put a lace tank as an essential lace tasted of Indians of itself are a little bit more dressy so it makes it like really easy to wear it with

just like shorts or skirt and have it look somewhat fancy this also just looks like very normal going out outfit in the day actually like kind of an interesting color it’s like not AV blue it’s kind of like a weird the white fish dark blue thanks to our

super versatile and another summer essential flag we can also give it more of an evening look just everything around with your accessories and hair and then I just changed into a skirt so it looks a little bit more formal just a few really easy changes I also picked

up this tank top it’s kind of like blues striped print look pretty trendies it’s more on like the girly side I put it with like this black skirt again and it’s really simple their tank that I brought out it’s just like floral white and it’s like different from

the other ones did this one’s kind of a tight one is why it with like warm toned floral print I wore it with this quarter a circle skirt again and it’s really comfortable for summer because it’s like super cool and it’s also essential tank top I really like

this black skirt because it’s friends with kind of pretty intensely it complements like the simple or girly things really well might not be everyone’s taste but I’ve always liked preppy so here it is thoroughly wears anything and we’re gonna black shorts right now as you can those with

a ton of bottoms besides shorts as well okay so I think that about sums it up hopefully this video gave you some inspiration yeah so thank you so much for watching have a super fun summer don’t forget to Like comment subscribe and stay tuned for more see you

guys later [Music] you [Music]

Summer Fashion Show 💜☀️Polly Pocket Series 1 | Polly Pocket

[Music] hello you magnificent machine tell another step or I’ll release the bubbler on Littleton the bubbler it’ll lock the whole town in an impenetrable bubble what okay we’re not going anywhere just put down the remote [Music] [Music] [Music] this is a test of the Littleton emergency bubbling system

please do not be alarmed visit Hester’s for your safety and you’ll soon be complete that is all my mom see you after the dance [Music] [Applause] space-time continuum is going on here it’s not really a test it’s permanent but that’ll keep them calm enough until I could shrink

tiny power predictable when phase two yes boss what’s that stitch we don’t know but I’m feeling awfully sleepy don’t be for snooze time you haven’t or extract I’ll avoid the sleepy train easy now we’ll just lower ourselves gently [Music] come on swing [Music] 100 foot dropping out a

strand out of place well I love that hairspray hmm go big no bad I’ll have this up and running again in no time unless no time means right now we need new Transpo yeah the LMF F Committee meeting starts in four minutes and party planning waits for no

girl [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you got a bogey at 12 o’clock [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] the whole pointless I’m never going to win this election and if I’m not mayor I can’t make it a law that Polly Pocket must give me her locket no it’s not

pointless I thought campaign rally was great you were the only one there I’m Bonnie Bane’s never left then make it rain from pain doh the paper says I’m down 14 points Oh mayor Beebe kissa will have it all wrapped up hmm you know who’s really good at getting

people to like her and vote for her Polly Pocket she got everyone at school to vote her the head of the dance committee I even voted for her you’re all what am I supposed to do get that annoying little go-getter Polly Pocket to campaign for me if you

want your star badge you have to know the constellations those stars represent the zodiac symbol of the crab that looks nothing like a crab a constellations don’t make any sense imagine them as diamonds in the sky diamonds oh I’m so good at this game what cat and how

many carats good thing there’s not a teach lila badge neither of us would get one [Music] Lila you were laying on a perfectly round rock this is the last thing I need to make the Pearl damsel appear huh Tori is going to be so impressed [Applause] [Music] [Applause]

[Music] it’s rendezvous time just as soon as I figure out where you are the ghost has traps is she gonna eat us I hope not this scarf is hand-stitched from the finest year Berrien yak whoa don’t worry I know how to get us out tiny powers oh the

thread count on this netting stupendous ha ha mission accomplished Gigi Gwen I knew ghosts weren’t real too bad nasties who want to steal your locket and use it to shrink everyone in Littleton are I’ve got you now Polly Pockets hey let me go gloves you might be little

but your teeth are still sharp bye-bye little pockets for helping me Polly loved the jungle couture [Music] [Music] that was great Paulie your dance was so funny it almost looked like you really didn’t know what you were doing yeah I went with a method approach looks like someone

needs to call it a night but it’s not even dark yet did you alert see I need to study you can study over the weekend but my weekends already make a super booked can’t I just go to peanuts pit stop with Shani and Lila and study with them

a little please [Music] is the game almost over we really need to study [Music] [Applause] that moose is loose and the chase is on come on Gwennie it’s a good old-fashioned wild moose chase yes you follow the locket of ketchup I usually have a strict no moves chasing

policy maybe we should try a moose call [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] this whole thing was a mistake that’s so Quinn chop I’ve been brushing up on my tracking skills to help me get that locket in case my GPS fails home fails he was sick and I don’t accidentally

bump into Poli around town no I can track that mousse in my sleep but you’re not sleeping GG’s [Music] [Music]