Summer Fashion Mistakes with SarahBelle93x!!

hi everyone thank you for tuning in to Lindsay’s latest I have a special guest in the style studio today this is Sarah Bell I’m sure you guys are probably following her already thank you so much for being here you it’s so exciting i I know we have spent

the day together and we shot a video that’s actually on your channel and it was mine it was I’m Barbie yes actually yes she played Barbie and I dressed her up she tried on a bunch of different dresses and it was just a lot of fun but now

we’re gonna talk about something a little bit more controversial oh gosh that new scandalous today we are going to talk about some of the worst tackiest fashion mistakes that you can ever make oh my gosh and I don’t know any of them no I haven’t told you any

of them because I really want your natural reaction and because I want to give you guys the best video so with that being said let’s talk some bad fashion oh gosh I’m like literally kind of nervous because I like dads and boyfriends across the world are committing this

fashion oh I’m gonna do a close-up for you guys to see this I literally just don’t understand how it’s possible to wear socks with like it’s like songs and yeah like how is that comfortable so first off that takes talent to the other wall like that I’m like

I just don’t understand what people think like when they look in the mirror and they’re like okay good well my thing is how is it still a sandal if you’re wearing a full covered sock with the sandal like why wouldn’t you wear just a sneaker come on I

feel like a lot of people’s dads do it oh yeah that’s hurt and then also like since I ran like cross-country in high school people would wear that like to the actual athletic event just so because it was easier to take off the sandal not like this like

song sandal but like just regular one and so like that kind of makes sense if you’re just like on a bus and stuff but like outside like going on a family outing anywhere let us know how you feel in the comments below – because I definitely want to

hear from you and I want to hear your stories because I’m sure they can be pretty funny what if I told you I wore that like I was wearing that earlier okay well I’m just kidding I didn’t well you know what there is that section if they’re cute

little like bobby socks that is like a fashion thing people are not in right now wearing cute little socks with with sandals and heels those are fashion socks that we’re talking about good old athletic socks and like some sandal like next time I see you I’ll be sure

to wear that while we’re talking about feet I this really bothers me and actually I called out my aunt last year and I don’t think she ever made the mistake again oh I’m so mean don’t come around Lindsey the style expert look at anything but perfect I don’t

know I just feel like it’s just a bit unkempt when you wear like a gorgeous sandal or heels and you have zero nail polish on your toes oh they’re totally home and mom this – does your mom do it like a my mom like your feet are showing

like you want to have like a nice color on yeah there was this one when she moved me out to LA it was like this like peachy like shimmery color that you would usually put us like the top coat uh-huh and I was like mom like at least

know just something even if it’s like I mean all orange a manicure I’ll even be okay with like a clear nude color like just something to camouflage because Tony all the Groves I tell girls they get weird fungus is in them especially like it gets older nothing gets

like order retirement home huh another thing I hate is girls all over are wearing these really cute Tom’s and then camisoles and then wearing their granny bra with them their granny nude bra and it’s just hanging out of the back and it just ruins this cute little top

or dress they have especially because they’re like everywhere this year yeah exactly exactly and you need to have like some sort of non bra solution like pasties or you need to wear a bra let and I will show you exactly what that is it ruins the whole it

ruins the outfit right it’s just like like why would you do that I just it’s funny you say that because I was at the Beverly Center a few weeks ago and a girl walked by me and I was like was that a pretty killer bra like minute it

was but it wasn’t even a nude one it was like a white one and it wasn’t like a cute white one it was just like yeah like a ratty nude bra I mean we all have them we have to have nude bras I mean it’s just it’s a

necessity it’s not anything that’s like yeah a fashion nice you know right so I do find it really sad that girls exposing their granny nude bras or just killing these like cute little tops and dresses that they’re wearing so my suggestion would be to wear do you don’t

have any bra let’s I actually just bought two of them they’re just because they can they’re kind of made to be seen you know they’re a little bit cleaner you guys can see this is one and I got from Urban Outfitters and they come in Urban Outfitters is

actually the place they have so many different colors so many different styles and this you can see I think what makes this more appropriate to be seen it’s just very clean and simple it’s almost like an accessory this is just like double bad if like the the tag

hangs out too and usually they’re like discolored and this is my bra and it is discolored so sorry I’m not showing you that anymore okay I think that we agree on the new bra hanging out of the cute top and dressing right girls in invest in a bralette

maybe or a bando right or those things you talked about in the video before it’s like sticky food yes the little pasty type things and all include all these things in the description below so you guys can get them too if you’re having this issue because you would

never want to be in our fashion mistakes video right heaven forbid what are some of your pet peeves as far as like fashion mistakes okay so this one she told me earlier to start thinking about this now it’s just like oh like the first thing that popped in

my head was as girls were like a regular like cami you know like once with daily Bruin strap it’ll wear like a hot pink like bra underneath of it so you got like double straps going oh it’s like a bra seseri yeah like if why are you wearing

like another you know oh it’s like they’re wearing a spaghetti strap ticket and then they wear a bra in a different color because they’re kind of like showing it off so I don’t think they mean to show it off it’s just like oh I see what you’re saying

like if it’s like a yellow bra with like a blue tank right there yeah straps and that’s it yeah you don’t even see like the back part like how it you’re talked about earlier yes you just see a strap yeah no I understand I understand how that that

that’s kind of an annoyance I have to say it’s nothing that I’m psychotic like oh my god but I do think it’s a matter of taste like that’s not really my style either yeah so I definitely agree with you on that one so I it’s kind of bugging

the extreme pocket exposure now I can understand a little hint of a pocket like that that oh that’s cool right what do you think about that thank you yeah and it it just takes it a little too far for me when you know you’re seeing okay that’s excessive

yeah like this and I’m I’m trying to make these extreme like you guys just think people will do wear that yeah just think okay I think this is a way to paint a picture shorts that are more pocket exposure than there are actually shorts that’s what I’m saying

oh so we’re talking like yes okay yeah I wouldn’t wear that yeah I don’t know like I understand it’s like a look but I’m all about dressing in a bit of a balance and I just feel like not you should have a much pocket it’s just I’m not

I’m not really sure what it is but I’m just not a super fan another what I kind of call is a summer fashion mistake is extreme headlights in a sheer top like Rihanna style you know she just wore a dress to the CFDA Awards where you let me

know how big her nipples are what do you think about that in just daytime and this girl just at the grocery store and she’s like Boynton and you can but I don’t like I feel like there’s a time and place for like those kind of shirts but like

even then you need to like put something over that because I mean that is just you don’t let share that with the world mm-hmm you know I would even be okay with it if I was out at a nightclub hey the girl wants to show it up like

he’s gonna attract the attention that she wants and that is totally cool with me if my boobs sat up on end like that smiling at the world I would probably wear a shirt too hey but I do feel that like at the grocery store running around doing raw

energy like yeah it’s like almost like please look at me exactly so I just kind of feel that and you know when there’s kids around it’s so embarrassing and like the kids and their dads you know the dads are just like trying to love the big food so

that is another one of my my pet peeves and you agree yes oh my gosh all right so I hope you guys were amused at our summer fashion mistakes thank you so much Sara for helping me out and giving me your honest opinion I know I kind of

put you on the spot here today yes you are you guys please make sure we did a collab on her channel where Sara’s trying on a bunch of dresses I picked out all these different trends and rompers and dresses so make sure to click below and go to

her channel we’re on our collaboration and make sure you follow her thank you guys so much for watching and I need to hear from you please let me know your comments below I did you guys agree with some of these fashion mistakes did I not mention one that

really just irks and annoys you please let me know and thank you so much for anything comments because I’m literally going oh yeah you know they’re gonna have some girls day all right well thank you guys for watching and we’ll see you next week bye

Summer Fashion Essentials

hi guys it’s Kelsey Cantor and today we’re filming our summer fashion essentials for you guys I know we asked you guys if you want to see a summer fashion essentials and our summer beauty essentials video and pretty much everybody said yes so that’s what we’re filming for you guys today we don’t have that many things to share with you guys just because fashion is so broad and we like to wear a lot of different things in the summer time but we just narrowed it down to the things that we like to wear the most and that are more practical for hot weapon there are essential because this is an essential sale and everything is pretty simple yeah basically we don’t want to have a whole lot to talk about as far as clothing because we can talk about clothes all day yeah so yeah with all that being said we’re just going to go ahead and jump right into the essentials so the first essential we have to talk about our sunglasses because these are a must like year round but especially in the summertime because like everybody wants to block the Sun yes number one is good for your eyes number two you look cute and agree who want to look cute and protect their eyes at the same time these that I have our aviator style sunglasses I don’t want to blind you guys with the lights but these are from Charlotte Russe and I love these like monochromatic like aviators like with the different colors and the lens yeah I think it’s really really cute and they remind me of the ribbons the aviators that they have and I really want to give some but I just didn’t feel like spending the money on them yet but I probably will get some eventually but I just love how these look on they’re super super cute and you know you just look you know ready to go no matter what you’re wearing everybody needs a good pair of sunglasses okay so you guys know that I love accessories no matter if it’s jewelry sunglasses whatever so I have three pair to mention to you guys like Hendricks say I prefer like the color aviators in the summertime especially because I feel like the colors are like very bright and fun I feel like that’s so cute for summertime so I have three different colors here these on top are the ones that I bought recently these are from American Eagle and they have like a yellow and orange undertone effect so I really like how these look our world like the orange I have been looking for some orange ones for a while and when I saw these I just had to get them now they were kind of pricey for sunglasses that are not like ray-bans or something like that but they are from American Eagle and American Eagle is not cheap but I do see why they are better quality of these they are Charlotte Russe yeah these are a little bit more flimsy I have this same ones kendra has but they’re still really good sunglasses if you’re on a budget these were like $5 yeah these were about 20 something dollars and I see why because they’re so like structured and see if you like hold them you can see the difference oh yeah the handles are a lot tighter these are screwed on a lot looser so if you guys want to fork out 20 bucks for like a good pair of sunglasses that aren’t ray-bans then these are really good yeah and Jen like I just said these are the same lines kendra has from Charlotte Russe love them super cute very inexpensive and these are the actual first pair that I bought this year I was in desperate need of these at the time because we were in Florida visiting our uncle and I didn’t bring any sunglasses I don’t know why I went to Florida without sunglasses so we went to Target and I was like I really want some really cute a v8 errs with light-colored you know lenses and Kendra found these for me and I just fell in love so these are about like 10 or 12 dollars into will get like twelve dollars at Target so target has some really good sunglasses as well if you’re on the hunt for some inexpensive aviators with nice color fun lenses so love opera geez and of course we all know sunglasses are always in essential okay moving on to clothes the first thing we’re going to mention our tops and like we say we like to keep it simple so the first thing that I’m going to talk about our muscle tees when I tell y’all I have worn this particular muscle tee like at least 20 times it’s kind of sad know that item that you buy from somewhere cheap like forever 21 or something and it’s like a hit or miss with their stuff this was a hit for me because this quality is like super soft and the fabric doesn’t feel cheap because like I said for every twenty one lock stores like that you can get good stuff and you can get like okay stuff then it doesn’t do that great in the dryer of the wash area this does amazing like I’ve watched this so many times and it’s super super like low on the sides like the muscle tee part of it goes down really low so you can wear like a prole it or like a bando which with the one I’m wearing today American bando with mine they’re just super comfortable and simple and I just love anything simple that you can access every students will be cute my aviary budget show Joe you know some jeans some shorts whatever you want to wear with it and I’d love the charcoal gray colors like one of my favorite colors to wear even in the summertime because y’all know I’m not a fan of the super bright colors so I love this it has a pocket on it the pocket is a little low when I wear it on but I like it looks a little oversized kind of like like a man’s like muscle – yeah but I still think it looks really cute in like kind of edgy I don’t always want to wear something tight so I love that you can just throw this on because it’s super loose and chill and it’s like really airy and breezy so love muscle tees and next to clothing items I have talked about our V necks and scoop necks I love like regular tees like this this is another great top I’m not doing some purpose this is a great v-neck and it has like a burnout kind of like crank going on on the fabric and I really print but it looks more burnout like up close it’s not opaque I love that that look because it looks really effortless and like super comfortable and this one is a little oversized two hours to the movies the other day and I love like shirts like this that are really comfortable a v-neck is super cute with some shorts I throw it on with shorts all the time so yes love this one that v-neck was from forever 21 if I didn’t mention that to you guys and this one is from Target this is a scoop neck night v-neck but I want to mention this because I love this fabric that they have at Target like this one was in the clearance section when I bought it so I’ve been trying to go back and find like other colors so hopefully I can go find some more whenever like I’m in the clothes section at Target but this is like a really pretty rural blue I really didn’t get from the color honestly I got it cuz it was super soft when I bought it and it fits like really really nice it’s not as a loose it’s like the muscle tee and the v-neck I showed you guys but it still fits really nice and it’s super super cute on it’s just like it’s like a go-to top of my because like I know it’s gonna look good with anything i pair it with I just love stuff like that because you don’t feel uncomfortable or like do I look cute because you know some stuff you want to try out and I’m sure you look cute you always want to feel you know super confident of what you’re wearing and this is like a go-to for me I like to wear it with like a super dainty nipple or you can put it over like a statement necklace or anything like that so I just love shirts like this so yeah this one is from Target okay all the shirts that I have to mention our camis and all of these are from forever 21 I have a lot of them just because they’re so cheap they’re like a dollar in like 80 yeah like a dollar and eighty cents is forever 21 and they just had like a whole bunch of them stand up and you just like go crazy like you try to get every code that you think you’re ever going to need but it’s very smart to just because these are so versatile and you can layer them if you want to life you want to wear a kimono over it and I also like to wear these by themselves I know a lot of people some people don’t even know like when I wear these I like to like put a bobby pin like two bobby pins in the back you’re like in a like crisscross um effect or you can just get one of those strap perfect things from like CVS or something like that and it creates like a halter effect so that it doesn’t look like a plain tank top it just makes the shirt look like something more special it doesn’t like it cost a dollar very much I don’t know how I came up with that concept one day I think I was just like I want this to look more like this so I just took two bobby pins and put in the back I’m just very creative like that kind of be like that’s cracky I’m like he fed me jeans for me I don’t do the constant yeah it likes to like take time to be like more crit yeah yeah amazing when it comes today I really have these in so many colors but most of these that you see here are like the basics white gray black cream like these are like the basic colors that I wear a lot and a lot of times when I wear these by themselves I think I wore one of these the black one in our bath and Bodyworks haul the last video that was one of these and I just put by your pants and I like to put like on a statement necklace with it and it automatically dresses up the t-shirt like the cami you would never know it’s a one dollar cami from forever 21 so that’s why I love these they’re super cheap and very versatile so gotta hand me some camis okay so for bottoms all we have to talk about it shorts because let’s be honest who wants to be covered all the time in the summertime yes shorts are the easiest way to go and we have two pairs to talk about a piece and they’re all from American Eagle when I tell you I want to switch out all my shorts and jeans for American Eagle shorts in jeans like I really wanted to go and just switch everything out for these because the fabric that they have there I forgot the name of but there’s a tag that they have it’s not all of their jeans some of them but some of you have to like feel them if they have like this stretchy like really zero yes it’s like they mix cut the ill is like liquor or it has like an X on its like that maybe blue like tag this hanging from like your jeans and shorts it’s like they mix jeans and cut together yes it has SS super-stretch like on the tag here and these are a little high rise they’re not high waisted but they’re a tad bit high rise they’re not like right at the waist yeah they go a little bit past the waist I love how stretchy they are and makes you feel like you’re wearing like like a jigging kind of material that makes them but it doesn’t feel or really look like you know it looks like a really like it looks like denim but it doesn’t feel like that yeah I still have jeans that are the same fabric from them that I bought last year down step I’m continue to wear this year because they’re that good they’re just so comfortable like Kendra said you just don’t want to wear any of your other jeans or shorts so these are the way to go they’re really good investment because I know super hard to find comfortable jeans or comfortable shorts because let’s be real jeans are not comfortable and unless they have a stretch to them like they just feel constricting and high and they’re not comfortable so I love these this is just like the denim pair that we both have it’s like a medium wash magenta and then I also have a dark denim pair of feet they’re also kind of warm like here because I did just wash these the first time I tried these on I was literally like in heaven I was like oh my recent routine well I was like so confused cuz it’s sad jeans but it didn’t feel like jeans bed and look like jeans and I got obviously a black pair these are cooked as well and y’all know I had to get when I get like your items or tops or anything I always have to get it in black if you like really essential to me black is also an essential no matter what season it is for me so go head up your local American Eagle and just try on some of these shorts before you buy them just to see what we’re talking about in the feel and the fit of them they’re just proficient and super super comfortable because comfort is key for us okay last but not least we’re gonna talk about shoes of course you guys know Chelsea and I love our flip-flops we can wear flip-flops every single day yeah but when I got to talk about those in this video because we feel like they’re like obvious choice flip-flops everybody loves flip-flops in the summer but you need a go-to pair of really cute sandals that you can wear with like anything these are my go-to these are from Charlotte Russe and when I first saw these I’m like oh French I’m fine just work she’ll sustain because she likes the boho like style but I do like like neutral fringe like this new like taupe kind of color sandal these are super cute I forgot how much these were but they weren’t like more than $30 these are super super comfortable these go literally everything I wear I love these with the shorts I’ll just show Joe these add something special to and alcea you can have on a plane outfit and these just spice up the outfit is like I get a lot of compliments on these a lot of people like Hawaii get your shoes from because these look really similar to like a Steve Madden or something yeah but they’re from Charlotte Russe so if you guys see these please pick them up because you can wear more like so many things and they add something special to your outfit so love these okay so these are the sandals that I’m going to talk about I have had these for so long I think I’ve had these for almost like two years I have been looking for a pair for such a long time just because I like the look of them I feel like they’re edgy but still cute at the same time and I was also looking for a pair of comfortable sandals these are so comfortable like when I put my foot in these I don’t I feel like I have some kind of support like I said comfort is key for us I don’t care how cute you’re trying to look I mean by the end of the day your feet gonna be screaming if you’re not comfortable in it it’s a nobody exactly they’re more expensive at all that’s all I was really shocked when I picked these up and try to mom because I feel like the quality was so good because this is kind of like a suede material yeah it’s kind of a suede material they go with everything they’re comfortable I just love these sandals so much okay so let’s but at least we’re going to talk about sandal heels for the summer it’s an essential because I feel like obviously as girls who love to be comfortable we love our flats but we are going somewhere and you feel like you have to wear heels or you feel like looking extra cute like a little bit more than flats that day spice up your oh yeah and you want a little bit more to your outfit you want to wear heels a good pair of sandal heels are really good and the first pair I have to talk about with you guys I think y’all seen these like a million times already but these are farlows your teeth and these are like a really pretty cognac color and these go a little bit of past the ankle even though I do have short legs and these kind of make my legs look shorter I still think they’re really really cute and I love sandal heels like this I’m not a fan of just the one strap across the top because they’re super uncomfortable those hurt like those hurt those are like shoes where you’re not gonna be standing for a long time those where you’re sitting you walk in sit down walk sit down not walking shoes at all these are super comfortable and cute I’m upset I don’t even know like um how many inches these heels are they’re not super tall but they’re not like super short I love these and the color goes will have so many things and they have like cute little not really go but they’re like a rustic kind of gold color um studs on them they’re just super cute and I just love wearing these with rompers or anything I want to wear them with so love these from Lola Shoetique in the second part that I have to mention these are from Zara and I’ve had this for like almost two months now about these like over a month ago and y’all when I tell y’all I’m obsessed with these sounder heels like they’re so easy I had my eye on them I know they are I had my eye on them for awhile and I just didn’t get around to buying them or legs Argan head my size but they finally had my size and I just could not live without these shoes and they were having a sale when I got in kazi’s were originally $100 they were like ninety nine ninety which is pretty much what what all our shoes are they’re probably around 100 bucks but I got them myself for pretty much half off there were 50 books and I was like just I can’t leave the store without these shoes so I had to get them and they’re on like caged sandals I love a cage to shoe like it’s super cute and edgy and it just adds that extra cuteness to your outfit I love these lengths so comfortable and cute so if you guys shop is are a lot let me know if you seen these and if you have them because I’m in love with these so I have two pair of heels to mention to you guys as well and there are kind of same thing as Kinder’s but my version of them so I have a pair of heels here these are some gladiator heels kinda they kind of look like the heel version of the sandals on your show job so I definitely have a type of shoe that like in the look of it and these are by Vince Camuto and I got them from Dillard’s and I was looking for a shoe to go to the Beatty Awards it goes my outfit and I saw these sweats did you spot them out I spotted map I saw those for Kelsey I’m like Kelsey you need these yes I looked at him it was just like I didn’t see anything or anybody else in the store these were calling my name and after I tried them on I was like I don’t care how much they I’m buying them I can like for real running these and I like the cutesy kind of run so these are like so comfortable I think it’s because of the actual straps are like like they’re rounded straps I like to have another layer of fabric around them yeah I think that’s what it is that makes them comfortable they’re not like any other heel I’ve seen before and they don’t feel like any other heel that I have that’s how when I put these on I was kind of like these are like very comfortable for some heels so I love Vince Camuto Kendra actually had some booties buy them yeah I were all lesbian or she got in trouble t.


maxx so TJ Maxx does carry Vince Camuto as well you just have to look but I got these from dealers so dealers does carry Vince Camuto as well they weren’t that cheap there were like a hundred and $40 or throws but I’m the guy at Dillards was really nice and he gave me a discount I pay like $119 for so I was very grateful for him for Dexy favor very I’m trying to so these are like all around ten because they’re comfortable and they’re super super cute so upsets with these shoes love Vince Camuto okay so less hair shoes I have to mention are from Zara as well and they’re black they have to kind of like the same theme as those because the straps are rounded I told you I like a rounded strap just because it feels good on my foot it doesn’t feel like it’s scratching my foot or like it’s restricting or anything like that I just love how these fields are the first time I put these on us like these feels kind of squishy like it feels like super cushy I think that’s where the comfort comes in it and I also like the design of these so when I saw these things are all I need those shoes but I didn’t get mine on sale like Kendra did I was so aggravated we went back I was already had to sell they didn’t have these so it’s kind of meant for me like you know yeah it was kind of neat for me to go ahead and get him so I did pay $100 for these I wish I could have got my hat’s off like indica but like I said they weren’t in there I just had to go ahead and get him just in case they weren’t in there like anymore so that was the case and I’m glad did go ahead and get them they’re super comfortable super cute and they’re like a staple shoe of mine like I have to have these in my closet just because they go with so many things and I like to wear black occasionally as well so not just Kendra I just feel like you can’t go wrong or like a cute all-black outfit you automatically look put together and sophisticated so you can’t go wrong with a really cute strength a black pair of heels so we hope you guys like this video we had a lot of fun doing this we love doing like fashion like kind of videos yeah week’s one start back doing more fashion videos because y’all know we love clothes yeah a little too much I think yeah a little too much but you guys let us know in the comments below like where your fashion essentials or if they’re like this name is ours like the shorts and like the t-shirts and candies and stuff like that let us know what you like to wear in summer so yeah we hope you guys enjoyed this video and we’ll see y’all next time [Music].

May Favourites | Summer Fashion and Beauty | Tamara Kalinic

hello my lovelies can you even believe that I’m back with filming the video are like saying that I literally feel like it’s been over a month now that I’ve done a video but that’s purely because of like a total chaos and disorganization of my private work life and just in general like taking a lot of things last-minute which meant that every time I tried to plan ahead I couldn’t and so on and so on anyway I don’t bore you with those things I am now back and I’m very excited to be filming monthly favorites video because I haven’t been one of those in a while and I feel like I’ve got so much we’ve really got into spring and that excites me so much that I just couldn’t wait to show you a few things before I start I wanted to say that the dress that I’m wearing will be linked below as well as everything else that I’m going to mention throughout this video I will try and take you through all of my favorites and as always I will start with fashion so favorite top of the mountain one that you’ve probably seen so so so many times on my Instagram is this beautiful kind of like cottony almost almost a crochet and lace makes top from Suzanne and it’s like in a beautiful off-white color with this detailing in the minute in the middle and I just really really loved wearing this with like that I’m sure it’s my Gucci belt some nice flats or even ankle boots I could put like my white oversized monster jacket over it or even a blazer depending on the weather I just I’m really really into these kind of things as you can see this spring really enjoyed wearing a lot of differences on tops and dresses and things that I’ve got in my wardrobe now as I find it to be different and not something that everyone is wearing so really really enjoying this I’m gonna go into the shoes section next because I’m very excited to show you my new slippers and these babies are just something that I only bought recently but I’ve already worn them so so so much I mean it’s ridiculous I love these memory flats they’re pink about that with pearls I want them in every single color now because they’re just so beautiful they’re so comfortable I wore them during a Bentley ride that was kindly invited by Bentley to go to Austria and to drive the new Continental GT from kids ville to Venice which was honestly one of a lifetime experiences I had an opportunity to drive with my best friend like childhood best friend so we had such a girly roadtrip and there was a fleet of cars we all like we’re driving I feel like it was 700 kilometers if I’m not wrong and then we had the most magical dinner in Venice beautiful beautiful day like it was just stunning so anyway I was wearing these for some of the pictures and a lot of you asked me about them and now you have all the answers as well as where you can get them so yeah really enjoyed them really comfortable and would definitely buy them in every single color that is there also are so useful for traveling because they don’t take a lot of space and just easily fit in your luggage love them ok another pair of shoes and this time talking about heels you guys I don’t actually remember last time I fell in love with a pair of high heels as much as these these are just something different they’re absolutely spectacular and I’m so scared that I will like at some point in my life not have them anymore I want to find like I want to stock up already they’re a little bit over the price that I would normally pay for a pair of high heels but these are just so worth it and I’ve already learned them so many times now we’re talking about my new Gucci sandals that you can see over here you get two in one when it comes to these shoes again the black strappy sandal which is like a simple kind of black beautiful strappy sandal and then this thing is removable like an elastic but it’s honestly like the most beautiful detail that I have ever seen it’s like a sparkly Gucci bow where there’s so many times made me feel like nights out and things like that and I’m just so obsessed with them I feel like I’ve never owned a more beautiful pair of high heels or shoes in general I love them I’m gonna bring them with me everywhere this summer they’ll be just like my night out evening or a more elegant kind of shoot if that make sense I’m normally size 39 got over 40 adjust it’s kind of like getting the size up especially during the summer months the definitely would recommend getting the size out because they’re open in the back and I like having more space rather than really really really snug slides when it comes to these I could have also gotten thirty nine and a half maybe or 39 but 40 is also fine I’m not like one of those people where like shoe has to like be like so well fitted as long as it’s not like falling off or like you know what I mean as long it’s not like too obviously big or it’s not like tight everything else is fine still on fashion I have one of my all-time favorite designers completely rocked my world at least past months and of course I’m talking about single man Zimmerman is just a brand that I am like long-term obsessed with for years now and this year I completely went overboard went shopping now I don’t know how to say it this is as well another cement dries this isn’t exclusive that I got online but I’m going to show you the ones that I got in store and I’m gonna start with this jumpsuit it’s a beautiful lace wide the jumpsuit everyone thinks it’s a dress but I’m getting more questions about this dress then about anything else in my life I mean I bought this jumpsuit then about anything else in my life and I cannot explain to you how much I want it how much I love it and how it’s just so easy to pack it in your bag where you going somewhere where it sneakers or sandals put a like what is cool I like it or a denim jacket over it anything really it’s just like an amazing amazing item that is giving me a lot of compliments as well as this beautiful kind of again crochet lace mixture slightly more plunge like v-line and this is a dress which is in beautiful pastel colors all my favorite causes you can see here I worn it a lot and I absolutely loved it I would definitely buy it again it has like bell sleeves and kind of like a bell bottom and we wanted to tell me that this is the most beautiful dress that they have ever seen in their life it also comes in all white I think yeah in all white and I don’t know which one I love that and allow zimmerman dress but definitely not least and the one that i obsessed with would be this SIL fun they’re all very different I would say this one has open and kind of like lace back open back open waist and it’s kind of like a peachy color with the green leaves I got this one they’ve got challeng April you guys that picture did so well on Instagram you all said how much you love this dress and how obsessed you are with it as much as I am so yeah this was one of the best purchases as well I really enjoyed it I feel so feminine wearing Zimmermann and ever since these purchases I got more from them which I will hopefully show you among the next trips because I’m gonna be very very much much much much more regular now because I honestly like me to promise to myself that I’m gonna be much better look like it’s in my hand like ignore this I’ve literally was doing something earlier on and I also have the most horrid burn on my hand I’m really sorry like if this sketch in your eye I’ve promised is not a skin disease it’s a burn I burned myself like three weeks ago so it’s hopefully healing now but it’s just such a long process and I’m so like awkward about it because I hate like when I’m eating in public and stuff and then like people stare in my hand I’m like so insecure about it but anyway hopefully will heal very very soon that aside I have a handbag that I would like to show you oh there’s something inside and this is in my favorites because I’ve worn it way more than I thought I would do I have some jar in here that I removed because it was getting loose so this is a mini Valentino handbag in white color of white color I got this one for ammonia-free and I really really really really really really really really really loved wearing this one because actually the thing is that this item I just kind of thought I was not gonna wear it as much because it’s not like so big and you know like it’s why it doesn’t look extremely like a feeling or anything new it’s nothing new really but I worried so much about it too much – with me we’re at every single day every single night but gracious lavinia Italy trip when I went in my beginning of me and just like one of those bags that goes with everything because of the color and when you don’t have the right accessory to go with it this was perfect and I really loved it and I really really enjoyed wearing it and if it’s a right amount of stuff so huge thumbs up for this bag really loved it and it’s been a great companion throughout these months so yeah that is it from kind of like fashioning things when it comes to like accessories random accessories I’ve been really into my like cartier jewelry like leave like my Cartier rings only have one on at the moment but also another accessory in terms okay how fabulous is this Louboutin trunk case it’s called I trunk I really really really love it it’s like it’s reverse monogram as you guys can see and I really love it’s quite heavy so if you’re one of those people that tend to look at their phone in bed and then the phone fold on their face maybe don’t get this case because it’s way too heavy but I love it for this future and I often want my bag is way too small I wear it as a crossbody and just so good because I can always look at my phone and not have to go through my bag to get it so like amazing amazing thing that you came up with here leave it on I love it let’s move on there’s one more fashion thing that I would like to mention as a favorite of the month and that would be my collection of Beaumont Blazers but I have six of them right now and I have to say that it wouldn’t really make sense to bring all six of them because I wore the black white pink and the blue throughout the month so much that they’re honestly like something that I cannot imagine my life without right now I’m actually intending on filming a whole dedicated videos to those bomber Blazers would you guys like to see that let me know yeah I basically love them and I really want to show you how I wear them why well then why I love them and so on so yeah regarding my favorites and April favorites they definitely would have to be mentioned so let’s get into beauty because I know you guys are dying to see you know what I loved inmates so for all of you skin care lovers I have something exciting as always and it would be the Sicily fighter blind brightening daily defense fluid it’s multi production movie and it’s SPF 50 now I’m like battling hydro pigmentation hole in my life on my face or my body why because I don’t get many spots but when I get one I pick on it it gets kind of like pigmented like hmm I don’t know when my skin’s really good that’s would know that I said that anyway I don’t know my skin’s like relatively good but I think it’s thanks to this because I’ve been using SPF 50 for like two months now so I’m not getting any pigmentations or any like weirdness on my skin it’s really great it’s like brightening and it makes my skin feel and look very glowy even without makeup besides that I’ve been using a lot of different between see products and vitamin C is really really great for brightening skin for fighting pigmentation for in general just like keeping skin great young and fresh so I’ve been using the beacon C ester 15 from Paracon MD I got this baby on cult Beauty and they have really really amazing Perricone products as well as some digestive enzymes that I’m currently they’re currently both from Perricone and then I’m really loving but I will talk about it’s probably next month when I’ve tried them a little bit more but I’ve noticed like huge improvements in my body even though I’m exercising and I’m eating a lot healthier I’ve noticed a lot of differences on my body since I’ve been using those so I will talk about them soon now this product you get like a box with I think four or five tubes of this and it’s like almost between a cream and paste because it’s quite thick and yeah it’s almost like a pace but it’s still cream and I have to say that once you apply it it kind of feels a little bit almost dry on your face so I apply oil always after it but I have definitely noticed huge improvement whenever I get like imperfection or something I’ve noticed a huge huge huge help from this little baby here and it really battles any kind of skin imperfections pigmentations and keeps your skin really fresh and bright so the oil that I use after this would be this luminous light Nordic see Arctic bright cocktail brightening hydro L contains between see Wild Arctic cloudberry Arctic spring water as you can see a dual face oil and when you mix it it’s like a light pink color I’ve used quite a bit of it this is a Finnish band that’s available in the UK since recently and I’m really obsessed because they have they’re using products with this like cloud bring this Arctic cloud free which is a berry that I’ve never heard of but apparently it is known in Finland and it continues way more of it in sea than orange so what’s so great about this is that every morning I wake up and my skin looks amazing without makeup and that’s what I really really loved waking up in the morning with great looking skin and things like noticing differences after the first time of use for me are a huge game changer which is that why I will definitely be getting loads of these luminaire brightening Arctic bright cocktail brightening hide royal it’s a mouthful of a name but I love it last but definitely not the least skincare product would be Kat Harper next generation Beauty boosted contouring islands now this is a really tail almost like a lip balm tick eye cream and I am obsessed smells like all the Tata products without any bad stuff in it it’s like a very very balmy thick point minty almost like I’ll ask now apply this at night before going to bed and I’d learn how to massage my around eye area now for myself so that I can notice a visible kind of like lift of the area there I mean I’m hitting 30 next year so you know it’s like Oh for prevention purposes anyway really really obsessed with this product it’s amazing and I I cannot imagine my life without it right now feels so soothing as well around my eyes and I really love it oops I really really love it I have you of course makeup products and I’m gonna start with the foundation of the month and that would be this lumen silk foundation by Giorgio Armani and mine is in color 6.

5 I do have a little bit of tan right now because I’ve been kind of traveling around a lot and I’m going to really beautiful nice places where I call it some tan even though I’ve been wearing a lot of SPF so my foundation is a little bit darker at the moment I really love this because I think it’s nice coverage it’s very luminous it’s light my skin loves it it seems to breed with it and smells great feels great it’s just like all to get a great foundation that I love using during the summer I don’t know if it’s just me but for me during these months this is just an incredible incredible thing so really really enjoy getting back to it now I’m using it together with Laura Mercier a flawless fusion ultra long wear concealer this really is ultra long wear and it’s really creamy really nice it’s kind of similar to NARS radiant creamy concealer maybe a little bit more long wearing and thicker that I really enjoyed it when you get the right color and I have like a whole array of colors I’m actually using all of them because when you mix a good foundation and so on you can just get the right color even when it’s a little bit lighter I love using it for highlighting or things like that and it’s just absolutely amazing for under-eye around the nose and nasal labial line area if that makes any sense but love this and cannot imagine my life without it anymore a blush of the month has to be dolce gabbana luminous cheek color and provocative now this product is just spectacular have you seen the packaging I mean can I just see how beautiful this is this is probably one of my favorite products or makeup products lately it gives such a beautiful diffusion into the cheek I’m wearing it right now if you like give such a beautiful definition to the cheeks what do you guys think I feel that it really adds a bit of 3d it has some luminous particles in it it’s a beautiful pearly pink color and I am obsessed I literally love the whole spring collection of dolce gabbana and this product is insanely amazing talking about their spring collection I have to say product on my lips is this satin finish lipstick in Dolce puny 130 it’s beautiful like I said satin finish like moisturizing kind of slightly shiny like Santa Fe but matte lipstick that makes your lips look really really kissable and really plump I love it I love dilution gabbana lipsticks and this color is just so perfect for spring/summer it’s not too pale it’s nude but it’s a little bit pinky which is what I love about it another amazing lip product that actually I can layer with this one would be Tom Ford ultra shine lip color in bear now this is from their like summer packaging and you guys this is so moisturizing smells like vanilla and it adds such a nice shine really really really really really love this product I’ve been using it for years now I think like I mentioned in my favorites so many times but it’s always in my handbag and it was always in my handbag throughout April throughout me so I just had to mention it because I love the effect it has on my lips so definite deserves to be in this video as well as the hourglass eyebrow pencil now this one is it says arch brow sculpting pencil in warm brunette it’s really like your kind of standard eyebrow pencil I really really love this one I’ve been using it a lot on one hand it has that kind of like pencil and then the other one is for the brush and it’s just really an amazing amazing amazing brow sculpting pen which is why it had to be included here so that would be it I know this video was way too long but I’m super curious to hear what are your monthly favorites please comment below letting me know about those tell me what did you really really really love using I have way more products that I could actually mention because I haven’t been doing these for a while but I guess we’re just oh there was one more next part that I want to talk to you about I sadly cannot show you because there’s a little unknowing war around the house on who’s gonna use it and this worries between my three-year-old nephew my sister and myself everyone seems to be loving it and it’s this Lancome I’m gonna try and insert the pic here it’s like a multi-purpose cream it’s honestly the most beautiful thick incredibly smelling a Lancome cream that I use for my heels for my elbows for any kind of dry area for my body especially after tanning I absolutely love it and if you guys could do me one favor please next time you pass one come stand anywhere just stop by ask for this products and try it out because when from the moment I first tested it I was like why did I never know about this product before why is it not the most hyped about product in the world and I need gallons of it.

BOOHOO SHOPPING SPREE! 7 OUTFITS FOR UNDER $200! 😍👙🌈🛍 Affordable Summer Fashion Ideas!

hi guys welcome back to my channel I hope you were having an amazing day so today’s video is going to be a boohoo haul because this video is actually in partnership with boohoo which I’m really excited about if you’ve been around for a while like years you’ll remember

back when I was in university boo who was like my go-to store because everything is really trendy really cute and really affordable so the fact that I’m not working with them little bit wild TV so thank you so much for making weird cool opportunities like this happen for

me but anyways yeah I’ve got a lovely collection of things that I picked out from the boohoo’s summer collection that I’m really excited to show you guys I’ll make sure that I link not only all of the items that you see but also the booth who like new

ink collection as well because they do get things in like every single day and it’s all ridiculously cute and ridiculously affordable so I think you guys are gonna really like all the things I picked out so I hope you enjoy the video before we get any further please

do subscribe to my channel if you have not already I post lots and lots of videos I’ve been really good lately so definitely subscribe so you don’t miss any of them and while you’re at it if you could follow me over on my other social media I’m at

Gwen quiz on both Twitter and Instagram okay no further ado let’s jump into the hall and I really hope you guys enjoy so I think we’ll start off with accessories just because I kind of tried to kind of style every single item that I got until I can

outfit to give you guys a bit more inspiration I wore placed with the accessories throughout all the other Tryon clips I figured we’ll show you those first and then we’ll move on into the clothing so first of all I got this adorable little waist bum fanny pack bag

whatever they’re called nowadays how adorable is this so the little bag here you realistically this would only fit like a lip gloss lip balm cash kind of rolled up in there but you’re not even gonna really fit your phone unless you have some like weird really kind of

foam so it’s this like faux leather crop design little popper and then you can throw some stuff in there and then the kind of chain of belt is this gold chain but you can wrap around your belt I think this is so freaking cute picked for festivals and

things like that I just absolutely love it I think it’s so adorable and also just really completes all of your outfits then I grabbed two different headbands because I really love headband so I want to have them on like all the colors basically so these are these really

cute like top knot ones that are really in style at the moment so I got one in pink and one in white they literally had one and like every color I just like you know tried to resist buying them all but yeah how cute are those really great

way to get and finish off an outfit then I got the necklace that I’m actually wearing right now so it’s like a kind of layered necklace there’s two different necklaces here but like they come in a set so there’s this whole dangly set the choker and everything which

is so pretty and then there’s also this I think it’s called the a crescent moon that’s like a separate one as well so you can wear them together separately as well which is nice and versatile just think it’s lovely and cute you know how I feel about like

necklaces and things like that also grab this gold shell choker necklace I freaking love the shell trend and so this necklace it really does complete and I think it’s so pretty and then the last necklace I got actually wore in my I think Victoria’s Secret Holly I got

so many comments from you guys asking where it’s from its from boohoo so yeah it makes it affordable adorable necklace so it’s one thing that you actually have to put on but then it looks like you’re weighing on three four five different necklaces how absolutely adorable is this

I feel like it completes everything and you just look so cool and trendy I absolutely absolutely love this necklace and again I just love that it’s only one because I love the layered necklace look but if you had to put on like six necklaces in the morning when

you’re in a hurry it is not fun so having just one it looks like you’re wearing a bunch I think is just key and they should all be like that and then the last piece of jewelry I got was this little anklet it’s so cute and perfect for

the beach I’m totally gonna wear it today so it’s got like starfish and then little seashells dangling all over and you could duck to wear it as a bracelet too and that’s the way you couldn’t cuz it’s really adjustable and you could just hook it to whatever you

want but how cute is that I think it’s so pretty then I got a set of earrings these really big kind of statement hammered gold effect earrings I think these are so freakin cute you know how I feel about big statement earrings and these are definitely right up

my alley I absolutely love these then I grabbed some hair clips boo has a ton really really cute affordable hair clips in case you wanted to kind of jump on that trend so it’s like this pink glittery one this also came in like a minty Jade color that

I really wanted but I tried to resist but I’m cute so these are also the kind of Clippy kind so these are really really easy to put in versus those ones with a little ball and the clasp thing those are sub-dimension love these these you could definitely throw

on in like two point five seconds when you’re running at the door which is basically how I evaluate everything in life so I love these and they’re so cute and then the last thing in terms of accessories I grabbed a pair of sneakers but who have so many

really cute affordable shoes but I have a ton of like plain white sneakers already so I wanted to kind of branch out and try like a pair of the colorful trend that’s going on they have a bunch that I really wanted but I ended up going with these

ones so they like kind of a white base sneaker but the cute little pink accents on the bottom which is so cute and then sort of sparkly um like you and a corny material I forget what that’s called that kind no and then this blue purple a kind

of nudie cream color and then the laces are these like white and black how cute are these though I think they’re so fun and definitely but it loves mojo a boo who is that everything is so trendy but also so affordable so if you’re unsure but how you

feel about a trend get any something like from boohoo like this was so cheap and then you know and they’re not wearing it a lot I’m not really being into the trend as much as I thought I’m not out as much money as I could be so absolutely

absolutely love you think they’re so cute and definitely a good way to complete an outfit obviously with all accessories but it’s so true okay then moving on let’s jump into clothing so I’ll just have start from this way work that way so firstly I picked up this bikini

they had a ton of really cute swim that I wanted but I tried to resist getting it all because you I have a lot of swimmer already but I got this hot hot yellow neon yellow I got those neon yellow bather so the bottoms are these kind of

high leg ones that you’re really in style right now and also it they’re really flattering because they do make your legs look a lot longer and then the top is this kind of shape which I really like because it’s just so easy to throw on there so straps

doing yes or anything it gets really cute so it’s got like a scoop neckline here and then like you can kind of deeper scoop at the back which is so cute I cut up the tags I don’t remember what size I got but with everything alright in the

description box like the size I bought for you guys’s reference as well because I know that can be really helpful but yeah absolutely love the neon trend and I didn’t know anything I don’t want anything in neon yellow I’m pretty sure at least so really happy about that

supposed to imagine this with the tan I think you would like on fire so love okay then I got this top which is one of my favorite things that I got in this little haul so this black top of one of those tie up front situations here and

then giant poufy sleeves me look and they go to like kind of just above your elbow and then the back is just this tiny ruched strip at the back which i think is really really pretty and cute this is the kind of thing you could dress up dress

down wear it to a festival wear it to the mall like whatever I think it’s so easy to style and so cute for instance I think this looks so cute with black denim shorts that cute little belt bag and then combat boots and you’re going up to like

a little festival or something it’s a very kind of simple understated look if you don’t want to go all out and like crazy trendy for a festival but you still want to look really cute and lovely which is that if it is so plus common boots I feel

like we’re going to a festival feel like boots or key unless you’re going somewhere where you know it’s not going to be muddy but it’s like most festivals end up getting kind of dirty so yeah absolutely love that topping it’s so cute course you wear jeans denim skirt

skirt shorts there’s lots of options there I think it’s so cute then I also grabbed this talk which is like my second fave again we’ve got really cute dainty little poofy sleeves I really love this little kind of slightly scooped in neckline when you tie this into a

little bow and there is like a little hole underneath the little keyhole detail if you can see that the back is like totally elasticated and ruched which I really like because it’s really comfy and I also think it just sleek looks really cute and then the length goes

to like it’s not a standard length top really but you can tuck it in to something or wear it out depending on what you’re feeling I think it’s so so cute so for this I wore pair of my jeans that I already owned in my combat boots and

a little baguette bag but what I’ll do because boohoo literally have everything that you could want so I’ll kind of shop on there and basically everything that you see in the Tryon that maybe isn’t from boohoo I’ll find like a boohoo alternative because it’s cheaper for you guys

and that way you can get it all in like one order so I’ll link more stuff below for you as well to kind of help you out with styling everything but yeah freaking love that top I think it’s so cute okay then have to sweat sue or tracksuit

short sets that I’m freaking obsessed with there are so many more than I wanted to get because the thing with me is more often than not I’ll either wear a dress or like some sort of sweat suit situation because they’re so freakin easy and comfy and cute and

so I knew that like I would get so much weird of me so I kind of had to crash – so the first one is this white and black shorts here but same amendments like cursive print this also came in like a cute Corley pink color and a

few other colors as well but I under glowing wipes nice didn’t neutral see here’s a nice drawstring very very comfy very very cute if we can love them and of course they’re high-waisted as well and then I got the matching top as well which is this cropped hoodie

but again this is women all over it long-sleeve obviously a hood and gets so unbelievably cute and easy throw this on with combat boots white sneakers throw in a little backpack or handbag and run out the door I think it’s so so cute and easy which is basically

all I ever want in fashion then along the same lines I picked up this little short set so we’ve got these kind of like it’s a very pale almost nudie dusky maybe rosy pink color because absolutely gorgeous unlike the other ones these have pockets as well just so

handy and they’re really nice length as well really comfy soft like I’m absolutely in love with you and then I got the matching top so the top is this that cropped crew neck like sweater with a raw hemline the other one was like happened but yeah on sleeves

again unbelievably soft and cozy and comfy and cute and pink afro which I really like so again throw these on with sneakers boots sandals whatever I wore those with these fun funky sneakers and my little pink hair clips which I thought was really cute but of course the

options are endless okay then I got these white Demeter’s I don’t want to pair white denim shorts yet until now so I knew that I wanted to get a pair for summer I think they’re really cute so these are high waisted damn it’s a sort of been done

but definitely still good for presidency through enos really really distressed you can see there and then they’re very very cheeky I kind of didn’t realize so I’m who who had like a ton of them shorts all trialing a few more in case you’re not really down for having

your booty hanging out haha but yeah they’re definitely cheeky but so cute as well and like distressed and trendy I think they’re really really cute and they’re definitely also really comfy and portable and then with that I just threw on this little top that I also got which

I love it’s a little pink graphic tee that says thank you next a million times in this thing red print so I mean it sort of looks like basically when you go to on like a convenience store that text that they have in their bags but also I

think they’re kind of also going for like the whole Ariana Grande Thank You next thing which I’m not like a jet in general not like crazy about like the radio and the songs that they play but that song by ariana grande and seven rings are online they list

in the shower every single day because you just feel so good it makes you feel so empowered and like yes I’m gonna kill it today so I really really like it and I just thought this stuff was so fun so I think this looks so cute tucked into

those white down shorts but there’s so many options here you really can’t go wrong with a pink graphic tee especially for the summer and then the last thing that I got is a set of PJ’s they had so when you like there is so much more than I

wanted to get but I restricted myself so I got this little pj set which i think is so damn cute so it’s this kind of oversized really soft and comfortable like beyond belief t-shirt that says baby on it and then just the font as well is my favorite

font as you guys know I’ll be doing my thumbnails the clicks is that me small I think it’s so so cute and then just a pair of high-waisted like loose flowy comfy shorts that go with it such an adorable little set so cute like I’m obsessed with PJs

basically what I wear eighty ninety five ninety nine percent probably fit dive like this get all the time I’m wearing my PJs I really like getting new pages it’s like part of my wardrobe innocence because I wear them so often I want them to be cute right and

there’s something about pink PJ’s that just make me feel so damn cute and feminine I absolutely love okay so that’s everything for my little boo hoo haul I really hope that you guys enjoyed it and like seeing all of my picks like I said I will definitely link

all of the items in the description box along with extra items for styling purposes if you’re interested as well definitely check them out and again big thank you to boohoo for working with me on this video I can’t really fathom it and we get to work together yet

in the future because I freaking love boho please subscribe to my channel if you have not already and also follow me over on my other social media like I said the start again thank you so much for watching I really do appreciate it let me know in the

comments what items were your favorite or at least favorite or any other thoughts that you have because I really do love reading your comments they always make my day um yeah I guess that’s all I have to say I’m gonna go out now Saturday and it’s so beautiful

out so I can’t wait to just go frolic in the Sun so I hope you guys are having an amazing day as well and I will see you again very soon I love you so much bye [Music]

SUMMER FASHION HAUL | Understated Sexy (and Comfy)

hey guys welcome back to my channel for those of you that I’m new my name is Danny and this is coffee break with Danny we’re basically the entire contents of this channel is all today I’m here with a summer fashion haul I’m actually kind of proud of this

haul and I was not planning on sharing it with you guys in this video but I was like it’s only ten pieces so the video is not gonna be that long and with JustFab things run out really quick so if I don’t share it with you guys then

it might sell out and you won’t be able to be twinning with me and I don’t like that I love when you guys tag me in the same items that I hauled and then we’re totally matching you know like amber and Iowa that’s totally gonna become a hash

tag hash tag amber in Iowa okay so if you guys are unfamiliar I have been partnered up with JustFab for I would say two years now maybe a year maybe I’m being over generous but JustFab is really cool because it’s one of those online retailers that keeps you

up to date on fashion and it kind of makes it really easy for you guys the very first time that I signed up with JustFab and this is kind of what I’ve encouraged you guys to do just so you can get a sneak peek at what you can

expect from the site is you get on the site you take a 60 second style quiz or like fashion quiz and it basically curates a collection for you guys with over a thousand items from clothes to accessories to shoes and the first time that I did it I

was like I don’t know about that JustFab do you do you really think you know because that’s not something I would ever actually and so I picked a few items that I ended up purchasing for myself which I would have never picked for myself and actually ended up

being some of my favorites so today I have ten items that I want to share with you guys and they’re from the newest summer collection so if you guys want to see what kind of collection JustFab would curate for you guys make sure that you follow the link

in the description box below enter your email take the quiz it’s about sixty seconds long it’s super quick it’s actually quite interesting now here’s the scoop since this is a video that’s in partnership with JustFab there obviously has to be a treat at the end right so if

you guys follow that link in the scription bucks below and you do a little browsing after you take the style quiz you will also get your very first item for as little as $10 or 75% off so it’s kind of an amazing deal and so remember the very

first thing that I got for 75% off we don’t need to talk about it but I remember it well are you guys so let’s go ahead and get started I’m working on my intros you guys I’m working on my intros I get a lot of heat for how

long my interests are but I just feel like we’re sitting down I mean it’s called coffee break you know you’re sitting down with your girlfriends you’re chatting Here I am on a tangent again the very first piece that I want to share with you guys it’s actually what

I’m wearing right now I was nervous to get this piece because oh you guys know I’m almost 6 feet tall so I’m pretty pretty tall and many dresses aren’t always so many on me in fact they turn into shirts basically but I am a huge fan it is

a linen trench dress that I’ve already imagined a million different ways that I’m going to wear it so I don’t know if you guys can tell it has really big buttons it has a tie it’s sort of like an a-line cut super super cute it has this really

cool double collar the way that I imagine wearing it is the way I’m wearing it now was probably some wedges or really cute flat slide sandals I could probably also pull off maybe some cowboy boots or booties but come fall when it starts to get a little bit

chilly and fall is one of my favorite seasons I would imagine wearing it without the belt or rather the belt tied around back like the loop and then just a basic white tee long-sleeve white tee and this opened like a vest trench or like a start like a

trench look but it’s sleeveless so it’s really like a long vest and just jeans skinny jeans you could wear black jeans you can wear blue jean blue jean jeans jeans jeans but I really really liked it one thing though that makes me nervous about JustFab is that if

you see a style you legit have to check out in that very second in that moment because things sell out super quick which brings me to my next item I wore this on Instagram stories the other day and a bunch of you guys asked me where it was

from I was like oh yeah it’s just fast from the new summer collection it’s a linen tank it’s a racerback it’s super comfy I’m in a size small and that night it was sold out I’m not saying I sold it out what I’m saying is pieces fly off

the shelf fast especially if they’re from the newer collection so if you guys really are into that summer Safari very fresh very flowy linen II look right now is the time to shop from JustFab because that’s kind of like the style theme that they have going on so

really fan of this tank along with that tank I also got this one you guys know how I feel about leopard leopard everything this is more of a satin fabric but it’s the same cut style and shape of that tank that I showed you guys I don’t know

if you guys can tell but it’s a really silky slinky top this would look amazing with black skinny jeans with the French tuck in the front and maybe some suede black booties maybe sort of some biker booties it would look really cool kinda like a rocker chic look

could also pair this with white denim and maybe some nude pumps and it could be a really fun summer night out outfit that’s a little more dressy but do you guys want to know a secret this is a public confession on the internet that I’m making on the

Internet um when I go to shop on the JustFab website I go to the search bar and I put leopard and I see anything new that’s leopard print that catches my eye and then I find things like this so if you guys are a fan of leopard print

you guys the nanny was my hero so she’s my style and spoke then I got this amazing miniskirt it’s in an olive shade this would look really cool with wedges it would look really cool with flats lights it would look really cool with all kinds of things in

fact I would push this outfit into fall where it was like a long-sleeve tee and or even like a chambray button down and cool sandals or wedges it would be a really cool outfit I love the color olive I feel like all of it is the new beige

it’s the new gray it’s the new white it seems very very loving neutral you could pair it with a bunch of different fabrics textures and colors and it goes really really well I love the fact also that it’s MIDI link because I don’t have to shave my legs

just thing alright moving on to this dress now this dress this dress is a dress that you must try on – believe me when I say it’s a beautiful dress when you look at it you’re like that’s a little frumpy dumpy like I don’t need to be turnin

butter right now in my dress but it’s a really really lovely dress the cut of it is also very all loving so no matter what your body type is or what body size you are it’s a dress it’s gonna look really pretty on everybody I love the fact

that it has the same fabric for its belt I was gonna say bow for its belt so you could wear it with or without the belt there are days where I don’t wear it with the belt I don’t like the way the belt looks I’m not in the

mood to have something cinching me out the way today’s one of those days you guys if I’m completely honest just between us pandas this belt is really hurting my feelings right now you know how some days you don’t want something you know on your waist you just don’t

want it you want to wear it stretchy pants today’s one of those days but you put on red lipstick and you shake it off I don’t know what I was thinking when I place this haul I knew I wanted more summer pieces because as I was going through

my closet I needed inspiration for this haul and I felt like everything that I had in my closet currently was t-shirts or tanks and I was like man I need something else I need something that’s cute girly feminine but also forgiving for summer when I did a haul

just recently for summer wardrobe it was a lot of clothes that I could wear when I was around all my kids you know and I could play with them and I could go to the park and he was comfortable was cute but it was comfortable so I wanted

something I was like I want to feel a little pretty little girly like this dress right now that’s attacking my waist um which leads me to this dress ah electric coral is one of the ways to my heart I wish electric coral lipstick looked good on me it

makes my teeth look better yellow but I make up for it in every other area of my life like clothing this is a hi-low linen wrap dress I know that’s a lot of information but when you can see the dress on its higher in the front lower in

the back if the illusion of a wrap dress but it’s actually sewn in so it’s not you can’t just open it up it also has a belt but I love this little keyhole detail in the back so has a little peekaboo um I would still wear a nude

bra with it and even if it did show from here it’s like look if you’re if you’re looking that hard you deserve to see my bra strap right so um it’s not a dress that makes you wear a bra that’s not comfortable you could definitely pull off your

regular bra you also have to consider they have these little almost like wood detail that looks a coconut shell you’re gonna see the bra strap through there so if you wanted to wear a strapless you could if you wanted to wear a backless that for me is pushing

it in comfort but you could also do that as well if you didn’t want it to show back here but I just loved that it is the v-cut it has the illusion of being a wrap dress without the discomfort of a wrap dress you guys when I wear

wrap dresses the belt that holds it into place starts to get loose and then the dress starts to get loose it’s not a pretty sight no one wants to see that okay no one wants to meet flasher Danny moving on to the last dress you guys I don’t

know what I was thinking but no regrets no regrets this is a chambray off the shoulder dress do you guys remember when like my entire wardrobe was off the shoulder please tell me you remember everything sweaters t-shirts everything was off the shoulder like where did I shop for

everything that was off the shoulder like you needed it I found it off the shoulder off the shoulder brought sure I got it wait that’s a strapless anyway so this is an off the shoulder chambray dress it’s also mini length which is super forgiving it has the two

slits in the front the buttons are fully functional so if you wanted to do three slits in the front you could do that too go Tina I love that it’s not super low cut in the front so it is a comfortable dress but it has that like hidden

sex appeal to it plus you know chambray is my color like is that a thing chambray is not a color but in my heart it is you guys if I had a dollar for every time Parker or one of my boys said something about my love of overall

I would be pretty pretty comfortable woman right now because every time that I put on overalls my son either says you look like a farmer or you look like a minion so there’s that and then every time I wear overalls Parker my fiancee says Oh button up the

overalls that’s my girl I don’t know if he’s teasing me or if the Louisiana boy and him is like yeah that’s my fiancee I don’t know I still haven’t figured it out but regardless no matter how much I get bullied oh my love of overalls they keep coming

home with me you guys I love overalls overalls are the equivalent of stretchy pants in jeans for me I probably have like 10 pairs of overalls I might even go out on a limb to say that I have more overall than I do pants is that bad you

guys and you know what I consider myself like a VIP overall connoisseur or wear I know what size like what exact size to buy I know how to take off the straps without letting them fall in the toilet I know which ones are gonna fit slouchy and which

ones are gonna fit sexy I know which ones need to be rolled up I know which ones to avoid because the knee hole the distressing he’s not gonna be my friend I learned that just recently the hard way but anyway overalls are one of my love languages we

need to call Barry Chapman and tell him to add that one to my list because Oh stretchy pants overalls are the new stretchy pants this has been this is a big statement you guys sit down grab a snack this has been my favorite pair of overalls that I’ve

ever purchased across retail not just JustFab because I’ve purchased three from JustFab across all retailers this has been my favorite pair of overalls that I’ve ever gotten I went one size up these are a 29 they have the buttons down the middle and they are a rose gold

color I love them I love the length I love the way they fit I love the way the straps fall on my shoulders I love that they don’t have a pocket in the front because I tend to put things in that pocket and then that thing falls out

and potentially breaks I love the length the distressing on the leg is on the perfect spot where I’m not going to further distress it or damage the size of the hole but anyway love letter to my JustFab overalls you guys all right you guys two more pieces and

we’re done but you can’t see them right here but cuz they’re on my feet bless you hey come here do you want to show on my shoes if you want to show my shoes you being so good you think so go ahead you staying out a camera frame

why don’t you want to show them your pretty face huh do you guys see my little lovely assistant here there’s actually another lovely assistant down here come here come here ready oh oh hey hey now hey now what you doing what you doing hey say how your friends

say I’m your friend say what up y’all you want to see my mama shoes we’re almost done we’re almost done you want to show me shoes I don’t know if they’re gonna like our shoes but you know what I like my shoes right you like my shoes all

right let’s show Marsh you the first pair of shoes that I got well I only got two only the first pair is this sandal you guys this sandal these sandals these Santa’s EFL vomit how lovely are these I wore them in my weekend vlog last weekend they are

super comfy the color is absolutely stunning I’m a fan of news and I’m a fan of neutrals I’m a fan of anything that is very very very neutral however if you can do neutral with the splash of fun like blush why not these are super comfortable I wore

them for a very long time guys the last pair of shoes the verdict is out I’m in love I love them however every person that has seen them has the strong opinion about them so these are shoes that upon first impression when you see them you’re like whoa

wow they’re aggressive because they’re platform sandals but once you see them styled you’re like hmm I’ll see where you’re going with this Danny I love these because whether it’s a miniskirt a sundress jeans or a sundress I already said that overall yes girl and you know the best

part about these platform sandals you guys is that the wedge is hollow have you guys ever heard those really loud clanky platforms because they’re so heavy because it’s actually wood these are not so they are very light and even though they’re yellow you guys would be surprised with

the kind of stuff they look cool in so that is a that’s it for my JustFab haul you guys have any of you are secretly internally judging me how many of you are adding things to your cart tell me the truth don’t lie we’re all friends here anyway

that is it for my JustFab haul I’m really curious to see what your collection looks like so I encourage you guys to check the link in the description box below so that you guys can head over to the JustFab website and find out what your style is it’s

a style quiz if you guys remember the good old days of Cosmo when you would look forward to the mail like you’d run out to the mailbox and you take the Cosmo quiz that was in the back of the magazine those were the good old days do they

still have those I would sign up for Cosmo just to do those quizzes they were so much fun so let me know what your style is and remember that if you guys liked any of these pieces they will be listed and linked in the description box below but

don’t wait on purchasing those items because they do sell out quick and they do have a late list for restocking items so if you’re looking for a weight lifted item make sure you enter your email on that you’ll get a notification if it comes back in stock but

other than that make sure you take advantage of that discount and if you become VIP you guys free shipping for $39 just saying $39 adds up real quick you anyway I love you guys so much and you know what to do if you found this video useful entertaining

and learn something please give me a thumbs up and subscribe if you haven’t already and until next time this coffee break is over bye bye [Music]


hi everyone welcome back to my channel my name is Maria Pat and that is candy and Vinny but today I have a try on haul for you guys I really hope that you enjoy it try on Hoss is gonna be a summer try on haul here in Arizona

you guys know that it’s hot almost all year round so I’m gonna get a really good use out of all these items but I really hope that you guys enjoyed this little Tryon Tom if you’re interested in finding out what items I picked out then please keep on

watching you can actually I think you can do like a little money throwing here my mirrors dirty you can do a little more neat though if you like but I’m just gonna leave it like that yeah it’s super cute it is kind of cropped but there’s enough material

to tuck it in so that’s what I did just because I feel like it looks cuter tucked in if you are a size small and you think you can rock this piece these two pieces let me know down below and I’ll be selecting a winner in a few

days cute little set it is a baby blue like you guys can’t see and it is a midi skirt with it’s a crop top do you like this one you do oh my goodness pesos bushels besos but I love this set the only thing is that it is

a very light weight so the material is not thick so you do need to wear Spanx underneath the color is so pretty you haze that’s not cute now we have this a very very cute romper it looks a very sporty and it has the zipper so you can

show a little bit of cleavage or you can slip it up whatever you like but I think it’s freaking adorable it’s a gray material it’s very thick it’s not see-through show you up close because you’re trying to see it on the mirror but I think it’s adorable such

an adorable little mini dress these are just gonna hang around baby yeah oh my goodness take your tactical attack tickle tickle tickle tickle tickle tickle I love these pants but they don’t have a lot of stretch like the previous ones but I love how high-waisted they are I

like when the pants cover the belly button I just feel like it snatches your waist a lot better this is how they fit from the back they fit very nice and like I said they don’t have a lot of stretch so they snatch your waist even though the

other ones have stretch to is still snap this matches your waist but since these don’t stretch they snatch your waist a little tighter okay guys so this dress is super cute because you can dress it up or you can dress it down it is a not very very

thick as you can see right over here but as long as you wear black Spanx and like a black bra you won’t have any issues it doesn’t stretch it was so hard to get on I actually it actually almost took my eyebrows so that means that I should

have kinda medium but look how adorable it is I styled this with some bands it definitely hugs your body it is super adorable I love the little sleeves here it says honey as you can tell I’m out of breath but I think a medium would have been a

little bit better but it is adorable you eating on my buns ultra white candy always you want them Oh writing my love’s well this is the end of the video really hope that you enjoyed it please don’t forget to let me know down below which item was your

favorite one for a chance to win it I always do little giveaways at the end the fashion of a try on Hoss so you might be the lucky thank you so much for all the love and support please don’t forget to give it a thumbs up if you

enjoyed this Tryon huh and also subscribe if you haven’t and I will see you on the next video


hey guys what’s up welcome back to my channel hope you’re all doing well today hope you’re having a really good day so in today’s video I’m going to be talking about the huge fashion trends at the moment these are 5 the top 5 fashion trends / essentials at

the moment that you guys can wear and it’s been awhile since I have done a trends video this was a series on my channel I would do every single season but it’s been like I think two seasons that I haven’t done a trends and essentials video but yeah

I’m really excited to get back into my fashion videos just like I used to like my look books my fashion trends and all that these are like I said the top 5 fashion trends at the moment I’m sure you guys are we seeing these trends in stores fashion

blogs or Instagram feed so yeah and I always like to say just want to point out that fashion trends aren’t for every single one out there like it’s it’s for you to pick and choose what you like best what’s it’s your style it’s just kind of like a

guide to to fashion you know I don’t I don’t believe that you have to wear every single fashion trend in order to be stylish or to be fashionable like I said you pick and choose what you like best what goes with your style I’m really excited about these

trends because I like a lot of these in fact most of the trends for spring / summer time I’m really excited about so without further ado let’s get right into the video all right so fashion trend number one vertical striped shirts or t-shirts these are very trendy at

the moment I’m sure you guys are seeing these everywhere I personally love me some stripes this one here is from Zara but um yeah I’m a fan of vertical stripes and these are a huge trend at the moment this one’s a nice slim fit navy blue and white

vertical stripes shirt these are really like I said trendy can wear these with like white jeans white shoes even like khaki pants or light denim jeans dark knit dark denim jeans with this you know the Navy and white really easy to to style in my opinion so these

are just super on trend at the moment every single item that I’m mentioning in today’s video and all the outfits you’re gonna see on screen all of the items for the clothing I’m wearing will be down below in the info box so you guys can shop directly if

you guys want but yeah this one’s great and I also have this one here from H&M this is another vertical striped shirt and also you guys vertical striped shirts like this are great for like your body it makes you look more slender alright fashion trend number two actually

one of my favorite trends at the moment which is the tropical print shirts kind of like floral prints are really great as well for this time of year for the spring and summer time but yeah I’ve been seeing a lot of these I went on to the Dominican

Republic not long ago and I saw so many guys with these shirts we went to Club and I saw so many guys with like the tropical printed shirts so like the word is out there like it’s a huge trend at the moment I have these two for example

these type of shirts are just huge if you go to All Saints any like fashion store right now there’s these are everywhere for summertime so this one’s from All Saints I love this shirt it’s one of my t-shirts at the moment I just like the colors this is

a perfect example by the way on how trends you know you can make it your own like I am NOT a fan of huge bold colors as you guys can see on my videos I’m not really like a guy that wears right like super bright colors this is

a perfect example how I can rock like the tropical printed shirts but more of my style with more like tone down not so in-your-face colors alright fashions right number three this is my personal favorite I love myself inside strive to shorts or side striped trousers or pants so

this side stripe thing has been a huge trend at the moment so like you’re gonna see a lot of trousers and like pants with a nice side stripe on the sides of the pants or shorts like I said perfect example you can do more of like casual stuff

like this so this one’s from a vintage brand called reclaim dat vintage I’ll link everything below in the infobox but perfect example these shorts right here with a nice stripe on the side really retro kind of like a throwback yeah vintage feel I love the side stripes this

is a huge trend at the moment dude I love these pants right here so I got these as well recently actually at least to have the tag on him but yeah look at this the side striped trouser I love these myself specially like that white clean stripe look

at this I love this and this here is another example as well nice side strike with a little twist so these are just black pants black trousers but it has a nice stripe on the side but it actually has I don’t know if you guys can see closely

but it has a like checkered print these are great I’m gonna style these with vans and just like a nice black t-shirt yeah these are great I love personally love this trend right now with the site stripe fashion trend number four we have to talk about shoes the

shoes are really important and white sneakers are everywhere you can’t go wrong with sneakers these are ones here that I have then these ones are from Aldo actually you can even use high-top so you can do like low tops like these just clean sneakers like white clean sneakers

are a huge trend and they’re easy to style as well like lately I’ve been really into just white sneakers like I probably wear these maybe four to five times a week lately like the past month I feel like I’ve been just it’s really easy to go to you

just have a nice little outfit combine it with white shoes and I feel like it seals the the outfit you know especially for spring in summertime so yeah I love me some white sneakers and last but not least fashion trend number five which I actually don’t have a

product to show you guys but a huge trend as well are the dad jeans now I know I made a video a while back I did a haul which I’ll link below are carded up here but I did buy a dad Jean and I was wearing them for

like a few days still kind of deciding if I liked it I actually returned it back just because I feel like the brand wasn’t the best so I want to get like retro dad jeans but that are like Levi’s are a little more like sturdy so that I

can just kind of have them forever be a dad jeans are a huge trend I’m sure you guys like seeing that everywhere as well I love the throwback to like the 90s I mean I was born in 1990 actually October 19th 1990 so the 90s hold like a

special place in my heart and just like I don’t know the vintage retro vibes it’s funny because before I started YouTube like a while back my style was very retro like I just like the vintage retro II feel which I love that that’s coming back into fashion so

that is pretty much it that is the fashion trend number five the dad Jean and those are the top five fashion trends at the moment for spring going into summertime I hope this helped you guys out maybe if you guys are gonna go shopping maybe you can have

some ideas of like let’s see I should check these out so yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this let me know below in the comments what are your favorite trends at the moment if I missed any let me know in the comments cuz I know there’s more than

I left out but these are like I said in my top five I have the guys have a great rest of the day thank you so much for watching hit subscribe if you guys are new to my channel and if you guys already subscribe to hit the bell

button below so you guys can get notified whenever I post a brand new video and yeah I’ll see you guys in the next video [Music]


okay yes Alex welcome back to my channel welcome to my channel if you are new here today I am back with another fashion overhaul you guys seem to really like the other ones that I filmed so I thought I would do another one today because they never found

me I love their stuff and I really wanted to try some different stuff that I’ve never tried from this store before so I’ve got some bikinis some active we’re both I’ve never tried and also some more summery pieces I’ve got some more jeans because you guys know I

love to they’re jeans the first time I ever tried them so I want to try some more styles I’ve got some shorts as well so yes I have a huge pile in front of me and I thought I would show you everything that I got everything is going

to be linked down below while we’re going over exposed songs coming out to me anyways everything is linked down below along with that site if you want to go and check out their new arrivals they are constantly adding new stuff hence why I find myself browsing on that

all the time now going to bunch of clothes in front of me so I thought I would show you today so let’s just get straight on into it before I show you the next item I also when I pre warn you you may notice that I am peeling

very much less so on my chest I got burnt on the weekend and now I’m paying for it because I put fake tan over it and now I just look like something is wrong so you may notice about wake no problems I’m gonna have to try and scrub

it off tonight or something but it’s bad so I’m very sorry about that hopefully you can look past it but let’s get started with the first item I actually think this is my favorite piece from the whole haul so this is what it looks like it’s very kind

of 60s 70s grandma blog that I’m kind of living for it I think it’s really really nice and summery so this one it looks like it’s a crop top you’ve got to tie up around the back I tied it up around the back but I feel like you

could also wrap it around twice if you want to and then it’s got this really nice kind of puppy sleeves and then it’s got a little trumpet sling so cool a little bit of a flare out on the end it’s got a zip all the way down the

back to help you get in and out of it and then obviously it’s got this little ring around the front I just think this is really cute super summery parrot with a pair of shorts and it would look really cute some gold jewelry oh my god I cannot

wait to wear this I think it is adorable I know you forgot to mention what size I got this in I got it in a size small and this one fits absolutely perfectly so if you have a bigger boobies this it absolutely fine in a size small so

yeah secondly we have a bit of a going-out piece this is what it looks like it’s coming out and very bright in the camera it’s definitely more of a bronzey Orange in real life it’s not so bright but it’s this really beautiful mini cinched dress and then it’s

like we can talk look at this lighting it’s like five o’clock in the afternoon so the Sun doesn’t really know what it wants to do I think with it it’s got this mesh detailing on the side which I thought was really cute you just have to be careful

with your underwear and I have to like pull them up or not wear any or wear like a really small skin colored g-string so you don’t see that so this is what it looks like big zipper down the back to get into it you’ve got adjustable straps which

is always amazing so you can cinch it to your body and make sure that everything is fitting nicely it’s also padded on the boobs so I think that’s really nice also you’re not going to have nipples everywhere which is great you have to let me know what you

think because this is the one item I’m kind of not sure about so let me know what you guys think I’ve got this one in a size small I think I could have gone for an extra for extra small extra small possibly just so it fit around my

body a little tied up that is the second item that I picked up next up we have a bit more of a daytime dress I don’t consider this it looks like it’s long sleeve but it’s actually a three-quarter so I would consider this as summery dress I would

wear this all throughout summer so this one looks like again with the kind of burnt orange color I’m obviously obsessed with that right now this one’s a bit more muted more of a brown so I really like that it’s also a nice ribbed material I’ve got this one

on a size small once again fits perfectly I love that it’s got this really nice open back it’s super flattering and it kind of ties up along here so the sleeves don’t slip off because that is so annoying when you have a dress with an open back with

sleeves and they just fall off all the time so that is a really nice detail but yeah that’s what it looks like a little mini dress super comfy super soft I feel like I’m gonna get a lot of wear out of this as well which is amazing it’s

definitely what you want when you buy things to wear all the time so yes very happy with this next up we actually have some activewear and I must say I’m very very impressed when I put these on I did not want to take them off because they were

so freaking comfortable I can’t even explain so this is what they look like they’re like a really nice dark move color and they’ve got these nice detailing on the side they kind of remind me of Jim shark leggings the way they look with their kind of air holes

at the bottom and whatnot they felt really airy too which is really really nice especially being in Queensland right now where it’s literally boiling so that’s what the leggings look like they’re full-length as you already saw but those are the size small and next we have the top

which actually looks really small but it’s super stretchy I was worried about putting it on but it fit perfectly so this one’s in a small medium so don’t worry if you have bigger boobs the small medium does stretch so I’ll probably go for that if you’re like a

d double D because it’s nice and stretchy and it’s gonna be tight to support you so that is what it looks like it’s got a really nice crisscross actually it’s not even really crisscross is it just like a nice detailing at the back super nice it had our

removable pads so I took those out because I hate the look of them I feel like you can see it so I’d rather just see my nipple to be honest and plus I never really wear just a sports bra anyway so I just took those out but you

can leave them in if you want to so that is what we have very impressed with fashion / sportswear and I feel like I’m definitely going to buy more of these because for the price this is really good quality like this top was $30 and then I actually

think the whole pair man thing because I think it comes together it could be wrong yeah because there’s no tag on your I have to double check that but I feel like all that active wear was really affordable so I’ll double check and write it on the screen

how much it where it was but for a good two-piece that is really affordable and I’m very impressed I heard the lighting isn’t too bad the Sun keeps going away because it’s really late in the afternoon normally I feel in the mornings but we couldn’t today because I

was busy and now I’m regretting it because this lighting is horrid so I’m very sorry about that moving along to another two-piece I guess you could say this is more sportswear however I would actually probably wear this to a festival because this looks so cool on this is

what the top looks like it’s just a little crop top it comes all the way up your neck which I actually find really flat for some reason you guys will see it on just looks really cute I got it in a size small and yeah that’s what it

looks like it is a red white and black obviously I think this is the pair of sneakers and some cool jewelry for a festival looks so cool so that’s why I picked this one up just in case I actually get around to going to some this year this

is what the bike shops look like same idea these are also in a size small I believe yes size small fit perfectly they’re not see-through which is great you don’t like bending over and seeing your bum sorry that is very good I really actually like this on it

kind of surprised me when I pulled it out I like why do I get this and then I put it on a second time it’s actually kind of cool so yeah I really really like this one again nice and affordable I think the whole set was $40 for

both of them which is amazing god I’m so much trying in my videos it’s actually embarrassing next up we have a jumper now I know I said this is a summary haul but I do wear jumpers in summer because I like to go to the cinema I like

to go to the shopping center but I get cold very easy so I love to bring something like this alone to chuck on when I’m too cold to function and it’s ruining my day I’m dramatic I know but I love having these I find I really do Chuck

them on all the time even in summer and obviously this one is very crops so you’re gonna be nice and aerated as well which I think it’s amazing I’ve got this one in a size small and it just looks like this it’s coming up more orange on camera

once again it’s definitely more of an orange e Brown rather than a orange so yes this is what it looks like it’s kind of like an infinity jumper is that what you would call it it sounds alright but it’s probably not one of those ones that goes from

like along the bottom all the way into the sleeves and just fits really nice and cozy and slouchy and looks really cute which I love here’s gonna have to be super careful because it is very crops like if you lift an arm up you’re gonna pop through for

sure so make sure you wear a strapless bra or like a bikini or a little bralette or just anything underneath to cover yourself because you don’t want to be giving some boobs out at the movies but yes this is what it looks like absolutely love it I find

out where these things all the time so I was very happy when I pulled this out with my packaging because I actually forgot I ordered this one but I have a feeling you guys might laugh at me for this one cuz she a bit funny on this is

what it looks like now oh it doesn’t look too scary it just looks like a black bodysuit I love that it’s a thong I love when body suits come with a song rather than a fool like bottom area on it otherwise you see the lining and the lack

of deep in and on your bum and whatnot it’s really unflattering so I love that it’s got that I love the fit it’s a really nice comfortable material it’s really structured around the front as well which I love because it’s not gonna be like moving around all the

time I got it in a size small fit perfectly the only thing that I don’t really enjoy is the sleeves they are very pointy you guys will see in the Triangle clip I just don’t think I can pull it off it looks a little bit like a costume

to me I don’t know so I think if I was going to keep this I would just cut that out of it so it doesn’t stick up so much but let me know you guys think some people might like that look but I’m just not too sure about

it they’re a bit too pointy for me so that is one of the items and do I think I’ll be wearing unfortunately next up we have some fashion over denim you guys know I love it I couldn’t wait to try more these ones are a pair of shorts

I think this is another one of my favorite items because these fit so nicely I absolutely love them I think I got them in a size three it doesn’t actually say on any of these logos it almost looks like it’s another brand by fashion notice I’m not too

sure I imagine I got them in a size three because that’s what I get from most of my jeans but whatever they are I write them down below they fit absolutely perfect I love that they’re a little longer so they’re more modest they’re not going to show your

whole bum but they’re also really nice and fitted to their fluttering at the same time I just absolutely love these I love the ripped detailing you’ve got some cute little rips the back underneath the bum I just love these so much I feel like I’m gonna be wearing

them a lot this summer because they are so comfy as well I think what it is about fashion over jeans is they’re really nice and soft and stretchy so they just mold to your body which is amazing and they really take time to make sure where the shading

is to flutter you so that is why I think there are just really really good next up we have some jeans I know summery whole don’t yell at me but our jeans all throughout the year and I honestly couldn’t pass these out because I thought they were so

cute and I really loved the kind of ripped ripped I guess frayed that’s the word I was looking for frayed detailing around the top of the waistline there’s also the detailing out to the bottom as well and I just thought that were really cute I love the color

of them I love that they were just like a basic Jean with that nice frayed detailing I feel like it always gives it a summery vibe that could be weird to say but I just think that’d be really cute like a little summary crop top some sandals I

wear jeans all year round especially if I’m going somewhere indoors I just love them I don’t care how old it is I love me some jeans so these ones are really cute they fit really well as well they are a skinny jean they were just a little bit

loose around the waist which is very normal for me I’ve got them in a size 3 I feel like I could have made me downsize but the legs wear tight on me so I’m not too sure maybe I could go to a two but yeah I really really

like these I think I can definitely get away with them you guys will see in the trial but it’s only a tiny bit loose which is seriously fine for me plus I can wear a belt sir yeah very impressed once again nice soft material that’s super comfy they

always feel like you’ve leggings but they are jeans so I just love fashion over jeans they’re amazing sir you’re a curvy girl definitely go and try out some fashion over jeans because they literally just fit over your body is so beautifully I absolutely love them also by saying

that I’m not labeling myself a curvy girl I just think these would look absolutely stunning on someone with like a nice been bum like they do on the website they look so beautiful in them so that’s why I was saying that I wasn’t thinking that I’m curvy next

up we have another pair of jeans now I didn’t even try these on because I’m going to send them straight back these ones are in a size small and they’re like a boyfriend fit Jean Mills absolutely awesome on the website and I really wanted to get some because

I love boyfriend fit jeans however these are massive like that is not going to fit me these are the jacks distressed high rise jeans in a size 3 so if you’re looking at these definitely downsize like two sizes because these are absolutely massive and once you have a

pair of jeans you kind of want them to be a little bit too fitted because they do stretch off a size so yeah if you’re looking at the definitely make sure that up sighs because they are humongous so I’m gonna send these back and get the right size

last but not least I have some bikinis to show you these are the first ones and they are super bright they’re like a hot pink and light pink checked bikini the bottoms are nice and family friendly which I love the top is a little more more mature but

you know you got boobs you got boobs there’s not much you can do about it is that so this is what the top looks like you guys to see it in the train anyway I’ve got both of these in a size small I believe with their bikinis from

memory you do have to order a size small for both things so if you’re a bigger boobie girl keep that in mind but I got these in a size small they actually fit fine so that is great and yeah so that’s what the little top looks like I

just thought the color was really pretty I love bright colors especially when I’ve got a lot of fake tan on I think it looks really beautiful so that is the first bikini I got very excited to wear these at the beach and get some weird tan lines the

second bikini that I got is definitely going to be better for a day at the beach tanning because there are basic triangle bikini I love triangle bikinis I find they’re the ones that I reach for the most because they’re nice and fluttering especially on bigger boobs I don’t

know why they just seem to flatter them a lot so I really really like these they’re in a size small they fit fine they’re a tiny bit small however a little bikini the smaller the tan line so it’s okay I don’t really mind but yet they fit fine

you’ll see in the triumph it anyway so that’s what they look like anywhere they’re like anywhere anyway they’re like a pinky nude snake print absolutely love it again I feel like that would look really good with a nice deep fake tan I feel like that defines my life

I’m like everything will look over the tan that’s okay white girl problems and these are what the bottoms look like again family-friendly love that they’re not gonna run too far out you bum they’re a little more cheeky but they’re definitely safe which is great you’ve got the drawstrings

on the side which is amazing absolutely love them they fit perfectly again I got them in size small and I feel like I’m gonna be reaching for these ones a lot because that is nice they’re nice and fluttering basic style bikini and that is everything I have to

show you from fashion over today I’m going to hurry up and say goodbye to you because the sun is saying goodbye to me but I hope you guys enjoyed this video everything will be linked down below if you want to go and check what I got in buy

it for yourself or you can check out their other items on the site they had literally have so many items I could scroll on their site for days so yes if you’re bored definitely go and check out their website and treat yourself but I hope you guys enjoyed

this video don’t forget to give it a thumbs up if you did and to subscribe to my channel if you would like to become a part of my YouTube family it would mean the absolute world to me I hope you guys have had an amazing start to 2019

and I will see you guys in my next video [Music]

HUGE Summer Fashion Nova Try On Clothing Haul 2016 | JuicyJas

hi my love’s welcome back afraid today’s video I have a huge summer try on fashion about clothing haul and I’ve been doing a lot of these lately but honestly fashion yoga is one of my favorite sites to shop on ever they have such cute great quality clothing I

feel like all the new arrival that they have are just super on trend with what’s new in style so I definitely recommend checking them out and I also love following them on snapchat and on Instagram because I get to see like all new things that they’re working on

new things that are back in stock so I’ll leave everything down below if you guys are interested as well as all the clothing pieces and everything that I’m mentioning I’d also to have a coupon code with them it’s not an affiliate code it’s just a discount code for

you guys if you do decide to shop on their website you get some money off so by the way just for a quick aside reference if you guys have a similar body type to me and you want to order on their website I am 130 pounds and I’m

around 5-3 at 5-4 so hopefully that helps if you have my body type oh and by the way I know I’m going to get a ton of questions with what I’m wearing so I might as well just address everything now I always leave everything in the description box

below but I don’t know everyone checks it so I’m just gonna quickly mention everything so my earrings are from forever 21 this body suit that I’m wearing is actually from fashion doba I showed it in like my lab haul and I loved it my nail color is called

pastel Orange by the brand DND it’s just a gel color from my salon and the makeup super simple like glowy skin I did use my honest Asya modern renaissance palette lip color is the maybelline color jolt it’s in the shade nude I think I’ll leave it down below

I think that’s pretty much everything so do you guys have any other questions just let me know in the comments so now so starting off I have a bunch of body suits I love fashion of a body suits they seriously have the cutest ones they’re really comfortable and

they have like every style you can possibly think of I’m just obsessed so the first one I have is this one it’s in a size medium by the way I got all of them in a size medium the reason I love it is because it’s so different you

don’t have to wear a bra with this which is a plus because I honestly hate wearing bras I mean let’s get real who doesn’t but it comes with padding which is nice and it’s not an overwhelming amount of padding is really comfortable and I would probably be probably

I’d probably wear this with like a a maxi skirt or something just because of the nude colors I have like a perfect one that would go with it and these bodysuits that I’m mentioning do all have buttons on the crotch area which is really nice and convenient for

when you have to go pee all right next I got this like tape a street kind of a bodysuit that’s what it reminds me of and kind of also reminds me of like cotton candy cuz it has like blue pink purple like little tiny pops of teal in

it which is super cute this material is like a really thin mesh material which is so lightweight and comfortable I think it’s perfect for summer and I love it because even though it has like all these prints on it and stuff I think it’s just a super simple

casual bodysuit that you could wear with so many different things and again comes with the buttons on the bottom which is great and another bodysuit that I got is this cream like I recolored one I think this is just perfect with so many different shorts skirts jeans anything

it’s just everyone needs just a plain bodysuit and these come with like little ties around the neck area which I think adds a little bit of a nice effect to such a simple bodysuit so love that one and the cloth material is really comfortable and soft as well

which I love next up I got some matching separates I feel like matching separates are so convenient because you can wear them together obviously or you can wear the shorts separately with a different top or the top with a different bottom you know what I’m saying so this

one I also got in a size medium I feel like it could have honestly got a size large the bottoms fit me really nice but the top is a little bit tight on me because my arms are pretty big but it’s all good I’m still gonna make it

work I love the floral it’s literally what gets me every single time and the tiny pops of purple are just super cute it’s one of my favorite colors ever so I love this one the material is very flowy which is like right up my alley this next dress

that I got it’s super different but I think it’s perfect for all year round I feel like I could wear it in the summer with some really cute sandals or in the fall and winter with like boots and stockings so this one’s also in a size medium as

you can see I am holding at my chest area together because if not my boobs are gonna fly out all over the place this is a very open cut chest area dress so I feel like whether you have small or big boobs you’re gonna have to get this

kind of hemmed and cinched together because it is so open from what I usually like to do is just take like a thread and needle and kind of just sew things together that’s how I always cinch in my clothing because it’s really easy and it works so this

one is just really nice though because it has like a really nice flowy effect and then on the top it is a little bit like tighter with the lace and the see-through it’s just really elegant and different I just I love it I don’t have anything like that

so I thought that was really cute then I got some more dresses the first one is this floral kind of watermelon colored dress it just reminds me of watermelon because the green and like the red but this one I love because even though it is like so bright

I feel like it’s so simple and I could dress it up or dress it down with like some really cute sandals so I also really like the crossings on the chest area I think it adds a really nice effect and touch to the dress and this also you

don’t have to wear a bra with it because it comes with padding in it which is nice honestly up until about a year ago I was never really into like these really tight form-fitting dresses because I felt like my body just was not perfect for them and it

was not made for them but I just come to the conclusion that my body is never going to be perfect and that’s okay so many times I feel like myself included we all kind of refrain ourselves and restrict ourselves from buying certain clothing pieces because we feel like

we’re not gonna look right in them but honestly at the end of the day if you don’t look like the model who’s wearing the dress or whatever clothing piece you can still rock it and still look good so just keep that in mind whenever you’re shopping for yourself

don’t let like the media influence you on what you should and shouldn’t wear just an FYI because I’m still learning that myself so this next dress is another floral of course and I really like this because it’s kind of giving me like wedding vibes like I want to

wear this to a wedding even though nobody I know is getting married but it’s just really elegant I love how it’s long in the back and shorter in the front and it has like a really nice cage chest area which is just a really pretty touch – such

a really elegant dress and then I have a bit of a belly so I love dresses that kind of have like knots on the stomach area because I feel like it doesn’t accentuate it at much and it kind of takes away from it so love this one it’s

also in a size a medium by the way and last but not least I got one more dress this reminds me of like a Disney Princess it’s just so flowy and pretty and it kind of just reminds you of like Rapunzel or something it does drag on the

bottom it’s a little bit longer but I really like it I think it just goes with like the theme of the dress and it is open back so I definitely recommend wearing this with like nipple covers or an adhesive bra I personally prefer nipple covers because you can’t

feel them at all it just literally feels like you’re not wearing a bra and you can wear like anything and you want to worry about anything coming through so you can get them like a Target or like anywhere where they have like bras underwear things like that definitely

check them out I love them they’re seriously lifesavers and then the final thing that I got is just a pair of jeans I love that you know the jeans because they are super comfortable and they have really great quality jeans actually so these are just a really nice

acid-washed pair I don’t have anything like these I figure they’re just perfect for summer and these are a size 11 I do find the fashion nova jeans run small in my opinion I’m typically a size like seven and regular jeans from like anywhere else but with them I

feel like I do have to go up a couple sizes like a 9 or 11 but it doesn’t really bother me at all because I love all the styles that they have and they’re super comfortable these are just the standard high waisted ones which are my favorite style

jeans and I did cuff them on the bottom because it were a little bit long for me but I always cuff my jeans on the bottom I just like the effect that it gives all right guys so that just complete this a video I hope you enjoyed it

let me know down below what your favorite clothing piece was and also what some of your favorite shops to shop buy are down below so I can go check them out thank you guys so much for watching I love you all and I’ll see you soon bye

Summer Fashion Essentials | Model Guide

[Music] hi guys I’m Miranda today I’m going to be showing you some summer essentials we have some wonderful fabric and patterns and just some basic simple things that are good for summer when it’s hot and you want to move around so enjoy so the first thing that I

think is so important is a good pair of data you want to know that it’s easy to move around in I’m really into these ones right here like a nice dinner skirt one that is easily movable and this one is Topshop it’s my favorite they have really great

denim fits really well and it’s made really well structured super nice so yeah this is a nice and obscure but everyone should have and then we have this pair of Levi’s Levi’s are just great for moving around and these ones are shorter but really great see I have

my favorite jeans so these are around the wedge it fit but from Levi’s and they have a nice rip in the knee and then they’re sort of cut off at the bottom like this but they’re super super comfortable and easy to move around in so all right and

I love Levi’s they have the little patch on the bottom and then I have these which are from urban I got these not that long ago but these are really great with like a nice flowy shirt and so these ones are super lightweight and just flowy and you

can breathe in them which is super nice because if you’re wanting to wear something longer yeah so and then Tamara looks like a nice tank top upper with a belt or a little bit more high-waisted you can so these are a great essential item you have this fun

shirt which is great I have not worn this one yet but just got it from Topshop they have really great items which are summery but also kind of more editorial find a nice detailing the stitching right here where’s and then I love the little details on the sleeves

which is really nice this shirt which is also from Topshop it is a really nice detailing right in here and it kind of opens up in the front which is super cool and fun so you can wear open or close it but I love how has this little

hole of the fabric and it’s super lightweight recently I went to sup for love and lemons warehouse sale I picked up these two items is this one which is a cute little summer dress and then I don’t know if you can tell but there’s a bunch of little

butterflies coming off of them and little bugs and I just think it’s super cute and lightweight for like a nice day or if you’re going out on the town you know it’s fun and honey this one which is my favorite I got this one at the Berlin Women’s

warehouse sale as well it’s just super nice statement coat and you can wear it over jeans or you can dress it up you just super cool and then it has it’s like reflective stitching in there so it’s super shiny and the powder and the textures of me that

is so cool and another great thing about this is that it’s super lightweight and it’s not very heavy so if you’re just somewhere a night on the beach or something it’s great to wear like at night during the day it might get a little hot but I think

for nighttime is really amazing because it is so lightweight and so next let’s go into shoes some really great shoes for the summer are these amazing Nike Cortez these are kind of old-school and fun and you can wear them with jeans or you can wear them with shorts

or whatever really these are super fun and I love how they’re just kind of like a statement within themselves really really great really comfortable as well so I recently picked up these low top platform converse and these are super cool these are also great for castings or really

anything because they give you that extra little height this is – which is nice they look really nice with really anything jeans shorts on the skirt but these are super cool and they’re just like the low top ones but just with a little bit of ink to them

and another pair of shoes I have are these just kind of nude converse low tops these are super great to wear like you know like kind of more detailed outfit going on it’s kind of new just kind of accents them a little bit which is nice they’re super

super comfortable everyone’s got a love favorite pair of chucks and everyone has their go-to flip-flops or sandals that they like to throw into summer I thought I had these for going out they have these are the Steve Madden Carson block heels which have a little bit of a

block heel to them so they’re super easy to wear super comfortable they’re nice to wear for long times and without your feet hurting or needing to take them off so that’s always nice and they’re just a nice nude color which I love because they kind of match with

anything especially in the summer when there are more colors going on your wardrobe we wear a lot of jewelry in the summertime it’s just going to be so hot and we live in Phoenix and yeah I just so you kind of like don’t like it getting in the

way of the activities I like to do I like to swim a lot so I mean I don’t have to be taking it on and not often that kind of thing so but yeah I think earrings are a great way to just kind of add a little bit

of into whatever it is you’re wearing and lately I’m super into statement earrings these are kind of like a drop earring little blood pieces which are really cool they’re reflective and gold which I love my lot of cold accessories and these are just super fun and lightweight which

is great for somewhere of course these ones as well these are a little bit more dressy but you can dress them down as well I love to the shape and the geometric shape that they have to them these ones are super cool as well I just kind of

drop and then have like some detail which i think is super fun and great for summer so thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed if you like this video give it a thumbs up and subscribe down below [Music]