Does Fashion Nova Fit Skinny Girls? | Spring/Summer Try On Haul

Today we are going to be trying on $350worth of Fashion Nova outfits.

I bought all of these in spring 2019 so they areall available for you to purchase online.

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and every sooften a bonus video! So what is Fashion Nova? Fashion Nova is an Instagram brandor a viral brand that has attracted women from all over the world who don'ttypically fit into the standard body measurements.

These are women like Cardi B, Black Chyna, Kylie Jenner that have more curves, more shape.

These clothes aretight, trendy and affordable and by working with these celebrities they havealso recently become aspirational.

Whoever wears and takes selfies withthese clothes will add the hashtag Nova babe and this has become a movementwithin Instagram with every influencer wanting to be featured on their page.

Sobecause of this cool factor the company has grown 60% in 2017 and has fifteenpoint eight million Instagram followers, which is crazy for a clothing line.

Ineed to talk a little bit about the return policy of Fashion Nova.

I findthey have a really poor return policy and this was actually in an interviewwith the owner and he kind of brushed it off.

So their return policy is that youneed to pay for the shipping back and there is absolutely no return there isonly store credit.

I don't like that because I feel like then you'recommitted to staying with a product that you don't necessarily love and likethat's just not cool right? I wish that they had a better return policy andwould actually give you your money back if you returned the parcel but theydon't so keep that in mind when you are shopping on Fashion Nova.

It is a bit ofa risk you might end up with something that you don't love and you have tostick with store credit and you have to pay for the return back.

Let's start withoutfit number one.

Outfit number one is the Take Me to Barbados dress.

This is amulticolored, absolutely stunning dress with a really interesting neckline.

Ifeel like this dress because it cinches right at the waist and flows out wouldbe really attractive on pretty much anybody shape.

I wore this when I was in Mexico and got a ton of compliments.

Ifind that the flowiness of it and the thickness of the material to be reallyhigh-end and super beautiful.

It has vibrancy, it has flow, it has sexiness, ithas everything you could want in a maxi dress and it's also not overly casual.

You can wear it for a casual day but you can definitely dress it up and wear itto an event like a wedding or a formal dinner.

So this dress retails for $99.

47Canadian which comes to $74.

99 American I think it'sworth it.

I think it's gorgeous.

I have no complaints about this one whatsoever.

Outfit number two is this Mandalay Bay stripe set.

So it comes with pants and atube top and a belt.

This is like a three-piece set.

I'm going to betotally honest with you guys, this was way too small on me.

I'm I am very skinny.

I am like a toothpick.

I've always been really skinny.

I range from a size liketwo to four typically and so I bought a small and it didn't zip up at all so Igot my mother-in-law who was a professional seamstress to actually cuta huge part of this band off, lower it and then stitch it back up so that it sits alittle bit lower on my waistline so that I could actually physically zip it up.

This is an extremely long long trouser.

I am 5 foot 9 and it is even long on me.

Itlooks great when I have heels on but if you are shorter this is going to be hardto wear and if you are curvy and you don't have an extremely small waist thisis also going to be a little bit harder to wear.

I don't totally love this outfiteven though I did get a lot of compliments on it when I was wearing iton vacation.

What I don't love about it is that I find it very uncomfortable.

Itkind of rides up at the top and that could be because it was small butoverall it's just very extra in every way and I mean so am I but this is evena little bit too extra for me.

So this outfit retails for $66.

31 Canadian which is converted down to $49.

99 US.

if you want somethingthat is showstopper and that is really gonna make you stand out of the crowdthen it's very nice but it's just I don't find it very functional or verywearable for my everyday life.

Outfit number three is the Midnight Crushblouse.

This is a completely see-through lace blouse that you wear either with atank top underneath or a little bandeau.

I absolutely freakin love this.

I wore thisin my Chanel Baume Essentiel video which is doing really well on YouTubeand I've actually gotten compliments in the comment section of that videotalking about this blouse.

The nicest thing about it is that the lace doesn'tlook like a doily it's actually quite a fine lace which is really really welldone and it has tiny little buttons in the back and it has an open back sooverall it's just really beautiful.

You can wear it with a skirt or with jeans.

Itlooks absolutely gorgeous.

This outfit retails for $46.

41 but it's actually on sale for $37.

11 Canadian or $27.

98 US.

So go get this blouse if youlove it.

I did get a ton of compliments on it and I do find it very feminine andvery beautiful.

Outfit number four is the She's The One bodysuit in Jade.

I lovethis body suit you guys it has a thong back – like the bottom is a thong whichlooks really nice with like a really tight pair of jeans because you're notgetting all of those lines and overall the material is just so so soft andstretchy.

It has a really stretchy type of fabric and I find it quite breathablefor the summer/in the spring even though it is it is a long sleeve and if youwear it with a high-waisted pant it just looks so sexy and so nice.

The only thingthat I don't love about it is that I find the front has a really plungingneckline and it's a little bit hard for me to wear.

I always end up wearing abandeau top or a tank top underneath of it just because if I'm moving andbending down you will see everything.

You will see the girls and there is not abra in the world that can hide that.

So this body suit right here is $39.

78 butit's on sale right now for $26.

53 and that comes to $20 dollars US.

That'sreally cheap.

I find it really cheap for such a nice trendy top.

It's comfortablebut it is definitely definitely trendy which is awesome.

Outfit number 5 is thisSugar Free Dress in taupe.

I was inspired to buy this outfit because Kylie Jennerwore it in white and I thought it had this kind of oversized boyfriend shirt typeof vibe which I thought was super super sexy so I definitely wanted to try itout.

I thought maybe it would be kind of cool to wear it in the salon with a pairof tights but when it came in, again, I'm finding it a little bit small.

Althoughit is sexy, I just don't feel comfortable in it.

I don't know why.

I don't think thematerial is very breathable, I don't think it's super super well made.

Thethe neckline at the front again is so plunging and I know that FashionNova's whole thing is like ultra sexy but it's just like it has to be ultrasexy and also functional and this one for me it just kind of isn't.

I wish thatI bought a size medium.

I think I would feel a lot better in it but you know you canpair it with a with a tube top or a bandeau or whatever but it kind of takesaway the shaping of the dress.

So I wouldn't purchase this one againalthough it is kind of fun and I mean if I did go back in time I would purchaseit in a medium.

So if you're interested in this and the way that it looks reallyread the measurements because you may have to also size up.

This outfit retailsfor $43.

76 Canadian or $32.


It's not super expensive so if you dohave kind of like a cool sexy place to go, it's definitely sexy and fun.

It'sjust a little bit not functional for my life but seems to be the trendwith my life.

I like things that are very not mom appropriate.

Last but not least, we have the ready to party bodysuit in black and gold.

This is really coolbecause it has all of these sequins here and then it has tassels in through here.

You know I'm not a hundred percent sure how I feel about this.

Like part of meloves it and thinks it's super badass and then part of me feels weird wearingit and I don't know why.

I love things that are over the top.

One thing that Ididn't necessarily love about it is that it came with a tiny little hole here (seethat right in the bum area) and I mean it's really easy to stitch and sew but Ijust kind of hate it when things come with defects because it's just more workand like ain't nobody got time for that honey.

But this bodysuit retails for$53.

05 but it's on sale right now for fo$46.

40 so if you like it go and get it and that is $34.


Let me know in the comment section below which outfit was your favorite and ifyou are tempted to buy any of these.

I want to know what you guys want to shopfor.

If you have a store request, post that in the comments as well and I willdo a haul and get it up online as soon as I can for you guys.

Thank you so muchfor tuning and as always I love ya!.

My Top 5 Mens Summer Fashion 2019 Essentials – Mens Summer Fashion 2019

What's up everybody george here from GP life sstyle it's today's evening guys I'll be going over my top five men summer style essentials for 2019 and as always gentleman there is a video summary for white accents elites in description if you like to review certain items on this Listen on be sure to leave the link to every item used in this video.

Let's get started Number one on this list is the most essential and that is short both jean shorts and chino shorts But these are number one on this is because for me every elf it starts at your pant because it's one item that covers half your body that you cannot layer nor Accessorize with and when it comes to shorts jean shorts and chino shorts are the way to go because a lot of men's style Really starts with a good pair of jeans or a good pair of channels, which you wear every other season So why not just go and get the Jean the short version of those same pair of pants? Chinos jeans that you already have.

This is an excellent way for your summer wardrobe for transition Beautifully and you already have experience styling these items for me the way to go is find the similar colors and styles of jean shorts or Chino Shores that you already huh and buy because you Already have experience and you already know what to wear with them if you have the pants version of them and then when it comes to buying shorts, especially for men they can get a little squirmy Anything that is long goes below your knee looks a little too much like a pries It looks out of date and that is just certainly unforgiveable to wear never ever wear capris in your life now anything that is too sure that anything that is Anything between one to three inches above? Your knee above the top above the middle to the top of your knee is still a little suspect and when you sit down It'll ride up too much and just looks like you're wearing like denim underwear, which is also unforgiveable for me The perfect balance is anywhere the stops Right the mid to the top of uni anywhere in between there is for me.

Perfect Fitting jeans for the shorts for men without getting a little too squirmy or looking a little too suspect item number to do on this list it's great for dressing up to the Sun which I mean it's a great shirt for bigger men and that is Polo shirts for me when it comes to dressing a little bit nicer a little more kit a little more Professional in the summertime nothing beats a three-button black or white Paul These are great because they are Professional you can have a nice business casual looking Gator and wrestle it up a little more formal would like a pair of penny loafers And wear a pair of trousers, which I showed you guys how to style in my penny loafers Ooh, but if you guys want a full video showing you five different outfits that you can wear with a polo shirt Please draw leave recommendations in the comments below But the great thing about this is this is the dress shirt of the summer time That is not even a dress shirt But one thing you need to remember with polo shirts is that they do have casual a little more athletic Variations go it classic go with the classic three button.

That is cut a little bit longer in that will and Beneath your button Would you want to make sure here is that you tuck it in and that you wear it as if you were a dress shirt? So look your best this summer number three on this list is a little bit controversial because we're talking about functionality yet It's also trending people want to see the trend die, but I'm a still on the fence about it And that is a man bag a satchel or a crossbody bag Now the reason you need one of these in the summer is because unlike any other season you do not have pocket Freedom we take that for granted because look when we're wearing.

Let's say either like a jacket and a pair of jeans We got two pockets in the front two in the back.

You got your jacket pocket you get inside pockets you can put a lot of stuff there and not really bulk up anything that you're Wearing but in the summertime at the best you have four pockets and stuffing your shorts it just looks sloppy and like you brought too much shit with you getting you wanted these even if it's like a Snag or like a what's it called nutsack those kind of bags.

They're great.

They're functional These are a little bit more, you know a little bit more streets while street wear inspired I do have a little bit of clout Wearing this but then again this for me is function like right now I do this daily.

Like I keep my earbuds in here I keep my wallet and if I'm going outside take pictures I can put my camera in here and my pockets can be free Don't just tell you just because all you know, it's trendy you shouldn't actually use its functionality plus, this is great for when you take when you go on vacation, you take you to the beach put you know your Sunscreens, you know hotel keys.

This is excellent Don't let these don't let these men's style youtubers tell you what what you can't you cannot use This is functional and this is great and I love it and I dropped it number four on this list is a little less controversial that is Light-colored sneakers for the summer now if you already have a white pair of sneakers, you're pretty much good to go but I personally feel like summertime it's time you wear you can wear a little bit more color in your wardrobe and be a little More expressive unlike fall spring winter white a lot of black White's Gray's Browns navy blues This is the time where you can have a little bit more fun in your wardrobe Especially with your shoe.

Am I bursting like red and white yellow and white or just an all white sneaker? Now my personal favorites are old school advantages because they have a huge Color palette they're low top you can wear them with no show socks Stay cool in the summertime and still have an amazing color palette when it comes to your sneakers Now you don't have to go an old-school band You just step outside your comfort zone a little bit this summer and really find you one or two great light Colored pair of sneakers just to have a breath of fresh air into your summer And it gets you you guys to experiment with adding a little bit more color in your outfits that it's not always Black and white or black and gray.

I know neutral colors are great and I preach about them all the time Summer is the time.

We need to step outside your comfort zone a little bit I feel like I have a horn here for some reason And the fifth and final thing on this list is a pair of sunglasses now What can I say about sunglasses that really needs to be set? You can find them anywhere.

You can get them like $20 ones from Joe Fresh.

Like I did Joe Fresh is like the Canadian version of hmm and boy Do you go up to all the way up to? $600 a pair of Tom Ford's but these are great for this summer time not just because of their functionality But it's a great accessory to your outfit now, you know sunglasses and coming to bajillion styles in a bajillion colors But if you don't know where to start I personally stay stick with either aviator frames weigh frames or cub master frames these are timeless classic and they'll fit the majority of their faith face shapes out there because they are balance between Barely structured and also fairly unstructured you can actually see my ring light in the camera which always gets fun for me to play with But I also recommend to experiment a little bit with the colors.

Don't just go with black or brown.

That's great.

That's great That's basic.

But then again, you don't want to be basic anymore being basics not cool You're not getting any cloud being basic.

I personally play around a lot of new friends Maybe try out a pair of gold frames silver flames, maybe like a tortoise shell some different Prints on the glass and a person find something that you like, but make sure it follows some basic men style Principles like the different shapes of glasses network with the best Spade shapes.

That's it for me today guys Those are my top five men's Styles.

Summer style essentials for 2019 If you guys enjoyed this video be sure to drop a like and subscribe to the channel for more men's lifestyle content like this along with style grooming daily relationship advice and over a confidence filling building videos to help you look better dress better act better and ultimately Be better.

Thank you guys so much for watching.

I hope to see you in the next video Also, my new lighting is kind of fire and I love it.


[Music] hey y'all miles here so today your girl brought out ten outfits for you guys to see on this rack some of these are my favorite outfits and some I will be shoving and we'll get into that a little bit later but for now let's just start out

with our first outfit which is what I have on right now this I wear this every freaking day if I quit it's got if you guys didn't know it's been hot as balls here in the state of Los Angeles we've had so many fires and just everything is

on fire all the time I just don't want to wear new clothes I don't I don't have time I'm sweating 24/7 even when it's nighttime it feels like Vegas it's kind of insane I don't want to wear anything sleeves like at all I really so many shirts because

of the sweat stains and I've had to get rid of them and I just don't have time for that anymore so as you can see we've got a nice I don't even know what you'd call this like a halter top you know tie it in the back you

know the back is completely exposed that way my sweaty back isn't even touching anything okay except for this part back here these are my favorite shorts of all time they fit perfectly around my waist or stomach as it would be and even though they rip it like right

here my Bowie cheek is kind of out I still think it's kind of a look you know and my booty gets a nice little breeze every now and then you know and she deserves to when you find a good pair of fitting jeans like you just don't let

those go you know you have to keep them so that's what I'm gonna do with this outfit all right next outfit guys so this is hard looking like I'm bout to go play in the NBA so this is like it's big faux suede jersey two-piece I don't know

what you want to call it I got this from the Melrose flea market which is this little thing that happens every Sunday for you in LA where a lot of independent fashion designers and things of that nature will come down and sell their stuff and you would think

that it would get really really hot under this thing which you know it is slightly moisturize under it right now because I it's hot in my apartment luckily there's little holes in this fabric so it's breathable and I can feel the air rushing through and because it has

little holes you really have to be careful about what kind of underwear you're wearing because I had some polka dot underwear on one time when I was wearing it was just so visible like everyone could see it but nobody said anything and that's how I know all my

friends are fake and you can also tuck it in if you're that kind of girl I mean I guess I could pull them down a little bit these shorts are still really high on me and I don't have no no kind of booty or nothing all right oh

yeah this one's canceled I changed my mind about Herman these next five outfits I will be selling on this app called Poshmark so I'm sure some of y'all have heard Poshmark before but in case you haven't it's an app where you can sell some of your used organ

closed so instead of putting these on I'm just gonna talk about them because I don't want to get my makeup on it and have to watch them all over again before I have to sell them into somebody both each of these outfits has a little story and have

probably been featured in a video his first tank top is something that I got while I believe I was in Europe somewhere in Europe I was doing the detour so homegirl is very well-traveled I think I bought her in Germany and then I traveled to Italy the UK

and Ireland in her she's definitely got a lot of good energy my next homegirl is someone you might recognize it man lumpy Space Princess like our lumps are just so very long this is the lumpy Space Princess from adventure time on a body suit I definitely didn't wear

as often I just feel like my junk kept popping out like there's just not enough protection for me my next shirt is also very well-traveled it is this pink and white striped shirt I took this with me to Korea back in 2016 I wore it at a meet-up

at that meetup is when I realized that I could never wear it again because the buttons didn't button up when I was wearing a bra so it was just like open and just like I don't know just something wasn't looking right our next home girl is crazy she's

wild she came from my scene phase yes she is old okay but she looks brand new because I've only worn it like two times like and here she has the beautiful just super bright I think this is made from trip yep this is a trip NYC product so

if you're still punk rock and still feeling edgy and still feel like you could put something together with this please take this outfit so these are the matching pants and if you look really closely on the pant you can see they put little skulls as a decoration near

the pockets and last and certainly the least is this Hello Kitty black-and-white striped dress now if you guys are avid Watchers on my channel and followed me away back in like 2012 then you'll know where this dress comes from and I'm surprised I've kept it for this long

I just never found the energy to get rid of her before story times were called story times I made a story time about how I was manhandled and got a drink spilled on me by a drunk lady and this woman spilled wine on my dress and you can

still kind of see the wine stains although they're super super light now but um they're there so I'm selling her just because I feel like she just deserves a home you know I only wore this not that many times and I still feel like she has a lot

to offer we're gonna give her a nice little bath later to get rid of some of these stains so you like any of these outfits make sure you check out my closet I'll put the name of it right over here and there will be a link down below

in the description that you can click to download the Poshmark app make sure you check me oh I'm also not just selling clothes but I will be selling makeup as well who knows maybe a few we review Winx will be on there and if you guys have a

closet I'm Poshmark as well I encourage you to let people know down below and don't worry girl the app is free alright now I'm gonna put on my next outfit girl BRB so this outfit I've been told looks like Jubilee and IKEA and I'll take both of them

hi this is my favorite skirt of a long time she's got pocket that's important like I could fit my phone in this pocket like it's a deep pocket and plus it's kind of I don't even know I don't know if this is real leather or fake leather but

whatever the material is it's great like it feels great and the inside is lined with like silk and for this top I actually got this at a thrift store it is stained with something that I did not stain it with okay I like I didn't put any makeup

on it at all and what makes this a great summer outfit is because well my legs are out there's a nice breeze flowing through my legs and this shirt is made from I believe polyester but it's very thin and kind of see-through even though they look that because

of how bright the yellow is since the material is super light the wind just flows right through her like oh nice little breeze I wore this to the beach and it was the best decision I ever made on to my next y'all back so this outfit I found

at fashion Nova as you can see oh she's long and you can't see the full length of a skirt um you know she's got a little bit of leg I really love the skirt more than like the top the top is kind of hard to put on if

you've got makeup on like this hole right here is not big head friendly plus one of the straps broke it's supposed to close she used to have sleeves too but those ripped off because they were like those sleeves that were like what attached so like the size of

anyway just to sum it up I got this on the still rack at fashion Nova yeah yeah this is also a very beautiful color in lavender I don't really own anything that's lavender except for this and my last outfit is this all black number now I know what

you're thinking all whack in summer well let me put it on for you girl and I'll be right back now this shirt is 100% too tight on me but honey she is mesh so it kind of acts more as like a second skin I'm still sweating but can

you see the sweat no you absolutely cannot even though it's gathering in my armpits you can't see any drip drip you can't see anything because the shirt is absorbing all of it so I really have to be careful where I go when I have this mesh shirt on

because mesh shirts will expose you and your Bo it doesn't matter how much cologne or deodorant you are wearing because this shirt will absorb all of that sweat so when I'm wearing this are trying not to go to clubs even though this is like a clubbing shirt all

weird every someone's a lot of club oh my kid but uh normally when I wear it's because I'm going out to somewhere and I know it'll be hot and I knew I want my skin to be able to breathe and for you pants yeah girl their pants it's

not a dress so these pants so as you can see she's like um they're called Palazzo pant palazzo pants I think they're cool and they're also made from a sheer material which means you again you have to be careful what kind of undies you wearing I have white

undies on but I put a little black shirt on underneath them even if one little sliver of my white undies appears like you can see it and those are my 10 favorite summer outfits as you can see I have a very specific style in mind and that style

is nothing to wear nothing that's a be ideal outfit it's to just be naked so big thanks to Poshmark for sponsoring today's video and if you like my clothes or my makeup I hurt her make sure to check out the link down below to download the Poshmark app

and check out my closet which again will be so did you guys have a favorite outfit please let me know down below okay so until next time it's been me miles J and I was like you guys all later [Music] [Music] [Music]

10 Summer Fashion Essentials! Curvy Style Guide for Summer!

Hey guys! It's Sierra and today I'm gonnabe showing you my top ten summer fashion essentials.

So, this video was actuallysupposed to go out on Tuesday.



but today is not Tuesday it's Friday because yourgirl actually had a little bit of a health scare.

I was in the hospital onSunday and I've been recovering since then.

But, today I'm actually feeling goodenough and I'm gonna film this video and then rush off to VidCon tomorrow.

If youwant to see more about that you can go onto my vlog channel but I just wantedto let you guys know because I don't usually miss posting days, but I'm gonnabe back on schedule now with Tuesday and Friday videos.

Now enough about me, let'sget into these summer fashion essentials! The first thing, definitely a staple inmy wardrobe is an awesome pair of high-waisted denim shorts.

Jean shortsare just kind of like a summer essential and a high-waisted fit is perfect for acurvy body shape.

Whether you have a little bit more around the middle oryou're a more petite curvy girl this will really emphasize that hourglassfigure and smooth your tummy.

I did a whole video a few weeks ago about thebest denim shorts for a curvy body so if you guys want to find out which denimshorts you should get you can click that card right up there for that video! Inthe summer I'm always looking for ways that I can beat the heat and a chiffonmaxi dress is a great way to do that while still having a really cute outfit.

It's hot, so lightweight maxi dresses will keep you cool and airy and chiffonis an especially light fabric.

In dresses like this that are more loose and flowy, I always like to look for elastic in the waist so that it can still define mycurves.

It's an easy way to flatter a curvy figure and still get thatlightweight flowy look that a maxi dress will give you.

Crop tops are definitely asummer essential for me! I've done a whole video on how to choose flatteringcrop tops for a curvy body shape, so I will link that in the description alongwith all the other videos I'm mentioning here.

But, spoiler alert from that video!One of my favorites is a wrap style crop top.

Wrap style crop tops are soflattering on a curvy figure even if you have a little extraaround the middle like me.

They also work great with high-waisted jeans shorts soyou can mix and match different shorts and wrap style crop tops to make reallycute summer outfits.

Find a great pair of high-waisted pattern swim bottoms youcan mix and match with different tops.

High-waisted bottoms are a great fit fora curvy figure especially if you look for ruching or fabric gathers along themiddle.

That'll really smooth out your midsection and I feel like it's harderto find good fitting bottoms than good fitting tops.

So, if you find that goodpair of pattern bottoms you can get a bunch of simple colored tops that youcan mix and match with those bottoms to create a variety of different swim looks.

Having a few lightweight rompers and jumpsuits are great for putting togethera really simple no effort outfit! It's a really easy one piece look and I like togo for looser fitting lightweight jump suits with a defined waist so that theykeep me nice and cool in the hot weather and also if you go for basic coloredrompers and jumpsuits you can mix and match them with different patternkimonos to create a variety of looks.

Flowy shorts or soft shorts are a greatalternative to denim since denim shorts can be a little bit hot in the summer.

Ifyou want something a little bit lighter and cooler and loose-fittingtry some flowy shorts.

I like to go for patterned flowy shorts so that those canbe more of a statement piece of the outfit and I can mix and match them withdifferent basic colored tees.

Having a few go t-shirt dresses in your wardrobeis great because you can just throw them on and make a simple look when you don'treally feel like putting together an outfit.

Shirt dresses are really comfy andperfect for summer but sometimes they can be a little bit shapeless so you canalways add a simple thin belt at the waist to find your figure if that'ssomething you're worried about.

You guys know I am a huge fan of kimonos! Kimonosare a great way to add a pop of color to your outfit and add a little extracoverage without adding extra layers.

If you were to try to cover up somespaghetti straps with a sweater or a cardigan in the summer it would just beway too hot.

But, kimonos are light and airy and don't have a lot of fabric tothem and not only do kimonos add that extra coverage but they're actually reallyuseful for when you're walking out in the sun all day because they'll give yousome extra coverage from the sun and prevent getting a sunburn all over yourshoulders.

I like to buy patterned kimonos so that I can layer them with more basicdresses rompers jumpsuits and tees and shorts combos.

In the summer, I like toget one go-to pair of brown strappy sandals that I can wear with pretty muchany outfit.

These ones are from JustFab.

They're just a really simple flatcomfortable brown sandal.

They're way more dressy than my ratty old flip-flops, so I can wear them with a jumpsuit or a maxi dress but they still are casualenough to work with my jean shorts and t-shirts.

They're super super versatile!Simple tops like tees, tanks or crop tops are great for layering with differentpattern kimonos or just pairing with some jean shorts.

This makes creatingreally simple summer outfits a lot easier if you have a few go-to basicshirts in your wardrobe that you know you like and you know you feel good in.

My favorite basic tees are from Madewell and Express.

I will link both ofthose in the description but these are great for layering and just for casualeveryday summer looks.

Thanks so much for watching! I hope you guys enjoyed thisvideo and I am so happy to be back and feeling better and filming! If you wantto see my last video, that was a summer lookbook, some of my favorite summeroutfits.

You can click that card right up there to watch that and make sure you'vegot those notifications on so you can be notified every time I upload! I usuallypost on Tuesdays and Fridays! Thanks so much for watching! I love you guys all soso much and I will see you on Tuesday with another new video.






hopefully nothing bad happens before before then! Bye!.

Try-on Summer Fashion Haul (KOREAN SUB)

[Music] hi everyone welcome back to my channel today I have a fashion haul I thought because it's the Sun right now it would be a perfect time to show you guys like a clothing and accessories haul for the summer I went to quite a few different brands I

think I went to Jimmy Zara for between one and I also did some online shopping through a sauce so I do have quite a variety to share with you guys so if you guys are curious to what I purchased and just keep on watching the first items that

I do want to share with you guys is not purchased by me but was actually sent to me by Daniel Wellington so Daniel Wellington contacted me they asked me if I wanted to try out where their watches they asked me to just pick out anything from their website

and so I chose this one watch called classic petit Bondi I believe and it was in the color white and with silver I believe there was silver and rose gold but I chose silver because I just felt like white and silver would match me better during the summer

time they sent me a watch and strap and so I have it right here with me their packaging is super cute when I saw this oh my gosh my cute this is the box they sent me the watch in you open it up and it has Daniel Wellington

right there and then get out of the box we have Lee and after you take it out of that case you have this and you open it up and you see this watch I think this one is a little bit smaller than most of their watches that they

have this part is silver the other one that they had the other color was in rose gold and I think that's the stuff they sent me the color in you can change this dress I think right here yeah they send this little tool I usually wear watches on

my left wrist so that's where I'm going to [Music] if you guys want to purchase Daniel Wellington watch I will have a coupon code for you guys Daniel Wellington was kind enough to offer you guys a coupon code so over in this video I will have a coupon

codes I'll also have their website listed in the description box they're also having an event so make sure to go check that out I'll have all the information listed in the description box move on to my second item I have this shirt I actually got this from zoomies

and I got it in the men's section I went through their website and sometimes I just like the graphic tees a lot better with the men's section so I placed an order online and then I went to go pick it up so I didn't really know the sizing

of it I went to the zoomies website saw that this was like a new new item that they had and I really liked the colors if you guys can see the colors right here on me just show you is like orange and purple I think I did kind

of go wrong with society because it was the men's section and I decided to get a large and I was thinking in my head I'm going to get like a very oversized shirt so I could kind of wear it as like a t-shirt dress I think maybe a

medium would have done but I don't know I don't like it it's pretty ok I mean the sizing is not too bad as you guys can see it has like the adidas sign right here with the logo I just think this is like perfect for the summer I

love the colors [Music] maybe if you're looking for like an oversized shirt and you're around like by size don't get the large I guess a medium because I think I'll be probably enough like enough to be an oversized shirt but I kind of went overboard I guess it's

okay but it is a little bit too big but I just think the colors are so pretty I really really really like it I don't know if zooming is still selling it on their website maybe check it out I'll link it in the description box if I can

find it but maybe if they don't have the online just go to their offline store nearby you and see if they have it or not so yeah next two items I fit in the zoomies bag but it's not from julie's it's from a sauce on a sauce they

have different brands that they sell and I found weekday and I saw these t-shirt dresses you guys know where I'm kind of going with this I think for summer I kind of went a little bit with like the t-shirt dresses and everything which is why I bought this

I'm like an oversized sheriff in the men's section but I found these two t-shirt dresses and they were like low in stock but I managed to get two of them and the size small so yeah but I got this one and the color yellow and as you guys

can see even the small is really oversized it did say like huge t-shirt dress in the description so this is the first one and the color yellow and then I got another one which I've in love with the color and everything it's kind of like a lilac pink

in the description I think it said pink but it looks more like a lilac color to me so really really really like it it's okay a sock also does a thing where they give you discounts if your students so make sure to check that out too if you're

interested because I think you get like a 10% 10% off for being a student so very nice with that I Rex's ara and I purchased two things the first item that I purchased was a t-shirt and I think sometimes I get distance I got this t-shirt in a

size medium it's not oversized it's like a loose fit just a gray shirt and then it had like the word gray and then it's crossed out I thought it was like a nice casual t-shirt to just wear during the summer so I have this it's cuffed right here

so next one is the shirt I joined this one is the most summer like the most bummer to me I got this in a size X small a small with a little bit too big so I decide to go to the X small because it was like a

nice fit so I got the X ball in this one I thought if I went to the beach with it it would just look really really nice and I feel like in California the summer weather is really weird like during the afternoons like super hot and then once

it is like certain time during the night time it gets like a little bit chilly kind of so I felt like this would be like nice just wear like a t-shirt with shorts and then during the night time just to have this on as I go outerwear kind

of thing it split in the back [Music] already at the last shopping bag I got clothes from forever21 this time around when I went to Del Amo I went to Del Amo none of you guys that watch my videos live in Turin because I don't live around there

but I always go to Del long room and I like shop around there so let me know in the comments if any of you guys live around there but anyway I went there and they have like a lot of different clothing brands so I went to there for

over 21 I was looking around and I saw some things that I wanted so I got it first thing is the shirt and I love the colors in here I just love it so much it's a nice orange II type of color and I thought this would be

just so cute for the summer I got this in a size small so you have like your orange shirt and it says right here buys I don't know if you can see you don't come I think what you see on camera is like the color that it is

it's kind of not really like a bright orange it's more like a kind of toned down orange so yeah I got this skirt to match with like this shirt because I wanted to wear the shirt and a skirt together because I thought it looks really cute I got

this start in a size small [Music] this shirt right here this one's a black lace-up t-shirt and I got this in a size small I thought it would look really good with just like some higher Schwartz some jeans maybe oh no but I thought it would look good

so I got this shirt and the last items I have are a few necklaces I bought these three necklaces right here this one is in a denim blue so I thought it would look cute during summer just to wear like with a t-shirt or something nice detail then

got this one hmm I like it and then I got the last one which is this one right here it's just a white plain choker I just wanted like a regular choker with nothing on it just white so at this one that's pretty much it for today's video

I hope you guys enjoyed it if you liked this video please don't forget to give it a thumbs up and if you haven't already please subscribe to this channel I'll see you guys in my next video bye

HSN | Sunday Fashion Edit with Callie – Countdown to Summer 05.10.2020 – 10 AM

Chris reps at 1-800 to 84 3, 900 [Music] hi everyone good morning happy Mother's Day to all of you who are moms and I know everybody's watching has one so we celebrate all women today i'm callie northagen and this is kind of our countdown to summer which means our countdown to spring fashions for the sunday fashion edit we've got two more weekend's after this but i'm super excited about our show today i'm wearing to dg2 a cute little flutter sleeve tee it's actually not scheduled in the show but i loved it so much that i had to wear it it is available for you got a few available i'm share with you the colors in a moment then we have the cutest and i'm so mad they couldn't find my size when I was back at surrogate and getting ready for the show the cutest new pants look at this cropped linen wide leg pant from Diane Gilman she'll be skyping in this morning here's Christina what a great look again it's a linen blend cropped pant but with that wide leg and nice deep pockets wow this is a really dressy kind of casual option in my opinion and is our smart deal of the show coming up in this first hour 6 9 7 8 to 5 big customer pick and then look at the other colors we've got these bright pinks and turquoise and khaki and I'm looking forward to that then because I'm having some serious Harry o shoes these days without the salons being open I have so much damage to my hair these days I don't even know what to do except for there is a solution from South Korea thanks to Chelsea Scott the beauty spy she's going to be joining us with this customer pick it's more MO this is literally magic in 10 seconds it is the most soft and beautiful experience you put this in your hair it comes out shiny it's like a it's almost like a shampoo alternative but it's literally 10 seconds and you're fit hair feels like silk on the other side that's coming up and another customer pick of course five four nine six nine six and then another really cute thing you might have seen me yesterday with my Saturday show with Alice I was wearing this duster oh I don't see the color I wore yesterday it may be sold out but I'm gonna be switching into this next hour it's from Giuliana Rancic it is the it's called a long shirt if you're ordering using Express but I love it it's long more like a duster but you can also certainly pull this off as a dress so we'll see what I can come up with we've got a couple florals I love this green look at this pretty it's called Jade floral I think that's really really dynamite it is also coming up next our giuliana will be skyping in as well so we've got a really full show scheduled for you this morning as we're all celebrating mom so this might be your day to treat yourself to something special I decided I'm gonna do the same thing so we're gonna talk about what that means and more but I want to say a big good morning to my friend Debbie Denman happy Mother's Day to you my friends Mother's Day Mother's Day to all of you please let me know what you have planned today we'd love to hear what you have planned yesterday I had dinner out for the very first time did my social distance ain't had some great diver scallops oh they were so good anyway I digress and they went to the beach a little bit and you spent time on the boat I'm just kind of getting out of the house so let me know what you guys are doing you could be grilling at home and you could be a mom to your four legged friends or mentoring a niece or a neighbor you know we're moms in so many different ways very true I couldn't agree with you more and moms are what makes the world go around them so whatever kind of mom you are or you're celebrating today thanks for letting us be a part of that we've got two great hours of fashion and then we'll talk hair care in just a moment but you know we get to start with oh my gosh Debbie's carrying it the today's special from Patricia Nash is on fire oh my gosh and they already lost one choice oh we have that we dorable I'm gonna walk off with this one well isn't our finest value of the day and I'm not kidding over I think three or four thousand are gone already we lost a color we got more to share right now [Music] well Kenya's wearing the one I'm getting for myself for Mother's Day I fell in love with that white it is the most gorgeous leather from Patricia Nash it is brand-new and exclusive however it is designed after one of her bestsellers last year that was more expensive and a little smaller this is the sweet spot in terms of size and it is very rare to find a patricia nash handbag at under $200 they're more like two to three sometimes even $400 because of the quality because in this case and in so many of the cases of her designs it's all about that original vintage kind of old-world look but it's very very modern and edgy I want to share with you the choices that color in the white is that soft beautiful leather this is such a beautiful bag will go through specifics and details but notice this is a buckle this is actually a snap this is all leather underneath the front flap it's two separate compartments which means this do you see that that's like your entire wallet in one bag that's also your crossbody organizer it's a brilliant design but you know what else is brilliant these are all brand-new so we have new exotic textiles or I should say skins because down below we've got three croco embossed leathers I want to share with you the colors you saw Debbie holding the cognac we have this in the Navy these are all gorgeous croco embossed leathers a hundred percent leather front to back the crossbody strap included the bottom you can see it stands up on its own it's got nice structure but it is so soft then we've got this in red what a beautiful choice and by the way that's a wood buckle so it's really extraordinary what she has done here and I know it took a long time to really accomplish this we have this beautiful choice called citrus sunshine isn't that pretty I know does Patricia has been requested to put more purples into some of her designs and so this one is here for you and again nowhere else in the world will you find this bag one more color choice I showed you the white my personal favorite but this one it's called Positano lee-moan this is a bag she designed after being inspired by traveling to Italy and experiencing that exotic part of the world this one is super limited I want to share that with you out of the gate because we did lose the Python since we launched at midnight this will be the next to go with this Positano lee-moan which is so indicative a very high-end status designer in Italy that card charges thousands of dollars for any of his are there lemon kind of motifs but we've got all these choices for you free shipping on our bags and all patricia handbags today for Mother's Day 5 flex on all Patricia panache handbags today and of course in all fashions for that matter for Mother's Day so which one are you going to choose I know some of us have been so struggling with the right choice because it's almost impossible to pick a favorite but I have a favorite and she's joining us 2 this afternoon I should say this morning be a Skype from her place in Knoxville Tennessee Patricia believe everybody was you know we are all kind of staying at home together my mother's here too so with all this horrible stuff going on it's amazing we're all with family but this bag I was so excited because because of the organization and the size of it but also these leathers these are all new and just absolutely amazing this citrus sunshine in front of me I've got this pink little Rouge sweater on this morning and it's just you know it's one of those prints that picks up everything so you can wear which is absolutely everything good wear with black with denim with khaki I mean just absolutely everything you could even wear it with another print you know there's so many of those little ditzy prints this has looked beautiful with that look at that so that snaps on both sides I noticed it was unsnapped when you open it so it is secure ladies when you get that I just want you to know that and it snaps really super easy you know as you remember Callie you mentioned earlier we did this in a really small crossbody and we did one for HSN and did really super well but we had one and said you know what I love that organizer in it but could you make it a medium size you know I carry a little bit more stuff I have a full wallet and I have I also like that organizer for all my you know membership cards and all my you know cards to get in this place in that place and all that stuff so we came up with this bag and last night we launched it the first and only place to buy this bag yeah the first and only place I mean it's exclusive forever yeah exactly this is me we sold so many last night well over 4, 000 at this point I mean that's a huge chunk of the quantities that you were able to bring to us for this incredible day to celebrate mom but it's also you know a big feat when you think about the fact these are not made on a big factory line these are made let's talk about the process the quality of the leathers you use the burnishing of the edges I mean the hands that touch these bags to create these masterpieces I always say these are artisans they really are in this leather and these prints and these techniques you know I spent years in outside of santa croce italy from learning from the very best and the craftsmanship from all these vintage bags I bought look at the burnishing that crock that were shown today is all hand burnished but here's some more craftsmanship but all that crop in the front cally yeah this one yeah all of those do you remember all my tooling bags well this is similar we tol this pattern on here but then all that high and low color is all burnished which is like a polish and stained by hand by a little round sponge that goes across this whole skin and it gives it such a authentic look you know I love crock bags and Python all these exotics snakes all my life but they always felt hard yes dance and they just I don't know they just didn't feel real you know and this burnishing that gives it all that high and low natural color to me makes it seem so authentic like you had this crock bag that's been in your closet you know for 50 years it just looks amazing and it's got this nice gloss to it but look at all the space there so you got that main compartment with this too elastic pockets on one side the full zip on the other side which is awesome but then when you open up that back side here we go this is the magic that's my favorite part before you open up the back part look there's a slit behind it so open that up go ahead and open up that now behind the organizer is a slit there yeah there you go so that's another good secure area phone whatever I mean important papers I mean whatever look at that then we've got two pockets for different things look at that deep pocket and a secure zip pocket so if you carry a checkbook a big phone money receipts all the time I mean Amy last night said she has Christmas receipts to honor this you know and then the strap is the same thing so it's got great structure on it like you said it can stand it can sit up on the counter but it's so soft it's just going to just you know lay so beautifully on your body oh my gosh no see that balloon the croco embossed leather genuinely looks like it's real crocodile skin which you can know that would be I mean add a couple zeros because that's how expensive crock is you have done an amazing animal and you know make it extinct one day so it's beautiful to take cow leather like this full grain vegetable tan leather and turn it into this beautiful art you know this showing here just the tooling that's the same way we're doing this crock we're doing it like a tooling and then and then putting all that stain across that panel like you see it so I couldn't be more proud of this this is the first crock I've ever done it took me over a year and a half almost two years to go to perfect you just get it perfect and it feels and looks as beautiful as it does on TV it's so vintage it's so high-quality it's all about craftsmanship with your bags they come with a lifetime limited warranty we've got extended returns right now through these crazy times normally it's 30 days now it's 90 so you've got all that extra time if it's for you and I hope so because I am getting myself that white one for Mother's Day today I decided it's amazing you know in 70 things to do the high-end designers used to do all these contrasting white vegetable tan leather with it was just such a crisp great look well I saw it back last year when I when I actually when I was in England and this big luxury shopping I went oh my gosh is that coming back I don't know if it is or not but I just think it's so striking I do so casual and it makes you be able to wear this that white bag more than just a few months a year no exactly I just realized this morning I'm like I have never had a white handbag and I just stopped in my tracks when I saw this one I love the combination of the white and the tan leather I have to update you guys though the one you're seeing right here in Christina the Positano Limon this one is gonna be the next to sell out we have less than 300 to go around you guys so we sold out of the Python between midnight and now that one's gonna sell out with about 250 only available for the rest of the day tell us your inspiration on this one he was special it really is special I got goose bumps I promise you I really do because it was a really a beautiful moment being there in Amalfi Coast and Positano and we were just driving around the cliffs and all of a sudden cut out of this cliff is a ceramic factory and we go in and all this pottery that they do and they hand they're doing it right there and you see them painting the the ceramics and I saw this cobalt blue that they're painting on the spot and then they're putting painting lemons because you know these big lemons are huge and the Amalfi Coast and I thought oh my gosh I gotta do that I've seen luxury designers in Europe do it before and I didn't really get their inspiration but it really ends up being the most amazing amazing craftsmanship that's been around for like two hundred years so I said I've got to put this on a handbag and that cobalt blue is so beautiful it almost looks black you could wear it forever I'm gonna show everybody the up-close shots of this because this one is almost gone I mean 250 is nothing compared to the already over 4, 500 bags I think that have been sold already today and this one is stuffed out by the way I'm gonna pull out yeah so you can see everything that you can put in here and then I'll give you the details in terms of size 10 in length almost three in the width about seven in the height or just under and then this strap this is an adjustable crossbody from 24 to 27 inches and that's all leather this is all leather the let the buckle is beautiful dyed to match wood but the Navy as you said on this lemon okay it looks like it's hand painted I really want to do it sure that look of just you know hand painting on there and look at the inside that glazed beautiful cobalt blue it's just it's just amazing and I mean Callie tell them how amazing soft it is it just is it's just as I'm speechless with these new leathers because they're I think that the best we've ever done there's 12 different pockets I mean 12 total pockets dual compartment design heavy hand crafted stitching so you can you know this will take some beating and wear and tear the front I'm gonna show you I mean there's a whole bunch of stuff we had stuff pushed in here yeah I mean and that's just the beginning there's a pocket on this side you could put your cell phone or your eyeglasses there's a zippered compartment back here under the flap right here this is genuine suede this is all vegetable dyed leather it's such looking soft I know I and it's gonna be like that forever I mean it's just gonna get softer over time I love the positioning of the strap too you know we haven't spoke about that yet but the strap is in it is right in the middle of the bag so no matter what side you have it on it's not twisting to side to side you know that the Rings aren't out here on the outside of the bag they're coming right out from the bag right so yeah and women have telling me they really love that much better than when they're outside of the bag because it lays on their body it doesn't pull like when they have it on a crossbody it doesn't pull on their body it just stays where it's supposed to stay so it's it's really one of those really comfortable bags the weight at this bag I don't know what it is but Cali it has to be about a pound pound and a half maybe I mean it's not sure I'm not know I'm telling you okay I have to update everybody because they're so so popular today I am thrilled about this this is a bag designed after another customer pick called the frenzy that you did last year for us which I love but it was smaller and this one now with a dual compartment you've made it a tiny bit bigger so it's more of a medium satchel as I said ten inches in length about four in the width about seven in the height so it's really the sweet spot but I have to update on color options because we will be losing I have a prediction we will not have lemon after this show and it's early in California some people might not even woken up to see this yet there's less than 200 now available in the lemon the next one is my favorite in the white and so I'm getting a little nervous and I'm going to order mine when I we go to the five and five with Debbie because this is the one I'm going to treat myself to for Mother's Day today I love the contrast stitching that beautiful inside look at that yeah gorgeous I bet that's just the same whether you would see you know we talked about this cally but it's so so true that you would see in Florence or Santa Croce or Milan it's the same exact vegetable Italian vegetable tan leather it's just amazing really and then this one is so fun I heard you say something about how many requests you've been getting about having Purple's in your bag in the citrus sunrise isn't yeah it really was fun you know this this came from a dress that I got in London and I just I was just kind of keeping my eye open for things that had more purples in there and summer Reds and I found this and I thought wow this is just beautiful I've never seen anything like it we kind of modified the colors a little bit to be rich and really look great with this tan veget and trim on it so I it couldn't be more beautiful I know I mean that's why I've got it as my pick today because I just think it just is just so yummy and have you ever done croco-embossed leathers in the past this is the nose right it's the first you know years ago it's our 10th anniversary I think it was nice for three thank you I think it was my second year I started developing a croc and I felt like it was disastrous it was hard it felt like a shell you know it didn't and I just didn't go forward with it and then over the years I kept saying I wish I could do this really hand burnish croc and people would always tell me oh that's that's gonna be so hard to do it's gonna be so expensive and so just on and off over the years I've been working on it and I got really serious about it and about a year and a half two years ago we started working on it again and the magic was at the end was that hand burnishing so you can see all that high low color and even you can see it in the cobalt blue you can see it back this is funny but to have that croc embossed leather that's not hard but still holds its structure I mean it's important right we want it to hold its structure that's all in the magic of how it's been sewn but that article is so soft and so beautiful it's gonna look like that gosh forever and I mean that's why your bags are so multi-generational because moms buy them for themselves and then give them to their daughters and daughters give them to their daughters and my grandmothers give them to their granddaughters well if you can possibly imagine parting with them but the point I'm making is the quality is so so superb that they stand the test of time it they're in style for years we've talked to women together when we're together here on air of women who have owned your bags for I mean a lot longer than you've had your own line because yeah I know you used to design bags for other very expensive name brands and then friends encouraged you to branch out and you did 10 years ago and now look at you and thank you for being such a stickler for quality because your name is attached to these bags and that's yeah you know it keeps getting better that's what I'm so proud about you know in this 10th year I just it was kind of a really emotional rewind of my whole career and what I was doing and I really wanted to make them better how can I make it even better and I really honestly feel like these have just evolved to being such an amazing value function the leather is so unique and so special and it's me making it it's not like buying it off a shelf and sending it to a factory to make this is real work together with tanneries and designers and artists and technicians of how can we make this feel and look like a vintage crop and they absolutely nailed it I couldn't be more prouder and the value on this ladies is just incredible so we're so true and that's why I love this point in particular I love it's the sweet spot size but it's inspired by the vintage European style with a modern Flair that you're so famous for yet in fact I see so many people our friends on face are just loving I'm dia saying that if you're tonal dresser these bags are great for adding those stylish pops of color so true speaking of which I have to update you and we're gonna check in with Debbie here in a second this is almost gone and I am so sorry I wish I didn't have to say it up but that's just the reality these are made one at a time it does not it's not a small feat to get quantities of this you know these numbers in for one day and one day only also by the way seventy dollars less today then it will be if you waited until tomorrow even if one bag and one color choice was available but it's $70 off today five flex for anybody shopping with any major credit card debit card PayPal is all accepted HSN card holders can add even a 6 flex to get theirs delivered making it about 26 27 dollars oh you should open up an HSN card today because they can take this purchase Patricia that this is not something we do very often but that would make this handbag instead of 229 119 so Jemaine putting that out there to open up that HSN card makes you a VIP shopper instantly but last call on the Positano lee-moan I can't even believe how quickly these are going today we did lose the Python unfortunately the next to go is probably gonna be the white and tan from what I've been told next up we've got this beautiful citrus sunrise that's a wonderful pop of color and then three croco embossed choices the Navy the red and the cognac or the luggage your choices are here thank you for your orders with almost actually we just passed 5000 well over 5000 already and it's early so thank you for joining us on the sunday fashion edit we're gonna check in with Debbie she's got she's always got an interesting perspective on fashion so let's see what she's got this morning well what I love I love a neutral bag ladies because you know we like to have the pop of color we like to have our you know embroidery with Diane Gilman this is coming up in the 5 and 5 by the way anyway but this is so incredibly cute because I think this is the best buy for me because I wanted to take me through all the seasons and this is going to be beautiful in the fall it's going to be beautiful in the winter and it's right now what so when you put on those bright colors the Pops of Pink's the yellows the corals this to me is that neutral bag where it really just kind of tones everything down and it's very very roomy you guys so you've got all the details this little wooden detail that makes it so global chic this croco and dass embossed leather but look at what you can get in here I've got my my phone in here I've got my little comb in here I have water in here Callie are you thirsty I mean it's obviously there's a lot I mean I love Patricia that you gave us so much room and then you know you can do it as a crossbody or you can even when you turn it around the back I mean you have I mean I have a little boy his nose is always dirty but it's just a cute cute classy bag and I like what Dan Slattery said she called this classy you guys it's classy yeah and it takes you through all the seasons yeah because I like extra extra you know I'm you know everything's got to be big and fabulous and I love all the details with my Diane Gilman have a purse that is neutral that goes with everything whether you're wearing a print whether embroidery and it's busy and lots of color this will take you through years and years and years of all the fashions and that's what I believe when you're trying to get that investment bag this is that investment bag that you'll wear all the time it will be a go to good point Thank You Debbie I love her perspective and she's right I love the fact the practicality of it aside from it being so stunningly beautiful and Deanna's also or Diane is saying what a statement piece and she could tell it's a patricia nash bag i love the functionality of it because look it's dual compartments this time patricia you've done a lot of these wonderful cross bodies that were that wallet on you know honest on a strap basically but now you've added this extra compartment so i love the fact that it's the perfect size for me i have a lot of bigger bags and I have a couple small bags but it's very hard to find this perfect size of 10 inches in length about three or two and a half in the width but you can see how much that expands and then it stands about almost 7 inches in height so really really beautifully done thank you I mean it's got such security to it as well I mean we we keep just flapping it open without the snaps on there but it is so easy you know more now more than ever we don't like to lay our things down everywhere right so you're on a counter you're going to check out or whatever you wanted to get in and out it's awesome just to keep that bag on your shoulder you know unsnap that side it falls open you get whatever you want in it Yury snap it back up and you and you're gone yes Oh easy so it's so easy because these days I don't want to put anything on a counter I try not to touch anything I'm in and out of that grocery store and as fast as I can now you can keep it right here open up your wallet and there's all your information snap it back up on the other side you've got all your essentials but it's brilliant last call on the lemon I hope we even have enough for next hour one we're gonna repeat this I think we've got about a hundred and fifty now available in lemon we've got the white tan my pick love the citrus sunshine or sunrise and then in the croco-embossed leathers down below the cognac the Navy the red all yours for literally about a thirty dollar investment today you just pay those monthly payments and right now with 90 days to enjoy your investment you can enjoy it and see what you think and see what everybody else loves about it to get ready to get stopped in your tracks though 703 973 is the item number of our today's special we do have matching wallets those are getting super limited here as well we've got two I'm sorry three in the croco-embossed and then we've got the natural in the tan these are beautiful and these are I think we've got a hundred left in these it's the bifold wallet I'll open these up Patricia your wallets are incredible yeah this is incredible okay Scott all the functionality is you've got the money slot with two divider and then it's got the coin purse on the backside that's even lined with the leather on the side so you can put a lot of coins in there if you're like me you throw your coins in the bottom of your purse it's disastrous you have a coin purse and it keeps you so organized you actually spend it look at that yeah it's great so we love it in the wallets we have a total of 800 to go around here's your red the Navy or that's Han or cognac in the croco-embossed final final quantities in the soft natural tan so item for you there are seven oh three seven six zero and then we have this I love these I always request these because I love this more of a hard sided kind of a framed wallet and these have are appealing protection in them too so we've got this in the soft actually the map which is one of my favorite motifs got the oh I remember antique rose yeah yeah beautiful gorgeous we've got this beautiful tooled leather that's called biscuit this one is beautiful look at that color it's called ma love that and then this is raspberry so we've got user name under $100 free shipping on this and all patricia nash today from others days on five flex as well as all fashions so item six eight zero eight one seven if you'd like to pick up either of the matching wallets and patricia big thanks for spending this first hour together will you join me at the start of the next as well sure i'm gonna go have a cup of tea sounds great I can't wait thanks so much event for all of you please stay on the line especially if you really want the lemon because this one may not make even one more airing if it does that'll be it also by the way we have Diane Gilman joining us she'll be skyping in with a beautiful pant I am in love with we also want to share with you Juliana will be with us next hour we've got Marie mohair coming up next hour we've got the five and five stills to look forward to we are gonna take a quick timeout when we come back we're gonna talk about a new Rand's new-born sandal it is stunning we're gonna continue with this theme of hand craftsmen craftsman ship and that's what this show is all about so keep it here my mom is the sweetest woman that you could ever possibly meet she is so full of love and so full of happiness and she just makes everyone smile mom I know I can't be with you on Mother's Day but from the bottom of my heart I love you so much and I wish you the happiest of Mother's days best deals on the things you love with the HSN card as an HSN card vit you'll get all kinds of perks like 12 month VIP financing on select items plus extra flex on beauty jewelry shoe and fashion purchases all day every day and at least eight VIP savings events a year includes fraud protection and there's no annual fee apply now and instantly get $40 off when you're approved call one 800 695 1/4 1/8 or visit hsn.

com / HSN card have questions find the answers at hsn.

com search customer service to see our frequently asked questions use the search field to locate what you need want to know more we're always here for you email live chat or call us customer service anytime anyway Skinnygirl is designed by a woman for women it's functional comfortable and fashionable I wanted to celebrate every age all sizes it's a line for every body [Music] all right it's all about shoes today for this next few minutes anyway born is one of our favorite brands Footwear here at HSN again old-world craftsmanship each shoe stitched one at a time by a real person and this is a stunning brand-new style from born we're talking about o penka stitching we'll talk about it will tell you what that's all about incredible quality leathers look at this beautiful gold we've got this for you in bronze which you see this on a foot it's so pretty I love the goring here so it's easy to get into I tried this on before the show it is incredible how your foot just sinks into this softness we've got this in the tan we also have it for you in black as well as deep deep Navy I'm gonna put them side-by-side so you can see and by the way we've got sizes six through 11 whole sizes only I would always recommend bump up that half-size if you do go between but we're talking about a brand-new style from born called Trang we have 700 to go around and that goes between one two three four five six colors and all those sizes so it is very limited $18 is your flex option to get this home and try it on free shipping and 90 days for you to enjoy it before you even make your final decision I just think this is a beautiful summer sandal giving us just full coverage over the toe area where most of us aren't in love with their feet anymore I mean the bunions the hammer toes the whatever the corns the things that happen from too many years of abuse quite frankly but it gives you that perfect bit of coverage and that heel strap trust me when I say it stays on partly because of that goring it gives you comfort and extra stretch because of it and it's one of the many things that I love about born but I also love the fact that they are so comfortable so well-made you will have them for years and years to come we're gonna welcome Karen LeBlanc she's our special guest with born brand she is joining us via Skype there you are Karen a good morning good morning and happy Mother's Day happy Mother's Day to you too thank you so this is an adorable new style yes yes the Train and first of all I've got to say born is super excited because Travel and Leisure magazine features the Train as its top comfort walking shoe so it's really getting a lot of passion industries and also just because of its comfort features so you see how you're bending and flexing it it's so bendable and flexible because it goes back to that opanka construction that were so famous for all of that hand stitching there's no glues there's no adhesives to weigh it down this incredibly lightweight style is just it hits all the high marks of the quintessential summer sandal first of all you've got the peep toe styling so as you said Cali you know just enough coverage with a little cute peek at your big toe but a lot of coverage for the rest of the toes you're getting all of that full grain leather that comes across the foot four inches of banding and that full grain leather so you get the foot coverage but yet this sandal is open enough so that it's breezy to wear then we have the elastic sling back strap that goes around the heel super important comfort feature because that elastic strap really keeps the the heel you know in place as you walk around and again what we've done is we've created the shoe out of complete full grain leather so the inside this footbed is cushy soft foot bed is full grain leather the upper is full grain leather and the strap and then if you flip it over we've got the signature outsole in the rubberized design a little bit of a look you've got just a tiny little half-inch heel so I gotta say for a flatte super comfortable cushy and as I said travel and leisure recognized the train for it being one of its top comfort walking shoes that packs a lot of style that is so cool to know congratulations and I you know I'm well-deserved I think you know that I went to your for two weeks in the fall with my son and I wore brought a pair of born sandals and they truly got me miles I put in 120 miles in those two weeks but this one is so cute this really isn't way I have to update this one is called white this is the one that's more of that snake print that exotic these actually more of a Python that Python print sold out in our today's special within moments so if you are in search of something exotic this would be a great choice we have six through 11 go up that half size if you do go between here's your gold I love these metallics the bronze is stunning we've got the next neutral which is called tan a classic color that goes with everything and then of course we've got the black and we have it in the Navy but I just love this this sandal in particular on the foot it just really is flattering it really it hits a sweet spot with coverage yet it's opening up and it just has a greasy sandal look so it's super sophisticated what I love about the Train the Train is actually one of Thorne's bestsellers we brought it back for a second season in the updated styles that you're looking at and it really hits two important styles stories shimmer which is the light gold and the bronze that we've seen a lot of in the spring and summer and also the snakeskin another really on trend look but yet we're also giving you our grounded colors the chic black which is a monochromatic match dyed all over from the outsole to the insole so you're getting the shimmers you're getting the snakeskin you're getting the neutrals in the black the tan and the Navy so really you're you're getting all sorts of looks that are totally on-trend and again that little peep toe design it gives you just a little cute peek at the toe and all of that foot coverage and for a flat I have to tell you the incredible comfort I'm just going to kind of hold it up so that you can appreciate the profile here of that heel that cush heel is so thick the padding in this heel which contributes to that all-day comfort for a flat you're looking at the black in the monochromatic and notice that it's matched I'd from the upper at the insole and the outsole super sleek and chic and again what I really love about this is with the slingback design you've got the elastic that we've built into it that really grips the heel and traces the natural movements of your foot moves with your foot so easily that full-grain leather that is just buttery soft and molds to your foot so especially in the summer as it gets hot and humid and your feet may swell this leather molds and moves with your foot so it's not going to constrict a rug blisters there's no hot spots on my shoes and of course every board shoe is out of the box ready to wear and broken-in it's so true out of the box there's no break in time at all I can attest to that these two colors are flying so if you love gold or bronze and how do you not they are just so rich and delicious genuine leather full leather all the way across and everything that touches your skin is this it's so soft not a stitch is left exposed because it's all done by hand and you know it's right see with the contours of the stitching on the foot on the insole you've got so much cush we're showing about a half of an inch in the heel but it's got all of this is cush and it's not very hard it's not thick it's not heavy it's pliable so yeah your foot literally conforms and leather always gets better in time you know that so again I'm not saying final and last call because this is brand-new first airing but we have about a hundred in either or so metallics meaning gold and bronze very very popular but you're number one and number two best selling choices right now I do love this Python that is something beautiful to hold me please if you're using Express ordering but it is the most exotic of all the classics in the Navy the black and then we've got this beautiful tan so absolutely love this style it goes with anything and everything from jeans to crop wait to see the cropped or the Capri wide leg pant from Diane coming up next so thank you karen for joining us do appreciate it Happy Mother's Day and enjoy all right thank you thank you honey bye-bye 695 two-30 final couple hundred that's it navy black white bronze gold or tan six nine five two three zero so the top I'm wearing is from Diane Gilman it's always one of my favorites and I am gonna share with you the information because it's got the cutest little flutter sleeve we featured this last weekend in our five and five top trending items because it just is that perfect little tea and I know we've got some beautiful delicious bright zesty colors this is just one of them there's a break coral a softer orange there's a beautiful beautiful raspberry there's black and chartreuse there's also of course the cream the bright pink is amazing called magenta there's a navy blue we've got look at this one peach so pretty the one I'm wearing is right here seafoam and then always do I love that bright brilliant what's called strawberry but it's more of a tangerine we think six nine seven four six seven again that's the top I'm wearing right now from dg2 six nine seven four six seven speaking of Diane Gilman we have a smart deal from Diane and I'm in love with it it is this phenomenal linen stretchy wide leg crop pant it is I think just one of the prettiest dressy casual kind of options that you can have by the way it's only 50 to 90 they are beautiful deep pockets we've got some sensational colors we've got this in black turquoise we've got the navy blue we saw earlier on Kristina she's wearing it again we also have this for you in your khaki as well as a hot pink length on these 25 inches this is a rayon linen Span blend that is machine wash line dry dry flat Diane Gilman is joining us via Skype from New York Diane I have to tell you I have having been having the best time skyping with youth during these shows oh I just love Skype inks fantastic I never feel alone when I'm with you guys so first of all let me wish you happy Mother's Day they were the most dedicated loving moms I have ever encountered in my life Wow thank you story about Callie Callie you what we're sound must have been eight years old nine years old okay okay so you couldn't leave him home alone you brought him to the studio you were trying to put him in a green room just sleep he was kind wandering around you took them with you into the models room corner looking at all these glamazon oh I found a greenroom I'm gonna put you in a green [Music] [Music] thank you for sharing that bottoms are going i don't really call it wide like i call it relax ah this is this is the distressed pant you know it's stressful times you do want to be wearing some garments that just caress you but don't envelop you do you know what i mean they couldn't be more the rayon is so beautifully stretchy you've got the dyed to match elastic in the back so you've got 77% rayon you've got 20 something percent linen and then you've got 2% spandex so in the spandex and the rayon cut way down on wrinkling don't think of this as a classic linen pant think of it as a really brilliant blend that gives you drape ability but gives you the dry hand you crave in warm weather months from linen and then the brilliance of adding spandex to it and having that elasticized back so everything in fashion cali is going away from the body and I don't love really exaggerated wide legs but I am really getting into relaxed legs and when you do a relaxed legs like this I love to have a little bit of a crop on it so there's so much Footwear out there that has ankle interest gladiator sandals this looks great with the tennis shoe but the beauty is where this is cropped still gives you coverage but it ends at the skinniest part if you're like your ankle I couldn't agree more and you're right so many options with with different shoes and sandals I also love how you've done all this gathering in the back so it's very flattering on the back side nothing oh yes no but a lot of that gathering will go away as you put it onto your body fills it out but I'm I'm loving it you know we've had the skinny and the bootcut for a very long time in fashion as the two key bottom shapes look at this I don't this is not a wide leg and I honestly say it is a relaxed leg for a relaxing day out for lounging by your pool for getting together with friends for anything you want to do where you may go from greengrocer to meeting somebody at an outdoor cafe you need to look slightly polished but at the same time you don't want to look uptight and it's got a nice Sheen to it but a dry hand of linen and it was brilliant to be able to put spandex into this now I say take your normal store size in this will usually tell you on a high spandex or high stretch content Jean go down a size but here I recommend using your store size because you want the generosity of the fit here yeah I agree Kenya are beautiful 5 foot 9 inch Beauty is a size 1214 just to give you a point of reference and in this particular pant we are we are fully loaded but we are getting a limited black is extremely popular let's see khaki is the most limited right now we have this in all sizes by the way extra small through 3x and we've got the details on the side of the screen we have a lot of people Dianne shopping with us during these times for the very first time some may be new to your brand and your line I mean your most famous for I mean you were world famous for your jeans but you perfect a bottom like nobody's business tell everybody about a little bit about your background as to how you became such a focused designer for bottom's well you know I got involved sort of in the MU the movie / music industry as a kid in the 60s living in LA and moved to San Francisco followed the whole music scene design denim for rock-and-roll stars took it slashed it jewel did hand painted it myself embroidered at myself I loved that came to New York did did some of that then got discovered by Bloomingdale's and have for 45 years had my own collection but when I turned middle-aged and I gained all that way their body parts just went in weird places I found I couldn't wear anything I wanted to wear what I felt I was on the inside I couldn't express on the outside that's how the first dg2 Jean was born and then as we all grew up together on HSN I realized that it was all about jeans but it was all about the fact that the bottom is the foundation of any output you put together the bottom you put on really dictates what the top what the jacket is going to be what your proportions are going to be so we perfected and honestly we are always exploring new ways to make the jeans better and revolutionary and by the way September we have got a revolutionary new Jean but I consider this pant revolutionary I love the fact that it's relaxed without being exaggerated that you've got that blend of rayon which is really one of the Queen's of fibers we use it as a substitute for self and has a beautiful feeling to it and honestly this is look at how beautiful it is you see a little bit of machine there you don't see any exaggeration but you definitely see where fashion is going in bottoms towards a more relaxed silhouette no one's ever gonna want to give up their skinnies or their booth cuts of course mother they're definitely especially in the super warm weather months there is something to be said for a relaxed silhouette that doesn't grab the body but just glides over it and it is so soft this fabric you know when you see linen on the screen you're like lose it gonna be scratchy is it gonna be wrinkly first of all no is the answer to both those questions I mean when I see Lin and I feel like it is time to celebrate summer cuz you can't wear it all year long this is a pant that is like finally I can live my life and that's what I think I love so much about the fact you did this brand-new linen blend crop pant it's beautiful day on 25 inches and also thank you for the pockets oh yeah definitely front pockets and Prince seaming but you know everything to me and you know me Kelly for so long starts with the fabric so this is a fabric truly exclusive to HSN and dg2 and it's a total departure for us but I think it's very interesting that this premieres at a time when life is so stressful that the last thing you want maybe on some days is something super tight against your body and then again to me it is the perfect pant to wear with the easy tank absolutely perfect a relaxed tank that flows a pant that flows you've got just enough linen in that pant to give it that summer hand but you've got that rayon which cuts down on wrinkling as well as the spandex which is revolutionary to put it into any fabric blend that has linen so a whole new departure very exciting relaxed bottoms are just gonna get stronger and stronger yep very beginning and then premier exactly and a smart deal this is like the next best thing to a today's special is a temporary price break this is brand-new I think this might be the first airing maybe second airing okay second airing so the price will go back up to normal I just don't know when that will be but right now you have a chance on a flex to get it a little more than $10 and with 90 days to try things on you've got a chance to really truly I think elevate the casual side of our wardrobe because it's that perfect sweet spot of you know when you've been invited to a party and it's like well what's doing it what's the attire Oh dressy casual that's what I see with that this also looks very good with jean jackets looks great with the tailored blazer looks terrific with the t-shirt on its own race with the tennis shoe you can wear and I think that I think that when you have a basic bottom that really works for you any Footwear kind of calls out the mood of it it could be the thong that you have on but it could just be a small kitten heel pump maybe you're wearing it in black with the neon pump and you're bringing out some color there but it's sort of enough Oh kind of moment they were getting more relaxed bottoms and that elastic is so velvety I'm gonna show you no beautiful so stretchy you just gonna pull this pant on yep it's so easy to wear no heavy hardware digging into you yeah that's what dg2 is all about Thank You Danielle about solutions I know you took a showers on air late awesome thank you for joining me all right honey we'll talk to you soon stay on the line for this smart deal six nine seven eight to five kaki almost sold out we did offer the easy tanks earlier if you didn't pick these up these are so amazing they've got two different layers in the front is stretchy fabric in the back they are so incredibly comfortable and this one's hard to see let me grab the ivory we've got a lot of colors but this was definitely a must-have if you have one you have five because they're that awesome five to zero seven seven – oh it looks like we are down to the black white and navy they sell themselves and so like I said if you get one you have more than one customer pick you should read some reviews if you would like that's again five to zero seven seven – it is time for some fun we've got our 5 and 5 up next with Debbie hello everybody oh here's the camera right here I knew I can find a camera girl how y'all doing top 5 trending items right now 5 and 5 here we go and it's a steal because everything's on five monthly flex okay so I really really love the 2-pack that you're getting with this Casares watch they're beautiful watches here they come with a mother-of-pearl face they have beautiful crystals that surround the bezel and you're getting two but you're getting three looks so you start with this beautiful bracelet look and then every strap watch that you see I just want to show you on this one you pull it and it turns and so then you have not only the snake but you have the black it's it's genius they come individually boxed you can also get the pink which is also the floral remember you can change the straps out you can get the leopard which is also the tan look at that beautiful leopard which is so popular and remember you're getting two individually boxed so you can keep two or gift one I'd buy one gift one there's the stripe isn't that blue stripe beautiful and you'll get the blue and then the white also is just absolutely gorgeous with that beautiful floral so ten year limited warranty did you hear that it's $14 to get home two watches and it comes with a 10 year warranty that is just absolutely crazy okay I dropped all my cards hey we got to keep the party going I hope you get those watches home because you have graduation day you have birthdays you have anniversaries that watches a steal I have it on it's beautiful love love love me some Marla Wynne you already know that this poncho is cool right you can wear it as a v-neck or you can wear it with this rounded neck look at that two different looks this is your geranium print and this is your black print right after that we have the sage print and then we have the basic black these are beautiful they're easy they're comfortable they're light and airy so beautiful for the spring and the summer and the fact that you can get this v-neck look or you can get this beautiful rounded look or you can even do it off the shoulder and show a little skin ladies I mean it's just beautiful now this black print that's my favorite so this is what you want to get those expensive brands so it's $10 to get this home $10.

50 on five monthly payments interest-free payments for you try this out you absolutely love it at this price it's wonderful and it's so comfortable I love easy and comfort and elegance okay I have on these button-down jeans and I can y'all tell I'm feeling myself look at all this embroidery so I have on the mid-tone of these this is a limited edition anniversary special and congratulations Diane Gilman 226 years okay so you the reason why these are so fabulous look at this ombre effect is hand done you know this beautiful hummingbird that is embroidered here and embroidery is cut out it's hand colored it's wonderful and there's fringe at the bottom so this is your mid-tone ombre you also have your chambray ombre so because you have the chambray color down here look at how these flowers just pop off the screen when you're talking about ham crash oh and faux buttons so this is a jegging you actually slip these on so easy and this is coming in what's MIT this is mid-tone this is the one I have on look at all of this that Paisley look I just love this they have sequins they have crystals all of this is hand done so this is a $90 retail value but Diane said really she priced these out at 235 dollars this is chambray with the butterflies I love Russian and this is that beautiful black if you've been to Morocco ladies you've got to get this at five monthly payments this is your novelty jean your boutique jean do I just turn this around okay I'm rotating ladies all right Debbie okay so this is the match okay well which one we on the matching jacket this is the matching jacket this employer signature jacket another limited edition you want to get these limited edition not everybody will you won't see them coming and going in this and the fact that it's on five monthly payments I get this jacket home because you get the jeans home for $12 you get the jacket home for 14 get it as a set so you've got the mid-tone hombre you've got the chambray hombre and I'm telling you because they're hand done this hombre is hand done do you get that that's a lot of hard work thousands of stitching this is my jacket I love all this mid-tone and then I love all the embroidery in the sequins it's your classic jacket but it's fabulous ladies pop that collar oh you're gonna look so cute and then you have the butterfly and then you have the black and the butterfly I'm telling you it's very special because they hand color that they hand cut it and I just have to keep going because they're arresting me like.

Summer fashion trends to get behind

all right looking like summer feeling like summer and you know why because summer is actually here finally and that means more people are gonna be out and about especially at the beaches so he brought style expert in with us Margot burr so good to have her back so

tell us what's in this summer so we can look our best as we're headed out so talk about what are the latest trends right now all right so the latest shows that we're gonna be seeing obviously I know you've been saying like some bright bold colors prints and

we're also gonna be looking at some Beach fashions as well today to show you how you can wear some cover-ups but also wear some summertime is here so you're ready to go hit the pool hit the beach so I'm gonna show you some versatile looks that you can

wear this summer okay in neon colors to have to be my favorite is neons are always in okay always especially green [Laughter] alright so you have a couple of models with you in studio take a look at what they're wearing alright so this is our first model and

this look comes from Kate Spade now what I love most about this dress okay so I know that it's a little black dress I know what summertime but guess what she has a peacock that has bright bold fun colors on the front okay some sequins let's get into

that shoulder she has lots of beads on the side of that shoulder giving some fun some fun to the dress then we look at the earrings the earrings are giving lots of bold pop of color absolutely love it I love the dress the dress is linen so that's

perfect for summer so she won't be hot when she wears it and then it stops down perfectly down her legs and then we have some really cute metallic pink shoes to go along with this outfit to make the outfit pop what a fun look yes I'm really diggin

the earrings yeah they compliment the shirt well and this will be a great look if you wore to like a beach party you know and you can wear it with some flip-flops or some other sandals if you wanted to as well very versatile I love the sleek ponytail

too to go with yeah alright looking good okay who's next alright so our next look this is Brooke now this look comes from uncommon sense and the bathing suit comes from boohoo now what I love most about this look okay you all know it's summertime we're all ready

to go to the beach okay but you don't want to just go to the beach and just wear a bathing suit you want to wear a cover-up so what we're looking at first is a perfect cover-up which is gray very comfortable comes from uncommon sense I love it

because it she has an open you know you can tell she's going to the beach you can see her very cute fashion forward she had a print top her bathing suit top it ties in the front if you get it wet it'll dry really fast so it it's

I'm wick wick absorbing then we go down to our shoes okay espadrilles are very on trend this season so her leg I love this cover-up because it shows some leg action so it's very cute and we have a nice straw bag to go along with it okay shares

her beach bag she can throw her stuff all in there along with some very cute fashion-forward sunglass loves the beach and it goes back to the prints too that you said are yes I love yeah it looks very very comfortable and I like that it dries quickly because

there's nothing like walking around exactly that's the work so this is perfect all right I love that okay looking good Brooke all right who's that alright so this is our last look and this is dosha now this dress comes from janessa quoi okay now this has given us

this bowl color I know you see I have this brought this bowl green on dosha has bold a mustard yellow know you have them bright yellow bright yellow and mustard yellow yellow is yellow and it looks good okay you know I love this we added a pop of

cheetah print belt so it's to make that color pop you know this dress is very cute if you don't want to show any legs it has the very cheese button going down the side give it a little cleavage action but it's safe it's fun it's cute then it

falls very cute down to all the way to her ankle it has some slits in it we paired it with some very fashion-forward navy blue shoes to go along with it to make the outfit subtle I love the sleeves its lead it's a sleeveless dress and if she's

ready to go to the beach she's ready to go out to lunch on the on the on the on the water she can do that as well absolutely I love that Emma choker to set it off yeah and a nice red lip yes you can over rock and

then your outfit I know we got about 30 seconds this is hot okay so this is a Kate Spade dress okay I absolutely love this dress because I love the straps I love the peekaboo that you have right here I love the buttons okay and then if you

get into my shoes can y'all get in somehow shoes okay he's a Kate Spade as well these are bold yellow me Makia was just talking about this she could she could pair this with her with her dress as well but these are perfect comfortable if I'm walking on

a beach if I'm walking to have lunch I won't have to worry about tripping or anything because guess what this chunky heel is so on-trend it's so comfortable and you can stand them for a wild I don't like these yeah these are just you stand them for about

an hour to be saying all that we need a split girl oh yeah yes yes so these looks are fabulous ladies you can come on out you look awesome thank you so much Margo please you know having me just help enough to say hip yeah why this not

absolutely appreciate it


hello everyone and welcome to my channeltoday I have for you a summer essentials video and I know this comes a reallylate in the summer but basically I thought it would be a good idea to tellyou about what my favorite stuff has been over the summer what I've beenusing

the most and what you might want to invest in it for next summer so I'mactually I'm just a bit too alley so anyway I hope you enjoyed this video ifyou want to find out what I'd be loving this summer definitely stay tuned butbefore that don't forget to hit

that subscribe button if you already haven'topen it twice a week and I would love to have you back on the channel don'tforget to hit the little bell right next to the subscribe button as well so thatyou get a notification every time I upload a new video okay guys

so whathave I been loving this summer I thought like I said I would go througheverything I've been loving what my essentials of being over the summer andthis way I can prepare you in advance for the next summer so yeah let's startoff with like ET makeup skincare and that

kind of stuff so my favouriteproduct off the summer all go found it quite late has been at the unisexhealthy glow I think it's called by Charlotte Tilbury and this is a tintedmoisturizer and it has athlete's changed my life it comes out like a kind ofnormal moisturizer that's white

I just feel a little bit grainy but it's stillquite thin but basically when you rub it onto your skin it literally transformsand it becomes like the color of your skin foam or kind of bronze e'erglowing a version I don't know if I'm exploding myself too well but yeah

youdidn't have to see it guys it's honestly amazing I've done a tutorial with thisproduct I'm really kind of easy summer glowing look without any foundation Iwould link out on the screen now so you can go and check it out if you haven'tseen that but basically it's just a

great product if you want to go makeupfree or if you want to wear it underneath foundation I find that Iusually get a little bit tanned on my body but I don't turn my face at allbecause I work very high up over the summer so this is great to

just kind ofamp up that time on my face looking kind of orange or unnatural andit just gives you a really beautiful glow bronzy kind of glow underneath yourfoundation so it's really really good to wear under foundation but I also find itamazing to wear it without kind of anything

else and just when you havingkind of makeup free day or you want kind of very very natural looking makeup doesliterally blows over all imperfections if you want a little bit more coverageyou can perhaps kind of spot conceal in a few places that need a little morecoverage but it

just looks amazing to kind of go run errands or go to the gymif you want to go like completely not bare face so it just looks really nice Ireally love the kind of glow it gives you it doesn't make me look orange justkind of really bronzy I think

it might look a tad orange if you're very veryfat but on all of skin tones it works amazing there's only one shade foreveryone so that's why I said maybe very very fast skin tones would look a littlebit orange but if you are kind of medium to deeper skin

tones I think it wouldlook amazing I think it's so natural it really is like you're wearing nothingit's completely undetectable but it just gives you a really beautiful kind ofhealthy glow and basically like you're a bronze Queen another essential designhas been my foam mask from Sephora which is got

vitamin C which makes you glow Ilove it because it is so quick I find that my skin kind of really dull overthe summer just because it gets really dehydrated from so much sun and sea andwater and everything else so I find that kind of masks that bring that

glow backinto your face are really good to kind of get rid of dead skin just bring thatkind of glow back to your face and I like I said I'd love to have makeup freedays over the summer or just worry minimal makeup so I like my skin to bein

really good condition so that I can basically share it off a little bit andI find that this mask is amazing you just pop it on it comes on like a geland then it literally just foams up within a couple of seconds and itliterally feels like shaving foam on

your face you just need to leave it onfor two minutes and then you just rub it into your skin and do it wash it off andyour skin is literally like brilliant and glowing and it's basiclike the vitamin C mask that I have a from ma spa which is

a sheet mask and welove this one but I find that this Sephora one does literally almost thesame thing it's perhaps slightly less effective but you only need to leave iton for two minutes which means you can use it kind of more regularly I'd loveto apply it before I'm

kind of going to get ready because it's just 2 minutes soit's super time efficient and it just leaves a really beautiful glow on yourskin another discovery I did very late in the summer and I wish I discoveredthis alia is the Mac strobe cream and I love this because

it just makes my skinglow so much but with that it looking unnatural you don't look like a discoball there's no kind of glitter particles but it just gives you a reallybeautiful golden glow I have it in the correct golden light and for me that'smy favorite because I have

more of an olive skin tone if you're very very fairthe silver light might work as well really really nicely because that's gotmore kind of silver particles to it but it's just such a beautiful product Ilove to mix it in with foundation to make it a little bit sheerer

and glowingI love to wear it just kind of on the high points of my face above foundationto just give it an extra glow before applying powder highlighter and I alsolove it if I'm having a makeup 3 day to just mix in a little bit just a coupleof drops

with my moisturizer and it just gives you a really beautiful healthyglow to your skin and it doesn't look kind of greasy or oily and it doesn'tkind of look too much even if you apply it all over your face mixed in withfoundation but if you want to intensify it

you can apply it a little bit morejust on your high point and it looks amazing so you can build up the productwhich I really liked it doesn't feel greasy or oily it hasn'tbroken me out it's got a very kind of thin texture which is really easy tomelt into

the skin it absorbs really quickly and I cannot rave about thisproduct enough I don't use a lot of Mac products but I have to say this one hasbeen a real real favorite other product I've loved for this side is the by eteria Sun I think it's Sun designer

palette that'swhat it's called and it's such a beautiful palette it honestly has suchbeautiful packaging like all by terry products I mean their packaging is justso luxurious but I realize this palette because I found it too super versatileit basically has six shades and I've got more kind ofshades on

one side and more kind of bronzer shades on the other side butbasically you can use these for everything the more pinky shades I likeas a blush but I really like to kind of mix in the three shades on one side butI also really like the other three shades

for bronzing up my skin but theseare also amazing as highlighter if you just use the golden shade and they'realso amazing as eyeshadows I'd love to use them as eyeshadows I mean I love touse the dark brown one to kind of smoke up my eyes the golden one to

add a popof color then it's got two more matte shades which are more kind of on theskin tones shades which are really nice to highlight or to add on to your creaseso I find it a super versatile palette it's got too much shades and to sort ofshiny shades

and to glittery shades so it's great to kind of add highlight orto just go for a more natural look the ones with a little bit of glitter andnot too much they're just kind of very very small glitter particles with just abit of a hint of a golden glow

to them nothing too crazy so they're just reallybeautiful and I find it super flattering for anything very long-lasting it'ssuper finely milled there's not much fall out with them so they're absolutelyamazing and very very good quality like with orbitary products finally thebeauty staff and SPF I haven't found an

SPF that I absolutely love to be honestI don't really like applying SPF under makeup I just find it a little bit toomuch I find that it makes my skin kind of look too greasy and too oily but thebest one I found which I wear normally when I'm going

to be in the beach whenthe Sun the whole day is the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream with SPF 50 is reallygood it protects against the Sun it's oil free so it doesn't kind oftechnically make my skin break out or oily I find it a little bit too much

onthe makeup and I prefer to apply kind of lighter products on the makeup but ifI'm gonna be in the beach or the Sun it is really really good and it's kind ofthe best SPF I've found so far but if you have any SPF recommendations do letme know in

the comments below because I would love to know moving on to kind offashion and accessories and all of that good stuff my absolutecentral for the summer which I bought very very recently are these whitePalazzo pant I absolutely love them and I've worn them to death and I think

theyare a great buy because they're not really great for the summer obviouslywhite trousers are super flattering in the summer and I think it'd go reallywell in like with some outfits I'd love to combine them kind of blue stuff but Ithink they are actually pretty versatile and I'll be

able to use them mostly allyear round so I will link here a lookbook that I've done with thesetrousers and there's 7 ways to style them to be kind of useful for all yearround so do you check it out if you haven't seen that one yet but basicallyI have

worn these are so so much they're from a brand called the rose from Isisfrom Spain they do really good stuff I got them on sale and I got them at areally really good price I love them because I've really been into reallywide trousers I think they're really on

trend I find them really flattering andI think they make you look much taller than what you actually are these oneshave a really nice kind of drape the fabric is really heavy so it fallsreally beautifully and yeah I just find them really flattering and I really likethe fact that

they've got kind of two sort of pleats on the front which makeyou even more flattering but I really love these I've been wearing them so somuch and I think they're really good because you can dress them up you candress them down and I've decided you can pretty much

wear them all seasons so Iwill link that video up on the screen now so you can have a look another whitething as you know I love my white to stuff and like I said I don't think Icould ever own too many white tops but I have been loving

this Massimo Dutti topthis one is a balloon sleeve top and balloon sleeves have been so in it'slike a jumper but quite thin which I really like because London doesn't gettoo hot over the summer and this one is great because it's not too thick whichmeans you can wear it

even if it's a little bit warm outside but it's alsoreally it just gets a little bit breezy or alittle bit chilly in the evenings and because it's a little bit warmer than at-shirt I find this leaves a super flattering and I've won this so muchwith beige trousers black

trousers evening at a time I just find it supersuper flattering I really like the boat neck as well and yeah it's just sobeautiful is from Massimo Dutti but I think you can still get it so I willlink all the products like I usually do in the info box

of it for me in summer away to jazz up an outfit and instantly make it look more summary is juststatement earrings I'm not a huge fan of necklaces actually and I don't reallywear too many I do you know statement necklaces once in a while but I'm justnot a

huge fan I think they don't bless my boy very much but I love thestatement earrings and I love putting my hair up when it's kind of hot and Ithink it's a great way to kind of show something on your ears when your hair isup so I love Easons

from out as I have mentioned them before they are sobeautiful they've got kind of a turquoise shade mix them with rose goldI find them super flattering and I really find a flattering um earringswhich are kind of stud earrings but really kind of chunky I find this reallyflattering I

don't know why I think they make my face look more proportioned umand yeah I just really like them I prefer those two dangly earrings I thinkthey're a great statement earring and they just kind of jazz up an outfitinstantly and make it look a little bit more glam and

put together a pair ofshoes I haven't taken off this summer which I got um I think in July was arethese at missourah wild thing sandals in bread I featuredthem in a favorites video and there's an unboxing video as well so I would linkthis on the screen now so

you can go have a look but basically I've beenwearing these sandals a to a depth they are super comfortable they're completelyflat but they have a really beautiful gold rim on the back and I just findthem so stunning I love the fact that they have sort of the free

bit in frontit's such a like representative at quizar I design they are super supercomfortable like all apples or shoes because this Way's are really nice forthe summer because they sort of absorb the sweat a little bit I know thatsounds really disgusting guys but it is true you know

feet sweat and the factthat this way it is really really good because they just kind of absorb thatexcess moisture on the feet and the make them really comfortable I thought theywould so comfortable because the front isreally thin but they actually hold your feet surprisingly well I find the

colorsuper flattering because my outfits are usually quite neutral colors I foundI've been wearing them nerds I think the red was super flattering it adds a popof color to very neutral outfit and yeah they're just been my favorite shoe thissummer another pair of shoes I've worn a todeafness summer

aren't my Gucci trainers I purchased these at the beginning of Ithink it was made because I was going away to Malta which is gonna be quitewarm and I've absolutely loved these trainers I find them it's so comfortableand they just go with everything I love them with shorts with

skirts with justeverything I wasn't very on board of the spikes at the back and I just thoughtthey were a bit too kind of funky and hit for me but actually now I've reallygrown to love them I think they add a lot of interest to the shoe I reallylike

the pearls on the side I think they make them look a little bit more kind ofjazzed up and they make an outfit look much more interesting and they almostkind of act as accessorizing as opposed to just a shoe so I really have beenloving these sunglasses are an absolute

must over the summer and I bought thesefrom for art's sake I featured them in a number of videos but they have been myabsolute favorite this summer I love the fact that they've got that can cat eyebut there's still quite thin I love the gold frame I find it

super superflattering I think it brings a lot of brilliance to the skin because of thatcontrast with the glow on your skin I really like the ombre shades which gokind of from a darker color to a light to come on my only gripe with them isthat the actual lens

on the glasses is just not very dark so when it's veryvery sunny the Sun does bother you a little bit but I do love them because itmeans that would it go inside you don't eat them all so they're great fortraveling when you don't want people to see your

face because you don't have totake them off and you can still see indoors so yeah I just really like theblue I think it's a very interesting design they were a little bit on thefunky aside for me but I have really grown to love them in a woman loads

theSun finally a perfume that I have loved its the Tom Ford perfume I absolutelylove it it's very kind of citrusy literally just summer in a bottle thesmell lingers around for a really long time at the unisex so I share it with myhusband which means it's well budget-friendly actually

because it's agood way to justify the price I love the packaging it's just so nice and the bluejust makes it look so fresh I really really love the scent it's kind ofcitrusy with a hint of kind of musky scent to it so it's not kind of toogirly it

feels quite sophisticated and yeah it's just literally summer in abottle so I'm not very good at describing perfumes but if you can gohave a smell of these Tom Ford perfumes because they are amazing they're reallypricey but they're honestly well worth the money I think guys well that waseverything

from me I hope you enjoyed this summer essentials video and I hopeit was useful and you could meet some notes for next summer so thank you somuch for watching and I'll see you in my next video bye

Kim & Co. Hidden Adjustable Drawstring Summer Sun Hat | Fashion Talk with Fatima & Kathy | ShopH…

82% off so the price is just twenty nine dollars and 37 cents I'm going to try those jeans on as soon as we get off air I think they are gonna be so darn cute okay I have something from command code that is packable it is perfect for

summer it's a super cute hat we got a couple different colors available for you I have it in the denim blue oh and yes I couldn't pass up the Christian do your sunglasses as well but this is completely packable and you know every weight you which way you

want to wear it I mean you can squish it you can pack it but I do like it just to turn up the brim you've got a little sparkle in it twenty-four dollars and 49 cents we are in final quantities for you right now this is a savings

of $24 741 985 Becky right is in the house with us we are social distancing on the other side of the couch and like I said earlier I can't wait to wrap you in a hug so true whenever I go in there in the natural which is got

this you know gray undertone sort of a taupe color and you're wearing my Tom Ford sunglasses like meaning our the metallic from the Hat there's no Rex kind of woven throughout the Hat picks up on that metallic from the Tom Ford so I had to do it and

what I love about it is I've got a big ole noggin and I wear a big ol head of hair so if you have braids if you have a bigger head like I do there's adjustability and let me just show you I'm gonna take mine off and just

show you on the inside this is a drawstring so if you've got an itty bitty head and you're saying hats are too big for me well now or sweetie look at that cinch it down right you're in the convertible right you're on the boat you want to cinch

that down and tie it or you're like me and you have a big old brain wagon Becky we've never had it under $25 we haven't seen it since last summer we're taking half off who wants to reduce shipping and handling if you want to get one in each

color okay let me ask you Oh fashionista right with the Tom Ford sunglass this look together anymore but I'm just helping my dermatologist that's what I realize we're just keeping the Sun off of our eyes off of our face it keeps a bad pool hair day come on

I mean this is exactly what you want because you can't destroy it I mean think of how many hats in your beach bag and that's perfect yes yeah I'm your Beach but have it be in your car I mean maybe you're you you know you're at the kids

baseball games you go to see the grandkids play their soccer game and you just need something to cover up you know just while you're there I think it's just so fun this is the call we're calling this one denim blue so I like it look how cute this

is all the way around the gold you can just go ahead and roll up the edges if you want what everybody for gardening yeah whatever whatever face shape you have whatever size how do you have it's one size fits all with that drawstring the sunglasses that I'm wearing

our Christian Dior 65% off yeah I know I'm gonna be shopping sunglasses here too because it's all six value pays but to get the Hat home we're gonna save you $24 say that it's a 50% savings all you're gonna pay for the Hat is four dollars and change

this is what separates us from the animals our ability to accessorize exactly it fits a hat fits glasses fit a little handbag fit so if you're thinking I don't know what what size I am right now I'm not sure how to make that transition into spring pieces like

this just give you a little perk a little pick-me-up you know you're gonna wear them everyday you know they're gonna be you know really easy on your budget and I think that adds a glamour that looks not affordable but that's so true and you need if you've ever

been in on those vacation spots and you said I forgot to pack a hat and you start going and looking at the shops fur hats I mean they want over $50 over $70 for these this is $24 and forty-nine cents we've never had it under 25 so it's

packable it's by Kim and Co and we shouldn't talk a little bit for just a couple seconds about Kim and coach yeah really impressed with Kim Mendelssohn's line I'm wearing her dress she is a very well-traveled and you can tell these are the pieces she needs when she's

tootling around the world you need a little packable hat you need gorgeous easy packable fashions that are still really glamorous so I would say if you're a gold girl in terms of your jewelry get that Navy denim blue if you like more of the silvers you get the

natural that's got the silver metallic running through and do not check out until you check out our designer sunglasses christian dior are the shades that i'm wearing and becky has Tom Ford yes top over here

HSN | Vanessa Williams Fashions: Summer Collection 06.03.2020 – 11 PM

in love and passionate about what you do your finds and kind of connecting it with the right person so I want to thank you Gary for coming on our show letting us know that you guys are available and I make sure everybody gets out and connects with you that way thank you again and you guys are very generous with your time we really appreciate it oh absolutely now for everyone visit hsn.

com to learn more about businesses featured in our small business spotlight like we said we're doing 20 and remember to support the small businesses in your own local community by shopping small online ordering takeout from local restaurants buy gift cards there's so many different ways to do that so thank you to Gary for spending some time Beauty report is all done I'm done but Amy's taking it over with some Vanessa Williams a fresh take untie miss classics for all women simple easy elegance style that works today every day [Music] Vanessa Williams on HSN so believe it or not this is your ultimate deal let's get shopping [Music] the list is your go-to guide for our favorite fashion and accessory vines of the week we have the best styles hand-picked just for you join us every Thursday night to see what made the list [Music] [Applause] Oh gorgeous this is our last hour of our big hello gorgeous T Pat my name is Amy Morrison thank you for shopping with us for the beauty report don't move a muscle because wait TC we've got in store for everybody with the one and only Vanessa Williams she is read to us an amazing collection sold exclusively to us at HSN she's a songwriter she's an actress she she's an amazing mother and she understands style in fact there were three generations there her mother herself her daughter were there so sit back relax we've got a brand-new collection that we're gonna be talking about so we got coming up a lot of you been asking about my dress so this dress is brand-new it's a tie-dyed it's a ruched dress as well it's on sale for 71 dollars and 61 cents it's brand spankin new so hopes wearing that and our gorgeous what we call our I think that's what we're calling our indigo combo so we've got that for you in an indigo combo we also it for you in a coral combo which I'm wearing as well as a pop green excuse me that's pop green so that's gonna be coming up it's tied I the ruching on the side perfect you can have it off the shoulder on the shoulder whatever you feel like doing I love it it's soft its elegant so again this is gonna be coming up I know a lot of you have been asking about it and it's only here at HSN from miss Vanessa Williams so sit back relax we're gonna be skyping in with the one early Vanessa Williams and just of oh she's ready and looking stunning hey gorgeous it's always so nice to see your beautiful smile welcome in and we're glad that you're healthy and happy thank you thank you for being part of the show and this is our big finale of our hello gorgeous events so we're glad that we're ending it with you because we all need a little kind of fun shopping spree going on to kind of lift our spirits right yeah it's been pretty heavy these past few months and of course recently and my heart goes out to everyone who's hurting everyone who feels disconnected and isolated but all I can do at this moment is bring some bright cheery wonderful fashions for you to lift your spirits because that's what I'm here for and that's what I hope you will absolutely absolutely so let's kick everything off with the exclusive prints this is a new floral kimono we've got it for you in the Indigo combo we also bet for you in the cool combo that Sonia is wearing and then the black combo there's nothing like a good subtle kimono wrap that's elegant it's chic it's timeless and it feels like you made this out of the finest silk it does feel like you know it was very trendy to wear kind of a pajama top and some kind of boyfriend jeans the past couple seasons and this is a way to not only have the boy the relaxed satin kind of pajama top but also these wonderful pajama bottoms that match so you can feel like I mean obviously we've been in isolation for so long so we'd love the sweatpants but this is an alternative to getting out of your sweatpants and putting on a beautiful casual silky smooth gorgeous kimono top and kind of a pajama pant you can obviously wear this a flip-flop so you can do sport it with some like sneakers which a lot of the young young kids are doing or you could wear at the heel because you can I see how you have it matched with my white jean which is easy for cocktails and and you know it looks like she's ready to go out for a nice boating trip when we can all go boating again it's the coral is one of those wonderful color combinations that looks good on everyone's skin it's a cross between like a tomato red and a bit of an orange and a hot pink and it really is really flattering for every skin color but also florals never go out of style it's a classic and makes you feel just fresh and new and ready to start the summer season it's a trade these are the prints are so clean you know I love the way that you design your prints this does feel like fine silk and the way that you design it it ties you do the side slits here it is done in a subtle kimono so it's not overly dramatic yet there's a little bit of drama in the arms so very well-made too that's one thing I want to point out all of your garments that you have for us at HSN are very well made so again this is something you can tie at the waist we will be talking about the pants but you can also wear this great heels like Sonia did and you're out the door latch salutely and it's not too shiny it's it looks like silk and it looks it feels like lingerie but it doesn't have that shiny lingerie finish that it looks like you're actually wearing a nightgown out in public and again I have it with both the pants together which you I'm sure you'll show but all my prints are just mine so you'll not see these are exclusive prints just for my line you will not see these anywhere else which is wonderful and I love a nice bold print I mean you can tell with my collection when I started off last year I my motto is dare to be different and why not be noticed when you walk into a room this is exactly yeah exactly why why not you're right because so often we walk in and we just blend in let's walk in and stand out and that's exactly what we want to do right now so if you want to pick it up we've got it for you in the Indigo the black and the coral so you just choose your color again it gives you a great shape that's what I love about this you have a great shape to this because you're in control there's a little and I love the way that you did this kind of like privacy snap in the front here so you've got that privacy snap so you don't have to worry about any peekaboo right you can leave this open if you want to and have this maybe as the third piece is a jacket where a tank underneath it but again in you can't hide those camis – yeah there's also yes so camis available that you can layer on top underneath if you'd like as well and of course you can do like a white tee if you want to leave it open and casual and throw on some jeans but it's it's it's trend but this shape will never go out of style so you can feel like here you're on trend with the silky kimono a kind of pajama top but again that shapes not gonna go out of style and it's a classic you and I love that color on Sonja with her hair it looks like she's wearing a $350 silk you know a kimono it really has my feel and the look and the print is spot-on you know a lot of women are always like well where do I go with the print you know if you're somebody who doesn't like a big bold print you want something that's unique and to me this has a very timeless feel in that print it doesn't scream okay like this is a trendy print this is a very classic print to me it's classic and you know I know some people I do throw a lot of old prints out in my line if you if that makes you nervous you don't want to do print with a print pant and it's too much for you then just choose one piece and then put a solid underneath and you can feel like you're just kind of slipping into you know a little bit of a character personality that you might not feel like you ever explored before you become your inner diva very quickly why not that's the beauty of fashion and that's what we love that you bring to us you know I feel like I'm right there in my comfort zone with you but then I have fun with some prints and I know we're gonna be talking about your amazing snake print pants coming up a little later on but again this is very very what I got elegant on the body look at the drape it doesn't cling anywhere you can control that sash on how tight or how loose you want it leave it open tight in the back and now you've got the perfect third piece it is brand spanking new for our hello gorgeous event open up that HSN card right now because when you do you can not only take $10 off this price but it'll also entitle you to an additional flex pay and better yet you'll receive 60 dollars worth of perlier bath and body cream as well as their shower gel so it's a special little promotion that all ends tonight at midnight so make sure you go ahead and open up that HSN card especially when you're shopping for Vanessa Williams beautiful pieces that we have like Vanessa was saying not at the top but she does have this in the matching what we call floral pant so you can do right and I say you can do print on print or we can split it up maybe you want to wear a different top oh my gosh what these pants are these heavenly oh my gosh yeah okay everyone everyone loves a yoga pant so this is the alternatives to its it's trendy its silky its relaxed so if you feel like you've got the same shape over and over again and you want to break out into something that's still casual and but feels really really good on your body throw it together top and bottom or just wear the bottoms with a nice big slouchy sweater or a t-shirt throw on some sandals flip-flops heels if you want or some sneakers and you've got a great casual but wonderfully trendy on-trend piece that will be get you noticed oh my gosh these pants are like buttah these are pocket so it's it's not sitting right at the seam it's pushed a little bit forward so again you've got these nice deep pockets look at the movement of this material ladies it is like silk you can see there's a very subtle Sheen to this you would touch this and swear that this is fine silk you have a nice elastic waist that sewed down so this will never roll down or the elastic will never flip around inside so we do have in the same colors we've got it for you in the coral that I'm holding here we have it in the black as well as in the Indigo and so again a new option for denim maybe you're tired of wearing your denim jeans pick up the Indigo it still give you the blue trend but again it's a totally different material and cut exactly and I have to give a big shout-out to my manufacturers because all the comments of my pieces talk about how well-made they are how great they feel they feel expensive they feel like they're gonna last and the seaming detail is amazing they are really really made well made garments so I have to thank them all for doing such a spectacular job I mean Sonne would walk in a room first of all we're all gonna look at her because she's stunningly beautiful but then you add that print and that outfit together you know honestly it looks like Vanessa she spent maybe six seven hundred dollars on that silk pure silk outfit because that's the way the material reads that's the way the print reads is she's showing off her figure but not showing off anything I just love this look and you can I love it too and again trend-wise everyone's wearing a sneaker and if you really want to be on trend where the two pieces together with a big kind of chunky sneaker and you are good to go you'll be like one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills what they're just finished watching what happened okay you know one of the ladies who lunch outfit you know high-end designer a couple thousand dollars for it so again if you want the movement here you've got it you could do the matching pieces together we talked about that kimono or if you want to you to just do the pants by themselves look at the drape and the flow to these and I want to show everybody the elastic because I appreciate a good oh we've got our Real Housewife of HSN joining us wait to see Miss Sonja oh okay on the couch hey she's not gonna get up a wrinkled mess cuz these aren't gonna wrinkle yes it looks that the color looks fantastic on you and it's one of those really kind of cheery colors that we we just need to feel happy and that's a wonderful thought of course you've got the your you got the black bear with the with the Aqua and then the navy with the blue is also as is classic and again it's a it's I love the color combo um I just I tend to do the same thing always a red for my mother which I know she's watching hi mom so there's always red navy is my favorite kind of dark neutral and then with this splash of green and of course black everybody can use one black piece whether it's a solid or whether it's an amazing print no I love you did because so many of us you know do you like to wear a lot of deep navies are you somebody who wears a lot of black do you like that red color you know I love how you thought of every woman in your life and and how how perfect every one of these pieces are for them just by changing the color even though the print is beautiful you change the color of the print and has a completely different feeling to it like when I look at the Navy here this has a little more like casual I'm here but I'm quiet elegance when you look at more than right I'm here I'm elegant and you're gonna notice me you know so I have the way that you did that with this collection here don't forget ladies all these pieces are brand new it's our hello gorgeous finale so we're glad that we're ending with miss Vanessa Williams bring to us beautiful one-of-a-kind looks extremely well made this is a line designed for women who want to be very chic you want to have something that's on trend but that's not trendy you want to walk into a room like you're a real housewife and maybe you know we want to let everybody know these are available in three different colors the black the core on the white it's about 25 inches in the length on that and that's for the beautiful kimono now in the pants it's a 30 inch inseam on that so I just want to let everybody know the two lengths now we do want to want to see how it just skims the body it's it's it's not tight it's not a tuba luminous but I'll let you continue but I love the way it's cut though it does it looks gorgeous so thank you for that Vanessa we do want to let everybody know about a lot of our ladies favorite tweed jacket it's an open front tweed jacket it's got the pockets you choose that in the black or we do it for you in the North Atlantic which is more of a teal and I love the way that you did the circle rings right there instead of the epaulets there it's so beautifully done and it's a hundred and $79 down to 109 today extra small through 3x on that so beautifully done okay yeah go in a closet and as I heard we were going for it so I've got it in my hand right now okay there it is oh is that that's such a good sweet little modern touch to it is very modern and again throw it over some jeans if you don't feel if you feel like it's too too stuffy but it's so hip with with these lovely rings and I love metallic which you know so I've got metallic running through it and it's just a great shape but also just that little all that little bling that's coming up a little bit later on ladies but now the moment you've been waiting for the dress no sorry let me step over this way I love it it's like wearing nothing but anyway the dress is coming up let's talk a little bit about brand-new for a hello gorgeous event this is the illusion drape knit kimono so cool how you did this same color theme so we've got that gorgeous coral we have it for you in the black as well as in white don't forget we take every major credit card here at HSN a knit kimono that breeze your knits you know that Jon knit that's very expensive that's so well done that's what your initial job yes yes that's what yours remind me of nice well but again I in my manufacturer they their specialty is knitwear so when I get a chance to sit down and see all my options I get to feel the hand you know how it feels in your hand they call it the hand and also you know this has ribbing you can see it also has kind of a double illusion so it covers the bust area I myself would put just a little either cami or some kind of you know like a spaghetti strap spank there underneath it just so you feel like you're not you're not really showing a lot if you want to wear your bra and have it seen fine a colored bra is great and daring but it brings you right into the the summer season this is my mom's favorite she can't wait to wear it she was supposed to go on a cruise and she's devastated because it was canceled and she said well where am I gonna wear on my new clothes so we gotta find her somewhere to wear her new clothes because she's tired of being caught up in the house this is your favorite I hear we're all we're all gonna be going somewhere so you need pieces like this that you can put on you know you look very fashion-forward in it and again the knit is so well done it's a very expensive knit ladies this looks like a couple hundred dollar and knit so you're right wearing a little cami underneath it especially with the black you know even going out for the evening wouldn't it be fantastic it's so lightweight and it just skims the body again I hate things that cling in an uncomfortable way and this the shape I know we've seen a lot of cold shoulder it's not going away it's still here so get used to it and enjoy it and love it but this is just a little slice of a cold shoulder so it gives you a little bit of a peekaboo but it's not really big and drapey so staying on trend but also it's classic that's such a good point because one thing I like about this too right it's giving you just that peekaboo of the cold shoulder it's not the overexposed it's just that little hint of that shoulder area so again I like the way that you did that for those ladies that don't want too much exposed it's just that little hint there but it's the way that you designed the knit you can find knits out there but notice the way that you did the different like geometric fit of this knit that's expensive to do ladies so again you're getting a piece that you're gonna own for many many years because the quality of the knit that's in this and you're right you want something that's giving you the coverage but yet you know you can wear a little tank underneath it and it's still gonna breathe on you exactly exactly and again it's a classic you know we say kimono just because it's a the pattern is kind of like a kimono box but it's it's stylish it's got that beautiful kind of boat neck and again throwing it on top of jeans this is your top to go to for the summer the slid on the side and it's not too long so you don't feel like you're wearing a tunic but it's got that little bit of you know a little bit of interest so it doesn't look like your average sweater your average pullover your average t-shirt because you are not average at all and that's where you want all of us to feel so thank you so much you did it perfectly with that knit top but now we're moving on okay a lot of you over 100 do you pre-ordered the dress that I'm wearing love this dress I will tell you when I saw as a tie-dyed doesn't look tie-dye at all so this is her ruched dress it's 71 dollars and 61 cents you can do off the shoulder you put it on the shoulder we've got three colorways we're gonna be talking about I almost did the Indigo I love the blue in this I love the richness look at the drape and that's very hard to find even on a hanger you can see how beautifully this drapes so here it is for you in the Indigo so chic with the denim jacket over top of it I'm loving the coral because this new did quarrel so well it's like a perfect cross between red and pink and then that's exactly what a coral shade should be and then ladies are you ready mMmmm I've got a pair of gold shoes and then put on all my chachki bracelets done in yellow gold this green isn't that killer and there you can see right over there that subtle tie-dyed that's done on this I love this dress Todd is back it is just for the 60s look at that so so built-in to the side there's ruching which I'm just one side so it gives you that obviously that wonderful kind of gathering around the the the torso area but it feels so light like I got stretch cotton so you don't feel like it's clinging in the wrong places it's a matte finish so it's not shiny so it's not gonna make you feel like you're you know a stuffed sausage and anything that's ruched some people are afraid of ruching I love ruching I think it really accents the body without doing too much so can you walk into a room and people like what's that shape and you'd have to worry about you belts and trying to to create a shape the dress is the shape that is so perfectly put you're right and you don't because the way you did the tie-dye you don't have to worry about okay do I have the right undergarments for this do I've got to wear Spanx underneath is that no you don't have to do any of that because it's camouflaging any imperfections the way that you did the tie-dye so again so yes I both on the shoulder I took it a little bit off the shoulder there's so many different ways you can wear it it what's nice about this is that you are looking at a viscose and spandex so again it has this beautiful soft feel to it and the length on it is perfect as well so you're looking at 39 inches in length I'm a dressed girl ladies if you watch me you know I always wear dresses it's difficult to find a dress with the perfect shape so again we're usually we're trying to fit the shape with the dress do you see the way that the ruching is done on the side here and then the same thing on this side here so see the draping that goes on I'm in an extra small are you okay so knees in an extra small but you've got plenty of give to this that's the beauty of the dress is you control like maybe you want to shimmy it down a little bit more if you want to or you want more ruching but that's so hard to get in a perfectly roof dress you did it brilliantly thank you and it feels like a gigantic t-shirt I mean that's when you can actually feel the fabric it feels like you're wearing a drapey comfortable t-shirt so it's got that wonderful kind of relaxed feel and but it's got that amazing sophisticated shape it was a really unique tie-dye it does and you're right the shaping that you feel from this it's not like it's screaming on your body there's there's plenty of stretch and give we're in fact showing the sizes on the left side of our screen it's our featured price today from 80 to 271 dollars you'll love this even if you're wearing this back with sneakers and you throw on the denim jacket with it or you're somebody you know like so need myself I love wearing high heels I'm a little bit shorter and high heels really are great makes you a little tumbler a little more confident right so you could get off high heels I love a dress that multitasks like that that I can throw on sandals one day be out with my son the next day wear it with high heels you know and off-the-shoulder so I love having exams when I'm getting dressed especially these are hard to find dresses ladies you know that yeah yeah and a lot of people do big maxi's for the summer which I love but if you want an alternative and you want something shapely but feels like a big relaxed dress this is the one for you and I love how you're wearing it off the shoulder very sexy right what do you think you're talking me off the shoulder you know that a little daring a little out of my box but everybody said Oh where'd you get that dress whose dress is that I'm like it's Vanessa Williams how designers are doing it but they're not doing it in such an elegant way such an upscale way right so again I love the way a lot of people are wearing it with flats Palast sneakers you can throw on some you know espadrilles and wedges or do it heel and it's a great great comfortable alternative to you know a big flowy maxi dress so here's a quick update ladies if you want the coral shade that I'm wearing there's only 180 left between extra small all the way through 3x so if you're even thinking about it get it home try it on in the privacy of your own home you can see look at the stretch they give to this it's not grabbing anywhere I didn't have to wear any special undergarments with this you can have a kind of off the shoulder I love what Vanessa was saying for our hello gorgeous event you know we all want to feel great we all want to look our very best and a lot of times all we're seeing for dresses in the summertime are maxi dresses you know I want something that you know is allowing me if I want to I can pull this way down so again I give more of a long gated look I can Roush it up if I want to so again we're gonna be putting out last call in the coral so you can hand wash these lay them flat to dry also very popular is the green that we're calling Palm Grange so again to me if you love wearing yellow gold jewelry where maybe you know some yellow gold high-heeled shoes or even putting a denim jacket over this it just is very on trend but so difficult of a trend to find done right and you really did it right thank you thank you I love how you talked about the color this coral color is flattering for everyone and the green is amazing look at that Oh which size of what size do you have on what size dip on hope she's wearing a large it's nice that you're yeah such a normal size hope okay so see she's an enormous size but you don't have to wear this might be TMI but are you wearing any special undergarment me okay she is you know I'll be honest I'm not wearing anything I didn't pack anything today and you don't really have to it's not like it's it's grabbing anywhere so again it's smooths everything out and the way they did the tie dye placement it almost looks like you know how its kind of cut up here a little bit right but it's not really that illusion mm-hmm it's an illusion exactly and it's not in it you know it gives you some tie dye but it's not so much that it looks like you're wearing a costume you know a 1960s costume back to the the hippy days it's it's on trend but the shape and the seaming and the ruching make it really kind of elegant but it feels like you're wearing a t-shirt isn't that the truth you know you're mean it's not the 1970s tie-dye or any of that it's very subtle I mean you've got to be close up on it to be like okay that's a tie-dye you know from a distance it doesn't really read that so it's beautiful the way that you you engineered this this dress and you can see I I can pull it really down Sonia can do a little off the shoulder right really it's getting close to me right here and it's you know it's after the Real Housewives so you never know little skins in about this time of the night but but it's not true the way that it's I'm in love with it everything about it even the neckline the way when you look at maybe I'll show it here in the palm green look at the neckline look at the drape that you put to this this is so difficult to do if you don't have the right material and it's not seamed properly this drape could go wrong real fast but Syrah it's coming down here and you don't have any the ruching the ruching starts up here but then you've got ruching here then you've got ruching there so so the zigzag effect ladies is incredibly slimming but it's got to be done right and you like I said you've mastered it with this dress you really have well I've been lucky to work with a lot of people in my life as a singer and an actress and I've worked with the best stylist and and you know wardrobe designer so I know the tricks that work for me and I can actually implement them when I have my own line so I know ruching is great and people don't know why'd the fit is so great but it's because where the ruching is placed also fabric and material is really really important to make sure that you kind of camouflage where you don't want any shine for lumps and bumps so it's a beautiful fabric the ruching is fantastic but then it's updated and always trying to stay on trend your classic but you're always kind of pushing it forward to what's new it's so trend you brought up the lumpy bumpy's which are cousins together right so true whenever you find like a fitted dress no Sonya looks at me I'm like what you look at you have none of it but the lumpy bumpy's you keep talking about ladies when you put on a dress and then you kind of do one of these and you're like oh wow there you can see every line every little dimple going on here this has the perfect amount of camouflage and that's exactly what ruching does so if your area ome the back of the thigh or the front of the thigh or what because the way this dress is ruched you don't have any of that and you're not having to go through the extra step of having to wear the Spanx or the additional undergarments to hide all of that the dress hides it all for you so you're not worried about it are you really engineered it perfectly so whether it is the lumpy bumpy's that you're worried about or saying okay I've gotta wear you know support underneath this because the this dress is very fitted no because the dress it has strategic ruching and strategic diamonds done on it it just gives you that perfect hourglass shape no matter what your shape is and I mean hope can get this at the shoulder too and look how it's just smoothing everything out yeah and if you feel nervous you can always go up a size if you feel like you really want a more a drapey kind of effect because again it'll be a little bit longer so it might feel a little more on the kind of midi maxi kind of feel do it that way you can throw a cardigan over it and still have that shapely feel but throw like another layer on top of it if you're really afraid to show your curves but this will definitely show you curves okay hope went off the shoulder she's pulling why exactly you can give a little skin if you want to but see look how now immediately she took that off the shoulder look how sexy you know and is actually very sexy and ladies you can be sexy without showing a lot of skin you know you can be intriguing without you know having to wear a very short skirt you know that's what I'd love that you always do so beautifully you maintain that we're you know we're very ladylike very classy a little edgy little fun twist to it and then of course if we want to add a little sexiness to it we can do that by taking it off the shoulder half our quantities already gone ladies it's at a featured price we're putting out last call in the coral so if you love the shade that I'm wearing and I'm wearing this in an extra small there's 50 left so if you want to pick this up in the coral last call on that don't forget we've got the palm green I love the palm green is that beautiful right there's 150 left in the palm green Rob that's fantastic that's amazing and then the end of the blue is like a denim to me which is always you can always wear denim spot on spot on it's gorgeous so if you'd like to pick it up it is at a featured price for our hello gorgeous event maybe you got some great makeup for our Beauty report pick up a beautiful dress and a lift your spirits and you'll look amazing we've got more of our hello gorgeous finale coming up right after that the lift is your go-to guide for our favorite fashion and accessory finds of the week we have the best styles handpicked just for you join us every Thursday night to see what made the list [Music] so believe it or not this is your ultimate deal that's a good shopping [Music] how cute is Shannon Smith I can't wait for her new show and she really does love to shop and she really gets bat money I'm sure boxes to her front door all the time so it's a great show that she was gonna be hosting so shopping with she and how much fun so that's gonna be coming out but I'm thrilled for her to get her own show so I'm sure there's gonna be a lot to look forward to and a lot of fun that's one thing I will tell you whenever you were Shannon Smith they're gonna have a lot of fun but we're glad to hear shopping with us at HSN I'm Amy Morrison we've got about another Wow 25 minutes with the one and only Vanessa Williams who's a famous actress a singer songwriter and she's designing exclusively for us ladies in fact we've got for you another gorgeous knit she really understands knits and only brings to us the finest quality this is the knit topper at 79 75 we've got it for you in the Indigo right behind that we've got it for you in the white I will slip into this ensemble of the coral it's 32 inches in length it's cotton and linen so it's perfect for this time of year and a lot of us Vanessa we don't want to wear you know let's say a blazer it's too warm but we were looking for a little coverage maybe while we're in church or we're going out to dinner this is the perfect piece to do that or when the AC is too cold I mean there's a lot when they blast it and it's a wonderful cardigan length because it's not so long like a duster where you kind of get lost in something by your knee it's a little bit kind of mid thigh and the pattern that I love of the layers the different patterns of the knit is amazing I've got a polka dot you got a kind of a stripe you've got this banding and then the bottom to me looks like little kind of little feathers little petals that kind of drape on the bottom the finishing is amazing and it's just it's a great topper because it's it's light enough but you feel like you're covered up it's very casual good point yeah because so often you're right it is lightweight we're covering up but it doesn't look like we're covering anything I love that it's an open front so gives it more of a leisure feel to it and then it's bracelet length sleeves or you can Roush it up if you want to you've got a nice straight hem so again you don't have to worry about this not giving you a tailored look it's still gonna be very tailored with that so again I just like a lightweight cotton sweater this time of year it's very difficult to find you can see I put this right over top of the dress so church appropriate now you know wherever you sit in the restaurant you're gonna be right underneath that air so get ready at least you have something you know that that's appropriate and again it's the way that you did the knits are so beautiful thank you well my manufacturer is known for their nets so it's it's their specialty and I love getting a chance to create and this is you know white I always do white for the summer it just feels fresh clean and it just feels like it's summer times when I put on my right after right after Memorial Day so it's like it's a great opportunity to throw it on top of jeans that's I wear my white jeans again starting right after we're allowed to in Memorial Day and this is you know when you do white white white it's it just makes you feel fresh and clean and ready for summer it's so true I forgot about that we get to wear white shoes too mm-hmm the perfect pair of white shoes like I've been waiting to wear them too so break out the white shoes you know break the white sweater it's also available for you in the Indigo again your movies not doing this justice when you get this home and you see the knit like I had said earlier there's a very famous knit company that does knits like these that are four hundred five hundred dollars and yeah you're you're getting that same knit quality here today so it's an investment piece it's brand-new for our hello gorgeous event its twenty six dollars and fifty eight cents and you know that's the one we when we're looking for a topper you know a lot of times we don't want to wear a cardigan because they're a little too short you know we want something that is giving us a little bit more length and this one does that yeah it does end it but it's not I mean I used to wear those dusters which go to almost like mid mid calf which we're really trendy and I love them then again like what do you wear them with all the time this is something you can throw on and especially traveling which I missed I was always on a plane i right now I should be in London doing City of Angels and the West End of course that's delayed so so I came back from London in March but you know this is fantastic for traveling because you can it's not gonna wrinkle it looks fantastic if you have a hot class you can take it off and then put it back on again less your but you've regulated I love that – another beautiful sweater and a gorgeous knit that you did for us and this is what we're calling our v-neck striped sweater I love the way that you did this in the stripes because it's done strategically ladies so right here what you're looking at is our blush right behind the blush this is done for you in what we're calling our soft white and then right behind the soft white this is our black which has beautiful yellow gold running through it so again I love that each one is a little bit different even the black has a subtle tint to it here in that white and then of course my favorite you did that beautiful blush it's gorgeous but again it's a stretch knit that you did this in and there's a in the actual stripe it's a metallic thread that I loved and I always loved putting a little bit of metallic when I get a chance to so it's it's not you know it doesn't scream holiday time but it just makes it a little sparkly with that run of metallic thread through it the the the the the Millenial pink which were love the creamy blush whatever you want to say this color is it's been on trend for probably the past I would say five to ten years it's great because it's a great opportunity to be soft and feminine and it looks great on every skin type you just got the the the three-quarter length sleeves so it's you can show off your bracelets but the v-neck is – plunging the where it ends is right kind of above the hip and it's just again one of those classic myths that will never go out of style has a little bit of the slits on the side and it's just again I'm looking for stuff that you can build your wardrobe with that's not gonna be it'll be trendy but not just a fad not disposable fashion which we have a lot which is fantastic but these are these are pieces that you can have in your closet and wear over and over again that's so true I love that you brought up that point disposable fashion these are investment pieces in your style and so many of us I feel like I finally got my style together I'm in my 40s I know what I like I know what I want to wear and this type of color right here this soft blush especially the way that you did the metallic suit I'll wear this for 20 more years so I love that you're doing these beautiful colors so here it is in that soft lush right behind that and we've got it for you in our soft white the metallic is only running through in the stripes so you just see a little bit of that metallic running through there and a little bit of that gold there I don't know if you can see it a little bit of the gold running through the black so it's just very subtle in the black you can really see the gold running through that tan so it's a tie today it's $19.

99 and it's very lightweight this is not a heavy knit although it covers up so it looks like a pretty dense because it's covering everything and smoothing everything out but it is very very breathable I've worn that with just like light blue jeans and just the combination of the pale blue and the soft pink is just really really flattering they're gorgeous it's about 23 and 1/2 inches in its length so again you've got that 3/4 length sleeve so you can wear all of your tchotchkes it's new it's different you know you need you know a new summer sweater or that transitional sweater you don't want to wear anything heavy or a cashmere or this or that but you want some coverage this is the perfect sweater to do that with but again its stretches so it's something that you know it might be a little more fitted but it's not clingy so I love that about this and of course all of your fashions are exclusive to us here at HSN so we're thrilled that you're doing that to us when you look at the black here this could even be holiday because the way that the Gold's done on it and this V elongates increase a lean line that's what I like to eat long and lean line ladies and it looks fabulous your dark denim jeans or any black pant that you might have so and the options that we have that's our black then this is our blush and then right behind that is the soft white try today for under $20 you'll love the knit you'll love the feel and of course you'll really appreciate the quality that Vanessa puts in her entire collection for us so exclusively at HSN but I know our hello gorgeous event is coming to and and don't go anywhere Vanessa cuz we're gonna check in with Sara she's got a brand new day coming out but I'm I'm not sure about the shoe Sara well that's why I came out here because I I need your advice okay okay what shoes should I wear with this outfit oh I've got tan shoes and I've got black shoes and I was torn I said I'll have to ask the ultimate fashionista Amy and plus I haven't seen we haven't been this close in months okay we are starting a brand new day at the stroke of midnight but here's the best part you love the coconut bolero from our friends at Nina Leonard it's the most adorable open weave knit sweater now you loved it at a higher price but we're gonna do something very very special tonight we are going to give you this sweater and for the first time ever you're also getting the matching tank so we're giving you two for the less than the price of wine that's all coming up at midnight it's already a fan favorite already a huge customer pick I know you're just gonna absolutely go ahead of her heels for our brand-new today's special at midnight so Amy what's your vote I vote the new Laura black shoes okay I like the nude you have voted what do you think ladies the nude I'm a sucker for a good nude shoe what can I say I've worn nude shoes I don't know why they feel the need to walk this way but anyway Sarah left I'm following her I'm going with Sarah where are you going but I love a good nude shoe so anyway stick around I love that bolero there's a lot to look forward to with Sarah but we do have a Nessa Williams joining us for our finale with our hello gorgeous event with the ultimate the biggest the hottest look going on right now is snake print we have for you the printed pant with the seaming detail this is a pull-on I love this material here it's only $55 so you've got two prints you're gonna see on Sonya right there she's wearing that and what we're calling our blush combo and then we've got it for you in our neutral combo it's $18 and change Sonya are these not the best I tried these uncomfortable legs for days look in this for $18.

45 so I have to ask for NASA is this not the like most insane popular print period snake will never that this that Python look which again animal prints will never go out of style because we'll always have animals so these are fantastic they're on trend what I love about them is the top which you're showing it's a flat panel on top with a little bit of almost looks like a like a yoke and the front that kind of points down that is really flattering for the tummy and it it's kind of it feels like a yoga pant but also looks like a trouser so it's smart and that aspect where it it looks very kind of put together but feels really relaxed and comfortable like a yoga pant oh the sizes 2 through 24 women's these are phenomenal I'm telling you ladies if you're looking at one piece and you're saying well I don't know it you've got to pick up these pants sonja has it back to one of your white tanks you could wear a black shirt this print is not going anywhere in fact even moving into fall and winter this prints gonna be on fire even more so you're seeing it first here with Vanessa Williams collection I want to show you real quick the to print so right here this is the neutral and then one that Sonia is wearing just so you could see the difference here and the one that I'm holding up this is what we're calling our blush combo it's 30 and a half inches in length you've got that elastic waist that looks like a fitted waist the material is divine so again it's a very high-end feel – it's not gonna wrinkle so it's very cool on the body but we're gonna head out to our phones real quick Nessa we've got William – sure who's giving us a call from South Carolina whose mother loves her fashions hello William welcome and she wears the necklace out and look 30 years young what do you know what pieces she has and she have a pencil skirt does she have a jacket is she wearing a sweater a pencil skirt and she does wear the sweater but I don't know everything blares yes she does thank you you're showing right now we're glad Williams you took time to be part of our show and your mother sounds like she's fabulous incredibly chic and she's got a great taste so you take good care of yourself and your mom William thank you but thank you William yeah I would you wear these pants these pants and it's more of a muted I love I don't know if you can see this ladies but when you look at this it's not it's a very soft muted color so it's not in-your-face snake if you muted it down I love that yeah it's it's kind of like a charcoal gray with a taupe so again you can throw it on with the booty and now for the summer you know they have these leather kind of booties with an open toe which is completely easy to wear in the summertime again with the flat sneaker is very on trend but it's it's a great neutral so you don't have to wear a black pant all the time you can kick it up and wear something that's on trend like the Python and with the animal print but also the neutral if you're again if you're afraid of prints and then a lot of people get kind of overwhelmed oh my god I don't know what to do with them throw on a solid on top and just wear the pants by themselves and it's not going to be too much of a jolt but it'll also kind of slowly get you out of your comfort zone into what the trend is I love these and the materials fabulous fabulous yes no pockets no bulk ladies just long and lean in two of the hottest prints so right here I'm holding this and this is what we're calling the blush that's the neutral combo but are you ready a lot of you have been asking about the jacket take a look at the most beautiful Hope over here it's an open front tweed very Jackie O so classic so clean there are pockets on this so there it is for you in and what we're calling whoops that one is the yeah that's the North Atlantic and then we have it for you in the black so tweed done right looks like a million bucks and you really mastered your tweed yes and I also have again you can see the metallic running through it which kicks it up so you see a little bit of the silver with also the charcoal and the teal and the blue it's just a great combination because everyone loves those classic kind of Chanel looks and that Jackie O which you mentioned which are gary beautiful and elite and fussy this gives you not only the the shape of being classic but makes it a little more trendy because in the back you have those little rings that are on the shoulder which is kind of makes it there you go that makes it a little trendy and also that the frayed edges again which makes it a little more hip and and less fussy so again what I do with these is I throw it I have a camisole underneath I throw this on top and then I wear some jeans and boots or you got the white jeans and flats sneakers or a wedge and you feel like you're put together you know we say collect it a lot because when you feel collected that means that you feel like everything is in its place but you can still be comfortable and casual but also feel collected and this is one of those pieces that it collects the whole look it's so true and I wanted to point out in the back this is what we were talking about in the back you can kind of see the way that she's got these little rings see that the little ones going around so you're right it takes that class that gives it a very little fun edge feel to it right look at the way that goes all the way up so it's a little edgy and then the way that you did that that clean classic print here so it's that subtle plaid so if you want to pick this up there's that black it's not heavy or that super thick tweed so here it is for you in the black and then the North Atlantic that you saw hope wearing there you can see look around in the back and you just see that subtle metallic running through it really we've done so well and even in the it's not blind so you don't have to worry about yet another layer underneath to make it really you know uncomfortable and thick it's you know it's definitely finished well you can see all the finishing is beautifully done so it's substantial but it's not super heavy and I love the color combination black and white you know I talked to you last time about black and white dressing which is so easy when you're going away and you don't know what to pack throw black and white in and you are done black pants black shirt black top white white you know and and you've always got a color combo and blues tend to be my favorite that's kind of what I the color term that I always go to look at the black and white these are two patterns pattern on pattern I know a lot of people you're running for the hills hurry don't be afraid if that scares you to wear pattern on pattern then just wear a solid and keep the pattern to itself but it's such a good point I the black and white it's um he's carrying off beautifully but if you're nervous about it you don't forget a tweed jacket is never out of style let's just right there that tweed jacket whether you want to make it a little more edgy and wear it back with the pencil skirt that we do have available for you not only in that great zebra but also in the leopard print as well so we have those available but you can also just to be clean and classic wear them back with the white denim jeans put on that boy store and you and you're done I mean a tweet jacket I have some since I was like you know 17 years old and I can still pull it out because it's in style this one has a little bit more of the eyelet fringe the metallics running through it so it makes it more fresh and updated but ladies you'll have this forever and today we've got at a great price so we only have about a minute or so remaining on this presentation so if you'd like to pick it up this is the first time that we're presenting that tweed jacket with pockets at $69 off so try to say for thirty six dollars and sixty two cents I know to get this quality and that's what your brand is about it's about getting amazing quality home and and all of your customer picks that people talk about they talk about how well everything was made and I think that's so important to stress well it's important to because it's my name so I want to make sure that when people buy something with my name on it that they feel like they're getting their money's worth they feel like it's unique and they want to be asked where did you get that and wow I love that that's so unique where did you get that and that's what I hope I bring to my customers when they get a piece from me absolutely thank you so much Vanessa I enjoyed spending this evening with you you're such a beautiful woman and we appreciate everything that you do for us and give give us it give your love to your beautiful mother and daughter or parts I will my mom's next door so I'll just wave to her yeah thank you so much for nothing you stay safe and healthy and we appreciate you you too thank you thank you take care bye bye all right we do want to let you know quick reminder about the dress that I'm wearing but have you been asking about this dress it's a beautiful stretch to it it's fitted but it's not too tight I think we're almost sold out of the coral but we do have it 20 left in the coral extra small through 3x and then we also for you in the Indigo as well as that beautiful green so if you'd like to pick it up it's seventy one dollars and 61 cents I'll see everybody coming up tomorrow at 8 p.


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