HUGE SUMMER TRY ON CLOTHING HAUL 2020 | MRP, The Fix, Legit, Refinery + more | Natalie Wera

[ThờiTrangMùaHè] hey guys welcome back to my youtube channel if it is your first time joining me welcome my name is Natalie Carrera and I upload blogs fashion and lifestyle videos so if you like that kind of content please do make sure to subscribe and if you are a returning subscriber welcome back thank you so much for joining me once again as you can see by the title of this video today we are doing a yeah I’m really excited because I really do love fashion and clothing and all of that good stuff so I’m just going to be showing you guys some things that I got from a few different stores like mr.

price the fakes woods picking pay true thing like there’s a variety of stores so yeah without further ado let’s get straight and so the first day we’re gonna start off with is mr.

price so I’m actually wearing I’m one of the items right now which is just like this simple black trace but I will put the tie on part of this video like some my hair though so that you guys can see like how the clothing fits and everything most of the items I did get them in a medium because yeah my body is just at this weird stage right now if you watched my shopping for vacation vlog then you would know that like I’m in this weird space where like small is too small for me but the medium is too big for me so I’m so trying to like figure out my sizing so this black dress I really like it because it’s nice it’s simple you know I do wish that it was a bit more tighter you know so it could be more like body con you know most snatched but I’m not really mad at like the little bit of that is there because it’s breathable and like I still have woman to breathe but I think that I could have gotten away with getting a small instead of a medium just because the material is like a very straight sheet okay so the next item that I got is essentially the exact same dress but in a different style it is just this what do you call trace exactly the same as the one that I’m wearing right now just in a different style I really like the style actually like the combination of navy red and white is this really doing it for me I don’t know why it just gives me like I don’t know cuz at reminds me of like a holiday or like the beach or like something I don’t know that color combination is just born then the next item accords was this another dress because I’m trying to you know have more dresses in my wardrobe because I barely had any before so it is this like olive green army cream also buddy country is also in a medium I just fell in love with the color to be honest and also it says she’s not me because she ain’t and yeah I like the stress the next item that I got is a bit difficult to show [Music] essentially it looks like this it will make more sense like while you’re looking at the Triad but yeah it’s just this black top and it like comes together at the back and then it’s like an open back and then it’s like tight you know this is making sense but yeah this is top I just like the design of it to be honest like that uh-oh the what the design of it is very nice three like different you know like I have never come across the top like this so I really liked it and yeah I like all the little cutouts that it has and stuff because you know it’s somehow we got to show some skin you know and then the last item that I got from mr.

price no I’m actually nine the lost clothing item that I got from mr.

price is this denim skirt I think is really really cute and it’s such a staple piece in your water because you can style this up you can style it down like skirts you can style many different ways but it’s basically denim is so versatile so like you can honest me wear however you look can you guys believe this is the first skirt I’ve ever bought like in my life I didn’t have certain in my closets until now but yeah and then we move on to the shoe my bad guys this is actually the last clothing item for my surprise it is just this cute navy blue top I really like the style of this top I don’t know what you call it but there’s like this thing that’s going on here like the way I can’t explain it but I hope you know what I mean so yeah those are all the clothing items from mr.

price okay guys now we move on to the shoes that I got from mr.

price I didn’t get these shoes at the same time then I bought like everything else but they’re still failing you so I decided to treat them in this hole so the first ones that I’ve got are these white black heels just nice you know a cute simple I really like these heels because like they’re so cute like they’re so cute they’re so simple but I feel like you could pull off a lot of looks with these and mr.

price actually has a really good selection of black heels like they have them in so many different styles and things so I think they’re definitely the plug for Black Hills and these heels were only like 180 I think if I’m not mistaken so they’re really really affordable for those trying to build a heel connection like myself or starting out with wearing heels of buying heels whatever mr.

price is the plank then I got the same shoe but in this nude color also very cute simple and I like this color extra name so yeah that is so yeah that’s everything that I got from mr.

price and now let’s move on to the next store so I also went to pick and pay clothing but I only got one item from there and it was these shorts he’s like denim Navy shorts I really like the color to be honest I think it really complements my skin I actually would use like when we were in quadbiking and they were so comfortable the material is very like stretchy the fabric Rea stretchy very good palette he loves to see it and then the next store so then I also got some pieces from the fix anyways yeah I got some pieces from the fake so that’s the next over gonna be looking at so it was actually my first time shopping it at the fakes but I always see like on Instagram and stuff they always look like they have a lot of cute things so I was like I’m definitely gonna go check it out and see what I can find ok so the first item that I got from the fix was this blue crop top I bought this one in a size extra small / small this is what it looks like oh my gosh I think it’s really cute I don’t know like I fell in love with the color so I think with these tops you can definitely size down because the material is very very very stretchy so if you want like a tighter fit then I would definitely suggest sizing down but yeah that’s item number 1 the next thing that I got from the fix was this gorgeous two-piece set this is the top which basically looks like the blue one I also got this one in an extra small / small and then this is the bottom it’s just like a I think it’s a MIDI a midi skirt which is just this MIDI bodycon skirt so the top I got an extra small / small and then the bottoms I got in a medium to large say young I just really like it you know cause it’s like wise you it’s like string things so I really like this to piece it because you know it’s wide one incline it’s snatched and I don’t know guys I’m really loving white for the sunlight she’ll be honest so yeah that’s that and then the last item that I got from the bigs is this bodysuit yay it’s just this moon bodysuit I got this one in a medium got this body suit and a medium I only had with this body suit is the fact that at the bottom parts the body suit part of it it doesn’t have any clips so you definitely have to take off your whole outfit when you want to go to the bathroom but otherwise it’s cute a locket and then yeah that’s all from the fix okay so moving on to the next door so I only got one item from the shed which were which are English so I got these really cute pair of heels from legit like guys when I saw you I just fell in love like when I saw them I was just like I have to have it’s a must like it is definitely a must I could not use this door without getting these shoes so um these are my new baby it is these of white block here I am just trying to get my yeah so they are these white block oh my gosh I love these shoes so much like I don’t know I just really fell in love with the style of these shoes I just love the fact that they were white first of all second of all they’re Black Hills so they’re definitely more comfortable to walk in and then I really like this just like white see-through thing going on here and then they said apart for your toe they gave you a big toe a special place to put itself and then they were not done they still said wrap around your lay and then guys they were still not done because they said this is not just any thing to wrap around your leg it’s a braided team like what no ways guys they really snapped with these shoes hey I don’t know maybe I’m being dramatic but I really really love them like this is just a really really cute style and I also like the this thing the the way it’s shaped in front I don’t know if they pull it a square well it’s just way too I don’t know what it’s called but yeah I really love the friends and just these heels in general loves of my lives ok while we’re still on to shoes let’s move on to the next door which is wood I only got one item from them is or are yo guys I don’t know hey please let me know in the comments down below like what’s the proper English but anyways I got one item of shoes I got one item which shoes hi I bought these shoes cars and I really really liked them as well of course because they’re wines hmm you know me and white and I’ve wanted this style of shoe for like really really long and yeah they’re very durable so as I was saying these are really durable and I also like the fact that they have this like little strapped fee at the back yeah initially I wasn’t crazy about it because I’m like what’s going on yeah but it’s actually growing on me and I think it’s like a really cute and then the law store that we have in today’s haul is so this is the sole that I got my swimsuit from which is just this the iPad print bikini I hope that this is leopard print okay but yeah it’s really really cute and I like that at the back it has this whole like criss-cross situation kind of hard to show it on camera but like here it has this whole criss-cross situation and it’s just really really cute like animal print is just such a vibe and it will forever be in well in my books like in my style books I don’t know about anyone else but I really vibe with animal print and it also has like padding inside for like more comfort and whatever and then these are the bottom also cute simple you know and for those people that aren’t very comfortable like showing the booty or whatever then these are definitely those this is definitely nice bikini because it does have like full coverage essentially at the back which is cool okay so that brings us to the end of our clothing haul those were all the items that I caught for my vacation by the way I did go shopping for all of these items in the store but I will try to find them online for you guys and leave them in the description box below so if the link to a clothing item is not in the description box then that means that I wasn’t able to find it online but all the ones that I do find online I will definitely link them in the description box below let me know in the comments down below which outfit or clothing item or shoes or whatever was your favorite please do not forget to Like comment and subscribe and I will see you guys in my next video oh also don’t forget to check the description box for links to all of the items while the ones that I did find and yes I will see you guys in my next video bye [Music].


how that beautiful people welcome back to my channel I know you guys miss beam but I know if you have been watching my videos you probably already know that I have most and we’re in this spot so here’s the loner little sneak peek of what’s going on all of this is not gonna be like this soon I’m just trying to set my or get my life together so today is how to think I am gonna be trying clothes on with you guys so I’m excited because you guys know I love me some fashion I love you know getting some cute pieces and pairing some stuff that I already have together going thrifting getting clothes from African Wall calm so I can have some cute statement pieces in my closet so today that’s exactly what I’m gonna be showing you guys some pieces that I actually order from Africa more calm and I’m gonna try it on with you guys I had a dress won yesterday and it was so freaking cute and I was just like oh yeah I got to bust out a little cute fashion ball for you guys and you know it’s summertime so I think I got some cool pieces that you guys are going to like so we gonna get into this situation and I kind of try to set you guys up so we’re not moved back you can see exactly what’s going on because you know sometimes I’d be having it all chopped and screwed and cut off but hopefully you guys can see the full outfit from head to toe so I’m excited about that but I hope all of you are doing great I know I have been in my a but like I said I just been hustling and bustling and trying to get my life together and some shit and water around here but I love you guys and we’re just gonna begin this situation so I need to put lotion we love first year off because I don’t got time for gotta be judging these action legs of mine and I’m putting it out I don’t want to put any greasy lotion on because then I’m going to regret all of that alright so this is the first outfit that I try it along from them yesterday and worn out because I thought it was so cute so I just paired it with some long nike socks and I had my all way uptown Air Force Ones on and I had these cool glasses on with it these these are my high top Air Force Ones with my maxi socks mr.

CREB is always freezing so you have to have a jacket on in there or you’re going to regret it unless you get some hot juicy crab sauce and you get to warm your body up with that but but that’s just what I think so that’s the first outfit and I know that I got some mediums and some smalls I didn’t get a larger anything but I’ll go over that sizes if I do see a size tag in here after Kimmel I need you guys to put whether it’s a small or not on the back of your clothes so I don’t have to be searching tip from the customer so the bottom half is a little loose but I’m not mad because the top is like the perfect tightness on the arms so I’d rather have a little bit of movement in the booty you know versus having the same eye tightness like super tight and then it looks weird when it bunches up you can do a little bit more movement without it looking like you got the wrong size so guys this one is it’s okay if you go on out with their girls you go to a pool party you going out for vacation you even if you’ve got a man and you want to go then show a little extra skin which a man cause he ain’t insecure it’s pool party things if you guys are wondering these do have pads in them you can take them out if you’re not selling it but you guys know that your girl needs job so I’m keeping mine okay okay so you know act up season attire for the summertime so I need you guys to cop this one okay the link will be in the description don’t go see this full of bags yes yes yes yes this one is the orange one you guys know orange looks good on us women with some melanin in our skin yellow and orange so I had to give that another little tiny bikinis that’s floating around all over Instagram I wanted to try one out to see how it’s gonna look when you’re there so this is the orange Fanta bikini so you guys know this is one of those bikinis that you can just just do whatever you want so like the nipple covers you can Mike squinch or squish it up whatever you know you can make a little you know a situation like this so you can have it wide over your breath so the act-up season bikini so don’t be mad at it okay if you’ve got a man that’s very insecure he’s definitely not letting you walk out the house with this one so you’re just gonna have to pack it up and just hide it under your wigs or something when you go on vacation wishes this is somewhat of you know really really don’t know how to you know understand it you a bad bitch and you’d like to show it off just you know because you eat your rice and cabbage you know but I like it I fell betta chill take a chill pill has shorty in bad or whatever cute got me looking bright and tight and of course the yellow is 15 for us brown skin this have everything cinched and squished and looking tight and bright like I said before and I’m not mad at it I feel like everything is just really perfect it’s one of those bikinis that you’re actually supposed to have like a under boo but you guys know I got childish boobs oh okay but let’s move on to the next outfits and you can see I didn’t do it entrusted this one but this one is a size small all the bathing suits are size small because I like my bathing suits to fit really snug act up season baby so part three let’s get it the t-shirt I was feeling like sporty cash when I was ordering clothes from here so let’s see how this looks I’m just throwing it over with some biker shorts I got some bleach stains on it let’s just add it to the left to the distress by alright now so you guys know I suck at explaining stuff so I went ahead and put the outfit 1 don’t mind the bottoms because I know they have bleach on them I have about 10 of these shorts in my closet somehow someway I tend to put on the ones that actually have heats pains and I don’t have time to go in for other ones that don’t have them but the shorts are actually from Target at the top after camo jacket H&M shoes I believe they’re from Mexico as you can see you can dress it up you don’t have to wear it the obvious casual chill gain type of look and you can do that too but not if I’m not attending somewhere in a t-shirt I like to dress it up versus dressing it down um obviously you don’t have to have a shirt coming from African balls to get this look you can chop something up that you have in your closet it goes to your brother’s closet brothers have the nicest little pieces that tend to work for us we know that was your mo when he was younger did you ever go and see your brother’s clothes and just chop his stuff up like I did I was that person and I used to always get killed but you know that just made me the fashionista that I am to this day you’re here for me and my love so this is basically what I ended up doing with the blazer I felt like the material look better with the Blazer clothes was a dress and I put in hmm bhasu underneath it and it’s fishnet so I feel like you can do a lot with this pieces just because it’s a blazer you can open it up you can put shorts you wear jeans on put a sneaker you can put a hill a bootie close toe open toe you can do whatever you want to this material is really nice a steamer would definitely help the situation but I definitely would say like dress it up with some hair accessories and you know do something cute with it because it’s just outfit that you’re always going to look fly in it does have pockets on the side if you guys are interested and the buttons are really nice and tight on here so nothing is falling off or looking crazy but I think it’s cute so I’ve just had a little hair tie around fits really really true to size so not mad at it at all I do have a size small in this but detail perfect stitching really nice material really nice it’s not like itchy Jean cheap Jean is really really nice quality so I am here for it this one is fired let me know which one is your favorite all right guys so this is how the Jean dress fit size you can see a medium is perfect for your girl I think the material is really nice the fitting is really nice the zipper works it doesn’t have any like problems doesn’t know the difference be playing it sometimes I’m really good at gauging by my size when I’m looking at the models that’s what you all have to be doing because all right so I’m gonna give you a couple of different looks with this one this one is just like the simple casual if you don’t want to think about too much but your outfit one piece this one doesn’t go all the way down through your ankles so this one is perfect for the summer time because you still have some breathing space going on at the bottom of your body okay I just felt like this is a cute situation alright so this is the blazer in sweat look if you guys are still in this one you can definitely pair a pair of sweatpants with your Blazers just to dress down your Blazers so you don’t feel like it has to be so dressed up or tight-fitting with the body suit and you can see the body suit is still under here I just have the body suit the body so that’s still under here I just put the sweat pants on top of it and I just feel like this is just a chill out thing just give me a chance later adding your own personal style to it obviously I would throw on some shades because if I’m gonna dress it down let’s take you there and let’s accessorize it let’s make it look a little bit more you know me just act it some more flavor to it some more drink some more you know spice you want to do like a loud pump I have like these dominant diamond studded clothes so booties I think I would wear that with this or you can throw on some Nikes something Air Force one high tops so wrong with these okay I don’t like made fries I don’t like low tops I love the high tops alright so this is the last piece guys and I think it looks so adorable to be honest with you I’m so over two pieces like this but I couldn’t beat you know this color because it always looks super good on me and I feel like every girl needs like pieces like this but these pieces okay either depending on the quality they can last you a long time or you feel like after maybe a year so you gotta get rid of it isolate African ma is almost leading the quality than I’ve ever received from fashion over to pieces because fashion over to pieces can be really thin and getting worn out super super fast and that’s just me being completely honest with you guys and you know how sometimes like you wear these items and like they move around on you and it’s just like you kind of feel like you have to keep pulling your shit down look like that like no you can tell like this is thick enough then it’s just not gonna be sliding up on you all night to walk around and it won’t just be like annoying like yeah it’s a skirt and you’re gonna have to put your skirt down that’s why he’s just seeing me pull my skirt down but you know that material that it’s just like Madden that it’s just moving just like how you’re moving because it’s just super super thin this is not giving you that so I’m here for you I feel like this is like my best askin mall try on haul just because I feel like I have a lot of pieces that different age group skin and clothes with clothes period now that I’m 24 I’m trying to be a little bit versatile than my clover halls and stuff like that but I hope you guys enjoyed this video I’m so happy that the Sun stood with me and held me down and I’m not looking crazy and it’s just not up and down like the old spots that I say that I used to say yeah I was always having problem s but I love you thank you so much for watching and if I missed anything that you guys want me to like want to know about like my glasses nine times out of ten I lied to you not they all come from a mall kiosk like literally I don’t buy expensive glasses because I’m a type of person that bird shit so I’m not going to buy anything that I’m gonna mess around and throw in a purse step1 somebody’s gonna come in my house sit on some shit so these are the only pair of glasses that I actually didn’t get from a mall kiosk I actually got them from a store and they were actually in Palm City Market if you guys are familiar with Atlanta area they have a couple of cool stores and pop city market and just these glasses came from that store I think they’re so buy cute because I feel like Texas bhavish off of them like like the detail on the sides and like the little print right here you can’t really tell and don’t judge me because they’ve they’ve been through a lot they’ve been through a lot and they’ve only been through a lot because I use the baby white one then so like they live mad ratchet but you probably can’t even tell so I’m just getting away my my secrets of being ratchet at home by myself I love you guys I’m about to find me something to eat because I didn’t eat before I started this video so I call it like something off like that but stomach is about the new your slow slow and it’s like after I eat a burger or two I love y’all I’ll see you guys in my next time bye [Music] [Music].

Summer Fashion Lookbook | Classy, Elegant and Chic outfits 2019

[Music] hi I’m Jess welcome back to my channel so this edition is my summer fashion lookbook first up is this beautiful maxi dress by Danish designer dia CUDA bar featuring a stunning silk georgette gentle floral print with sprinkles of gold detailing it’s a statement dress for those who loves laid-back chic I’m always searching for the perfect beach cover-up and I found this one at the dressing room designed by Greek designer Athena / NASA the whole collection has that perfect chic bohemian aesthetic I love the bold print and kimono shape sleeves with that contrast frill detailing along the seams [Music] [Music] they’re having a couple that avoids medieval Nazis is definitely part by capsule wardrobe I’ve got quite a few of them this one I got from jigsaw for an attack in the description below some of my other favorites if you’re wearing something quite simple like this just like a white maxi I love having a big pop of color like this enjoying a yellow beach bag that I’ve got from the gift pop boutique I think it just adds a bit of vibrancy to whatever it is that you’re wearing I love the fitted chest and waist on this dress it’s really simple classic shape which explains why it’s lasted so long in my wardrobe I’m a big fan of the collections of jigsaw they always create high quality pieces that I end up having for years next up it’s hmm and this beautiful caftan dress for me the beauty is in the simplicity all you need is a great shape and a lovely soft fabric and at $24.

99 you can’t really go wrong I’d style this with a stack of gold bracelets and tan leather sandals maybe a printed head scarf to finish if you wanted a pop of color it’s an easy everyday dress at a great affordable price staying with H&M I also found this entire outfit for under 45 pounds my white linen shirt from the premium collection was just $19.

99 and is a perfect basic for my wardrobe the linen is really high quality and I love the oversized fit it’s also available in a light blue stripe and a pastel blue tone on my bottom half I’m wearing the H&M linen joggers and I love them I went for a UK 10 and I would say they’re really true to size if you like that perfect relaxed fit they’re sitting really nicely just on my hip bone with the elasticated waist I think these would also look great styled with a camisole or even a nice white sweater once the Sun Goes Down it’s a great piece again from H&M that I know I’ll get lots of use out of so I am really gently discovered the brand of Beckham bridge at the dressing room and fell in love with this dress it’s polka dots obviously which I love and the really on trend for the season it’s got that 50 shape which i think is so flattering on everybody nipped in here at the waist and then that full skirt you can easily wear this dress in the daytime and dress it down a touch I think it would look beautiful dressed up in the evening with pair of heels essentially I just love this dress I think you could wear it in so many different ways [Music] I love the full skirt and the way it moves as you walk it’s feminine on trend yet wouldn’t look out a fashion by next summer a great investment piece of your wardrobe [Music] I couldn’t do a summer lookbook and not include one of my staple kimonos like a blazer is for winter the kimono is a perfect addition to your wardrobe for summer they can dress up or dress down in so many different ways and use them at beach is a cover-up in the day for a pop of color and at night if in doubt I throw on a kimono and feel like I’ve finished an outfit so this next book I’ve just paired my favorite high-waisted Suzanne with trousers with zipper wear shirt that came from H&M and I just wanted to show you how you can make these travels a bit more smarter I’ve worn these trousers a lot with simple camisole tops very much in a day work kind of vibe I wanted to show you how you could make them look a lot smarter and Pat whether for work etc there’s such a beautiful color and really really versatile as well so I think it works just as well as a nice shirt as it does dressing it down more for the daytime [Music] I’ve linked in the description below a couple of favorite wide leg trousers I found recently from a few different price points so there’s something for everyone I found spending a tiny bit more does offer you better quality when it comes to the pleat detailing like the cover-up at the beginning of this video this mini summer dress came from the Berlin devotion at the dressing room it’s a gorgeous tone of green in that bold Greek inspired print and I love it which is strange for me as I never really wear minis but this dress would have to be the exception to that rule [Music] skinny jeans I owe you an apology I’m so sorry I dumped you for all those horrible mom jeans it really won’t happen again I’ve been wearing these to death since I got them because the fit is just so nice I wear this pair with heels loafers trainers and even sandals versatility and its finest another Beach cover-up but this time from 80 now the perfect a line shape throwing on top of a bikini at the beach and I love the brown and black lightweight cotton with that subtle gold thread detail it sits really comfortably across the chest and the deep frill gives it a lovely movement when you walk another gorgeous maxi dress this time from and Other Stories the fabric of this dress is actually far nicer in real life than it looks online and have a lovely textured feel to it the perfect holiday dress I’d love to know your favorite items I featured in the comments section below and if you’re new to my channel and you like this video give be wonderful if you could subscribe to thank you so much for all your support for what I do on YouTube and I’ll see you next time take care [Music].

Style Watch: Spring Summer Fashion 2019 Outfit Inspiration | SheerLuxe Show

hello and welcome to the Sherlock show it feels really great to be back I’m Olivia wave and joining me today are Charlotte Collins Lou huff and tomorrow Koren welcome lady right now today today we launch our very special and really exciting new fashion segment style watch so stay tuned as well be talking you through our favorite looks of the week from Instagram the red carpet and beyond plus we’ll be sharing the things we’re loving nature and show always a favorite of mine but first hi ladies I am absolutely loving this new set it was so worth the wait do you guys love it another yeah I think what we’re planning on moving in and it’s amazing right this couch for my house would look marvelous and I’m a first on the list to debate let’s get into it not talking have a very differing opinion here but let’s talk because they are officially back according to the Guardian and what did you think of a purge like it would you try it would you pay 150 pounds for a new wave perm coined by the Hersh and see so new that I’m coming back like how has it been changed because they make those 80s perms my mum definitely had won’t and she was like I would never I was like I feel like it’s like your hair like I really like if I had a perm then that would be liking you a new way anyway do you don’t like an original cause I mean we we were actually like babies maybe not even born but I wasn’t even born just yeah my mom definitely right so it’s not something like a remembering it’s real time it’s only from pictures and that you’re a bit like oh that wasn’t it yeah I think how tight it is yeah I think now it’s much more relaxed it’s kind of that I think exactly I use happy wait I say I think it’s that kind of tight you know that awful kind of idealistic material I am I am I had a I tell you what possessed me because she was trying it was trendy and I thought you know what I’m gonna have a trek I’m gonna have a perm and I walked out of her and I cried for day at the time I own oh I did not have a picture of one good reason I just would not tolerate quite Wow but leave my girl fans well no I would just to say that I would what do you mean like instantly and it doesn’t take his money yeah exactly it’ll take out the kind of things yeah but your hair within 24 hours see and that’s where popular culture okay so now meet Charlotte yeah I really do it my hair is so straight that maybe my wedding good I know I know my hair is so sweet naturally and I spend my life obviously putting a coil into it so if I could have something a bit more natural but not like the eighties pan yeah I agree I think we add a bit of especially for mine add a bit of wave bit add a bit of volume bit of character to just dead straight have clearly someone needs to do this so we get it yeah yeah I don’t think you should do it I think you good yeah actually my me naturally no okay Urban Outfitters have launched a fashion subscription box now it’s intended to cut back on waste you order a box for $88 so it’s only in America it Coronado currently is an Ulta and you receive eight items of clothing and at the end of the month you send it on to the next recipient clearly there’s a giant question here so if the brand is called newly and it kind of sits under the urban afters umbrella and yeah you pay $88 I think it works out at $800 worth of product which you pick yourself so it’s not random so yeah and there’s loads of amazing rounds because it’s in the urban help so you’ve got three people anthropology and then within them they have like Levi’s Love Shack so many amazing denim brands and more leisure brands as well and obviously sustainable fashion is like the hot word at the moment and I think it’s so great that brands are thinking about that and do think about what they can do but you send it on so is then all those products then get laundered and I’m imagining there will kept together and then somebody else for them make I guess I can pick your own product they must go back to the ground and then they redistribute can can the brand pick the product if you said you know can you I don’t know I hope you go exactly I don’t know what we’ll go with with yes I’m not sure it’s basically like renting clothes isn’t it I used to rent handbags really rent yeah exactly even dresses so I guess this is just a way of bringing that like sustainable element yes if you loved one element of the box like a dress yeah you can it’s always like a try before you buy – then things are not so good if you’re a traveller Bramlett Love Shack fancy in which you know things are a couple of hundred dollars if you can work even if you’re just getting that for you yeah yeah if your style is quite trend led as well and you know you want to be just kind of or then no that’s a really great way to be able to just kind of show you something and be like right new and eighty-eight dollars so a pretty good so yeah like from reading the initial idea of it like really and they really think it yeah it sounds like actually something that could pioneer a whole – way of shopping I won’t read the runway you know I think it’s really the difference in some brands like that is I feel like he’s like we have a size 10 in that dress and told a bit done between yes yeah whereas this sounds like if you’re literally picking from the – yeah effectively that’s amazing you’re working for your size mate everything yeah it’s a really interesting with a little can’t wait for bring over here okay according to a new study most mañana Millennials find it hard to say that word they tried hard to make friends at work do you struggle what do you think why rather do you think it’s so hard why am i fighting this the topic so I think the question I have on my mind now this is something that it’s really awkward for you I think it’s all because everybody here’s got lace giving the Indian it but it it’s true that when you start a new place of work you know and there’s lots of time stats and facts but just to pick out an important one is that over half of the people surveyed felt that they really struggle to make friends at work compared to 1/4 of the baby boomer generation so it’s like it really is a millennial problem it seems why do you think that is I mean now our reasons but I’m just curious why you think I think there’s actually more competition around that age group I think Millennials are much more competitive with one another but I also think I think if you you know whatever age you are if you walk into a nice friendly office if people say hello and you know go up to introduce that you know introduce themselves to you I think you know over time everything unit becomes habits and you’re with the same people every day and I think you do kind of bond you do you know become friends whether it’s whether you talk work or not there is you know there is banter you know everyday bouncing I think I’ve been your person lacking confidence in the workplace it’s your first job yeah it’s hard to sometimes I guess kind of chipping in on the battery yeah really established groove I think in that instance it’s almost you need to kind of not take someone aside but you know if someone’s going to make a cup of tea in the kitchen like go in there like have a little chat while you do yeah maybe say like well you know where do you go out for lunch like maybe we should go grab something together and I think it’s kind of taking yourself out of the office sometimes the other thing is work drinks I always think that’s such a good thing even if you know you’d rather go home and see your friends your partner whatever it’s really good to put yourself out there and kind of get out the office learning you once your starts chatting and you work space yeah yeah then the next day this and always oh yeah I was you think identify the key people who you could be friends with if you’re not somebody who’s you know loud and and feels confident talking to everybody then just find you know it doesn’t it doesn’t have to be everybody could just be wonderful people toward your friendship with them and then you’ll feel like you’ve got you know your body yeah exactly I think also like I remember when I had my full time presenting job it’s just a time thing you didn’t even go to go in each day and just try and as just talk to me for where you can find out about them and it never hurts just say offer tea you know I’m gonna like one anyway like with anyone yeah it just kind of makes you known a little bit and it’s nice to be nice yeah I was I think at the beginning I thought you almost have to talk a bit about yourself Tony you have to be like also I did this last night this morning this happened to me that you have to just be out there yeah it’s a salt conversation and I have a cringe it is just yeah yeah it does work and if you are then that you’re that person maybe is a bit more shy or you notice someone that is then you know I think as a employers may be already there it’s kind of your responsibility your spec so what did you do last night kind of invite them as well often it comes from the top doesn’t it like if the boss is like this is blah blah see I really help yeah rather than just like yeah because stress is a really big problem it seems so yeah that’s all training to the new people hey anyway what makes a good gift for new mums segwaying on not really we want to treat our friends we’ve had babies what makes a good gift so two of us are mums two aren’t so I’m interested see if we can’t look like really different things so let’s start with the two that aren’t just to see if we’re like Oh pressure I think I’ve always gifted things like for the baby so I’m a big fan of a white company I think yeah really calm down I love this little white button ease that they do gift sets oh I always do that but actually one of you mentioned before getting something for the mom and I think that’s probably about yeah absolutely I think it’s both isn’t it a room it’s lovely to get to show the baby and especially it’s your first baby then it’s really gorgeous to be like this cute little thing but I think it was like your second maybe it’s a bit like I got on my muslins yeah yes it’s actually what I need is or it’s the one thing if you are buying for a bit for people’s babies that you should just buy neutral colors I have seen the library before these like you know really things that could be personal taste and it’s then kind of imposed on you and put your child in this here so I think if you are buying the baby then just go really and then when you see them yeah also really key tip is never by ever not three months like you you’re always going to have enough of the first stuff it’s more like oh now that bit is actually oh that’s cute we have that gorgeous outfit for when there’s three money and you’re actually into your yellow okay – if they’re a bit of a bigger maybe taller baby whatever not two three might not even fit everywhere and in here so even a the buyers like this is so cute and think it’s like it’s so pretty cute think you like the next size up yeah I think also all the practical bits you know the parents are by themselves yeah so I think you know the muslins the kind of you knows that even the little hat and the words and the sounds like that you wouldn’t necessarily the bit more special yeah no they are a bit more special but I just I always now think of the mum I think also when it’s like a second child or third charlie things everything so what should be and this sounds like really like math but is not you like cook and all those like lovely food things and it like nobody there cuz that’s the hardliners I’m not she’s starving and I have to do a few chopped and then cook and I’m holding maybe they won’t be put down whereas oh a lovely meal that actually like healthy and nice and I’m like okay yeah it’s dead yeah yeah but I think I I also think I think flowers and gorgeous and there’s I actually do now this subscription service it’s like a letterbox flower subsuming oh yeah they’re great and they are fantastic and it just perks it they are and then every month you you get this delivery of this that’s I think it’s such a nice thing like actually just so we’ve got another bunch of flowers but you know you know you know what’s coming next smart nice yeah I think that’s really lovely or something you know even a treatment yeah I can imagine like giving a friend of ours and they’re like what the hell are we gonna do with this I’ve got babies it’s like how should treat me in the last year yeah you know you’re finding a year to gain that pedestal there’s actually alone time time what the thing I want to give but there’s also all these at home services yeah there’s a loads of apps urbanize Ruby yes secrets funny episodes and they will come to you so even if there is a crying baby hopefully if you make sure there’s you know your partner’s around or something at the same time because you know your friends like like me ia my nails me to dine every two weeks is just for me that’s how I feel in control of life so but you can’t necessarily get out so having someone come that would be to reach a street you know and it’s a treat yeah that’s us pecans not maintenance for me and at the end of the day you’ve been the one carrying the baby for nine months giving birth you gave it your blood my baby ones are really good now oh great baby gear okay I received from my son which he now wears cuz he would like really gorgeous treat like Nike trainers auction time I was like these occasions when yeah and now he’s running around in his like within how long were they last for I will he get to like a six month yeah yeah look baby bro could last two yeah yeah yeah the ones that um that my mom always taught me together love kind of carrot or now she loves these like a towel with a little so that and that’s from John Lewis and I feel like that’s kind of goodness amazing website if you want to get the brand look they’re monogrammed yeah yeah cuz it’s cute it’s cute the beginning it is and you want their stuff like now I’m like enough with the Ozzie but you can get its for yeah you can go this definitely from there you can get a little rock sacks or if it doesn’t have words each baby from now know some things it’s really nice because you know at the beginning you get no then then it tapers off it’s quite nice to have like oh yeah and I think I’m not close well the other one is like a personalized pillow for the brain called cough and co and they’re like make cash minnows and then you can just get the initials on it then it’s nice like that yeah oh yeah yeah they’ll have your ages and also a little lovely I actually one of the best gifts I received was like almost like a big order of lovely children’s books yeah yeah gorgeous to get like all the classic you know they’re yeah and it’s like you’re gonna use those for years and with lots of children please god yeah so it’s like it’s a lot of book is like I don’t see looks nice for a book Charlotte’s in the nursery yeah absolutely I do think though always get a gift receipt if you are going okay it’s no it’s not that it’s even about what you’ve chosen oh that you’ll probably get a thousand why can’t I get a because so is like you know and the Malcolm treat yourself right I think that is enough for now on this because it got a lot to get through in a few minutes we will be showing you some of our favorite style moments from this week [Music] okay I’m here with director of fashion Lu and fashion editor Sharla and we are introducing a brand new very very exciting new segment called style what which I’m really buzzing horn really well shot you explain it’s your thing okay so we are gonna bring you monthly our edit of the best things that people have been wearing over the week before so that’s everybody from influencers to the red carpet so the Royals obviously we love the bit of royal chat here and we’re gonna dissect what they’re wearing so see what trends people worry how they’re making them work you know whether that’s for a big dollop of that tie then or whether it’s just everyday I hopefully how you can then wear it so yeah and like oh that’s what you do too exactly yeah and like high-street jeeps and well not in the problem you see things you’re like how did they know exactly try can I try and recreate yeah exactly I mean a lots of tips few days so the first place I’m gonna look at is influencer Anouk Eve she’s a scandi Instagrammer and she said to her at this week in a very oversized blazer barely there shorts and the schnell hospitals a lot of girls their founders found out I have so much about this like I love oh yeah okay so what the first source candies can be no wrong let’s dozen preface it with that but look she’s got fantastic legs so get him out that she wears it so chic lead that you’re not like whoa it’s almost like it’s not too much layer but it seems I think if you describe the look so you’re like an oversized ad blazer black t-shirt short black take the shorts and really chunky velcro sandals you’d be like yeah but you look at it and it totally does I love I think because she’s got her legs out having this sort of oversized androgynous blazer it’s got that balance yeah and I think that but then like she has kind of soft and feminine room early it’s it’s kind of got that notion it’s all the proportion exactly and is that thing about dressing well public yeah yeah yeah exactly and also you know issues these have been pretty divisive haven’t they oh yeah this chunky sandal looks so the fact that she’s got bare legs stars feminized it a little bit if she was wearing you know mom jeans with this yeah she would look much like your boyfriend’s okay so yeah actually squatter she’s got a bit of everything all right with the hair and the kind of it’s like it’s also easy cool yeah if she have like an extreme do yes that clear again it would be like to get kind of soft and relaxed and then you’ve got yeah if you look she’s got one arm down one arm up like it’s all pretty confident cool holding her bag I need to mention the dad sandals because Joe you said their devices they are these are the Chanel ones between show me the tweet ones are like the next level actually personally prefer the black leather quilted because which are amazing okay it takes it to the next level or maybe fit you yeah that’s me much I think I like the Pradas best so colleges are great but again that’s a bit too sporty the Pradas have like the Prada logo on them I’ve got like a really sporty fit these are a bit more polish perhaps yeah and I think it’s a really nice way to do high-end luxury items because it’s very wearable turned a comfortable yes like like Gucci sandals hello for the sorry it’s the same because you can wear that well it’s something you feel like tottering in abou turns it’s like how much gospel operation I would say though it isn’t for everyone like you say you could wear them every day not everyone could well it definitely itself definitely a fashion set yes definitely if there are so I mean they’re not cheap you know exactly if you do want an affordable option we’ve got a pair of MLS ones coming up on the screen which I only 49 50 yeah they’re a bit more simple as well so if you want to kind of dabble and I’m like isn’t it cuz sometimes if you turn it down like video feed and a bit of riling is a bit much these are these are kind of these are the most social ones are going to find out that yeah look so so try they have it and they have filtered down to the high street a lot we have match around a piece on the site and we had like dabble yeah experiment go I think you know if you if you want to try it out yes a few like I think matches I can’t remember view that rabbit had they’re fine I’m a prettier like they’re a bit more kind of feminine and yeah – yeah definitely even they’re chunky yes you know but just balanced watch this guy they’re in some sense I’m at let’s move on we’re going to look at Hannah Stratford Tina now another influence of who we love pitch there lots do if you don’t call her on Instagram dude that is one killer water we also did a great wonderful yeah beyond elegant she is the most enemy I follow I think and she stepped out wearing this sleeper pajama suit yeah is iconic any is the car one of those look so young you know a sleeper when you see it yeah this is a sleeper sleeper pajama suit yeah whatever you want to call it that is what makes it for me like if I kind of crop that on its you know she’s still it’s gorgeous and elegant but that is the fun statement it’s through through I liked absolutely love it for me this is the way to do the suit look and the all-in-one look the animal casual way if you don’t want if you a lot of people who are very small potato in black yeah so actually this is this is the way it has gelled out but it’s I mean I’ve tried this power on and it’s so relaxed it’s super yeah I tried on the white very pajama II so I think how great that she’s land up with some accessories as well she’s got these amazing heels beer Gary I mean as only Hannah does well that they’d say if you are Hannah you can make anything look beyond elegant sophisticated in luck yeah why don’t I think it’s the way she styles things it’s a very glam look classy but if that’s your style then why not yeah and you know what I think if I was gonna ever like if I had this two-piece I would actually probably wear it with like a linen tea I’d wear flats or sides or something so I think you can make it feel a bit more yeah casual or more suitable to your own style which is actually nice if you if you want a nighttime chill look yeah yeah for dinner and you’re basically eating a pajamas they my habit let me is what we’re gonna look at money now I mean I wonder if we’ll ever do a style wash that Minnie we are such huge fans of money and they momentum on her is Josh yeah well I think I’d like to think that we had a bit that Monique did a slight take over about a year ago yeah I headed because anyway she has some of the best style I think of the Brit girls out there right now I’m she’s also an influencer big on Instagram and she set out as faithful the brand this week wearing this gorgeous yellow floral jumpsuit and I know about you but I love how she’s elevated it with sandwiches it’s just gorgeous and she can wear any color yeah I attend beautiful yes she never looks pale pink you know you know but also she’s also got that very like I’ve just thrown it on and looks so casual and relaxed but still considered yeah I love that about her size so if you don’t naturally feel like that’s you what was your trip how do you get that look I fit for me it’s one in the hair yeah I think it’s in the hair and it’s the she’s definitely does that Coco Chanel thing of taking one thing off there’s never too many details in her outfit on it yeah and it’s just and I think also it’s the accessories like this is obviously a way more of a relaxed look but like that basket bag is super cute but then she’s got a heel to make it like a little bit more elevated but what I like about her she always wears kind of very wearable foot work I feel like her footwear is quite big yeah yeah and she’s not tottering she’s pumped she never puts herself in a I can’t walk in this no I can’t be relaxed and feel comfortable they’re always about it so these are these are wedges from stout and you could probably dress these up quite a lot couldn’t ya well yeah they are tasty and I like that she’s got again the balance of this very casual PR jumpsuit with with the hills yeah so just for her hair like greeny just yeah just relax but don’t overdo it don’t ever do hate that’s the big secret completely let’s move on to talk about the runway now it has can Film Festival this week and I think that everybody looks amazing okay so can we just say that there’s been a lot of influence because yeah I think change in the diner I mean I guess if you’re kind it’s a pretty easy way to get a bit of publicity you not only need to do they have a very you know a nice lineup it hasn’t been necessarily a red carpet event that is always like it before and I think actually at the moment I think um so we’re gonna look at toni Garrn who is a model she’s been a Victoria’s Secret model hi and here she is she’s pretty sensational and it’s gonna say hard to get it wrong right yeah say this one I mean unfortunately don’t have a jeep for this incredible driver usually and this dress has made the spray is brand called illyana’s egg and coat but I just think this I mean this is so elegant I mean it she looks like a statue doesn’t she got is it’s the the draping around it is stunning the attention to detail this incredible slip like the it’s just like yeah I mean yeah I mean I mean how they navigate that in like the not showing there are quite a few photos where she did show too much okay if you are gonna copy the slips yeah maybe a little baby they nailed the shot but that’s not very there are some she kind of with that it’s then the slicked-back hair got a very elegant hair makeup it’s nothing too dramatic I mean she’s pretty good like a smoky eye but they’re kind of your fingers Wow on your Jess parity and then anarchy well yeah and the thing is she’s actually gone Wow on the jewelry I think more than the dress I thought she was there on behalf of jewelry brand so the dress despite the giant legs is actually pretty so yeah it’s really simple it’s just a white satin it’s got you know that square neckline there’s nothing Joe’s gonna do another fairy look at again and so the screep back hair the square that kind these are quite casual house which then with the jewellery is a good balance actually you kind of could emulate it a little bit slip dresses are everywhere so if you do want to just have that simple elegant look just go for a really simple yeah he dress or do it with a skirt and talk she essentially a body and I’m you know and more full-bodied skirt would look great and I can tell okay done okay okay next up another one that again there’s no G for this but this is incredible different a bit different this is actress engineer King wearing it Zac Posen well I mean as soon as you know well I’m gonna hang up the red carpet I mean this is just I love the color oh yeah it’s like gorgeous tangerine color or just um and I’m let’s get into it again incredible but what a shape it’s also like a real princess dress yes no that’s like that’s like the original Cinderella shape yeah I just think it’s so beautiful and like it’s that type of dress I think will always be on the red carpet it’ll always have a place there are a few moments in life when you can wear something like this your wedding yeah maybe if that’s your choice or oh my god Jake yeah I’ll get to go on a red carpet correct so but if you do yes you’re big like yeah unless it’s like I’m there every day and then maybe you could turn it let’s talk about the cleavage because obviously controversial she’s got her boobs out which you know we’re seeing less and less please say the controversial only because people are doing it last right I personally think she’s got an amazing balance because of their sleeves completely and the length and the silhouette over things covered up yeah that’s not like you know it’s pick one thing and that’s why it’s working and she’s just got a gorgeous decolletage beautiful bus she’s basically rockin yet but also you know a lot of the kind of model types and that makes it have such a big chest so yeah whereas she has it yeah my lawn race ya joy yeah in a race and again she’s got that slicked back hair incredible era I know real statement okay what smile got smart yeah I’m and just one tip to take from this every night again we’re not gonna be buying this dress but if you are looking for something similar I think this is so flattering on a slightly curvier body shape isn’t it because it cinches in so she’s got this incredible shape yeah very goodness okay let’s move on to some Royals now it was good you a lot we talked about this on Tuesday I didn’t know how to say it wasn’t really on my radar before I saw the photo right oh yeah so I agree with you I was like oh there was a real wedding yeah but the outfit yeah this is lady Gabrielle hello media I mean yeah the wedding was um anyway so but yes we’re gonna look at Lady Amelia Windsor a cousin I guess I’m gonna look at her dress for wedding this week and this is girl hug or anything I love this for a modern wedding look this is so cute like look at those leaves amazing like you totally can’t vote I think it’s the thing is this is girl this is like if you’re into your fashion yeah you love this yuck I don’t know like and I love it I would wear that you know I just wonder it does it translate yeah especially for the crowd they’re in I think you’re probably right this is the brand in particular God is very if it’s fashioning very now very now this is the real statement PMA I agree you’re not going to see yes like is that cool that they’re like not being okay today it’s not as sort of fishy Zephyr it used to be she’s kind of I live in really in yeah like this is her moment slash she probably is like this is what I wear yeah but you’re not as you say gonna see a Kate or a Megan no smoking out in that my only umbrage with this the shoes yeah I thought you ever say that I’m not into the low wedges with this incredible dress and also for me like that headpiece she would have done better for me oh no I know it’s amazing it’s really be made too much but yeah with that dress I would prefer really like I think because she’s got a slightly more like contemporary modern younger sell dress and then the wedges you need the Hat to elevate it and make it feel a bit really I think it’s really more than that style it’s not it’s not a fashion later so I think actually shape toilet roll she’ll like if this maybe this next one is more for you and this is our final look and it’s Pippa Middleton at the same wedding very Kate Spade which I was surprised about how artists yeah just I mean I I don’t always love everything purple wears she tends to be that slightly more because they’re yeah I love this yeah I’m what do you know about it I love enough it’s all one color palettes and I think that works so well I think the hairband is so now obviously and I think the dress is really elegant yeah I love the button details I love that button across the top and then around the side it is super elegant simple time it’s the type of dress that I think you know you look at in 10 years time when you’re going through the wedding photos and be like wow that still looks gorgeous she looks it doesn’t date this so elegant and chic their headband I think is perfection because you like the headbands she can clearly pull it off and her I sister I have some and I try but I feel like a bit of a brat but perhaps you wouldn’t dress for me this there’s a real trend for this big thick hair band isn’t that moment and yeah it replaced in the perfect it is it’s all about placing and take it to a hairdresser yeah and that’s not from the beginning push it back that’s a place they say in Avatar totally she also has good ears I always feel like it pushes my ears I don’t have big it but I feel like a headband pushed okay well maybe all series get heading well if you do want this at me has always been spawned by Prada there’s this trend for the very in because they’re not just like the flush ones they’re very very thick but Etsy have some great Jeeps so yesterday I did the high street and I strike you and all the stories yeah yeah hmm yeah you can get them next so I’m gonna let you get every other no it’s worth investing in not investing not to try it out well we happily I’ve talked from there sorry I’m pretty gusty cuz I’m really know we go child raised by the day are they I wish you had a few more but it was not absolutely back but actually but so I’m really cool coming up which is one of my favorite sections which is a the things we’re loving the seats always learn good things to stay with us this is the coal box to do this is what we do at all of our sites after time you spend on the bag other half your classes spent doing some strengthing auditioning work here in our wall space pull-ups push-ups shoulder presses run presses squad resistance bands slam against the wall the one that everybody likes all of the trainers have to be their own personalities some people like garage some people like these people like pop everybody finds their train and their volume what is your vibe where are we today that doesn’t read it they do the most amazing hate or natural baked goods signature product is called a Biscay what’s between the protection of biscuit cooking really well-known for el dente cake burger I’m serious and I’m the fashion editorial director of Harris we’re at Fashion Week oh the NSPCC papa powered by herod at 51 Malo and metric the wines are the stuff come from donations from our brands it’s – Chanel oh fashion editor in custody there oh hello Oh Susie great casual georgiyevich Cole what are you wearing now what you like about it is that time again we get to show you the things we’re loving it this week excited to learn that’s a noob it’s so start with who should I pick on today tomorrow just do I see something that I have to so I am loving we’ll start off with these M&S she’s or sandals with this gorgeous floral detail I just think that they’re super comfy they give a pop of color to a really plain outfits and I just think M&S have really upped their shoe game they have they do the best Footwear oh yeah I actually think Ms use always yeah alright that’s kind of soon whenever I’ve like gone through the food haul that wear the shoes but let’s be honest it’s not bullsh I mean some of their like the wide fit like go to browse yeah but I think you can always find something there 35 pounds amazing price point actually I got three different pairs comfy I really like I can’t wait to ever more over the summer summary I’m really pleased and there’s even yes you can only hope you can rate which croissants we just added like it nice and I cut you know I’m doing something luckily no great fun yeah also eminescu 2010 off so yeah it’s really worth absolutely there we go if you’re gonna buy some pairs in today would have been so do the 2000 miles me when we doing the next 20% off like I know at some point is great that’s my number one number two is this Jimmy’s iced coffee it comes in lots of different flavors this one is the skinny version it’s under 100 calories it tastes I’m not a big coffee drinker but I love iced coffee I know I’ve never what is this one this is a skinny let’s be careful of my bottom I know I’m fond of iced coffee I love over ice but that’s like if you want it be indulgent and out straight do you know what’s great as well the dollop of vanilla ice cream you know it’s like my own little stop tomorrow where can you buy these you can find them in Boots you can also I think boots M&S WH Smiths I think so I think a weight variable place and it’s just so – space water is so easy you know yawning you know when you have you in a cardboard box you don’t you are being yes I mean yeah and it’s wrong just from a pounds huge place where you buy them from it not changes but the parents are about just over to you can you buy in a big carton if you want to have at home I haven’t seen them but that would be really nice and that would be a we might ask you could ya or from Amazon I always do bulk things of things yeah them in the fridge but I just don’t have I love it you know quick caffeine fix now this is much money cuz I use very well I do love a bit of milk might make up this is their lip and cheek tint this color is actually / it’s the one I use it’s the back it’s for that it’s just got a lot of German of course it’s lightly do it like Sarna does it I’d be Alex it looks I mean I think it’s really subtle thing whatever you just know I put it on my painting my cheeks you can do a little no I know I’m Susana when you what you do you have it she’s a yeah and she always does on Instagram like how she’s her products and she just slaps it on and it really is laughable because it does it it’s really malleable any confidence oh she liked it then she go with like kissing at him yeah and it just gives a lovely bit of cutlet I don’t like pinky lip brush right it doesn’t do that it just you know Lulu’s enough and you know it kind of turns in nicely yeah it’s really excellent and the whole range as well it’s just the whole idea is quick on the go man I see with it is it’s all of these things you’re like smearing bronzer there’s very little work it’s all fingers you don’t need brushes yeah also all of the products not just this lip and cheek turn they give and you’ll see on your skin a beautiful sheen yeah yeah but it’s not tacky glossy it’s like a beautiful Sheen to you I know it’s not really dewy yeah all right there’s your the purpose to speak about things you could take a holiday it’s about putting yeah that work in your hand like a great I think it comes in five different shades but I love this one because I think you can wear it all year round and how much it’s around 22 pound okay it is 2050 there we go well even yeah they last yeah I mean look how this stick couldn’t you know no but I have to say you always think Venice this down a lot of product in there I’ve had this probably for maybe six months really yeah any came out here recent I get mine from America and you’re done it’s really easy or no like good yeah great nothing that go on man so following from the beauty theme I want to talk to you what about this body shop vitamin C moisturizer and I have used this for five seven years I think it’s my summer go to it we talked a lot about vitamin C and how it’s so good for your beauty regime to give you that in it go back real glow and then I knew you were always very so fresh on this morning my face but it’s SPF 30 as well which is so good so you always got your daily dose and it’s only 15 pounds so I just think the body shop is so this man if he’s had it I’m not there sorry it’s not so it’s amazing it’s just oranges and so you not to keep banging about the podcast but we were talking about SPF yeah the other day with Lisa as well and and the advice was that it’s not you need an actual Sun cream on your face as well as there’s enough anyways right okay yeah it’s so but oh I know isn’t it great to see ya whenever I’m I wear my boyfriend’s at all you just smell like orange is really nice skin cares a bit like overwhelm yeah yes not that I think the or face just feels have been dull and dehydrated you just want to kind of brighten it up and just have it value from the Amazonian rain water Tennessee as well it’s a natural exfoliator which is why you get that glow okay so that’s why it’s giving you that beautiful Sheen yeah you need vitamin C in you on you really good my next one is these shoes right like it is smiling divided attention this is from a new collaboration with Birkenstock and ill a Far Niente Oh the hotel pellicano in this picture I’m sure everyone also she I’m really aware I mean look at the bag home and firkin sucks for me I think there that shoe that almost a bit like that chunky dad trainer some people like no I just can’t it’s just not feminine enough but they are so comfy so practical okay now so fashionable there’s a lot of Rafi of footwear out there yeah this year this is the range that’s right we said is that that so they’re really both matches fashion and Sharla and I saw them at the press then I was like literally like an eagle on them I said Rafi is everywhere but what’s nice that looks yeah he’s a bit scrap yeah but it’s leather line it’s like rough you’re absolutely enormous everything and actually pencils are the comfiest shoes in the world whatever you think about the lady pet we were talking about it earlier in the week when where I see them I just think they just so cool I think also although they are chunky as a design I think having that material makes it a bit more just a bit more lighter that’s what I’m guessing that’s why they’ve got the rose gold hardware else yes yeah and price point now so they are a little bit more expensive and they’re like a desire a very shown there I think around oh yeah yeah so it is expensive obviously if you like the style you’ve got like the white ones pink ones but do wonders whatever silks Silver’s quiet yeah they kind of trend for them as well but I can’t keep I can’t speak earlier on Birkin you guys keep them I mean I literally love them so much so the best thing where you like I know I’m on and I’m going to be your connect so you can I just say like they let me out there exactly so yes that is one finally they’re actually watch the bomb I know exactly and it’s just so beautiful and my final one is this bracelet from odium Berg we’ve also seen loads of chunky change or we come back this season in sort of many forms and some are they’ve really Varian the scale of how chunky they are I prefer quite dainty jewelry so for me this is like the perfect balance I just love it and that teeny bar as well as really come back but it’s just so pretty and really pretty delicate yeah I actually find the chance of a little bit too else yeah so else problem where Mike practice excuse me for being fat in a muscle cell and I’ve got beautiful I have awesome bag I don’t know what you say no you have to feel sorry syriza yes but these Mike these heels are also a team Berg um and they’re just a really good price point they are yeah and they’ve got kind of tiny little Huggies which again everywhere beautiful necklaces rings if you want like a little bit of a diamond but don’t it’ll be like to out that say are really lovely brands check out your on then hey you okay what are something accessory as well and these are easy peasy sunglasses fell either by P I assume say oh it’s a pity which I just go with these anyway so these are I basically stopped wearing designer collector sunglasses or investing in designer sunglasses you break them and you lose them and actually it used to be that you you know you buy kind of crappy ones on the high street or you invest in them and now there’s so many of these intermediate brands that don’t will support you like the specs as well which we love yeah and and they still have the same UV protection and they sit there just a few so these this is my second pair of the same ones meaning are you going to say that feels very you is that because you have them yeah that’s because I have them correct at these online where do you buy them so they’re in Selfridges and little so online I thought there are obviously there’s like maybe liberties well but definitely yeah they’re quite in live and well so definitely becoming more mainstream but yeah I love them they’re a kind of plastic heat frame so no risk of you bending and breaking I just love them and they’d you square while they thanks they’ve got quite a lot of think abouts on the way now but they own yeah juicy squares that’s really good and they also do frames and we can have lenses in for all as well so I really yeah I really really recommend them you really don’t need to spend a fortune on it good sunglasses the next one is a new cookbook this is the joyful coma Kirk by rosy Berkut your but you’re gonna really like this one the core well there’s quite a lot of meat in it but Dad well I kind of like Sochi Sochi is a British chef and everything that she does is about like really British seasonal produce and it’s just if you’re into imagery in her books which I really am I love it a good-looking cookbook this is this is one for you she’s got this incredible this rhubarb cake wait for it this looks like and there’s all these gorgeous images if you know beachy look at that honey wow it’s just most beautiful I think it’s more than kind of Cornwall and Devon and all this is so good so I’ve made this this I made the most basic thing which is quick wild garlic yogurt flat breads it’s basically a mix of Greek yogurt and flour and you put it in the oven YUM Lou they are the dirtiest thing I’ll ever eat Wendy a bread I love you I know it’s just dirty bread but incredibly with the yogurt boys yeah it was just yorker a bit of a bit of oil flour in quite a known you can dip it in pesto whatever you like oh yeah want to see and you know there are some there since I feel very long that always puts me there’s a real mix you know there’s a real mix all the ingredients like oh it’s it’s a there’s a mix yeah it’s not it’s not like Jamie’s name but yen and I just I’m obsessed with it the love is kind of lovely English is such a nice present as well okay that you can now have a look yeah yeah I really like your good thing now so good you guys gonna try finally talk about your next thing is it while of your cruises and my final thing is a new hotel sorry crazy is this foodie and what’s her Instagram I think she’s Razorback you know she was like maybe she’s big on Instagram as well she went on Carrie nation exactly yes lovely girls great state y’all think good so yeah I knew I’d actually don’t know this new hotel that was new to me in Richmond and if you are from South London is gonna be like Richmond if you are from London it’s far right so in an area that I knew tickly well and lunch recently to a hotel called Bingham Riverside which is a really lovely little boutique hotel right on the river as you were guess and it’s on mr.


Smith so it’s all that kind of really gorgeous interiors and they all might just one with a dog have some cuddles judiciously the things we love yeah I think it was in the office earlier in the week and I think everyone was really putting the accountants dog yeah he’s really really sweet isn’t he and you boy people oohing she’s very a home with you really anyway I’ll just finish pretty arrests are really lovely hotel if you you know it’s basically an escape from the hustle and bustle Sundin in like wasone what two three where i’m gonna so yeah it’s really cool okay okay okay not too far outside of london and it’s just really really gorgeous yes I recommend death rattle through mine because I’ve lost little Kennedy first up Zalando Jimmy girls and and oh yeah they’ve got a good selection I actually bought one of my pairs are back and so it’s allowed bit like do they do premium brand whose oh sorry hey okay someone else I mean no I’m watching baby did you realize premium back brass like C by Chloe and things like that which I didn’t realize I thought it was all quite like I don’t know what I thought it was but anyway so things that you might be able to get hold of here you think the German delegation have if you’re not I mean is it new are they new collections but like and some different brands even though I want to have them I’m not sure this is gonna work I’m gonna yell better I have been taking huh oh so cute did you weigh on me so yeah I really recommend checking out because I just didn’t even think of it and then I kind of fed into the Lando hulls like oh it looks so pretty party where ya sequin this young and I seriously good swimmer as I think I got a solid and Stroke swimsuit on that I think it’s sold out self chairs sometimes it’s like oh it’s gone here yeah this work Germany’s still happy because it gets wet so it’s great to check so she’s you yeah lost out yeah how to fail with Elizabeth Day podcast generally excellent but in specific Amogh or duct episode has changed you were the second person to rave about this yes me it was his place in mobile that basically was like a really really senior like google exact but all the kind of future incredible stomach who play a thing yeah oh don’t know maybe something else but anyway it’s just like writing the world basically and ultimately wasn’t happy even though he had all the cars all the houses all the monies you know and I said about finding out kind of cuz he’s a scientist alt and an engineer he really found out the equation for happiness like what you need to be happy in a really scientific way like expectation versus what I was but but the way it breaks it down in the way he talks and he’s so passionate and he gave up everything because he what he was depressed but from the outside had it all also his son died in a routine appendix off and how he overcame that and is too and found happiness given that he and honesty it will change your life I can’t like it’s really made me rethink things and he’s just the most amazing man he also terrifies you because of his view of the future and what will happen the humanity I mean don’t sort ourselves out basically and it’s got this goal to make like a billion people happy cool like yours yeah yeah yeah really fantastically life-changing I mean I that big Damon it’s worth doing you can go through that way I’m really quickly and lastname rocket I’m so jealous I saw it this week right few things I’m a huge Elton John fan my dad introduced me to him and was a huge fan so I wanted to see it no matter what anyway I mean when I tell you I was sobbing I mean I obviously I was still being probably for different reasons it but also I didn’t know about Elton John’s life and that policies his version of yes but Wow chose the actor yes – so targets in plays Elton who he’s in Kingsman the canteen yeah I mean right you’re like really this guy he is so fantastic everyone it’s his singing is the same yeah they say yeah I think so it’s Richard Madden linea oh my god Jamie bells in it see how cell is in it like the cast are fantastic the acting superb the music’s pretty the costumes are I imagine disservice sin Chinese and I actually it’s a screening with the costume designer who there yeah I like you know Swarovski basically Dex out all the caught you know can Maggie and the glass is fine I can tell you like for all these reasons you have to see it like and how does it compare to Bohemian Rhapsody because I feel like this can be a little bit like sky you just watch it and it’s like something has to do and actually the same costume designer for himura yeah I have heard from those you’ve seen wrote that Rocket Man is just better like okay and the emotional element Oh like it’s you know like I’m still thinking about moments from it wow wow so if that isn’t positive and I don’t know what is right I think that is about all we have time for today definitely a long show but it was my first one back a little bit and as usual everything that we talked about will be linked in the show notes below George move back on Tuesday with a fashion and beauty special with none other than Trini so that’s definitely one to watch do comment subscribe like tell your friends see you soon bye bye [Music].

How To Style Everyday Outfits | Summer Fashion Trends 2019

if you start every morning thinking you have nothing to wear then perhaps it’s time to shake things up a little bit and learn a few simple basics on how to build an outfit from scratch hi I’m Leone and welcome back to my channel in this video I’m going

to show you how to put together the perfect outfit for any occasion getting dressed in the morning seems like such a basic thing to do but often it’s one of the things that we do that causes us the most stress but it just doesn’t have to be that

way so in this video I’m going to walk you through some really simple styling steps to creating great outfits from the clothes that you already own now these are the steps that I follow every day and they are simple tricks that I have learned over the years from

styling fashion shoots styling real women and also getting dressed myself before I get started I just like to give a big shout out to the team at z0 for once again coming on board and sponsoring this video these guys create the most amazing luxury watches at really affordable

prices I have three effect three vince arrow watches now which i alternate out and absolutely love they are amazing timepieces they look super cool and as I said they’re actually really affordable so I’m super excited to also say that the team in Xero have given me a discount

code to pass on to you to save save save on your next watch purchase so I will leave a link to the discount code and to click through and take a look at what Vince Xero do I’ll leave that in the description box below so you guys can

go and check out what they do so if you are in the market for a new timepiece I can totally recommend you checking out Vince arrow watches I’m sure there’ll be something there that will suit your style and you’ll absolutely love anyway let’s get on with the video

the first and I think the most important part about creating an outfit is to start with a really good base now these are the pieces that I have talked about in videos before that are the most boring pieces to buy they’re not fashion focused they’re not necessarily Wow

pieces but they’re really good foundation pieces so for me they are things like a great pair of pants a great pair of jeans a really lovely skirt I’ll show you a couple of my great base pieces and the pieces that I start building any outfit from I’ll show

you those pieces in a sec but if you don’t have those pieces that you can easily grab from your closet now then maybe it’s time you get a little bit inspired go online check out Pinterest look and see what other people are wearing to see what those basic

pieces will look like for you obviously then you have to factor in the weather what you’re doing for the day and that will determine how casual or dressed up your look is going to be but those base pieces don’t change regardless of the event and the occasion and

I know I bang on about them but that’s why these pieces are so important because they really are the foundation pieces for outfits that go across the board that you can wear more casually and more dressed up these are really key pieces and you need them in your

wardrobe hopefully you’re getting the message there how important they are but let me just show you a couple of my key pieces that I’m loving at the moment and how I style them so these are my favorite pair of jeans at the moment they’re new this season and

they are slightly distressed but not too much I think you can go a little bit far well certainly for me when it comes to distressed jeans but these jeans are great because they can be worn dressed up like I’ve got them here with a belt and a slightly

more dressed up top and I just paired them with an ankle boot or here I’m just wearing them with a t-shirt a blazer thrown over my shoulders and my favorite pair of trainers so I think the fact that these jeans aren’t too distressed means that they can be

worn a little bit more dressed up as well and here I’ve just got a sports jacket and that’s just to make them look even more casual this skirts become a real go-to for me it’s just a really easy to wear skirt it has an elasticated waist and again

it can be dressed up with a chemical and ankle boot and a leather jacket or equally it I think looks just as cool worn really casually with a pair of trainers a simple t-shirt and again I’ve thrown my blazer over my shoulders and I think it’s a smart

casual look for an even more relaxed look I’ve just thrown over this knit down here in New Zealand it is coming into winter so we definitely need to rug up at the moment and I’ve just worn the same blazer tied around my waist just to give myself a

little bit of shape but as you can see this skirt is one of my go-to basics because it can easily be dressed up or worn or casually step two is finding the top half of your outfit for me generally I have an idea of what my outfit is

going to look like but when you’re first starting out building outfits from your own wardrobe this may take a little longer a trick that I have done in the past and I’ve shared with other people is to simply grab your base piece and then try and grab some

tops some tees some chemicals different different pieces from your closet sit them up against your base piece and have a good look at them or grab your base piece run it along your closet and see what pops out and what starts to kind of gel together and look

good in an ideal world you would have had a little Tryon session in a time where you can spend half an hour having a little bit of a play in your closet so you kind of know which pieces go well together but if you haven’t done that it’s

now time to grab a top and start matching it with your bottoms if by chance you’re really struggling and you’re just not feeling inspired what I do recommend doing is grabbing a top in the same color or the same tone as your bottom piece this creates a monochrome

look it’s all about tonal dressing the colors don’t have to be exactly the same but they do have to be in the same color family this is just a really simple way to create a really seamless look that generally always looks smart and sophisticated and it’s just an

easy look to put together and still if you are really struggling on a day where you’re just not feeling it then grab a dress I always try and have a couple of dresses in my closet for days like this where I’m just not feeling any outfit combinations and

I do want to grab something really quickly I think often we forget how easy it is to pop on a dress and your outfit is just about done so if you don’t have any of those go-to dresses in your closet then maybe think about finding something that works

for you the next step is adding a piece that completes your look now I often refer to this and I have had other youtubers refer to this element of your your outfit as the secret sauce and it really is the secret sauce because it’s the final piece that

basically just puts your own personal stamp on your outfit it’s also that piece that just adds that little bit of personality and a little bit of extra interest for me lately I’ve been loving these really cool handbag straps I have two of them now and I just attach

them to my everyday handbag so it it gives my handbag my crossbody bag that I wear on a regular basis it just gives it a whole new look and feel and it just adds a really cool extra element to an outfit I love wearing crossbody bags too because

often what they do do is give a shapeless outfit a little bit of shape as well without making you feel constricted and without making you feel like your outfit is too clingy or tight but your secret sauce may be a statement piece of jewelry it could be a

statement necklace or it could be an amazing belt that just finishes off an outfit but the piece that completes your look will be unique to you it’s just that extra piece that doesn’t really necessarily serve a purpose but it just adds that little extra something and then that

final step in really making your outfit shine is accessorizing and often we find ourselves stopping at this part and this part of the of the process is really I think the icing on the cake it’s the most important part and it does mean the difference between an outfit

looking new to an outfit looking wow and your success arising does take a little bit of time but it does get quicker and it does get easier the more outfits that you carry wait that you really love wearing the easier it gets in also I think you find

that you end up on a little bit of a roll and you start to become a little bit more adventurous – oh it’s our tip here if you’re still struggling to create outfits then steal someone’s style it’s what everyone does and there’s no harm in it so whip

online take a look at Pinterest have a look at what you really like and marry that up two pieces that you do potentially already own it’s amazing how how helpful that is for just making you look at your own clothes in a very different way and putting together

combinations of your own clothes but combining them in different ways that you perhaps hadn’t already thought of so when it comes to fashion it’s okay to steal someone else’s style anyway that’s it from me today I hope you enjoyed this video and found some of my tips on

creating outfits really helpful if you did I would love you to give this video a thumbs up please subscribe to my channel for more and I can’t wait to catch you in the next one bye for now [Music] [Applause] [Music]

Top Wearable Summer Trends | Fashion Trends 2019

if you’re still confused about what to wear this summer then this video is for you [ThờiTrangMùaHè] hi I’m Leone and welcome back to my channel today’s video is all about making it really easy for you guys to know exactly what to wear this summer we all know that

fashion can be super confusing sometimes but it really doesn’t have to be and by the end of this video you will know some of the key trends and how to wear them oh and I’m really close to 100,000 subscribers so let me know in the comments below if

you’d like me to run a giveaway a few of you have asked for a giveaway to celebrate and I kind of think that it might be a cool idea so if you think that’s a good idea and you would like me to run a giveaway I’m thinking cool

designer stuff it’ll be an international giveaway if you like the sound of that then just write giveaway in the comments below and if you liked this video it means the world to me if you would give it a thumbs up it certainly helps me out a lot and

don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more I post nudie videos I can’t speak today I post new videos every week anyway let’s get on with the video the first summer trend is something I’m referring to as summer sweaters they’re not sweaters because obviously we don’t need

to wear sweaters when the temperature rises but these are actually knits so they’re as versatile as a sweater you can throw them on and wear them with anything but they’re a knitted tank so I’ll throw up a couple of options here so you can see exactly what I

mean but these knitted tanks come in all sorts of different colors and styles if you need a little bit more coverage or like to cover your arms I’ve seen some really cool knitted tanks out there that actually have small sleeves in them but these knitted tanks are just

a go-to piece that is a little bit more dressed up and I suppose a little bit more sophisticated than a basic t-shirt but they are a really handy wearable everyday piece and they are going to be everywhere in the stores so if you’re looking for a few very

affordable updates to your summer wardrobe then keep an eye out for these really cool knitted tanks they look great worn with jeans denim shorts with Bermuda shorts which are really trending at the moment and might I say are really flattering on most people and they’re just great with

wide legged pants and that leads me into my second favorite most wearable trend for summer which is so wide legged pants are really trending at the moment and they’re actually a really really versatile piece to add to your wardrobe and they are great because they can be worn

really simply with a t-shirt and some trainers or a knit tank too and some heels perhaps just to kind of give them a little bit more of a dressy feel but essentially they are comfortable they’re flattering and they just look a little bit more polished than a pair

of jeans so you just have to be careful if you are petite that you don’t let the the pants wear you you don’t let them swamp you perhaps you bring up the hem a little bit so that they don’t actually hit so long and they’re not just sort

of taking over the longer they are the longer they will make your legs appear but again if you are petite you have to be careful that you wear them and they don’t wear you okay my next most wearable trend is going to be probably really controversial because last

time I mentioned this trend I got hundreds and thousands of comments so basically the next wearable trend is yellow now I have talked about yellow being a really difficult color to wear and videos in the past and I’ve been slammed for it but I might have to explain

myself a little bit better this time than I did in previous videos now yellow is a huge color for summer which is great because it does I suppose it’s the color of summer but it’s a really tricky color to wear now the good thing is and the reason

why I’ve included it in my most wearable list is because this season there is every imaginable shade of yellow out there from mustard to really dusty dark yellows to bright white yellows so yellow is a great versatile color to wear but the key thing is finding the yellow

that actually suits your skin tone so yellow will be everywhere get amongst it it’s a bright fresh fun color to wear for summer but it is important to find the shade that best complements your skin tone the evening way to do that is to hold things up close

to your face and you will quickly be able to see what works and what makes you feel fresh and alive and what doesn’t Bermuda shorts are everywhere and again as I mentioned earlier this is a trend that is I suppose it’s not even a trend it’s something that

we have all kind of worn on and off for years I haven’t worn them for the last few years I’ve opted for denim shorts and summer but Bermuda shorts I just said a little bit longer and again they are on this list because they are really versatile because

you can wear them really casually and wear them more dressed up you’re probably starting to get the gist of where I’m coming from with these wearable lists they do have to be pieces that are versatile enough to wear many different ways and a good Bermuda sure in a

bright color or even just in a paired back neutral is a really valuable addition to a summer wardrobe if you only buy yourself one new piece this summer by a white blouse now a white blouse is different to a white shirt think of a white shirt as being

quite structured and just a classic shirt but there are a lot of really lovely blouses around and the blouses have thrill detail and puffy sleeves and there’s just a little bit more interest they’re a little prettier they’re a little bit more feminine and they look great warm back

with some distressed denim or even with the wide leg pants but these pretty white shirts are again just a really good go-to and they are everywhere out there now puff sleeves are everywhere at the moment they have actually been around for the last couple of seasons but they

are still here and they are definitely trending for summer I think that they’re just a cool 80s kind of vibe which yeah just gives and adds I suppose a little bit of interest to a fairly otherwise simple outfit so there’s lots of puffy sleeves in dresses and in

blouses and shirts so I think if you are careful to pair down the rest of your outfit so that the sleeves are the sort of the statement in your outfit you can get away with it and again if you’re petite you just have to make sure that the

the puff and the volume of fabric doesn’t actually swamp your small petite frame so puffy shoulders are here to stay you will be seeing them everywhere in the stores if you’re feeling a little bit brave I do think it’s probably worth stepping out of your comfort zone and

buying something with a little bit of a puff in the shoulder and yeah it’ll just add a little bit of a fun modern edge to an otherwise simple outfit if you generally tend to go for sort of simple fitted tees and shirts and blouses so yeah give it

a go a simple slip dress is something that you just can’t go past and expect to see them everywhere this summer I think they’re amazing there are a lot of slip dresses out there in animal prints if you want one that is potentially going to to last the

distance and be a piece that you can wear for many years to come I’d probably opt for a slip dress in a plain block color but the animal print slips are just amazing and again this is a piece that can be worn on its own or you can

layer it over the top of a t-shirt underneath a shirt tie the shirt at the waist just to give it a bit of a different look but a simple slip dress is a great base piece that you can lay out other pieces on and under and that that

really makes it a versatile fab piece to have in your closet so if you haven’t already got a slip dress now’s the time to buy one because they are everywhere bucket hits are a bit of fun look they’re not going to completely save your face from the Sun

but they will give you a little bit of relief and they just add a cool young street wear sort of vibe to any outfit expect to see them everywhere and the thing that I like about bucket hats is that they’re almost like the beanie of summer so if

you’re not having a great hair day or if you just feel that you need to add a little something extra to your outfit then grab a bucket hat pop it on and you’re good to go [Music] the final trend which I personally find the most exciting is neo-gothic

and basically that’s just adding a little bit of darkness to your summer outfits now when we think of summer we always think of like bright florals pestel’s but this summer there is a lot of black and when I’m talking neo-gothic in particular which is what’s happening this summer

it’s just black on black on black so it’s a very dark look which as I said isn’t typical for summer but it works well for me because I’ve always been a fan of wearing all black so if you are to then embrace the dark side this summer maybe

add a little bit of color with a pop of lipstick it might be a bright pink or a bright red lip just to add in some fun but if you love black it is back for summer and it’s time to get it out and enjoy it oh and

if you live in the southern hemisphere like I do and you’re wondering why I’m talking about summer trends when we are heading into winter their nets because a lot of my subscribers live in the northern hemisphere they’re lucky enough to be going into summer but the good news

is these trends will still apply to us they’ll still be exactly what we will be expecting to see in our stores but we just have to wait a few more months until they arrive so it’s still relevant but we just have to wait so that’s why I’m talking

about summer now just in case you wondered anyway that’s it from me today I hope you enjoyed this video and if you did I would love you to give it a big thumbs up please subscribe to my channel for more and I can’t wait to see you in

the next one bye for now [Music] I won’t make it easy for you you got two minutes on my time I’m gonna break too easy we’re not worth it [Music]


hey guys and welcome back to my channel what can I say I was really inspired to create this video because I feel like there are so many trends that have come out in recent weeks that make me just want to scratch my head and ask who designed these

things what were they thinking so I decided to take it upon myself and round up the top awful summer trends of 2019 tell you what I don’t like about them and why I refuse to wear them so without further ado let’s hop right in tie-dye seriously I feel

like this should have stayed in the 90s it’s cute when you’re five or six years old and you have a cute little tight t-shirt or hat but as an adult I just feel like it looks ridiculous really hard for me to take someone who’s wearing tie-dyed in their

20s or 30s or older seriously so for that reason I really hope that this trend is gonna die out because I absolutely refuse to wear it fishnet bags I feel like this is something that every Instagram influencer on the entire planet Earth has been seen rocking and I

think it is a cute trend but something that I would only wear if I’m going to a grocery store or flea market I personally think that these bags tend to look really cheap and flimsy and it looks like something that you would use to collect fresh produce when

you go to the grocery store or some cool antique finds when you go to the flea market I really don’t think that it’s something that you can dress up in a way that looks put together now this is obviously my opinion if you’re into the whole fishnet bad

trend thing and you want to double into it by all means go for it I just personally don’t feel like that’s something I’m into another summer back trend that I’m really not feeling is the transparent he you back trend I feel like this has been done in the

past and it’s come in and out of style so many times and it just goes to show that it’s not a classic trend and that will stick around for a long period of time eventually it will die down and eventually people will get over it and personally I

don’t like when people can see through my bag and see my belongings and all of my personal things that I tend to carry in my handbag if I’d like to share that with the world I would that’s not the way I’d like to go about it one summer

fashion trend that I am praying will go away super quick and that is the bucket hat trend I’ve no idea who decided to bring this back out and make it a trend but again I feel like this is something that is more appropriate for someone around the 5

to 6 year olds age range Calvi a little bit more flexible if you’re 10 and younger you can get away with a bucket hat trend if you’re older than that I really feel like there are a lot of other cute hat options that look more age-appropriate in my

opinion and honestly when I see an adult woman or an adult man wearing a bucket hats I just think of Willy Gilligan from Gilligan’s Island sorry let’s talk about stocking socks this is actually something my mom would make me wear up until I was about 5 or 6

years old she thought it was super cute with little sandals or sneakers and I totally agree again 4 or 5 or 6 year old I feel like if you’re a grown woman it’s probably about time to graduate to a normal song you’re gonna be pairing it with flats

or you’re gonna be pairing those knee-high stocking socks with pretty much anything I really feel like it’s a little bit inappropriate for a woman and that is no longer a teenager and last but not least I really do not understand how this could possibly be a summer trend

for this season but it is and that is the velcro dad sandal okay you guys know I really love the dad sneaker trend not the over over chunky ones that are very heavy and unwearable but something in the middle so don’t get me wrong I’m not hating on

the whole dad trend I’m just really hating on the whole velcro sandal that trend because I really think they should be two dads actually to be completely honest I don’t even think a dad should be wearing these kind of sandals I think they are really ugly really hideous

I don’t care how comfortable they are there are so many different comfortable sandals out there that don’t look chunky and really clunky in my opinion I feel like this is more of a trend that was popular maybe in the 80s and 90s so if you are looking for

a comfortable flat summer sandal just go with a slip-on do you really can’t go wrong with them and in fact they’re easier to put on than the velcro sandal and they look a lot more streamlined alright guys so that wraps up today’s video I know that I probably

sound a looking Negative Nancy in this video but I just want to put a disclaimer out there that these are just my opinions if you like the certain trends that I talked about in this video go for it rock it you do you it just personally not my

style and hopefully you guys come to my channel and watch my videos because you want to hear my opinion so that’s why I wanted to share it with you guys so if you enjoyed this video please be sure to give it a big thumbs up subscribe to my

channel if you haven’t already and hit the notification bell to make sure you’re notified every time I upload a new video that’s all I have for you guys today thank you so much for hanging out with me and I’ll see you in my next one [Music]


hello hello you guys welcome back to my channel if you’re new here my name is Emily Fowler I’m so excited for today’s video because as you can see by the title it is an Amazon haul and these pieces are so good you guys there’s dresses rompers shoes accessories and so much other stuff so thank you guys so much for clicking on this video if you do like the video make sure to give it a thumbs up it really helped support my channel and let’s YouTube know that you’re liking what you’re watching and then also subscribe if you haven’t already and if you are subscribed and you want to get notified every single time I upload make sure to hit that foul notification right by like the Bell button right by the subscribe button so that you get a post notification every single time I upload a new video so everything will be linked in a blog post for you guys so in the description box you’re gonna open it up and it’s gonna have a little bit of text about the video and then there will be something that says like click here for links to everything mentioned in the video click that link anything that I am wearing drain out during the video like in an outfit I will link for you guys not just the items that I’m mentioning it for from Amazon so make sure to go check out that blog post I share like pictures of each outfit and then underneath it is how you can chop it so alright now that we got all the housekeeping stuff out of the way let’s get started with the video all right so first things first I’m going to share these earrings because I think they are the cutest thing in the entire world so these are $8.

99 they have a bunch of different colors and everything but I got these like kind of cheetah tortoise e-print and I think they are adorable right now I’m just wearing like a white tank top and jeans and it just really kind of dresses it up I think they’re so cute if your hairs down hairs up whatever they’re kind of like a wreck tape what’s this an arc to them not a rectangle what am I saying yeah this is knock to God and I just think they’re so cute okay now we’re gonna talk shoes oh my gosh you guys these are the cutest shoes I think I’ve gotten from Amazon I don’t know I’ve got some cute shoes from Amazon but these are adorable so the first ones I don’t wanna mention are these I already wore them and does anybody else always trip and then get like a little so these are so nice you guys these are kind of like a you know that soft touch feeling that’s what these feel like that suede but like something similar they have a good amount of cushion to them and I believe these are like dupes for a designer one I don’t remember which one I don’t know I know Sam Edelman has ones like this I think Steve Madden maybe I don’t know I got a size 9 in these I’ve worn them around they are so comfortable and I just really love them the inside of them is nice and soft this is nice and flimsy so it’s not gonna hurt your foot at all you’re not gonna get a blister these are such good quality shoes and so comfortable for such a low price next we have these platform espadrille kind of slide sandals I think these are so cute I have a couple pairs of shoes from this brand soda and I really like them the espadrille trend and the platform trend is so on right now and if you want to kind of participate but not spend a bunch of money then I think these are a good option so these ones are 2380 and I love this like light tan color they also have ones with kind of like a strap here on the ankle part that are so cute that I almost got and I really want a leopard pair but they were out of stock when I ordered them so these are so cute I love that the bottom is like a little bit different and they’re just like a cute statement piece and you can look taller of your short without you know wearing heels and being super uncomfortable since I cut my hair I just have a little rat tail all the time I need to okay I have one more accessory and it is a belt you guys you probably seen these everywhere they’re kind of like a Gucci dupe like not exactly like the Gucci one you know not counterfeit where it has the jeez it’s kind of like a dupe because it’s a very similar I love I love the brown color especially for this time of year but like fall as well I just think it’s so flattering with the gold and everything so this belt was only 997 which i think is such a good deal and I got this sighs medium I believe which is nice because I can wear it around my um you know hips area with jeans but then I can also wear it like higher up on me and it still works all right first thing I’m gonna mention is so soft so comfortable and can be worn as a dress or could be worn as just like a whole cover-up so this is it this is actually what it says it’s a beach cover-up but I would wear it as a dress so this is 1899 I got a size medium in this I love that the straps are adjustable that it’s like a V in the front and in the back and it does have side slits and it has pockets which is so nice I would recommend wearing like I don’t know shorts or something underneath this I have like these really kind of like silky shorts that I wear with things like this then it’s not showing like underwear things like that because it is a thin fabric I do think you can get away with just wearing this though with nude things new bra new shorts whatever and so be fine because it is I don’t know it’s just lightweight it’s perfect for the summertime I love that you can tie up the bottom like the front part or you could tie both of the slits together on the side and make it just a little bit shorter so you can wear this a bunch of different ways I love this kind of like purpley blue color it’s just a really pretty shade then we have a romper and this one you guys is so cute as well again we have the like kind of spaghetti straps this one I got in a size large because I think I read the reviews and they were saying it was small I probably could have done a medium and been totally fine but I do kind of like the look of this because it almost looks like a dress how its kind of flowy and gathered in the front and it’s actually romper so you feel super comfortable I do like that the top of this like by your bra area is double lined as well and again I would just wear kind of like new to underwear with this and you would be totally fine the straps are adjustable like I said and I just think the pattern is super flattering and just fun for any occasion you could wear this to a bunch of different stuff dress it up dress it down whatever you would like okay next we have the cutest like almost kimono esque dress I think this is so beautiful the pattern is stunning and just so fun for this time of year this one is $17.

99 again a really nice prep like good price it is kind of like a silky texture and it buttons up the front there is like hidden buttons in there which i think is really cute it’s like that oversized kimono we look it comes with a tie around the waist and then the other thing I really like about this is that you could just unbutton it and use it as a kimono so it has multiple purposes and you could wear it a bunch of different times and it’s only $17.

99 which is amazing oh I got a size medium in this I definitely could have gone with a small because it is definitely oversized so I would say go down a size if you’re kind of between sizes like I usually am I would definitely definitely go down a size okay next we have this white floral e button-down kind of a line dress again spaghetti shops kind of and then adjustable which is really cute and I love that it has the V in the front in the back again I just think that’s really flattering for some reason and this one is so so cute I believe I got a medium in this yeah I got a medium in this and I think it fits me really nicely it is a little bit more oversized I maybe could have done a small in this so again if you’re between sizes go down I would say because it is a little bit kind of oversized but I think this is so flattering you can wear this to a wedding again I would wear all nude under this I would wear nude shorts and a nude bra and like something sticky or strapless or whatever you would like but it’s not like see-through see-through only if you’re wearing dark underwear um so yeah I just love this for a shower a wedding you know something like that you could really definitely dress this up with some heels and make it look a little bit more dressy than like a super casual look next we have just a basic tee that I thought was so freaking cute this is only 99 and I just love it so much I did get a size large in this because again the review said it ran very small I could have done a medium I think since I am losing a little bit of weight I could probably just start going with smalls again but I’m still kind of not sure so especially on Amazon I always order size up and I do like oversized t-shirts so if you want those types in oversize order one hour two sizes up and I just love this so much I think it is so cute especially with destroyed light wash denim and these earrings something like that it’s just a really cute fun print and I will say this is that like normal t-shirt material this is stretchy it is probably like I don’t know poly a cotton in spandex so yeah it does have some spandex in it so it is nice and stretchy which is actually coming handy when I went to taya and it not at the waist I thought it was really cute like that so alright so we have two more items the next thing I want to talk about is this adorable kimono you guys I love this so I got a small in this because kimonos are always oversized so definitely always go down and this pattern is just so beautiful I love kimonos like this because you can turn them over shorts you could throw them over jeans um whatever you would like basically and they’re just like a fun accessory to really jazz up a certain outfit especially if it’s a little chilly where you’re at like or you’re going in somewhere that’s air-conditioned it’s just kind of nice to have a little kimono to add some flavor to your looks so I just think a basic like white tee and jeans with this over top is just so chic and cute so then last but not least I got this dress that ties at the like straps here and the straps do come completely apart so you can tie them to whatever length you want if you have you know a shorter if you’re shorter you could tie it up high or whatever I will say this material is not stretchy so just keep that in mind if you are bigger trusted I did get a medium Ennis and again I could have done a small because it a little bit long on me but I don’t combine that that much because then I don’t have to worry about it like flying up you know so I will say that I definitely could have done a small because it is pretty oversized so again go down if you’re between sizes but I do love the look of this it’s just like a cute effortless look where it just kind of flows away from your body and I just think it’s very flattering the neckline and everything and it dips low in the back and again the color is just so key all right you guys that is it for this haul I hope you enjoyed it I think I found some adorable summer pieces for you guys if you want something else from Amazon then please let me know down below from the comments are you looking for basics are you looking for more dresses more rompers what are you looking for accessories I’m gonna do a workout haul where I have some stuff from Amazon some stuff from Airy that kind of stuff and I also have a swimsuit haul coming but those are not Amazon ones so if you want me to do a dedicated swim study but haul from Amazon let me know in the comments and I would have be happy to do so so thank you guys so much for watching I really appreciate it don’t forget to subscribe and give it a thumbs up because it really helps me out and that’s it for the video so alright you guys I’ll see you in a video very very soon bye guys [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause].

20 TRAVEL OUTFIT IDEAS | Casual Travel Fashion Lookbook | Spring Summer Airport | Miss Louie

[ThờiTrangMùaHè] what’s up you guys how are y’all doing today I miss you guys so so much today there’s going to be a 20 outfit inspirational lookbook for all of my favorite outfits whenever I am like traveling and I’m on the go I am all about comfort first

and I also wanted to make these outfits look very basic and simple so you guys can easily replicate it with the stuff you guys already have at home I’m split up today’s video into four major categories I’ve got leggings outfits jogger outfits Jean outfit and dress outfits I

will include everything that I’m personally wearing in this video down below in the description bar so please be sure to check that out I’ve also time stamped all the major categories in case you guys want to come back and reference this video in the future and I’ll also

include a link to the blog post that include just like easier shopping experience and also some affordable alternative to the things I feature today too so I really hope you guys enjoy thank you guys so so much and let’s get started kicking things off with our first category

we’ve got our largest category of the day the black legging is probably one of my favorite bottoms to wear so I’ve got six different combinations to show you guys after idea number one and two is just super basic and casual throw on your favorite t-shirt or tank top

and then for your pieces out of where I would go with either my um longline cardigan or a sick cozy hoodie depending on whether I’m going to be like super cold or hot a day where I’m landing I’ll go with one or the other also would suggest to

go with outfit number one if you guys need some more coverage or not comfortable wearing leggings by itself you can untuck the t-shirts you get coverage in the front and it of course that longline cardigans going to give you more booty coverage alvera number three is for those

of you who are into more of like a punky grunge look instead of just a gift playing t-shirt you could go with your favorite band t-shirt something that’s a little bit more oversize or faded and worn in and then with that I thought a really nice piece of

outerwear would be a denim jacket what I did over 4 does a great way to disguise your active wear leggings into something that’s totally more polished I like the combination why do you want the comfort of my legging but I want to look a little bit more put

together and dressy that day so I like to pair those leggings with you know same color on top so I want my super soft black and v-neck piece I’ve got a completely uniform body and then on top of that I do an oversized laser something that goes past

my booty for that coverage and then just adds a touch of business casual effect to this outfit then in contrast alpha number 5 is like my street wear look I honestly bring my faux leather motorcycle jacket like everywhere so I might as well just wear it straight onto

the plain nothing complicated about this look either I just pair a simple white t-shirt because the jacket does all the talking for itself it is something that just gives an instant it factor to your outfit and then an extra idea in case you guys don’t want to show

like the front or your booty area you can also bring in like a light sweater and tie it around your waist which also adds to the street wear loss and lastly idea number six I want to show you guys something that doesn’t incorporate outerwear and teach you guys

I want to be like fumbling with too many clothing pieces while you’re going on the plane you can just get you a really nice tunic shirt this is something that’s going to be loose and breathable and comfortable but also long enough by itself to give you that full

coverage and then just in case you need a little bit of protection on your chest and your nephew could bring your favorite pashmina or scarf it is a more lightweight layer of warmth than a heavy duty jacket and I think it looks really really cute together move on

to a second category if you guys want some comfortable bottoms but are not comfortable wearing tight leggings in public this is going to be the category for you let’s talk about some jogger and trouser options jogger look number one you guys are probably series joggers a thousand times

by now this is a dressier type of jogger they can double as professional pants at your destination and to go with that refined look I paired it with a nice simple sweater I chose the four that’s about like medium more of something that’s going to definitely like keep

me warm whenever they’re boss in the ec but not something that’s like super stuffy where I can’t take it off and I’m going to be like suffocating on the plane then when I the jogger outfits two and three these are more like sweatpants like thick cotton II type

of jogger pants idea number two it’s kind of like a banty idea from my ladies category I paired a graphic tee on top of these black sweatpants to give it a little bit more personality and then on top of that the same distress denim jacket or just a

touch of grunge and the kind of like a sister outfit outfit idea number three have my favorite luxurious motorcycle sweat pants this one is like way more thick and definitely greater if you’re going to read colder climates carry with a simple soft white tee and then threw on

Maya’s faux leather motorcycle jacket so upper two is three kind of like our sister of us to me there’s a little bit of street wear a little bit of grunge but also very cute and comfortable at the same time moving on to elfin ID number for these aren’t

joggers these are more of like a high-waisted trousers I wanted something that’s kind of classic and refined for anyone that wants to dress up a little bit more the pants are a little bit like utilitarian without olive green color I paired it with just a simple soft white

tank top and a glossy scarf completely love this outfit partially if you need to like get right off the plane and go to like a nice lunch or dinner I feel like I would be ready to go without ever having to change at all and after I do

number five my last one in this category kind of the same casualness of two and three I’ve got some contrasting jogger pants here with my favorite super thick cotton II Topshop t-shirt it is definitely one of the teachers I know I can wear like by itself and it

could like stand up to some heavy-duty AC on an airplane it feels like a thick cotton hug and because the t-shirt is so sick I went with a lighter piece of outerwear I have a thinner slouchy bomber style jacket woven Archer eyes third category the only non pants

category was talked about my favorite travel dresses outfit idea number one it’s going to be three examples within the same idea I’m so sorry you guys have seen this dress a thousand times this seriously it is one of my favorite just like basic dresses I have it in

three different colors I like to pair with either a blazer a cardigan or a bomber jacket but you can seriously excel this dress in so many different ways you can dress up dress it down my main thing is that it is not form-fitting it is loose it is

comfortable it is stretchy it’s got popped up in each side and this is one of my all-time basic then dress idea number two the super minimalist like almost slip style dress is really in right now I wanted to bring that style in this one is opaque and not

done so it doesn’t claim to mean and doesn’t look like a piece of lingerie and because this dress is a little bit more on the lightweight side I went with a thicker piece of outerwear with my denim jackets and I also really like this dress because this is

something I would wear going out on the town so this dress can play double duty as like Travel outfit and also a going-out look and then our last two dress ideas these are another two pair dresses that I love to travel in a shirt dress and a t-shirt

dress the t-shirt dress is really cute you get some little like extra leg action there I think it’s so adorable and obviously very comfortable you can just throw it on and run out the door while feeling like you’re wearing your favorite t-shirt and then the last option is

a shirt dress but this shirt dress is a pullover style so you don’t have to worry about like blending that thing all the way up and down when you’re in a rush you can just so it’s all like a pullover hoodie and be done with it and you

also get the added warmth of a full-length sleeve so these are huge is very simple other dress options and our final category of the day you guys know I’m a denim addict so let’s talk about the denim jeans I would be favorite type that I like to wear

whatever traveling or either loose boyfriend types double rip new jeans for ones that are incredibly stretchy so the first outfit idea is the boyfriend style I got a nice baggy pair of boyfriend jeans for optimal mobility and then on top of that I paired it with one of

my favorites for shirts to travel in the wild Fox sweatshirts this one is a super cozy sweatshirt that just kind of goes with like the casual feel of the baggy jeans then Jean idea number two if I am going to wear skinny jeans the rip new style is

really great because whenever you sit down you have full flexibility and can actually put your legs at a perfectly 90 degree angle without any pressure for the styling I want the satin black bomber armor dragons are great because they’re so comfortable and if you guys want to like

add a little bit of a fancy detail to your outfit you can go with one and a more luxurious fabric like the satin material so it is a more dressier jacket that you can definitely wear at your destination to denim jean ID number three this one is another

favorite combo of mine I got the same like double ripped knee denim jean action here with this one I paired it with a simple tank top and then layer on top of that a thick cozy cardigan if you’re going to be going to a destination that’s cold this

is a great option so you don’t have to like take up too much space your luggage and you can enjoy your cozy cardigan on the plane moving on to denim jean outfit number four for those of you that do want a skinny non-distressed jean my favorite travel ones

are going to be the old Navy built in sculpt jeans because you can seriously do squats lunges cartwheels it is incredibly sturdy flexible jeans they look great and they’re incredibly high quality especially for the price so got a pair of those on and then for styling you can

opt out of the typical features that I’ve been showing you guys throughout this video and do a nice blouse I would suggest a blouse a little bit looser I wanted to feel like I’m wearing a loose t-shirt but I still look way more put together with the flow

and therefore a piece of outerwear I got my cozy thick blazer that looks like a professional blazer but is as cozy as the cardigan and then our final denim jean outfits this is another skinny pair from Old Navy jeans line turner with a plain white t-shirt and of

course you guys know I cannot live without my military jacket this is great if you guys are not into like the Cody cardigans or hoodies they they tougher utilitarian look but also gives you some nice medium work alright guys I does it for today’s video I hope you

guys enjoyed it I want to check out anything shown in today’s video please be sure to check down below again in the description box if you guys want more of these massive like outfit inspiration lookbook feel free to give me a thumbs up and show your girl some

love I’m also interested if you guys would like a video just talking about like travel accessories and like favorite packing cubes and stuff if that is of any interest of you I’d love to know down below in the comments I want to thank you guys so much for

hanging out with me today you guys are the best I’m sending you guys so much love out there have an amazing rest of your week and I’ll see you guys in a few days bye [Music]


hey guys welcome back to my channel so today I’m here with the Queen or Red Sea obviously I do a lot of beauty stuff and she’s a year like a triple threat right now I get to make yes you need fashion everything beads well today I thought since

you’re an expert on everything why not do an advice video on like summer boys everything so I tweeted out and now we’re going to dive into the questions Oh raining I’m loving I like you already you should be friends probably not oh boo ed where was your first

kiss it’s a great question my very first case was with my uncle was one no man tank and we were doing a school playing in the backyard me and it was really romantic though oh my first one my first kiss was a kindergarten over a green line yeah

with your uncle no who was it with it was with just a boy regular time able to kill me well I are your favorite things to wear this summer oh wow this is a great question you know why this is great question because we talked about summer fashion

in a video on their channel so there’s a lot of summer fashions that are really good yeah I’m really liking like the shorts and like high-waisted shorts and crop top no it’s all about the bestest and the sweatshirts this but it’s like really hot so you want to

like somebody give a like chance and it cools you off you’ll see girls doing on the runway how do you react to your crush not liking you back I’ve never had that problem I’m dating Joey Graceffa listen Tyler Oakley resilient John Shorty teeny well myself Davis up yes

it’s really fun how would you deal with I’m sure you deal with it all the time where you like a boy he doesn’t like you better I say just get over it watch some Netflix you know exactly move on even worth your time not worth it is it

weird if you have a kiss a boy ever if you’re 17 years old that’s not weird you just cool these your phone kiss her me I love kissing me that’s a thing yeah you can practice but you found me our boys cool um it depends on how the

what the temperature is mm-hmm so if it’s colder outside they’re probably cooler if it’s hotter outside they’re probably harder how do you get a boy to like you have to answer this how to get a boy like you it’s really easy you need booty brains talent so you

have to be beautiful you be smart and you have to be talented so right when you meet a boy start showing off your talent so for example if what guy comes up to you are you good is that good that was really nice very good see I’m a

boy oh hi I’m Tom oh my gosh be my girlfriend exactly why I should really do that now you have a boyfriend Joe I have to do the eyebrow thing too right what is your favorite thing about summer I love the weather yes I love the weather I

like when it’s hot because I love when the creases get wet and sweaty oh I agree same yeah I’m saying how do you keep up with all your boyfriend’s this is a question for Miranda it’s hard I mean it’s really how do you keep up with they get

jealous they do get jealous they get really jealous of each other and I just called them all the time I’ll show up at their house hide in their closet oh wow just make sure that they never leave you and they’re never talked and any other girls any other

no girls no time to join Chris Evans crop tops and skirts or dresses and no Miranda it isn’t born if it’s born if you’re wearing a crop top I’m wearing compound it’s cool and I can see on time your bellybutton favorite ice cream flavor mine is green tea

ice cream I love green tea ice cream yeah boots or Crocs cut up the corners boots can come across as well nice little issues if you wear high heel boots that’s like what Catwoman wear oh wow dying for some Kronk’s but I can’t blame them Neil and I

would go with boots really yeah why Crocs are so lightweight and practical do you like the mad convoys by the way I love your singing Miranda oh thank you so much I never even heard of them so they’re not famous do you like them I think they’re also

how could you think that if you never heard of that before I have but you have it right no you probably have it I haven’t heard of them which means they probably don’t you mean is this oh that’s true walk to us they don’t exist how can you

address for hot weather and not be born rank-one chin um well you can wear a vest I wear vests a lot of the times so it’s okay to show your shoulders and your arms a little bit to not like not like this not like that’s two months Oh

wear loose-fitting clothes that way it’ll get more air circulation how do you get guys to notice who you are that’s easy for me they already know who I am because my goodness yeah seemed probably same with you similar sometime you want I’m not like Miranda if they don’t

know who you are then they don’t know who you are so then you probably think about it what about if you hadn’t do that before so try that next exactly it’s really good advice write it down how do you stay cool in the summer heat without being poor

Miranda eat lots of nice cuing a slushy bad because slushy bad that’s what I would advise I advise using joint chrysanthus not not me though no just a moment okay cuz that’s yeah you can’t do it I can’t no deal um so I’m trying to cheat on my

boyfriend so sorry well that is all for the questions thank you guys so much for tuning in we also did a video over on Miranda’s channel we do yes he did and she actually gave me a complete makeover and for summer and I look way better on her

you know so if you want to check that out you can click her face or the link inside of the description box and do not forget to what should they do should they come up this probably thumbs it up really hard because she’s in it so my mini

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