[ThờiTrangMùaHè] please gloss gloss it’s in the front on the left yeah hello everybody welcome back to my channel it is time hey guys welcome back to my channel is Micaela Jacqueline also known as pi C spine in its BAE’s video is a spring /summer clothing haul from fashion events specifically for people with large chests big boobs that have trouble trying to find things I fit them or that look good or that hold up their movies so today’s video is going to be some things I found on fashion above some shirts and a jumpsuit that hopefully helped you guys in your search for things to wear during the summer this video is not supposed to be discriminatory towards people who have small chest but it is specifically for thicker girls and people with big boobs because we have trouble finding things that fits if you liked this video please give it a thumbs up and please subscribe to my channel enjoy so this first stop is called the girls with curves top I got it on fashion Nova and I got it in extra-large it’s very it’s not too tight but it helps my body in a nice sort of way it helps my boobs in a nice way especially with the bra that I’m wearing which is from savage 20 but it has these cutouts in the back and I suggest you wearing a bra that you wouldn’t mind being seen because my bra was definitely seen but the material is kind of thin so I recommend wearing an all-black bra underneath because it will definitely be seen in the front as well if it’s not black but I like the way it kind of makes my boobs stand out i’ma lift them up because of how tight it is X item is the peace out bodysuit from fashion OVA which I also got an extra large this body just actually sold out now I really love this body suit I love the material because it’s not cheap at all and plus the design is just so pretty to me I love the way the neckline sort of shows a little bit of cleavage but not too much you just fit so well especially on the top I really love how it covers my bra straps I really love this party suit you you you this next stop is called the all smoked up laptop I got it in an extra-large and as you can see it does not support my boobs as much as I would like but that’s what you get when you buy thinner materials the material as you can see is very very thin a plus is that you can lengthen the straps if you want to they come untied so you can tie them to whatever length you want the tighter you tie it is the more support it’ll be you the next item is this bodysuit from fashion OVA it is called the call me baby girl bodysuit in black I got it in extra-large this bodice who doesn’t give me as much support boob wise as I would like but I guess that’s what you get when you buy low v-neck body suits in tops if you have the glutes like mine you’re going to have to keep pulling them up so that they don’t look all down in your stomach but it’s a cute bodysuit this next top is called the kiki crop top i got it in the color ivory and then the size extra large just like with the smock top in the bodysuit i just showed you guys it’s not that much support at all but i guess that’s because it’s thin and it’s really short and the straps are really really thin as well but this top is really cute is pressing with some jeans and a jacket it’s really cute also you’re going to wear it brought with this top I recommend doing black only because it is white so you’ll be able to see whatever is underneath because it is next item is actually this really really cute jumpsuit I got of course off fashion over it is called not in the MOOC tube jumpsuit in the color mustard and I got it in a size extra large I love the way this jumpsuit fits my body especially since it is a tighter it and it hugs my bloops in so that they don’t sag or they don’t pop out and the belt also gives me a nice sort of cinch in my ways to also help my boobs stay up and it just fits all my curves really nicely I really love it this next item is actually a swimsuit from Amazon and I want to show this with trash because for one it was super cheap and press two it just fits my views really nicely and I know that if you have bigger boobs like anything you are in the search for swimsuits especially right now that fit your moves a nice I love include the link to this in the description it is not her fashion over it is from Amazon I love this one suit so much thank you guys for watching this video I hope you enjoyed it and please subscribe to my channel I’m going to be posting a lot more videos very soon and I’m trying to decide which college do my hairnet so please leave a comment with suggestions I was thinking about red but were you thinking great oh great ok please leave some suggestions thanks guys and don’t forget that Pisces are the best ok you you you you you you you you you you beat starz.

com you you you you big stars you [Music] [Music] beat starz.


HUGE SUMMER TRY ON CLOTHING HAUL 2020 | MRP, The Fix, Legit, Refinery + more | Natalie Wera

[ThờiTrangMùaHè] hey guys welcome back to my youtube channel if it is your first time joining me welcome my name is Natalie Carrera and I upload blogs fashion and lifestyle videos so if you like that kind of content please do make sure to subscribe and if you are a returning subscriber welcome back thank you so much for joining me once again as you can see by the title of this video today we are doing a yeah I’m really excited because I really do love fashion and clothing and all of that good stuff so I’m just going to be showing you guys some things that I got from a few different stores like mr.

price the fakes woods picking pay true thing like there’s a variety of stores so yeah without further ado let’s get straight and so the first day we’re gonna start off with is mr.

price so I’m actually wearing I’m one of the items right now which is just like this simple black trace but I will put the tie on part of this video like some my hair though so that you guys can see like how the clothing fits and everything most of the items I did get them in a medium because yeah my body is just at this weird stage right now if you watched my shopping for vacation vlog then you would know that like I’m in this weird space where like small is too small for me but the medium is too big for me so I’m so trying to like figure out my sizing so this black dress I really like it because it’s nice it’s simple you know I do wish that it was a bit more tighter you know so it could be more like body con you know most snatched but I’m not really mad at like the little bit of that is there because it’s breathable and like I still have woman to breathe but I think that I could have gotten away with getting a small instead of a medium just because the material is like a very straight sheet okay so the next item that I got is essentially the exact same dress but in a different style it is just this what do you call trace exactly the same as the one that I’m wearing right now just in a different style I really like the style actually like the combination of navy red and white is this really doing it for me I don’t know why it just gives me like I don’t know cuz at reminds me of like a holiday or like the beach or like something I don’t know that color combination is just born then the next item accords was this another dress because I’m trying to you know have more dresses in my wardrobe because I barely had any before so it is this like olive green army cream also buddy country is also in a medium I just fell in love with the color to be honest and also it says she’s not me because she ain’t and yeah I like the stress the next item that I got is a bit difficult to show [Music] essentially it looks like this it will make more sense like while you’re looking at the Triad but yeah it’s just this black top and it like comes together at the back and then it’s like an open back and then it’s like tight you know this is making sense but yeah this is top I just like the design of it to be honest like that uh-oh the what the design of it is very nice three like different you know like I have never come across the top like this so I really liked it and yeah I like all the little cutouts that it has and stuff because you know it’s somehow we got to show some skin you know and then the last item that I got from mr.

price no I’m actually nine the lost clothing item that I got from mr.

price is this denim skirt I think is really really cute and it’s such a staple piece in your water because you can style this up you can style it down like skirts you can style many different ways but it’s basically denim is so versatile so like you can honest me wear however you look can you guys believe this is the first skirt I’ve ever bought like in my life I didn’t have certain in my closets until now but yeah and then we move on to the shoe my bad guys this is actually the last clothing item for my surprise it is just this cute navy blue top I really like the style of this top I don’t know what you call it but there’s like this thing that’s going on here like the way I can’t explain it but I hope you know what I mean so yeah those are all the clothing items from mr.

price okay guys now we move on to the shoes that I got from mr.

price I didn’t get these shoes at the same time then I bought like everything else but they’re still failing you so I decided to treat them in this hole so the first ones that I’ve got are these white black heels just nice you know a cute simple I really like these heels because like they’re so cute like they’re so cute they’re so simple but I feel like you could pull off a lot of looks with these and mr.

price actually has a really good selection of black heels like they have them in so many different styles and things so I think they’re definitely the plug for Black Hills and these heels were only like 180 I think if I’m not mistaken so they’re really really affordable for those trying to build a heel connection like myself or starting out with wearing heels of buying heels whatever mr.

price is the plank then I got the same shoe but in this nude color also very cute simple and I like this color extra name so yeah that is so yeah that’s everything that I got from mr.

price and now let’s move on to the next store so I also went to pick and pay clothing but I only got one item from there and it was these shorts he’s like denim Navy shorts I really like the color to be honest I think it really complements my skin I actually would use like when we were in quadbiking and they were so comfortable the material is very like stretchy the fabric Rea stretchy very good palette he loves to see it and then the next store so then I also got some pieces from the fix anyways yeah I got some pieces from the fake so that’s the next over gonna be looking at so it was actually my first time shopping it at the fakes but I always see like on Instagram and stuff they always look like they have a lot of cute things so I was like I’m definitely gonna go check it out and see what I can find ok so the first item that I got from the fix was this blue crop top I bought this one in a size extra small / small this is what it looks like oh my gosh I think it’s really cute I don’t know like I fell in love with the color so I think with these tops you can definitely size down because the material is very very very stretchy so if you want like a tighter fit then I would definitely suggest sizing down but yeah that’s item number 1 the next thing that I got from the fix was this gorgeous two-piece set this is the top which basically looks like the blue one I also got this one in an extra small / small and then this is the bottom it’s just like a I think it’s a MIDI a midi skirt which is just this MIDI bodycon skirt so the top I got an extra small / small and then the bottoms I got in a medium to large say young I just really like it you know cause it’s like wise you it’s like string things so I really like this to piece it because you know it’s wide one incline it’s snatched and I don’t know guys I’m really loving white for the sunlight she’ll be honest so yeah that’s that and then the last item that I got from the bigs is this bodysuit yay it’s just this moon bodysuit I got this one in a medium got this body suit and a medium I only had with this body suit is the fact that at the bottom parts the body suit part of it it doesn’t have any clips so you definitely have to take off your whole outfit when you want to go to the bathroom but otherwise it’s cute a locket and then yeah that’s all from the fix okay so moving on to the next door so I only got one item from the shed which were which are English so I got these really cute pair of heels from legit like guys when I saw you I just fell in love like when I saw them I was just like I have to have it’s a must like it is definitely a must I could not use this door without getting these shoes so um these are my new baby it is these of white block here I am just trying to get my yeah so they are these white block oh my gosh I love these shoes so much like I don’t know I just really fell in love with the style of these shoes I just love the fact that they were white first of all second of all they’re Black Hills so they’re definitely more comfortable to walk in and then I really like this just like white see-through thing going on here and then they said apart for your toe they gave you a big toe a special place to put itself and then they were not done they still said wrap around your lay and then guys they were still not done because they said this is not just any thing to wrap around your leg it’s a braided team like what no ways guys they really snapped with these shoes hey I don’t know maybe I’m being dramatic but I really really love them like this is just a really really cute style and I also like the this thing the the way it’s shaped in front I don’t know if they pull it a square well it’s just way too I don’t know what it’s called but yeah I really love the friends and just these heels in general loves of my lives ok while we’re still on to shoes let’s move on to the next door which is wood I only got one item from them is or are yo guys I don’t know hey please let me know in the comments down below like what’s the proper English but anyways I got one item of shoes I got one item which shoes hi I bought these shoes cars and I really really liked them as well of course because they’re wines hmm you know me and white and I’ve wanted this style of shoe for like really really long and yeah they’re very durable so as I was saying these are really durable and I also like the fact that they have this like little strapped fee at the back yeah initially I wasn’t crazy about it because I’m like what’s going on yeah but it’s actually growing on me and I think it’s like a really cute and then the law store that we have in today’s haul is so this is the sole that I got my swimsuit from which is just this the iPad print bikini I hope that this is leopard print okay but yeah it’s really really cute and I like that at the back it has this whole like criss-cross situation kind of hard to show it on camera but like here it has this whole criss-cross situation and it’s just really really cute like animal print is just such a vibe and it will forever be in well in my books like in my style books I don’t know about anyone else but I really vibe with animal print and it also has like padding inside for like more comfort and whatever and then these are the bottom also cute simple you know and for those people that aren’t very comfortable like showing the booty or whatever then these are definitely those this is definitely nice bikini because it does have like full coverage essentially at the back which is cool okay so that brings us to the end of our clothing haul those were all the items that I caught for my vacation by the way I did go shopping for all of these items in the store but I will try to find them online for you guys and leave them in the description box below so if the link to a clothing item is not in the description box then that means that I wasn’t able to find it online but all the ones that I do find online I will definitely link them in the description box below let me know in the comments down below which outfit or clothing item or shoes or whatever was your favorite please do not forget to Like comment and subscribe and I will see you guys in my next video oh also don’t forget to check the description box for links to all of the items while the ones that I did find and yes I will see you guys in my next video bye [Music].

Curated with Cassie : Arnotts Spring/Summer fashion, beauty by the hour and mashed potato!

[Music] welcome to this week’s curator with Cassie coming up I put one beauty salon right here in Dublin to the test to see what you can get done in an hour and there’s actually a lot you can because there’s loads of events coming up and you’re not gonna have enough time anyway we’ve also got a mashed potato making competition with James Cavanaugh and his best mate but first it’s fashion from our tips for the spring/summer ahead the best thing about Paddy’s Day is that it means spring/summer is on the way and the best thing about spring/summer is of course the fashion well I’m here in our knits and a pair of shorts in March to check out what they have in store for the season ahead [Music] well there’s a lot of flowers crime breaking and I’m wearing Clara’s as well but the opening scene with twisted springtime sweetheart showed like flowers with a hefty dose to pass-outs so it’s kind of like them sleeves flowers so I think they’re really really nice I loved it I loved all the color but equally I loved the black and the nude I think sometimes black is overlooked in spring/summer and I just thought that was there’s a little sip dress with spaghetti straps and I just thought it was the bee’s knees absolutely taught that was fab [Music] dodging everything we saw here today was because of you you put the whole like spring/summer collection together Wow it was very floral e at the beginning and then went into some bolder colors which I was obviously thrilled about talk me through the lock yeah well I guess yes I did put it all together but definitely what I was doing was like trying to communicate best all the different trends and the beautiful piece of pieces that aren’t it’s important to for the season so you know and yet they’ve really kind of they focused on some really nice big summer trends yeah and then I just brought them to life we’re obviously bringing bringing my own thing to it as well but working closely with the teams here but yeah we had summer sweetheart which we opened with those beautiful ditzy florals a little bit picnic of honey with hanging rock you no longer addresses or a bit of a puff sleeve lovely textures and delicate fabrics and everything said we also had candy take over yeah which is a obviously huge kind of fashion movement at the moment everybody is loving Copenhagen fashion there and like those pieces of pieces are beautiful and a lot of the designers they’re very sustainable focused and the materials and their production so that’s really great but they’re also they’re quite usually a bit more more minimal in style the pieces but then it’s higher they’re kind of layered together it gives a lot more texture it makes it all very kind of cool and interesting very much silhouette [Music] and it was five rooster sorry ruffled tiered ruffled dressed and I kind of like a ready tangerine orange and just cinched in at the waist but it just had such amazing kind of like it was really fun yeah I mean like you’re not gonna not have fun going out wearing that dress yes Bronwyn and she is wearing a beautiful dress from ghost which is a new designer in our Nets this season and ghost is like real nineties silhouette but as we got quite a comeback as well at the moment but beautiful just very long simple dresses and four beautiful prints and colors throughout and she’s wearing kind of a pineapple print and we have it paired with a very bright orange a tailored jacket which was a bit of a safari feel to it and she has this amazing kind of straw hat from jäger on as well [Music] Emily’s dress is so cool so amazing it’s like just this really big blue silk tent almost but like the most you can find ways pulled up hello like I love big dad even though I’m not a figure then it’s all about the volume was very easy something that’s actually very comfortable to wear but it just all about it doesn’t really matter your body shape it looks great with everybody and it’s all about the movement of how the dress moves yeah that amazing impact of color everywhere you go and you know so relaxed with the pockets in an evening dress okay that’s all the homework you’ve done well thank you for your time [Music] so they’re llaves loved some of the coats that were on display actually loved a lot of the pieces and florals because I bought a few dresses about two or three years ago that have just kind of sat in my wardrobe because I wear a lot of black but I’m gonna bring them back in into my fashion choices every day sustainability ding anyway now that that’s over i i’ve managed to find a couch it’s what I do best so I’m just gonna relax here in the Sun do you think you can gets hand through a window [Music] Patty’s Day this week I thought why not celebrate some of Ireland’s glorious delicious dishes like mashed potato crisps sandwiches and of course a cup of tea and why not put two best friends James Kavanaugh and Carla Tracy head-to-head and see who can make the best of all of the above [Music] James and Carla I’m gonna put you guys in direct competition to make some Irish classics so we’re going for mashed potato mm-hmm cup of tea yeah and a crisp sandwich now I’m gonna be in the other room so bring them into me when they’re ready go right let’s do this in a bit like cm I love feeling good with the chance my food it’s really easy for me so I’m pretty much ready to go here yeah Mary there and I am gonna just kind of chop my potatoes so they all evenly cook you know what I mean so I’m gonna submerge mine in cold water and then I’m gonna bring that up to the boil and then boil it forever my th minutes and then when they’re done you should be able to stick like a skewer or fork in and the circulating okay I’m putting mine in the pass and leaving it to boil for about 15 20 minutes and might like to take a bit shorter time which Oh salt babes so I am going to haven’t done this before but I ran out online and appends interesting I’m gonna pop a garlic clove into the water and so as it’s boiling it will release garlic vibes into potatoes Cassie yeah week mate we’ve made UT command that’s my well okay oh that’s my presentation oh I I do like the presentation where’s your mind’s made with alone there you go yeah and a ribbon interesting okay now I have to say what I’m looking at us now I would go through this drama I love milk get my team okay I’m a sticker or a pervert I might have heard you told me yes okay I’ll be strong amenities for also the privacy fence Persephone Utah’s do that salt for the experience applying to serve experience with the team you must be nervous if you have to flourish it’ll did it help sobs it did it really works enjoy heart is ripping yeah no you take that home too I’m not gonna say who wins votes delicious here’s the two teas they’re both delicious you’re gonna have to wait to find out to see who wins right now I’m just getting a little bit peckish a little bit hungry crap for either a crisp sammich or some mashed potatoes so hurry up I’m very excited I got to use my butcher knives there are actual butter knives that I got the double team really are they like bendy yeah look gorge I’m really I’m strong so you can get a nice glide of us the bus yeah okay you going first of all I go first job so yeah I’m just a boarder at mine like this now I’m gonna be quite traditional then normally I would be like an literally like butter cheese money crisps I’m Brad well I heard that again Cassie is quite diverse and I likes unusual ingredients on her and on her things Turkish sandwich so I’m not gonna go too far I’m just gonna put a little bit of relish and with my crisps on which but I think the key here is loads of Irish order like you don’t want a crisp sandwich to be too dry I’ve been served and very dry kiss sandwich before not very sensitive to our fans and fathers are key Michael Collins is the door hey do you know that is the proclamation over Christmas okay so I am just freestyling this one as well I’m cutting up some Tomatoes gonna put some salt and pepper um because cassia has tomatoes with everything and so yeah just hope for the best I don’t know what it’ll taste like whisper relish we’re not gonna go to great Oh what are you doing careful can make me nerve okay got the steam is very hot kitchen Nocona yes Mama’s cooking [Music] time’s up oh all right good I think I’ve tasted an unhappy so it’s up to you though Oh No you need to let me for two seconds okay James I’ll taste okay you say smile I’m waiting yeah okay James you like the presentation thanks you have that you can’t chill just you like at ya little whisper of us I like us I actually really want to try okay fine I know it’s your turn presentation Dudley pretty nice let’s see both fluids she’s fluids it’s delicious it is don’t ya I’m not being a parent is nice this is which your recent ice a little bit to money yeah I’d agree with you but I think he knew that lovely Oh are there surprise in there a little bit nice if you don’t be you know that I don’t just love [Music] yeah a tatin I mean there’s little bit more crystals in it really their only selection as well on the side I went against the triangles oh I’m the all ends the heel someone knows me that’s a bloody sandwich sounds on a crisp sandwich yesterday the crisps urges and after toss what you mean the brief was a crisp sandwich you just have pureed all sorts of there hmm the same amount of ingredients mr.

Cavanaugh both sandwich is delicious I like this one I like awake yeah okay so with her boss I mean the perfect Salvage would have been with the tomato and the relish more Christmas so there you go intercourse I I think it’s gonna be yeah okay then mashed potatoes [Laughter] they were both delicious I know the effort James I don’t know the clear winner but Jason clear hands up I oh and James it is phenomenal yes okay go comes any last thing which was the team which is a very important part of our everyday lives yes I love lots of milk in my tea I loved both cups of tea no that title the best sup making traditional Irish boots burn up any my ice opening a new restaurants very soon this is gonna pour an extra milk and the bleed cope Julie sore loser that was fun and the Christmas sandwiches they were delicious YUM the tea perfect especially Carla’s but I cannot keep my mind off that mashed potato with the butter all melted on top James kavanah is a mashed potato god YUM anyway that’s it for me I’m gonna go back in and and help them clean or something you go away right [Music] [Applause] summers on the way meaning that there’s more events and more parties that you may have to attend and it might be last-minute so what I’ve done is I’ve come here to sugar-coated to put them to the test and see what you can actually get on so that you look decent enough to step outside your house in an hour or an hour and a half [Music] [Applause] okay so Jen summers coming up there’s more events and let’s be real sometimes you decide to go out last minute so you have about maybe an hour an hour and a half pushing it to get ready what are you gonna focus on okay so definitely Bros Bros they’re a great starter point because obviously for jr.

make for anything they just a really good focal point for your makeup and your eye makeup and obviously nails are you know our first love here as well so am I just like on my hands or toes always you know bring bit of color okay ant spray tan we look three times right Hannah’s always laugh when a quick get you out the door and see a minute iris okay so if you would focus on those ones although you can get eyelashes and what else can you get here okay so we do lash extension c2h2 brows else yeah yeah and then a huge range of different manis and pedis to suit everybody we do major treatments as well okay yes so we were saying we get this all done and wash an hour an hour yep yep okay what we do a challenge on it was a little challenge so if any customers want to get the show to do would you accept a challenge from them today we absolutely would it was yeah I take prior to purchase and everything so you or well used to kind of keeping it go and keeping the flow go and then get maximum impact [Music] [Music] okay so sugar CODIS is where you can get your nails and everything’s on yep we have sugar daddy our big brother so what goes on in here I mean it is obvious those haircuts this is the man cave the sugar man cave real oppa to go and yeah our new barbers on reboot the person’s neck jackets riche okay so this is number two love us and sure are they amazed they are very cool yeah short back inside [Music] so instead of getting the lvl lash treatment because we only have an hour Karla is getting her lashes tinted but if you have extra time definitely worth getting the lvl treatments on and they’re just gonna get at our dough and she already has the brows done and her nails so I think we’re dead we’ve got about half an hour left to go so I’m sorry we’ve got you have 15 minutes left so I think we should be fine so you have an error you can looks like [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] they have a sigh still look exactly the same as when I first came in but Carla looks absolutely fantastic and she got that all done within an hour so if you have an hour to spare and you get a last-minute call to do something you’ve no excuse because you can get your nails you can get your briars you can get your lashes and a bit of your time done and you’ll be ready for anything Ruby will take on the world well that was a fantastic episode if I do say so myself the fashion was delicious the mashed potato was absolutely delicious and in fairness both of them did a great job but James was pathetic also I have to say fair play to sugar-coated I put them to the test by getting all that done in an hour and big Tillis that was a load of fun next week we are going pasture making in alta right here in Dublin more deliciousness of yum-yum [Music].

Fashion trends – Spring Summer 2020

[Music] hi guys welcome back to my youtube channel if you’re new here welcome first of all second of all I am Liliana I am a fashion designer and I focus on sustainability within fashion today we are speaking about the spring/summer 2020 trains specifically within the ready-to-wear and fashion

category this is my personal perspective what I think is gonna be a big big thing within this spring and summer I apologize for my voice I am a little bit ill a little bit under the weather but kind of fighting through its ok so without further ado let’s

jump into it because this is gonna be good [Music] so to start off shape this season is very much a gentle neutral so that means that that’s not actually a garment for women’s or men’s yes we still do see that difference but in this season is way more

blending within that you’ll see that for this season we have a big trend on tuxedos especially on the female side but as I mentioned you’ll see a lot of crossovers between vendor so that means a clean cut and straight lines symmetry and tailoring just is very sophisticated look

wish I am very keen on you’ll see the designers such as Alexander McQueen I absolutely love this collection and a ready-to-wear spring/summer 2020 we the love of tuxedo see the Blazers of full suits with normal materials and also like with in leather which is pretty interesting and you’ll

see as well a lot of this kind of tuxedo feel like we’d also Valentino even though they didn’t actually an experiment with the Blazers and so on but they did like a lot of garments we’d like shirts men shirts which is pretty it looks pretty cool and a

little bit of inspiration right yeah so yeah it’s exitos will be a big trend for this year coming up to ruffles ruffles once again are in trend this is something that never kind of goes away completely there are some more minimal collections more minimal and seasons the ruffles

a ongoing trend brent like Chanel Valentino Giambattista Valli even Alexander McQueen to explore this within their collection especially Gemma this Diwali like their collection is very much the ruffle party especially within the garment that I show here at the top they’re like a full-on ruffles are fun they

give movement they give dynamism to the garment and this is like so pretty and feminine and an interesting point is that ruffles will be once again crossing genders so yes ruffles are normally more connected to the feminine look to the women garments but and this is you see

a lot of crossovers going into the men’s which is kind of interests last room with in the shapes will be the maxi dress this is something that it comes over and over again within the summer months it’s just comfortable it’s Airy it just looks good and it’s very

useful for that hot weather not only going for the beach but actually daily basis you’ll see a lot of designers exploring this Valentino they hit their collection explored like massively the maxi dresses they have a couple there are absolutely gorgeous Alexander McQueen as well as Diehr and also

to explore these maxi dresses in terms of materials one of the biggest trends for this season is definitely the denim and not my kind of favor of material but definitely one is gonna be super super hyped within this season denim everywhere flung garments top button together and or

just like a part of the the outfit but definitely explored beyond it just jeans they go through full-on suits or jumpsuit or a bomber jacket or even a skirt and one thing that is pretty cool on minimus the versatility that this material gives I mean you can do

so much with it it is super resistant and you can either construct something super solid and strong or actually something a little bit more fluid and more elastic so there’s a lot of opportunities within denim which is pretty cool and probably one of the reasons why he has

come back and now the material that was quite surprised for this season is leather and I saw leather very prominent within a lot of collections Alexander McQueen Javan she leave it on but either they all have like a lot of leather going on and sometimes full-on outfit of

leather whole dress or just a skirt or a pant and this is an interesting choice for summer and spring and because obviously leather is not the most fresh and airy material but it looks so than how it looks good it looks very very good especially and I was

in cream I think their collection within leather was super cool I mean they had this full suit for women in a leather but it was like not a very clean leather with kind of rustic it was so so cool I absolutely loved it last but not least there

is a mix of materials that I really wanted to mention lace feathers and crochet especially lace and feather and obviously they keep coming up especially in the US Couture high-end fashion um but in this season once again they come up very prominent collection such as Chanel always and

Valentino it’s your and even Alexander McQueen I keep I feel like I keep saying they’re he’s name I got a McQueen but their collection was pretty much on point I absolutely loved it this material obviously is very prepared for this season it’s light its Airy it’s very feminine

and very cute but this is one of the things that as I mentioned in the beginning of this video it was super interesting about this season is that there’s a be contrasting materials and shapes where you see something really strong kind of masculine in contrast with something very

feminine and delicate so once again that going to the non gender or gender neutral and elements which you kind of it is a bit of both so I think that’s the part that is very interesting within this season is that you have a little bit of both worlds

and they kind of work together very well so you see the leather with something work with something very light and and that is just I think the the key point for these season Leslie but not least we have the colors so you for this year 2020 in general

not just summer in spring with the whole year the color of the year is the classic blue which is not my kind of color the definitely beautiful color still but within this season s four main colors that are kind of different so you have two cool colors which

stay on the cooler terms and then you have two one colors if they want on the warmer the turns so within colors even the blue you have the warm tones of blue and the color tools of blue and the same for the warmer colors you always have different

tones by the way coming down below if there’s something that you like to learn a little bit more about like how colors are organized in time there’s something that I can do so for this season we start off with the mint green he has been very prominent in

collections and kind of a little weirdly place at a times villains yaga definitely working a lot with his color as your my sister lolly Javon she even Chanel in the very little details as I show you on this graphic you see and this color popping up quite often

and also on the cool tones and colors we have the Curry’s blue and I absolutely really really like this color this is more my kind of blue than the classic blue you see Louie Vuitton Gucci Alexander McQueen working with these colors and some variants of it and it’s

not as present as the minty green but also a big trend then you have the caddies and casas is definitely my color I am a pink girl I have to admit it and I absolutely love this tone it’s very very beautiful and you see once again these color

popping up here in Dan is definitely not the the biggest trend at least not for this season but I have big feeling that going into the fall in the winter that will be a big color I just kind of feel like it’s gonna be the winter color at

least I hope so I mean I love this color Valentino proud that Alexander McQueen working this color this color very well and following to know definitely going on the most bright side of the Pink’s you’ll see like the very bright colors within their collection Allen Tina with another

collection that I found it absolutely amazing and the contrasting the the beginning very white and tailored and very symmetrical and then going into a more bright colors fluid asymmetrical looks and there was very interesting once again they contrast within shapes and colors and fills his presence very present

within lastly in colors we have the cattle loop this is definitely colored a super super super permanent in this season especially within the the sass fashion you see already in store is popping up it is a warm color is definitely a summer color you see friends like Chanel

G washy Valentino and Elise AB working this color is spectacularly so that’s it guys this isn’t gonna be a season of contrast with colors and shapes and silhouettes at heart and soft and feminine and masculine all together in one also fashion is finally listening to society saying that

sustainability is not an option and it needs to be taking consideration so a lot of these new designs are taking in consideration sustainability which is very interesting they ask some question marks obviously and especially in the fast fashion not even going there we speak are we speaking about

ready-to-wear which is kind of in the middle so we have high fashion or future ready-to-wear and then fast fashion if you would like to learn more about this also comment below I will do my best to cover it as soon as possible my next video is actually gonna

be me sketching a few garments inspired within these trends so I am hoping to not only to sketch it but also to produce it with sustainable materials which is my my god my personal goal is to offer you an option within a more sustainable process stay tuned if

you don’t miss out that video and any other that comes after please click the subscribe button it really supports my channel and it allows you to not miss anything that I do if that’s what you want which I hope it is and also do not forget to click

the like button it really does support my channel that is it for me too thank you so much for watching I hope you guys stay safe with these coronavirus this is a real thing so please pay attention to what the government says what you should do and don’t

do and I will see you next time thank you [Music]

Summer Fashion Haul 2019 || Fashion Haul #1

hello everyone my name is for fish and welcome back to my youtube channel so after half a year of a break from making a youtube video I’m finally back and I was actually editing a video last week because I wanted to post it before this one but I

kind of look at it and I was like oh my god for the past year I stick to this kind of makeup tutorial and when I was editing my video I looked at all the videos I posted and I was like my every single makeup look literally the

same so I was like no I’m not gonna post another makeup video and I came up with another super creative video idea so yeah I came up with this idea to make a summer fashionable the thing is with me and summer clothes is that I really like to

wear two colors two main colors during the summer and it’s white and black I don’t really go in the middle it’s either white or black but I have one thing that it’s a different color and it’s yellow but without further ado let’s get into the video and I

will show you what I wear during the summer so the first item I want to show you is just a really beautiful dress I bought that Urban Outfitters some of my friends were joking that it looks like a towel wrap I mean it looks horrible when you hold

it but it looks way better when you actually wear it also the really thing I like about this dress that it’s not that’s fairly simple it’s a penny around here like it adds some unique characters to this dress and I feel like it really makes it user sorry

often for my black nails but yesterday I was cleaning my house and I took a black nail polish and I was like okay I’m gonna paint my nails the thing with white clothes sometimes they tend to be a bit transparent if you know what I mean for example

you can see this t-shirt this transpire and you can see everything that’s underneath it and it’s really important for me so that the white dresses I wear iron transparent and it’s making a perfect work first of all because the material is really thick but second below because it

has this protective I don’t know how you call it but just protective kind of thingy so it makes sure that nothing is seen that you don’t want to be steamed so another coming item I want to share with you and I want to show you it’s my t-shirt

I’m wearing right now I post at urban outfitter and I really like the design of this t-shirt is something that kind of convinced me to get it because that first look I was like no it doesn’t really look good but I kind of tried it on and I

was like okay I kind of like when I was wearing it I kind of started loving it even more the finish that I liked the most about this t-shirt is the design is something that at least a princess would wear it’s a little bit impossible as you can

see which kind of annoys me so a really similar t-shirt is just one I’m wearing currently and I tend to like to wear it also with like diamond shorts or I don’t know black shorts is this beautiful t-shirt from Hollister I really like that it’s really tight around

your waist and stretch here so it makes sure that it’s really tight on your waist I kind of don’t like the fact that it has a really big tee which as you can see here it kind of made me a little bit uncomfortable but I feel like I

feels like really delicate if you know what I mean so the next item I want to show you is a beautiful dress I bought at Zara it’s really long I kind of couldn’t convince myself to wear like long dresses in the past because I’m simply not that tall

I have 165 centimeters so long dresses kind of makes me feel even smaller but actually when I wore it and it fit me perfectly but the thing I liked the most about this dress is that it has is really like Jane Austen Reagan C clothing 5 – it

just underneath your boob like I just call it like that I have no other name for that is this like this is kind of like strap here but the thing is that it has it a little bit too low so as I said I love black clothes I

feel really well and really comfortable in blacks so the next thing I bought it from Bershka I don’t know if you have this shopkin around the world by component where and apparently it’s a really short dress but the trick is that it’s not really a dress sorry for

my camera but there is multiple light sources and I don’t think it’s adjusting incorrectly so the thing I like the most about it is that the fingers dress but it actually not a dress it’s actually short so I really like this idea I actually feel really uncomfortable when

I were really short dresses because it makes me so like you know when you do one wrong move everything can get exposed so I kind of don’t like really short dresses I like something that looks as a short dress but it’s actually short so and also with this

dress I bought some kind of like jacket from Zara cause it’s a not normal jacket it has a cape on the back I really like the ideas of Cape I feel like capes also I’m kind of like makes you look a little bit classy and a little bit

so to wear something underneath the jacket and with their shorts I decided to buy the city pretty tiny light t-shirt what does t-shirt at Zara the crease are on purpose I actually was trying to kind of make them a little bit more smoother before the video so it

doesn’t look so crease but it is supposed to look done but the issue with this t-shirt is the rain of stretchy it only has the stretch here on the back as you can see but apart from that there is no stretch to this t-shirt it makes you look

really flat it’s not the issue that I brought it to school size because I tried small size and medium spied it’s just the type of the t-shirt you buy it’s only stretchy on the back but on the front it won’t stretch at all so something really like during

the summer is that you can literally wear a dress and just walk out of the house and I bought this simple black dress nothing to it it’s stretchy I bought this dress at Primark I just wanted something that’s black and simple and this is what Primark gives us

simple and basic stuff a fairly ok materials I’m not a big fan of primer the issue is that it’s sometimes really like you can see through it and it really fits well also with the jacket I’ve showed you before so the next thing I wanted to show you

is the beautiful dress I bought at Bershka I think it was a long time ago because I actually don’t remember what I got it but I actually would love to wear it during summer I really like the kind of like pattern to it and I usually wear it

I’ve got this t-shirt is top adhara it has this really use the four big buttons which I thought were really cute and I really liked some when I first bought it but the next year that kind of painting is because I look at the photos with me and

this button and this button was so horribly big compared to me so the last said I want to show you it’s also said I bought at bershka I was kind of inspired by the movie clueless I think and I thought it’s really similar to the one she was

right so this is the set this is the jacket and it goes with this Easter food dress which is the same almost the same design as this dress before okay so thank you for watching I hope you enjoy it this was a kind of a video pearl icon

thing I wanted to kind of come back with and kind of like to start over again my youtube channel so I hope you enjoy it it might be a little bit too long you know if you like this fashion haul and you want to see more just leave

a comment or leave a like and I would probably record some more if you have any other YouTube videos idea you want me to record that something else from this one and it’s something more enjoyable and just leave a comment down below and I’m really open for any

kind of ideas because I feel like my content is boring and I’m gonna admit to not make up videos and notes fashion shows and I know it should be me who thinks about the idea but I’m also open for any ideas you might have so again thank you

for watching have a wonderful week have a wonderful half a year if I’m not gonna come back and see you soon


Wolfgang was good guys boys in a waffle man welcome back to the channel guys today I’m gonna be doing another fashion overhaul I got Valentines here with me there was good know with a fashion / summer try on haul now this one’s gonna be a little bit different I’m gonna switch it up because I got you a present [Music] I’m gonna be wearing maybe 5 some outfits right and you are also gonna be wearing 5 or some outfit so this box that I got you is full of multiple different female fashion / clothes and I have picked out a couple fashion / outfits myself anytime my outfit is over a 6 you have to remove one piece of clothing and there’s quite a bit of pieces of clothing in there guys so we got you some booty shorts got your bathing suit oh you got your hoodie a little hot for that that player I got you some these are joggers I think you got top and then I got you some joggers so yep the difference between me and your outfit is you have to wear all of your outfits at one time every time you rape my outfits over a six you just remove one piece of clothing now the bottom layer has to be the bathing suit okay these outfits that I picked out are good let me know if you guys like them also the link will be in the description shoutouts the fashion over for sponsoring this video if you guys liked any of these outfits you guys can cop them over at fashion all the men or you can cop some of hers just that fashion over comm if you guys liked any of her office all right let’s get it [Music] okay okay you’ve got the little outfit going got the these are this is just pretty plain aren’t they I think I would have have like some kind of like a snow but don’t get it twisted just we got the Madden over tag on the neck area but all right little bit soft stuff now you don’t have to take someone at all you better not but you better be like legit raiding my office I would be legit raiding your outfit need you’re a hundred percent opinion okay that’s how you if you look like a kangaroo right outfit number one now keep in mind that these are summertime [Music] [Music] yeah top is like super you’re like so the shorts we’ve got the fashion underwear out of ten so out of 10 what do you give it 7.

5 my dad take some home and I like those look at this one fashion alert all right next up okay oh now this is more lady I don’t even know what this is I feel like this is like another thing like some summer night I guess I got the black and white joggers or the shoes the pants yeah okay I like the shirt I like both of them just not together thank you so what do you like it show that I got this is like a like a little a little flannel flow it’s got a hood on it yeah it’s a little I like your shirt something to you guys usually really cute yeah no by like her like that like I think usually okay well we were like hey we’re gonna go on this little summer beach okay give me out of time go ahead before you make your decision out of ten you taking me home from the beach you’re left third outfit awesome agreement that shirt I kind of got the beach towel so I feel it though feel the material hmm no this kind of Mines you have like nightmares are rocks I got the beach towel shirt with blue SOT see blue SOT see black pants shorts fatty Versace and then no but these are comfortable like when I say this outfit just blue material hands in the pocket there’s a trailer channel okay I like it I like that that’s out of uh out of ten what am I good pool party yeah yeah let’s get it just keep going for the lower house I like I like this the shorts you know I like the joggers good start for the closer for the whoop glad you like them no I like I love those huh what’s the time to change it okay Oh what is this for I think is this for what do you think I got the guys well you know the roads are some cool huh yeah you’re right some gringa chinga I got all kinds of blow man whatever you want we got the life girl mm-hmm you got the chica the gringa gringa chica pure drink a chica I feel like these shorts didn’t really go okay so these are life you can take a lot of like good [Applause] yeah but it all over what now we look like we’re going on Miami party no damn kind of partying you go higher to change okay so I feel really bro ish yeah look real bro right we’ll work out bro pull like a gym party oh yeah okay so this one’s got like these slits on the side I got the piece ah cheese swimming trunks around and then this is like this is probably beating those breathing shit there’s so much AC yeah because I like you so much this is fairly fairly wait a minute yeah okay I’m giving you it okay my god okay I might have to give you a ten I don’t think this is okay but I think out of it I might have to give you a solid bed yeah you like it except the dream here I think you need to go back to just like I like her natural short hair but yeah that’s all right guys if you guys enjoyed this hope you guys enjoy this video if you guys did please do me a huge favor and smack the thumbs up shout out on time for being here if you guys want to see another flashing over try at all comment down below what you guys would like to see I have this idea where I want to get like all the guys together and drip you know let them pick out whatever fashion only drip they want and like letting people rate them that’s up you guys we want to see comment down below and drop a like I will see you guys the next video and remember if you woke up today you heard you got the dough you wolf [Applause] [Music] [Music].

Edgars Summer Fashion Show GRWM + Q&A | cantara

hi you guys so today we are going to be doing a get ready with me and I’m going to an event for it goes to not the acres Fashion Show and this is my makeup and my hair for tonight I’m still deciding on an outfit so that wouldn’t

be part of the video but I’ll definitely do more videos like that in the future so without further ado let’s just get into the video okay so I cookie did this i off-camera so that we could just like speed up the process a bit so to prime my

eyes I’m gonna be using the Smashbox to do skin flawless 24-hour concealer and I’m just going to be placing it on the back of my hand and taking my brush and carving out my brow you now I’m just gonna prep my eyelid for a shadow literally doing the

easiest eyeshadow work today it’s literally two colors and that’s it so this video is going to be like a little bit of a get ready with me I ask you guys some questions on my Instagram so I’ll get those up no just want to blend this out and

start the eye shadow I’m not gonna be going like too in-depth with every single step that I’m doing today just because I want to keep it a bit more tall but not very like this is what you must do for eyeshadow I’m gonna be going into the morphe

dare to create palette which looks like this and I’m just gonna be taking two of the orange shades so this deep orange over here and this orange shade over you okay so let’s start with the questions No okay that wasn’t supposed to happen Michael Pollack was not supposed

to come on anyway Alicia’s heard that and by the way I’m using the switch Beauty squish Beauty sponge this thing is so soft it’s actually insane and I literally I can’t even put it down like this sponge and the Beauty bizarre Beauty sponge as well they are so

good okay so first question a good technique to apply makeup to textured skin I would say let me actually do something while I’m answering questions I would say definitely avoid powder well not like avoid it I mean powder very lightly but don’t like go ham with the powder

because that’s just gonna make your skin look a bit dry and accentuate the texture even more moisturize really well be for you do any makeup and you know I think also like exfoliating would take would like play a big part as well just so that you have like

as smooth over base as you can possibly get with the textured skin and avoid like highlighting like Russian mojado so like if you have texture like over here avoid putting like shimmer highlight on those areas because it’s just going to like accentuate those parts of your face even

like dry patches and acne or I got like acne acne but like bumbles or anything like that so just avoid applying a lot of powder on those areas you so I’m actually getting ready to go to an event tonight I’m going to the Edgar’s fashion show which is

pretty exciting so when I look all cute stuff and also you guys have been asking for like a bra to toriel on how I get my eyebrows so like big and fluffy definitely gonna be coming because the one that’s currently on my page I want to redo it

and yeah with the eyeliner by me okay so for iron I’m going to be using the NYX epic ink liner and it’s gonna be dry moving unfortunately I can’t speak and do a line at the same time but let’s just do the thing you so I’m going to

be going in with the Smashbox photo finish primer Iser as primer and then my question is if you weren’t doing makeup and social media what would you be doing I’d probably be dying on my mom’s couch on this video I know this like shouldn’t I put myself down

or anything but I wasn’t the best at school and I didn’t have like well yeah I didn’t have good grades so I feel like makeup was literally like a blessing in disguise for me because I honestly have no idea what I would be doing it’s quite scary keeps

locking please show us your lippy collection I’m in love with all your lipsticks of course I will but when I get like proper storage for my stuff because everything is like in boxes and everywhere all over my whole life it’s just not cute so I will definitely do

like a makeup collection video once I have everything down foundation I’m using the NYX con stop or install foundation in the shade golden and literally this is like my second favorite foundation and this is my second bottle of it and the first time I got it it took

me like four or five months to like finish the first bottle and like I wear makeup like everyday okay but bearing in mind I do wear makeup every day and I have a ton of foundations that just need to be used and loved what is your favorite meal

from simply Asia funny enough I actually had some bleach today I usually get the mud usually I only get the five one for with chicken and I get it in either medium or hot my favorite lip gloss all bomb my favorite lip balm is the Carmack’s lip balm

from just came all clicks I’m not sure I’m sure that they sell it at both and then my favorite lip gloss at the moment is the shine shine shine essence lip gloss because like I’m also not trying to be paying like 700 ran for like a gloss balm

even though like if I had that money in my cons I’d be like but no no no your goal has to be responsible and has to be unfortunately next we’re going to come to air so I’m sure if I actually want to powder contour or cream contour each

day maybe I should do both since I’m going to any veins and I need to look like good grief okay I’m good to do both so for contour we’re going to be going into the LA girl Pro conceal concealer in the shade beautiful bronze and I’m just gonna

take it on this like dense brush perfect for contouring I think this brush is from Kenya cosmetics on Instagram I’m just gonna contour my face with this really looking like a freaking snack how much did you pay for your smiley and how bad was the pain I paid

I think 450 you put my smiley and honest you guys like all piercings are painful literally or piercings are painful this was my least painful one if I had to write it on a scale of 1 to 10 I would maybe give it like a 3 it was

like a pinch and then it was like gotten my most painful piercing was my nostril the gainer oh my god no way is and I had to get it done twice because the first time it got done how high level story time actually the first time I had

it done we went away to Sun City on holiday and I was too drunk to take my makeup off so my boyfriend being the sweet little angel that he is decides he’s going to take my makeup off for me as he was taking my makeup off he took

the makeup up and he rubbed down and at the time I had a stud so Lillet redeem that ripped right the out thank God it didn’t bleed I just couldn’t get it back in the duration or a holiday and I had to go like get a Gris pierced

which was even more painful because it like goes through like scar tissue and but it was worth it I look damn cute with it now so welcome I’m not going to cream contour my nose I’m just gonna do that powder thing gotta get the double chin cuz it

can’t be on double génifique gotta be snatched and cute-looking I literally love how this foundation looks on my skin even on camera it looks like a good what is the best drugstore concealer for me right now it’s between oh my god this actually so many yoyoyo okay so

I really like the LA girl Pro conceal I like the new Revlon one the candid one the Maybelline instant age rewind I think that’s what it’s called or like arrays or something but it has like that cute little like puff thingy on the top that I really like

and yeah that’s all I can think of right now for concealer I’m gonna be using the Smashbox Studios skin 24 hours flawless what what’s in the shade medium cool peach and I’m gonna just highlight four days what do you use as your white background in your videos and

pictures I use a white wall this I actually painted my bedroom white before that’s all-purpose so that if I film it’s clean and it looks good I eventually want to get like a cuter set up so like have some like friggin plants or some in the background I

don’t know but for now we’re just gonna keep it clean with the white and there are more affordable options instead of just painting your entire bedroom white or a bedroom white you can I know that plum boy on instagram he used to use like a sheet of paper

so like he would place it behind them or like paper like sticker on his wall or something before he did his Beauty room like revamp situation he used to have like a piece of paper that he used to use behind him or alternatively you can get a white

backdrop there are quite pricey like for the actual stabbed itself it’s about 2 grand and then for like the sheets it like comes with that and then obviously if you feel the need that you want to change colors or whatever you can do that and the reels are

quite cheap as well and then if you do have like that stand you can get like fabrics and stuff so like you can have like a red fabric or a green one or a sequence one like whatever you want which is what I initially wanted to do but

I know I’m gonna get bored super quickly so I’m going to be using my Laura Mercier powder and I’m just going to be baking well I’m not necessarily baking actually I’m actually just gonna actually just going to dust this under my eyes and then go in with some

more just because I have dry skin and I don’t want to look like I’m dying how did you love for makeup evolved how did evolve how did it how did it evolve like did I love it even more once I started doing makeup or like where did like

the love for makeup start I don’t even know if I’m making sense um well I started makeup in like January February of 2017 was when I started my Instagram page and from there like honestly like I didn’t even know at that stage shock Hara that you could even

like this could like be a job and I wasn’t like in it for the followers I wasn’t in it for anything else besides the fact that I actually enjoyed doing makeup but it came about like it was the Chile surrounding because I when I tell you three years

ago I didn’t even know what mascara Academy I’m stopping being dramatic I didn’t even know like how to blend the eyeshadow or even what brush to use for eyeshadow or whatever like I literally knew zero zero about makeup like I knew nothing about makeup and then I was

sitting in my aunt’s house and I was like cool look at this makeup let me try it and then I tried it and then I got addicted and now we’re here I’m taking my boyfriend to the evening tonight okay well I take my woman to every single event

with me and cuz I’m not trying to be sitting by myself like a loser I check I wasn’t most dramatic thing I’ve ever seen in my life okay so for without a doubt I’m using my favorite lip liner in the actual land which is the NYX suede matte

lip liner in the shade cold-brew it’s gonna line my lips quick you I need to sharpen my pencil a chop it in my lip line it’s because then that means like they’re getting finished and like I don’t want that because this lip liner was like a hundred and

twenty around what the hook and for lipstick I’m going to be going in with the NYX soft matte lip cream in the shade London you oh my god highlighter oh my gosh what holiday am I gonna use this is like the hottest part of every makeup look actually

I wish you guys could actually like talk to me through the damn camera so that I could be like okay so I think for highlighter I’m gonna use a wet and wild make a glow highlighter in the shade precious petals my first I need to spray my face

with some sitting spray and I’m gonna be using the makeup revolution perfect eliminating fixing spray my ride-or-die this and the Urban Decay all my tongue can draw myself in it be so honest good I really like this tiny because it has like um specks of glitter in it

well not like glitter glitter but like a tuck shimmery but that’s how it looks in the bottle but doesn’t look like that on your face I don’t if I’m making sense anyway I spray my face before I put on highlights it just so that the highlighter has some

things you like stick to that’s it that’s the one I think I wanna go in there’s another highlighter over this cuz I totally forgot and you can never have too much highlighter so they same but at the same time you can okay maybe I’ll just use a different

highlighter for my nose forehead and chin the highlighter that I’m like super super excited to use is the Oprah cosmetics god the Oprah cosmetics highlight it in the shade Rodeo Drive yes okay that’s what I needed so I’m gonna go do my hair off-camera and then I’ll be

right back because I don’t have time to do it on camera and I’ve already filmed a he curling this situation okay so I’m back with my hey done I just put some curls in my hair and a cute little situation so yeah so this is the makeup all

done I hope that our answer to everybody’s questions didn’t have too many so yeah let me know what you guys think of this look and let me know what you guys want to see next and yeah so guys please don’t forget to Like and subscribe and I will

see you guys in my next video

Trends Guaranteed To Make You Look Cooler This Summer | fashion trends 2019

today I’m talking about the trends that are guaranteed to make you look extra cool this summer [Music] hi I’m Leone and welcome back to my channel I’ve noticed a few key trends this summer that universally flattering will make everyone look great and will just help you up the

ante with your fashion style this summer so if you’d like to see what these trends are then you know what to do just keep watching okay the easiest way to up the cool factor this summer is to pair your favorite midi skirt or maxi with a pair of

sporty sandals now these sandals are often referred to as tourist sandals and I’ll flick up some pictures here and you’ll know exactly why that is they’re also often worn with socks too now I know this is a little bit of a stretch for most of us and it

may take a little bit of getting used to and getting our heads around but it is quite a cool look not to mention it is super practical and really comfy too so if you are keen to push the boat out this summer then think about investing in a

pair of sporty sandals now this is the biggest accessory trend for summer and it’s guaranteed to give any look a little bit more of a sort of a boho relaxed vibe and that of course is shell jewelry I’m sure by now you’ve seen it absolutely everywhere the reason

I particularly love shell jewelry is because it creates a really cool juxtaposition where the shell jewelry gives a real sort of relaxed beachy vibe and teaming it with more structured outfits like a blazer or perhaps what you would wear to work just sort of really mixes up that

high-low and gives a really cool look I’m sure you’ve seen shell pieces everywhere but there is everything from earrings chokers necklaces bracelets and they are really cute and really affordable too so if you want to invest in something a little new and a little fun this summer consider

checking out some shell jewelry if you love wearing prints then now is the time for you to shine this season is all about clashing prints I’m seeing them absolutely everywhere so polka dot fabrics worn with floral pieces stripes worn with florals it’s all about kind of creating a

crazy mix of patterns that for some reason just tend to work I’ve also seen a number of dresses where the prints have actually been clashed and sewn into the dress so it leaves nothing to your imagination you basically don’t have to worry about clashing your prints and working

out whether they go together it’s done for you in one piece but if you are a little bit braver and you would like to give this trend a bit of a go then I just suggest having a bit of a play grab some prints that you already own

some pieces mix-and-match them get your head around it sometimes these sorts of crazy trends do take a little bit of getting used to but I think what I generally find with them is once you crack the code you actually discover something new and exciting to wear so consider

clashing prints love them or hate them long shorts are dominating this summer and I think for very good reason most people can wear long shorts easily they’re really flattering they’re super comfy and what I am seeing quite a bit is that the shorts are being worn with heels

to create a like a summer suit basically which i think is a really chic sophisticated look you can of course also dress them down and team them with some trainers or as I mentioned earlier some sporty sandals if you’re brave enough but they are a great look and

they are everywhere and so if you have decided to let go of the Bermuda short trend a few years back maybe it is time to reconsider and bring them back another trend that I’ve seen quite a lot of and one that I think is also quite versatile is

the fitted cardigan or I’ve seen it being called the shrunken cardigan before not sure that I like that term it almost seems like you’ve thrown your winter Woolies into the dryer and they’ve come out small and you’ve decided to wear them for summer that’s not what’s happening this

summer the trend is very much for summer lightweight knits the cardies are worn completely buttoned up often they are cropped so you do see a little bit of midriff but not always and knits are always just that a little bit more sort of put together so they’re fitted

they are worn buttoned up and they’re in lots of really gorgeous summery colors as well so keep your eye out for these fitted cardies that will work really well with your bermuda shorts with your midi skirts maxi skirts or even worn over a summer dress this summer is

also about the cold-shoulder trend now I know you’re probably thinking that you’ve seen this before and yes you’d be right because the cold-shoulder trend or one-shoulder trend has been around for a few seasons now but it just isn’t going away the difference that I’m seeing this summer is

that the tops seem to be more one sleeve rather than just an off-the-shoulder so what I’m seeing is lots of blouses and shirts that are one complete sleeve and then nothing on the other arm I just think that this is a really fun elegant look it looks great

worn with denim jeans and heels for night time or some denim shorts and some cute little trainers or sandals for daytime it’s an elegant look and I definitely think it’s one worth trying this summer anyway that’s it from me today I hope you enjoyed this video I had

so much fun putting it together if you did like it I would love you to give this video a thumbs up please subscribe to my channel for more and I’ll catch you in the next one bye for now you


how that beautiful people welcome back to my channel I know you guys miss beam but I know if you have been watching my videos you probably already know that I have most and we’re in this spot so here’s the loner little sneak peek of what’s going on all of this is not gonna be like this soon I’m just trying to set my or get my life together so today is how to think I am gonna be trying clothes on with you guys so I’m excited because you guys know I love me some fashion I love you know getting some cute pieces and pairing some stuff that I already have together going thrifting getting clothes from African Wall calm so I can have some cute statement pieces in my closet so today that’s exactly what I’m gonna be showing you guys some pieces that I actually order from Africa more calm and I’m gonna try it on with you guys I had a dress won yesterday and it was so freaking cute and I was just like oh yeah I got to bust out a little cute fashion ball for you guys and you know it’s summertime so I think I got some cool pieces that you guys are going to like so we gonna get into this situation and I kind of try to set you guys up so we’re not moved back you can see exactly what’s going on because you know sometimes I’d be having it all chopped and screwed and cut off but hopefully you guys can see the full outfit from head to toe so I’m excited about that but I hope all of you are doing great I know I have been in my a but like I said I just been hustling and bustling and trying to get my life together and some shit and water around here but I love you guys and we’re just gonna begin this situation so I need to put lotion we love first year off because I don’t got time for gotta be judging these action legs of mine and I’m putting it out I don’t want to put any greasy lotion on because then I’m going to regret all of that alright so this is the first outfit that I try it along from them yesterday and worn out because I thought it was so cute so I just paired it with some long nike socks and I had my all way uptown Air Force Ones on and I had these cool glasses on with it these these are my high top Air Force Ones with my maxi socks mr.

CREB is always freezing so you have to have a jacket on in there or you’re going to regret it unless you get some hot juicy crab sauce and you get to warm your body up with that but but that’s just what I think so that’s the first outfit and I know that I got some mediums and some smalls I didn’t get a larger anything but I’ll go over that sizes if I do see a size tag in here after Kimmel I need you guys to put whether it’s a small or not on the back of your clothes so I don’t have to be searching tip from the customer so the bottom half is a little loose but I’m not mad because the top is like the perfect tightness on the arms so I’d rather have a little bit of movement in the booty you know versus having the same eye tightness like super tight and then it looks weird when it bunches up you can do a little bit more movement without it looking like you got the wrong size so guys this one is it’s okay if you go on out with their girls you go to a pool party you going out for vacation you even if you’ve got a man and you want to go then show a little extra skin which a man cause he ain’t insecure it’s pool party things if you guys are wondering these do have pads in them you can take them out if you’re not selling it but you guys know that your girl needs job so I’m keeping mine okay okay so you know act up season attire for the summertime so I need you guys to cop this one okay the link will be in the description don’t go see this full of bags yes yes yes yes this one is the orange one you guys know orange looks good on us women with some melanin in our skin yellow and orange so I had to give that another little tiny bikinis that’s floating around all over Instagram I wanted to try one out to see how it’s gonna look when you’re there so this is the orange Fanta bikini so you guys know this is one of those bikinis that you can just just do whatever you want so like the nipple covers you can Mike squinch or squish it up whatever you know you can make a little you know a situation like this so you can have it wide over your breath so the act-up season bikini so don’t be mad at it okay if you’ve got a man that’s very insecure he’s definitely not letting you walk out the house with this one so you’re just gonna have to pack it up and just hide it under your wigs or something when you go on vacation wishes this is somewhat of you know really really don’t know how to you know understand it you a bad bitch and you’d like to show it off just you know because you eat your rice and cabbage you know but I like it I fell betta chill take a chill pill has shorty in bad or whatever cute got me looking bright and tight and of course the yellow is 15 for us brown skin this have everything cinched and squished and looking tight and bright like I said before and I’m not mad at it I feel like everything is just really perfect it’s one of those bikinis that you’re actually supposed to have like a under boo but you guys know I got childish boobs oh okay but let’s move on to the next outfits and you can see I didn’t do it entrusted this one but this one is a size small all the bathing suits are size small because I like my bathing suits to fit really snug act up season baby so part three let’s get it the t-shirt I was feeling like sporty cash when I was ordering clothes from here so let’s see how this looks I’m just throwing it over with some biker shorts I got some bleach stains on it let’s just add it to the left to the distress by alright now so you guys know I suck at explaining stuff so I went ahead and put the outfit 1 don’t mind the bottoms because I know they have bleach on them I have about 10 of these shorts in my closet somehow someway I tend to put on the ones that actually have heats pains and I don’t have time to go in for other ones that don’t have them but the shorts are actually from Target at the top after camo jacket H&M shoes I believe they’re from Mexico as you can see you can dress it up you don’t have to wear it the obvious casual chill gain type of look and you can do that too but not if I’m not attending somewhere in a t-shirt I like to dress it up versus dressing it down um obviously you don’t have to have a shirt coming from African balls to get this look you can chop something up that you have in your closet it goes to your brother’s closet brothers have the nicest little pieces that tend to work for us we know that was your mo when he was younger did you ever go and see your brother’s clothes and just chop his stuff up like I did I was that person and I used to always get killed but you know that just made me the fashionista that I am to this day you’re here for me and my love so this is basically what I ended up doing with the blazer I felt like the material look better with the Blazer clothes was a dress and I put in hmm bhasu underneath it and it’s fishnet so I feel like you can do a lot with this pieces just because it’s a blazer you can open it up you can put shorts you wear jeans on put a sneaker you can put a hill a bootie close toe open toe you can do whatever you want to this material is really nice a steamer would definitely help the situation but I definitely would say like dress it up with some hair accessories and you know do something cute with it because it’s just outfit that you’re always going to look fly in it does have pockets on the side if you guys are interested and the buttons are really nice and tight on here so nothing is falling off or looking crazy but I think it’s cute so I’ve just had a little hair tie around fits really really true to size so not mad at it at all I do have a size small in this but detail perfect stitching really nice material really nice it’s not like itchy Jean cheap Jean is really really nice quality so I am here for it this one is fired let me know which one is your favorite all right guys so this is how the Jean dress fit size you can see a medium is perfect for your girl I think the material is really nice the fitting is really nice the zipper works it doesn’t have any like problems doesn’t know the difference be playing it sometimes I’m really good at gauging by my size when I’m looking at the models that’s what you all have to be doing because all right so I’m gonna give you a couple of different looks with this one this one is just like the simple casual if you don’t want to think about too much but your outfit one piece this one doesn’t go all the way down through your ankles so this one is perfect for the summer time because you still have some breathing space going on at the bottom of your body okay I just felt like this is a cute situation alright so this is the blazer in sweat look if you guys are still in this one you can definitely pair a pair of sweatpants with your Blazers just to dress down your Blazers so you don’t feel like it has to be so dressed up or tight-fitting with the body suit and you can see the body suit is still under here I just have the body suit the body so that’s still under here I just put the sweat pants on top of it and I just feel like this is just a chill out thing just give me a chance later adding your own personal style to it obviously I would throw on some shades because if I’m gonna dress it down let’s take you there and let’s accessorize it let’s make it look a little bit more you know me just act it some more flavor to it some more drink some more you know spice you want to do like a loud pump I have like these dominant diamond studded clothes so booties I think I would wear that with this or you can throw on some Nikes something Air Force one high tops so wrong with these okay I don’t like made fries I don’t like low tops I love the high tops alright so this is the last piece guys and I think it looks so adorable to be honest with you I’m so over two pieces like this but I couldn’t beat you know this color because it always looks super good on me and I feel like every girl needs like pieces like this but these pieces okay either depending on the quality they can last you a long time or you feel like after maybe a year so you gotta get rid of it isolate African ma is almost leading the quality than I’ve ever received from fashion over to pieces because fashion over to pieces can be really thin and getting worn out super super fast and that’s just me being completely honest with you guys and you know how sometimes like you wear these items and like they move around on you and it’s just like you kind of feel like you have to keep pulling your shit down look like that like no you can tell like this is thick enough then it’s just not gonna be sliding up on you all night to walk around and it won’t just be like annoying like yeah it’s a skirt and you’re gonna have to put your skirt down that’s why he’s just seeing me pull my skirt down but you know that material that it’s just like Madden that it’s just moving just like how you’re moving because it’s just super super thin this is not giving you that so I’m here for you I feel like this is like my best askin mall try on haul just because I feel like I have a lot of pieces that different age group skin and clothes with clothes period now that I’m 24 I’m trying to be a little bit versatile than my clover halls and stuff like that but I hope you guys enjoyed this video I’m so happy that the Sun stood with me and held me down and I’m not looking crazy and it’s just not up and down like the old spots that I say that I used to say yeah I was always having problem s but I love you thank you so much for watching and if I missed anything that you guys want me to like want to know about like my glasses nine times out of ten I lied to you not they all come from a mall kiosk like literally I don’t buy expensive glasses because I’m a type of person that bird shit so I’m not going to buy anything that I’m gonna mess around and throw in a purse step1 somebody’s gonna come in my house sit on some shit so these are the only pair of glasses that I actually didn’t get from a mall kiosk I actually got them from a store and they were actually in Palm City Market if you guys are familiar with Atlanta area they have a couple of cool stores and pop city market and just these glasses came from that store I think they’re so buy cute because I feel like Texas bhavish off of them like like the detail on the sides and like the little print right here you can’t really tell and don’t judge me because they’ve they’ve been through a lot they’ve been through a lot and they’ve only been through a lot because I use the baby white one then so like they live mad ratchet but you probably can’t even tell so I’m just getting away my my secrets of being ratchet at home by myself I love you guys I’m about to find me something to eat because I didn’t eat before I started this video so I call it like something off like that but stomach is about the new your slow slow and it’s like after I eat a burger or two I love y’all I’ll see you guys in my next time bye [Music] [Music].

Summer Fashion Lookbook | Classy, Elegant and Chic outfits 2019

[Music] hi I’m Jess welcome back to my channel so this edition is my summer fashion lookbook first up is this beautiful maxi dress by Danish designer dia CUDA bar featuring a stunning silk georgette gentle floral print with sprinkles of gold detailing it’s a statement dress for those who loves laid-back chic I’m always searching for the perfect beach cover-up and I found this one at the dressing room designed by Greek designer Athena / NASA the whole collection has that perfect chic bohemian aesthetic I love the bold print and kimono shape sleeves with that contrast frill detailing along the seams [Music] [Music] they’re having a couple that avoids medieval Nazis is definitely part by capsule wardrobe I’ve got quite a few of them this one I got from jigsaw for an attack in the description below some of my other favorites if you’re wearing something quite simple like this just like a white maxi I love having a big pop of color like this enjoying a yellow beach bag that I’ve got from the gift pop boutique I think it just adds a bit of vibrancy to whatever it is that you’re wearing I love the fitted chest and waist on this dress it’s really simple classic shape which explains why it’s lasted so long in my wardrobe I’m a big fan of the collections of jigsaw they always create high quality pieces that I end up having for years next up it’s hmm and this beautiful caftan dress for me the beauty is in the simplicity all you need is a great shape and a lovely soft fabric and at $24.

99 you can’t really go wrong I’d style this with a stack of gold bracelets and tan leather sandals maybe a printed head scarf to finish if you wanted a pop of color it’s an easy everyday dress at a great affordable price staying with H&M I also found this entire outfit for under 45 pounds my white linen shirt from the premium collection was just $19.

99 and is a perfect basic for my wardrobe the linen is really high quality and I love the oversized fit it’s also available in a light blue stripe and a pastel blue tone on my bottom half I’m wearing the H&M linen joggers and I love them I went for a UK 10 and I would say they’re really true to size if you like that perfect relaxed fit they’re sitting really nicely just on my hip bone with the elasticated waist I think these would also look great styled with a camisole or even a nice white sweater once the Sun Goes Down it’s a great piece again from H&M that I know I’ll get lots of use out of so I am really gently discovered the brand of Beckham bridge at the dressing room and fell in love with this dress it’s polka dots obviously which I love and the really on trend for the season it’s got that 50 shape which i think is so flattering on everybody nipped in here at the waist and then that full skirt you can easily wear this dress in the daytime and dress it down a touch I think it would look beautiful dressed up in the evening with pair of heels essentially I just love this dress I think you could wear it in so many different ways [Music] I love the full skirt and the way it moves as you walk it’s feminine on trend yet wouldn’t look out a fashion by next summer a great investment piece of your wardrobe [Music] I couldn’t do a summer lookbook and not include one of my staple kimonos like a blazer is for winter the kimono is a perfect addition to your wardrobe for summer they can dress up or dress down in so many different ways and use them at beach is a cover-up in the day for a pop of color and at night if in doubt I throw on a kimono and feel like I’ve finished an outfit so this next book I’ve just paired my favorite high-waisted Suzanne with trousers with zipper wear shirt that came from H&M and I just wanted to show you how you can make these travels a bit more smarter I’ve worn these trousers a lot with simple camisole tops very much in a day work kind of vibe I wanted to show you how you could make them look a lot smarter and Pat whether for work etc there’s such a beautiful color and really really versatile as well so I think it works just as well as a nice shirt as it does dressing it down more for the daytime [Music] I’ve linked in the description below a couple of favorite wide leg trousers I found recently from a few different price points so there’s something for everyone I found spending a tiny bit more does offer you better quality when it comes to the pleat detailing like the cover-up at the beginning of this video this mini summer dress came from the Berlin devotion at the dressing room it’s a gorgeous tone of green in that bold Greek inspired print and I love it which is strange for me as I never really wear minis but this dress would have to be the exception to that rule [Music] skinny jeans I owe you an apology I’m so sorry I dumped you for all those horrible mom jeans it really won’t happen again I’ve been wearing these to death since I got them because the fit is just so nice I wear this pair with heels loafers trainers and even sandals versatility and its finest another Beach cover-up but this time from 80 now the perfect a line shape throwing on top of a bikini at the beach and I love the brown and black lightweight cotton with that subtle gold thread detail it sits really comfortably across the chest and the deep frill gives it a lovely movement when you walk another gorgeous maxi dress this time from and Other Stories the fabric of this dress is actually far nicer in real life than it looks online and have a lovely textured feel to it the perfect holiday dress I’d love to know your favorite items I featured in the comments section below and if you’re new to my channel and you like this video give be wonderful if you could subscribe to thank you so much for all your support for what I do on YouTube and I’ll see you next time take care [Music].