An exclusive summer fashion party with Bonang | FULL INSERT

nobody ever needed a reason to do a bit of spring cleaning as you output the old it’s time to in with the new and as a fashion addict Penang whatever decided to celebrate all of the seasons new trends by throwing a summer party for a fashionista friends and

who better to dress the queen bee yourself than the source of all style Woolworths the only thing that I love more than fashion in life are of course my friends so I decided to combine the two in the ultimate summer party right fashions is not only about how

you look trend livid music and decor and food in ambiance basically fashion is like a sport for none she’s got the perfect party planner Vicky grease rider Vicky I told you about my summer party and I am dying to see what you have installed a cold food let’s

do it so I thought really to go with something very glamorous very shake spring natural fresh produce beautiful flowers glass way that kind of thing and location something really contemporary really beautiful deco to go with it uh-huh and the food is all about that memory yes so I

thought to go with what’s really Unchained at the moment and do beautiful colored plates oversized so the food really stands out at summery and fresh that’s exactly what I want to do my girls are going to just fall in love I don’t like I like I love fashion

blogger melody Malala was one of the first to RSVP but now she’s left with a big decision what is she going to wear short and blue or long and black Roberts has it all Oh phonons other guests include fashionistas Shashi not you and Sarah Langer they each found

the perfect summer dress well namazi Mabini and Debbie bundler aimed to make a statement and colorful prints with jeweled heels and flowing summer stripes queen bees venue was thus breathtaking state-of-the-art home at stain city see one of my favorite things to do right is make a short list

of five outfits that I found on Instagram that I’m absolutely loving try to recreate those looks with stuff I have in my closet send it out to my girls and then see which one of those looks they are loving I mean we are so obsessed with pastels you

know the dual color mix-up was all over Fashion Week darlings of course but looking for the Instagram right now they are looking fabulous like like thanks to vicki the party is all set up she’s created a fresh summer table with some gorgeous take or pieces from Roberts Alba

none needs to do now is greet our guests when they arrive this is exactly what I wanted let’s talk about this gorgeous set up real quick so really just natural spring colors but crisp clean linen napkins freezes they’re in season orchids in tulips this is absolutely fantastic my

girls are going to love it some of my girls they’re gonna be here in a couple of moments but hey thank you very very much I’m so excited I’m so excited what see you later just Amanda loot and oh and Zoey are the first to arrive followed by

Sachi and Sarah venom Uzi and Debbie and finally melody each of these fashionistas outfits looks just as good in real life as they do on Instagram the great thing about this summer stress trends is that every hemline is on point from short to long and whether you team

it with heels or flats is up to you I love the print it’s so amazing perfect for summer all right and I usually only do black and gold like you girls but I just thought that I knew that the robbery that I was coming into let me do

something different yeah so I decided to go with a special color nothing’ll also too short yeah hi I know me I’m date and I can’t easily yeah yeah but now you other like solid color neutral canadough I love neutrals you know it’s so easy to dress up neutral

especially with like accessories so right accessories you can wear one Mutual item form amendment or very much look see so I know within the first minute if my father was gonna like a picture not if it’s gonna get a lot of likes within the first minute Mike how

many likes do you get I don’t know but you just know like oh this is a good II lasted like three seconds and it’s been like they like like eyes don’t charge me I literally keep refresh every single second if I have missed and seventy knows it’s about

you so Betty we did you need to know what do you keep with it on keep it on okay huh well ladies thank you so much for coming such a pleasure to have you guys look absolutely beautiful so here’s to a fabulous summer and looking absolutely gorgeous and

a fabulous lunch the girl sat down to dine on a decadent three-course meal made using fresh seasonal ingredients it began with an amused bouche of roasted nuts and a goat’s cheese bomb with rose Prosecco jelly that was an explosion of flavors so heels or sandals but he wearing

right now well you know me never anywhere without my heels yeah a strappy sandal Cana he’ll yes you know me so well no outfit is complete without trendy accessories especially those that get a flurry of likes on Instagram it’s so cute like your cream and your sister ease

yeah I love how I just managed to like paired with diamonds and silver accessories it’s really important to like yeah and I still look hippy but in a very classy way and on that note we left the ladies to enjoy their afternoon while keeping an eye on them

on Instagram of course okay this looks really really good I like this are you ready to tuck in yes listen I like the food I like you I like what all of you are wearing so thank you once again for coming cheers to you ladies like like like

like like style place Penang had it all with every ingredient for a party that set the tone for an unforgettable season

SUMMER FASHION HAUL: Verge Girl, Vici Dolls, Revolve, Sabo Skirt & more | Emma Rose

hi guys and welcome back to my channel or welcome to my channel my name is Emma so as you can tell by the title of the video I’m going to be doing a summer haul so all of these pieces have kind of accumulated over the past few months

at the past few weeks so I decided to pick out a few of my favorite pieces out of my closet right now so I’ve worn so I haven’t worn if you follow me on Instagram then you’ve definitely seen some of these pieces that some of these pieces I

haven’t worn yet and I’m going to be wearing at my upcoming travels I’m doing a lot of traveling throughout August and September I’m like hardly home so I had to pick up a bunch of clothes to be wearing throughout these travels so I’m excited to show you guys

and let’s get right into it I’ll have hopefully everything linked down below for you guys to shop hopefully I can find everything online and totally everything’s still available I think everything is still available because everything’s still pretty new but if not then I’ll try to find something similar

do you guys can check out the description box if anything that catches your eye and you can shop it yourself so the first brand I might be talking about this VG dolls is an all night brand I just actually did a cute shop on their websites I’m going

to show you some of the pieces I picked up so the first dress I picked up is this lace black slit but it was really really cute but I think honestly if you dress it up for a more of a daytime look and layer with a t-shirt underneath

or even just like that it’s really cute I’m really into slip dresses right now so I’m excited to style this one but this one’s for beachy nose the next piece I got from beachy dolls is this white eyelet top and I’ve actually worn it off the shoulder super

cute little white it actually fits a little bit big so I would probably size down in this but it’s this cute little eyelet white top but I think it’s perfect for summer so the next piece from Yuki doll I picked on the website was this off-the-shoulder long maxi

dress and I think it’s so pretty with the little red flowers by the time you see this video I think you’ve already instagrammed a photo in this dress it’s so feminine so cute and very my style so yeah I really really love it I’ll have it linked down

below the next piece I got from each adult is actually another maxi dress I’m kind of into Mexico so right now I’m not even wearing one right now but pretty simple but just kind of one of those is where it’s easy to throw on to go to the

beach or just in the summertime it’s so hot it’s just easy to wear maxi dresses so that’s why I’ve been kind of loving them lately it’s so hot in Vancouver and like everywhere I travel seems to be really hot right now so okay and then the next hop

I got was this very simple little tie tank top it’s kind of like this a charcoal color but I thought this would go really well with my skin tone and I just think it’s a really simple cute top that I can just throw on and it colored it

in and then the next piece I got is this lace bodysuit and I think it’s so so pretty I think this bodysuit is so feminine so girly and so cute so obsessed with it I just love body suits so let’s definitely call my higher so the next piece

I got from beachy dolls is this two-piece like a rainbow two pieces of super super stretchy material really comfortable and breathable for summer I thought it was so cute I usually wouldn’t gravitate towards something like this but I don’t know why it just caught my eye and I

wanted to try it so I’m excited to sell this so the next piece is this kind of a feminine take on a denim overall set so it has this very cute tie back it’s really hard to explain when it’s not on the body but I have Instagram a

photo of it so AHA that link down below are all insert a photo we’ll be wearing it right here but it’s this kind of take feminine take on overalls it did fit a little bit big so I would definitely recommend sizing down for this guy but super cute

the last piece of clothing I got from beachy dolls is this maxi dress it’s just blue and white straight maxi dress and like I said before I’m obsessed with maxi dresses right now just for summer it’s so easy it’s been so hot lately so they’re just so easy

to wear but it’s super super cute so it’s like a blue stripe Max dress I don’t know it’s pretty self-explanatory but it’s super cute I’m excited to tell this I don’t want it yet but keep an eye out for it on my Instagram okay the last thing I

got from each adult wear these pair of shoes and in my last shoe haul I mentioned to you guys that I’m obsessed with cheetah print or leopard print and I got these ones I got these espadrilles I think they’re so cute for summer I’m really excited to wear

these throw in August but I just think they’re really cute summer shoes so I’m excited for these okay so onto the next brand so the next brand I’m going to be talking about is a RIT SIA and if you guys I don’t know if you guys know this

but I used to work at Rydia so I’m a dad Carter it’s a fan I love their stuff they have some really classic beautiful pieces so I always try to get some new things from them so I picked up this blazer from them and it’s so chic so

cute it’s kind of like a staple in your wardrobe I’ll insert a phone be wearing it I’ve already worn it before but I’m really excited to style this into fall even because I’m honestly just obsessed with Blazers and this white is just so pretty on I’m obsessed with

it it’s so chic so cute or it’s yet you did good I think it also comes in black on the website and I’m honestly tempted to get the black one too so so cute so the next piece I picked up is by the brand lovers and friends and

from the website evolve but it’s this a frilly blue skirt I think it’s so cute it’s honestly like if I could design a skirt it’s gonna look like this it’s so freakin cute so feminine so girly it’s very my style I think it’s so cute it’s just one

of those skirts that you can just throw on and you look put together so so if the next piece is by the brand mozzarella is also from the website revolve and it’s this baby doll style dress it’s in like a orange color which usually I don’t get more

enjoy I feel like orange doesn’t really look good on me but I’m literally obsessed with this dress it’s so freakin cute it’s kind of like a lingerie style babydoll dress I’m really excited to wear this so growth summer I’ve actually worn it before in LA I’ll insert a

photo of me wearing it I’ve instagrammed it already but I’m obsessed it’s so freaking cute so the last thing I wanted to show you guys from revolt that I’ve picked up recently is by the brown LPA and it’s this tweed skirt and I think it’s so adorable so

I’m obsessed with tweed I think it’s so 90s so coming back into style and the skirt could not be prettier I swear it’s probably the pretty skirt I own I’ve learned before an LS well insert photo be wearing it there but hopefully it’s still available the website I

tried to get the match on top but they sold out a bit like right away which I was so heartbroken about but yeah it’s so ok and then the next brand I’m going to be talking about is birch girl and I get stuff from now probably monthly I

really really like their pieces and they just have very unique kind of they’re very like unique designs I think they’re just very very pretty and feminine it’s very my style very girly but I got this off the shoulder blue and red floral dress this dress really you know

stood out to me and I thought it was so pretty on the model but it’s just off the shoulder just I’m really excited to wear it I haven’t worn yet so I’m going to probably be wearing it this weekend on my trip but we’ll see so the next

thing I got from Birch girl is this gingham two-piece and honestly I was over gingham for a little while it kind of got way too overplayed and I was really over it but now I’m kind of starting to get back into it I really like game again especially

if it’s done a little bit differently not just like the typical game um so I got it in this like mint green color which I’ve never seen before and it’s this little crop top and matching pan matching pans I think it’s so freakin cute I think I’m gonna

wear this begin to the music festival I’m going to not sure yet though because it might be a little bit too hot for that but I’m really excited to style this I think it’s such an interesting color which like I don’t think I own anything in this color

of my closet so I’m really excited stylist I think it’s so cute and I’m really excited to also style it separately and not necessarily together I think I can do like we’ll talk with this pads and then like some denim shorts with this top so I think this

is gonna be a really versatile for the rest of summer okay so I lied and there was one more piece from revolve that I wanted to show you guys it’s probably one of my favorite dresses I own in my closet it’s so pretty it’s absolutely stunning it’s by

my favorite brand of evolve I’m not sure L every time I’m shopping under involve I always go straight to my trail because it’s like totally my style but it is this floral white sheer mini dress and you think it’s so cute honestly I’ve never gotten so many DMS

and so many messages asking about this dress and it also never received so many compliments when I wear this dress or what any of my friends borrow this dress they like everyone complements them I don’t know what it is but it’s such a good dress yeah I’ll try

to link it down below and if not they do have other styles in this fabric and it’s just as pretty so I’ll hopefully get that for you down there so the next thing I wanted to show you guys are these denim shorts by girlfriend mo and they’re also

sold on revolve I keep saying that I’m done with it all but I keep showing you more of all stuff so one last wrong piece I think oh my god there’s another one okay there’s two more pieces I can show you so it’s these girlfriends and I’m shorts

I own two girlfriend denim shorts now and I’m obsessed with them I think they’re so flattering they really compliment my body type I feel like I feel like not a lot of denim shorts fit me right and these definitely do so I was really excited to get my

hands on these and I’m wearing them like every day they’re so good so the last revolve piece I swear it’s the last one but it is by the brand same swim and it’s actually swimwear so it is this gold polka dot bikini it’s kind of like a mustard

yellow gold it kind of a little bit of a shimmer to it but not too prominent so I actually did a bikini haul maybe like a month or two ago and I actually forgot to include this bikini in the hall so I had to make sure to include

it in this haul because I’m obsessed with it so hopefully I can find this for you guys online and I’ll link it down so the next brain I’m going to show you guys is blue life and that’s sold on the planet blue website so I am obsessed with

Planet gloop they’re so comfortable so cute so girly very summery so good for travel so I picked up this maxi dress by them I think it’s so darling so freaking cute the only thing if I’m really short and their clothes are made pretty long I would say so

if you’re shorter I would definitely be prepared to like haven’t the pieces it fits me like just right and i’m 5-4 so if you’re shorter than 5’4 I would tell you be prepared to have something on their website if it’s like full-length it has that kind of scratching

material on top so it’s so comfortable don’t even need to wear a bra and it’s just like the perfect summer maxi dress so I’m obsessed with this and if you can get your hands on it I would I’ll have it linked down below so the next piece from

Planet Blue is actually a swimsuit again it’s this one-piece I think it’s so pretty I’m obsessed with it is kind of like a baby pink tie-dye swimsuit with these like gold rings on the front it’s kind of hard to explain it’s just kind of like string right now

but I’ll show huh I’ll have a picture of it so you kind of see what it looks like on the body I’m addicted to swimwear you want to see the rest of my swimsuit collection I’ll have my swimsuit collection link down below because it just made a video

on that like maybe a month ago so I’ll have that link down below but yeah it’ll also have this link down below okay and then the next piece I wanted to talk about is actually by the brand wild fox honestly I’ve never been more excited about like a

loungewear company they have the best loungewear best pajamas sweatshirts sweatpants like you name it they have the best so I have so much wall talks and I honestly show you my whole collection if you wanted me to make a separate video on that but I just wanted to

show you one piece that I just picked up that I thought was really cute but it’s this pink sweater and it says asking about my cat just so relevant to my life because person and I love my cat but honestly I just wanted to put wild fox in

here to kind of tell you guys how much I love wild Fox and how much you should get wild Fox because it’s the best this isn’t sponsored I’m just obsessing about Fox okay and then the next brand I want to tell you guys about is shot Fletch and

it’s actually by Joe Al Fletcher if you watch The Bachelor she just came out with her own clothing line and I went to the launch party she was so sweet so down to her so I really want to support her brand I think she’s got such a cute

collection so she sent me a few pieces from her collection and I’m really excited to wear it so I got this blush of pink navy dress has buttons all down the front and it has kind of like a mermaid style on the bottom I honestly think it’s so

pretty so precious so I’ll have that link down below I haven’t worn it yet I’m excited I’m kind of saving it for one of my trips so I can post a photo of me wearing it on my trip so I’ll have her clothing line link down below and

you guys can check it out because I think she did a really good job so the next piece I picked up for some rich by the brands table of skirt it’s actually there’s Sabo love’s collection this collection was actually designed by Matilda Durr who is an influencer on

Instagram and she is like the cutest stuff she’s the best style um yeah I’m obsessed with it and I’m obsessed with Nicole collection honestly so I’ll have the whole collection link down below if you guys wanted to shop it but I think it’s so cute so the last

piece I wanted to show you guys that I picked up for summer is by the red Tobi and it is this eyelet white dress I think it’s so pretty so I’m really excited to wear this on my trip this month I have a few more pieces from Tobi

that I picked up but I do want to show you guys because I didn’t want to spoil the instagrams so I just wanted to show you one piece of been loving but I’ll definitely be selling more Tobi so keep an eye out for that okay and then the

last piece I wanted to show you guys that I picked up for summer is by the brand and Other Stories so when I was in LA we went to the showroom or that Atelier that’s the proper term we picked up some pieces so I picked up this white

blouse that kind of has like these fringes all along it I think it’s so pretty and then it also comes with the matching shorts so it’s a little two-piece that I’m really excited to wear this I have a yes but I’m really excited about that too because I

think it’s so chic and it’s gonna be great salt in the hot weather okay and last but not least I’m gonna show you guys a couple pairs of shoes that I picked up recently that I’ve been loving so the first pair of shoes are these sandal heels by

Lulu’s I’ve run them a few times now but I’m obsessed with knowing is so summery so chic and totally my style and honestly a pop of yellow and all my outfits has been great I’ve been obsessed with yellow lately I think it’s I think it’s the new color

I think it’s so freakin cute okay and then the next pair of shoes I wanted to show you guys are by the brand Steven by Steve Madden they’re these ones right here you follow me on instagram then you’ve definitely seen them before because I sell them a bunch

throw my la trip but honestly I think they’re just so cute and very elegant and chic and kind of elevate any outfit so I’ll have them linked down below so the next pair of shoes I wanted to show you guys for these Vince Camuto kitten toe pointy toe

shoes I included them in my last haul on my last shoe haul but I wanted to show them in my fashion haul just because I’ve worn them literally so much since I got them and I think they’re just such a good shoe with the slingback and the point

to heel I just honestly think they’re so chic they’re so good even into fall I’m going to be wearing them so I wanted to show you guys and link them down below for you so I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video like I said it don’t want to

show you everything I’ve picked up recently just because I didn’t want to spoil all the instagrams but if you wanted to see the rest of the clothes I picked up apart from all of this then definitely follow me on instagram because I will be posting my outfit photos

there yeah I’ll have everything hopefully linked down below from today if I can find it online hopefully everything’s still available so you guys can shop it as well but thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you in my next video bye [Music]

Summer Fashion Haul! ♡ Topshop, H&M, Wasteland + More! – ThatsHeart

greetings to all of you so I’m back to do another haul video for you guys and I’m slightly embarrassed to do this video because I just uploaded a fashion haul video not very long ago and ever since that video I’ve sent more shopping more damage and I’m not

I’m not proud of myself but what are you gonna do so I’m just gonna get right into this video because there’s lots of cute things to show you guys but a little disclaimer out there this video may want to make you go shopping because I’m going to show

you lots of cute things that you may want for yourself so you’ve been more in so I’m just gonna start off with what I’m wearing I’m wearing this really cute kimono I got this from a store called I think it was called fashion Jay lately I’ve been all

about kimonos I live in kimonos these days especially for the summer I think they’re the perfect cover-up it’s very Airy very loose very comfortable and you don’t really have to think about it when you’re wearing it it’s just kind of there I’m also wearing this crop top it’s

by Topshop and what I really love about it is the scalloped detailing I think it’s super adorable I also got it in black just because I’m obsessed with it and I think it’s perfect for summer they’re very airy as you guys can tell it’s a little bit on

the shear side but once you’re wearing it it doesn’t really show too much I mean I’m wearing a black bra underneath this and you guys can’t even see I’m wearing a black bra so it’s not too sheer I got a few more things from Topshop and I got

this crop top this one sleeves on it and this is a little bit more on the shear side you can definitely see the raw area when wearing this but I think it’s fine you can wear it to the beach or if there’s a bonfire party another one from

Topshop is this really cute shirt that I’m obsessed with it’s also a crop top but it’s not to crop top and what I really love about it is the detailing at the ends of the sleeves and down here I think it just adds a really feminine touch they

actually have this in different colors and I’m thinking of going back and getting the other colors just because I’m obsessed with this shirt alright so next are from H&M and the first one is this short right here the moment I saw this I knew I had to get

it love at first sight you guys love it for sites it’s just one of those really nice blue shirts you can probably wear this with a pair of jean shorts or boyfriend jeans I definitely wear this with a pair of boyfriend jeans I think it would look really

cute I also got this shirt from H&M it’s a floral shirt in says fresh love which I don’t really care for I don’t really care for this part but I bought it anyway because I feel like this would be a really huge shirt to lounge around in and

I love me some floral stuff so I bought it the last item I got from H&M is another floral shirts but this one is a crop top it’s one of those loose crop tops which I personally really love hi junior high huh go back to sleep can we

please take a moment and just appreciate how cute Junior is it’s like he’s posing for the camera hi Junior hi baby I went to the store called wasteland and I think it’s a thrift shop they have really cute things and I only got one item and it’s this

floral shirt I I was about to say shirts floral skirt right here surprise surprise another floral item of the original price for this was around fifty or sixty dollars but I only bought it for twenty dollars which I thought was a steal but I just thought it was

really cute I really loved the color combination on this I think it’s absolutely perfect for summer so I normally don’t shop at PacSun but for some reason I decided to go into one of their stores and I’m so glad I did because I found the perfect boyfriend jeans

for me I have been on a hunt for the perfect boyfriend jeans for the longest time it’s really hard to find one that suits me perfectly because I’m so short and majority of um just look very weird on me finally I found a pair that fits me I

love it so much that I got two of them the first one is in lighter color I love the detailing on it I love how the buttons are rose gold / copper the second one is just a regular pair of dark denim boyfriend jeans I think they look

perfect on me so happy I found these good job Paxson in case you guys were wondering it’s called the bullhead denim Co it’s the super soft a boyfriend perfect fits vintage-inspired jeans that was a mouthful I just proved my hunger alright so the last items I’m going to

show you guys are from daily look and the first one is this awesome Komodo as I’ve mentioned I’m all about kimonos these days and I think this one is perfect this one reminds me of Hawaii Cancun some sort of tropical location every time I’m wearing this I feel

like I need to be on vacation it’s screams vacation or you need to be on vacation or get ready because I’m about to show you another set of floral items and the first one is this floral top this actually has a matching skirt but I don’t think I’d

ever wear them together because I don’t know I tried them together and it did nothing for my figure I felt like I was just drowning inside both of them I actually wore this skirts already and posted it on Instagram and a lot of you seem to like it’s

at the top I haven’t worn but I’m definitely really excited to play around with it let me know down in the comment section what you guys would wear with this one coffee break yes so good the last thing from daily look are these super cute sandals they are

by Dolce Vita I have been eyeing these sandals for the longest time and I’m so glad I got them because they are seriously so perfect for summer I really love the color combination on this lately I’ve been all about white sandals and this is perfect I also really

like how the heels are not too tall I’ve worn this a few times and they’re super comfortable so good job thumbs up to Dolce Vita alright you guys so that’s it for this video thank you so much for watching be sure to give this video a big thumbs

up if you enjoyed it and I think that’s it I love you guys have an awesome day and I will see you in a few days in my next video bye


[Music] hi guys welcome back to my channel I’m Amy for anybody that is new here I am so excited to talk about spring fashion finally I know I feel like I’m so freaking late because now all over the fall 2018 stuff has already shown but we are moving into spring so it is the perfect time to talk about spring and summer fashion I really love to pick trends that have a little bit of importance behind them rather than like it just being a fad because there are hundreds of trends that come about each season but these personally are my favorite and as well as like the ones that are gonna have staying power so they are gonna last you if you do want to try out some of these trends so you don’t have to wear it like one and done it’s gonna be like all year round and then like maybe into next year so I’m also bringing up some of these trends that I mentioned in my fall and winter trends because yeah they’re still very much relevant and that is what I mean by like they’re gonna last you all year are you guys seriously like get comfortable because I am gonna be like so it might be a long video but I don’t know hope you guys enjoy it let’s hop right into this first try this is one of my favorite trends it’s all about dressing up any excuse to dress up I am like there for it we saw a lot of glitz a lot of glam a lot of feather a lot of embellishment a lot of sumptuous fabrics that have like a sheen to it like satin and silk and so stuff stuff so so much friends you guys fringe was everywhere but dresses on shirts on pants like literally they were everywhere and I kind of mentioned this in my autumn winter trends when there’s this like time of uncertainty you put your best foot forward so it’s like a time to like really dress up so I feel like it’s a mix of that and also I feel like because we have seen all this like athletic athletic athletic hoodies and street wear for so many seasons then it hits a certain level in the trend graph so it’s here and then it’s gonna start to slowly decline decline decline and then it’s gonna go like a complete 180 that’s when we’re you know kind of being introduced this is like the first season I want to say we saw a little bit of the dressing up in the fall winter but it was more with like Blazers and soot and that’s when I mentioned this trend of like dressing up so now it’s like more in this like party vibe because we usually see this during holiday and this is for spring and summer so this trend is definitely gonna continue on so some designers where we saw this is Saint Laurent oh my gosh like Saint Laurent really went hard with this trend with the feathers also Rodarte Ferragamo Gucci oh my gosh of course Gucci Valentino Oscar de la Renta like literally every designer had some kind of glitz some kind of feather some kind of Fringe Marc Jacobs Coach Christian Dior Alberta Ferretti Michael Kors the lean everybody and just a kind of piggyback on this with the fringe it’s very like Western some of them had like very Western feels to it Western Americana is still much a trend and I talked about this in my autumn winter trends so you guys could take a look at that video if you haven’t already but it’s still pretty much prevailing through the year so this is how I’m styling this trend since it is spring and summer I think the sequin romper is perfect for nights out shout out to Lulu’s for sending me this and some other outfits you’ll see through this video I love the gold sequin against the black as well as the batwing type sleeves it’s giving me disco vibes but modern I paired it with some black booties to dress it down but you can also pair it with a more bitchy heel to really show out this next outfit I’m super obsessed with because I love a Western type of look this trend is all about fringe like I mentioned so this is definitely checking it off also if you notice the top has a bit of Sheen which really makes it look dressy and the metallic skirt also has that great sheen of course which again what this trend is all about I love that I can wear these separately as well as also I could totally dress it down with sneakers and dress it up with heels like I did here so I’m all about versatility here I pair this vintage Yves saint-laurent blazer with a metallic pleated skirt from a ritzy ax and these feathers shoes like I mentioned feathers were everywhere I thought it would be more wearable to incorporate them into my accessories so I definitely went for the heels I’ve always loved the look of these and these are also from Lulu’s you can tell the Blazer is from the 80s because of the shoulder pads I’m gonna figure out a way to tailor this because I feel like it’s a little too big but I was so excited to style it I love the huge gemstone diamond looking buttons on the front and on the cuff I feel like this outfit is very much in line with this trend that I mentioned in this video but also the dressing of Blazer wise that I mentioned in my fall video so I thought it’d be cool to kind of show you guys that you can also dress up a blazer in a more party scene so let’s move on to my next trend this one I’m calling for the frill did I tell you guys what the first trend around it was show up and show out okay so this one I’m calling for the frill so it’s this whole idea of like balloon sleeves like so much volume these sleeves are like enormous and again thank you st.

Laurent for this trend that you really really saw this whole like volume situation going on there it’s a lot of Rouge details like this sheering on tops on dresses like just gathers is an exaggerated ruffle see we’ve already seen a lot of this like ruffles but they got even more exaggerated and elevated so we’re still really seeing that it’s very ultra feminine of some designers where we saw this trend was like I mentioned my beloved Saint Laurent we saw it at selling McCartney we saw it at off-white we saw tons of it at Gucci tons and tons and tons at Gucci Carolina Herrera Isabel Marant so definitely all these designers are super influential and a lot of these designers get knocked off by these like fast fashion companies like H&M and Zara so I feel like we are gonna be seeing a lot of it if you haven’t already been seeing it for this trend I’ve actually been loving a balloon hem moment for a while now I love this top in the fall in winter so I’m happy to introduce it to my spring wardrobe I paired it with these paper bag trousers which are also on trend right now and give that volume and with these summer accessories like the brown sandals and the basket bag it looks way more resort way more this season so that’s a way to really transition your wardrobe as well and I always think accessories can really transform your wardrobe so this next outfit I paired a little frilly puffed sleeve top this is actually from dolce gabbana and some vintage Levi’s cut-offs this is probably my favorite outfit from the video of course these outfits are just my style so I really encourage you to have fun and mix it up this use this as a super rough like inspo especially because some of the items here are thrifted and I won’t be able to list them below or anything but I really encourage you to have fun and mix it up in a way that really works for you and showcases your personal style if you feel like you don’t know what your personal style is I’ll have that video where I help you figure out linked below all right so my next trend is powdered hues so think pastels think of my little pony inspiration of course we always see pastels in the springtime it’s like a staple it’s like The Devil Wears Prada coat like her laurels for Springs groundbreaking like pastels for spring it’s not a new thing at all but what we saw a lot of in particular was lilac so lilac or lavender I mean I know there’s a difference there I feel like lilac has a bit more of like a pinky tone to it where lavender is like more like that true true purple like pastel purple so purple is actually Pantone color of the year every year Pantone puts out their color of the year and designers really try to incorporate the color of the year I don’t know it’s just like a thing but it is ultra violet purple so this is very like bright it’s very vibrant purple and what they’re saying the color communicates is originality ingenuity this kind of vision for the future maybe we’re gonna be seeing purple come in a little bit stronger in the fall winter of this year so for spring and summer it’s this introduction of lilac and lavender still in the purple huge family of course but I feel like it’s also this is just my thought that because the Millennial pink was so so huge for so many seasons Pantone again had the color of the year I think it was like for 2016 was rose quartz I want to say it was 2016 rose quartz and serenity which was like this powder blue anyways I’m going like off tangent sorry so I feel like this lilac is like a new rendition of millennial pink because I feel like millennial pink has just been on top for so so long so again it’s kind of like that trend draft kind of like at its peak and maybe they’re trying to introduce something a little bit new and fresh I feel like millennial pink has like this staying power that I don’t think lilac will be able to compete with but anyways we saw a lot of this lilac / lavender / pastels all over the runways and they’re paired together either monochromatic looks or just a soft yellow at the soft lilac it was just a pastel dream and it’s like honestly my favorite color palette so I really love this trend as well and the designers that we did see incorporate this color in their collection was Tom Ford Roberto Cavalli Dionne Lee Chanel Max Mara TV we really saw this color pop up a ton so I low-key have PTSD from overdosing on lavender as a child it was my favorite color but I love pastels together so I wanted to show you this outfit I paired this vegan leather lilac skirt from Lulu’s with this blue Western asked top again it has those puff sleeves that I love I’ve mentioned this before you don’t have to go for every trend if it’s not right for you so I don’t think I’ll be incorporating much of this but I do love the color combo so moving on to the next trend I’m calling this one oat Planet like hot should I be a fashion editor I’m just kidding I like to suck at making up these names as we know global warming is a very real I don’t know how anybody can deny it it like blows my freaking mind but global warming is real and this trend I think is going to be one that is severely important you’re gonna start hearing a lot of more buzz words surrounding sustainability or charm I only Kate took all these things trends because they’re such important issues but that’s the fashion industry for you sorry like I always mention in these trend videos fashion is 100% a reflection of what is going on in the world that’s why you’ll see like a running theme and all of these collections and you’re like what how do they all have the same thing going on so a lot of the running themes are the same so I’m taking a really long time to get into this trend I’m so sorry let’s get into it so what we’re seeing a lot of is like glossy textures like vinyl and plastic and I feel like that plastic is kind of correlating or I’m correlating it to our landfills that are filled with plastic if you see the Chanel runway I would highly suggest to like watch the video I’ll link it down below where you guys can watch it here on YouTube so the actual like scene the environment at the Chanel show was outdoors in like a very natural kind of environment and then the clothing was these plastic boots and like plastic trench coat that are actually like see-through so for me it just reminded me of like our landfills because plastic is actually one of the worst things for our environment it’s really polluting our planet because it takes us decades literally a thousand years for plastic to like decompose in a landfill plastic is being made a higher rate than it has been ever before so it’s already causing a lot of harm to our planet and I don’t know it just with Chanel it really reminded me of that so the designers that had these like glossy textures where chanel like I mentioned balm on Ellery Isabel Marant Marc Jacobs as well and then also in this trend that there’s a lot of layering happening a lot of kind of like DIY thrift shopping aesthetic like cut and paste split situations where like one colors on this side then another colors on this side kind of like you did it yourself but it’s like Calvin Klein we saw a lot of that and I feel like that also has to do with this like I don’t know I mean just like picturing a landfill then like just kind of taking scraps and like being resourceful like putting this together and I feel like that is what this trend is all about reconstructed yet deconstructed kind of situations happening all over the runways we saw them at Miu Miu Marni Gucci Lowe saline Calvin Klein Jason Wu Dion Lee there’s just a ton of this this is a trend that you can do yourself which I love you can go to the thrift stores you can get fun and get really creative and it is gonna actually be sustainable so here is a sweater that I thrifted and has that split thing going on that I was talking about I paired it with a leather skirt and these patent booties for the glossy feel that I mentioned again you can just DIY the sweater yourself or do it with the jacket like the Calvin Klein reference or a t-shirt it’s super easy honestly also this handbag has been my go-to lately it is by angelo roy they make these premium vegan handbags sweatshop free manufacturing and very very fair pricing they have so many cute designs so definitely check them out I’ve been obsessed a symmetrical hems are key for this trend as well I love this top because it also has my beloved ruffles I paired it with this skirt by redone which I love redone is all about reconstructed denim so they take old denim and remake them in a fit that is way more flattering and just overall cooler I love this skirt I literally wear it so so much and I love the little free hem that is very much this trend moving on to my next trend I’m calling it take a trip so it is like nature meets psychedelics meets futuristic AI meets like a 90s rave party basically so just very trippy I guess you can say so take a trip that’s why I called it that but also like I was saying like nature and environment is gonna be a huge topic of conversation and it’s gonna be like nature meets the future I don’t know if you guys have noticed but it’s like all this like virtual reality like these glasses and stuff so it’s gonna be that but it’s gonna like take us to nature am I crazy so instead of experiencing it because maybe not everybody can escape to a jungle or I don’t know the mountains or something we’re gonna be kind of like taking these trips virtually so that’s translated pretty well like in this trend as far as like the 90s rave because a lot of that like rave culture is a little bit futuristic as well so we’re seeing a lot of this like trippy kind of texts a lot of rainbow so I know I mentioned read it like the color of the season for autumn and winter so for this trend it’s more like every color and it’s all like kind of like monochromatic as well but also color clashing so like fuchsia and red yellow and purple just like very vibrant vibrant vibrant hues all over the runways I think we’re seeing a lot of the impact that we do have in our environment but then also just realizing like the natural powers that Nature has like they’re very healing and it is reflecting in our fashion with like palm leaves and palm trees and hibiscus flowers it was a lot more tropical flowers in this trend in particular so some designers where we did see this take a trip trend where is about Murat Emilio Pucci Dior mary kay transou I hope I’m saying that right I’m probably butchering it Marc Jacobs Fendi so I think we were gonna be seeing more of this trend pop up as summer rolls around not quite so much for the spring but I love these pants from Lulu’s I just have to get them hemmed I paired these tropical babies with a bright pink shirt that says tacky tacos and that trippy 70s kind of text that I mentioned also I’ve been wearing these earrings so much throughout the video I’m obsessed they literally go with everything they are from bauble bar if neon and brights really aren’t your thing I think this one is perfect such a great summertime outfit with the beautiful tropical flowers I was talking about again that little basket bag that I’ve been wearing and if florals aren’t your theme then there is this color-block type of outfit like I said and this trend is all about color as well and these pants are also very on trend the glossy textures are super in like I’d mentioned before as well sorry I’m like repeating myself but I love this furry bag it reminds me of the furry boots Reavers wear and I just tied it in together with these red earrings those are my five trends the most important trends and the trends that I’ve been loving so thank you guys so much for sticking to the end you guys know I’d love to go on and on and on especially about like the reason why these trends are happening I always think that’s super interesting but anyways thank you guys so so much for sticking to the end I really think this was a long one let’s go ahead and discuss everything maybe something that I might have missed let me know your thoughts on these trends and what you guys are gonna be incorporating into your wardrobe this spring and summer and I hope you guys have an amazing day and I will see you guys in my next video bye guys [Music] [Applause] [Music].

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what’s up everyone and welcome back to my channel so in today’s video as you can tell by this title we are doing a huge fashion over try on haul I am so excited for this video I’ve actually done a fashion / video like a few months ago and you guys seemed to have loved it so I’m so excited for another one if I should never actually saw my previous video and they were like oh my god we love your channel so they actually reached out to me and this video is in collaboration with them which I am very excited about because I loved some of their pieces so I have only gone and ordered about half of that website this box is bigger than me you guys so this clothing overall is pretty much like my summer shop because I looked in my wardrobe the other day and I noticed that there’s so many pieces for the summer that I’m just missing so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to pick up some new things for summer slash spring if you guys enjoy these types of videos and hauls in general and make sure you smash that he thumbs up little contour make sure you smash that huge thumbs up and just tumble oh I’m talking too fast and like getting ahead of myself and also if you guys don’t follow me already make sure you guys subscribe the button is just down below but without further ado let’s get on into the video so fast these first I’m going to talk about these shoes that I’ve picked up this is the only pair that I actually got and I am just in love with them because let me just show you these are just so cool I am just oh my god I love the fact that they’re closed toed because I don’t really like open-toed shoes I’m just weird like that but I really like how like feminine this cutout on the heel is and it also studded which makes them like a hundred times more cool so I’m really excited to like pair these with a few more pieces and just kind of like get like a really edgy sort of outfit you know I love them before we go any further the top I’m wearing is also from fashion / and I absolutely love it I just decided to put this on for the video cuz it’s so cute I then picked up at this a little striped crop top which looks really cool on the model it’s quite interesting I’ve been really intellect my off the shoulder tops lately so this is kind of very similar to what I’m wearing at the moment it’s just like a V sort of cutout wrap top it’s quite corrupt as well it’s got this sort of thing going on just like the top I’m wearing and I thought this would be really cute for like summer to just pair with some shorts or something and I just thought that this would top would make quite a casual yet cute outfit so I got this as well and this has also made out quite like a stick and stretching material so this would be quite comfy for like anyone to wear really as you guys know from my previous leg Tryon kind of whores I’m well into my Reds at the moment so I got like this little red top I can’t actually remember if this is cropped let’s have a look oh cool so it’s a long sleeve top which just says a baby girl on it I thought this was really cute and kind of right up my street as well I really like the fight when this has long sleeves because obviously it’s not quite summer yet and we still need to have like those like transitional pieces in our wardrobe just to stay warm and stuff so I got this and again it’s quite cropped as well which is nice with like high-waisted jeans now to go with the crop tops I picked up a pair of shorts there’s that you never enough shorts I think I have like 10 pairs of shorts which is kind of I mean a lot when you think about it but I just love my high-waisted shorts you guys I’m always on the lookout for new ones so I got these and these are quite cute cuz they have all these little buttons in the front and they’ve got quite a lot of rips and like frayed edges so how much were these as you can’t remember how much these shorts were but our of course have all the prices on screen as I’m talking about each of the items and if you guys are interested I also have the links down below so you guys can pick these up for yourself so yeah I just thought these were quite cute and would go quite nicely where the crop tops I’ve already ordered from fashion over next up I’ve got some jeans you can’t go on fashion over and not order any jeans am i right I’m pretty sure since the last video I filmed you guys will know that I was obsessed with the fashion nova jeans that just fit me so bloomin well so I got a pair of like little ripped jeans these were 35 well $34.

99 and they’ve got so many like little rips which are really cool they literally just fit like a glove these jeans because they’re so like fitted at the waist which I absolutely love I can’t really find any jeans that fit me like this on the high street so I’m really excited that I found these and I have to say the jeans are pretty well priced as well most like jeans on the high street cost exactly the same but these just fit so much better so I am really loving these then got another little crop top because you guys know I love crop tops with anything high waisted to be honest so I love this one because I really like the color it’s quite a simple little crop top it’s essentially just a t-shirt but I really liked it because it has like this square neckline which i think is quite flattering though I picked this up and I just think yeah it’s just a simple low top and I can just pair it with like Shores or jeans literally anything and it’s just like wearable for everyday I always need tops like that I like cute but wearable for everyday the next item is another little dress so this is a white like ruched dress so again it’s kind of dressy but I always am missing dresses like that whenever I have like an event going on I’m always like oh my god I have nothing to wear because I live she hardly ever buy dresses or anything fancy like this so I was just like I’m gonna spoil myself so I got this one right here and the reason why I really liked it is because it’s just got a really flattering shape like it looks literally dead straight when it’s just held up but when you put it on it lists she hugs you in all the right places like it gives you curves even if you don’t have it which is kind of what I think about myself you guys have been saying in previous videos that you think I do have curves but I just don’t like my hips very much so I really like this one it definitely gives me like a flattering shape and I also like the fact that it’s got like little Bardot sleeves which are just ruched again yeah I just think this is the kind of thing that maybe Kylie Jenner or Kim would wear and I just think it’s so pretty but like effortless as well and then just picked up some socks these are just like a thigh high socks these are just like one of these football cheerleader songs I really don’t know what they’re called but they’re called the my BAE over the knees socks and they have like little black stripes on them and I just thought I don’t know maybe I could wear in one day with like shorts or something I don’t know if these are gonna suit me I just kind of picked them up cuz they looked quite cute on the models I will say the next thing I picked up is this little body sue it’s kind like one of these like crotchy snappy things and it’s also got like her cool lace-up cutout effect on the side but what drew me to them is the fact that they’ve got like really cool straps which are quite thick and stretchy and I just thought this would look quite cute with just like simple jeans or something and quite an effortless thing just to wear in the summer like for everyday sort of thing I have honestly gone a crop top mad because I got yet another one this again is more of like a t-shirt cropped up again it’s just like really easy to wear for every day with just a pair of jeans but again it’s red because I’ve been well into my Reds recently and it’s got like really cool straps on the side like little white stripes um so yeah just quite simple a rest top but the fabric is really soft I have to say okay this next thing I am so excited about because it’s one of these like Teddy back home which I have seen literally everywhere they’re so on trend at the moment and probably a little bit late on the bandwagon here but I am just in love they’re so he’s just got a zipper all the way down literally I just want to put this on right now why didn’t I have this in the winter this feels like quite a lightweight jacket but I feel like it would keep you quite warm you can see why everyone’s obsessed with these jackets now the next thing I got is this little thing right here I sure don’t even remember what I ordered it okay so it’s just like this little pink crop top but it’s like ruched at the bottom so again just like a really casual thing that you can wear everyday I am so all about pieces like that I have another pair of jeans so again these were the same price as the previous pair but I really like these because like a dark denim just lit she goes with anything I think like it even go with this outfit quite nicely it’s time these jeans have no rips where typing is quite nice as well because you obviously don’t always want to wear ripped jeans for like special occasions or I don’t know if you’re going like on a meeting you don’t really always want to like wear ripped clothes yeah I think these jeans will let you just go with anything they fit so well again so I am definitely given these a big thumbs up next item is a pair of dungarees now if you guys have seen a video where I tested out a bunch of clothes I can remember what exact video it was in but I tested out a pair of dungarees and one of the buttons like snapped off so I couldn’t fix it and I was so gutted so I ordered another pair but these are like way cuter because they have like a little rips on them and they have like a really cool big pocket at the front it’s really nice if you just want to put your phone in what I love about these is that they actually have a copper details like it’s got a copper button and then the thing that actually attaches to the button very nice touches I am sold I love copper obviously spring is coming it’s approaching pretty soon and I don’t actually have a coat for spring like I only have winter coats so I thought I would pick this up this is just like a really nice lightweight faux suede coat and I love the color it’s so spring it’s just like a really nice nude color which I you guys know I love and again I feel like this was quite affordable but the material is just so nice and soft I can tell that this is gonna keep me warm even when it’s a little bit colder but it’s not gonna like make me too hot and bothered as if I was wearing like a winter coat or something I am definitely gonna get a lot of use out of this one and the very last item I’ve picked up is another little crop top but this one is so cute in summary I just couldn’t leave this behind so this one is just like a little tie up crop top which I think will look so cute with jeans or shorts and this was only $12.

99 dollars which is quite affordable if I say so myself I just love the pattern I think it’s so like summery it just really makes me happy like I love yellow so that was everything that I picked up from fashion Nova I really hope you guys enjoyed the little bits I picked up but let me know which one of these things was your favorite I love the shoes I think that’s my favorite part from this whole they’re just like so cool and edgy as always I’ll have all the links to the clothing items that I had picked up for this haul in the description so you guys can pick them up yourself as well let me know in the comments below if you guys would like to see any more fashion overhauls or just any other brands in general that is all from me thank you so much for watching and I hope to see you guys in my next video bye.

Spring and Summer Fashion HAUL ft. Stella & Dot , Zara + More!

hi guys welcome to a new video I’m going to first address the situation the star of the show which is my wig yes I’m actually rocking one today because I’m having a really bad curly hair day don’t know what to do with my hair today so I decided

to throw on ooh and this is actually one of my favorites only because it’s really long and soft and it feels amazing so today I wanted to a fashion haul I know it’s been so long since I’ve done one guide but I just got a package in for

spring this summer from Zara and I also got a really amazing care package from Stella & Dot and I wanted to share with you guys what I got in the mail so a lot of very exciting things you guys know I love color I love pattern I love

texture I like things that are bright and cheerful and just make me happy and that’s what I like to wear today I’m wearing this really beautiful jumper that I got from Free People just this past weekend I got it for Coachella but I only ended up staying one

day at Coachella because it was really awesome I went with Buick and it was just a lot of fun like they hooked us up with the car and we drove down there with other influencers they would by themselves but we went you know me and my husband and

my mom came and I took Isaac and they put us up at the Ace Hotel which is really really cool just a trendy hotel in Palm Springs but it’s not cute friendly so I only went to Coachella on Friday we came back because you know I don’t want

Isaac to be bored all day stuck in the hotel room there’s not a lot of things to do my mom’s didn’t bring her bathing suit so don’t wasting that I just wanted to do was be in the pool and it wasn’t even a kid-friendly pool so I was

just thinking about on the whole day and we enjoyed it a little bit on Friday so Jessie and I had a lot of fun together just being by ourselves and you know let’s need some music and enjoying some of the food that you have a Coachella which is

not usually the best but today they have or this weekend they had pokey and I’m obsessed with it so we had a good dinner and yeah then we just drove back and we enjoyed Easter Sunday with my with my family so it ended up being a really awesome

weekend even if I didn’t get to enjoy Coachella the three-day experience I was still very happy to be back home so I bought this awesome little jumper that was going to be for one of those days that I was from there so I didn’t even get a chance

to wear it but it’s absolutely beautiful and have like a low back and it’s long it’s flowy it’s kind of like something you take to the beach or if you’re going to go to a beach wedding where if you want to get married in this girl it’s super

cute and pretty and I just love that it’s white so yeah this is where it’s at romper is I will try to link it down below for you guys then the choker that I’m rocking today I got a lot of questions about it I just picked it up

at H&M also last week and it comes with a brown one as well but this one is just gorgeous because it’s there just jewels and my bracelet is from Express which can be a little overpriced in my personal opinion so really don’t go in there that often I

did also want to share with you guys this really cute bag that I got from H&M and I got it because it was like really affordable and it was pink and it had rainbow-colored and I bought it for traveling purposes so in here I keep my jewelry I

keep a lot of things that I use like small scissors and double-sided tape anything that I really need to you know make sure I don’t have any fashion emergencies but it’s all covered in here so yeah I just really like this little bag you know even though it

doesn’t have a lot of structure it’s really cool I really like the shape that same say that I left to Coachella I got a super amazing care package from Stella and stuff and I was just so happy because usually because of my personality I like these because I’m

super tiny I like things that are super big even if I can get a small one and the small purse probably looks better on my frame I’m usually the kind of person that gets the bigger option just because I’m like just pick up some little just I have

to get the little purse I want the good size you know Chanel bag or something like that so I since then has realized that I’m probably going to use the back more often if it looks good in proportionate to my body so I contradicted myself a little bit

there but they sent me over this huge travel bag and I took it to Coachella and it just fit all of my shoes I took three pairs of shoes and five outfits and it all fit inside this bag so I was just super excited that I didn’t have

to take out like a roller case or I don’t have to travel with like really big like a really big suitcase this is such a gorgeous bag and I just love the color so you guys smell like I said I love color and half of straps that you

can carry it on your shoulder when you get out the car and you’re trying to like take all of your belongings with you when you get to your hotel and it’s just super spacious super super spacious but I have to be completely transparent with you guys and let

you know that I did get sent this back in for free all of the skeleton jobs they sent me a care package but I absolutely love this bag which is why I’m talking about it I did go on a little shopping Stravaganza to the rub for spring stuff

okay I have this position in my mind that I am going to go somewhere beautiful and tropical this summer so I have been prepping for that trip plus I’m turning 30 guys I’m going to Costa Rica again yeah I am something that I really want to do to

celebrate 30 years of being in this planet and I want to take that trip to really just reflect this is a mom bag for me guys snacks a water bottle my personal belongings they can all fit into this bag and it’s stylish I really love this tag that’s

also attached to the bag because I feel like it’s just this is a tree the bag is the tree and then these are the leaves at the tree so it just looks really beautiful together and it has a big strap then on the inside it’s actually lying with

this tiny bag which you can then just take out so you can attach it with the button fill it up with your stuff and or you know if you want to make more room you don’t need this maybe you can use this as your beach bag the mass

of my night time Costa Rica outfit I decided to get this gorgeous little tiny little night bag its beaded with pineapples you guys know pineapples are everywhere it’s super super trendy and pineapples just put you in a good mood you know what I mean like you’re working through

spring and you’re just so excited for summer so when you start seeing things that are tropical like bathing suits and coconuts and palm trees and oceans and the weather is feeling warmer and then you see pineapples and watermelons you just feel happier because you’re you’re almost like instantly

transported into that place in your mind where you want to be on vacation you know so yeah I have a large chain so you can just swing it on your shoulder and girls and this goes with all your outfits too all right ladies so the next thing that

I want to show you are these the beautiful yellow trousers from Zara look how gorgeous these are they have like a pink what they call a paper bag waist and it’s basically you know just the fabric is sort of flaring out like that I don’t even know if

they still call it that to be honest with you I’ve been a little out of touch with clothing and styles and trends lately and I’m actually feeling pretty cool about that because trans moves so fast so these are really nice because they’re kind of like an off fold

so it’s not a really bright gold color it almost looks like silver and some angles this is the kind of shield that I would wear on vacation I usually look for something that gives me a little bit of height it’s a little interesting and they’re going to be

comfortable all right guys this is just beautiful I am obsessed with jumpers and I love a wide-leg trouser because I feel like it makes me look a little bit longer the fabric is nice and light so you can wear these with a comfortable wedge or a heel if

you want to feel a little bit dressier or if you’re tall enough you can wear sandals I couldn’t wear saddle for these because then it would be way too long way too long and I feel like I need to look a little more streamlined so now once in

a while you buy something that’s kind of like just because it’s ara this I mean is cute and this is one of those pieces ah yeah is it not look like that on the website this is like that really old-school material like our grandma’s used to have in

their couches is what it looks like it almost looks like a replica and this is denim and it’s kind of like a denim skirt in that print and you know what I’m going to give this a try and it’s just about working out and you’re like girl you’re

wearing a couch a skirt then maybe it’s time to say returns but we’ll see because it’s different and I like things that are different – all right so I’m going to confess to you guys that I actually shop at the little girls department of Zara also and I

look at the little girl look books and I actually buy the whole outfit for myself now I think I’m gonna have to switch it up because I got this one outfit this one little girl was wearing and it’s this really comfy t-shirt with a lion t-shirts comfy after

wear this in the beach after you know just chillin reading a book and it has lion and Emilio so I was like cool and then it was paired up with these really nice colored shorts so this is a very resort type of look and I’m telling you little

girls nowadays they dress like grown-ups okay it’s not like back in the day when we used to wear our freaking you know big poofy dresses and the boats and all of that like religion look like little girls little girls nowadays are very like fashionable they dress like older

women okay so I did get up cute and I am a one-piece bathing suit type of girl because I’m not really you know that comfortable with my midsection like I’m not tight like that I’ve actually never been so I like to wear one-piece bathing suits now hopefully by

the time I’m 30 I could rock a two-piece and I could tighten up my ABS but in the meantime I wanted to get a one-piece bathing suit for myself so I ended up getting this one which was more affordable and it’s a beautiful print to have flowers a

little bit of purple it’s very beautiful and it’s you know deep V so it’s still sexy and the back you lay it up you know like that I don’t know it’s the one piece it’s still a really sexy one-piece bathing suits because I still like to feel like

a like a woman you know oh my gosh doesn’t doesn’t yellow look so beautiful with this green color together I just left the way that it looked oh gosh oh my gosh guys I think I found the dress I was going to do the trousers for my talk

but then I was like well what kind of top can I wear that is modest and not distracting do you think it’s a little too much if I wear a dress for a talk like I’m just like so bright and so like out there but it’s still pretty

simple and it’s so beautiful and look at the sleeves on these as well I think this is going to be my dress so I can’t try it on for you guys because I have to get it I have to do alterations for sure’ on distress but I think

I found my dress I’m so excited so to finish off today’s video I just want to show you guys a few expect erease from Stella and thought your packaging is on clean so this is the first necklace that I wanted to share with you guys I love that

it’s very tribal ish you know like it has a lot of beadwork octa popular color here it’s turquoise and the gold is matte and some of them and it’s very kind of rustic-y looking so this is a really beautiful statement necklace all right so let’s look at this

second one whoo Wow look at this one check it out so this one is a layered necklace and it has a few tassels in the bottom kind of like with the ombre tour coins have some stones in this one some beads a chain wow this is gorgeous this

is beautiful guys I love matching white jewelry with white clothing I think it looks so clean and this necklace is just like so gorgeous it will look beautiful with this outfit guys beautiful and in the back the tie is fabric you know and it’s nice and slapped this

is gorgeous as well I love it I love this let’s look at this next one and I think Stella and all honestly they do make some of the best jewelry out there and it’s just absolutely gorgeous so many different styles and patterns and jewels and beads like everything

that I love jewelry is right here yeah next one let’s see I don’t like to throw away the boxes that I’ve had to throw away the boxes because I have like I started to save up a lot of them and I don’t use them because if I since

I have my jewelry in the boxes then I’m never going to wear it because you know when you’re putting an outfit together you have to think about like does this piece of jewelry look good with this top or this whole outfit and really have to think about it

in order to make sure that you choose the right piece of jewelry which is why I’m always wearing dainty stuff because I never feel like like this is hard for me to match my jewelry that is so cool guys these earrings actually have real stone oh it’s beautiful

oh this is gorgeous I seriously love the way that they did the stone because it’s at it half shape when it’s nice to have the veins and it has like textured it’s almost kind of like a diamond surface on these earrings and they’re actually encased in a really

unique appear drop shape the hook for when it goes into your ear it has a small tiny little detail which is like a small leaf so yeah it looks like a raindrop which to me resembles more of like that like a tree okay guys so before I leave

I have to tell you guys and congratulate the PCL money flows on Instagram for women my diva dryer and pewter giveaway and I’m going to be sending out your package tomorrow so thank you for everybody who entered and showed their beautiful natural hair I’m really loving that you

guys are you know being inspired to take care of your hair and to not use a lot of seeds because those are the things that I’ve been focusing on so just want to give a shout out to at CCI money Plaza for winning the giveaway so I will

be doing another giveaway for a hair dryer on my on Instagram guys so if you just want to go get on over there because there’s so much stuff to just give out anyways so that being said I hope you guys have a fabulous and beautiful day and I’ll

see you my next video don’t forget to subscribe and and I’ll see you guys next time bye


good afternoon everyone welcome back to a blog to a bloody vlog it is actually Wednesday and tomorrow I’m heading to Benidorm I’m actually going with public desire and I slowly holidays I’m really really looking forward to it I’m going with Imogen from imagination lucy fly and Lucy Carter I’m so excited but the reason I’m starting the vlog now is because my taxi is picking me up at 4:15 tomorrow morning so I felt like I would explain what’s going on before I wake up at 3:30 tonight it’s the middle of the night tonight I’m going so yeah we’re going for four days and we’ve got a really like fun-filled action-packed week like long weekend planned we’re gonna do some scuba diving oh my god you guys know oh my god I’m so excited you know what I’m like with the ocean we’re going scuba diving I’m literally tearing up whenever I think about scuba diving or marine life it just sets me off for discuss we’re so excited we’re gonna do this is like an outfit of the week kind of video as well and excuse that I’m sniffing I came down with a cold yesterday I’m absolutely gutted of course I get a cold the day before I’m going away there’s nothing worse than being the person on a plane who has a cold so I’m really sorry to everyone who’s on the flight more my ears are probably gonna pop and it’s gonna be horrible but whatever I’m going to Benidorm do you know I mean I’m gonna go finish packing sort my life out and I will see you at 4 a.


tomorrow morning wish me luck good morning hello it’s a next morning okay with this little I love angel wild-looking taking a selfie selfie from just saying [Laughter] we are just there is but we all cope we’re going to bend it or we’re going to be boarding in a minute and I’ll keep you guys updated on what’s going on so excited yeah we’re gonna do our makeup in the airport I can’t hear out of this ear but we’re going on mission Beauty Blender to weather and mission get the ear mission on now so welcome to Benidorm this just happened to my face did I make up things are going so well I think you’re making a work baby girl thank you highlight the skin around the lashes the blush star The Blob trends we need to figure out for 2018 make a video with it anyway I’m gonna try and see this bad boy that’s a she loves it I still haven’t put to my ears [Music] hello we’ve made it to sunny sunny Benidorm it is beautiful look at that blue out whether this lighting is pretty great I thought I’d give you a little room tour Lucie flight is next door Imogen and Lucie other Lucie are downstairs let me just show you my room it’s all here goes we’ve got a cute little bathroom here is my first outfit because like I said this is an outfit of the week my Topshop wide leg jeans Asus belt my black low converse this is my new favorite thing this jumper oh I’ve got mascara on it good this is from Tommy Hilfiger and it says have a nice day and it’s really thin and soft and comfortable and I love it I’m gonna get changed because we’re going on a bike ride here it’s the room little so far little double bed sits you okay so we’ll have a sleepover just kidding just kidding when embedded just kidding a seat TV my beautiful balcony and and then here’s the pool so funny like I said Lucy’s my neighbour stupid noise and overs am i right Luce what am I wearing I’m over it yes okay that’s my room talk had a bit of an outfit change Apennine the you can see my ass fully see my arse but these trousers I’m obsessed they’re new they’re from a source I’ve linked everything I’m wearing down below I’ve still got my converse on little vest also from a sauce Calvin Klein sports bra t-shirt weather crop top what I mean it’s nothing well it’s not no it holds absolutely no support whatsoever environmental bag from a source toilet like I’m going cycling I don’t think I do you look like you’re about to go guys look at this Beach this is beautiful and we’re going into this little restaurant and I’ll tell you something I don’t think I’ve been this hungry in a very long time and my ear still hasn’t hold actually a bit concerned also walking around I’m about to be cycling and shown a lot of flesh so we’ll see how this goes my tiny tiny child patties Wow thank you so much guys this Beach is so stunning it’s beautiful imaging doing a thing I’m such a Sun worshipper we are gonna go on some electric bikes for a little no ride around Benny I think it’s very great I have a cycled in a very very long time my dad said that I might need stabilizers which hurt my feelings he was right bid enough to say out loud you know Hey okay right I broke I broke the bike I was on it for five minutes and my dear friend you have to come back to me because I broke it broke the bike so they’re bringing me a new one because I’m incapable what do you want hon don’t know why ste yeah thank you my sweet where are we gonna put it what so those those Tim those last drops so I made it here we are I broke one bike but this trusty steed here this little man right here he got me up this is my ride should we pimp it no he’s perfect just way is oh my I am NOT with cold he’s laughing at me still I think we’ve got to the top I’m losing my voice like this screaming I love you so much fun oh look at how beautiful this is you guys look at this and I’ll tell you what I’ll tell you something I’m really getting the hang of those bikes it took me a sweet moment but after one casualty I’ve managed to suss it out and I’m feeling quite confident with it minor tragedy guys my trousers got caught in my wheel it’s fine we were all here we’re all alive and kicking but that is the tallest cliff in Europe so there we go guys I’m not being funny that was so much fun sorry the music thing I came into my room this is so sweet I came into my room and I open the door I was like is happy using walk-in look at the music huh there’s a fruit platter how nice is that laces give me options oh it’s more I think fancy tomorrow more time to get ready yeah a hundred percent I’m gonna wear oh that’s my cover-up right so this is me tomorrow this is the slinky dress oh we’re gonna love those wipes yeah there’s a batter so you jumped single ask you this I really like that where’s that from he sews like my entire wardrobe oh my god they’ve given us a spa treatment turn this off it’s lovely but don’t eat it right now I managed to get my trousers caught I don’t never even see that classic so the lovely lovely guy at the bike shop gave me this just spray it over and soak it in water while you go to dinner I do oh hang on I just realized it supposed to be taking off my trousers there’s a hole a big hole just here my pants here is my outfit of the evening I am obsessed with this little jumpsuit it is from a sauce and it is outrageously comfortable it’s a little cut out on the older stomach off the shoulder number thanks baby look at this girl boobs medicine take Kok Kok she’s mocking but I’m gonna wear my slides I’m a little coarse I’ll just give you your phone give you that full of fat you know I mean it’s actually quite casual for drinks and dinner but about patiska so no I wear to sushi every day in the summer it’s like my go-to here’s the look going for drinks dinner rooftop vibes my lashes are definitely falling off already but is it an MS rectangle blog my lashes don’t fall off halfway through no no it’s not so here we go hello [Applause] [Music] let me just show you the Wow please college somewhere sunny guys was born inside canoe engine that is gonna be that Lucy’s ruining it so we could just get rid of that that is gonna be great right dog Kyle see your face babe but I enjoyed the participation anyway no squiding spaghetti you don’t mind if I do how it Tolbert hello my lovely lot we just got in from dinner and it was lovely it’s delicious I am gonna take off my makeup and get into bed because I got up at 3:30 this morning I got snot my nose sorry buddy my ears still really blocked up I’ve got such a bad head cold honestly it’s really irritating me quite a lot and I hope it goes away because we are going scuba diving tomorrow and I I can hear Imogen Lucy outside they’re coming together they left all their makeup in my room I can hear them from down the corridor we’re going scuba diving tomorrow and I’m so so so excited I honestly can’t wait hopefully we’ll be okay also I am obsessed with my foundation this is the hourglass stick foundation and today was the first day I’ve ever used it I bought it for the trip and honestly I’m absolutely in love with it a perfect shade it’s not too dry not too oily I think it’s beautiful it’s held up really really well I’m very impressed that was a tangent I’m going to bed and I’m gonna watch a couple YouTube videos and I am gonna see you bright and early in the morning I’m meeting Lucy Carter for breakfast in the morning before we go we’ve had such a fun at first day I’ve had such a great time everyone’s really really lovely cut so I’m just rambling I’ve had a few glasses of wine I will see you guys bright and early in the morning good morning guys oh yeah my voice is still not back wow it’s day two minute on and update my ear is still blocked I’m a little bit concerned because we’re going scuba diving and I don’t think you’re supposed to go scuba diving if your ears a block Lucy Carter and I heading down for breakfast so I’m just gonna show you my little help just breakfast you’ve seen both of these so many times this top I think was from guided or something I’ll try and find it in and get below and then these short to a sauce my little flats and I look at absolutely mess and I feel the mess to be honest but let’s go to breakfast I’m hungry we are going to the beach so we are heading to the beach we’re going jet skiing we’re going on a boat we’re going scuba diving and so Billy’s party I changed my top I’ve gone for this little Zara bodysuit I’m very comfortable lying there is smart is crazy lighting going on absolutely buzzing to go scuba diving today you guys know I can’t wait it’s that kind of exercise vamanos good I’m shopping sure be fine wouldn’t try anyone on the Rope slide time is going faster than it seems we were just two kids to watch I’ll ever Tina’s feeling we can see every side we should have a try we were the fastest Friday I am so upset they said that we were going slow which Ivor said actually taking the piss out of me man we are now gonna figure out whether or not I can dive because of my yeah I know I keep talking about it but honestly it’s really his way off we’re gonna go see whether I can go under and then hopefully do some scuba diving if not I’ll just have to snorkel but my plan is to get my paddle ice and this in the next few years so this would have been a really good little practice but oh what can you do eh I’m with an upwards with everything that’s what everything in the whole world in the whole entire world I’m just going snorkeling but I’m still gonna wear the gear I feel weird stripping oh god you’re still filming hello I can’t wait to watch that bag all the gear and no idea I’m all right struggling so much [Music] just had a quick outfit change and swimsuit change I’ll show you let me get back I got some really good footage well hopefully I need to see it Lusine imaging going down cuz I’m a babe and hopefully it looks good and I’ll be able to do it next time I made the right choice there even though it was the sad one a little friend we a very blue one sec that’s been more like it we just got back from lunch we had a really nice hunt a pass situation and the main was paella seafood paella it’s delicious and we’re meeting downstairs for dinner at 7:30 and then at the girls we’re going clubbing afterwards which is gonna be fun we’re gonna go and really Gus is that I couldn’t scuba dive today absolutely devastated and no it’s a hundred percent for the best I didn’t because I feel even worse than I did yesterday so I’m really not looking forward to the flight home because I’m scared my ears gonna hurt I’ve got a whole day to worry about that but I thought I’d show you this jumpsuit that I’m wearing I just threw this on after snorkeling I love this little jumpsuit it’s from ASOS you’re not going to be able to see that but it’s quite deep and it’s a ruched black qalaat a nice kind of low back and underneath whoa oh hello there we go and the polka dots that you’re seeing is this little swimsuit it looks like a bikini but it is not also from ASOS I think okay I’m showered Oh still croaky showered and ready I’ve caught the Sun a little bit today little bit red on your forehead I’m just quickly packing up my stuff and I’m gonna go next door to Lucy’s room and we’re gonna get ready I think they’re still editing but I’m just gonna start like doing my hair and stuff because I take so long to get ready I like to have a little bit of extra time so perhaps the blur makeup is on I’ve got a heavy with the old bronzer Wow we’re ready we’re ready tonight I’ve gone casual this little place ooh is a song whose shoes are I think also a source of course our solar angel and my hair is air dried and fluffy we’re ready to go we’re gonna do we are we’re nine minutes late guys fine hi us so far so we’ve just driven all the way up this massive hill and look at what I’m looking at oh my god that’s mental [Music] [Music] Wow we’re gonna go through surgery I’m not going to take you with us don’t go back to the hotel and I’ll see you bright and early in the morning when I will leave your home back I was like you’re wearing just me so I’ll meet you guys I think in the morning and then many other and going on a tour around the island tomorrow and I am buzzing throughout see you tomorrow morning babe how’s it going I haven’t spoken to you it’s since we went out last night because I left my camera in Lucy bag we just put in the hotel room because we didn’t take you out out out we had cocktails with drinks we made some friends and it was a great time really good time I am a gypsy in bed by like one we had a nice early night and today we are going on a jeep tour you know I love a jeep tour we’re gonna go explore I don’t actually know what’s on the itinerary but I’m sure it’s gonna be amazing I’m so excited and it’s an open-top Jeep which is the best kind so that’s good we’re going to import oil my voice is cracking like a child we’re going to war [Music] it started frame so we file repo which is basically a tarpaulin water always gonna be there I’m clearly I’m dressed appropriately it’s quite cold though sunny day look you can see everything oh I don’t know if you can see it there’s been a huge we are walking through the walls but I can hear me I can hear it I’m gonna try and get in but the sun’s still not quite a bit nippy but we’re bricks we can do cold I just got in I didn’t film I should have filmed it I hid it I didn’t realize it was so deep so I put my foot in and literally went straight down I got wet all over I got some pictures hopefully they’ll look okay and hopefully there are from the ground by now so if y’all follow me on instagram the girls doing a little shoot Lusine Imogen doing that thing chilly guys I just got my pictures back from cage and they look great I’m not some booth all about to try my first it’s like a peach [Music] Niners like groans fine girls in the back you do that beep beep beep yes that lady she be sorry they’re a little bit more tart than like a net dream I like that oh my god he looks at my old job oh my god really cute little restaurant and I’ve got myself God give it with focus [Music] good evening my love’s I haven’t vlogged for a little while because I just went downstairs quickly an address and I completely forgot to film the dress and you will have seen it already on my Instagram you absolutely love it um I wanted to wear it tonight but it’s a little bit dressy I felt a bit overdressed so I’ve got my something little bit more casual which I’ll show you in a minute and I just want to shop with Kay I think the photos are gonna be great I hope you would have already seen them now I have just put on my final outfit it’s a little Bardot dress with little fluted sleeves and roses on it and I thought it was a little bit flamenco you know Spanish vibes and that I’m wearing for part of the evening my sandals and my Urban Outfitters bag and then for the dinner where are they oh they’re in my back I am gonna throw on at these public desire red heels I’ve had such a lovely time I just thought I’d give a little shout out to the hotel we’re staying at it’s the Hotel de lui and they’ve been super wonderful and accommodating I’ve just really enjoyed my stay here I’ve loved my little room I love staying in hotels by myself I’m really sad to be going home tomorrow we’re leaving at 7 a.


tonight is our final dinner I’ve had such a nice time and the girls too so so so so great I Love Lucy Lucy and Imogen I just love them such lovely girls and I’ve obviously linked them all down below if you want to check them out let’s go to our final dinner say goodbye to Sergio who has been the most amazing amazing tour guide extraordinaire and he has handled all of us women extremely extremely well bless him it’s just been him and a whole lot over estrogen unfortunately I’m not getting any more any less ill I think I’m actually getting worse so I think the second I get home I might die at least I’ve got like Phoebe’s sexy man voice thank you my babies we’re walking down about part of the old town and we were just told that lots of clubs down here like LGBT clubs and there’s a little little Flags outside to show which one’s off I just think I was really nice how many did you say there were 40 around 40 yeah 40 pubs just in the old town it’s pretty good huh that information here’s an example a little flag so so cute so accommodating [Music] look how beautiful it is that’s where we went snorkeling is already oh yeah you’ve already packed your cheek yeah what have I done however my mate have I made this decision five I may buy with you next time yes scenic I want to cry audience yeah that would be embarrassing what’s going on over here [Music] my task is now to pack and there’s my situation rather not quite frankly but I can’t wait to take off my makeup I’m gonna give Timmy a cool I miss him lots and I’m so excited to see him so that’s a good thing about going home I get to see him on Thursday so that would be great yeah I will speak to you guys bright and early in the morning oh my god good morning it is 6:30 – I’m all dressed I’m ready to go back in my travel outfit just my Tommy Hilfiger sweatshirt my Asus I saw snow Topshop wide leg crop jeans I’m just gonna wear my brown slides on the way out my bag was under an image is a quiz like 4 kilograms over I was fine because all of my makeup was in my hand luggage but I’m not playing in my hand like this cuz I can’t be also check it in so so hopefully it won’t be over little health update my ears are still blocked there’s something not quite right we have made it to the airport I just checked in my bag and I was so over I was 3.

5 over on the way out I was 18 on the way back I was 23.

5 it’s because I my makeup was in my hand luggage on the way out and then I put it in my main bag on the way back so my makeup is made up to four kilos or an hour kilos of make you up for four days anyway we’ve had a bit of a oh oh we’ve had a bit of a disaster Imogen can’t find her passport I think it might be left at the hotel so we’re just going to go and find her and see what the situation is how can you see them hopefully it’s somewhere in our bag and if not hopefully the hotel can run it to us but we’re about an hour away from the hotel so it’s not the best I’ll update you sooner if possible has been found it’s in the hotel and they’re going to bring it over patisserie Lee but now I’m gonna leave everyone and go and get on my fly I’ve got Kay look at this girl with their eye bags a week Oh yeah all right yeah thing is I just wanted to give him a big ol cuddle and all that going and I’m following on it yeah we were bought into the oldies perfect very much hi babes let’s end this vlog where it started in my kitchen in my house in my pajamas I just got home I was just in the taxi with my lovely taxi driver who was a very sweet man oh I love a good chat with the taxi driver I had such an amazing time I actually loved Benidorm I absolutely loved it we went to lovely lovely places we ate great foods and Sergio was a amazing tour guide slash friend for the trip and he was amazing so Sergio if you are watching an enormous enormous enormous thank you for making our trip so amazing you were brilliant got my little coaster love you guys so so much I’m really sorry about the lack of videos recently I’m sorry I took a little bit of an uploading break but don’t worry trust me there’s plenty of videos coming your way very very soon thank you so much for watching I love you so much and I will see you in my next video I.

SUMMER FASHION FINDS Under $50 | Affordable Try On Clothing Haul | Miss Louie

[Applause] [Music] what love you guys how are you all doing today I hope you guys are doing so good out there for today’s video we have our summer fashion finds under $50 for those of you who are new to this series basically I just like to round up

all of my affordable items under 50 bucks and showed you guys in one lump sum for today’s items we’ve got a nice mix of like new stuff in addition to some familiar faces and then I also have like some basic staples in addition to a trend year summer

pieces so I really hope you guys enjoy as always everything mentioned or shown in today’s video is going to be down below in the description bar along with the sizing and pricing I’ve also included my corresponding blog posts at the very top of the box in case you

guys want a more enjoyable browsing experience and also make your viewing experience a lot better else with time stamps every single store so if you guys want to skip around and just check out a few things no problem at all you guys know I go really in deep

with all these haul videos so speaking of which – I wanted to get this video out for you guys because the next two weeks are going to be a miss lui annual event if you guys are oh gee miss Louie Sam you guys know that I’ve been covering

the North anniversary sale for many years on this channel and this year is going to be no different so just in case you guys are like not interested in any of the North’s from stuff I wanted to be sure you guys had some really cool affordable summer finds

one of these if you guys are not subscribed yet please be sure to click that red subscribe button down below and join the miss Lee family love to have you grab your snack grab a drink get cozy it is time to get started alright you guys so we’re

going to go ahead and get started with the stores with the least amount of items and then move on up store number one is going to be Target all the items I got from Target are going to be from the who what where line I love the who

what where lines for like a mass retailer the quality and the price like you just can’t beat it and one of the things I like are going to be their shirt dresses this new item is a midi-length black and white striped shirt dress very similar to this older

one that I have with long-sleeve except it’s been revamped for the hot summer weather with this nicely style great upscale or work dress that you can wear into the office and then you can also bring a nice cardigan and I have a too bulky whenever it’s hi AC

and I take it off whenever you’re outside on the warmer climate I don’t number two this is also a familiar face I had this in my June outfit of the week video this is another favorite staple of mine from the who what where line absolutely love their button-down

blouses this one was a little bit of a different one compared to the other one to have because this is a collarless version this season feel so premium and they really come out with really cool different colors and patterns like this black and orange randomized stripe you guys

are looking for a really cool button-down blouse to add to your work wardrobe I highly recommend these and then our third and last Adam from Target everybody be who what where slouchy bomber jacket love how lightweight Beach jackets are I originally bought this black one and featured it

in my travel outfits video and I just thought that it was such a cool drapey lightweight jacket between a spring and summer weather so I had to of course get this military green color because this is definitely one of my core colors and I also like that this

one has more of like a utilitarian feel definitely under more oversized side which I really liked you get that slouchy effortless feel but you don’t have to deal with the heft of like a heavy duty bomber jacket moving on to Windsor I think this is honestly the first

order I think I’ve placed from their store really really cute affordable stuff this was really quick I got a parachute and two backpacks to show you guys well my shoes out of these adorable pair of pointy toed satin ultra feminine pair of slide on mule for only 23

bucks I think these are so cute with like a little pair of skinny jeans or a little summer dress if you guys are mules lovers like I am and want to try something a little bit out of the box and kind of fun and trendy I think for

$23 this is such a great sign and then the other two items that I got from Windsor are going to be these backpacks I saw these and I was like dude that is such a great fashion jube for this Chloe backpacks I ended up getting both colors because

it couldn’t decide this little baby backpack is so high fashion you’ve got these two little zippers on the side if you want to expand it to be a little bit wider then to open the back up you have a little chain link right here that you needed to

catch from the central hardware I left this guy up you have a new love a magnetic piece right here that actually stays shut really pretty burgundy lining on the inside you have a back zipper pocket in addition to two pockets in the front also got some little metal

feet to protect the bottom and then the back straps are pretty cool and customizable you have class on each side of the straps you can do straps on the bottom and then on each side of the bag or you can connect the two into the centralized hook here

or you can just do one strap on the each side of the bag and have it as kind of a good side crossbody or shoulder bag haven’t played around with it too much but I just want to show you guys some different combinations and then the last detail

that’s really cool is just like the real Chloe bag I think they have like real leather in addition to soft suede here so all of this is like faux leather but they still try to mimic the textures that you can see in the real bag so in order

to bucks I get to try out the style without paying thousands of dollars moving in a sort of a three let’s talk about ever lane oh my google hook little backstory I’ve actually been interested in shopping from this brand for a long time now you guys have asked

me about it and crazy but also very lucky and grateful their company actually reach out to me and send me a few extra items to try out so I’ll definitely you guys always know what was gifted versus largest purchase but ninety percent of it was all person East

I loved go out and get spotted with my first few items I have a big stack of t-shirts here about four different ones I got their classic crewneck tee I got their unity their boxy pocket tee and then also this limited edition scoop-neck tee and their heather gray

linen material things that I like I love like my deep v-neck tees I like to show a little more skin because I’ve got a very short neck a big ass head also broader shoulders so I was so thrilled that these crewneck tee very flattering and a little bit

more feminine on me so that’s the reason why I picked more of their higher neckline tee style the fabric is very nice and soft a nice smooth cotton it’s also much much more lightweight the colors are amazing they’ve got your of course hardcore basics because it’s more of

like a minimalist type of aesthetic but they also incorporate you know things like different stripes they’ve also got beautiful like warm neutrals like this camel color and also limited edition Charles active linen I feel like it strikes a nice balance between being refined enough they can wear under

a blazer and take it to the office but also it looks just as amazing with like a pair of shorts on a casual summer day so though the eberlein tees definitely didn’t disappoint for me the crewneck the scoop neck and the eunich i can definitely wear for all

occasions all year round and then I really love the pocket tee one because it’s cut more like cropped and boxy so it feels a little bit more like tomboyish but it’s still cut very flattering and it’s just super adorable all the were priced between sixteen to twenty dollars

so right around the same price as like my Topshop and my made well t-shirts and then the next two items I bet exchanged up in a t-shirt these I wanted to call out separately because they are a part of their 100% human line doesn’t was actually gifted to

me which thank you guys so much overlaying you guys this not have to do that I ended up buying a secondary t-shirt proceeds from their 100% human sales go to different types of likes charities associations and causes each different graphic color scheme and design is correlated to a

specific campaign so for instance this unisex bone and maybe colored 100% human tank top this was a part of their Pride Month collection so proceeds from the sales of this collection go to the Human Rights Campaign and then proceeds from this will go to equality now which is

a part of their women’s rights collection so definitely check out their 100% human page they’ve got different charities and different styles for each charity and I just think it’s really cool because I think that the graphic is really sick moving on to our next ever Lane item so

obviously I love a teacher so much I had to give their t-shirt dresses a try I got two different colors I wanted to get one with the pattern and one basic color this first one is actually part of their limited edition Beach collection right now this one is

just a really cool Bowl Navy and white stripe and I really think it’s awesome we got this like vertical seam down the center and then the offset to stripe so you get some differentiation there and the material on this one is actually kind of nice and thick if

you get out of the water in the swimming pool and you throw this on as a cover-up they’ll keep you nice and warm and then the second one I got is a basic heather gray one this one is a little bit different because you actually have a cute

little pocket detailing there which is nice because since it’s like a solid color you do one so I’m going to kind of like break it up super adorable basics you guys you can kick around with the white sneaker than this like an everyday throw on don’t think about

a type of dress or you can also turn this into kind of like a business casual outfit with some flats and a blazer this one was a little bit pricier at $35 more premium material also limited edition pattern and this one was only $25 so for another like

5 to $10 more in comparison to the t-shirts you could get a full length dress out of this and then the last item you guys this is another gifted item that I just want to show you guys if you’re looking for a massive bag to hold all your

essentials really plain and simple at all this is a very large canvas tote to fit all your Beach essentials you’ve got a cute little pocket here to keep you know your cell phone or your wallet separate from all the stuff inside here and then this guy is dipped

any more heavy-duty or protective material either forgetting to dirty on the bottom I’ve been using this non-stop whenever I hit the pool or if I’m working upstairs on the rooftop I’m able to fit like my large beach towel a change of clothes water sunscreen magazines $35 a part

of their current Beach collection moving on a store number four let’s talk about Old Navy first items a favorite staple of mine and you can snatch them up at an insane price I got all four of these dresses for like $20 or less I got a tropical bright

green like palm print pattern and then I got these three kind of basics here you guys saw this one in my summer capsule wardrobe I kind of fell in love with this like organic stamped diamond like tribal print so I got both the white and the black geometric

and then also just as plain solid black one it can’t beat the style of this dress like I feel like it’s very universally flattering you get a nice like sweetheart neckline knit two ways in the center a line whoosh of the bottom of the dress the back is

elasticized so in case it’s a little bit tight it does stretch with your body amazing go-to staple I will Navy and the great thing is is that they switch these colors and patterns out every single season so if the cell looks good on you and you like it

you can definitely try out different variations without breaking the bank our next 2 items is going to stay in the dress Department it takes up these two dresses in their black and white collection dress number one is going to be a completely open breezy like free ballin type

of dress it’s trippy shape is self tying so you can kind of adjust how high you want that neckline to hit you and then the last little details you got these cute little tassels on the edges of the tide in addition to some really thick high quality lacing

at the bottom and then dress number two this is another highly rated dress on the site you have a nice v-neck in the front and also the back this one’s more of just like a simple shift type of dress netted the pattern placement was so smart I think

it’s a very slimming dress because you got those vertical lines right here down the body I got both of these on sale this one was $30 and this one was 26 I thought it was so cool to be incorporated like playful summer patterns but doing them more like

modern minimalist route and in the last two dresses that I got this one you guys have already seen make me Miss Texas for some reason I feel like it’s such a cutesy like awesome style dress this is a multi-tiered midi-length dress with a nice dramatic ruffle hem at

the bottom I love that the chambray ruffle Draves alongside the chest and then also over your shoulders but you also have the stability of actual spaghetti straps you can get the look without all the fuss and then this last one I didn’t think I would be so into

this dress so much really it’s just a very simple shape is an incredibly lightweight fabric which is I think why I really like it back of the lhasa size which is really comfortable it’s not too restricting and tight it also has you know the X shape in the

back and I’m really the fun thing about this dress is like pattern is like so festive and fun along with it’s even brighter border at the bottom so for sure it’d be like the maxi dress I would bring to like a tropical vacation or like on a cruise

ship let you get all that full body coverage while still feeling like you’re wearing nothing at all this one is definitely the most like substantial and also the most expensive dry like 46 bucks for this one and then this guy would 26 and then moving on to top

I just have two really quick ones I wanted a shout out to you guys this one you guys have already seen already and my summer capsule wardrobe and also my outfit of the week Jun B’s crochet trim color off the shoulder ruffle tops have been my ultimate favorite

in terms of the affordable price range like you guys have seen me wear these with joggers skirts jeans obviously a very versatile top and a really great option if you guys are looking to dabble into this popular off the shoulder strength up breaking the bank like Old Navy

has not only a lot of different styles and colors but they also have really great material and quality like seriously I don’t think I paid more than like 15 bucks for each of these and then the second top if you guys are big linen fans like I am

about some awesome linen blend tank top its linen is a core material that you guys like these are some really great basics and they actually did these really nice and long so you can kind of tuck the front end and love the back hang out for some but

coverage if you guys are into that either way I just think these are fantastic quality for less than $10 apiece and I’m going on to bottoms I got a pair of shorts to show you guys this one has already been seen in my summer capsule wardrobe I ended

up loving these drawstring linen blend shorts so much that I ended up getting it in this pretty little blue color too nice wide elasticized waistband pocket on each side I like to cut mine because I want to show a little bit more leg make it easily on cuff

these for a little bit more modesty for anyone who’s not into like denim shorts in the hot summer weather I highly recommend these XFM bottoms are some ultra comfortable lightweight joggers this exact with black hair you guys have probably seen a bajillion times I cannot believe how much

black joggers have become such a staple in my wardrobe and because I only have the solid black color I decided to switch things up I ended up getting the Chevron black-and-white print you guys are both a little bit pricier for own AV standards I think these are around

like $35 a pair but if you guys are watching a lot of my fashion videos you guys see I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth on bu the last bottoms you guys have three pairs of jeans all Navy is one of my favorite affordable sources for high quality jeans

pair number one you guys have seen this in several of my summer videos these are going to be a pair of mid-rise rock stars and the wash is called dark worn deep dark blue wash in addition to some nice seating all on the sides you got some distressing

on both knees up to side and also some cute little distressing patches along the back pocket this pair is so kick-ass for $32 I would have to say that this is my favorite like fashion dupe for like my AG style jeans then pair number two all care number

2 y’all I have used to my cart when they first hit the site and then B literally sold out while they’re in my car I was so bummed out I then magically a restock these and it two pairs I love them so much you got these massive exposed

neat holes that are so big and so just stress and then the edges of the jeans they did some raw edging seriously so comfortable you guys not only they super stretchy those big open knees like whenever you sit down it’s like you get full like mobility it’s been

the last week – how are you guys the boyfriend style jeans are also just as amazing as the Rockstar one this is a nice light powdery blue wash with some destruction along both of the knees it’s not as super stretchy as the rock stars that I showed you

but it’s definitely a more thick or heavy duty or denim difficuit nice summery boyfriend wash shake these up for like 35 dollars or less a lot of items that I picked up you guys have seen me wear at these thicker old navy hoodies um earlier in the year

I actually released the exact same style and a super lightweight material for summer like you can even see the transparency in the fabric here same great slim fit this one seems to be a little bit longer which is not a problem for me great pockets contrasting you know

hoodie ties I get to have the feeling of the hoodie even during the hotter temperatures in the summer and last one of these guys the final items from Old Navy are going to be person value number one of the familiar face this is the can perforated faux leather

tote bag perforation adds a little bit of airiness to it honestly what really drew me in was these tassels this is a cutest little bag accessory and I’m able to easily keep this guy off and put it on different bags if I need a little shoe shell I

would say that this one is not as heavy duty as my street-level tote bag that one has a super thick stranded handle a lot more weight so this one I kind of restricted just everyday light used in value number two I picked this one up because I thought

it was a great faux leather fashion dupe for the really popular made well leather totes this one’s got the same short handle here for your hands a nice zippered top and then also just like a perfect mimic small/medium square style in addition to a crossbody shoulder strap this

is such a great like basic everyday bag with some decent security I’m able to fit my full size well here if y’all like that bag and don’t want to spend that much this one is a fabulous duplicant sale also at least I got this adorable little some clutch

if you guys are looking for that nice like actual material with all the fun like fringe and tassel detailing this guy was only twenty dollars I really like the fact that it’s black and white so it still matches with a lot of different things and the back gives

you a nice sturdy faux leather base so it’s not super flimsy like it’s pretty substantial it’s the perfect size and it’s really cute to kind of judge up your outfit if you’re going out on a date night in the summertime are you guys are a last store of

the day going to be she in comm this hall is less about basics and more about like fun little summer pieces to wear for the season and all of them were really affordable between like 10 and like 25 dollars max I’m going to start with the top the

first two are going to be kind of similar in style they’re both short sleeve button-down blouses that are loose and breezy and really great for like really hot humid days cap number one is going to be kind of like a semi sheer lightweight white blouse this one is

collarless this one features just really cute little blue and orange embroidered flowers all throughout the front and discussed comes in four I believe other styles that are all bright floral embroidery so definitely check those out but a top number two is a stripe system actually collared it’s got

a little pocket same cops short sleeve with a little tab on the side and then at the hem you’ll see that this is a self tying front you can tie this off into a cute little knot it creates a nice little like gathered hem at the bottom the

shirts were both super affordable at eleven and twelve dollars out number three another great option if you’re looking for just like a really loose breezy summer top is ones remaining because of the pattern it was so like bright and happy I love like the watercolor look of the

flower it’s very oversized super loose and breezy like food baby approved and it’s almost got like a baby doll like peplum style with this big dramatic you know ruffle hem in the bottom super cute $11 talking before this one is completely different than the other three this is

like an off-the-shoulder statement sleeve keyhole cross neck halter top it was 14 bucks okay I’ll give it a shot got it ended up looking really cute tucked into like a high waisted on pair shorts or skirt super cute for a barbecue picnic club scene now moving into our

dress section as you can see I went pretty ham dress number one like seriously like this is one of those dresses like if I was a dress I would be this dress pattern has all these like vintage II rose flower clusters all over at a really complement that

warm nude color have these ruffles crossing over on this neckline and then also cascading down the center of the dress and then on the bottom I just think it gives such like a sexy but romantic type of feel then dress number two and three these are going to

be the Battle of the blue striped dresses both of these dresses were super popular on the site so I thought I’d give both of them a try this first one is going to be the longer length one this is an apron style dress connects in the back on

either side of the waistline and then you also got some pockets which is always the cutest detail so this dress may seem simple but it’s very sexy and the one thing I will say about this dress is that it has some side boob action like Peter Griffin side

boob action like I definitely just went with some silicone and nipple petals just to cover up the chocolate chip I’ll have 32c so I’m not working with a lot here so they weren’t spilling out too too much but I just want to give you guys the full disclosure

before you consider this dress I’m in dress number two this one is going to be a shorter length version I really got drawn to this dress because you guys have seen this style and a lot of the dresses that I picked out for myself this summer you’ve got

this cutout right here in the center of the stomach and then the actual breast coverage is a self tying contraption here and then you’ve got these buttons that go down the center then the back bodice is all elastic to really cute variations on the same awesome summery print

this longer apron style dress was a little bit pricier at $21 and then this shorter style was $19 going on to our next dress is it probably something I’ll wear closer to the fall time but the red checkered is also kind of a summery print so I thought

I show you guys this one which it is like a baby doll dress I also love it this one is a crewneck three-quarter sleeve ruffled swing shaped dress because these are a little bit longer I probably wouldn’t wear this on a super hot day now this could be

a pretty cool summer to fall dress like you throw on a denim jacket different pieces are outerwear some ankle boots and it can transition well into that fall weather and our next to dresses are going to be maxi style dresses for those of you who really aren’t into

shorter hemline first one up is going to be this beautiful dark navy bird print wrap style maxi dress all wrap style dresses really accentuate that nice wave there so universally flattering and I feel like the wrap style in addition to the length kind of adds a little bit

of elegance to it and then in contrast our second maxi dress this one is very like bohemian style this one is an off-the-shoulder type of dress you actually have an elasticized neckline and then the self tying feature right in the center that creates this little keyhole you can

actually adjust how wide and tight you want the neckline to be and then the actual waistline this one is not elasticized so you kind of have to scrunch the fabric tie it off almost like a drawstring backpack really cool maxi dress finds I love both of them I

honestly I’m getting kinda like anthropology vibes from them since they’re really bright colored and there’s some like type of whimsy to them because you’re paying like one fraction of the price for them these are definitely more premium on the shin side for twenty five and twenty one dollars

I haven’t moved the last dress I’ve been really loving this trend of season this blue stripe it’s a really fun bright floral embroidery on top I wore a similar shirt to this and my sheepish look book and I like that shirt so much I wanted to get a

dress version something that I could just button up and go out the door with some flats during summertime I also like that this one was actually short sleeve instead of a long sleeve shirt I just really love an oversized shirt feel now this one ended up being a

lot cheaper at only 17 dollars last thing I will say is that I am 5-2 and I think it hits perfectly where I wanted to lengthwise but if you guys are taller than me I think that you might need to wear this as an oversized shirt and the

next two items are going to be some fun rompers on for number one I guess I’m in some sort of like Navy birth beam this season but actual shape of this romper I just really really love you have these nice billowy sweaters please a nice deep v-neck in

the center attached belt so that you can really nip the waist as tight as you want it and then the actual shorts itself are high volume flared short so it really creates that nice hourglass shape and the robbers heard through the actual shorts are hidden underneath the dress

so you can hop in to the short section you zip it up and then this front panel goes across the body and then you seal it off right here so the outer shell of the romper is an actual full dress and then you have those matching shorts hidden

underneath for you know just make sure you in showing your panties off guy I think was the most expensive item out of this hall at $26 and then the Navy feather one was 17 dollars last item today you guys I feel like this event is all like every

single like sheet in type of sight so I thought I’d give it a try because it’s still got really really great reviews for 18 bucks you get both the short sleeve cropped top and the matching shorts and together they really coordinate nicely into one beautiful like masterpiece it

really reminds me of those beautiful like ordinate a white and blue porcelain vases really happy with this purchase the only thing I will say in this fabric is a little bit on the thicker side this is not like a spin breathable summer fabric so just please keep that

in mind if you’re considering this matching set all right you guys congratulations for surviving our summer affordable fines haul I hope you guys really enjoyed again everything mentioned in today’s video along with sizing pricing and time stamps are going to be down below in the description box I

want to sincerely thank you guys for hanging out with me today we have a pretty intense next two weeks with the Norseman anniversary sale so because our verify that’s it hope you guys are having an amazing summer I’m just sending you all my love all the time guys

have a good one I’ll see you guys in a few days [Music]

Spring/Summer Fashion Haul 2018

[Music] we all know that Boden is amazing for classics but actually this spring summer they’re really delivering on trends for the new season so we’re going to have a look at some of our favorite pieces so first up let’s look at this incredible blouse that I know everyone

in the office has been cooing over all week this color is incredible it’s amazing I think everybody needs a real like color pop in their wardrobe and I think this is it it’s so girly so flattering and the best thing is it’s a really really light fabric so

if you like to wear something a bit more concealed a bit more covered up yeah well it’s really hot this is the perfect hot definitely every year bounine create an icon collection which is a really elevated capsule selection pieces this is from the new spring/summer drop and this

is stunning for all the prints this year are really vibrant really statement Styles about once incredible hundred percent so perfectly so luxurious so there are bright environment they are still really classic it’s really contemporary it feels really modern but it’s not going to date which is just amazing

so true and people are always asking us what they can wear to work that’s a little bit more interesting and different to just a lot of classic suiting or something a bit more feminine this is perfect like just this with a pair of heels so classic so gorgeous

amazing but I also think you could totally wear that to a wedding yeah and also great for sort of all the British events that are coming yet wooden wooden amaze surgery also you’ve got this gorgeous detailing on the sleeves but let’s nip tin waste it’s such a lovely

colorway I think the winner next up let’s talk about these trousers together because they are the same shape they’re our couch obviously in navy and white but this is so flattering if you just hold that a second we can look at the pig bag waist design of this

which again is a real kind of cool update or a classic shade and I think these are gorgeous amazing I think everybody needs a pair of trousers like this in their wardrobe and why not have it in both colorways so true they’re going to be so so useful

as I said you’ve got that paper bag weighs a little bit cropped which is way more flattering I think for spring/summer yeah you’ve got the pockets which make it a bit more relaxed but I think these are amazing yeah I’m so nicest with a silk blouse tucked in

yeah and again not going to date different have these in the water yes another he wrote from the bone icons collection this is obviously a summer dress but isn’t this gorgeous there’s so many really expensive designer labels doing similar kind of off-the-shoulder ruffled pieces but this is a

way more affordable way to do that really amazing trends yeah and perfect for holidays you know if you’ve got a lovely dinner in the evenings you’re going out for cocktails just put this on with maybe some amazing flats and some beautiful earrings and you’re good to go the

dress and really just speaks for itself and again we talk a lot about that real mustard-yellow but how it’s not so flattering to say only people but yeah it’s infused with the white here this is going to be a bit kinder – more pale skins yeah I guess

and you know you’ve got that stretch you could kind of wear that in quite a lot of ways yes kind of fully off the shoulder a little bit tucked up moving one up one down definitely less attire amazing with gold yeah when you’re looking for hisis summer dresses

it can be quite hard to find something that’s a bit more modest and a bit more carve it up Bowden is so good for that so let’s look at this really lovely midi dress this is so lightweight and that’s ideal for summer holidays often that can be quite

hard to find on the high street and in this gorgeous print yeah definitely and this yeah it’s such a lovely promise looking at this later actually in a jumpsuit but that’s so easy to match things with like you can wear that with a denim jacket over the top

you wear that with a lovely wear that with a cream blazer look gorgeous so I think you’ve got lots of options if you don’t want to have your arms out but you said I want to be wearing a floaty soldier definitely this is a color that’s gonna flash

to so many different skin tones as well it’s got a tie waist detail here I actually think I’d ditch this and put it with a leather bowels yeah just to kind of modernize it a little bit yeah and accessorize it a bit but it’s really lovely with all

the ruffle detailing you know it’s got some really nice details here we have the same dress in a polka dot so if the floor thing isn’t for you then here’s an alternative I love this this is so kind of prissy and chic and so serious with a pair

of espadrilles yeah amazing and I think this is perfect kind of summer wedding occasions dresses I think George’s have one of her friends has got this one coconuts are everywhere this season so you know you won’t be out of place wearing this one definitely I think how amazing

to be able to go to one brand the pieces that are gonna cover you for holiday they’re also big events as well I mean that’s ideal yeah if you like that whole cutesy wrap dress trend there’s everywhere right now but you’re looking for a slightly more grown-up way

to do it look to Boden because they’ve got this gorgeous really soft Jersey version but it’s not a real wrap as you can see so that means you’re not going to spill out it’s a more grown-up way to where the trend and print is on also everywhere for

spring and we’ve seen a lot of this Dipsy print around such a nice color again a real at color pop yeah I think it’s gonna suit everyone you’ve got the little frill detailing around the neckline just to add a little softness I guess to the dress yeah but

that save us you just throw that on I feel like you wouldn’t even need to iron that agrees yeah you’re right you could just Chuck that in so nice with a pair of trainers off duty yeah yeah as you say ideal for holiday to fans of the Polka

Dot trend should absolutely be going to food in this season and this ship dress I mean this is the perfect work alternative to that for a while just thinking how good is this for Hydra summer work I absolutely love this I think this feels really modern really contemporary

and really luxe I think yeah it looks really really expense and I think just some amazing accessories with really pull this look together I definitely need much else but kind of the shape is super elegant and really flattered it in there I think this is the boy who

top is a trend that we’ve come to expect every spring summer and Boden’s really delivering on it this season let’s look at these two together both are so vibrant so fun but so wearable is also wearable you know I don’t think any holiday wardrobe is really complete without

something like this but equally you can wear it back in the UK with jeans with sneakers it’s really versatile yeah very look that looks really good with denim and you know this one is a little bit longer you probably get away with us with some shorts on here

today but as you say exactly this works and so many different fabrications I think yeah they are size different so this is more of a kraid and this is slightly more cottony which means that you’ve got some different wave options yeah and also when your holiday you know

when you’re going out for lunch or something just throw this on over your bikini and you feel a little bit more concealed but still feel really kind of together so it’s actually a real hero for swimwear as well they’ve got some great bikinis and great one pieces so

first up we got this gorgeous bright blue color which is such an amazing cut yeah absolutely look nice so pretty again let’s read flattering you’ve got the cute frill detail around the front you’ve got padded cups inside just to conceal a little bit yeah and then you’ve got

this which is obviously a really really fun piece for holiday which talks a lot about how red white and blue is obviously a really hot yeah combination for the beach and this is just a kind of cute nod to that nautical trend really fun so as you mentioned

before this is the jumpsuit version of this dress in that same print this is incredible I can actually love this I think this is so amazing and you’ve got pockets anything yeah pocket is really for me I’ve always come out with mazing pieces for events and for occasions

and this is just such a statement piece it’s so nice be able to go somewhere where people aren’t necessarily gonna be wearing the same thing because obviously that’s a risk at certain Brown worst nightmare and then it’s a bit more trendy because it’s got that cool art style

shape and looks like a top and trousers but with none of the fuss yeah separates another real hero from the icons collection this actually comes as a suit but if you don’t want to do the whole head to toe prints then you could just invest in these trousers

which feel amazing being amazing and I don’t know if you can see they’ve also got this racer stripe down the side which we’ve seen a lot of this season yeah and just make these so modern like they’re floral they’re racer stripe they’re amazing they are and they’re cut

so well again there’s such attention to detail with that icons collection yeah I know we’re banging all about where anything’s with trainers but like how perfect it kind of dress them down for a smart casual look yeah but at the same time you can really dress these up

and also perfect for the office I think just such a cool piece to have in your wardrobe finally this is my personal hero from the icons collection it is caftan again it’s 100% silk it feels incredible and this print is just to die for this really makes you

think I need to book holiday as you know to me I mean it looks like such an expensive designer glad it’s so good as a cover-up for the beach if you’re going somewhere where you want to feel a bit more glamorous yeah together but actually you can wear

this in the evening so so versatile pull this in slightly if you want to give it a little bit more shape or have it loose you’ve got those tassel details it looks so expensive isn’t it yeah I just want to sweep up my hair and wear a brightness

look fabulous in it finally we have to talk about Boden’s Footwear because they are so good at shoes and these trainers are so cute they’re covered in bees which knows a brand to be going right now it’s a wheel yeah it’s a motif for the summer and aren’t

they cute amazing I mean couldn’t write erekle about how everyone needs cool wet trainers and in their wardrobe and definitely don’t have just one pair because they get pretty dirty so they’re amazing they look really comfy as well and then you have that metallic detail around the back

which makes them a bit more trans lads definitely and actually these beads I mean it’s a really intricate embroidery job I mean great quality perfect finally let’s look at these amazing espadrilles this scalloped detail is a real characteristic with a lot of really expensive shoes so these are

amazing for a more affordable price point really cool and they’ve got that nice little yellow detail running down the back again and I think it’s details like that which make these things just sound out a little bit more I think these look really cool though it may be

a slight wedge yeah thicker than a standard espadrille give you a little bit of heights bit more comfortable as well exactly yeah bit more substantial and yeah and the Jenna make some it just a bit cooler