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hey guys what’s up welcome back to my channel this is a summer clothing try on haul all of the garments that are featured are from fashion Nova so first up we have the Elaine peplum top this features a v-neck line with detail across the bust and waist area

this top also features a zipper on the side to help make the top more fitted I did not wear a bra or anything underneath in my opinion the tops material in lining are good enough the only downfall with this top is these straps are not adjustable that would

have been an added bonus for me personally I also tried the top on with the pair of to the bitter end distressed jeans these are a high rise fit and extremely distressed down the front and the material is very soft I had ordered these in a size 3

typically on this website I’m between a size 1 or 3 depending on the cut and style and they just look more like a boyfriend or Mom style jean because they are bad year on me I do typically wear a size 1 however when I read the reviews people

recommended to size up I always recommend reading the reviews and basing your purchase off of that but I will say I personally think that these fit as normal so I should have ordered my normal size and I recommend you do the same however if you are a fan

of the trendy looser fit Ben goes up in my last try on haul a bunch of you guys wanted me to try on some of their shorts so I’m going to try on two pairs to show you today the first one is the bad attitude denim shorts so

I mentioned in my last video talking about these at that they are looser or bigger than the normal fit these are non stretched and relaxed fit they are also a mid rise they’re 100% cotton so they will shrink when dried however I don’t typically dry my shorts so

that’s kind of just up to your discretion unfortunately this style does not come in an extra-small it is only available small medium and large I would definitely recommend sizing a whole size down if possible the other pair I wanted to show you are the sugar Beach denim shorts

in light blue these are also available in medium blue these are a stretch denim so they’re super soft and very stretchy they are a high rise fit with a raw hem at the bottom they do have a little bit of like to stress detail on the front Ana

button closure from top to bottom I picked these up in a size 1 and I believe that they fit true to size again with them being a stretchy material you also get that extra leeway just in case you are in between sizes moving on to dresses the first

one I want to show you guys is called the Caroline lace-up dress this is in black it’s an off the shoulder dress that also features a lace-up back another perk about this dress is it has a wire neckline so that keeps it in place and helps to give

the chest area shape between the wire front and the lace-up back this dress is extremely forgiving and super easy to custom fit to your body it also has a grip elastic in the chest area which I’m a big fan of because you can wear this without a bra

without having to worry about the top slipping down I feel that this dress is extremely flattering and I highly recommend it I do have a discount code for you guys you can use this on any order and the code is x-o Taylor I’ll also have all of the

items listed in the description box as usual so check that out for more information all of the items I’m showing you today are in a size small my stats are listed in the description box so if you guys want to compare to help better size yourself then be

sure to also check that out [Music] then the last item is the Sun City floral dress this is in yellow this is also available in navy this is a floral patterned dress that features a halter neckline as well as a v-neck open back and thighs slit so there’s

lots of detail to this dress this dress is perfect for a bunch of occasions or just a staple item to have in your closet for a summer day or night the material is very lightweight and comfortable but this dress also has lining so there’s no need to worry

about it being too sheer that’s everything from my most recent order to fashion Nova if you guys have any questions be sure to check out the description box you can also comment below I would love to know which garment was your favorite be sure to take advantage of

my discount code if you guys decide to order anything from fashion Nova thank you guys so much for watching I hope you guys have a great rest of your day

ASMR Zaful Try-On Haul! Affordable Summer Fashion | GwenGwiz

hi everybody welcome back to my channel I hope you’re all doing really well they have a sample haul for you guys and I work with is awful a lot I smell I really like the brand it’s actually there for I believe year anniversary so they’re having a huge

sale so if you have ever been interested or if any of these pieces that I’m about to show you I’ll speak to you now is probably cheapest time so as always I will link everything down below and insert video clips of me trying everything on yeah huge thank

you for working with me and that’s just a lot of these pieces are or tie-ups rather hard to show without putting them on just describe them and show you the material and then you can obviously see if they actually look like on me so first is one of

my favorite actually I think for sure my favorite I didn’t yell well I’ll get a lot of weird of this because they’ve love wrap dresses I think very flattering very easy so it’s this lovely dress um but kind of blue for the hint of green and it’s like

I’m a dark turquoise shirt it’s a tiny little ruffle sleeves and cuz I tie this up and it’s got a white floral print very cute and yeah fits me perfectly I believe I ordered everything in a media yes the medium so pretty sure that cuz everything listen to

me out but if not I’ll let you know yeah super cute has little rough with details on the bottom as well and I just I really like this I really like the color trying to learn more green and blue it looks good on me makes my eyes pop

just next justice literally two piece set and I got a lot of these because I was basically living them in the summer it’s very easy so it’s these green squirt in this lovely I’m or made me material our color and it’s a lovely linen material – yes very

nice quality it’s got an elasticated back in zip zop and then it’s gone but in detailing but like button largest-ever really cute and yeah this this court so underneath the short so just a really comfy and then we’ve got a matching top it’s just nice little crop top

high square neck with the same button detailing going all the down and yeah just love the color and love the material very cute okay just another set and I love this it really reminds me of a simpler pant set that Urban Outfitters has for like 200 bucks or

something cuz it’s by some fancy brand yeah this is mad cheap and it’s these little king of swords in the warranty red and white brand absolutely love the buttons you can see they’re very rustic and more looking which i think is really cute and then shorts little ruffle

also along the bottom so I wasted obviously and then the top again possible to show what if that same material and the straps are elastic ated you’ve ruched and I really like their elasticated you can get ones like this that are tie up and it’s just the more

things you have this color it’s burnt rust orange so the top business color with white floral and this is a ruched elasticated top with little cap sleeves that’s off the shoulder and then the bottom it’s impossible to show but it’s just a little wrap skirt that ties up

around you and again it’s in that same material it’s nice and thin and flowy but the skirt wraps around twice so it’s actually yeah I’m not gonna be see-through and you feel quite but despite the thin material because you get the double layer just nice I love that

so if you guys aren’t Instagram I’m sure you have seen or heard about the brand realization I do have my few pieces from them but they’re very expensive and not I would argue worth the price I think you’re really paying for the label it’s not good quality and

this one seems just as good this is one of the kind of famous dresses that they deal that I haven’t actually I don’t know um it’s just beautiful red floral with pops yellow green black straps and then ruffle some buttons up all the way down and this is

beautiful only downside it doesn’t sit around my chest area button the top button without kind of having quite a large just a huge bar I might be able to pin it there so it but it’s not I’ll just have to give it to our friend but it’s beyond

that beautiful okay then I have another set so this is a little tie up top that’s kinda hard to show but it’s got tiny little slow asleep yeah I didn’t see the string so what I have it so ties up around you the material is lovely as being

that linen but it’s got the double years around but double layered around the chest so no bras or bibs shine through the material is this light paint with pops of blue and like some sort of flower and they as well which i think is very cute and then

it comes with a matching skirt and this one looks like it’s a kind of wrap skirt then you die um but it’s actually just as if that make sense so you don’t actually have to wrap it around you but just nice and then it’s got a lovely ruffle

design here at the bottom still have quite a few more jump to bikinis and accessories right now so I wasn’t gonna get any bikinis but they had a couple that were very cute so the first is this little red and white polka dot looks more neon on camera

sure I haven’t tied it up yet but they basically just tie have some little bows on your shoulders and the straps are also clearly removable if you want and the bottoms and these kind of high-waisted bomb like and again in that of the same polka dotted print then

I got this one that’s a little banjo in this rusty brown color Thanks bit more orange on camera not sure yeah it spice up in the middle and it has some wiring or boning down the side so it’s actually gonna stay up which I love and then the

bottoms again these are tied up beautifully but it’s that same print it just little bows on the side pretty self-explanatory and then the last bikinis this one which I really like it’s just white print with the lemons all over it but just so summery it wraps around the

front rather than tying up if you can see that and again has boning on both the sides well actually fit and then the bottoms that seem as those first ones kind of high-waisted like so first like this gold bars skinny oval then I got these like diamond D

shaped ones and ain’t brown tortoiseshell frame what the black lenses are also cool I think and then lastly a nice classic black ones and I saw 30 bucks if you’re interested in the small glasses trend or if you are but you really don’t want to pay don’t like

it check out South a lot okay then I got this dress which I love I have a dress very similar to this from the rather expensive brand Reformation um and I work all the time but it’s not the kind of like that just be expensive it’s this little

ribbed stretchy dress bows on the shoulders and that basically flows out it’s kind of tight but that’s a little flowy yeah at the bottom it’s really nice that it’s just really copy the perfect thing you just can’t be bothered to really think about what to wear but a

thought out okay then I got quite a few pairs of sentence like this so it’s these ones stretchy last unit waist high waisted shorts with layered ruffles on the bottom which are so cute and I just I’m not orange in the summertime and then the top is a

harness so the back is elasticated and then the front just basically ties up with a little bow and you’ve got another little bow on the shoulder very cute it’s really nicely and by the way I have rather large and if it’s totally fine because you can tie the

front however tight or loose you get I really like tops like that and I got this in two different colors it’s at the top it’s like a little kind of band out and this white blue this straight and then it ties up around the front and again this

isn’t tight so it’s gonna hard to see but you see it on me and then matching little shorts this lovely blue print again the last K dead waist and then the shorts just flow out the exact same color brand it’s very very similar to the brand baseball brand

so which are really expensive it shouldn’t be that’s this white and black striped pants lilia the bottom and don’t waste it and then there’s obvious name time to talk I have been to show me you very good ties up around the booth and it’s also got adjustable straps

which is awesome always super cute wait okay this is another little short and top set so be Tom’s this white and blue hole in it and it ties up around the front toward yourself we’ve got little sleeves here and the material if you can tell is just beautiful

they caught me linen but just like my favorite material for summer for sure and then I’ve got matching shorts again the same as last skated waist definitely heard a ruffle on the shorts very very cute I’ve got another little skirt set and this one again looks like but

it’s again it just just you know a little bit easier and then this white bring it with I mean that’s really nice warm and the top is like a diet yeah just pull straps and last kated ruched backing so cute then I got a long skirt so this

is gonna be kinda hard to show wasted they could blue and white stripes that buttons up and you can see it can they’ve got those beautiful rustic buttons and yes I would say like meaty like and then the top is very cool like these little cap sleeves with

ruffles see there and then it has a tiny little zipper up the center and then the very last item is this dress again in the beautiful linen material adjustable straps it’s this white light pinky coral with the kind of greeny stripes running through it spaghetti strap deep feet

and it dies around the waist just you know super cute and the tie is completely adjustable so definitely okay so that is everything for today’s all I hope you enjoyed it I’m sweaty um I like I said I don’t like everything down below if you want to shop

any of it um thank you very much for watching leave a comment and let me know what your favorite please subscribe if you haven’t already also you guys can vote for me I have a link down below for the Mac to send several contests to be relaunched now

and yeah that’s everything you

Plus Size Summer Fashion Essentials | LearningToBeFearless

hey guys welcome back to my channel I hope you’re having a great day so summer is in full swing right now it’s hot yeah so close sweat so today I wanted to share with you guys some of my favorite plus-size picks and essentials that I have been wearing

for the last like month when the weather got really hot we saw the waves of summer to go maybe you live somewhere that’s hot often time so these are my plus size essentials I pulled so much stuff for my closet just to share with you guys and kind

of show some styling tips how I wear them just like really easy outfits I don’t like to be hot in the summer I don’t like to wear a lot of clothes I don’t want to feel uncomfortable I’m also realizing my foundation is too light I’m very tan so

sorry Wow oh wow alright so let’s just get into it if you want to see in my plus-size essentials for summer and my favorite kind of outfits then keep on watching [Music] okay so this first alpha is literally something that I wear like at least once a week

it’s such an easy effortless outfit so as you can see in the side-by-side the first favorite of mine is this skirt I wear this literally so much you can wear it with so many different things you can wear it with crop tops which I’m wearing it with here

the crop top that I’m wearing in the side-by-side is just this really simple kind of t-shirt with a little ruffle from airy nothing crazy just easy I love like an easy t-shirt you know a little tuck into the front like a little French Tech I learned that on

queer I by the way comment your favorite on queer I because that show is actually my whole life right now and I love a little French tag or a crop top or just a tank top and it’s nice because you can let your legs be nice and airy

and comfortable and this skirt is so cute I got this like at Target it’s called from the brand a new day just this really pretty kind of army green color at first I thought it was a skort and I was excited about it but a skirt is fine

too there’s also a lot of support options lately that looked like this in a plus community I love the little tie the back even has stretch if you’re ordering this online I got a 2x and it’s actually a little bit big so just know that the stretch you

can size down on this I will try to find everything and link it below because pretty much everything I bought this year so that’s my favorite easy style outfit a cute little high-waisted mini skirt or squirt crop top tank top also if you want to kind of learn

about confidence and feeling good in your body I’ll link below some body-positive videos because I know when I was younger I was still learning to love my body and I wasn’t exactly comfortable in my skin yet I didn’t want to show my arms or my legs and even

the thought of her a crop top and if I like showed a little belly would give me so much anxiety so if you’re in that stage of your journey right now I understand completely and I hope that my videos are someone else’s or someone can give you some

inspiration and confidence but fYI just so a little friendly reminder don’t forget like you are beautiful and your body is beautiful and you don’t have anything to be ashamed of your stretch marks you’re beautiful your cellulite is beautiful every roll there’s nothing that you need to hide let

yourself be free wear what you want to wear it’s too hot to cover up and be uncomfortable and sweaty and sad so don’t be afraid of showing your body we are all here so this next little outfit here is pretty similar to the first but it’s with a

huge staple of mine besides skirts I love these kinds of shorts these are such easy shorts these are also from Target but the brand is ava and SIV these are also in a 2x I love these look when I hold this up out pay like I love these

like flowy easy shorts they’re like wide legs they’ve got pockets I’ve seen these absolutely everywhere they have them at tour it I have pairs from like every plus-sized retailer so these are really cute I like the little pattern you’ve got that nice stretchy band in the back so

I love how comfortable they are you can do the same kind of styling with this I did a little tuck with a tank top which is from I think Lucky Brand yes Lucky Brand I’m a huge fan of Lucky Brand this is just like a really easy tank

it’s flowy you could also wear it untucked with other items but these shorts are a lifesaver and they’re very forgiving and very comfortable you know they’re not digging into you if you’re someone who doesn’t really like like denim shorts or something that’s not a stretchy material these are

so easy breezy and you will find them in so many different patterns and colors I have a pair of black ones that I literally wear like every day I just like do a little side or front tuck with a t-shirt so it kind of gives me like a

little bit of shape but it’s so comfortable and cool so highly recommend pairs of shorts like this I’ll link a few options below you will love them as I mentioned don’t be scared to let your arms out I know when I was younger I also hated the idea

of showing my arms but I love love love like kind of muscle tanks like this these really easy to throw on like a cute pattern you can even just wear like a simple color but I found this one at Target I love the little like green oh I

thought it was leafy but is it it kind of just looks like tropical and it says paradise on it I thought this was really cute this is from the brand a new day this is really easy to kind of just tuck in or wear on its own and

it just looks really cute and summery and it’s you know cool as well and if you are okay with wearing like denim shorts like non stretchy hardcore denim I have been on a hunt for the perfect perfect plus-sized mom Jean high-waisted denim shorts and one of you guys

recommended it to me on Twitter and I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart because I ordered them the second you send them to me you changed my life so these are from ASOS I am a huge fan of ASOS curve I buy

from their probably once a week because they’re constantly adding new things I love ASOS so I didn’t see in the side-by-side they’re just these super cute high-waisted mom jean shorts they’re black they did also have another color of denim but I believe they were sold out I would

buy these in so many different colors they fit so well so typically I learned 18 or sometimes the 16 sometimes her ASOS but mostly 18 in non stretch denim my size up I got these in the 20 and they fit really really well be careful with the no

stretch so I’m obsessed with these I’ve been wearing them like every single day when I was on vacation they were like my live in shorts I love the little roll at the bottom and I think they’re really flattering – I really like this whole mom Jean look I

think they’re kind of fun because they’re high-waisted you know you can throw on a crop top throw on like a t-shirt it looks kind of like simple and like easy if that makes any sense and they’re very trendy right now you can throw on like sneakers and make

it a little bit more relaxed they’re the perfect everyday short so I highly recommend these are definitely my favorite I hope they’re still in stocks you guys can get them and if you guys have any other favorites of these like mom Jean high-waisted shorts in plus-sized please tweet

me a link next up are robbers and jumpsuits I am obsessed so I’m sad no you know all of these are leg bearing I have been buying them on a set chafing relief power gel for forever like before it even got popular on the Internet my grandma bought

it for me the first time cuz she thought she saw my thighs chafing and bleeding so if you have problems with chub-rub and your legs ripped together I’ll also link below that cream it’s like a powdery soft gel that like your legs just glide together it’s magical but

if you also want to you know wear something with pants that’s still cooling there are options so I love rompers this one’s from Toria this one does have shorts I think robbers are so easy and effortless and if you’re someone like me who has like a lower tummy

and you’re just not quite comfortable you know showing it in something tight that’s fine like in time I like that it has like a baggie or bottom I’ve been wearing a lot of jumpsuits and rompers lately so they censored the waist you get that little bit of like

tuck in [Music] flattery but they’re kind of flowing here on the bottom so it’s a little bit more forgiving and it’s a little bit more comfortable so they look really nice it’s almost like a dress but it has you know a little like hole in the center I

suck at explaining things but then I also got this one from Old Navy I have worn this so many times I’ll insert a picture of me wearing it because I swear I’ve taken a few and this one’s really nice because it has a Capri length leg so you

get a little bit of airflow at the bottom but you know you don’t have to worry about chub-rub if you’re not in the mood and you want to wear pants because trust me I’ve been there too I don’t even wear a bra with this bras let’s talk about

bras for a second I literally like half the time cannot be bothered in the summer granted I have relatively small boobies small boobies small babies small boobies like I just can’t be bothered on those really hot days but I do have a couple favorite bra I just wanted

to throw in about this years and years and years ago this is from torrid if you’re looking for a good strapless bra what is this called this is the push-up multi-way bra I don’t even even keep the straps because I only wear it as strapless it has a

little bit of a push up which I love since I do have smaller boobs but I have had this forever the band is super wide it has like kind of sticky things so it stays in place it fits really really well I love that it’s wide it’s flattering

it looks super good and it’s lasted me for years so it’s good quality and my other favorite bra also from torrid torrid has like it the best bras in my opinion this is their back smoothing bra so it comes up really high I’m not only just in the

back but kind of up to the strap this is just a t-shirt bra it doesn’t have any padding or push up they have these in a bunch of colors those are my two favorite bras if you’re in the market I’ll link them down low for you guys because

those are my two like go twos I’m kind of just showing you guys like categories of these things too like I kind of have all of this and like different styles and colors but hopefully the gist is coming through so the last I’m going to talk about our

dresses so I did show you guys the strapless bra that I love but if there are some days where it’s just too hot you just can’t stand it I do feel like these kinds of dresses you can go braless with so I got both of these from stitch

fix actually and I’ve been really loving them I wore them when I was in Florida with Kelly so essentially these are the ones that are like ruched stretchy material at the top I don’t know how to describe it and you better than that and then the bottom just

like flows out into a regular material kind of like maxi this one is for length but this one is kind of like mid leg but they both have that like stretchy material and it kind of works almost as like a little sports bra vibe or you could wear

like a bandeau bra they have great on like bra let’s a torrid as well I don’t shop it toward like a ton but I buy a lot of my basics from there my basic t-shirts underwear bras and shoes so I love these dresses too because like I said

they’re you know that scrunchie material at the top but then they flow out they’re very breezy and airy and just simple to throw on you don’t have to worry about anything tight or uncomfortable they’re just nice simple dresses and there are also a lot of dresses like this

one that I bought from ASOS it’s a super thin material it comes to like about the knee you even have like a little keyhole under the boobs so you have a lot of different places for airflow and like it’s like I said it’s a really thin material so

it’s comfortable it’s light I’m all about like light easy dresses this time of year that’s one thing I love about summer I’m all about like simple things with flip-flops out the door not worrying about details just throw on a cute pair of earrings and lipstick and that’s about

as far as I’ll go when fall comes around that’s when we go with layers jackets boots scars and we go in full throttle so make sure you’re subscribed because fall is going to be poppin I’m already excited about it I love summer but fall is my favorite season

like I put on one shade of a darker lipstick and I’m like fall is coming comment down below your favorite season is and what you are at plus-sized or in general fashion essentials are for the summertime and I love you so much thank you for watching and I’ll

see you in my next video bye [Music]

Where I Get My Clothes | Mens Spring/Summer Fashion Haul 2018

what’s up guys it’s Aaron here one half of the Rhodes Bros and today I’m gonna be going through all of my new spring clothes that I just got I just went shopping yesterday and got a bunch of new stuff I’ve never really done one of these like clothing trial and hauls before but I decided because a lot of people asked me on my Instagram like where do you get your clothes from like where is that shirt from and so I decided to just make a video about it and like let you know exactly where I got all of my clothes from got like 10 different things and I’m pretty excited about it so without further ado let’s just get right into the video and I will show you where I got my thing so I’m gonna first start with Nordstrom I went in there and I found one really really good item and that is this you know what it’s called actually I just was drawn right to the colors it’s called from rail it’s like this like two-toned little zip up I think it’ll be like really cute in the evening or whatever this spring because it’s like stays a little lighter later and they’re also Nordstrom is really good for getting socks I know it’s a really random but if you go to like top man or something like that they don’t really have like the best selection of socks I feel like norsu has really good quality socks and they’re really cheap actually you can get like three pairs three pairs for only like $12 next up is from j.

crew I love j.

crew but I feel like they’re a little bit like hit or miss sometimes sometimes I feel like my grandpa when I walk out of there sometimes I feel very young and hip and cool so I got these shorts they kind of look like swim trunks but they’re not swim trunks they’re like this like gene not gene material but like I don’t even really know how to them they’re like definitely not so I’m trying to Tarot but they’ll be cute if I go to the for something and I know I’m not gonna get in the water okay from Zara it’s a little teeny bag it looks like a little lunch pail because I couldn’t leave Zara was kind of like but I did fine because they have really really really good basics if you ever seen me in like a tight little t-shirt or something like that it’s probably from Zara because they like knock it out of the park with their t-shirts and this one was only actually was kind of expensive a $17 for a t-shirt which is kind of annoying but this one fits really really well and it I feel like it’ll look really cute like tucked into like some joggers or something like that this is one of my new favorite denim jackets because I’m all about a denim jacket it is a dark washed from Topman I love to wear this with like dark denim pants like denim on denim it’s really great with like this hat or something like that next is from this was kind of a splurge but I really really needed some like new white shorts because I don’t have any like good white shorts and I got these from theory like fabric is like kind of thin so that’s like really airy and this doesn’t get too hot so last but not least certainly not least is Urban Outfitters since Urban Outfitters actually hit it like out of the park for spring because I was in there just like a kid in a candy store I was obsessed I got quite a few things but these are like my favorites from what I got home urban these are probably gonna be like my new favorite pants they’re bdg they’re really great I used to always wear like very skin tight like skinny jeans like roll it up with like white tennis shoes and I’m kind of getting out of that phase I feel like and these are like the perfect transition because they’re so pretty like fitted and tight but they’re also very loose and like straight legs and of course I could not leave Orban Outfitters without getting a champion sweatshirt or whatever I don’t have any white one so this is perfect I wear it out because I always wear it just like comfy clothes whenever I go out next up are these Fila Villa I don’t even you know how you say it shoes I got them from urban they’re really amazing I think make me feel really tall so if you’re kind of short but you want like a good tennis shoe these will make you feel really tall and confident lastly is this like short sleeve button up I just wore it in my last Instagram photo and a lot of people asked me where it was from so I decided to include it it’s this Urban Outfitters branded it’s been out for this brand guy or we’re not for this brand it’s really great the color is really cute and you can just kind of I always wear I just like opened up with jeans I like it a lot that is it for this clothing haul I just wanted to share with you guys what I got for spring and I’ll probably go out and get some more stuff so if you liked this video like it comment below like what your favorite item was and let me know if I should continue doing videos like this I will talk to you guys very soon and yeah until then bye guys.

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Anna-Kaci Clothing Haul *** Summer Fashion Clothing Haul 2018

hey you guys welcome to my channel if you’ve been here before welcome home but if you haven’t my name is Jason one I do reviews tutorials and sometimes I do hauls which is what we’re gonna do today this year I haven’t done that many holes though trying to

cut down on costs here I stopped by Anna Casey clothing and an li liang society to check out their site and i got me some things this isn’t a big haul i just wanted to get some things that made me feel summery and spicy this video is not

sponsored by the way and all opinions are honest and my own so to see what I got let’s dive right in first things first I picked out a Jean vest and look at the quality with this vest you could see it these buttons are very intricate in their

design the fringe is secured the quality is absolutely impeccable it’s also lightly distressed and I actually have photos of this in Instagram I used it as a pull wrap just to cover the top month body obviously it doesn’t cover the bottom of my body but this is also

perfect to wear with your panties some long boots if you wear with some leggings and a little top I mean awesome when you go denim it’s like classic versatile and pretty much timeless and that’s why I got it because I wanted some more versatile pieces I can wear

over and over again versus something that you just wear once and you’re like oh it’s done like this could never be done next item I have is this cute oh whoa hurry gold top Oh that’d be cool background huh you can wear it with jeans and dress it

down or with some Bermuda shorts I’d be perfect for daytime shopping whatever you want that way you can look glamorous but still the casual at the same time or you can also because look at the bottom has a little skirt a skirt here in Vegas we have a

lot of night swimming cocktails by the pool I mean this tops absolutely perfect for that and for being dressy it’s extremely comfortable too and then the sequins I like how they’re just like in disarray they’re not like perfectly aligned which creates a perfect reflection and if they’re perfectly

aligned it kinda reminds me of the Golden Girls kind of weird and then the top has spaghetti straps but their cotton they’re not silk so they won’t roll off your shoulder like I don’t like when I wear a tank top and I gotta constantly do this thing all

night because that’s not fun the inside is lined as well so it’s nice silky soft you won’t get itchy with sequins it’s in your chest and it also creates a perfect coverage that way you won’t be poking out or if you wear like a strapless or something you

won’t see the seams of that bra I would probably wear some like distress Bermuda shorts with it if I do like a daytime champagne brunch and some black heels just to kind of like make it a little more casual or you can also wear with some distressed jeans

and some heels as well that’s also a really cute casual look or if you wear it at night maybe where it was some like ripped leggings or just some plain black leggings to make it a little bit more dressy and who doesn’t like a little Shimin in the

lab a little shot I will link the site down below in the comment section if you want to check them out also I have a discount code Shaye’s 20 I will link that down below as well if you want to use it I’m just saying if you want

to go shopping i’ma hook you up and this top is a very beautiful golden black but if you choose you can also do silver and black or rose gold in black there are so many choices a possibility that is it for this video and haul if you enjoyed

this video please let me know in the comments down below give me a thumbs up don’t forget to Like comment bribe me turn on those post notes a little bell that’s up here or sit down here is it over there I don’t know where it is I’m stuck

in this little box but y’all can see where it’s at click on it so you will know when I post a video you’ll be notified if all videos as I post them and that way I hope to see you all in my next video thank you so much

for watching and stopping by toodles

4 EASY AND AFFORDABLE SUMMER OUTFITS | Men’s Summer Lookbook 2017 | Mens Fashion

[Music] what’s up everyone welcome back to my channel if you’re new here my name is Alex Costa make sure to hit that subscribe button below to become part of our YouTube family I am really happy with today’s video for many reasons but the biggest reason being that I

partnered up with booboo man for this lookbook which means all of these clothes are available right now and they are super affordable if you guys are looking for some new outfits honestly boomin is killing the game with a huge selection so let’s jump into this that way I

can show you how I style all of these outfits for less than 150 dollars I think this is perfect for you guys who want to look fresh but don’t want to break the bank starting with this business casual outfit which totally suits me I was hanging out with

downtown LA wearing this and I got compliments just walking around the jacket is thicker than most so it feels really comfortable with the best part is that it would also work for fall or even winter here in LA and of course in other warmer places as well I

paired it with a white tee to make sure it wasn’t too formal since I was just going out for coffee I think that gives it a nice casual vibe I’ll make sure to list every single item that I’m wearing down in the description below the video and by

the way guys Google man is running a 50% off promotions on their site right now or you can just use my discount code and Alex 50 so definitely go check them out the pants are solid black jeans I picked them up for 21 dollars right away because they

go with everything I’ve mentioned this before in many videos and black jeans are a must-have for every guys o’clock the shoes are also for movement so they got you covered from head to toe literally that includes shoes accessories everything these only cost 23 bucks this is one of

my favorite outfits to hang out in the city and then get some errands done while still looking pretty damn good but if you’re feeling a little too formal check this up all I have to do to go from this to a really casual outfit just take the jacket

off since you have a nice plain white tee underneath then you can pull out your necklace or any other accessory to complement the outfit it’s a super easy transition into a cool edgy vibe next up I chose this black on black outfit with the white shoes to make

them stand out print the t-shirts are super hot right now so pick your favorite band or any other design as long as it’s not too crazy in your outfit does their mana see for example was $13 the jeans are the same from the last outfit because like I

said they go with everything the white shoes are really light and casual so they’re perfect for summer and they pop and stand out with the all-black outfit you won’t believe the price of these sneakers there you guys ready I paid $10 yep $10 for these sneakers right here

not bad at all and the black bracelet is simple but effective and it cost less than three dollars next up I think this is a great outfit for you guys going to school it’s a smart casual outfit with a simple black t-shirt with the sleeves rolled up I

decided to wear these great trousers instead of jeans because it just elevates the outfit a little bit so you can look smarter when you’re out and about and the shoes are black shoes from the first outfit so you can see how versatile they are and how you can

possibly mix and match them with different outfits I rolled up the sleeves to make this t-shirt a little bit more you know form-fitting you guys know how I really like doing this to pretty much all of my teen years and this dope backpack believe it or not is

also from glue man so they sell everything and it only cost me $12 which is insane for this next outfit we’re rocking some really comfortable clothes but also keeping it fashionable I think this is the perfect outfit to go meet your friends for some shopping or maybe some

coffee so what I did is I tucked in the navy blue t-shirt to dress it up a little bit and then I pin rolled the trousers to turn this into a great summer I think this is a great base outfit as well so what that means is if

you guys want to rock accessories you can I think a watch for example would look really nice with this outfit or some sunglasses like these aviators from a man as well that costs five bucks you find all of the clothes in the description below as well as blue

man’s website so if you’re looking for really nice affordable pieces you should definitely go check them out guys I really hope you enjoyed this affordable summer lookbook if you did please subscribe we’re so close to 300 thousand subscribers so just click that button to help our YouTube family

grow thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you again soon [Music]


[Music] hi everybody it’s Emmy Brie and welcome back to my channel if you guys are new make sure you guys are hitting that subscribe button down below and also make sure to travel is about post notifications I upload videos every Wednesday and also Sunday to go always look forward to those upload such a day I have a fashionable ha it’s been a minute I haven’t done a fashion overhaul for a little bit I picked up a bunch of good stuff from fashion over that I wanted to show you guys so right off the bat I’m starting off with this super cute cut off crop top and it just looks like this it’s a little cut in the neck which is really cute and the sleeves are also sort of that cut off vibe almost like a muscle tee I would say in the bottom here it has a little bit of extra fabric for you to tie a knot which i think is super cute on the Left chest here it says momento I said this is supposed to mimic the marbled Oh cigarettes and I just think this is such a cute top it almost gives me vintage vibes that give me a minute crop top and I picked this up in a size medium and this retails for $14.

99 so super affordable really cute I think this looks adorable with literally anything you could pair this with are you guys so for the next piece I picked up is this white bodysuit this bodysuit is a really really thick ribbed sweater material and you guys can see just how stretchy this is so this is a white bodysuit with these gorgeous black lines on it which i think is so pretty and this is the life is a good bodysuit and I picked this body suit up in a size large it retails for $29.

99 so this body suit features this really cool zipper that goes all the way down so obviously you don’t know wear it like that but it does give you the option I like to have just a little bit and all down this zipper here it says the word iconic i’ma show you guys close up here this is like the smoothest and even know what this is it’s so soft and a little sort of a zipper knob that you grab is really nice a weight it almost looks like a little block it’s so cute just for the back this bodysuit has a thong back which I’m like yes it’s done to it you all know I love a thong black bodysuit this bodysuit does not feature a snap closure which does not bother me at all more comfortable but if you are one that likes a snap closure this one does not have it and the back here has sort of a scooped back it’s definitely not super low you can hide it with a bra which is really nice overall I just love the look of this bodysuit I think it’s really really cool it’s really thick and has a lot of structure to it so if you guys watched my previous vlog I got this really sick jacket though it just looks like this well this is you guys can see this a little bit better than I thought so this jacket is obviously sheared um and basically it has just this really cool neckline here it’s sort of a quarter zip this jacket also features this little middle pouch area which I recently filled with twizzle ears to eat because why not I’m resourceful the sleeves here just have an elastic as well as this bottom here bottom area actually has a little drawstring to sort of pull if you want it tighter or looser it’s awesome the model in the fashion of a website I was like yes I need that entire outfit in my life right now so that’s what I did so this is via come alive jacket and I ordered this in a size medium it retails for $19.

99 I think this is so cute and comfy and talked about a great piece for spring and summer and fall you can really layer this it does keep you surprisingly like warmer than you’d think being a sheer jacket I have really hoped that they have more colors I have to check because I literally am obsessed with this jacket so much some of the next piece I picked up a pair of high-waisted shorts and they just look like this hope you guys can see these are sort of a moto style short I would say similar to like a leather moto jacket the fabric here is really really thick and almost like I don’t say neoprene II but kind of neoprene II so these shorts are obviously high waisted and they feature a middle zipper here with a little ring accent on the zipper here it has a lot of different little accents and stuff like that it has these zipper pocket in the back here it has sort of these little belt ties with the little grommets which i think is such a cute look I originally picked these shorts up in a size large because that’s typical to what I wear you know in like jean shorts and skirts and that type of thing but the shorts were a little too loose on the waist for me signed up swapping them to pick up a size medium which fit absolutely perfect overall I really love these shorts they are such a thick nice weight material like the quality you guys is amazing I feel like I could still eat a good meal in these there a lot comfier than like a denim shorts roxanna high-waisted shorts and these retail for 23 and 99 so extremely reasonable for such a nice quality pair of shorts I love these so much so these definitely run it a little bit big so I would order a size down these are like one of my favorite new shorts are you guys so the next piece I picked up is this camel body suit and it just looks like this so it is just a regular scooped tank top body suit when I open this up oh my god is this soft I really wish you guys could like the old fabrics because this is literally the softest thing ever here you sort of I want to say like suede II in a way like it’s just so soft and luxurious I really love this pattern you guys know I’m really into camo right now in the back here it has a thong back and I picked this bodysuit up in a size large which is typical to what I buy my body suits in this is the girl worth fighting for bodysuit and of this retails for $19.

99 you compare these with a pair of jeans with a skirt you literally pray this with anything it’s super soft and really nice quality I am so excited to wear InStyle of this bodysuit alright you guys I picked up another pair of shorts and if they just look like this so these are a elastic waist high waisted floral short and they just look like this so the waistband here has a really nice thick elastic it has sort of this little ruffled edge on top here which is such a cute sort of girly look really enhances the waist as well and then in the front here it has just a little tie it’s not like a drawstring where I like really like tucks it in you kind of get that from the elasticity in the elastic band if i zoom you guys in on this fabric it is absolutely stunning so it’s just a black short with sort of these gorgeous pink flowers on it and back just looks like this so very simple I’ve been looking for a pair of floral shorts just like this but they’ve never fit my body well but these are absolutely perfect because hit me high up on the waist so they’re really flattering I picked up these pair of super cute biker shorts like these really unique is it this really cool mesh paling down both of the sides here and these biker shorts are kind of wasted they have an elastic at the top here and then they just go down like this these are really cute and fit really well I picked these up in a size large for the panels on the sides having a sheer netting I would wear sort of a nude underwear with this so you guys can see here they’re kind of like a shiny sort of reflective fabric they’re really really stretchy I haven’t found them to be sheer at all or anything like that also the bottoms here are wide enough where I don’t feel like I’m getting like any type of stuff sausage look or anything like that so these are the liana biker shorts and these retail for $19.

99 I love the style of these you guys know I love the Kim K sort of like easy vibe I really love these and they’re simple enough where you can kind of pair them and match them with anything Oh next up I picked up a pair of high-waisted denim shorts and they just look like them these shorts are a light wash denim with a bunch of different distressing on them if you guys can see here you have sort of that worn in look and in the back here it has sort of this dark patch over here where you know typical like tag would be they have a sort of a flipped over hem with a raw edge on there these are the I get you denim shorts and these retail for $29.

99 I picked these up in a size large few shirts are definitely more of a relaxed fit even though they are high waisted I can actually you know comfortably put my hands in my pocket it’s really really nice and I thought that these would look perfect with just a little bit of a belt to give me more of that like snatch lace because it is a little bit looser around my waist honestly pair these with anything having a nice pair of denim shorts to wear in the summer is perfect it’s a staple piece so I’m really excited that I picked these up all right you guys that is everything I picked up from fashion Nova so excited about these pieces I literally like have already started wearing everything and just like so beyond obsessed with it so if you guys saw something that you liked I’ll make sure to link everything down in the description box below so if you guys like something you can pick it up like always thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you guys next time [Music].

BIG Spring & Summer Fashion Haul | Nordstrom Forever 21 One Teaspoon SheInside | Miss Louie

what’s up guys today I have a massive haul so I’m gonna keep this intro short next week I’m going to be heading to Thailand for my honeymoon 7 stocking up on a lot of summer clothes I’ve got a bajillion things to show you guys so I’m just gonna

shut up and we’re gonna get started I treated myself to Theni prices and the first one is this gorgeous little blue beauty from Rebecca Minkoff this is the mini lab tote and I love this periwinkle blue color I love this tote for a couple of reasons I love

how structured it is it’s very chic very feminine yet very modern at the same time the interior is decently roomy you could probably fit a wallet your cell phone and a couple makeup items I also love the fact that it has both a crossbody strap and top handles

for you to hold it with your hand this purse is $200 which is around our normal price range for a Rebecca Minkoff bag but definitely check this purse out because it comes in a beautiful array of many different colors it’s a very popular tote and you also have

a larger size if you need something more roomy moving on to my next purse this one has one of the most popular trends of the season which is fringe this one is from Sam Edelman and I love the fact that it has a crossbody strap and you can

remove the strap so that you can wear it as a clutch and if you wear it as a clutch as a really unique feature to it it has a super cute keychain it looks kind of like an organic wooden circle but it actually serves as a little like

wristlet strap so that you can carry the purse around and not worry about losing it or having it fling off your hand it only has the fringe on one side so it’s very lightweight this Sam Edelman purse only costs $79 and the Rebecca Minkoff version cost around like

two or three hundred dollars so I think it’s awesome that you can get the look and the feel without having to spend double the money I think it’s fabulous for my last bag purchased at Nordstrom I got this little mini backpack this cute little mini backpack is from

a Swedish brand called fjällräven and they specialize in making like weather proof outdoorsy backpacks and gear now I’ve got this pack back for Thailand whatever we’re doing more outdoorsy active things I wanted something super lightweight yet roomy with really comfortable straps and this was just the most perfect

size and it comes in like a bajillion colors his backpack cost about sixty-five dollars and you can also get eight jumbo size for only $10 more and it may sound pricey for a backpack that looks really lightweight and wimpy but these backpacks were made to last they’re great

for active people and I know I’ll be using mine for a really long time so check it out you won’t be disappointed I am like a super hippie dippie chick right now so I am all about finding the perfect pair of gladiator sandals and I finally found the

pair that I really love and that pair is this pair from Topshop in my research I feel like this pair is probably the best marriage between price and quality I really love this one because it actually has like a cool kind of like a triangular design when you

look at it from the side which is kind of unique it has really nice sturdy laces and the leather doesn’t feel cheap at all these just look very expensive and he only cost $85 which is actually very cheap for a tall gladiator sandal from my last pair of

Nordstrom shoes I have these amazing platform heels from Steve Madden these are the Jilly sandals they’re so retro you probably saw them in my 70s fashion lookbook these shoes are so cool they make your legs look a mile long and they’re crazy comfortable platforms this thick in the

front your feet are not at a super high incline so it actually is very comfortable and the toe box is so soft if you have white feet like me you don’t experience any pain these sandals cost around ninety nine dollars so kind of on the high end of

the heel range but I guarantee you you’re not gonna find a pair of heels that you can walk around all day and and they also look super rad moving on to Nordstrom clothes I picked up a few favorite things the first thing is from Free People it is

this gorgeous ruffle dress with this beautiful black and yellow floral print this dress has a really sexy neckline it has this really deep plunge in the middle and it kind of chokes up high on the neck it’s crazy lightweight and flowy it feels like silk and has amazing

movement on the bottom because it has several tiers of raw hem ruffles that kind of cascades throughout the bottom definitely be wearing this on date night during my honeymoon I got this dress off norstrom calm when it was on sale for about 65 bucks my next item is

also a free people dress this one is the trapeze slip dress it’s a very loose-fitting slip dress and I really like this color in particular because they did a contrasting lace color for the zig zags in the pattern and I got this color on sale for about $52

which is a really great price because it’s normally 88 bucks alright the last two things from Nordstrom the last two things are pairs of shorts these are from Topshop these are the Daisy stretch low-rise moto shorts so these are really great because they have a short inseam and

they also have really nice raw edging on the hem so it has that really nice grunge look without looking overly grunge and destroyed I got them in the black color and I also got them in white and most importantly these are only $40 apiece so definitely check these

out if you’re looking for destroyed daisy dukes while we’re in the shorts Department I’m going to move on to my next item from a company called revolve clothing these shorts are from a brand called one by one teaspoon I think the main brands just called one teaspoon but

this brand makes the Mo’s crazy unique distressed worn in vintage looking denim pieces this particular pair is the wild wash in their bandits collection the bandits collection is meant to be worn very low in the hips kind of relaxed and hippie surfer style I’m not gonna lie are

a super investment these diner shorts are about $100 apiece it’s just something unique that I definitely don’t have in my closet next doors she inside I only picked up two things from there the first one is a long sleeve shirt that’s cream and black and it’s in this

really big windowpane grid pattern it cost less than $15 this pattern is crazy hot right now and the best part about it is you can wear it for a spring summer fall or winter and for my second item from she inside I got this gorgeous blue embroidered dress

tunic I’m probably gonna wear it as a dress cuz I’m short what drew me to this dress was just the gorgeous embroidery down the center the blue is so bright and I really love anything with a ruffled hem on the bottom because it’s just really cute and flirty

it only cost $20 and I can’t wait to wear it it’s like man and the last store on this shopping hall trip is forever 21 first item I want to show you guys is my new favorite t-shirts I got them in black and white I love them so

much these are oversized like kind of linen blend t-shirts that have a bunch of distressed holes in them these t-shirts are definitely a must-have if you’re into the grunge trend and these t-shirts are only $14 which i think is a great steal I think that these look great

over other distress items or you can also pair them with more polished jeans my next item from forever 21 is a tribal tunic dress I’m obviously really into tribal tunic dresses right now which is so stupid because I’m going to Thailand where I could buy a bunch of

this stuff from probably where it’s made but whatever this dress is so cute for a couple of reasons it has a really gorgeous embroidered neckline and has really cute tassels for a little bit of fringe just a really loose breezy dress that has a lot of color and

I could pair it with high heeled sandals or flat sandals and I just think it’s like an instantly cute look this one is a little bit pricey for forever 21 it’s $28 but I think it’s well worth it because as so many really cute intricate details and moving

under the final item of today’s haul video what do you know there are another pair of medicator sandals these gladiator sandals are so adorable because you get a great color a great style for less than $30 absolutely love this eggplant color it is so different it’s so unique

and the fact that it’s a lace-up sandal I mean it could fit any calf with I mean it really conforms well to your body so definitely love these I honestly think these are all sold out they sold like hotcakes I wish I brought them in more colors but

I know that they’re gonna be releasing a lot of different gladiator sandals throughout the summer so please make sure to catch these because they made them pretty well this season I love them alright guys give this video a big thumbs up if you want me to share more

of my shopping trips with you guys if you haven’t caught my latest fashion lookbook make sure to click right here to check out my awesome 70s retro fashion lookbook so you can click right here to check out my latest beauty video I talk about skin care products that

you definitely need on your next plane trip but you want to hit me up you can hit me up on Twitter and Instagram at miss EJ Louie I love you guys and I’ll catch you next Thursday bye

Summer Fashion Haul 2018

if you don’t know Louise of your roadmap it’s the Italian online platform with it’s well worth having on your radar their collection of designer pieces for summer are seriously amazing and with some of them even on sale now it’s the collection well worth checking out so first up

we have this incredible Zimmerman may suit they’re not a cheap brand when it comes to investing amazing summer pieces they’re kind of the one you want to go for yeah I’m pretty much every single thing someone touches it turns to gold this sleeves it’s kind of like a

little baby doll but it feels just so cute and so elegant and modern and I just love it yeah there’s a lingerie vibe to it isn’t there with the big sleeves and the it’s got a kind of like 1920s yeah feel to it like boudoir vibes but as

you say everything Zimmerman does is hyper-feminine yeah hyper pretty and that’s really on trend right now so if you want to tap into that then it’s working investment yeah next up we have this perfect summer top by s JYP is the lightest cotton and this is a strapless

top but it’s got these really lovely details that make it just a little bit different yeah we’re always talking about blue shirt stripy shirt everything and this is kind of almost like your summer alternative isn’t it if you want to wear something a little bit revealing been a

bit fresher yeah exactly perfect with jeans but great on holiday as well it’s a really good piece that I think it’ll come back to you time and time again and I think almost like a good day to night top as well I think yeah really easily dress this

up even in winter with like leather skinnies and amazing heels and great earrings or something like that so it’s so kind of a really versatile top which you can star in so many different ways so true and it’s so easy in Samba to spend a load of money

on really trendy pieces but actually it pays to buy pieces that even though they have some kind of trend elements to them we honor because people keep coming back to you definitely and you’ve got this like real asymmetric shapes down the side which is really cool good for

when you eat a lot it’s really wider yeah really cool Isabel Marant as well is a bit of a favorite of ours for summer pieces because it’s not hugely expensive part their investment pieces again that really not so this linen dress is a really prime example this is

it also available in and it’s just a really useful piece that you’re gonna keep forever yeah Islam Iran is one of my absolute favorite French designers and their trial range is a really nice way of being able to buy into the brand but as Charlotte said a little

bit more affordable you’ve got this amazing thrill detail around the front I think it also comes in a denim as well so you know so many different colors depending on your style almost tapping into that wrap dress trend as well but it’s almost just as a skirt I

just think this is so versatile and it’s the perfect opportunity to kind of show a bit of skin it’s got a nice short length but actually it’s not too naked there’s a lot of dresses that are really really revealing and this kind of keeps you covered on top

while showing off a little leg yeah and perf it was like a leather jacket or a denim jacket and boots or sandals like I think your styling options are really easy with this I know this is the one that set your heart racing Lou this amazing self-portrait top

support rate has really evolved over the last few years it really started with a lot of kind of mesh dresses and now we’re seeing these incredible going out pieces like this I mean this is just a WoW piece oh it really is you’re so right there much more

renowned for their dresses but these statement tops are just as powerful as the dress you’ve got this really structured detail around the front it’s just a piece in itself you have really don’t need much else going on with this amazing almost like Bridal buttons down the sleeve 100m

I’ve actually got this in navy and I’m wearing this to a wedding this summer so I think it’s a perfect option instead of a dress if you want to wear separate yeah and separates can’t just be a little bit cooler calm okay I think with this dress you

have to picture the scene you have to imagine white sandy beaches and glamorous cocktail hour this is from Amana Savano which is so light I can’t even tell you how light this is on the hanger and it’s so elegant and you know waft II and just fabulous for

throwing one over something costume you’re right I mean that is like the epitome of elegance isn’t it it’s so stunning really beautiful you’ve got that drawstring detail at the waist you could sort of cinched at in like over swimwear or in the evenings it’s just oh it’s just

stunning yeah it’s so nice to kind of glamorize it with a bit of gold like some amazing gold here Gor just feel like hot holiday nights but yeah as you say perfect cross duty too you could also just wear this over jeans but yeah housing the UK as

well like it doesn’t have to be a holiday and although it’s like a more sophisticated approach to the boho trend definitely it’s got kind of canary vibes yeah gorgeous this guy is by Mademoiselle and they’re really renowned for really feminine floaty pieces a bit like Zimmermann but more

pared back yeah so this is a bit of a surprise from them because place a pretty statement look this is so gorgeous and we’ve talked a lot about separates for the evening yeah I mean this is the way to make an impact definitely and again another one of

those amazing dates and options that you could see this with like a simple white t-shirt and then dress that with like something black for the evening something got sort of slinky sale yeah it’s just got this incredible overlay with this beautiful gold detail which means there’s a bit

of a kind of weight to it as well they’ve got this really light cotton slip underneath and so it’s not gonna be revealing and it’s just really come to is that MIDI is that yeah I like it see I’m really elegant we really really elegant lovely with just

like a mule gorgeous with their shoes a marina two-piece suits are everywhere this season it’s officially time to embrace them and if you’re looking to invest in a really classic version turn to Max Mara with this beautiful neutral version isn’t this gorgeous so nice and if dresses aren’t

your thing then it’s a great opportunity to be wearing these suits which are so on-trend right now it’s almost like a tuxedo style blazer yeah with that detail on the lapel a slightly cinched in waist and at the button you know they’re really interesting it’s like a cuff

link I love how their lip has a slightly different shade as well it makes a piece look that bit more expensive and then you’ve got the trousers which again the reason to invest in the two-piece suit is because you can wear a second yeah it’s such a win

so again Charles is so elegant with a white blouse perfect for the office yeah then as you say together an amazing alternative to address and that I like amazing over a slip dress so you’ve almost got so many outfit combinations with these two pieces but a real statement

as a jeweler definitely and it’s a double breasted trend that’s so prevalent right now isn’t for you this is a really nice more classical Turner tip if you’re looking to spend a little bit more than the high street but you don’t want to really set out danny is

the brand for you and this slip dress I mean we’ve seen this with so many influences this is just the perfect summer edition to order yeah Gani is the brand of the street style styles isn’t it and this dress is just amazing it’s silk I think this is

know so long and I said it’s kind of like the slip dress trend but a little bit more contemporary I think with that sort of floaty edge of the bottom Utley and the prints a bit different suit you know there’s a lot of really feminine floors around this

is a bit cooler it’s on the black background which again makes it another kind of transitional piece later in the year and with the oranges and the power holes it’s just a little bit less UltraGuard exactly and I think it being almost on a black base makes it

a sort of a floor of print feel less feminine definitely cutesy so it’s almost a bit more of a like a tomboy spin on a floral dress basic definitely and it’s really easy to style over a white tee you know like by pear if you do want something

a bit more tomboy but then at the same time sweep your hair up some amazing earrings handles and it’s feminine too it’s just a really easy shape isn’t it when it comes to real holiday dressing it doesn’t really get much better than a short miniskirt and this is

one one as well when I want to shake it yeah light and cute and fun so light and airy like this is kind of one of her statement styles that appears season after season is really timeless it’s been 50 and as you said it’s just really fun amazing

for like festivals for this season really cool with her ankle boot style equally amazing with like trainer yes definitely I was just about to say the way you see her put them on her models isn’t like ankle boots without chunky knit or even like a military yeah thing

you know to really kind of French it up a little bit yeah as you say perfect with just a white tee and trainers running around yeah I think it’s kind of when it’s such a feminine style you always want to toughen it up somehow so it kind of

looked her for inspiration if you’re not completely convinced by the pink trend then the easy way to toughen it up is by injecting a bit of red and the stress cuts out the middleman and put the two together for a kind of less sickly take on the really

bright pink trend yeah I mean we’ve looked at a lot of neutrals and they’re everywhere this summer but really nice to have a pop of color in your wardrobe and you’ve got the pinks and the red and then you’ve got this Lily print running through you’ve got tie

details at the sleeve and also here with a little cutout detail I’m just the front which again just these little details just add something to it and this cutout detail with the bow again is like a real trend for summer it keeps coming back again a way to

make something long-sleeve and maxi length a little bit more contemporary yeah and a really fun isn’t it like yeah it’s an amazing color again you’ve got a really beautiful shape to the bottom of it incredible on holidays definitely and we talked about separates but if you don’t really

know where to begin putting together pieces from summer this is an amazing amazing investment just with a pair of mules or a pair of heels whatever it just is an outfit that instantly works definitely this is another incredible piece the whole Sherlock’s team has gone mad for it’s

another different slant on a slip dress with this gorgeous sort of fishtail detail the pressure and the amazing red polka dots it’s amazing and it’s so nice to see a polka dot dress that’s not on a black basis on white and it’s red polka dot same with this

top we’ve seen so much black so it’s really nice to see this and wow it’s just it’s amazing isn’t it yes so nice I think a polka dot print on an evening dress automatically makes it a bit more playful which is really lovely for summer Louisa V Roemer

always has a really good selection of not too expensive designer jewelry as well already Biderman is a brand that people just definitely have on their radar these gorgeous turquoise pieces are so perfect for summer oh I love these such an amazing color turquoise gorgeous I love this kind

of turquoise with coral yeah so amazing for summer to say perfect if you’ve got any of those tones but also it really dresses up just you know classic white pieces to definitely I think that’s like the key to these statement earrings is that they are sober so and

you can wear them with something as simple as t-shirt and jeans and then with one of these amazing dresses as well we can’t go away without talking about the shoe collection from Louisa via Rome as well these G&B toes are just everything oh my god they’re such a

classic shape that is never ever ever going today like they are so elegant so beautiful so feminine but also really set I was just about to say this is such a sexy shoe I’m gonna slip on on it is I mean it’s got a really high arch which

is what makes it sexy and it’s got a height but the amazing blush silk just makes it a really feminine piece too and the perfect amount of toe cleavage yeah I love a bit of Turkey fish like that gorgeous and we have absolutely saved the best for last

the best thing about the ways of your aroma is there are some brands that you can’t really get on a lot of British equivalents but no new Blahnik being one of them these mules I mean we’ve both been lusting off these for how long they they are just

stunning I’ll it who’s want to run away with the the most beautiful shoe in the world so they really are they come in so many different colors and they’re just heavenly they really are and we’ve discussed the merits of buying these in a neutral color they’re an expensive

shoe so if you want to go for the Navy like that’s completely understandable but at the same time if you’re gonna spend the money buying a real pop of color piece that’s gonna go with literally everything yeah is is so worthwhile and these are also such a timeless

shoe they were look as amazing on someone in their 20s or someone in their 70s like totally amazing and whilst this shape is really on trend right now these things always come back yeah and you buy them now you wear them again in 10 years when it’s next

on trend like you will literally ever and there’s also a really comfy heel I mean we are literally go on and on about how amazing these shoes are forever just amazing food do one inch okay let’s go [Music] you [Music]


hey guys it’s me Jerry what come back to my channel hope you guys are all doing well today hope you guys are having an amazing week an amazing Friday TGIF finally alright today I’m doing my top six fashion trends and essentials for summer 2016 this is great in

case you guys are interested in any trends and essentials that you guys might need for the summertime perhaps you guys are gonna go shopping and you don’t know what to get or you want to get new items for the summertime and you’re like what do i do what

do i do what do i get so think of this like a little guide that I have for you guys and these are things that I have you know found and seen and noticed on runways blogs magazines articles and all the above so hope you guys enjoy this

I’m gonna get right to it so first off trend and essential number one for summertime for men’s fashion is the palm tree print by M palm tree prints have been seen everywhere if the guys go to stores like fashion stores clothing stores you will notice a lot of

palm tree prints for the summertime and they come in t-shirts like this or also in like button-down shorts you’re just going to be seeing the palm tree silhouette print on a lot of different pieces and clothing items and stuff so keep an eye out for that it’s just

a great summer piece and I personally love palm trees if you guys follow me on Instagram you guys will see that I post a bunch of palm tree pictures it’s just my hometown I’m from Palm Springs so there’s palm trees you know everywhere outside right now in front

of my window I just see palm trees everywhere so hits close to home you know alright moving right along to a fashion trend an essential number two numero dos is actually board shorts in particular shorter board shorts I think I mentioned this is a trend glass you know

spring it was like shorter shorts well now they are you know transitioning the shorter shorts look but four board shorts so these shorts for example I know they’re just a really big trend the shorter you know shorts for instance if you go to the beach or you know

out to a pool or wherever it is they may be shorter board shorts are in a huge trend I personally like the short shorts I’m not really a fan of like the huge long board shorts but I mean tweets throwing you know fashion trends are meant to be

you know to pick and choose what you like best what fits into your style so you don’t have to you know put on every single trend that you see out there unless that’s your thing then you know by all means go for it but yeah and I also

got these right here just another example of the board shorts these are like Hawaiian floral print but India you can see shorter short how many times have I said shorter short in like a minute let me know I can’t wait for my beach trip in August can’t wait

all right we got two fashion trend and essential number three which is my current favorite thing at the moment which is linen linen shirts are everywhere right now it’s a great transitional piece from spring to summer time actually growing one right here in this video and I just

have been wearing them a lot lately it’s just great it’s breathable it’s light and it’s just great for like I said spring/summer and for the beach you know warmer climates are like a you know a warm evening night or a you know a summer night it’s just a

great shirt because not too warm and too heavy it’s just perfectly light never know about you guys but I like comfort and style mix into one that’s my my thing right there I love being comfortable I’m per usual I will list all the items that I’m showing in

this video as well as when I’m wearing today like this shirt right here I’ll have it all listed and placed on my shop parcel dot meet /g Rousseau checked it out boy oh boy William my guys moving on to fashion trend essential number four right number four yeah

number four is our denim jacket denim jackets or back but in my opinion actually denim jackets are a big trend and essential a huge essential in your wardrobe every man’s wardrobe for you know the intern whoops you can wear this throughout the year honestly in my opinion you

can wear this many different ways you wear them with grabbing t-shirts buttoned down so you can dress them up dress them down this is a great transitional piece and a great essential for your wardrobe but they’re huge right now in the summertime and I know I just love

it especially I like this vintage look with this particular jacket right here which by the way I have a DIY video coming out very soon that I want to film it’s how to make your denim jackets or denim jeans more vintage you know looking let me know if

you guys want to see that especially for summer nights when it gets a little chillier out throw this on you’re good to go alright up next number five it’s actually in excess and actually sunglasses in particular mirrored sunglasses like this mirrored sunglasses are everywhere you’ll see them in

red blue green they’re just mirrored in general yeah these are just really huge right now at the moment so you guys have these also in your wardrobe bring them out actually when you’re weighing a nice silhouette outfit or like monochromatic colors like blacks Gray’s whites throw on this

and it brings you a nice splash of color so I don’t know I like it now lastly moving on for number six they’re actually shoes and these are my favorite as well at the moment espadrilles and they have them in many different colors these are actually super breathable

comfortable I mean it’s kinda like your pair but they’re like the summer version of vans slip-on shoes these are just like that you just slip them on you’re good to go you can wear no socks with socks because they have holes all around the shoe and this suede

right here so you can just you know rock it with no socks and you’re still fresh and you know all summery and actually have the same ones but in black I’ve been wearing them all throughout the springtime for like two months now I they’re actually already kind of

tearing up a little bit because I literally been wearing these most of the week they’re super comfortable great without fits great for your summer outfit and I found this awesome brand that I really like it’s the Bronx it’s called Bronx the shoe brand for espadrilles they’re really really

well made and I just love them and yeah wrapping it up here that is basically it for today’s top six fashion trends and essentials for summertime men’s fashion hope you guys enjoyed this let me know down below the comment section what is your favorite fashion trend that I

mentioned today did I leave anything out that you want to talk about what is your favorite let me know down below in the comment section I’d love to know the story conversation down here and with that being said I will leave you guys here subscribe to the guys

are new as well totally free to join the j1 fam take care of you next to everyone you guys are the best and it will see you guys until then