The main course begins now Last time I uploaded the first 'Summer Fashion Essentials' video on my t-shirt collection This time it's a subchapter in a chapter In my fashion hauls I often showed you guys Revolve products This time I got to collaborate with Revolve So I can show you more Revolve products in detail I caught a cold so my voice is a bit off, please understand! I'll show you guys the product I picked up I'll show you guys five brands in total These are online brands so I wasn't sure of the sizing I'll share some tips on choosing the right size online, after all my experiences of getting the wrong size The first brand is called Tularosa This is the first time I bought from them I bought a top from them It's in this sort of design It's like linen.



a very cooling fabric It's not a soft fabric Like polka dots, There are little details like this Not sure if this shows up on camera It's made of 100% linen Isn't it so cute? With the ruffle detail It might've looked a bit boring if it just dropped straight down over here But the ruffles definitely add some volume The sleeves are like that too I got this in a XXS, although I got XS at first Because on revolve, on the sizing chart, They have the model's size and their measurements That really helps The model looked great so I picked a XS There's the ruched detail in the middle So this part looked a bit large So I exchanged to a XXS You can adjust the ruched detail Using this you can make the top longer or shorter So the ruching ends up butterfly-shaped This one's not super cropped Very pretty! There's a brand called Lovers + Friends I really like their style I picked up two from them The first is a basic cropped tee It's surprisingly difficult to find a good basic cropped tee The sleeve length and how cropped it is are important And all these aspects have to look good together The material's quite stretchy Super soft too It's made of 5% elastane And most of it is rayon So it's really flowy These are really breezy in the summertime It feels cooling And it fits great, so I picked this one up If you have one white cropped tee, you can wear it with anything You can easily wear it inside something else The model wore a size S So I bought a size S as well And from the same brand.



the color is so so nice It's a toned down lavender Such nice color, and it has a ruched detail So you can adjust the length on both sides It's not that short either So it looks really nice on I bought this mainly for the color These two would look really cute together too It reminds me of gym shorts It's made out of one of those flowy fabrics It's in that kind of material I got this in a XS Because the model was wearing a XS This would look really cute with some sneakers in the summer I really hope shorts weather to comes soon The next brand is Majorelle From my old fashion hauls.


do you remember a cropped brown fur jacket? That brand has really nice products I got four things from them! The first one is This one! You guys must've been wondering where this one's from The color of this top reminds me of hello kitty It's knitted so it might be a little hot It's a really stretchy knitted material It's not super cropped, just cuts over your belly button I bought a XS but the shoulder area is a bit tight It's not too awkward but it's a tad small there But because this is so stretchy, it's really comfortable This is their new product for the summertime So it doesn't look hot or anything Although it's a little warm Still super cute! Gingham print has that vintage vibe So I think it'd look great with blue jeans The next one from Majorelle is.



A really trendy design This is the definition of “vintage” Reminds me of F.






S I immediately fell in love with it These eyelet details are popular in summer The model was wearing a XS So I bought XS as well If you're getting a Majorelle top, In these blouse-y, shirt-y fabric, You might want to size down I was thinking of returning it to get a XXS When I got this, the front ruched part was completely stretched out So it looked super roomy I thought it was just a decoration, not for adjusting the size and all But it's adjustable And as I adjusted it, it fit me better The scoop neckline is really nice too And it has two ruched lines here to snatch that waistline! It's such a lovely top Overall it's really pretty This was also available in baby pink color That was super pretty too It's so hot I'm going to tie my hair up Aren't there so many cute things this time? The third product is similar to the top I just showed you This also has the eyelet detail, but in a different design This has shorts attached The neckline is really deep I'd either have to pin it here or wear it with a tank top inside I saw some foreigners wearing this one, but they wore this without anything inside For me that's a little revealing Wear something inside if you guys are not so comfortable like me I see a lot of these button details on Revolve I don't know if you remember the jumpsuit or the skirt I think I showed you a lot of buttoned products The sleeves are like this, really cute! It's not super puffy and overwhelming though It's not too big, super cute This part cinches in the waist, and there are pockets too I bought it in XS, and the model was wearing XS too It's not too roomy or too tight Recently I've been seeing lots of strapped detail shoes This romper would look perfect with those shoes For my next “seven birds one stone” video, I think I'll do a strapped shoe one And the last Majorelle product! It's this red colored top – super eye catching It's what I would wear if I was traveling in Spain This one was the one I bought the wrong size I bought this in XS at first, same as the other top This is even more scoop neck than the white top This is too.



It might be because my chest area is different from the models This was really loose so if I bend over a little I would flash everyone This has a ribbon detail but it doesn't adjust the neckline So I ordered a XXS Although this one doesn't have as much detailing, the color itself is quite intense This one has one cinching detail at the waist And it has these buttons that I like You can also tighten the neckline slightly with this ruched detail The sleeves are really short though I think that makes it look cuter As you can tell, the neckline is super wide The XS one had an even wider neckline I was thinking, how could this be a XS? I think Majorelle really cares about small details though This top is lined As the price is quite high, the quality is great The fabric on the outside is a tad rough, as this is linen But inside, it's lined in a really soft cotton material So I really liked that detail The last brand is 'Privacy Please', do you remember this brand? I bought from Majorelle and Privacy Please before This time as well, I picked up this really nice pair of pants I didn't have enough pants, so I got this paperbag style pants I see this style a lot recently When you takeout food, they put it in a paper bag right? And they crumple the top bit Paperbag pants are inspired from that design These pants often have belts You can see the little details Just like a paper bag, the top widens up a little This one's made in such a summery color too I imagine wearing this in Nice, France This has three tones, the slightly blueish hue the white and the beige hues I got this in a XXS I think I made a good choice The model was wearing a XS But you really have to look at the model closely If you don't want ill-fitting clothes You have to look at their height and waist, if that's available And Revolve has those information, which is great You really have to analyze how the clothing fits on the model How tight the waist is, and how tight or loose the hip area is That model was wearing a XS I saw she had a bit of room in the waist and hip area So considering I'm shorter than the model So I got a smaller size, which I think was a smart choice The waist fits perfectly, and the rest fits very loose, which looks great The length for me, cuts at my feet So I don't have to get it tailored This fits so nice These two would look great together And also with this white tee This is also made of linen These are an absolute must in the summertime If I had to pick out another detail It's the lining Most linen pants like this aren't lined Without the lining, it's a little see-through, like most other linen pants So I really appreciate this detail The clothes on Revolve are a bit pricy but you can see that people paid attention to details Most clothes are in the mid-100 dollars range But actually in Korea as well, in brands like &otherstories, most products are over 10 million Won Yes, it's slightly more expensive than &otherstories, but the quality makes up for it There's one thing I forgot to show you guys! I bought this top from the same brand This one! Isn't the color so pretty This one's also a toned down lavender It's slightly different from the shorts though This one's more pink And this has more purple hues Super cropped, with these cute frills At the back, there are frills at the bottom There are lots of spaghetti strapped tops that are adjustable through these ribbons So I picked up this top in such a gorgeous color It would look pretty with the pants As this is really cropped, it'd look cute with something quite high-waisted The color is just so pretty The bottom has frills right? The funny thing is when you move around This whole thing just moves up and down like it's alive It's quite funny But I guess I'll just have to not move my shoulders I got this in XS This fits comfortably I really wanted to show you guys these items quickly So I filmed this even with a runny nose I wanted to share them so bad In the first part I just showed you the really basic t-shirts So that was more like an appetizer And these, these are the main course! So today I shared with you my first collab with Revolve I'm sure you guys would love the items I picked up Thank you for watching I'll see you again in Part 3, with super pretty items Please look forward to it! I'll see you in the next one! Bye!! The shipping is really fast It comes in FedEx Express It takes.



3 days? Within 3 days, from LA And some items are duty-free So there's a small tag on the website if they're duty free So you can get them at a lower price range When you first sign up, you get a discount code You get a 10% off discount code if you sign up to the newsletter So you can get their clothing at a slightly more affordable price I shared with you all these lovely items today I hope you get your hands on some of them!.

FASHION NOVA Summer Haul – Boyfriend Buys, I Try!

what I do baby today that's a little special this package arrived as you can see it says fashion or bought some clothes for Kristin I picked them out I think doesn't fire fits for her I'm gonna see today you should make something disclaimer it's okay when it comes to guys clothes but when it comes to girls clothes don't let him shop for you today I'm scared in here is some fits that you guys are going to look at you may be like this guy fresh guy what know how to dress my girl City voiceover everything in this bag is hot girl summer cold Jojo you're waiting they won't fit second of all I feel like you probably got me a whole bit too me on stuff I do not like neon I don't like being either at number three I feel like it'll probably be else you know make it what why would I want you to be skinny kid that's what you like no it's not then you don't know me okay well we're gonna so we're gonna talk about this later [Music] alright guys so we're gonna try them the first outfit this one late guys know don't forget to subscribe eternity reports notifications new videos come in all the time Christmas love to come out with your first vid I am excited to see my veins when you baby come out let me see what you're working with oh it's a hover okay you're like more like a chill fit like there's a chill fit movies bully anything I was looking you would get more like patio think it sort of like a raincoat material I know you guys love to help what do you read this Elfi that picked up for you and don't forget it fits you perfectly coz I know your size so I know my girl I know honey no fix ya know make a claim because if we're going with the hot girls somewhere by you know I don't feel like this would necessarily things like I go somewhere doesn't necessarily mean everything needs to be top it in line I'm very clear this is nice little fit you look nice today what do you talking about great oh okay [Music] I'm lucky enough I get to see this beautiful girl every single day you guys are only getting a little glimpse of what she's wearing right now what I see it every day and trust me these these clothes in here all right will you see her your jaws dropping just like mine I'm telling you trust outfit number two oh this one I absolutely love oh wow this one is a mix of classy that is fire this one is so chic you type she told me I have no tanks yeah look at this she's not doing more science but like this this is a really nice guys I love this detailing of course I knew you would like it I love the length of the arms and sleeves and I love the length of this skirt it's like a pencil skirt I just love it knew it is my favorite wait what are you reading I'm gonna have to go into ten – of course this is like my son yeah mmm-hmm every day anywhere anywhere anywhere anywhere everywhere five-year for that tough all right we're gonna show you guys make out of it bring it back okay now we're getting a little excited okay I tried to tell you guys I am a Snyder I should be a designer because the way that outfit fingers look like an hourglass very mineral statue Statue of Liberty outfit number three it was looking about I'm thinking where this just going out to a barbecue I like the color I think you're on like a pink leg if you like hangers marry you yes it gives you a nice look okay cool so this is like an long-sleeve short-sleeve honey calm down I'm gonna go with his six the first one was seven and the skirt outfit it was ten this is a six-mile cancer – no they're really nice this is again another chill fit thanks fit since you want to disrespect me okay I don't know if it was enough holy shit outfit what she doesn't mean order ten Christian was here with attentive she doesn't know what a tennis outfit number for this outfit I'm telling you jaw-dropping Kristin come on [Music] okay so normally I do it the king it's just my service without well with the raw but just the sticky Ross no because I don't have that here today and I'm wearing my black bra with it but I'll show you the back later it's all open so you're gonna need that sticky bra – such a cute little mini dress fine china okay it's really nice I love her color it's like a gold and it's like spat material I would definitely want to put a press to this so it's less wrinkly let me know if you I would give this a 10 you're in England it seems like the beige nude kind of fits are getting a 10 Pink's are a little bit lower but they're still fighting chill in the back to the back okay so this is the back there is a tie you could do a bow I did put it inside just cuz I thought it was better concealed that's what I'm talking about the sizzle are you ready hurry up man she said she's coming she's still not coming how much daughter too much longer the people are waiting are you guys excited of it are you guys excited for an outfit because I am the tightness you should take me somewhere fancy yeah yeah take it to me come sit down beside me in still no fire how we looking she looks like my queen personally I'm gonna have to give this one okay Niang can be any color but super bright like acidic guys already know the best fits I have her in the hot girl summer fits she's the best looking shorty out there and down my surety is the best-looking girl on those streets culturally camera let me looking right now I don't know it's still fired I like it just happy I'm not a fan of neon colors but this is this is hot it's like if someone touches me they'll sizzle so this is like a coral color it's a mini dress of course then it has this strap here sorry three thing is an extra small right yeah it's just my everything okay that's what you are young very small very tiny okay you could sit on you I mean anything okay you want to go with that eight just I don't typically wear these colors but this is something new for me like I could start liking a little bit more sorry I know my I like to talk about my average is really high right now yeah they're like yeah 9.

5 average right now you sold my what do you mean oh my fish were at 10 except for the other one no rubbers like I ate in my life it's a nine point six minutes seven and then a 10 10 and a 10 11 towards the nine point seven yards Abraham it's a nine point seven let me do the math the last bit guys I need you guys to comment like and subscribe to the page for more videos comment down below what you think the best outfit Chris didn't put on but personally I loved the two-piece beige outfit you guys on your way you liked the last outfits coming right now this one inspired – yes honestly I think this one's my favorite woods yeah I'm I'm such a simple person I love simple colors I love simple fits I don't like anything too detailed you know it's just very simple classic this is nice this is this is good this is good for me man I like it – yeah wait I didn't think that you would like it the best I thought you would like the two-piece Burgundy number 80 help it see I love I love love love that one but this one it's not cropped it's not anything too revealing if it's just good to go like I don't got to worry about anything in this like I could just whatever you know I can go to bed in this and still wake up and I think fuck okay we read this one I'm gonna give this one a 12 a 12 out of 10 now you have it there you have it I am scientist so if you are a company out there and you're looking for a stylist call me if you ain't know what it is well honestly when I seen the fist I was like yeah this will work well be a hundred percent I was like this Christian right here nothing yeah of course it was none that needed to be too hard to find what do you thought it alone I know what you did I know you decide what you wear I know your style I love these little straps here how it just goes into like it's just beautiful this is just this is so good for me right now I love it alright guys you heard it from her she loves all the fits thank you let us know if you love this fits all let us know what you're that guy let us know we'll be back with another video next Sunday watch out for us [Music].

(ENG)10만원 이하!! 여름 원피스 하울~!!👗👑💕Summer Fashion Haul💗

Hey guys! This is Aerim It's been a long time since I uploaded a haul vid This vid will be about dresses and I do this every season But this haul will be a bit different from other dress hauls when I uploaded a vid called “dresses for twenties”last time, someone left this comment can you possibly upload a vid for mid-late twenties? I hope you introduce dresses that cost around $100 I used to introduce cheap dresses before and those dresses were not in good quality This time, I will introduce summer dresses that are expensive but have good quality Let's see if expensive dresses will have good quality and will be more pretty These dresses are from Monchou When I uploaded a vid about summer fashion, I introduced some clothes from this brand Monchou had some pretty new arrivals so I decided to buy some I got 3! Heat Signal vacation dress/ red/ $41 I love wearing red in summer This is a long dress You can tie a ribbon here and the sleeves are very puffy so this dress will make you look cute and refreshing This waist part is an elastic band There's no inner cloth The material is very cool so I think it's a good dress to wear at the beach in summer the waist part is so comfy It's a great dress for summer because of the material 2nd one!- Pom pom embroidery mini dress/ yellow/ $40 It's a pretty yellow.

mustard yellow? Isn't this unique? ethnic prints There are pom poms here It's a V-neck dress but it's not too revealing This part is embroided and it's a long sleeve dress it's long sleeve but the length is short so I think I can wear it in summer It's not too tight It's a very oversized dress I mean it's good to have one oversized dress The front part is embroided the bottom part's also embroided but in a different way I wear this almost everyday I really like these unique prints and color It's short so you should wear shorts underneath Belted banding jumpsuit/ pink/ $50 It's not a dress but I mean the top and bottom's combined together so I counted as a dress It looks lighter in a vid but it's actually kinda darker This neck part is round and not too revealing it's short sleeve soft and thin There's a zipper at the back the pants are long but very oversized oversized pants don't make you feel hot so these are def good for summer also there's a belt inside the back part also has a band not too tight/ feels comfy There's a pocket It's very simple but the color's pretty so I like it There are shoulder pads inside oversized/ stretchy it's not too pink so you can wear it anytime Next products are from Sezwick got 2 from here Jenny pin tuck dress/ ivory/ $54 the texture is very strong.



hmmm angular folds? it's not too long.

it comes right above or below your knees It's a good dress to wear in official settings the sleeves are kinda spread out the sleeves look like a stingray so your shoulder line will look slim also it's not a sleeveless dress so you don't need to worry too much about your arms V-neck Small details like this will make your waist look slim There's a zipper at the back There's an inner cloth It's a H-line dress so it might be hard for you to walk around with this dress on.

Therefore, this part is ripped This dress has an inner cloth underneath so you don't need to worry about your underwears getting seen It was actually very comfy and stretchy makes your body look very pretty but if you have a lot of belly fat, it might not be for you Rosa midi dress/ green/ $55 I can tell that this dress has good quality The material is very strong and there's inner cloth underneath so you don't have to worry about your underwears getting seen it's round neck the length is not too long, not too short.

Think it will come right above your knees the folds will make your waist look slim also there's a zipper at the back.

looks like a dress you can get in a legit department store the quality is really good and the details are just perfect H-line/ the back part is ripped a little bit It's dark green so it might look good on certain people If your shade is too warm or dark then this might not be for you so I recommend this to cool tone gals also this is a good dress for official settings.

so you can wear it to work or on special days recommend it to those in late twenties or early thirties it's pretty big/ stretchy a luxurious office dress Next dresses are from Babi & Pumkin think I've never ordered dresses from here before Procrastinated Diary sleeveless dress $45 I think you need to be careful about underwears bright color/ thin material so be careful about the color of your underwears it's actually very long you can control the length with these straps this looks like a mountain lol It's a laced, flower-printed dress the color's very feminine Isn't this pretty? Looks like a drawing I can't say the quality is perfect.



it's alright There's a zipper at the back There's inner cloth underneath but it's too thin so be careful about what underwears you wear some parts are short and other parts are long It's V-neck and I think this part is see-through but it's actually very pretty the neck part is not tight It's very long so you need to wear heels the flower prints are so pretty My fav Mardi! Mardi- Bali vacation flower off shoulder dress/blue/ $65 it comes with a belt This is not a waist belt; you need to tie it on top of the dress It's a short dress These are frills I got it cuz thought it would be perfect for vacation the material is very thin There's no inner cloth so be careful about what you wear inside The back part is an elastic band but you can wear this belt with it A-line/ frills at the bottom a perfect dress to wear at the beach It's an off-shoulder dress but it doesn't roll down It's very short so recommend wearing shorts inside Now let's unbox those boxes Attrangs when it comes with a vinyl and hanger, I just feel so happy elegant and feminie V-neck long dress/ pink/ $43 will get rid of the vinyl compared to the price, I think the quality is not that great There's no inner cloth but there's this pink silky thing inside It's very thin so you can def wear it in summer The sleeve is not too long V-neck/ a zipper at the back you can tie a ribbon It's a long dress and my fav part about this dress is that it's not straight; it spreads out at the end so the bottom part looks like a mermaid it's very pretty and elegant think it's a good dress to wear when you go on a date the straps look kinda cheap so I think $40 is too expensive for this the color's baby pink and I love it the quality is not too great but it fits me really well makes my body line look nice but your underwears might be seen so recommend wearing apricot colored bras and panties Next up is Like Her This one also comes with a vinyl the color's so pretty.



The dress that I just showed you was dark blue but this one's sky blue, isn't this pretty? Evelyn belt set dress ops/ sky blue/ $54 This is so pretty; reminds me of a dress in Harry Potter comes with this luxurious belt It's a sleeveless dress and there's a zipper at the back round neck/ overall very luxurious There's a waist band/ A-line these will make you look fit There's also an inner cloth underneath the material is not too thin and it feels like suits the material is similar to Sezwick's but it's a little softer the belt is golden so makes you look luxurious This dress is kinda different from other dresses that I have I think this one worths $50 just buy this feels soft and looks luxurious But the stitches around the zipper were kinda tangled so check before you get it Milk Cocoa! I'm a big fan of Milk Cocoa as you guys know It also comes with a vinyl and hanger These dresses are only sold by Milk Cocoa so it took 2 wks to be delivered Some products from Milk Cocoa and Emeli Line start producing dresses as soon as you order them so they might take 2 wks to get delivered so keep that in mind before you order them Bohemian dress – $56 It's super long and it kinda looks like the red dress that I showed you before but this one's darker These are small hearts you can open and close with a zipper the breast part is wrinkled so it's nice the details for each part of the dress are different A-line/ makes you feel cool The inner cloth is red so don't worry about your underwears being seen I wored this when I went to a trip and it was so comfy made me look like Snow White I waited for 2 weeks to get this valuable dress I didn't wear a bra inside but it was still fine recommend wearing a nude bra or pads instead of a regular bra This dress is also only sold by Milk Cocoa so it took 2 wks to get delivered Navy Cafe Rose Dress/ $65 the texture's strong the bottom part is spandex so it's very stretchy feels like suits and the material's very strong There's an inner cloth underneath and there's a zipper on the back I think this band will make my waist look slim The bottom part is diagonal it's unbalanced so it's very unique It's not black; it's navy so I like it I think the color's making this dress better A good dress to wear at exhibitions or art museums the length is not short so you can wear it in official settings the material's pretty thick so keep that in mind before you buy it Because the material's thick the dress looks like it has good quality worth the price good material/ luxurious design I have no words for this.

It's the best The material is so nice so I think I will wear it for a long time yeah so today I introduced some expensive summer dresses Did you like them? I think most dresses I introduced today have better quality than the ones I've introduced before If you have any suggestions for my future vids plz lmk! Hope my vid can make you happy see you in my next haul vid! bye!.


Welcome back to my channel and today I have a fashion haul for you guys.

A Korean fashion haul along with a couple non Korean brands umm I'm actually gonna talk about mostly Chuu items because I have been obsessed and compared to Stylenanda and Mixxmix, Chuu has a lot of affordable options so thats why I went a little crazy but I didn't spend that much so lets get started with this haul.



will start with everything that I'm wearing right now and first I have this strawberry milk tee and I just though it was super adorable and umm I actually picked it up in the pink version as well as you can see here I'm also wearing a new Daniel Wellington watch and this was just released on June 1st and Daniel Wellington sent me a code that you guys can use for a discount and father days is coming up so it might be helpful so definitely check it out im also wearing the minus five kilo jeans today and I love how comfortable they are there not like the super tight ones that I'm very used to wearing but because its very boyfriend style it does make you look like you lost five kilos and I love how holey these ones are.

On my feet I'm wearing these silver Crucial sneakers and I've been obsessed with gold and silver uh accessories whether its sunglasses, my watch and even my shoes so i'm definitely gonna be wearing them and later on in this haul you'll see that I also have another color.

So some of you guys might be like Oh I definitely saw you unboxing it on Joanday but for those of you guys that aren't subscribe to my second channel I wanted to bring those items here as well so some of you guys might know whats to come Alright so moving on to different shirts I picked up we have a pink striped strawberry milk shirt as well as the red you know like when your like shopping and you can't decide which color is better or cuter that happened and thats why I picked up both the colors for these striped shirts as well as these almost baseball tees so The final shirt I picked up was this one right here its very similar to the one I'm wearing right now.


But it doesn't say strawberry milk on it um I really like this one because its not pink or red I wanted to get a shirt where I knew I would wear it like more often than these color ones but yeah I picked this one up as well I picked up two dresses I know two dresses and first we have this red one right here its super comfy to wear and you can wear it as a tube top or wear a white shirt under it like the way I did One of my favorite prints to wear is floral so I had to pick up a floral loose dress and I love the color of this and its perfect for the summer Other than the minus five kilo jeans that I'm wearing right now I picked up one more bottoms and its a skirt and this was from their cherry blossom collection so it was more for spring but I thought it was really adorable with all of these buttons right here and the back.

A new purse that I added to my collection is this one from Grafea and Grafea is a UK brand and I just love the quality of their bags compared to the Cambridge Satchel Company I did prefer this one just because even though it may look smaller than the one I have it fits a lot more.

I can fit both my cameras and a wallet in here which is very impressive so I love this new purse of mine and finally we have two more shoes and first we have these heels right here and you might be confused about what this is Its a ribbon and you basically tie it around your shoe and it just looks adorable and finally we have another pair of sneakers from Crucial which is a Korean shoe brand and I just love how gold this one is So now I have a silver pair as well as a gold one I hope you guys enjoyed this fashion haul if you are curious about any of the pieces I mentioned I will link everything in the description box so it can be easy for you guys to find online and if you want more fashion videos from me make sure to give this video a thumbs up and comment down below because I would love to know alright I'll see you guys in my next video.

Annyeong (Good-Bye).

Fashion Sense – Spring/Summer 2013 Fashion Trends – Soon Collection – Matalan

hi I'm Darren Kennedy and welcome to fashion sense now today I've got Tess here who brought her mom Cathy along for a springtime wardrobe makeover to give him the perfect finishing touches I've got my style team on hand to share their tips on this season's top trends in

hair and makeup first let's go meet the girls hello ladies how you doing good thank you well you're very welcome here today Tess what is it you want to change but your mom's style I just feel like she needs to wear a bit more color color mm-hmm okay

I think she wears too much black maybe something a bit more feminine well how does that make you feel Kathy yeah I'm all for it yeah what is it about black Kathy why do you keep wearing black it's just so easy and I think it's flattering it's slimming

but you can still wear color aunt bee slimming I mean it's all about the choice of cook that you use okay it wouldn't be fair just to make you over Kathy we're gonna turn the table to make tests over as well what is it a bit Tessa style

you'd like to change well I think she was too much class like again on the way tip off the old block and also she's always in G so she should show her legs cuz she's got great legs maybe your skirt dress okay Tess well I think maybe we

can freshen up a little bit with some prints and nice dress Garrett show off your legs and bring out your girly side yeah let's do a I'm excited right I'm gonna choose some outfits but in the meantime I want to introduce you to my style team hi Kathy

hi I'm Erin nice to meet you from sounds be quite like glamorous curly look so what I'm going to do is Carrie Bradshaw style from sex and city so lots of curls and lots and lots of waves how's that sound fantastic good as you mature what I sort

of struggled to hold too much eye shadow so it's best to keep them fresh and clean and clear I'm going to use a nice nude color water maybe not too many shimmers they can sometimes bring out any kind of lines or dryness as well so the best way

to recreate the beachy wave look is just rough drying it so you're basically helping your hair getting as much waving it as possible but then once it's dried just grabbing random bits of hair and then wrapping it around a pair of tongs and then when that's all done

just shake it out and are you going start with moisturizer no matter what foundation is or how good it is it's not going to go on smoothly and it will dry out and become patchy yeah probably come off well they get their hair and makeup done i'm off

to pull some looks together Kathy always wears black so we have to get her into some color I'm thinking of it this piece from the soon collection it's a lace dress an amazing color it just really pops I'm actually I think it worked beautifully with her blonde hair

in her skin tone got nice leave coverage there and as the perfect link hope she likes it this is going to be perfect for test I think it takes many of this season's trends it's monochrome its stripes has an almost 60s vibe there as well and I like

the way it's quite floaty so it'll kind of bringing out her feminine side without being too clingy and we've got that nice little zip detail on the back all right let's see if the girls are ready to get changed the ladies makeover is complete let's see what they

look like ladies come on over here look at you two wow you look amazing look at that color how do you feel I love it I feel great it makes such a change to see you not wearing black I love the color it looks great I mean for

starters it's a really figure-flattering yes it's quite fatigued feminine the long sleeve I just love lace and the fact that my arms are covered I think it's really important I love it how do you feel about your shoes I think they look amazing I love my hair and

makeup I love the earrings and Tess what about you what do you think I mom's look amazing such a chain is very colorful one so happy she looks so good right now you Tess I think you just look like an absolute nutcase how do you feel I know

it did yeah definitely gonna start wearing dresses more often how do you feel about having your legs on display yeah I like having run like that for a change nice I just think this is gorgeous monochrome it stripes it's bold statement jewelry I'm on what do you think

of Tess's looks just looks really good and I'm not used to having curly hair and she looks nice with it I think the accessories are amazing I mean you could wear those you know even with your jeans are you happy oh yeah cool Macy thank you you're very

welcome i made my job so easy thank you so much i think he looked great i'm so happy that you're happy well there you have it i think we succeeded in giving our mum and daughter a springtime glam makeover if you'd like more inspiration for your spring wardrobe

make sure to stay online and check out what me and the rest of the fashion sense team are doing over at matalan cody UK you

Plus Size Fashion Trends to Try™ – July 2015 – Summer Fashion Trends

Hello my sweet Fashionistas! How are you guys? So today, I am back and I am here toreveal my July Trends to Try.

In my Monthly Trendsto Try Videos, I feature some of the best stuff for Plus Size FabulousWomen that I could find in each of the followingcategories: we have Print – a print, have some print or pattern, We have shoes, we have Pants or a Pant.



a Blouse or a Top (this one, either one) A color and then something to do with Hair.

Whether be hair color or hair style.

Then I give you the goods Girlfriend! I give you links to exactly what I talk about so if you wanna pick up something tokinda freshin' your wardrobe for the coming month and be on trend and be sexy at the same time (you know) thendefinitely you can.

July is one of my favorite monthbecause it's nice and hot (right?) and you know right a little summer.

It's so much fun, the enjoyment.



the festivities.





all the fun stuff.

So are you ready to get into my July Trends to Try for Plus Size Fashion?Then just keep watching.

Alright Ladies so for number one for Prints I have this super cute Cardigan fromLands' End now this has kind of like a little it's almost like an applique on top, on the edges, on the front edges, kind of going up from the neckline all the way down to basically the front edge of the Cardigan.

This is what I love.



it's not necessarily a print but it has a print applique on it thatas you can tell in this picture looks perfectly paired.



perfectly paired with a pattern right? I love this because this is a greatway to embrace the pattern and to kind of do like the mixing prints or patterns kind of Trend without really having two separate garmentswith two separate patterns.

I saw it and I was like.


“ohh, that is so cute!”plus it's so classic I think really it would go with things you know forliterally seasons to come but it's just so cuteand like I said it's the perfect thing.

So if you're.



if you've always been wanting to mix prints but you're kinda scared go with this Cardigan.

It's perfect, it's classy and it's ohh so cute.

Alright, number two is Shoes.

Lend me some shoes.

These are super cute.

These are from Torrid.

They are Gladiator Sandal but they have a wedge.

I think that's my favorite part.

A wedge givesyou a little bit a lift without the risk of feeling like you'regonna topple over right? These are super cute, I love the kinda looks like rose gold but goldishhardware or gold toned hardware I should say.

and from what I saw on the site, itcomes in black, not sure if it comes in another color.

That's the only thing I hateabout sometimes when you shop like (you know) you see this colorand you're like “oh that's great” and then I'll see it comes out in a different color on you had no idea like okay.


anyways, that was my rant but I thinkthese are super cute I think they're perfect for pairing withdresses, skirts, some cute capris I mean they're pretty universal but I also likethem because you're gonna dress them up and down so and they're totally on trend so superstar be.



super cute.



love it! love it!Great job Torrid! Next up is Pants.


and the silhouette that I chose, these are so beautiful.

Their Chiffon Palazzo Pants we all knowI talked about Pallazo pants already in my Forecast for Spring/Summer but this Pallazo Pants are kinda addressed your side.

It looks likethey have two layers (possibly a third).

They're from Nordstrom.

They're from Alex Evenings (the brand Alex Evenings) and they're just so flowy and fun.

They'reperfect for everybody shape.

They're perfect fordressing up or even dressing down.


honestly even likea little white tank top with with this and as big like black chunky earrings or something.

So basic right, so easy cause Iknow for me in the summer I don't like to wear a bunch of stuff.

Youknow like accessories and stuff.

So this would be the perfect opportunity to have something that'svery flowy, very.



(you know) airy, so you know on summer evenings thatare warmer you still look super sexy and you still getcoverage but I just think they're so beautiful.

Soif you're looking for a pair of pants like this, definitely go pick this up.

I know these are gonnafly out way quick way quick.

For my Blouse or Top feature For July (can you believe it's already July? Oh my Goodness! ) is this super cute eyelet Top.

I love eyelet.

I love it! It's so feminine, it's girly, it's cute.

It's perfect for you know even going to church like orgoing to a park or I mean it's just so universal and it's so stinkin' cute.

It gives texture to youroutfit.

This comes in at least two colors, Isaw it white and like a turquoise color.

They're just so cute.

Honestly, this is one that is onmy list but also because it's eyelet you knowyou get a little ventilation so it's not so trapping of heat if you know what I'm saying.

But it's super cute and it's perfectfor layering so if you're looking for cute top definitely definitely pick this one up.

Second to last thing in my agenda is color.

Now we already talked about ablush pink the last time I think I did a video.

Thistime, I am seeing Orange.

[pointing to scarf and lip color] a Corally Orange or even a brighterorange which both are kind of in this little scarf here.

Anything bright orange so I found this.



here's the deal.


let me say this first Orange is not an easy color to wear and Idon't really care for orange so I have to be very selective aboutwhere I get my orange.

I found this super cute dress.

Check this out, it's a maxi dress from Forever21 Plus.

OMG it has a cute little slit so its kinda sexy.

But it's a little bitI guess you could say oversized so it's definitely perfect for being comfy, being flowy right? running around putting just you knowsome flats on, some sandals you can even go with a gladiator sandals you could dress this up, you could wearlike a lightweight scarf with it if it's kind of like a fresher evening.

I mean this dress is prettyversatile but orange is actually a great orange.

And I think it look really great on most people and because again orangeis a weird color you know it can just.


it's very pickyso I love this one though, I think it's super super cute.

And lastly, let's talk some hair.

So I found this super cute hairstyle and this is something that even me withshorter hair I can still do this (okay?) so I forget her name I wanna say her name is Jam and she iswearing this gorgeous like hold back with thebraid and just kind of like a beachy waves hair.

To me, this hairstyle encompasses summer.

It's just so fresh its you know kinda laid back.

The braidlooks feminine so it looks like you did something with your hair but the bottom of it looks just like youwent swimming in the ocean all day and you just came outwith this perfect ocean waves and then you went to dinner.

So I love this because it's effortless but evenlike me having a shorter hair, I mean I could still do a braid and Yes maybe I would make it all the way to the back so I could braid it together or somethingof the sort.

I would still be able to do that andjust kinda give some texture to my hair but obviously allow you to havea style that's easy – that's what I was thinking for Julyand plus braids are very in right now.

Beachy waves, bigger, you know retro waves you know retro waves are very on trends right now so any of thosethings would you know little variations would work but I justlove this style.

I think it's beautiful.

I cannot wait to try it for July.

So you guys, what do you think? Which one is your favorite? Tell me inthe comments section below which one's your favorite.

If you wanna shop any of these looks they'reall in the info box for you with the links and everything but.


I just I'm so excited about July I just can't even believe it.

It's like literally what next week? Pretty much.


pretty much so let me know which one's your favorite and letme know if you guys pick up something I I will definitely let you guys know if I do because I know some of these are on my list and I'mgonna go shopping this weekend so you never know.

But before I letyou guys go.



okay before I let you go always REMEMBER that your STYLE is not defined by aSIZE LABEL.

With each video that you watch here, youget one step closer to the Plus Size Fabulous YOU! So I love you guys and I will definitelysee you in my next video.


(ENG) SUMMER FASHION HAUL 🐬PART 3. 뭘 좋아할지 몰라 다 가져와봤어(요) 💚(안보면후회😘) | INGHWA

Prep for summer: Summer Fashion Essentials Summer Fashion Essentials / Part 3 [My mic didn't work.


] I'm finally back with Part 3 of the Summer Prep series I was going to show you different styles along with T-shirts last time But that would take a hot minute And I wasn't sure if the stocks would last until then So I'll show you the clothes I've accumulated recently So today's theme is: “IDK what you like, so I'll show you everything!” I'll show you a variety of clothes today Since I've got a lot, I'll move through them quickly today! I've got a lot of pretty colors as today as well I'll show you the tops I have first Tada! So pretty, right? This is from Mango It's in this knitted material I bought it because of the cute ribbon detail here The knitting pattern on the top and the bottom is also subtly different And although it's a bit cropped, it's not too short When you wear something like this, A cute bralette underneath would do And since the material's thick, So you could just wear nipple pasties I bought this in small This would be so cute with a light wash denim Many of you asked me what bra to wear in the summer No matter the season, I like wearing bralettes I really like bralettes from Hollister This season they came out with this bralette It looks like a tank top Although the strap's thin, it's double strapped Hollister has a lot of lace bralettes And the back's sheer and breathable If the back's opaque, that makes it a bit stuffy So the back's in a breathable flowery lace fabric It's a bit padded as well Quite cushiony Hollister's bralettes are cuteeven if it shows through clothes As if you're wearing a regular top I bought this in XS I usually wear a S size from hollister But S size for this one was a bit roomy o I tried on XS, and it fitted me perfectly I tried on XS and it fitted me perfectly So I recommend you to try this on first before buying This is my basic, summer essential innerwear I also got a spaghetti strap top Tada! Gorgeous color, right? Neon colors are quite trendy recently It looks really summery This is from & other stories I got this in the size 34 I bought this in the size 32 first But it felt really tight when I straighten up my shoulders So I changed it to a 34 And this is made out of a silky viscous material The material looks really breezy The fabric almost feels cold My favorite part about this top is How you can adjust the straps with a ribbon So that the neckline doesn't scoop so low One thing I don't like is When I wear this with a nipple pasties And even though this has a thin inner lining You can see through the top So a strapless bra would work better than pasties Because these things look the best when other straps aren't shown I think I'd have to buy a strapless bra I bought a top from & other stories It has a similar, neon green color as the last one It says “France Tour” on it Don't know why though The text is in a nice blue And I bought this because of the color For the first time, I got a size 38 To wear this a bit oversized I want to wear this with cycling shorts Those pants that fall right above your knees That's why I got them in a larger size I think this top looks better oversized You guys asked a lot about this when I uploaded it on my story This is from a brand called It Project I found this brand scrolling through Instagram Their items have super basic cuts, and are really simple This one's a long sleeve tee that's cut at the right length It's really flowy and breezy Although it's long sleeved, you can wear it in summer Because of how flowy and thin the fabric is The color is so perfect too Perfect with jeans To give off a soft look It'd look pretty with sleeves cuffed and tucked into jeans It'd go with anything really I remember them having this in a lime color too The color and the quality are all really great And the top I'm wearing right now! Tada! In the last video I was also wearing a pink gingham top This is from Bershka I got this in the size S As I told you last time, Bershka's sizes tend to be smaller So going up a size or two might be better This has a super nice color palette as well Baby blue, A picnic-y color The bottom part's quite fitted And the top's roomy It has a ribbon on top but it doesn't adjust anything Just a decoration The sleeves aren't too tight either Really pretty It's not too cropped, and it cuts at your belly button With this kind of length, you can wear it comfortably I have nipple pasties on The Hollister bralette would look good with this too Pasties are fine as well Yup, that'd be fine Now I'll show you the dresses I got Tadaa! It's so cute It's a new dress from & other stories The polka dot print is so cute I tried it on at the Apgujeong store and bought it Last time I also bought a skirt in size 32 But 32 was too small This one was a bit tight in 32 as well So I got size 34 There's a small detail here that cinches the waist And these cute buttons that I like Although it's a maxi dress, Because of the slit on the side, It doesn't constrict you nor looks stuffy Since the buttons end here, it opens up from here It also has slits down the side It looks really breezy This has an adjustable strap as well So if this cuts too low, you can just adjust it It'd look cute with a black t-shirt layered underneath And it'd look cute just by itself as well! The next one's from H&M I have two items from H&M They have a lot of tunic style dresses I got this in a size 34 It's in this ethnic/bohemian style That style looks good in summer It has red embroidery on it The sleeves are cuffed The sleeves are a little long for me So I roll them up a bit, like you would with a shirt You can't miss this on styles like these These tassels! You can wear this with it loose, or tied into a ribbon You can adjust the waist So you can cinch in the waist and it looks super pretty If you have something like this, you can easily wear it on your summer holiday The fabric's really thin and breezy The red stitching continues at the back too! This kind of embroidery Almost like cross stitch patterns I'm planning to wear this with some brown suede birkenstocks that come up your ankle Next tunic from H&M! I got this in the smallest size, XS Because this is already quite oversized So I had to get it in the smallest size The overall design and style is similar to the last one But it doesn't have the waist detail, so it's a bit looser and more comfy The sleeves still have cuffs, but this is with a button while the last one was with an elastic It has this pattern all over The pattern's made with small embroideries It's in this oatmeal color I bought this because of the design Almost pajama-like If it's too big, I can cinch in the waist with a belt This would look good in festivals as well I'll come back with a festival look book as well It's quite heavy too Almost like a blanket It's designed with multiple sections here It'd go well with brown rattan bags or any brown bags actually It'd also go well with strappy sandals This would be great as a beach cover up too! I finally bought this skirt from Isabel Marant Etoile It was on sale I first bought it on Matchesfashion But Net-a-Porter had better deals So I got it off of Net-a Porter This skirt wasn't taxed on Net-a-Porter So you can get it at a lower price there This is one of Isabel Marant's signature skirts A wrap skirt! I don't think you can see the structure well because of all the patterns It has two layers like this It has frills, like many other Isabel Marant designs I thought about this one a lot But I saw a blogger wearing this with a white t-shirt It looked so pretty I bought this heavily patterned one as a statement piece for summer The waist.



This is the smallest size In the size 34 The waist is so large I think you're meant to tie this with the strap, like those paperbag styled bottoms I thought it'd have a zipper But it doesn't It's so big it can almost fit my shoulders Because it's so roomy, it's not uncomfortable Just have to secure it with the ribbon It looks better on I got some shorts from Pullandbear Isn't this super cute? I love the color The cutest part is this rope The “rope belt” adds to the cuteness It's really pretty tied up into a ribbon The color though! It's super pastel, reminds me of a summery beach And these visible buttons are nice too I really like it when clothes have cute buttons outside I bought it in size XS XS fits me perfectly, not too small Super loose It'd look good with a white tee Or a linen shirt It screams summer to me! I've got another pair of shorts I bought this recently from & other stories It's in a really dark wash Looks like it'd fade really quick And bleed all the color onto my other clothes I bought this in a 34, as 32 was a bit tight These are high waisted shorts with a side slit And it gets wider at the bottom, in an A-line These will be really versatile I also like the orange stitching The pockets are positioned high up So your legs look longer The material is really dense, and the quality's awesome And I've got a denim skirt here It's from the same brand as the blue top I showed you It Project I bought them together It has a raw hem, Perfect for summer The wash is perfect The quality's great too There's a super unique thing about this skirt Tada! It has shorts inside! So you don't have to wear something inside I personally always wear shorts under my skirt But you can just put this one onOne stone, two birds! It's a bit pricy for a denim skirt But it's a really well-made basic piece I bought this in the smallest size, in small I prefer raw hems on denim skirts Looks more summery and pretty in a simple way I'll start my pants collection.



tada! I got this from H&M I wanted to buy this but all my sizes were out of stock But H&M carries a “P” line, which stands for Petit So if you're around my height, Those around 160-164cm, This is a line for you This is the first time I'm getting a Petit size I was a bit worried but it looks fine! It says “Petit Fit” and is in the size 32P Although it's in the same size, the length is different It's not super short either It cuts right on your feet This is a paperbag style with lots of folds up here I bought this mostly for the color Black stripes on coffee colored fabric This is super thin though, without any lining It feels like one of those super cooling summer blanket So buying a petit size was a new experience for me I found “THE Jeans” These are from It Project It feels like they made this based on my body It fits so perfectly Super satisfied with this one The wash isn't too much either It's not washed out too much Sometimes jeans are distressed and washed in a weird way But this one's really basic and simple It's a little bit of a boot cut And it has a raw hem The quality is really great I want you to come and feel this The hems are slightly distressed, which I like The pockets are good too When I first saw this I immediately noticedhow well made it was It's dense, but soft It's not super high waisted, but just a bit high waisted It fits so great Although it's my first time discovering and buying from this brand If I was to choose just one thing from them, It'd be these jeans Last one! I wear this a lot too I uploaded this on my Instagram stories a lot This is from Come French Kind of has a hipster look The waist fits tight, but it drops in a loose straight cut from the butt It looks quite similar to the Uniqlo U jeans I have The one from Uniqlo U is really wide This one's not as wide It makes you look more delicate This also has a side slit These jeans are a bit long to be honest It fits perfectly with sneakers though Doesn't drag on the ground But it does drag a bit if I have sandals on That's a bit of a shame I'm debating whether to get this tailored or not This fabric has a mix of denim and linen You can tell how cooling and breezy this is It's not one of those stiff and thick denim So it is really breezy But if you sit for a long time, the butt area inevitably gets a bit stretched out I think that's a charm in it though The rise is really high too, two and a half hand spans But because it's quite wide, the rise doesn't feel too high And since it's so loose, you can't tell where the leg starts Super comfy, and super breezy, Perfect as summer pants I really recommend this The It Project one's for all year round This one's really great for summer But for me the waist is a bit big, so I have to wear a belt This is actually a bag I was going to show this in Part 4 I saw this on Instagram It wasn't like a shopping mall This was handmade Like a market, she opens for a period of time and closes I bought this in yellow gingham, although she had a wide range of fabrics She brings cute fabrics like this every season and makes these bags It's a chain bag You can wear it with long straps Or you can pull this through and shorten the straps Like that! It has a clasp like a necklace So you can take the straps out and carry it as a clutch A toned-down yellow bag It's really cushiony It would protect whatever it is you put in Looks like this inside I bought this as a statement piece These chain bags look really refreshing in summer And it's around the size of my palm It can fit quite a bit, your cushion compact and all So this was my collective haul Since my last Revolve video's products were pricer So I was a bit worried about the video It was pricy for me too So this time I'm back with clothes from various price ranges Pick out ones you like, and go get 'em! In the last part, I'll show you accessories, shoes and bags This is all I've got for you today Thanks for tuning in See you in the next one Bye!.

FASHION TRENDS Spring/Summer 2019 + How to Wear Them ǀ Justine Leconte

Hi everyone.

It’s Justine.

If you have been following this channel fora while, you know that I make trend videos like this twice a year: one for Spring/Summerand one for Fall/Winter.

My goal is to inspire you by reviewing whatwe have seen on the runways – but in a structured manner, otherwise the quantity of shows everyseason is overwhelming… And for each trend that I present, I willalso suggest how to interpret that trend in real life, in practice.

To make all this easy to take in, I builtvisual trend boards.

They will be made available on my websiteas soon as this video goes live.

OK, now let’s start with the first trend, which is a color.



Yellow is a very optimistic color, it’sthe color of youth, it is very dynamic & it demands attention.

Here are some examples: at Max Mara, everygarment AND the shoes are matching each other.

An extremely powerful look.

At Givenchy, this beautiful drapey dress isyellow but the feet aren’t.

Then the 3 remaining ones are only partiallyyellow, just to give you different options: Dries van Noten is superimposing a see-through, textured fabric over a monochromatic print: very refined.

Jacquemus tinted the color by adding somewhite to it, making it less “loud”.

And Oscar de la Renta combined statement trouserswith a tunic where yellow is not the dominant color, it’s only an accent.

If you think that you have already seen someyellow around you this year, you are right.

Yellow is already on the photos of your favoriteInstagram fashionistas, in small touches: a handbag, a pair of heels or a light-weightcashmere sweater.

So if an entire yellow outfit is too muchfor you, but you enjoy the color, working with accessories is your solution.


Utilitarian attire.

You know the blue overalls people wear whenthey repair their cars, with a zipper here and pockets everywhere? That’s the inspiration.

And here is the result.

Stella McCartney remained close to the inspiration, but white already makes it more chic, doesn’t it? And I bet it’s incredibly comfortable.

Sacai went for the military look and madethick cargo pockets (cargo pockets are outside, have a flat closure & they can be either foldedflat or voluminous when you put something in there).

Dries van Noten made the silhouette more femininethrough tailoring and a fitted waist, but keeping the pockets.

Givenchy and Fendi belted the waist.

Now keeping the same inspiration, I will showyou examples that are much more wearable than this.

Dries van Noten again: here he only kept acolor and 1 pocket, but now mixed with other fabrics & with more traditional pants.

Fendi was that brown coat with integratedpockets on the outside: now they used a classic jacket and only kept the utilitarian moodfor the belt, the accessory.

Hermès’ version of utility pants is shortened& in a muted beige tone OR still an overall but in a more youthful cut.

Isabel Marant used a silky fabric which drapesmore elegantly and the entire garment falls in a more flowy manner.

So you see that inspiration can be playedfull-look OR rather as part of an outfit OR even simply in the design details, like thesecargo pockets.

Expect these pockets to be everywhere at mass-marketstores, this summer.


Crochet & craft.

Crochet is a technique that seems a bit dated, but in fact it can be re-interpreted endlessly.

And you can also get ajouré effects withembroidery, so this board is a mix of techniques.

If you are looking for inspiration in crochet, look no further than Missoni, in Italy: they are specialized on crochet so they had toappear on this board.

Altuzarra used it as an upper layer: I’msure that Esmeralda wore this dress when dancing in front of Notre-Dame, in Paris.

At Dior, it is a contrast of hard and soft, but matching in terms of color.

At Vuitton, it is adding texture to the outfit:I think this is mesh and not crochet.

And last but not least: McQueen’s embroideries, beautiful.

Notice the voluminous hips: the dress hasmore structure than what it looks like at first sight.

– The easiest way to wear crochet is as alayer over your outfit: actually, you could even buy just the crochet dress and wear overpants and tops which you already own.


Lace but partially.

Real lace is hand-made and extremely expensive.

Most of the lace you see nowadays in shopsis machine-made and its basis is a knitted net.

The quality is lower BUT you get stretchylace, with which you have more options in terms of design.

Erdem is a quite romantic brand so of coursethey would do a long and light angel dress like this.

But at other houses, lace is only used partially:in panels at Alexander Wang.

As an asymmetric train on one side at Sacai.

Tom Ford did a classic combination: lace topunder a stiffer, heavy blazer – we’ve seen that before.

And Victoria Beckham used lace in patchwork.

I feel like Alexander Wang got famous, whenhe started out and was hyped, for turning night gowns and lace spaghetti tops into ready-to-wear, into something you can wear outside of the bedroom.

Though he seems to have moved away from thatstyle.


Bleached denim.

Denim is there every season.

But every season, we see new ways of playingwith it, very creative.

The first one on this board is a typical IsabelMarant silhouette with long naked legs and big boots.

Here the back of the jacket is the front ofthe dress.

Chanel paired normal jeans with color-matchinglace, nothing wild.

Balmain paired distressed jeans with a topthat’s heavily embellished and has super-wide shoulders: if you thought the Balenciaga shoulderswere big, well, here is Balmain.

Chloé did something interesting: the shirtlooks like denim, or at least it has the same stitching as a denim shirt: but the more youlook down, the more you realize that the pants are not denim, they are rather velvet or somethinglike that.

And now I wonder if the shirt was denim atall… Lemaire created a beautiful fabric throughdyeing it: the lighting surely helps but the surface is fantastic.

So: more denim, new denim, denim everywhere– actually, it’s not “NEW”, it’s only “DIFFERENT”.


Biker shorts.

You might love them, you might hate them…but biker shorts are here.

Fendi & Stella McCartney played it VERY body-conscious.

I don’t know about you but I would feelnaked… Jacquemus made it shorter and textured, maybemore flattering for the thighs.

And then Cavalli and Chanel covered the buma bit more, at least at the back.

At Chanel and other houses, biker shorts wereoften worn under a skirt or a dress – in which case it is of course very comfortable.

Most fashionistas I have seen online actuallypair biker shorts with a long blazer – long enough to cover the hips and the crotch.

Did you enjoy this review? If yes, thumbs up! Thank you.

What is your favorite look from this video? Is there a trend where you say “yes, I wouldwear that, it fits my style”? This season’s fashion looks more wearableand less over-the-top, do you agree? If this video ended too quickly and you haven’thad enough inspiration, have a look at the video I made a few weeks ago, about the trendspeople are following on Pinterest.

It’s less runway style and more practical.

But you will recognize some trends that Ijust mentioned.

I will link that Pinterest video here in thecorner and down below in the description.

I will see you on Sunday, if you are subscribesto this channel.

And until then, take care, bye!.

Kian Talks Spring & Summer Fashion for Queer and Disabled!

Hey Queer and Disabled! Uh I know it's been a couple months since my last video.

That's at least some degree because of summer.









Admittingly some of the blame falls on the medication, not on the summer, but ALSO! sssssssummer.



[Rockin awesome intro plays!] Umm, so I get really fatigued in summer, just really worn out like no matter what I do, it's just.




I'm just sleeping like constantly.

Um, at the moment, I've also been messing around with medication a little bit too.

Admittingly, some of the blame falls on the medication not on the summer, but ALSO! sssssssummer.



Ugh, I know I'm Australian, I should love it, all about that some culture of it, OH no.

*wry chuckle* Yeah, so, summer is difficult for me for a couple of reasons.



Um, the first is just that.



the heat just makes me really fatigued.

I just.



I hate it, heh! Um, but also uhh.



the topic of this month, clothes, uh that becomes.



really difficult for me in summer, because I am genderfluid, genderqueer, all that.

Uhh, I like presenting as fem sometimes but also masc, it's really important for me to get the balance of those two.

Uh, so for me, my gender like it's not sometimes I'm female, sometimes I'm male.

It's more like this, the blend of female and male and.



I've got to sort of be.



respecting both, I guess and.



letting both out and having that balancebetween male and female rather than.



JUST presenting as female or JUST presenting as male.

I've tried both! Doesn't work long-term for me *chuckles* *sharp inhale* Um, and in some of my options become much more limited because of clothing.

I lost the ability to bind seven years ago now.



Um, because my chest is just always a bit sore, my ribs.



I'm pretty sure it's costochondritis, but I don't have diagnosis yet, um.

If it is that, then basically just my.



*heh* Like rib, 'joint-y' bits here.



*shrug?* In there's like inflamed.

Um, for me, it's just a bit of a permanent thing.

Like they just always tense up but binding makes it really bad.

One of the last times I found.



find it? *lip smack* Okay, one of the last times I wore a binder *chuckles* Um, it was really bad.

So I think it was summer, I was really fatigued and I was catching the train to uni, which was about an hour trip.

I fell asleep on the train in my binder.



and I woke up and I couldn't breathe, like I woke up because I couldn't breathe, and because I couldn't breathe, I just passed out again and I did that a few times, before I finally managed I get enough adrenaline to actually get up, go to the bathroom on the train and take off my binder.

It was pretty bad *chuckles* So, be real careful wearing binders! Uh, especially if you do have to take a train, just sort of pass out sometimes.

Careful because sleeping in binders is notokay! So for me, I can't wear binders anymore, which means that my presentation in summer is really limited, because for me I present masc and I do it quite comfortably.

I'll wear a tight single-top bottom layer and then I'll wear a looser top of- over it, and ideally then there's like an open jacket.

Um, I've got my super gay plaid *laughs* Um, it's, I started like.



decking it out with all these patches.

There's um, there's a Spoony badge, whole bunch of queer badges.

There's just a lot of them now.

Yeah, so, in summer because I do get quite effective from the heat to begin with.



So basically for me, I've just got to present as fem for the most part in summer, if I leave the house.

It's tricky, getting the balance between male and female in summer, because I can't find, I can't wear layers to present as masc.

And I just can't handle presenting as fem, but let's face it, it's Australia, nine months of the year! *laughs* About clothes, generally, I highly recommend op shopping.

Oh, op shopping is thrift shopping and second-hand shopping.

Uh, I don't know.

It's one of those words that changes in various English dialects for.



reasons? You can find some *squeak?* fantastic deals, like bargains and just such a wide range of clothes.

Um, like for me, going into the general clothing stores, there is not.



interesting clothes available, that's just sort of very generic.

Yeah, shop around.

But yeah, op shopping and there's just a wide range of styles, all super cheap! In conclusion.



Op shopping.



Fantastic! Go try it out, go find some new styles that you wouldn't normally even think about, even if you don't go home with that outfit, just try it on in the store! Look in the mirror.

Have a bit of a giggle or sort of think about it and go.



Ya know what.



*lip smack* Not this but something similar maybe! Um, just have fun with your clothes! That's what they're for! Heh! Um so, op shopping, summer is awful.

Just the worst, heh.

Uh if you can't wear binders for whatever reason.



Tight single top followed by a fairly loose but not too loose top and a jacket is like the perfect combo.






um, vests are also quite good! Um, scarves are good at, sort of.



hiding lumps and bumps you don't want to see~ It's up to your own standards, not someone else's, especially when it comes to clothes.

They're just fun! They're just about.






presenting, they're about you.

So have fun with your clothes.

Do you want with them, experiment, play around, if you're comfortable wearing dresses just go for it if you need.

But look after your health when it comes to your clothes, even if.



you kind of wish you didn't have to do sometimes.

I'd really love to just wear one of my nice soft jumpers that's all.






Well, I got until it gets cold.

So in two day's time, when it's all of sudden cold instead of really hot.

I'm currently house and dog sitting and I was worried about safety of my camera.

She's a big dog.

She's big enough to damage my wee little camera, a-heh! So I had to kick her out into the other part of the house and she's sulking because she's absolute [??] *dog whine* *more doggo whining* Can you hear the whining because I can and it's real *dog whine* heartbreaking.

*sad pupper whining and groaning* So this is what she looks like, she will eat my camera.

Anyway! Um, heh, look after yourselves, and I hope you have a great one! See ya's! [Rockin awesome outro music plays!][CC done by Zack because he's awesome].

Summer Q&A | Fashion – Style – Personal | Justine Leconte

I have a question Will you marry me? That's sweet, but no, I'm sorry Hi, everyone its Justine this summer setting all over is because today probably was the hottest day of the year in Germany so let's call it a summer Q&A I selected some of the 300-400 questions that you guys sent in two videos ago last week, and I try to select various topic so that no matter what you are interested in Particular you'll find something in this video that speaks to you that interests you okay? let's go first question what item in your wardrobe is your all-time favorite and why? I'm going to say two things which you probably don't expect But it's going to be more fun than saying a purse or something.

The first one is tights, sport tights that I got in my first winter of rowing I was rowing a lot when I was a Teenager young adults, I rode many years of my life.

I used up those pants in the knee area By rowing in them like the rubbing of my skin onto the fabric actually used up the fabric That's how many kilometers are rode in those pants.

It's a lot of memories attached to them and even though those pants Don't have any value.

I love them because of that and the other item is a pullover Wool Scottish wool pullover that was handed down to me from my grandfather Classic cut, it's actually too big for me, but I don't care it has a V-neck which is timeless It's great quality it's at least 70 years old and it looks impeccable and it's the warmest pullover I own by far How do you deal with bad arrogant asshole? Ish people in your work environment with whom you have to work together The Fashion Industry must be full of those thanks in advance if you answer my question heart they are Assholes in Fashion like in any other industry, I don't think there are more and incompetent and not nice people in my industry than in others it's just a myth built by the media and some designers who are divas indeed and Who have a damageable effect on the reputation of the entire industry unfortunately? But they're not the majority by far.

I have my own label.

I do not have to work with people I don't want to work with.

I have suppliers whom I trust who trust me.

We have a great relationship I stick with those ones, and I leave all the others, out of sight out of mind I think it's one of the founders of google who said surround yourself with smart and positive people That's exactly what I tried to do.

I think it would be great to hear something about your earrings collection I absolutely love the ones you're wearing in your videos.

Thank you.

I have something with earrings too with jewelry in general.

Maybe you noticed in previous videos I can't talk about this right now.

I'll be able to Share more with you in the next weeks or month That's all I can say for now Astrology what is your zodiac sign? I'm a libra you mentioned that you're tall with long legs how tall are you correction and tall with short legs? Comparatively to my overall height my torso is actually really long I am 179 meters or 5 feet 11 if you count the other way.

Do you speak german if yes how long do you take to learn? if no how do run your business I would guess the person who asked that question is German are you german? Because you have like the question and then answer one detail answer to details all the possibilities are included in the question I like that structure is good.

There was also another question on the languages that I speak so my mother tongue is French both of my parents were French Then I learned English and German in Junior high school.

I had latin, Greek, but I dropped those really fast they're completely useless I think no offense if you learned those languages Greek is pretty in University I learned japanese so that I could do an exchange semester in Japan.

I did it it was fantastic When I started to work after a couple of years they sent me to chile, there I learned Spanish and This year I started learning arabic.

That's the whole story hold on ana Justin as con febe link anna les esrup Kalwa koleyo did that make any sense Please Sos with brass yeah this question I took it in on purpose so that I can officially tell everyone here that I am working on this topic It's one of the most requested topics on my channel of all times.

I need an assistant to do that I need to find a way to do it and demonstrating how to fit the bra without getting flagged and banned from YouTube for pornographic reasons and unappropriate content so we probably do that on a dress form and I need an assistant to do the camera and the lighting because I can't do both if I'm busy in front of the camera if You know somebody who knows how to film do the lighting has time this summer and is based in Berlin Please let me know in the comments or send me an email.

I gladly hire that person Thank you for your help.

I wonder what made you choose Berlin instead of Paris And how you have integrated in such a different culture and country okay two questions in one.

the first part of the question Why Berlin instead of Paris? Paris already has a fix identity and established fashion houses Berlin is still looking for its identity Which I think is very inspiring as a creative person, and it doesn't have an established fashion scene So there is room for new ones to come I was a new one I was deciding where to settle down, so I thought Berlin had more potential for me a better fit.

How I integrated before living in Berlin I was in New York Before, New York I was in hamburg which is in Germany the second largest city after Berlin, so it was actually pretty easy it's the second country I knew best after France, so It was easy My question when will you be showing us your updated bullet journal I really loved watching your first video, and I'm eager to see how it looks now You're not the only one Guys, I have to confess something I fail the bullet journal thing Completely by lack of time and discipline my bad my mistake I didn't strictly use only this one I kept taking notes in a multitude of Notebooks become this one place where I keep everything as I intended it to be and I started to work on projects that I can't share yet So I couldn't do a flip through video to show you at least what's in there? I have been having a rough couple of weeks I have a few more to come not on the youtube side, but on the of the other side and on the fashion label side Once I get through that it's going to calm down a little bit.

I am definitely doing that experiment a second time We'll call it bullet journal set up second trial, and I will definitely share that one with you promise Do you think huate culture fashion week influences trend and fast fashion retailers as much as ready-to-wear fashion week does Mm-Hmm good question I'd say no because Haute Couture involves so much hand work hand sewing techniques.

That are not replicable in Production in industrial production, so if you are a cheap retailer or a fast fashion retailer, you're trying to keep your cost Low, you don't want anything that's complicated to replicate, so you're going to copy rather ready-to-wear because it's easier to copy What is your favorite aspect of Japanese fashion or culture did your time in Japan influence your design aesthetic I love the question Such good questions that you send me, thank you Japanese fashion yep, I spent one semester in Japan this you heard before Perfect.

It changed not just my design aesthetics, but my complete way of seeing the world it broaden my horizon Big-time, I loved especially the way subcultures and counter cultures develop and experiment with fashion up to levels that I had never seen before in Europe or anywhere else and Japan was at that point when I got there the most different culture I had ever seen so it put my entire world upside down and What I learned mainly from my time there is to consider one culture Compared to others, and I think by comparing you learn more than by investigating only one culture more in depth and I still think that way today.

I think if you follow my channel you probably notice that I like to see okay Compared to Germany or to the US How would french people think and that's how I started that series actually what advice did your mom grandmom give you that you still follow? The best thing my mom ever taught me since I was little she said Do whatever you want in life, but do it really really well Sounds silly or useless, but that's very good piece of advice actually To that I would add do anything you want that's legal and morally okay? And you get my own life motto.

Do you ever think that you're in a profession which face so much emphasis on vanity, haha Thank you for asking this question.

There are a few People in this industry like fashion editors who think they are on top of the world.

A few Divas Few famous designers who play with the image because it works commercially and then you have the majority of the people Those who are not in the spotlight the rest the huge majority of the industry who actually great crafts people who love what they do Create garments that are meant to be functional or meant to be works of art Depending on the vision right but they are great at what they do their not Divas They're really really good crafts people We should hear more from them, but they don't have a voice and they don't want to step into the spotlight That's the problem Have you ever experienced pessimism or backstabbing in the industry? Has anyone ever doubted you and told you that you would never be successful if so how have you overcome such negativity.


Yes, and yes So backstabbing people who told me oh But you're switching from a business life to a fashion life.

You're not creative are you oh? You know that for creative people? Oh, you're way too structured.

You should get back to business That's a quick extract of all the crap.

I heard even coming from friends and Family HMM One here in a box.

It's really hard to switch boxes And I started in business.

I worked in business.

It went okay.

I had a good Career starts and People had told me before that I wouldn't make in business either so the second time around when I said I'm going to switch from business to fashion When people started again saying mmm.

Are you sure I was like honey.

I heard that the first time Not this time not with me And I was curious to see if I could make it I wasn't thinking hey world watch me become the next Alexander McQueen, but I thought if I don't try it, I will never know and regrets are worse than failures That's something my mom taught me I noticed most german women don't tuck their shirts entirely in their pants But only the front in order to reveal the loops of their belts Do you know why they do to show the brand identity this trend in neighboring countries? True, so here's my opinion completely subjective opinion It is expected in many jobs in Germany that you wear shirts also as a woman But it's not so cool.

It's really conservative especially if you tuck it in completely all around if you tuck it in at the front You look okay, and tidy from the front it also shortens your torso But at the back you leave, it outside.

It looks cool and more casual that would be my explanation can should apple body type wear belts I get that question often here's the thing most Apple shape ladies regrets not having a marked waist So the belt is one way of marking your waist so that you build body proportions And you can decide which level you put the belt so you decide at which level you want to put your waist That's practical.

It doesn't have to be a belt if you feel uncomfortable wearing a belt if you were a dress for instance Where you have one color at the top and then at the waist level an horizontal line And then another color downwards you have the same visual effect.

It doesn't have to be a belt it's about Showing where you want your waist to be so to speak can you talk about what we need to consider when letting our hair go grey It is flattering on certain skin tones and undertones more than others Should you make changes to the colors in our wardrobe Mm? Hmm another frequently asked question.

I have the feeling you may very well disagree with me that when the hair naturally becomes grey it tends to be a rather cooler grey So if you cool tones, if you undertone is cool, you're fine It's matching if your undertone is warmer you might feel that Your hair is making you look paler than you used to be if not the case you have two options change the hair or change the wardrobe if you want to change the wardrobe you have a great opportunity to try out new colors and Change the dominant colors in your wardrobe.

It's a very fun game or you look into new hair colors It doesn't have to be a color like blonde, brown, black or anything it can be another grey and they are grey dyes From cool to warm and everything in between so if you feel that your hair is not matching your undertone anymore look into that when we're told not to wear more than two to three colors does that include different shades of a color? I think you're referring to my video in the french series where I said French people usually in general Don't mix more than two to three colors in one outfit Usually in general French people do whatever they want and you're free to do the same.

I would say it depends if you're wearing a navy blue and Pastel blue, they're really different also in intensity I would probably count them as two different ones if you're wearing Navy Blue and medium Navy Blue like just two shades Lighter or Darker They look quite similar I would count down as one probably and it's a third color that you're wearing is yellow Those two blues are going to look super similar anyways, so I'd say it depends on your tastes And how contrasted you are in life.

I have a question Will you marry me? That's sweet, but no, I'm sorry And I think that's it for today.

Did you find this entertaining? Did you find a bit of each topic? I hope so thumbs up if you enjoyed this video Should we do a Q&A thing like this like once a season? It's not a good rate I see you every Wednesday and Sunday with new videos until then take care guys and thanks for the question.

Bye bye.