Capsule Chix | 2019 Summer Fashion Trends | Coco Quinn

[Music] hey guys welcome back to my channel so today it’s going to be a super fun video because as you guys know I love fashion and I’m going to be designing a cool fashion doll and I’m gonna be dressing up just like and you guys are gonna decide

who wore better but before I start today’s video I’m going to give a huge thank you to this choice for sponsoring today’s video they sent me their newest collection of capsule chicks and men you are gonna see what’s inside the box so let’s open it up when you

first open up the box there are these two little dolls on the cover which are super cute I like this one let’s see what’s inside so the cover of the box that they sent me is so cute it has all like the different little characters of the dolls

and stuff so let’s see what’s inside this box okay so it looks like there’s a lot of stuff and carrots all you got all four caps of cheeks out what this is is a collectable construction program where you can customize your doll from head to toe with over

four billion combinations across their four collections so in the front of the box that has five surprise capsules with 15 pieces inside and it makes one complete doll so the first capsule I have here is sweet circuit and then this one in troll off magic collection and I

have Gigan glam and I also have an ROC so the first thing you do is you take this down and hold this this is a collectible fashion lookbook where you can track your favorite pieces each collection has its own style which you can read all about in the

look books and also don’t forget to make sure you check your pieces to see if they are rare or ultra rare also keep an eye out for certain pieces because in each collection there is a limited edition doll in this limited edition collection it’s all about glitter Sparkle

frills and thrills look how cute these shoes are these dolls are built to be poseable so just as you can see here you could put them in so many positions as they have 14 points of articulation also there are over 400 pieces to collect across this series one

do they have a really cool unboxing experience where when you twist it is kind of like a vending machine it looks like you twisted to the fry and my first one popped out so let’s see when I got so it looks like I got the first part of

her upper torso so in my second capsule I got these really cute kind of like rose shoes they’re many high heels and they’re super cute and I got this Rose old purse and then I think this is a little bracelet so I’m going to twist a little bit

more this is actually really fun guys and my third capsule I got her lower half and then her clothes let’s see what’s in it so I got this long gold skirt which is super cute I can’t wait to dress her up this gold metallic skirt is the frills

and throws collection it has a red box which means it’s ultra rare fabric I also got her head those her her eyes are really pretty purple with like little star kind of balloons in them which is super cool and then this is her doll stand I’m not sure

if you guys could see it cause it’s clear but this is her doll stands and then for the last capsule that I have it looks like I got her hair at just like this and this isn’t hair it’s so pretty I actually have pink hair before so we’re

kinda like twins that’s her hair that’s basically all that was in Giga glam so right now I’m putting this doll together it’s like off your body together now I’m gonna put her head on Oh pop turned on so I put her whole body together now I’m gonna like

butter clothes on guys I think you’re supposed to put her dress on first so I got her skirt on this is actually super cute and I’m not going to put her shoes on next I’m putting her hair on and then her purse and last but not least her

stand so you actually take a bottom of a capsule and you stick it in here and then you twist it on so I’m gonna go ahead and stick her on so this is the finished product of my doll she’s so pretty I love her pink hair and her

blue metallic top laughter look how I’m doing Rimrock let’s open the first capsule so this is the upper half and then this is her top next capsule I got her face and then her stand this is what she looks like and be cute and then this is her

lower half of her body and I think this might be her about I’m not sure we’re just gonna have to see when we cut her together so in this capsule I got a yellow purse and then I got these red shoes which are super cute I have one

more capsules open and this capsule I have her hair which I’m absolutely in love with so now let’s put this one together so he or she is I love her rare golden metallic top and her red shoes and also I love her pink red and blue hair now

time for the next sweet circuit so this is her lip book and I’m gonna start spinning so I have her upper half and then I have her clothing for her upper half this is what it looks like and now I’m doing my next capsule so this one I

have her head and then I also have heard and so in this I have her purse I also have her bracelet and then last but not least her she so this I have her lower half and then I have her little skirt and then for my last capsule

I have her hair so I’m gonna go ahead and put her together so this is her I love her little rainbow jacket so she’s all finished my last package to open which I’m super excited this one is control of a doorknob and a twist a little bit more

and good so this is her upper half oh my gosh guys okay so this is her head her head is super cute it’s of her like kind of winking and she has wrangle a shadow with a little rainbow heart on her cheek and love this one so much

so on this I have your little purse and then I have her shoes they’re super cute they’re kind of like knee-high and then right now I’m opening the next capsule and then this one I have her lower half and her little skirt and you guys are this is

the last capsule I think it might be her hair because I’m sailing parts that I don’t have yep it’s her hair this hair is so so so cute how cute is that so now I’m going to start putting her together this one’s probably my favorite doll this one’s

control alt magic is my favorite she has a little piece knives are hands her makeup is so cute the flowers on the back of her hair or headbands or shoes I just love everything about her so as you can see by all these different pieces that I have

I have such a wide variety to make a really cute outfit with one of the dolls so with this I can switch has arms like it’s which whatever I want switch the clothes so I’m gonna go look at the closet seen that similar pieces so well I’m gonna

be right back okay guys so I look to my closet I am pretty good clothes that match it’s not exactly the same but it’s pretty doable so I’m gonna put together the doll of like what my outfit looks like let’s start putting the dog together so this is

my upper half I have the blonde hair with the pink headband and then I have her makeup obviously which is like a rainbow eye with a little rainbow heart on her cheek and then this rainbow top and then this yellow purse and then I’m gonna put I don’t

have together and so for the bracelet I kept her pink why not and have this pink bracelet so that I’m gonna do these bottoms with black shorts and little red shoes so I have this top it’s a long sleeve angle top just like hers and then I have

these black jean shorts kind of planes and then obviously this pink bracelet and she also has a pink bandana and then I have this really cute yellow purse because she’s really pretty my shoes that I got are exactly the same hers are lat and red so these are

black and red so these are the shoes I’m gonna be wearing for the photo so yeah I’m gonna first start off with my makeup so I’m going to be doing a rainbow eyes and I’m going to tape my eyes so I kind of have like a straight line

this verse is pretty straight so it looks like on her out of your corner shares a little bit of paint I’m gonna do painters I’m using a little bit more of my great colors although she has pastels because I don’t have pastel eye colors so it’s gonna be

a little bit brighter and look a little different but I’m trying okay so I have the pink done next the color is like a little bit of yellow and orange mixed together okay so my orange is on now I’m gonna mix it with a little bit of yellow

I’m doing this honestly really quick so I’m doing it really quick because I don’t want this Sun to go down for my photo next color I’m doing is blue red and purple so my eyes are all finished so this is my eyes they’re not bad now I’m gonna

do a little rainbow heart so I’m going to outline a little heart on my cheek in white so this is the best heart I can do I don’t know if you guys can see that but it’s there at the AMA to color in it now so on the

end it starts with a little bit of paint and then I’m going to mix it with a little bit of orange and then I’m going to do a little purple and blue and then I’m going to go in one more time to make all the colors look vibrant

and then I’m going in with a little bit of orange so my makeup is all complete now let’s put on my outfit I [Music] hope you guys love going through this journey with me of dressing up as my favorite capsule trick stole these capsule chicks are super cute

I’m going to give another thank you to moose toys for sponsoring my video thank you so much this was so fun and comment on my recent if you guys like my makeup that I did and if you guys would like to get your own capsule cheeks the link

will be in the description box down below make sure to LIKE subscribe and turn on the post notifications so you’ll be notified every time I post a new video I love you guys so much [Music]

HUGE Summer Fashion Nova Haul & unboxing 2019 | Destiny Gillespie

she already said that god I miss up sudhi’s that’s the one you always a lot I miss up I wish hey guys it’s destiny welcome back to my channel or if you’re new here welcome so today I’m going to be doing a fashion overhaul um my favorite company of all time really excited cuz I bought a couple things and I would like to share it with you guys and it’s gonna be like an unboxing too because I just got in the mail today and I was like I have to make this video because I’m gonna open it and I wanted to show you guys everything so let’s get on into the video okay so I have my scissors here and this is what the box and yeah we’re just gonna jump right into it and open it up cuz I’m super excited and a fashion Nova stuff is super super fast um I ordered this and I order this I think I ordered it I don’t remember when I ordered it but I ordered a couple days ago and it literally came in like three days or two days so that’s really good and also guys I going nails done today I’m super excited cuz I haven’t had nails on in a while I just wanted my nails to like grow out okay so the first thing that I see in here is this so we’re just gonna take it out so this I is a sweatshirt so I ordered this and I’m gonna show you guys like the I’m gonna tell you guys like the sizing and everything also oh the first impression is it’s very like soft and like stretchy so that’s good so this is what it looks like it just looks like a plain hoodie winds oh it has strings so that’s good and it’s just oversized and I got this in a size medium just so I so it can be like oversized and baggy cuz I like my stuff to be a little bit oversized and it actually has like the company like fashion OVA look it matches my nails like perfect yeah so that’s what it looks like and you guys can see like a better view of it when I try it on okay so the next thing that I got was the matching joggers to it and I also got this in it I also got these in a size medium you see so these are what they look like and it looked kind of big first impression but I like my I also got a I got these in size medium because um a lot of times like size small just gets like two when I washed it and stuff it just gets to UM it like shrinks and stuff so that’s why I got him in a size medium also so yeah I think don’t be cute though it once I had them on and like pair them with that it would just look good so yeah okay so I’m gonna tell you guys the prices of everything also but also I got like a coupon code so the prices that I like paid for this stuff is like on discount price because I obviously had a code so the sweatshirt was $18 and then the joggers were also $18 and I think they’re originally $19.

99 for each so yeah moving on the next set that I have is this set this is what it looks like I got this in a size medium and the price was 1999 for the skirt so this is what the skirt looks like it has rips in it and then it just has I could tie and it really shitty material oh it was 1999 for this Kurt so wait you guys will see on in the try the color is really nice it’s just like an olive green color and that material is super like stretchy also so it’s more like a body con fit which is nice so go with that skirt I also got this shirt I also got this shirt this shirt looks like this um first impression it looks kind of small but it’s also a really stretchy and I got this in a size small just so it would actually be I didn’t want it oversized or anything so this is like the actual size that I wear and yeah this was $17.

99 so and it has these cool little rips on them rips on it so I think it’s very cute next thing that I see are these short and I got the shorts in a size 5 so this is what they look like they are super cute and very high waisted like I said I got them in a size 5/6 they say this is what the back looks like um again they’re super stretchy like old fashioned of shorts I think these are gonna be really cute on paired with a cute like crop top or something for like the fourth of July or something I really think that would be cute because they’re like a bluish color and I paid I paid $11 for them $11 Oh super cheap and inexpensive or a pair of jean shorts that are super cute the next thing that I pulled out was the biker shorts I got the mesh size medium they look like this I was not expecting that material it’s like a rough material and and these are what they look like just plain biker shorts I just wanted to buy these so I could pair them with anything mainly they look good with anything and I don’t have a pair of these so like I said I got them in a size medium again they’re super stretchy so I think they’ll like hug your body which is good I paid nine dollars for them so good price so the next thing that I see is this set let’s just open it this is cute okay so this is what the set looks like it’s this it’s kind of like a sports bra but it’s like more it’s like longer and material is really stretchy um it seems really see-through so I might have to wear something under it like a white top or something but this is what it looks like this is what the top looks like it’s like whole third and I got this set in a size medium and I paid $15 for it and then the bottoms look like this there is just like a pencil skirt like that and also a size medium and it’s just very stretchy and I think it will again hug your body too and it will be cute yeah there it is and that’s what it looks like next thing that I pull out so here’s a jacket looks like it’s just really cute it has a zipper right here on the side it looks like it has it looks a little like oversized but I like my jackets like that so that’s good it’s a size medium and I paid and I paid $15 for it I think you can like pair it with those bike are those biker shorts that I showed you guys or like the jean shorts or even like some cute leggings or something I think that would look really good with some red shoes or something yeah oh the next thing that I got is a swimsuit so I’ve ordered their swimsuits before and I really really like them they’re really good at the material and I think there’s just like really good quality so I wanted to get another one and say this one is like really really cute and stylish I think they’re like really in it it just looks like this this is the bottoms they’re just white it’s just a white one and then the material has like these little flowers on them but it’s almost like I don’t know it’s just like a weird different texture but it’s super cute it’s not like too cheeky well it isn’t cheeky at all it’s like a boyfriend boyfriend kind of fit which I like and I got and this is what the top looks like it just ties in the front which I really really like um it doesn’t look like it’s see-through at all at all and it looks like it will stay up on you like when you tie it and it just looks really cute just make you look really really tan which I love and I got it in a size small just because I’m usually like a size extra small on the top and my bottom is like a medium so I just got in between and I knew that they would be stretchy so I’m fine with it well the next thing that I pulled out was this jumpsuit and again I got everything in a size medium pretty much so this is a size medium and I paid $35 for it so this is what it looks like bottoms it looks so cute it’s very soft and like furry I don’t know I reminds you have like a winter material but I don’t know I think I could wear it now and it will still look cute so it’s just strapless and it has this little tie right here and I believe it has pockets yep it has pockets also so that’s cool and then at the bottom it likes inches which is kind of weird but I think it’ll be super cute which you guys will see me trying on right now and I got a size me I said I already got a size medium so yeah it’s a size medium and it’s just super stretchy material it looks kind of small but I think again it will just hug your body and make your the last thing that I got was this set okay so here’s a set so this is what the top looks like and I have stripes on the side and it’s like a baby bluish color it’s just a baby blues color and it’s super soft and it’s just material these are what the bottoms look like they’re just biker shorts that go kind of down there like lengthy also have the stripes on the side again just like the top very soft and stretchy I got this in a size medium again and it is called the tennis pro short short short set and I think overall it would be super cute not see-through at all and it would just looks up with some good with like white airforces or something all right so that was it for the haul I hope you guys enjoyed this is my favorite company of all time I love buying from them they’re super fast shipping and the clothes are really good quality and they always have sales so if you guys are looking for like cheap really really really cute clothes I suggest going to check out fashion Nova and hit him up you know comment down below what you guys think about this video and if you liked it give it a thumbs up and I will do another one I will order from them obviously again I already firm them all the time thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you guys in my next video bye [Music].

Summer Fashion and Beauty Tips | JCPenney

Hi, I’m Tanya Foster, a fashion and beautyinfluencer who understands that building the perfect head-to-toe look can be astruggle.

That’s what I love JCPenney.

I can find the best in fashion and beautyin one store.

Here’s how I pulled my perfect look together! This season I’mall about fashion with a great waist detail and one of my favorite pieces isthis top from Worthington in a must-have new neutral.

And, this shortsleeve style has just a hint of stretch which makes it really comfortable towear.

It cinches with a soft tie belt that gives it a pretty waist detail.

I’d wearit to work with some trousers, but I really like pairing it with these a.


a flaredjeans.

And, I love updating tailored suiting by pairing this Worthingtonjacket with this awesome Bermuda short! And look how you canconvert this suit into a more relaxed vibe for after hours.

Just lose thejacket and you’re ready for happy hour! Finally, every wardrobe needs a coolcropped pant, and this belted pair by Worthington is both classic and modern.

Because these trousers are so neutral, they work with a matching top or withsomething brighter like an emerald green blouse by Worthington.

Ladies, your lookshouldn’t stop here.

I like to make sure my hair and makeup always compliment myoutfit.

What better way than to visit the salon and Sephora inside JCPenney? Hey Tanya, let’s talk about your hair!Great, could you tell me how you made these beach waves? Absolutely, I lovebeach waves! They’re great all year round and especially, as a day goes on , they geteven greater because they get more lived-in.

I use the Matrix Heat Buffer, you could put it on damp or dry this protects the hair from any damage, and any heatstyling, whether you use a flat iron or curling iron.

I used a Matrix texturebuilder in your hair, it gives it a very lived-in look.

It gives your hair a lotof texture but very soft and airy.

It’s one of my favorite go-to’s.

I also usethis Hot Tools one-inch curling iron.

Depending on what you’re looking for, especially beach waves, if you want to create a smaller wave, you grab a smallersection, if you want to create a bigger wave , you grab a bigger section.

Hot Tools ismy absolute favorite.

Okay, so you think I could do that by myself? Absolutely youcan! I think it’s easy to achieve using these products and just leaving itlived-in.

Okay, then what kind of hairspray did you use because it feelsvery soft and touchable.

Yes I use the Volume Fixer by Matrix.

It leaves itmanageable, it leaves it soft to the touch, but it gives it hold without thatlike helmet head look.

So you used all three products and the curling iron to achieve the look? Yeah, I’m glad you like it! So we did your makeup and I love it! Howdo you feel about it? I love it can you show me how to do it, cause I don’t have a whole lot of time.

So, what I love about this palette is it looks really jazzy.

lots of jewel tones.

This is the I Love palette from Sephora collection.

But, the colorsare super easy to wear.

They’re so easy where in fact we have the exact samecolors on.

We have these olive green sort of emerald green colors on.

They just layon the skin so nicely.

And, these shimmery colors, you can even just apply with yourfinger.

They swipe on super easily.

Great! Now, what did you do to my lip? Ilove this color.

So your lips, whenever I do a smoky eye, I want to make sure Ikind of flush the rest of the face, you look nice and healthy.

So this isthe Sephora collection lip gel and this is in Deep Rose.

Gorgeous color, Iactually have it on too.

That was like my little trick, I want to see how versatilethis look was so I wore everything that you did.

But it looks totally differenton you than it does on me! The cool thing too is when you’re trying to find aneutral, a lot of people go for that very opaque sort of beige, when I go for somethingkind of sheer.

It lets your lip color show through.

So like, what it does forme, it does a different thing for you.

We went with this sort of dusty tone for the highlighter as well.

So, it’s this beautiful sort of rosey-mauve tone.

Pretty! Mhm, it makes its gonna look reallytouchable.

I find that liquid highlighters just look more skinlike than powder ones.

Okay, so you have this gorgeous smoky eye and you havethis beautiful sunkissed look, do you feel good about it? I feel great about it, and thank you for showing me how to do it! You’re welcome, you’re all ready to go.

Like what you see? You’ll find even more great hair, makeup, and fashion must-haves all at JCPenney.


Spring Fashion Outfits & Spring Summer Outfit Ideas | Spring Summer Fashion Trends

ha hello friends and welcome welcome to my face yet again we meet again my face meets your screen your face meets your screen so somehow our faces are meeting together if you guys haven’t been here before this is my face as its vault meaning there’s nothing on it

meaning we’re just own natural and just exposed gonna get decent for you guys hmm-hmm-hmm now we’re presentable I don’t know what I’m saying it’s there alright let’s do a tutorial like this hello everybody and welcome we’re gonna do a whole tutorial featuring the area of my face that

I enjoy the least you’re welcome let’s continue you guys see my pen ok don’t ever say that I never had vegetables in my life this is a carrot unedible but still it represents health there you go mom you’re welcome once again for this video I partnered up with

MC and I’m gonna be showing you guys some of the products from this month’s beautiful glam bag I am so into the glitz and glam look we’re just all so coordinated with the background it’s just look if you just oh it’s like your Oviatt here was a part

of my I can’t reach for this video once again I’m going to try doing the hybrid of a little bit of like a beauty on your face as well as on yo body we’re gonna mix up some spring and some summer looks today and just show you guys

some of my all-time favorite fits sound good sound good it’s been a while since we’ve done fashion around here before we get started for those of you been living under a rock I do have a brand new channel well it’s new to me it’s almost a year old

now it’s crazy the channel is called Swope I will have it linked in the description of this video that is where I am uploading most of my videos and like my bigger more like larger production videos and they’re comedies and music stuff and my short films and all

of the good things I am I believe me there every single week so make sure that you guys do subscribe to that channel if you’re not already and tap the bell hit the bell hit that frickin Bell and make sure you guys turn on notifications and click to

set it to always if you want to be notified of every upload alright to start things off I’m first going to cleanse the skin and get out all the junk and impurities and in all of the sins of sterday and forget all of the things that I did

last week so I’m gonna be using the Neo Gen dermology Canadian clay pore cleanser and this stuff is gonna like clean out the pores and even your skin texture great break before makeup now it’s always kind of awkward washing my face on camera cuz you’re like I just

want to douse my head in the sink we’re gonna try this instead there we go alright so this is going to minimize your pores and even out your skin texture so it’s really great to use right before applying your makeup so your skin is just nice and I

can’t believe I just said that poppin do people still say that is this word 2019 are we still poppin it’s it’s so lit fire fire hot fire I’m sorry I’m done I’m gonna rinse my face and then we’ll continue alright now I am going to moisturize the skin

because that’s what we do every it’s every day it’s every day bro because moisturizing is hot diarrhea fire-lit is this really what we’ve become okay don’t happen again alright so I’m in a moisturize by using it the pixi by petra h2o skin drink so you use this in

the morning before putting on your makeup and it’s a lightweight gel that’s just going to deliver hydration straight to the skin oh my gosh just feel so smooth and delicious I’m gonna go ahead and put on some brows off-camera because nobody nobody wants to see me deal with

these things so while I do that let’s uh let’s take a look at one of my first chosen favorite spring /summer outfits give me like a little editing note to self cuz you’re gonna be editing this I’m give yourself like a little transition like a little whole but

like you can you can do it now just Oh any any day now or if you don’t haha very funny with your ironic timing of the woosh alright so we’ve got our first classic outfit this is one of my all-time favorite looks for the spring transitioning into the

summertime I absolutely adore pastels I think they are time I think they will be on trend any day of the week every season you do name it I will be wearing some pastels and I love layering them now blush tones and minty hues are just a beautiful on

like pretty much every skin tone I paired this beautiful lightweight vegan leather coat with a pencil skirt and a nice billowy sweater the coat is going to you know still give you a little bit of warmth of the springtime but you can take it off transition into the

summertime just beautifully I don’t know what in the justin beiber is going on with my brows anymore I already know someone in the comments is gonna try to shave my brows let me let me save you some time shame shame on you I feel like I need to

Gayle King my brows right now like talk to them like Robert Robert Robert sometimes it’d be like that you know I’m gonna go ahead and use a foundation all right let’s conceal [Music] pardon me there we go let’s continue all right as I’m uh smearing this on my

face why don’t we take another look at another outfit coming at you prepare for the whip pad hey spank like whip pan right now what you could just whip okay I guess she doesn’t want to I guess I’ll just sit here in container is another take on the

you know lightweight kind of leather jacket trend I paired this one with a maxi dress if you like maxi dresses are synonymous with spring and summer in the springtime we like to pair it with a coat with some warm summertime just ditch the coat and you have a

beautiful simple outfit that is girl yes the leg I feel like any kind of like tribal print animal print in a kind of thing that adds texture to the eye visually is going to be on trend for pretty much any season as well and it’s a nice unexpected

piece for the springtime and adds a little zest into the summer and then of course a pattern like this is going to take you beautifully into the fall so it’s a very kind of year-round and a dress all right yes good good fashion welcome back to the fashion

on my face I really got to stop with these terrible puns I mean set those nurse in my face with some translucent powder I am using the bellapierre cosmetics translucent HD finishing powder this is actually an ideal powder for baking for those of you who like to bake

I unfortunately am not that kind of girl I’m just I’m just kidding but this is a superfine mica based powder that’s going to just mattify and set everything in place and give you that nice smooth shine free finish I cannot feel my butt cheeks anymore I can’t feel

the left cheek I can’t feel the right cheek how are you to know if your butt’s even there anymore like what if somebody took it I have issues okay all right back here we go so I’m going to create the single product I look using this right here

this is the blossom compact eyeshadow in the shade Miller dusty Miller’s like the perfect mix of gray and deep green and brown and to apply it and give me like a couple of different options I’m going to use this dual ended brush this is the Farah brushes 22e

shade and blend so this is made for applying and blending out your eyeshadows but you can also use it as like a contour on one end for your nose and you can use it as like a pinpoint highlight for your cheek if you wanted to so we like

the we like the multitasking she is cute it’s a really really pretty shade okay I’m gonna go ahead and put on some mascara this is the Benefit Cosmetics bad gal bang volumizing mascara in the shade ooh that’s like a very good ASMR sound you want to hear that

next to the mic this is an intense a pitch-black mascara that is a smudge proof and water-resistant how about while I finish we take a look at another outfit I’m not even gonna tell you when to do the whip and I’ll just let you decide when you think

the appropriate haha you know what’s really funny about this is that I’m editing this and so I’m just playing myself right now so a way to play yourself anyways for those of you guys who want some a warmth in the springtime since it’s still a little bit cool

but you don’t want to go the jacket route I love a good sweater dress these things are just classic and timeless now I prefer to go with a looser fit sweater dress just because you know I like to eat and I like to have a couple of things

to eat at dinner time and this is a great way to just camouflage everything so let’s do a dance for the camo and then I wanted to print a pair this with some over-the-knee boots just to give it its so added warmth as well but of course you

can work this sweater dress with some lower heels as the summer heats up and then of course I have you know just some few accessories to just keep it kind of simple and casual but still have a very put together nice look as well yeah time to stash

hey girl work oh my now there’s an eye look what do we think everyone do we approve I’m gonna go ahead and do the usual contouring all in the usual areas you guys know the drill snatch we do the snatch UVA let’s move on to everyone’s favorite part

of the programming it is the highlight I’m gonna use something a little different today this is the nature’s cartel multi-purpose stick in global awakening at number one it’s lowbal lowball get it so this is actually a creamy multi-purpose stick that you can use it anywhere you can use

it as a highlighter you can use it as an eye shadow you can even apply it to your lips oh yes she did indeed she blinded you with the highlight on the way out ooh that’s really fun if you just like applied it like the center of your

lips if you wanted to go for that like nude look mmm yes I think this is a probably good time to cut to another outfit he has one other outfit all right future me you can you can do whatever transition you want to here [Applause] [Music] [Applause] you’re

still here well I guess if you’re not gonna cut to the outfit then I will just continue on with the Finn oh no no no no no you see you didn’t want to transition you just want to do it all right you win self all right for those

of you who are still going to school you are getting your study on I like a nice casual yet super cute fun outfit so this one is playing with lots of layers of lace which is you know that just feminine details and touches that just have a very

Airy springtime vibe to it and then I paired it with this kind of balloon it’s kind of a letterman inspired jacket with the different patterns on the sleeves just add a nice texture element to the eye as well and you’ll be looking good as you get off to

class don’t be late like I was clearly you know that was those real cute you I’m going to top off the face so the first product that I am going to use is the Ola neon matte liquid lipstick in the shade of FOMO so this is a matte

berry fuchsia and it’s going to last you you know all day long all the things we want in the lip I’m gonna top everything off with one more lippy this is the Estate cosmetics lip icing in der rip this is a non sticky a lip gloss it’s going

to leave your lips looking like frosting like icing on a cable whoo she is she is poppin yeah we are we are ready for summer now you guys know that like I don’t flat iron or blow dry or use any Hot Tools on my hair but in the

summertime when the heat especially out here the heat gets like really just dry and zaps and fries my hair and if I’m like doing outdoor shoots I do still use a heat protectant on my hair so this is the alterna haircare caviar anti-aging restructuring bond repair leave-in heat

protection spray em zal ah two words I’m literally just going to spray some of this into my hand instead of directly on to my hair and work it into my palms and then I run it down my hearse and we get even coverage and the good thing about

this and absorbs instantly so you have to worry about residue and it actually reconstructs your hair overnight so you’re getting like a nice healthy treatment to the hair but once again if you guys are not subscribed to my new channel called swoop I will have a link to

that in the description please do check it out subscribe to that channel turn on the notifications there tap the Bell set it to always all of the good things I’m also doing some traveling I am going to be in Sweden and London and Paris and and Italy and

I am making videos with you guys with my subscribers so if you guys are actually located in any of those areas please send me a DM on Instagram which is also linked in the description here let me know that you were there and I would and I would

love to link up with you guys once again thank you to FC and all of the brand partners for the products in this video I will have links to every single thing that I used in the description as per usual and yeah don’t go anywhere because there’s a

new video on swoop right now that you need to check out I will have it pinned in the top comment love you guys I will see you over on swoop mmm peace peace peace peace I’ll see you guys bye okay bye

Huge Try-on Brandy Melville Haul | Summer Fashion Edition

hey guys what’s what’s up I’m running back to you today if you’re not all cuz like I love Britney Melville it’s kind of an obsession you know so I’d say yeah half of my closet is probably bringing Melos so that doesn’t prove it to you I don’t know

what will I went to Los Angeles I have bought some things wrong brandy Melville in Santa Monica so I want to show you all that because yeah there’s really no explanation I love watching Hall I’m guessing you guys like watching halls you know just have a good time

yeah if you guys want to see pictures also like of me in these clothes you know you guys should definitely go check me out on Instagram you know plug so now that I’m done acting like a complete basic girl let’s call it a female dog let’s just hop

into the video so the first thing I picked up is this I usually don’t like things are pretend on myself because um yes I’m great at explaining things but I just found this it’s striped it’s really cute on I wear this to VidCon day three and it’s just

so it’s blue it’s light blue darker blue black and white stripes it’s cropped and it just buttons up at the top and you know basic tank top I guess so but like I just don’t really wear tank tops so I wanted to start to now if you hop

on the trend of what everybody else on Instagram is wearing I got this tube top you know just plain way to go with like skirts and stuff so yeah I bought this one and it’s really cute wait I need nothing really to it but you know staple oh

then then the next thing I got with this which is like a polo shirt and it is a polo shirt and it’s stripe in its crop which makes it ten thousand times cuter because I like wearing polo shirts I wear them to school like why would I wear

that out of school you know I love this one it’s the second one I have from brandy melville and it’s doing me well like it’s doing me great then I got this shirt I think I saw it I believe watching Marla Kathryn I saw the shirt and I

found it in store one day so I was like on a snapchat because it keeps getting sold out so I got this shirt it’s like those cropped kind of loose t-shirts and this one has like flowers so they’re forget-me-not it has the writing like on the bottom Diggs

says forget-me-nots huh yeah okay I was back to get this shirt that says Santa Monica California right you know basic then I turn around and on the other side of the brandy melville I found this Jay you can’t actually see what I just showed you but it says

I love it right that was really excited so this is an f-14 Tomcat and it says United States Air Force under oh it’s just it’s so pretty like look at that it’s so cute next thing I got was like four chilly night you know when you get chilly

and you’re by the fire and yeah okay I just got this one that says Newport Beach 1984 it’s a thermal pretty much pretty basic as well but it’s pretty red so it’s not as basic as you think in this Levi’s it says Newport so I really like that

yeah I don’t know what to say because that want to say it’s you like everybody else out there so I have this adorable sweater it’s it makes me look like a tourist in Sizzlin even though I live here it’s this blackity it is the most comfortable thing I

ever worn like I wear this ie 11 hour flight it literally just says what your in French oh I’m super white yeah what everybody already knows that so you know nothing you tore just says Switzerland you know it’s just flag you can see that I don’t know what

to say yeah beat this and then I got this built and it just has like stars all over it it’s really cute it’s black with silver stars I’m terrible I was wearing this take the FBI pick on me we all love and Emma team beats me another thing

I got was this if y’all have seen my videos before I have the gold chain like starved necklace and I also got it in a beautiful silver so I can like pull it around and I’m like what else can I have my necklace it’s just really cute on

okay so you may be thinking this haul is over but like I’ve decided that I’m going to show you some bikinis I bought it also in California because I’m not gonna put in my back to school haul because like why would you buy I got cheaper O’Neil and

G from H&M and yeah that’s all there is to it so I know this one this is actually probably my favorite out of all four it’s this checkered you’re getting them I honestly have no idea how to say it every youtubers like checkered Guinean I don’t know but

like that’s why I just don’t know so I got this and it’s ruffled and it looks really cute and I pics in it and it just looks really cute so I might put a few like pictures of me in a bikini as this I haven’t even the bottoms

are like this Sarah also just the same print string me on the side and then that’s back to my chair because okay so how to explain this so because like look how I’m holding it of course this looks fast I know it looks weird let me put it

like this so that you guys it’s like this pretty much it’s cute yeah just so you guys can see because holding it up like this does not look cute I got this one also from oniel it’s really cute and it wraps in the back and it holds really

well so I can play volleyball yeah these are the bottoms he doesn’t know these are a lot more cheeky I mean there’s still okay but you know just pink and then they have the ruching in the bottoms they’re like the same sizes right now I’m moving on to

the ones I got from H&M I got this one on it’s backwards now that it’s the right way it looks like this it’s really cute really flattering cross with your bags all I have to say about it to go with it I got these bottoms which are really

cute and they’re just high in the on the sides like yeah they’re just really basic black box did you win almost the last house I bought was this one from H&M ties in the front and then it’s just like very sporty hotel it’s maybe green no army green

sorry then at the bottoms are the same as the black ones just army green yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this video I hope you guys liked this setup install because I feel like this looks better with the ones I have now yeah I honestly want to start

being less perfect in my videos I’m a perfectionist as many of you know and I can do my homework like elmira me clean like that’s how perfectionist I am like it’s a good bat bag so I decided let’s do my hair you know what I’m still playing ponytail

because I don’t feel like doing it and I’m not just gonna do it burn a video I’m thinking that wow that was pretty aggressive I’m gonna make up because I feel like wearing makeup not because like I didn’t I’ll put this makeup on for this video ouch I

don’t feel like creamy makeup I’m not gonna wear makeup tonight it is anyway I don’t know what to say anymore so hope you have a great day and I’ll see you in the next one so much devil first


things are about to get fashion me because today I’m doing a fashion haul so I got a few things but they don’t really go together as one sort of streamlined idea so I’m just gonna show you them one by one it’s kind of random and let’s start with

the most random thing which is this hat hat they’re not normally something I’m interested in but I saw this it’s from Orencia and I was like I kind of like this in a very weird way I’ll try to bend down do I look weird in this hat I

don’t know I was talking to someone about this the other day and she’s like this is more of like a holiday thing like you’d wear it if you were going away on holiday I don’t know I think it’s kind of cool I just want to like go to

the beach and watch jazz music or something I want you to tell me is this hat cute cool or just straight-up fugly I really can’t tell so that’s the first thing off the list next is this pair of shoes why not just go with this so they’re silver

number one you can see this that they are silver I’m really into the metallic Footwear trend is it a trend I’m not sure but I don’t know I like if it is a trend I like it they’re just sandals simple sandals with like a little bit of a

heel here and I thought they were really cute I thought it would really like spice up an outfit say you were wearing like jeans and a white t-shirt which is like what I live in I thought this would like give a little bit of interest to it I

just really like them they’re from a sauce quite comfortable as well so yeah silver shoes I like it these earrings are from Topshop I haven’t actually worn them yet I haven’t actually worn any of this yet okay let me try to show you so I see people wearing

these earrings and I think they’re very cool so it basically has like you put it in and then it dangles sort of at the bottom it’s kind of like a complicated thing to put in well it’s not really but you just let’s see if I can try to

explain this you put a regular earring through your ear and then hook it through the thing and then Pierce it and then this just kind of dangles beneath your earlobe I just love it your jewelry I might actually take out my current earrings and just wear these and

see if if anyone notices the amount of bling that has increased in my earlobe area I got this jacket thing again it is from ERISA because I went to town in a ritzy awhile I was in Canada and this is kind of like a light kind of springy

very light material jacket but it looks like it’s quite structured like a leather jacket and I was in ER it SIA and one of the girls who was working there was wearing this jacket and I fell in love with it she just had it on with like a

plain tank top but it just kind of gives some structure to your outfit and I love the light I love the detail on the arms as well and it’s a bit ribbed and I’ll just put in one sleeve right here I like that it’s cream-colored I think it’s

really nice and summery and I could see myself wearing it with like skirts or jeans or shorts anything really this sexy little number is from ASOS and I think I got this if I remember correctly from the lingerie section so I was just browsing lingerie as you do

and I thought actually I can wear this as a tank top like in my regular life when I’m not like wearing lingerie and okay this is going down a very bad road but it has this like nice little fan of lace here which i think is really sexy

but it doesn’t show too much skin at the same time so I just I think that’s really like a badass kind of thing to own so yeah don’t don’t be afraid to go into the lingerie section and find yourself some cute little camis okay speaking of cute camis

I got this one from Topshop I wear these camis like they’re going out of style especially in the summertime but these are a little bit different to the ones that I got last year I feel like they’re a bit more of like a not a plunge but the

V is deeper and I like that like that about them and it has kind of thicker straps I don’t know they’re really cool so I got this in blue and I also got it in white because I like white clothes I don’t know I feel like it really

brightens my face up to wear white clothes so I got those two tank tops I got this dress from Topshop which I’m sorry all this stuff is like super wrinkled I’m gonna have to iron this stuff do I need to iron this stuff I don’t know you’re gonna

judge me are you anyway this is a dress from Topshop and it’s just I I forget the name of it on the website but it was like something along the lines of everyday summer dress or something like that and I could really visualize myself just throwing this on

in the morning and just wearing it and not having to think about it which is a beautiful thing so it’s just kind of like a strappy dress like this with a v-neck but it’s like quite flowy and loose and very casual so yeah I really liked that dress

a lot I think I’m gonna wear that like like I said every day skirts are wonderful and I thought I would get one sort of trend piece because the thing with something like this is you can’t wear it like you can wear it multiple times but I always

feel like I get sick of patterns like this but I really love the pattern don’t get me wrong I really like the pattern it’s just kind of like a bright look a bright kind of like I don’t know what you’d call this kind of pattern all I know

is I was kind of drawn to it I really liked it and then I got this sweater which I thought maybe could go with it it’s like a no just don’t have anything that’s this color this green color tell me what do you think could I wear this

with this let let me know I was just really trying to demonstrate this and it’s failing miserably from ERISA I got this cute orange dress I absolutely love this thing it’s a lot like it’s very strappy I just really like that I don’t know ever since I’ve embraced

strapless bras I feel like my entire life has been changed especially as far as summertime clothes go so it’s very strapping in the back it’s kind of like strappy as well so pretty and when I tried it on I was try it on with my mom and she

was like oh my collar looks so good because it’s just it I don’t know I just feel like I never wear bright bright colors like this and I like them it’s not that I don’t like them so I’m gonna try to embrace the color this summer yeah nice

lightweight orange dress this is from forever 21 and it’s just kind of like a long I won’t even call it a sweater because it’s so thin it’s quite sheer it’s like it’s a knitted it’s a knitted like it’s an in sweater basically but it’s one of these long

duster ones so it goes like almost to my feet I don’t think it goes to my feet but it’s a really long little item and I thought this would be great for like a summer’s evening I’m thinking of all these little scenarios you know and I think it

looks so cool with jeans but it also looked cool with a skirt just a very cute little item and I love that you can kind of see like my skin through it but just like kind of I just think it’s so pretty so they had this in blue

and they had it in this kind of off-white color and I just I like this color I’ve only got two more things left this was such a quick haul but anyway this scarf is from Orencia I’ve got two scarfs from a ritzy ax this is from arisia I’m

gonna say a ritzy like a thousand more times um I’ve never seen anything like this well not not recently anyway it’s a really skinny scarf so it it’s not very thick I don’t know if you can tell the difference but like when you put it around your neck

it looks like almost like a piece of string so I was asking the girl that was helping me like how do you wear this she’s like I could wear it like that or I could wear it like just down like this I don’t know kind of goes with

this it’s kind of like a boho sort of thing and I liked the pattern as well and then the other scarf I got is a little more of like a bold thing this is like a tie-dye serious thing and then it has these little tassels right at the

bottom of it and she’d put it on me in the store and I was like oh that looks so cool but I’ll definitely never be able to reenact what that looked like but I just I just like it I like scarves I think they’re comfortable and I think

they’re kind of cool alright so that was my entire fashion haul I liked everything I got I hope you liked to give this video a thumbs up if you’d like to see more fashion hauls from me potentially in the future I feel like I never really do them

even though I like doing them I don’t know yeah and also are you excited for summer because I cannot frickin wait I just love the summertime I love being able to wake up the sun’s shining and you can just walk outside in a t-shirt you could probably walk

outside naked if you were so inclined but I think my neighbors would have an issue with that anyway so I’m going to wrap up this video I will see you in the next one bye hello everyone I hope you’re having a good day I’m having very chill death

day as you can see I’m in my new favorite sweater potentially ever it is a cat which is very strange because you know I’m obsessed with my dog but


hi everyone welcome back to my channel I hope you’re all doing really well so I thought today that I would bring you along with me to Primark I’m gonna head to my local warrant which is Harrogate it’s not the biggest of Promax but it’s the one that’s closest

to me so we’re gonna head there today and see what they have in store and I thought I would show you everything that’s in that’s new and I like and I’ll hopefully get some nice bits as well I will do in a separate haul but let’s go to

Primack I’m bringing this guy along with me so I ride I can’t wait for ya he’s excited as you can tell so we’ve just got into Fri back now holiday stuff these facts here is this around dress up nice you think that’s nice big brown English Grammy ish

no I like that there’s a nice little sandals yeah you might have these kind of tops are real in at the moment best seafood see-through yes lots of shots all these all straw bags are in at the moment this one is 10 pounds I really like these I’m

gonna have a look first before I jump into buying anything because they’ll be loves ma lots of straw hats little shorts like that jumpsuit 17-pound and they’ve also got these little bags as well what’s a nice little scarf like this dress with us cute lots of like the

blue a white prints for summer holidays lots of hats again another straw bag you see that’s why I don’t want to jump into buying one yet because we’re gonna have loves these straight jeans look really nice I just try to get this small and slate good diddly Jimmy’s

not going to like again the small little bags over here this one’s like a little square one this little jacket you think I like this outfit together the little black top and the cream pants last I checked your last time when we did his primary challenge I do

yeah and then they’ve got another bag with a little pom-poms on except there don’t feel like the pom-poms are a different kind of texture to the actual pom-poms and then there’s also these cute little bags really like the handle on this looks very designer esque and it’s eight

pounds I think that’s going to come with me on holiday and they’ve got a few t-shirts in I like this one it’s for pound it says talk to me and they’ve got this one we just want to change the world and then this orange one and then this

one say yes dumar that what it says oh no sale lasting well like I said say yes do well one more chance and then shut your door what does that mean Steven French means I think it means love yeah I adore you and if you say it on

purpose your door yeah human males oh these are cute these like bubbles with like more like headbands died looking ones but except they’re a bubble I might get two of these forever I definitely got me to be buying loads of clothes because I’ve already got quite a lot

but I want to get some my accessories for holiday mister and I want to get a bag and I want to look at like shots and bikinis and stuff a holiday but I definitely don’t need to be buying like loads of stuff because Steve will go mad won’t

you yeah yeah I’m not buying lots of stuff so they’ve got lots of different swimsuits in I like this one well tomorrow as well I’ve already got this red one so I don’t need to be getting any more this one’s quite a nice color I like all the

ribbed ones I like this rib material I think that’s really nice and then they’ve also got these ones here with this little round bit on these have also got padding in as well and they’ve got them in three different colors of black a khaki and orange coloured one

I’ve found this bikini that I really like I love the color of it and I like a little tie detail in the middle it’s six pounds at the top and then the bottoms are far pound it also have loads of different sunglasses in they always come through with

the sunglasses in prayer mat there’s always loads I like these ones they’re nice and they’re all really reasonably priced as well all like three pound to have them I don’t think I’ll let them know that’s why the chief found these ones are nice I’ve just got some that

certainly didn’t muscle buses but they have logs that all a very rare ban looking ones but a very cheap price these maxi style dresses are really nice we’ve got them in oh no they’re not the same ones so they’ve got them in a black one and it’s mostly

orange achill I don’t know what this is like a bit orange we like all the buttons down the side how much of these they’re eight pound they’re really nice for holiday they’re good like an airport outfit it’ll be really comfortable flying I think they’ve got quite a few

skirts over here I’ve got loads of skirts so I don’t need at the moment so they’ve got another wicker style bag here this is quite a thin one this is 10 pounds again as well so I’ve seen like five now in here this one’s Creole it really nice

it would be good for the beach probably it’s quite a thin lightweight one also got this one as well and I’m gonna guess this one is ten pound like the rest of them but we’ll see no eight pound actually again it’s quite a lightweight one be good for

holidays seeing this shirt blouse with a little buttons down the front I think that’s really nice it would look good for spring and summer with some jeans small or sandals hold the pair with some little brown sandals that kind of color with some white light wash jeans and

that’s 12 pounds I think I’ll put it in my basket some more of the rib style bikinis this one’s a red water they’ve also got a blue one and this a gorgeous green color I really like that one we’ve also got the bikini in that same print as

the swimming costume one I like the bikini more than I like this moon costume that’s really a nice print really like these baseball caps but Steve just thinks because you always say they make me wanna wear it cool like really like these paper bag style jeans they’re really

really nice these are how much Hurley 13 pounds I really like the relevant but I’ve got so many jeans I don’t need them I’ve just bought some very similar ones of these as well from boohoo and these are how much of these ones 15 pounds and they were

the same on boohoo so I’ll try and link the boohoo ones below actually book these are nice the prints really nice we’ve got some white bum bags and that are really nice these are all in at the moment and everyone’s wearing them they’ve also got them in black

as well down here and the same type of oneness but black it obviously go with MA we’re getting in the lift now and we’re going up Steve or down to mend someone no because we need to go to see pajamas children’s and shoes she sees it anything for

you yeah we’ve got lots of trainers on offer at the moment I really like these ones like the cause of burrs and they’ve got all these little wedges that I like I like the khaki stout ones they’re nice how much are the ten pounds and I’ve got the

men like a pinky color a gold a white snake print and a plain black one as well I really like those green ones they’ve also got some of these in I really like those I like the snake print ones I’ve also got them in black as well have

loads of sandals are like Birkenstock desk ones I’ve already got two pairs of Birkenstocks also don’t need to get any more of these but I quite like these ones a nice and these pink ones I really nice like on an evening a holiday maybe I also really like

these yellow ones and I still also got them in black as well and there are six pounds I also got lots of sliders but they’re not really my kind of thing I don’t know I think they’re just not cool anymore I don’t know some of them are but

some of them just look really tacky like I’m sorry but those to me just look really tacky and I wouldn’t be where having them no offense to anyone they have loads of different colored earrings I like these orange ones and the yellow ones these kind of colors all

seem to be a sort in at the moment everyone seems to be wearing them and all like the big sir I’ll hit hoop earrings and stuff and all the different frills and whatnot on we’re just gonna have a little look at the boys things for the voice for

holiday do it like families and stuff I might get the visor pair of these for the pool thank you some little island this backpack here helps then for whatever it would be really good for him it’s apart for water they’ve got loads of cute little swim trunks for

little boys these ones are cute for alpha and they look like California ones a sweet a lot of different vests and tops and stuff and lots of shots I might get alfie a pair of shorts because he doesn’t have many I told holder we’ve brought Steve to the

men’s section here you are look all this for you I like them then white sharks and that shirt that’s cool that’s some kind of sick job yeah you think cactus yeah your rocket maybe you should get yourself a cat look to Daphne cats cats not a cat what

about ya try it on please come on try it on try um I’m Kevin and Pogo large and East 17 and back you may just need the cactus shirt on and the white shorts and you just rocking the Primark style okay maybe not this boy is grumpy that

shirts nice the waffle maker that would look good on holiday the palm trees yeah pink pink shirts yep seeing this super cute bath mat that’s really nice like a woven mat how much is that six pounds I really like that look really nice in the bathroom this little

tree is cute for like the side of the bed little jewelry on are something this sort of frame is also really pretty and I love all these little like cactuses style thick plants and they’ve got loads of different like storage baskets as well how cute are these little

bath time at finger puppets they are so few a little cow is cute these bulbs and I said look good with the boys and around the boys bed when we get the Vice no bed you think they’re nice and I’ve got a few more other bits of homey

stuff over here I like these oh just put some flowers in some flowers Mazal old what would you even call was followed by sigh cut even ask him I have loads of different I’ve got that little basket down there already got these little bars you can put pictures

on a really cute Steve’s got a shirt to try it’s got a little ice creams on how much is it seven seven quid Bagon oppa drama set is so cute it’s for Winnie the Pooh and then there is some strife he bottoms to match right there check it

out now finita bugger gear gonna make two shots but unleash a bit beside holiday calls completed it seems carrying the bags I’ll get these don’t you worry about it so we’re back in the car now I hope you enjoyed to find out what we got from Primark if

you did don’t forget to give it a thumbs up I’ll make sure you hit subscribe for more videos like this and we will see you next time semi brilliant I said survive you shut the door on me say bye and bye guys welcome back


Oh what about nice cans no work you know my no I don’t have raised alive what’s going on everybody welcome to eight do’s and don’ts of screen time fashion it’s time to put away this shirt with denim coats and the crew jackets and get straight to the warmer

season 18 you ready to talk about these winds let’s go all right so first of all we got to go over man all over print is this a new or don’t of spring time it’s a pens when you’re in the spring you’re gonna be rocking some loud all-over

prints so you kind of want to keep the other pieces a little more subtle make it the focal point of her outfit one thing that you definitely want to keep in mind you don’t want to rock to contrast means matters man and for myself I’ve been guilty of

this you can easily overlook it especially with like you know stripes and camo patterns and we’re now those are two contrasting patterns that you definitely don’t want to rock these together be careful with it make it the focal point of your outfit if you are gonna have one

piece make sure everything else complements it rather than clashes with it I always say it’s to do for the springtime but you just got to be careful the truth so moving right along rich we got all white shoes so you got a lot of colors in the springtime

that you do not necessarily see in other seasons and they’re pretty hard to match with a lot of sneakers so for myself an all-white sneaker right there just makes it super easy for you to throw on an outfit with these colors you got one dominant seafoam shoe you

only have the seafoam colored when I think of all white sneakers I think of really versatile and sleek sneakers I think of you know your power faces you’ve got your stance miss you also got the for these that are coming out pretty soon you’re talking about the one

with the pistachio the dirty bottom right yeah horse you got the classic you know bands old school all white one sneaker right now that’s kind of speaking to me and I know I said there a drop in our hike talked the 500 lesses man I’ll go sleep I

was just in New York and I have to stop in person oh I’ll tell you then make it boy wanna flip fly and go back to yesterday man all right so for the spring is summertime – all white sneakers are a go all right so moving right along

weed out when it comes to shorts above the knee or below the knee or Anthony let me know do the seance I’m gonna have to go with above-the-knee got a nice calf you know you want to show off your kneecaps you’re gonna go with above me look in

my opinion but I always out nice calves out for you no no I don’t have raised alive all I’m saying that in my opinion I like the look of the slim trunk thick baggy shorts all those are in the past especially if you’re in the summer and spring

time and you’re not on the basketball court yeah that look for me works I see what you’re me man I do really like the look of above the knee but not everybody can pull it off even for myself my proportions are look I’m a little wider but shorter

and when I rock shorts above the knee it just looks a little bit weird in my training I got a do at the knee and that’s just where I stand Anthony you’re kind of gonna get the best of both worlds you know looking like too preppy above the

knee we’re gonna look comfortable and it’s gonna look proportionate to your body in my opinion but you’re skinnier taller above the knee for sure looks way dopers so when it comes to shorts we’re gonna say there’s conditions obviously different body frames are more suited for different lengths of

shorts so we went over some good ones you know for the springtime you’re not layered up and covering your whole body or whatnot Ruby this allows for a lot of room for accessories first off let’s go over the watches okay g-shock yester do or don’t ji-suk now he’s

even said g-shock in a while there are certain models the G Shox I was very cool you know like more of like the subtle square ones yes but there’s also like the huge chunky military ones you want to stay away from those in the springtime I don’t know

a domed you’re saying that no G Shock watch man yo you detected by an Apple watch and switch out the bands to measure [Music] let’s just reel it back and just overall watches in general do but definitely for the spring time you’re gonna be rockin you know your

lighter jackets your light or t-shirts and whatnot you want to complement that with maybe a piece that isn’t so chunky you know those like huge mix and watches what I might want to stay away from those are Springs I’ve always liked those vintage Casio watches fire I really

like the ones they’re all gold but then they have the black digital face right there I kind of got a little bit more color and in my opinion if it’s all gold that looks a little bit too formal we’ve got a black face man that makes it a

little bit more sounders overall subtle watches new chunky watches don’t alright so moving right along I’ve never been one to pull these off but maybe you have some suggestions for the audience new sunglasses Oh it all depends on the size of your face and the size of sunglass

so long you can’t be rocking you know grab a small heavy bucket big sunlight that just doesn’t go like a car TV King Diamond she can’t pull it off she just does it when it comes to sunglasses sizing matters popular brands like Ray Bans those frames of Wayfarers

yeah they don’t fit me and you know I’ve had a picture me wearing them hey let’s post em they’re so kind of like a rule of thumb when it comes to sunglasses if you have a square shape how we call them first our heads you want to go

with the rounder shape lenses but if you have a rounder face you want to go with the radius the old Lisa frog head so I’m gonna have a little more corner more edginess to you yeah so you got to determine what kind of face shape you have and

then go from there what one thing that I do like for the springtime especially I’m not sure what other season you could rock these classes with uh-huh but the ones that are kind of like a mirror reflect about difficult Glen’s if you know who recently came out with

those is a kid with their Columbia collaboration who’s that a bear wrestler Bret Hart Houston octo said you know a dead red heart could those make a comeback oh yeah I’ve seen him alright so for the sunglasses we’re gonna say they are a do but you gotta just

go about on the right way try to shake right occasion right time yeah you don’t want to be that guy so more accessories we got our side backside but you’re still coming out in abundance everybody’s dropping them sailing when it comes to the side bag I’m talking about

color you know only got it the pastel array that you mean a basic side bag it’s more of like a functional thing that we’re here anytime yeah you don’t really want to rock a big ol backpack like a little camping you know you’re gonna be going to the

festivals these can hold a lot of yeah you got your wallet you got your sunglasses and of course you got your cell phone you remember the cell phone ban from Coachella remember that photo or all the cell phones you stole so what we’re saying side bags functionality-wise serve

a really good purpose in everything safe you don’t got storm in your love boobies and when I put a fanny pack nice and secure compact and accomplished Elfi all right so we just went over accessories and we got one Les Deux or a donor right and it’s experimenting

with different colors this is definitely a do my experience in general I like wearing the plane you know grays and the blacks and the olives in the other seasons when it comes to the warmer seasons I like that I get to switch up my style a little bit

I’m sure you like a little loaf pop in your everything you know what I mean we are kind of known for the olives grays and blacks and they look you you were wearing a blue right here you’re warmed up you know getting to the spring and summertime you

see I look in my closet I lit man it can’t be a springtime video without some color very true and look at you you’re still stuck in the winter I would’ve wore a black denim jacket though this is more of like a light gray one you’re like a

little snake you know shedding its skin going into the meantime you’re still transitioning and this is why I like the springtime it’s kind of like that transition period let me bring up your outfit right here as an example this is I would say you know kind of like

a winter rich outfit right you got dark colors right here you got a pretty muted hat but you could just stow on like a pastel hat right now and it’ll still be cool for this free time I would say there’s a little bit more room to play with

in the springtime all right so wrapping this one up it is definitely a do in the springtime to experiment with different colors you’re gonna keep the essence of your winter wear but you can throw on you know a little bit of pop and it’ll still work out all

right so that pretty much wraps it up for do’s and don’ts a springtime fashion let us know down in the comments below what are you guys playing on rocket for the springtime in the summertime what are some things you are experimenting with and like we are saying these

aren’t like concrete rules you know what I mean these are just our opinions these are Jason’s guidelines guidelines I would say and hopefully they help you guys out make sure you guys check out taste Instagram when you guys get a chance too oh and also you got shot

through Seeley collection spring/summer color real real soon five five five definitely be on the lookout for the new rich elite collection clothing merchant we got coming out we got a lot of cool colors in there that a lot of people could work with so make sure you guys

check that out make sure you check out these instagrams for notifications and whatnot and updates and that’s pretty much it man and it’s all next time we yeah who’s our guy say we’re checking out that video sky says what up and like we said make sure you guys

check out our our G’s for more updates and notifications on when our Ritchie Lee collection and drop me a lot of cool pieces in there really great for the spring of summertime make sure you guys follow the Richie League collection so we’re gonna drop a bunch of release

dates on there it’s gonna be better than ever all right and that’s pretty much it and it’s all like style we yeah

Summer Fashion & Beauty Haul ft Melissa Ordway | American Eagle, Abercrombie, Sephora…

hello gorgeous so today I’m here with my girlfriend Melissa word way high which you probably remember from our prom lookbook video and get ready with me Pramod ition will link up the video is over here and here yes no or over here watch the videos if you haven’t seen them yet um but we went shopping the other day together for some new summer pieces and we thought hey let’s do a summer haul and show you guys what we got so let’s get started so the first store that we went to on our shopping trip was American Eagle and they happen to be having a summer short sale and every pair of shorts in the store was $24.

99 so I think of a pair of cutoff roll-up jeans they’re so cute and they’re the dark denim which I really like and you guys I got a pair of black kind of ripped up shorts I’ve been looking for a pair of these and they fit really really nice I kind of am weird about shorts and the way they fit but I love the way these thick yeah make it really good too and they’re a little bit high-waisted are those yes these are two I think I had a rise it’s not high-waisted yes you can kind of really like a crop top with them or a longer shirt whatever whatever you’re feeling yeah black shorts are hard to come by I feel like no I’m the next thing I got was a pair of jeans jeggings and they were I don’t think they were necessarily on sale but I love destroyed denim so if you guys follow me on my blog you probably see me wearing it destroy denim all the time but these I really liked because they were all shredded up I didn’t really love the whisker on them but when I wore them I felt like they weren’t really no I thought they looked really cute so I actually put them on that night yeah yeah yeah that’s all I got and then I got getting a little personal um a pair of underwear but I love their underwear there and um I love boy shorts because it makes me feel like I’m Carrie Bradshaw from Sex in the City so um because she always more like the yeah the boy boys were and liking like a wife beater yes yeah just a little bit of skin show yeah yeah so that’s my Carrie Bradshaw moment I like the mint green a lot you – thank you you’ve a little ruching in the butt oh yeah a little bit cuz I don’t have one in real life so that helps me out a lot so let’s take a trip down memory lane for me um Abercrombie and Fitch you know that really brought me back because I worked there for forever so I go in there and I feel like I want to buy the whole store but they were having a 50% off sale on all their jeans and I found these white jeans and they are destroyed too and um I had a pair of J Brand Jeans that I loved they actually ended up not fitting exactly the way that I wanted them to so I gave them away but these are like a better version of the J Brand Jeans and they were 50% off they were regularly 8888 dollars and so I got them for $44 and it was a steal me too and you got a parent twice perfect for summer I got it light gray jeans which I’ve always wanted a pair of light gray jeans and I never bought them in it I’m not really sure why but they were the same thing that was 78 there were 50% off talking about memory lane I haven’t been in Abercrombie since in Ohio probably 2007 or something that’s yeah yeah I just I just always the boy takes I’m afraid of that everything is ANF on it you know but they had so many kid things like Sookie they kind of like steered away from having a moose on everything mm-hmm um you still could smell like I brought me when you leave ash I mean Ellie I loved it I felt like I was like gonna see some cute guys or something in there and like a model yeah thanks pretty McLean was a shirtless guy standing outside the store yeah but they have like kimonos there yeah I like adorable things that I just didn’t expect they had this crap top which i think is super cute um and it fit perfectly it’s just not gonna I don’t like to show too much much stomach when I do the whole crop top thing I like to keep it a little bit black looks way better than I’ve ever made so on I don’t care no it’s really good on you so I found this crop top and there’s no moose there’s no moose to be found anywhere so I love the classic clean way and it fits really good I actually already wore this and I had it on for two seconds and I got a little spot on it but when you buy it in the store it’s perfectly fresh and new and awesome and I’m excited about that and I got overalls yeah it makes fit ruling their awards but you’re sure cute yes and these were also on sale I think they’re normally 68 and I got them for 40 so yeah I’ve had a cute little gray sweater which is a little crop top it looks shorter than what what it looks like are on because it actually bought this is an outfit the gray on gray it looks so cute together she was just a tiny bit of stomach but again no emblems at all like no one would ever know that this is from Abercrombie no and I love that and the deals were great and yeah but are you working at Mahoney I worked in American Eagle eight years so it’s funny we just both took a trip down so it’s not a shopping trip unless we make it to Sephora right I mean that’s like my home away from home and I can’t go in that store without buying something this time I was watching Jacqueline Hills June favorites I think it was and she talked about healthy deodorant and I’m a weirdo about deodorant and I’d really really have been wanting to go like a more natural route with it so I picked up the healthy deodorant and vanilla lavender is this and you picked it up too I did I’ve been using it for the past couple days and it smells so good did you get the same thing I did yeah okay so I’m really excited to give it a try and you think it works pretty well you know I’ve tried a lot of the natural deodorants and a lot of them leave you stinky like after an hour and so this one actually works like it lasts for a long time I mean I might reapply it towards the end of the day like before a date night or something but I would do that with any deodorant yeah so yeah that’s good then that it doesn’t yeah um the next thing I picked up I’ve been seeing all over beauty blogs YouTube everywhere in the new NARS on dual intensity eyeshadows and I was so stoked to try this out because I went to Namie’s which is my local beauty store and they don’t carry it and I picked it up in Cassiopeia which is this gorgeous gorgeous mother of pearl I know you guys probably can’t see that from so far and I’m not gonna swatch it for you I’m using it in tutorial so you can see it but these dual intensities are so amazing these when they go on dry they’re one color but you add a wet brush or however you want to apply it you have a little bit of water to it and it completely changes the pigment and it just it’s so gorgeous I’m really excited it’s really pretty yeah it’s definitely a mother-of-pearl with that purple tinge yeah it’s gorgeous it’s really really pretty um I got Josie Maran coconut water eyes shadow and it is in Playa del pink um I found this I was actually just walking through the aisle and I saw coconut water and I’m obsessed with coconut water and coconut oil and all that stuff so I wanted to try it and it goes on really nice it’s a really pretty color I’m actually wearing it I don’t know if you can tell so I decide if you like it or not like some bronzy glowy summer look yeah I know absolutely nothing about makeup I always have to watch hello gorgeous and and Angela do all her tutorials to try and figure anything out because I’m really bad about that but I just like the idea that it’s all natural and it’s a pretty color and then I also got Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer it’s the illuminating I’m obsessed with this I wear this all the time for years in layers I get a natural radiance and I seriously cannot live without this it’s a great product everyone so the shopping trip the other day I really wanted to go somewhere with Nordstrom because I specifically wanted to find a pair of white Berks Berman’s dark sandals I came in Berks like a mama first baby but I really wanted to find them and then we got there and they didn’t even carry Birkenstocks until fall which what do they thinking I don’t know but the shoe guy was like go upstairs – shocked – Topshop they have some super similar and he wasn’t lying I mean these are like identical – Birkenstocks it’s crazy and they’re half the price there were 45 dollars they look they feel everything’s the same it’s insane that they were literally 50% off those are really cute that’s like I think the find of the day I really think so I mean I’m really happy with this purchase I think it’s a good one yeah I bought something for my husband shrim so I don’t have anything to offer there but then we went to free people which I’m obsessed with one of my favorite stores and I found this hat that I’m wearing and I love it it’s $39 which i think is like a huge steal for free people yeah everything is always like over $100 or like $88 um so yeah this hat cute Thanks yeah been wearing it ever since Panama Jack I don’t even know what that means but when I think see strong yeah it’s like a beach day every day when you wear this hat yeah so you all know that I love foreign exchange I wear their pieces all the time and we happen to run in there and I picked up a few just really cute pieces that I wanted to show you guys I know that Horan change isn’t everywhere but they do have a website and I’ll link and also I mean we talked about today I’m gonna link up on my website Angela Lee intercom so if there’s anything you see here that you want to buy it’ll be there for you to check out but I picked up this skirt and it’s a long maxi skirt but I love it because it is it buttons down but then it stops right at the perfect place and it’s kind of gauzy so cute and lightweight and I really love that for summer and I also picked up I’ve been wanting um kind of a skater skirt style but not the short one like more of a mini length so I think this is like kind of look he’s at the t-shirt material yeah it’s really stuff yeah it’s like t-shirt I guess but it’s like denim and it really fits cute because it kind of is a high waisted one so I really like that and then I also picked up a little I don’t consider this to be a bra I consider it to be more of a bando nothing because the band or band ow I don’t know bando and OH way in below guys in the comments let us know we don’t know but I got one of these little Lando things because I like to wear the lacy stuff when I have like low-cut oh you know arm openings are local back or whatever and I don’t know I like the pretty nude taupey color it’s really pretty yeah I really I like it so that’s what I got from foreign exchange um and it all looks so good on here I got a little G from the store Soto is a I don’t know if you can see it um but it’s for my last name Gaston so yeah I thought it was a cute little finds you actually told me about the store and it’s amazing yeah so many cute things I don’t know if they have a website but I just angry do you like Chinese anywhere I’m pretty positive that they do but I’ll I’ll link up one that’s similar below because I actually have an elf that I wear a frequently and I don’t know I think it’s a really cool really good it’s just unique well it’s really pretty I like girly yeah and I like to just put another stud earring on the other side typically do to put one in today so I only have one earring in um so yeah you could also just do that if you wanted to be kind of kooky and be like you know what I just want to wear one earring two earrings too much work for me today just good to put in wine so yeah that’s that’s where I’m at in my life right now really thanks thanks so much for watching today guys and thanks for coming along and doing this with me today thanks for having me this is so much fun yeah okay I’m gonna link up her information in the description box below so if you guys aren’t following her on Instagram and Twitter go follow her and you can watch her own gang yes every day depends where you are but I’m in the West Coast 11:30 on CBS don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel guys and click the like if you want to see more haul videos because next thing you know it’s gonna be falling back to school so yeah thanks so much for watching or what bye guys I’m so excited because I get to announce right now right here who the winner is of my rebecca minkoff giveaway for my 25, 000 subscribers on youtube and i’m really excited because the winner gets in this bag which I love and I’m so happy to give it away to some lucky winner so the winner is it is at Alicia and Nicole Leeds al I CIA nico le le e on instagram is your name and alicia i will be contacting you on instagram i’ll send you a private message and asked where i can send this off thank you so much for everybody who participated thank you so much for everybody who has subscribed to me and following me on instagram and don’t worry I have another giveaway coming up and I think I’m gonna announce that next I may be giving next week which will probably be next Monday ish and it’s just a fun giveaway so stay tuned because I am so excited to give something else away to one of my lucky gorgeous girls yay congratulations Alicia thanks so much for watching and following and subscribing and all that and thank you so much to everybody else I love you guys so much so first shorts in this app and okay let’s try that again you know unit unit 17 again yeah yeah it’s never gonna be in the bloopers edgy.

Haul; Summer Fashion Lookbook

hey guys so today I’m filming a haul and it’s gonna be a summer fashion haul so the first thing I bought is actually this little tank and it’s from Hollister I believe it was only a few dollars I got it in white also but I’m just showing you

guys the gray one it’s a basic tank that I thought would look nice underneath a crop top or you know just for layering and it has a little bit of a lace detailing at the bottom and it’s just simple and a basic tank nothing special I’m really into

cropped graphic tanks recently and I just have a ton of these now I got this one from gas obviously and I believe this was about $18 there you come many different colors of white one and also blue one I loved all of them but this is the only

one that was in my size so that’s why I got this one it’s not too cropped but I really do like it the guests clothing usually have pretty nice material so this was a thicker kind of crop tank now the next tank is also from gas and it’s

just this blue color they have four different colors I got it in two of them um I got one for actually like $18 and then the other one was for 12 they were on sale different at different times I actually got this one first and if you’re wondering

I always look up what the text says before I buy the shirt just so I know what I’m wearing and what kind of message I’m carrying so yeah so this next cop tank is from guess as well although it’s the same tank it is in a different color

and it has different text on it it’s also French like I said before I am super into graphic kind of crop tops and you guys will see this play out through the rest of the video I just bought so many crop things lately kind of a little bit

overboard so this button up is from yes also but it is actually from G by guest so it’s a little bit different I am apologize for the brightness you know I’m in the new location so I’m just testing the lighting out but as a basic white button up

it has 3/4 cup sleeves and I like wearing it as a kind of like a jacket like cardigan pump as compared to like a regular button-up so that’s how I’ve been wearing it and if you follow me on instagram you have seen this shirt before this table you

might have seen in my blog this is actually from H&M and I believe it was twenty-something dollars and like I said I always look up to text and I did for this one also I love the Sheerness and I just think it’s fun for you know summer but

I do feel like this is really weird coming out of H&M H&M usually doesn’t have clothing like this and so I was very pleasantly surprised and I fell in love with it immediately this next top is also from H&M I wore it on my 22nd birthday as my

birthday outfit if you follow me on Instagram again you guys don’t know so it’s just this nice drape top I felt like it was a little bit more mature and it was also twenty-something dollars and I love the material it’s really nice and the front is perfect not

too crazy showy but just enough and I love the color it’s just perfect so I know it’s summer but you still have to invest in a few hoodies you know you have those lazy days at home during the summer we all have those and this one was from

the Victoria Secret semi-annual sale it was $25 and it is a very very bright fluorescent neon lime green so it’s really hard to see on camera but I just thought it was soft and very comfortable and good for lounging around at home and another hoody this is a

little bit I personally think more fashionable the other one I wouldn’t necessarily wear out but this one I’ve been wearing out a lot and you guys have seen this in my previous video it’s from hmm I was around twenty-something dollars I love it it’s so soft and fuzzy

on the inside and it’s just a really good outfit for a casual or a lazy day where you don’t want to put too much effort into your outfit so this next tank is kind of plain it was from Wet Seal and I believe it was like four four

or five for $20 so this sure it was probably only four dollars it just has a really nice strappy back look to it that you can kind of layer under things or wear it on its own it’s pretty nice it’s very thin and the material isn’t that great

but hate for four dollars you can’t go wrong for this outfit both the top and the bottom are new no the top is from gas is just the plain tank it was a little bit on the pricey side but the materials did it was $15 the shorts were

about 1518 dollars from Wet Seal they’re high-waisted kind of just white denim top the bra is also new from Victoria so yeah I’m sure you guys have seen it in their catalogs and their ads but if you’re petite like me and you’re looking for a cheap high waisted

shorts go to Wet Seal they’re shorts fit so amazingly nice and I just love them it’s really hard for me to find bottoms that fit so this top is pretty much our this outfit is pretty much the exact same thing is the previous one except flipped I got

the top in black and white wearing the same bra and the shorts are a black denim from Wet Seal a little bit different though it does have fringe on the bottom no pockets on the back so pretty much the exact same thing like I said the top is

a really good material I know it’s a little bit pricey for a plain top but still really really nice and always go to I seal for shorts they have so many different colors and styles and I actually got this on sale for buy one get one 70% off

so that was a good deal this next outfit is also completely nude at the top is from H&M it was only I believe nine dollars and the shorts are an acid-wash high waisted short and I love it it’s from Wet Seal also for about the same price so

many different colors seriously if you walk into what zeal you will want every single pair that they have it’s amazing and it fits great tank is a little bit kind of loose at the bottom but hey for $9 is not a big deal I don’t know about you

but I personally kind of really like that overalls trend I know it’s a little bit weird but I decided to go with a kind of less bold this is a crochet black overall and so it doesn’t look as crazy as a denim would wearing the same bra the

top is new from Minas I believe it was $5 so a lot of cheaper versions and the guest one I you know didn’t want to go crazy with this one so the overalls are really comfortable their crochet about twenty-something dollars let me know what you guys think of

the trend I know it’s a kind of hit or miss kind of thing this is a romper from guess it’s kind of like a velvety material with lace detailing on the top and the bottom and there’s a tie in the middle kind of looks like squiggly boy to

me so I was a little bit hesitant together get it but overall I do really like it a little bit pricey was about $35 but um it is very heavy duty I do feel like it’s a little bit thick for summer it’s very very warm and the material

is super heavy and thick so yeah let me know what you guys think about this one also and if you’ve watched my previous videos you know I bought this Hollister dress in a blue it was about 15 dollars and since it was still on sale and I really

liked the blue one I caught a gray one it fits perfectly and it’s flowy the materials nice Hollister has some good stuff and I like how it flows and just fits my body it’s just amazing so that’s pretty much it to this haul let me know what you

guys think have a great summer and I’ll see you guys in my next video thanks for watching