10 Summer Fashion Essentials! Curvy Style Guide for Summer!

Hey guys! It's Sierra and today I'm gonnabe showing you my top ten summer fashion essentials.

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Now enough about me, let'sget into these summer fashion essentials! The first thing, definitely a staple inmy wardrobe is an awesome pair of high-waisted denim shorts.

Jean shortsare just kind of like a summer essential and a high-waisted fit is perfect for acurvy body shape.

Whether you have a little bit more around the middle oryou're a more petite curvy girl this will really emphasize that hourglassfigure and smooth your tummy.

I did a whole video a few weeks ago about thebest denim shorts for a curvy body so if you guys want to find out which denimshorts you should get you can click that card right up there for that video! Inthe summer I'm always looking for ways that I can beat the heat and a chiffonmaxi dress is a great way to do that while still having a really cute outfit.

It's hot, so lightweight maxi dresses will keep you cool and airy and chiffonis an especially light fabric.

In dresses like this that are more loose and flowy, I always like to look for elastic in the waist so that it can still define mycurves.

It's an easy way to flatter a curvy figure and still get thatlightweight flowy look that a maxi dress will give you.

Crop tops are definitely asummer essential for me! I've done a whole video on how to choose flatteringcrop tops for a curvy body shape, so I will link that in the description alongwith all the other videos I'm mentioning here.

But, spoiler alert from that video!One of my favorites is a wrap style crop top.

Wrap style crop tops are soflattering on a curvy figure even if you have a little extraaround the middle like me.

They also work great with high-waisted jeans shorts soyou can mix and match different shorts and wrap style crop tops to make reallycute summer outfits.

Find a great pair of high-waisted pattern swim bottoms youcan mix and match with different tops.

High-waisted bottoms are a great fit fora curvy figure especially if you look for ruching or fabric gathers along themiddle.

That'll really smooth out your midsection and I feel like it's harderto find good fitting bottoms than good fitting tops.

So, if you find that goodpair of pattern bottoms you can get a bunch of simple colored tops that youcan mix and match with those bottoms to create a variety of different swim looks.

Having a few lightweight rompers and jumpsuits are great for putting togethera really simple no effort outfit! It's a really easy one piece look and I like togo for looser fitting lightweight jump suits with a defined waist so that theykeep me nice and cool in the hot weather and also if you go for basic coloredrompers and jumpsuits you can mix and match them with different patternkimonos to create a variety of looks.

Flowy shorts or soft shorts are a greatalternative to denim since denim shorts can be a little bit hot in the summer.

Ifyou want something a little bit lighter and cooler and loose-fittingtry some flowy shorts.

I like to go for patterned flowy shorts so that those canbe more of a statement piece of the outfit and I can mix and match them withdifferent basic colored tees.

Having a few go t-shirt dresses in your wardrobeis great because you can just throw them on and make a simple look when you don'treally feel like putting together an outfit.

Shirt dresses are really comfy andperfect for summer but sometimes they can be a little bit shapeless so you canalways add a simple thin belt at the waist to find your figure if that'ssomething you're worried about.

You guys know I am a huge fan of kimonos! Kimonosare a great way to add a pop of color to your outfit and add a little extracoverage without adding extra layers.

If you were to try to cover up somespaghetti straps with a sweater or a cardigan in the summer it would just beway too hot.

But, kimonos are light and airy and don't have a lot of fabric tothem and not only do kimonos add that extra coverage but they're actually reallyuseful for when you're walking out in the sun all day because they'll give yousome extra coverage from the sun and prevent getting a sunburn all over yourshoulders.

I like to buy patterned kimonos so that I can layer them with more basicdresses rompers jumpsuits and tees and shorts combos.

In the summer, I like toget one go-to pair of brown strappy sandals that I can wear with pretty muchany outfit.

These ones are from JustFab.

They're just a really simple flatcomfortable brown sandal.

They're way more dressy than my ratty old flip-flops, so I can wear them with a jumpsuit or a maxi dress but they still are casualenough to work with my jean shorts and t-shirts.

They're super super versatile!Simple tops like tees, tanks or crop tops are great for layering with differentpattern kimonos or just pairing with some jean shorts.

This makes creatingreally simple summer outfits a lot easier if you have a few go-to basicshirts in your wardrobe that you know you like and you know you feel good in.

My favorite basic tees are from Madewell and Express.

I will link both ofthose in the description but these are great for layering and just for casualeveryday summer looks.

Thanks so much for watching! I hope you guys enjoyed thisvideo and I am so happy to be back and feeling better and filming! If you wantto see my last video, that was a summer lookbook, some of my favorite summeroutfits.

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