Does Fashion Nova Fit Skinny Girls? | Spring/Summer Try On Haul

Today we are going to be trying on $350worth of Fashion Nova outfits.

I bought all of these in spring 2019 so they areall available for you to purchase online.

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and every sooften a bonus video! So what is Fashion Nova? Fashion Nova is an Instagram brandor a viral brand that has attracted women from all over the world who don'ttypically fit into the standard body measurements.

These are women like Cardi B, Black Chyna, Kylie Jenner that have more curves, more shape.

These clothes aretight, trendy and affordable and by working with these celebrities they havealso recently become aspirational.

Whoever wears and takes selfies withthese clothes will add the hashtag Nova babe and this has become a movementwithin Instagram with every influencer wanting to be featured on their page.

Sobecause of this cool factor the company has grown 60% in 2017 and has fifteenpoint eight million Instagram followers, which is crazy for a clothing line.

Ineed to talk a little bit about the return policy of Fashion Nova.

I findthey have a really poor return policy and this was actually in an interviewwith the owner and he kind of brushed it off.

So their return policy is that youneed to pay for the shipping back and there is absolutely no return there isonly store credit.

I don't like that because I feel like then you'recommitted to staying with a product that you don't necessarily love and likethat's just not cool right? I wish that they had a better return policy andwould actually give you your money back if you returned the parcel but theydon't so keep that in mind when you are shopping on Fashion Nova.

It is a bit ofa risk you might end up with something that you don't love and you have tostick with store credit and you have to pay for the return back.

Let's start withoutfit number one.

Outfit number one is the Take Me to Barbados dress.

This is amulticolored, absolutely stunning dress with a really interesting neckline.

Ifeel like this dress because it cinches right at the waist and flows out wouldbe really attractive on pretty much anybody shape.

I wore this when I was in Mexico and got a ton of compliments.

Ifind that the flowiness of it and the thickness of the material to be reallyhigh-end and super beautiful.

It has vibrancy, it has flow, it has sexiness, ithas everything you could want in a maxi dress and it's also not overly casual.

You can wear it for a casual day but you can definitely dress it up and wear itto an event like a wedding or a formal dinner.

So this dress retails for $99.

47Canadian which comes to $74.

99 American I think it'sworth it.

I think it's gorgeous.

I have no complaints about this one whatsoever.

Outfit number two is this Mandalay Bay stripe set.

So it comes with pants and atube top and a belt.

This is like a three-piece set.

I'm going to betotally honest with you guys, this was way too small on me.

I'm I am very skinny.

I am like a toothpick.

I've always been really skinny.

I range from a size liketwo to four typically and so I bought a small and it didn't zip up at all so Igot my mother-in-law who was a professional seamstress to actually cuta huge part of this band off, lower it and then stitch it back up so that it sits alittle bit lower on my waistline so that I could actually physically zip it up.

This is an extremely long long trouser.

I am 5 foot 9 and it is even long on me.

Itlooks great when I have heels on but if you are shorter this is going to be hardto wear and if you are curvy and you don't have an extremely small waist thisis also going to be a little bit harder to wear.

I don't totally love this outfiteven though I did get a lot of compliments on it when I was wearing iton vacation.

What I don't love about it is that I find it very uncomfortable.

Itkind of rides up at the top and that could be because it was small butoverall it's just very extra in every way and I mean so am I but this is evena little bit too extra for me.

So this outfit retails for $66.

31 Canadian which is converted down to $49.

99 US.

if you want somethingthat is showstopper and that is really gonna make you stand out of the crowdthen it's very nice but it's just I don't find it very functional or verywearable for my everyday life.

Outfit number three is the Midnight Crushblouse.

This is a completely see-through lace blouse that you wear either with atank top underneath or a little bandeau.

I absolutely freakin love this.

I wore thisin my Chanel Baume Essentiel video which is doing really well on YouTubeand I've actually gotten compliments in the comment section of that videotalking about this blouse.

The nicest thing about it is that the lace doesn'tlook like a doily it's actually quite a fine lace which is really really welldone and it has tiny little buttons in the back and it has an open back sooverall it's just really beautiful.

You can wear it with a skirt or with jeans.

Itlooks absolutely gorgeous.

This outfit retails for $46.

41 but it's actually on sale for $37.

11 Canadian or $27.

98 US.

So go get this blouse if youlove it.

I did get a ton of compliments on it and I do find it very feminine andvery beautiful.

Outfit number four is the She's The One bodysuit in Jade.

I lovethis body suit you guys it has a thong back – like the bottom is a thong whichlooks really nice with like a really tight pair of jeans because you're notgetting all of those lines and overall the material is just so so soft andstretchy.

It has a really stretchy type of fabric and I find it quite breathablefor the summer/in the spring even though it is it is a long sleeve and if youwear it with a high-waisted pant it just looks so sexy and so nice.

The only thingthat I don't love about it is that I find the front has a really plungingneckline and it's a little bit hard for me to wear.

I always end up wearing abandeau top or a tank top underneath of it just because if I'm moving andbending down you will see everything.

You will see the girls and there is not abra in the world that can hide that.

So this body suit right here is $39.

78 butit's on sale right now for $26.

53 and that comes to $20 dollars US.

That'sreally cheap.

I find it really cheap for such a nice trendy top.

It's comfortablebut it is definitely definitely trendy which is awesome.

Outfit number 5 is thisSugar Free Dress in taupe.

I was inspired to buy this outfit because Kylie Jennerwore it in white and I thought it had this kind of oversized boyfriend shirt typeof vibe which I thought was super super sexy so I definitely wanted to try itout.

I thought maybe it would be kind of cool to wear it in the salon with a pairof tights but when it came in, again, I'm finding it a little bit small.

Althoughit is sexy, I just don't feel comfortable in it.

I don't know why.

I don't think thematerial is very breathable, I don't think it's super super well made.

Thethe neckline at the front again is so plunging and I know that FashionNova's whole thing is like ultra sexy but it's just like it has to be ultrasexy and also functional and this one for me it just kind of isn't.

I wish thatI bought a size medium.

I think I would feel a lot better in it but you know you canpair it with a with a tube top or a bandeau or whatever but it kind of takesaway the shaping of the dress.

So I wouldn't purchase this one againalthough it is kind of fun and I mean if I did go back in time I would purchaseit in a medium.

So if you're interested in this and the way that it looks reallyread the measurements because you may have to also size up.

This outfit retailsfor $43.

76 Canadian or $32.


It's not super expensive so if you dohave kind of like a cool sexy place to go, it's definitely sexy and fun.

It'sjust a little bit not functional for my life but seems to be the trendwith my life.

I like things that are very not mom appropriate.

Last but not least, we have the ready to party bodysuit in black and gold.

This is really coolbecause it has all of these sequins here and then it has tassels in through here.

You know I'm not a hundred percent sure how I feel about this.

Like part of meloves it and thinks it's super badass and then part of me feels weird wearingit and I don't know why.

I love things that are over the top.

One thing that Ididn't necessarily love about it is that it came with a tiny little hole here (seethat right in the bum area) and I mean it's really easy to stitch and sew but Ijust kind of hate it when things come with defects because it's just more workand like ain't nobody got time for that honey.

But this bodysuit retails for$53.

05 but it's on sale right now for fo$46.

40 so if you like it go and get it and that is $34.


Let me know in the comment section below which outfit was your favorite and ifyou are tempted to buy any of these.

I want to know what you guys want to shopfor.

If you have a store request, post that in the comments as well and I willdo a haul and get it up online as soon as I can for you guys.

Thank you so muchfor tuning and as always I love ya!.