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in love and passionate about what you do your finds and kind of connecting it with the right person so I want to thank you Gary for coming on our show letting us know that you guys are available and I make sure everybody gets out and connects with you that way thank you again and you guys are very generous with your time we really appreciate it oh absolutely now for everyone visit hsn.

com to learn more about businesses featured in our small business spotlight like we said we're doing 20 and remember to support the small businesses in your own local community by shopping small online ordering takeout from local restaurants buy gift cards there's so many different ways to do that so thank you to Gary for spending some time Beauty report is all done I'm done but Amy's taking it over with some Vanessa Williams a fresh take untie miss classics for all women simple easy elegance style that works today every day [Music] Vanessa Williams on HSN so believe it or not this is your ultimate deal let's get shopping [Music] the list is your go-to guide for our favorite fashion and accessory vines of the week we have the best styles hand-picked just for you join us every Thursday night to see what made the list [Music] [Applause] Oh gorgeous this is our last hour of our big hello gorgeous T Pat my name is Amy Morrison thank you for shopping with us for the beauty report don't move a muscle because wait TC we've got in store for everybody with the one and only Vanessa Williams she is read to us an amazing collection sold exclusively to us at HSN she's a songwriter she's an actress she she's an amazing mother and she understands style in fact there were three generations there her mother herself her daughter were there so sit back relax we've got a brand-new collection that we're gonna be talking about so we got coming up a lot of you been asking about my dress so this dress is brand-new it's a tie-dyed it's a ruched dress as well it's on sale for 71 dollars and 61 cents it's brand spankin new so hopes wearing that and our gorgeous what we call our I think that's what we're calling our indigo combo so we've got that for you in an indigo combo we also it for you in a coral combo which I'm wearing as well as a pop green excuse me that's pop green so that's gonna be coming up it's tied I the ruching on the side perfect you can have it off the shoulder on the shoulder whatever you feel like doing I love it it's soft its elegant so again this is gonna be coming up I know a lot of you have been asking about it and it's only here at HSN from miss Vanessa Williams so sit back relax we're gonna be skyping in with the one early Vanessa Williams and just of oh she's ready and looking stunning hey gorgeous it's always so nice to see your beautiful smile welcome in and we're glad that you're healthy and happy thank you thank you for being part of the show and this is our big finale of our hello gorgeous events so we're glad that we're ending it with you because we all need a little kind of fun shopping spree going on to kind of lift our spirits right yeah it's been pretty heavy these past few months and of course recently and my heart goes out to everyone who's hurting everyone who feels disconnected and isolated but all I can do at this moment is bring some bright cheery wonderful fashions for you to lift your spirits because that's what I'm here for and that's what I hope you will absolutely absolutely so let's kick everything off with the exclusive prints this is a new floral kimono we've got it for you in the Indigo combo we also bet for you in the cool combo that Sonia is wearing and then the black combo there's nothing like a good subtle kimono wrap that's elegant it's chic it's timeless and it feels like you made this out of the finest silk it does feel like you know it was very trendy to wear kind of a pajama top and some kind of boyfriend jeans the past couple seasons and this is a way to not only have the boy the relaxed satin kind of pajama top but also these wonderful pajama bottoms that match so you can feel like I mean obviously we've been in isolation for so long so we'd love the sweatpants but this is an alternative to getting out of your sweatpants and putting on a beautiful casual silky smooth gorgeous kimono top and kind of a pajama pant you can obviously wear this a flip-flop so you can do sport it with some like sneakers which a lot of the young young kids are doing or you could wear at the heel because you can I see how you have it matched with my white jean which is easy for cocktails and and you know it looks like she's ready to go out for a nice boating trip when we can all go boating again it's the coral is one of those wonderful color combinations that looks good on everyone's skin it's a cross between like a tomato red and a bit of an orange and a hot pink and it really is really flattering for every skin color but also florals never go out of style it's a classic and makes you feel just fresh and new and ready to start the summer season it's a trade these are the prints are so clean you know I love the way that you design your prints this does feel like fine silk and the way that you design it it ties you do the side slits here it is done in a subtle kimono so it's not overly dramatic yet there's a little bit of drama in the arms so very well-made too that's one thing I want to point out all of your garments that you have for us at HSN are very well made so again this is something you can tie at the waist we will be talking about the pants but you can also wear this great heels like Sonia did and you're out the door latch salutely and it's not too shiny it's it looks like silk and it looks it feels like lingerie but it doesn't have that shiny lingerie finish that it looks like you're actually wearing a nightgown out in public and again I have it with both the pants together which you I'm sure you'll show but all my prints are just mine so you'll not see these are exclusive prints just for my line you will not see these anywhere else which is wonderful and I love a nice bold print I mean you can tell with my collection when I started off last year I my motto is dare to be different and why not be noticed when you walk into a room this is exactly yeah exactly why why not you're right because so often we walk in and we just blend in let's walk in and stand out and that's exactly what we want to do right now so if you want to pick it up we've got it for you in the Indigo the black and the coral so you just choose your color again it gives you a great shape that's what I love about this you have a great shape to this because you're in control there's a little and I love the way that you did this kind of like privacy snap in the front here so you've got that privacy snap so you don't have to worry about any peekaboo right you can leave this open if you want to and have this maybe as the third piece is a jacket where a tank underneath it but again in you can't hide those camis – yeah there's also yes so camis available that you can layer on top underneath if you'd like as well and of course you can do like a white tee if you want to leave it open and casual and throw on some jeans but it's it's it's trend but this shape will never go out of style so you can feel like here you're on trend with the silky kimono a kind of pajama top but again that shapes not gonna go out of style and it's a classic you and I love that color on Sonja with her hair it looks like she's wearing a $350 silk you know a kimono it really has my feel and the look and the print is spot-on you know a lot of women are always like well where do I go with the print you know if you're somebody who doesn't like a big bold print you want something that's unique and to me this has a very timeless feel in that print it doesn't scream okay like this is a trendy print this is a very classic print to me it's classic and you know I know some people I do throw a lot of old prints out in my line if you if that makes you nervous you don't want to do print with a print pant and it's too much for you then just choose one piece and then put a solid underneath and you can feel like you're just kind of slipping into you know a little bit of a character personality that you might not feel like you ever explored before you become your inner diva very quickly why not that's the beauty of fashion and that's what we love that you bring to us you know I feel like I'm right there in my comfort zone with you but then I have fun with some prints and I know we're gonna be talking about your amazing snake print pants coming up a little later on but again this is very very what I got elegant on the body look at the drape it doesn't cling anywhere you can control that sash on how tight or how loose you want it leave it open tight in the back and now you've got the perfect third piece it is brand spanking new for our hello gorgeous event open up that HSN card right now because when you do you can not only take $10 off this price but it'll also entitle you to an additional flex pay and better yet you'll receive 60 dollars worth of perlier bath and body cream as well as their shower gel so it's a special little promotion that all ends tonight at midnight so make sure you go ahead and open up that HSN card especially when you're shopping for Vanessa Williams beautiful pieces that we have like Vanessa was saying not at the top but she does have this in the matching what we call floral pant so you can do right and I say you can do print on print or we can split it up maybe you want to wear a different top oh my gosh what these pants are these heavenly oh my gosh yeah okay everyone everyone loves a yoga pant so this is the alternatives to its it's trendy its silky its relaxed so if you feel like you've got the same shape over and over again and you want to break out into something that's still casual and but feels really really good on your body throw it together top and bottom or just wear the bottoms with a nice big slouchy sweater or a t-shirt throw on some sandals flip-flops heels if you want or some sneakers and you've got a great casual but wonderfully trendy on-trend piece that will be get you noticed oh my gosh these pants are like buttah these are pocket so it's it's not sitting right at the seam it's pushed a little bit forward so again you've got these nice deep pockets look at the movement of this material ladies it is like silk you can see there's a very subtle Sheen to this you would touch this and swear that this is fine silk you have a nice elastic waist that sewed down so this will never roll down or the elastic will never flip around inside so we do have in the same colors we've got it for you in the coral that I'm holding here we have it in the black as well as in the Indigo and so again a new option for denim maybe you're tired of wearing your denim jeans pick up the Indigo it still give you the blue trend but again it's a totally different material and cut exactly and I have to give a big shout-out to my manufacturers because all the comments of my pieces talk about how well-made they are how great they feel they feel expensive they feel like they're gonna last and the seaming detail is amazing they are really really made well made garments so I have to thank them all for doing such a spectacular job I mean Sonne would walk in a room first of all we're all gonna look at her because she's stunningly beautiful but then you add that print and that outfit together you know honestly it looks like Vanessa she spent maybe six seven hundred dollars on that silk pure silk outfit because that's the way the material reads that's the way the print reads is she's showing off her figure but not showing off anything I just love this look and you can I love it too and again trend-wise everyone's wearing a sneaker and if you really want to be on trend where the two pieces together with a big kind of chunky sneaker and you are good to go you'll be like one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills what they're just finished watching what happened okay you know one of the ladies who lunch outfit you know high-end designer a couple thousand dollars for it so again if you want the movement here you've got it you could do the matching pieces together we talked about that kimono or if you want to you to just do the pants by themselves look at the drape and the flow to these and I want to show everybody the elastic because I appreciate a good oh we've got our Real Housewife of HSN joining us wait to see Miss Sonja oh okay on the couch hey she's not gonna get up a wrinkled mess cuz these aren't gonna wrinkle yes it looks that the color looks fantastic on you and it's one of those really kind of cheery colors that we we just need to feel happy and that's a wonderful thought of course you've got the your you got the black bear with the with the Aqua and then the navy with the blue is also as is classic and again it's a it's I love the color combo um I just I tend to do the same thing always a red for my mother which I know she's watching hi mom so there's always red navy is my favorite kind of dark neutral and then with this splash of green and of course black everybody can use one black piece whether it's a solid or whether it's an amazing print no I love you did because so many of us you know do you like to wear a lot of deep navies are you somebody who wears a lot of black do you like that red color you know I love how you thought of every woman in your life and and how how perfect every one of these pieces are for them just by changing the color even though the print is beautiful you change the color of the print and has a completely different feeling to it like when I look at the Navy here this has a little more like casual I'm here but I'm quiet elegance when you look at more than right I'm here I'm elegant and you're gonna notice me you know so I have the way that you did that with this collection here don't forget ladies all these pieces are brand new it's our hello gorgeous finale so we're glad that we're ending with miss Vanessa Williams bring to us beautiful one-of-a-kind looks extremely well made this is a line designed for women who want to be very chic you want to have something that's on trend but that's not trendy you want to walk into a room like you're a real housewife and maybe you know we want to let everybody know these are available in three different colors the black the core on the white it's about 25 inches in the length on that and that's for the beautiful kimono now in the pants it's a 30 inch inseam on that so I just want to let everybody know the two lengths now we do want to want to see how it just skims the body it's it's it's not tight it's not a tuba luminous but I'll let you continue but I love the way it's cut though it does it looks gorgeous so thank you for that Vanessa we do want to let everybody know about a lot of our ladies favorite tweed jacket it's an open front tweed jacket it's got the pockets you choose that in the black or we do it for you in the North Atlantic which is more of a teal and I love the way that you did the circle rings right there instead of the epaulets there it's so beautifully done and it's a hundred and $79 down to 109 today extra small through 3x on that so beautifully done okay yeah go in a closet and as I heard we were going for it so I've got it in my hand right now okay there it is oh is that that's such a good sweet little modern touch to it is very modern and again throw it over some jeans if you don't feel if you feel like it's too too stuffy but it's so hip with with these lovely rings and I love metallic which you know so I've got metallic running through it and it's just a great shape but also just that little all that little bling that's coming up a little bit later on ladies but now the moment you've been waiting for the dress no sorry let me step over this way I love it it's like wearing nothing but anyway the dress is coming up let's talk a little bit about brand-new for a hello gorgeous event this is the illusion drape knit kimono so cool how you did this same color theme so we've got that gorgeous coral we have it for you in the black as well as in white don't forget we take every major credit card here at HSN a knit kimono that breeze your knits you know that Jon knit that's very expensive that's so well done that's what your initial job yes yes that's what yours remind me of nice well but again I in my manufacturer they their specialty is knitwear so when I get a chance to sit down and see all my options I get to feel the hand you know how it feels in your hand they call it the hand and also you know this has ribbing you can see it also has kind of a double illusion so it covers the bust area I myself would put just a little either cami or some kind of you know like a spaghetti strap spank there underneath it just so you feel like you're not you're not really showing a lot if you want to wear your bra and have it seen fine a colored bra is great and daring but it brings you right into the the summer season this is my mom's favorite she can't wait to wear it she was supposed to go on a cruise and she's devastated because it was canceled and she said well where am I gonna wear on my new clothes so we gotta find her somewhere to wear her new clothes because she's tired of being caught up in the house this is your favorite I hear we're all we're all gonna be going somewhere so you need pieces like this that you can put on you know you look very fashion-forward in it and again the knit is so well done it's a very expensive knit ladies this looks like a couple hundred dollar and knit so you're right wearing a little cami underneath it especially with the black you know even going out for the evening wouldn't it be fantastic it's so lightweight and it just skims the body again I hate things that cling in an uncomfortable way and this the shape I know we've seen a lot of cold shoulder it's not going away it's still here so get used to it and enjoy it and love it but this is just a little slice of a cold shoulder so it gives you a little bit of a peekaboo but it's not really big and drapey so staying on trend but also it's classic that's such a good point because one thing I like about this too right it's giving you just that peekaboo of the cold shoulder it's not the overexposed it's just that little hint of that shoulder area so again I like the way that you did that for those ladies that don't want too much exposed it's just that little hint there but it's the way that you designed the knit you can find knits out there but notice the way that you did the different like geometric fit of this knit that's expensive to do ladies so again you're getting a piece that you're gonna own for many many years because the quality of the knit that's in this and you're right you want something that's giving you the coverage but yet you know you can wear a little tank underneath it and it's still gonna breathe on you exactly exactly and again it's a classic you know we say kimono just because it's a the pattern is kind of like a kimono box but it's it's stylish it's got that beautiful kind of boat neck and again throwing it on top of jeans this is your top to go to for the summer the slid on the side and it's not too long so you don't feel like you're wearing a tunic but it's got that little bit of you know a little bit of interest so it doesn't look like your average sweater your average pullover your average t-shirt because you are not average at all and that's where you want all of us to feel so thank you so much you did it perfectly with that knit top but now we're moving on okay a lot of you over 100 do you pre-ordered the dress that I'm wearing love this dress I will tell you when I saw as a tie-dyed doesn't look tie-dye at all so this is her ruched dress it's 71 dollars and 61 cents you can do off the shoulder you put it on the shoulder we've got three colorways we're gonna be talking about I almost did the Indigo I love the blue in this I love the richness look at the drape and that's very hard to find even on a hanger you can see how beautifully this drapes so here it is for you in the Indigo so chic with the denim jacket over top of it I'm loving the coral because this new did quarrel so well it's like a perfect cross between red and pink and then that's exactly what a coral shade should be and then ladies are you ready mMmmm I've got a pair of gold shoes and then put on all my chachki bracelets done in yellow gold this green isn't that killer and there you can see right over there that subtle tie-dyed that's done on this I love this dress Todd is back it is just for the 60s look at that so so built-in to the side there's ruching which I'm just one side so it gives you that obviously that wonderful kind of gathering around the the the torso area but it feels so light like I got stretch cotton so you don't feel like it's clinging in the wrong places it's a matte finish so it's not shiny so it's not gonna make you feel like you're you know a stuffed sausage and anything that's ruched some people are afraid of ruching I love ruching I think it really accents the body without doing too much so can you walk into a room and people like what's that shape and you'd have to worry about you belts and trying to to create a shape the dress is the shape that is so perfectly put you're right and you don't because the way you did the tie-dye you don't have to worry about okay do I have the right undergarments for this do I've got to wear Spanx underneath is that no you don't have to do any of that because it's camouflaging any imperfections the way that you did the tie-dye so again so yes I both on the shoulder I took it a little bit off the shoulder there's so many different ways you can wear it it what's nice about this is that you are looking at a viscose and spandex so again it has this beautiful soft feel to it and the length on it is perfect as well so you're looking at 39 inches in length I'm a dressed girl ladies if you watch me you know I always wear dresses it's difficult to find a dress with the perfect shape so again we're usually we're trying to fit the shape with the dress do you see the way that the ruching is done on the side here and then the same thing on this side here so see the draping that goes on I'm in an extra small are you okay so knees in an extra small but you've got plenty of give to this that's the beauty of the dress is you control like maybe you want to shimmy it down a little bit more if you want to or you want more ruching but that's so hard to get in a perfectly roof dress you did it brilliantly thank you and it feels like a gigantic t-shirt I mean that's when you can actually feel the fabric it feels like you're wearing a drapey comfortable t-shirt so it's got that wonderful kind of relaxed feel and but it's got that amazing sophisticated shape it was a really unique tie-dye it does and you're right the shaping that you feel from this it's not like it's screaming on your body there's there's plenty of stretch and give we're in fact showing the sizes on the left side of our screen it's our featured price today from 80 to 271 dollars you'll love this even if you're wearing this back with sneakers and you throw on the denim jacket with it or you're somebody you know like so need myself I love wearing high heels I'm a little bit shorter and high heels really are great makes you a little tumbler a little more confident right so you could get off high heels I love a dress that multitasks like that that I can throw on sandals one day be out with my son the next day wear it with high heels you know and off-the-shoulder so I love having exams when I'm getting dressed especially these are hard to find dresses ladies you know that yeah yeah and a lot of people do big maxi's for the summer which I love but if you want an alternative and you want something shapely but feels like a big relaxed dress this is the one for you and I love how you're wearing it off the shoulder very sexy right what do you think you're talking me off the shoulder you know that a little daring a little out of my box but everybody said Oh where'd you get that dress whose dress is that I'm like it's Vanessa Williams how designers are doing it but they're not doing it in such an elegant way such an upscale way right so again I love the way a lot of people are wearing it with flats Palast sneakers you can throw on some you know espadrilles and wedges or do it heel and it's a great great comfortable alternative to you know a big flowy maxi dress so here's a quick update ladies if you want the coral shade that I'm wearing there's only 180 left between extra small all the way through 3x so if you're even thinking about it get it home try it on in the privacy of your own home you can see look at the stretch they give to this it's not grabbing anywhere I didn't have to wear any special undergarments with this you can have a kind of off the shoulder I love what Vanessa was saying for our hello gorgeous event you know we all want to feel great we all want to look our very best and a lot of times all we're seeing for dresses in the summertime are maxi dresses you know I want something that you know is allowing me if I want to I can pull this way down so again I give more of a long gated look I can Roush it up if I want to so again we're gonna be putting out last call in the coral so you can hand wash these lay them flat to dry also very popular is the green that we're calling Palm Grange so again to me if you love wearing yellow gold jewelry where maybe you know some yellow gold high-heeled shoes or even putting a denim jacket over this it just is very on trend but so difficult of a trend to find done right and you really did it right thank you thank you I love how you talked about the color this coral color is flattering for everyone and the green is amazing look at that Oh which size of what size do you have on what size dip on hope she's wearing a large it's nice that you're yeah such a normal size hope okay so see she's an enormous size but you don't have to wear this might be TMI but are you wearing any special undergarment me okay she is you know I'll be honest I'm not wearing anything I didn't pack anything today and you don't really have to it's not like it's it's grabbing anywhere so again it's smooths everything out and the way they did the tie dye placement it almost looks like you know how its kind of cut up here a little bit right but it's not really that illusion mm-hmm it's an illusion exactly and it's not in it you know it gives you some tie dye but it's not so much that it looks like you're wearing a costume you know a 1960s costume back to the the hippy days it's it's on trend but the shape and the seaming and the ruching make it really kind of elegant but it feels like you're wearing a t-shirt isn't that the truth you know you're mean it's not the 1970s tie-dye or any of that it's very subtle I mean you've got to be close up on it to be like okay that's a tie-dye you know from a distance it doesn't really read that so it's beautiful the way that you you engineered this this dress and you can see I I can pull it really down Sonia can do a little off the shoulder right really it's getting close to me right here and it's you know it's after the Real Housewives so you never know little skins in about this time of the night but but it's not true the way that it's I'm in love with it everything about it even the neckline the way when you look at maybe I'll show it here in the palm green look at the neckline look at the drape that you put to this this is so difficult to do if you don't have the right material and it's not seamed properly this drape could go wrong real fast but Syrah it's coming down here and you don't have any the ruching the ruching starts up here but then you've got ruching here then you've got ruching there so so the zigzag effect ladies is incredibly slimming but it's got to be done right and you like I said you've mastered it with this dress you really have well I've been lucky to work with a lot of people in my life as a singer and an actress and I've worked with the best stylist and and you know wardrobe designer so I know the tricks that work for me and I can actually implement them when I have my own line so I know ruching is great and people don't know why'd the fit is so great but it's because where the ruching is placed also fabric and material is really really important to make sure that you kind of camouflage where you don't want any shine for lumps and bumps so it's a beautiful fabric the ruching is fantastic but then it's updated and always trying to stay on trend your classic but you're always kind of pushing it forward to what's new it's so trend you brought up the lumpy bumpy's which are cousins together right so true whenever you find like a fitted dress no Sonya looks at me I'm like what you look at you have none of it but the lumpy bumpy's you keep talking about ladies when you put on a dress and then you kind of do one of these and you're like oh wow there you can see every line every little dimple going on here this has the perfect amount of camouflage and that's exactly what ruching does so if your area ome the back of the thigh or the front of the thigh or what because the way this dress is ruched you don't have any of that and you're not having to go through the extra step of having to wear the Spanx or the additional undergarments to hide all of that the dress hides it all for you so you're not worried about it are you really engineered it perfectly so whether it is the lumpy bumpy's that you're worried about or saying okay I've gotta wear you know support underneath this because the this dress is very fitted no because the dress it has strategic ruching and strategic diamonds done on it it just gives you that perfect hourglass shape no matter what your shape is and I mean hope can get this at the shoulder too and look how it's just smoothing everything out yeah and if you feel nervous you can always go up a size if you feel like you really want a more a drapey kind of effect because again it'll be a little bit longer so it might feel a little more on the kind of midi maxi kind of feel do it that way you can throw a cardigan over it and still have that shapely feel but throw like another layer on top of it if you're really afraid to show your curves but this will definitely show you curves okay hope went off the shoulder she's pulling why exactly you can give a little skin if you want to but see look how now immediately she took that off the shoulder look how sexy you know and is actually very sexy and ladies you can be sexy without showing a lot of skin you know you can be intriguing without you know having to wear a very short skirt you know that's what I'd love that you always do so beautifully you maintain that we're you know we're very ladylike very classy a little edgy little fun twist to it and then of course if we want to add a little sexiness to it we can do that by taking it off the shoulder half our quantities already gone ladies it's at a featured price we're putting out last call in the coral so if you love the shade that I'm wearing and I'm wearing this in an extra small there's 50 left so if you want to pick this up in the coral last call on that don't forget we've got the palm green I love the palm green is that beautiful right there's 150 left in the palm green Rob that's fantastic that's amazing and then the end of the blue is like a denim to me which is always you can always wear denim spot on spot on it's gorgeous so if you'd like to pick it up it is at a featured price for our hello gorgeous event maybe you got some great makeup for our Beauty report pick up a beautiful dress and a lift your spirits and you'll look amazing we've got more of our hello gorgeous finale coming up right after that the lift is your go-to guide for our favorite fashion and accessory finds of the week we have the best styles handpicked just for you join us every Thursday night to see what made the list [Music] so believe it or not this is your ultimate deal that's a good shopping [Music] how cute is Shannon Smith I can't wait for her new show and she really does love to shop and she really gets bat money I'm sure boxes to her front door all the time so it's a great show that she was gonna be hosting so shopping with she and how much fun so that's gonna be coming out but I'm thrilled for her to get her own show so I'm sure there's gonna be a lot to look forward to and a lot of fun that's one thing I will tell you whenever you were Shannon Smith they're gonna have a lot of fun but we're glad to hear shopping with us at HSN I'm Amy Morrison we've got about another Wow 25 minutes with the one and only Vanessa Williams who's a famous actress a singer songwriter and she's designing exclusively for us ladies in fact we've got for you another gorgeous knit she really understands knits and only brings to us the finest quality this is the knit topper at 79 75 we've got it for you in the Indigo right behind that we've got it for you in the white I will slip into this ensemble of the coral it's 32 inches in length it's cotton and linen so it's perfect for this time of year and a lot of us Vanessa we don't want to wear you know let's say a blazer it's too warm but we were looking for a little coverage maybe while we're in church or we're going out to dinner this is the perfect piece to do that or when the AC is too cold I mean there's a lot when they blast it and it's a wonderful cardigan length because it's not so long like a duster where you kind of get lost in something by your knee it's a little bit kind of mid thigh and the pattern that I love of the layers the different patterns of the knit is amazing I've got a polka dot you got a kind of a stripe you've got this banding and then the bottom to me looks like little kind of little feathers little petals that kind of drape on the bottom the finishing is amazing and it's just it's a great topper because it's it's light enough but you feel like you're covered up it's very casual good point yeah because so often you're right it is lightweight we're covering up but it doesn't look like we're covering anything I love that it's an open front so gives it more of a leisure feel to it and then it's bracelet length sleeves or you can Roush it up if you want to you've got a nice straight hem so again you don't have to worry about this not giving you a tailored look it's still gonna be very tailored with that so again I just like a lightweight cotton sweater this time of year it's very difficult to find you can see I put this right over top of the dress so church appropriate now you know wherever you sit in the restaurant you're gonna be right underneath that air so get ready at least you have something you know that that's appropriate and again it's the way that you did the knits are so beautiful thank you well my manufacturer is known for their nets so it's it's their specialty and I love getting a chance to create and this is you know white I always do white for the summer it just feels fresh clean and it just feels like it's summer times when I put on my right after right after Memorial Day so it's like it's a great opportunity to throw it on top of jeans that's I wear my white jeans again starting right after we're allowed to in Memorial Day and this is you know when you do white white white it's it just makes you feel fresh and clean and ready for summer it's so true I forgot about that we get to wear white shoes too mm-hmm the perfect pair of white shoes like I've been waiting to wear them too so break out the white shoes you know break the white sweater it's also available for you in the Indigo again your movies not doing this justice when you get this home and you see the knit like I had said earlier there's a very famous knit company that does knits like these that are four hundred five hundred dollars and yeah you're you're getting that same knit quality here today so it's an investment piece it's brand-new for our hello gorgeous event its twenty six dollars and fifty eight cents and you know that's the one we when we're looking for a topper you know a lot of times we don't want to wear a cardigan because they're a little too short you know we want something that is giving us a little bit more length and this one does that yeah it does end it but it's not I mean I used to wear those dusters which go to almost like mid mid calf which we're really trendy and I love them then again like what do you wear them with all the time this is something you can throw on and especially traveling which I missed I was always on a plane i right now I should be in London doing City of Angels and the West End of course that's delayed so so I came back from London in March but you know this is fantastic for traveling because you can it's not gonna wrinkle it looks fantastic if you have a hot class you can take it off and then put it back on again less your but you've regulated I love that – another beautiful sweater and a gorgeous knit that you did for us and this is what we're calling our v-neck striped sweater I love the way that you did this in the stripes because it's done strategically ladies so right here what you're looking at is our blush right behind the blush this is done for you in what we're calling our soft white and then right behind the soft white this is our black which has beautiful yellow gold running through it so again I love that each one is a little bit different even the black has a subtle tint to it here in that white and then of course my favorite you did that beautiful blush it's gorgeous but again it's a stretch knit that you did this in and there's a in the actual stripe it's a metallic thread that I loved and I always loved putting a little bit of metallic when I get a chance to so it's it's not you know it doesn't scream holiday time but it just makes it a little sparkly with that run of metallic thread through it the the the the the Millenial pink which were love the creamy blush whatever you want to say this color is it's been on trend for probably the past I would say five to ten years it's great because it's a great opportunity to be soft and feminine and it looks great on every skin type you just got the the the three-quarter length sleeves so it's you can show off your bracelets but the v-neck is – plunging the where it ends is right kind of above the hip and it's just again one of those classic myths that will never go out of style has a little bit of the slits on the side and it's just again I'm looking for stuff that you can build your wardrobe with that's not gonna be it'll be trendy but not just a fad not disposable fashion which we have a lot which is fantastic but these are these are pieces that you can have in your closet and wear over and over again that's so true I love that you brought up that point disposable fashion these are investment pieces in your style and so many of us I feel like I finally got my style together I'm in my 40s I know what I like I know what I want to wear and this type of color right here this soft blush especially the way that you did the metallic suit I'll wear this for 20 more years so I love that you're doing these beautiful colors so here it is in that soft lush right behind that and we've got it for you in our soft white the metallic is only running through in the stripes so you just see a little bit of that metallic running through there and a little bit of that gold there I don't know if you can see it a little bit of the gold running through the black so it's just very subtle in the black you can really see the gold running through that tan so it's a tie today it's $19.

99 and it's very lightweight this is not a heavy knit although it covers up so it looks like a pretty dense because it's covering everything and smoothing everything out but it is very very breathable I've worn that with just like light blue jeans and just the combination of the pale blue and the soft pink is just really really flattering they're gorgeous it's about 23 and 1/2 inches in its length so again you've got that 3/4 length sleeve so you can wear all of your tchotchkes it's new it's different you know you need you know a new summer sweater or that transitional sweater you don't want to wear anything heavy or a cashmere or this or that but you want some coverage this is the perfect sweater to do that with but again its stretches so it's something that you know it might be a little more fitted but it's not clingy so I love that about this and of course all of your fashions are exclusive to us here at HSN so we're thrilled that you're doing that to us when you look at the black here this could even be holiday because the way that the Gold's done on it and this V elongates increase a lean line that's what I like to eat long and lean line ladies and it looks fabulous your dark denim jeans or any black pant that you might have so and the options that we have that's our black then this is our blush and then right behind that is the soft white try today for under $20 you'll love the knit you'll love the feel and of course you'll really appreciate the quality that Vanessa puts in her entire collection for us so exclusively at HSN but I know our hello gorgeous event is coming to and and don't go anywhere Vanessa cuz we're gonna check in with Sara she's got a brand new day coming out but I'm I'm not sure about the shoe Sara well that's why I came out here because I I need your advice okay okay what shoes should I wear with this outfit oh I've got tan shoes and I've got black shoes and I was torn I said I'll have to ask the ultimate fashionista Amy and plus I haven't seen we haven't been this close in months okay we are starting a brand new day at the stroke of midnight but here's the best part you love the coconut bolero from our friends at Nina Leonard it's the most adorable open weave knit sweater now you loved it at a higher price but we're gonna do something very very special tonight we are going to give you this sweater and for the first time ever you're also getting the matching tank so we're giving you two for the less than the price of wine that's all coming up at midnight it's already a fan favorite already a huge customer pick I know you're just gonna absolutely go ahead of her heels for our brand-new today's special at midnight so Amy what's your vote I vote the new Laura black shoes okay I like the nude you have voted what do you think ladies the nude I'm a sucker for a good nude shoe what can I say I've worn nude shoes I don't know why they feel the need to walk this way but anyway Sarah left I'm following her I'm going with Sarah where are you going but I love a good nude shoe so anyway stick around I love that bolero there's a lot to look forward to with Sarah but we do have a Nessa Williams joining us for our finale with our hello gorgeous event with the ultimate the biggest the hottest look going on right now is snake print we have for you the printed pant with the seaming detail this is a pull-on I love this material here it's only $55 so you've got two prints you're gonna see on Sonya right there she's wearing that and what we're calling our blush combo and then we've got it for you in our neutral combo it's $18 and change Sonya are these not the best I tried these uncomfortable legs for days look in this for $18.

45 so I have to ask for NASA is this not the like most insane popular print period snake will never that this that Python look which again animal prints will never go out of style because we'll always have animals so these are fantastic they're on trend what I love about them is the top which you're showing it's a flat panel on top with a little bit of almost looks like a like a yoke and the front that kind of points down that is really flattering for the tummy and it it's kind of it feels like a yoga pant but also looks like a trouser so it's smart and that aspect where it it looks very kind of put together but feels really relaxed and comfortable like a yoga pant oh the sizes 2 through 24 women's these are phenomenal I'm telling you ladies if you're looking at one piece and you're saying well I don't know it you've got to pick up these pants sonja has it back to one of your white tanks you could wear a black shirt this print is not going anywhere in fact even moving into fall and winter this prints gonna be on fire even more so you're seeing it first here with Vanessa Williams collection I want to show you real quick the to print so right here this is the neutral and then one that Sonia is wearing just so you could see the difference here and the one that I'm holding up this is what we're calling our blush combo it's 30 and a half inches in length you've got that elastic waist that looks like a fitted waist the material is divine so again it's a very high-end feel – it's not gonna wrinkle so it's very cool on the body but we're gonna head out to our phones real quick Nessa we've got William – sure who's giving us a call from South Carolina whose mother loves her fashions hello William welcome and she wears the necklace out and look 30 years young what do you know what pieces she has and she have a pencil skirt does she have a jacket is she wearing a sweater a pencil skirt and she does wear the sweater but I don't know everything blares yes she does thank you you're showing right now we're glad Williams you took time to be part of our show and your mother sounds like she's fabulous incredibly chic and she's got a great taste so you take good care of yourself and your mom William thank you but thank you William yeah I would you wear these pants these pants and it's more of a muted I love I don't know if you can see this ladies but when you look at this it's not it's a very soft muted color so it's not in-your-face snake if you muted it down I love that yeah it's it's kind of like a charcoal gray with a taupe so again you can throw it on with the booty and now for the summer you know they have these leather kind of booties with an open toe which is completely easy to wear in the summertime again with the flat sneaker is very on trend but it's it's a great neutral so you don't have to wear a black pant all the time you can kick it up and wear something that's on trend like the Python and with the animal print but also the neutral if you're again if you're afraid of prints and then a lot of people get kind of overwhelmed oh my god I don't know what to do with them throw on a solid on top and just wear the pants by themselves and it's not going to be too much of a jolt but it'll also kind of slowly get you out of your comfort zone into what the trend is I love these and the materials fabulous fabulous yes no pockets no bulk ladies just long and lean in two of the hottest prints so right here I'm holding this and this is what we're calling the blush that's the neutral combo but are you ready a lot of you have been asking about the jacket take a look at the most beautiful Hope over here it's an open front tweed very Jackie O so classic so clean there are pockets on this so there it is for you in and what we're calling whoops that one is the yeah that's the North Atlantic and then we have it for you in the black so tweed done right looks like a million bucks and you really mastered your tweed yes and I also have again you can see the metallic running through it which kicks it up so you see a little bit of the silver with also the charcoal and the teal and the blue it's just a great combination because everyone loves those classic kind of Chanel looks and that Jackie O which you mentioned which are gary beautiful and elite and fussy this gives you not only the the shape of being classic but makes it a little more trendy because in the back you have those little rings that are on the shoulder which is kind of makes it there you go that makes it a little trendy and also that the frayed edges again which makes it a little more hip and and less fussy so again what I do with these is I throw it I have a camisole underneath I throw this on top and then I wear some jeans and boots or you got the white jeans and flats sneakers or a wedge and you feel like you're put together you know we say collect it a lot because when you feel collected that means that you feel like everything is in its place but you can still be comfortable and casual but also feel collected and this is one of those pieces that it collects the whole look it's so true and I wanted to point out in the back this is what we were talking about in the back you can kind of see the way that she's got these little rings see that the little ones going around so you're right it takes that class that gives it a very little fun edge feel to it right look at the way that goes all the way up so it's a little edgy and then the way that you did that that clean classic print here so it's that subtle plaid so if you want to pick this up there's that black it's not heavy or that super thick tweed so here it is for you in the black and then the North Atlantic that you saw hope wearing there you can see look around in the back and you just see that subtle metallic running through it really we've done so well and even in the it's not blind so you don't have to worry about yet another layer underneath to make it really you know uncomfortable and thick it's you know it's definitely finished well you can see all the finishing is beautifully done so it's substantial but it's not super heavy and I love the color combination black and white you know I talked to you last time about black and white dressing which is so easy when you're going away and you don't know what to pack throw black and white in and you are done black pants black shirt black top white white you know and and you've always got a color combo and blues tend to be my favorite that's kind of what I the color term that I always go to look at the black and white these are two patterns pattern on pattern I know a lot of people you're running for the hills hurry don't be afraid if that scares you to wear pattern on pattern then just wear a solid and keep the pattern to itself but it's such a good point I the black and white it's um he's carrying off beautifully but if you're nervous about it you don't forget a tweed jacket is never out of style let's just right there that tweed jacket whether you want to make it a little more edgy and wear it back with the pencil skirt that we do have available for you not only in that great zebra but also in the leopard print as well so we have those available but you can also just to be clean and classic wear them back with the white denim jeans put on that boy store and you and you're done I mean a tweet jacket I have some since I was like you know 17 years old and I can still pull it out because it's in style this one has a little bit more of the eyelet fringe the metallics running through it so it makes it more fresh and updated but ladies you'll have this forever and today we've got at a great price so we only have about a minute or so remaining on this presentation so if you'd like to pick it up this is the first time that we're presenting that tweed jacket with pockets at $69 off so try to say for thirty six dollars and sixty two cents I know to get this quality and that's what your brand is about it's about getting amazing quality home and and all of your customer picks that people talk about they talk about how well everything was made and I think that's so important to stress well it's important to because it's my name so I want to make sure that when people buy something with my name on it that they feel like they're getting their money's worth they feel like it's unique and they want to be asked where did you get that and wow I love that that's so unique where did you get that and that's what I hope I bring to my customers when they get a piece from me absolutely thank you so much Vanessa I enjoyed spending this evening with you you're such a beautiful woman and we appreciate everything that you do for us and give give us it give your love to your beautiful mother and daughter or parts I will my mom's next door so I'll just wave to her yeah thank you so much for nothing you stay safe and healthy and we appreciate you you too thank you thank you take care bye bye all right we do want to let you know quick reminder about the dress that I'm wearing but have you been asking about this dress it's a beautiful stretch to it it's fitted but it's not too tight I think we're almost sold out of the coral but we do have it 20 left in the coral extra small through 3x and then we also for you in the Indigo as well as that beautiful green so if you'd like to pick it up it's seventy one dollars and 61 cents I'll see everybody coming up tomorrow at 8 p.


I've got a great show in store for everybody but Sarah's coming up next with a brand new look at a city special good night everybody my singular goal is to improve the quality of people's lives everything we do is intended to be unlike any other company of our kind we just make exceptional vitamins so you could have exceptional health it's not important that you get the products I'm offering it's very important that you get the information I'm sharing because information is the key to being a healthy person what happens every night at midnight we launch our very best value of the day definitely the today's special always got me excited because it's always at a great value I definitely watch for the today's special at midnight whether or not I need it this one and this is the one that you've been waiting for and today's special is very tempting to shout I'd pop in online just about every day I know it's a good value their top-selling today's special ever it gives me that extra push you know it's a no-brainer well it's midnight Eastern it's a brand new day and a brand new launch of an all-time fan favorite here at HSN the coconut knit bolero sweater is back it's better than ever but this is Nina Leonard an international fashion scene with number-one brands in Italy in UK in Japan in France Australia Canada they believe that while all women at any age and size can look beautiful be comfortable they're all about the fit they're all about the trends they're all about amazing prints and they're also all about incredible values if you're already a big fan of the coconut button knit bolero sweater it's back it's better than ever and first time ever with the matching tank check it out.