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82% off so the price is just twenty nine dollars and 37 cents I'm going to try those jeans on as soon as we get off air I think they are gonna be so darn cute okay I have something from command code that is packable it is perfect for

summer it's a super cute hat we got a couple different colors available for you I have it in the denim blue oh and yes I couldn't pass up the Christian do your sunglasses as well but this is completely packable and you know every weight you which way you

want to wear it I mean you can squish it you can pack it but I do like it just to turn up the brim you've got a little sparkle in it twenty-four dollars and 49 cents we are in final quantities for you right now this is a savings

of $24 741 985 Becky right is in the house with us we are social distancing on the other side of the couch and like I said earlier I can't wait to wrap you in a hug so true whenever I go in there in the natural which is got

this you know gray undertone sort of a taupe color and you're wearing my Tom Ford sunglasses like meaning our the metallic from the Hat there's no Rex kind of woven throughout the Hat picks up on that metallic from the Tom Ford so I had to do it and

what I love about it is I've got a big ole noggin and I wear a big ol head of hair so if you have braids if you have a bigger head like I do there's adjustability and let me just show you I'm gonna take mine off and just

show you on the inside this is a drawstring so if you've got an itty bitty head and you're saying hats are too big for me well now or sweetie look at that cinch it down right you're in the convertible right you're on the boat you want to cinch

that down and tie it or you're like me and you have a big old brain wagon Becky we've never had it under $25 we haven't seen it since last summer we're taking half off who wants to reduce shipping and handling if you want to get one in each

color okay let me ask you Oh fashionista right with the Tom Ford sunglass this look together anymore but I'm just helping my dermatologist that's what I realize we're just keeping the Sun off of our eyes off of our face it keeps a bad pool hair day come on

I mean this is exactly what you want because you can't destroy it I mean think of how many hats in your beach bag and that's perfect yes yeah I'm your Beach but have it be in your car I mean maybe you're you you know you're at the kids

baseball games you go to see the grandkids play their soccer game and you just need something to cover up you know just while you're there I think it's just so fun this is the call we're calling this one denim blue so I like it look how cute this

is all the way around the gold you can just go ahead and roll up the edges if you want what everybody for gardening yeah whatever whatever face shape you have whatever size how do you have it's one size fits all with that drawstring the sunglasses that I'm wearing

our Christian Dior 65% off yeah I know I'm gonna be shopping sunglasses here too because it's all six value pays but to get the Hat home we're gonna save you $24 say that it's a 50% savings all you're gonna pay for the Hat is four dollars and change

this is what separates us from the animals our ability to accessorize exactly it fits a hat fits glasses fit a little handbag fit so if you're thinking I don't know what what size I am right now I'm not sure how to make that transition into spring pieces like

this just give you a little perk a little pick-me-up you know you're gonna wear them everyday you know they're gonna be you know really easy on your budget and I think that adds a glamour that looks not affordable but that's so true and you need if you've ever

been in on those vacation spots and you said I forgot to pack a hat and you start going and looking at the shops fur hats I mean they want over $50 over $70 for these this is $24 and forty-nine cents we've never had it under 25 so it's

packable it's by Kim and Co and we shouldn't talk a little bit for just a couple seconds about Kim and coach yeah really impressed with Kim Mendelssohn's line I'm wearing her dress she is a very well-traveled and you can tell these are the pieces she needs when she's

tootling around the world you need a little packable hat you need gorgeous easy packable fashions that are still really glamorous so I would say if you're a gold girl in terms of your jewelry get that Navy denim blue if you like more of the silvers you get the

natural that's got the silver metallic running through and do not check out until you check out our designer sunglasses christian dior are the shades that i'm wearing and becky has Tom Ford yes top over here