[Music] hey y'all miles here so today your girl brought out ten outfits for you guys to see on this rack some of these are my favorite outfits and some I will be shoving and we'll get into that a little bit later but for now let's just start out

with our first outfit which is what I have on right now this I wear this every freaking day if I quit it's got if you guys didn't know it's been hot as balls here in the state of Los Angeles we've had so many fires and just everything is

on fire all the time I just don't want to wear new clothes I don't I don't have time I'm sweating 24/7 even when it's nighttime it feels like Vegas it's kind of insane I don't want to wear anything sleeves like at all I really so many shirts because

of the sweat stains and I've had to get rid of them and I just don't have time for that anymore so as you can see we've got a nice I don't even know what you'd call this like a halter top you know tie it in the back you

know the back is completely exposed that way my sweaty back isn't even touching anything okay except for this part back here these are my favorite shorts of all time they fit perfectly around my waist or stomach as it would be and even though they rip it like right

here my Bowie cheek is kind of out I still think it's kind of a look you know and my booty gets a nice little breeze every now and then you know and she deserves to when you find a good pair of fitting jeans like you just don't let

those go you know you have to keep them so that's what I'm gonna do with this outfit all right next outfit guys so this is hard looking like I'm bout to go play in the NBA so this is like it's big faux suede jersey two-piece I don't know

what you want to call it I got this from the Melrose flea market which is this little thing that happens every Sunday for you in LA where a lot of independent fashion designers and things of that nature will come down and sell their stuff and you would think

that it would get really really hot under this thing which you know it is slightly moisturize under it right now because I it's hot in my apartment luckily there's little holes in this fabric so it's breathable and I can feel the air rushing through and because it has

little holes you really have to be careful about what kind of underwear you're wearing because I had some polka dot underwear on one time when I was wearing it was just so visible like everyone could see it but nobody said anything and that's how I know all my

friends are fake and you can also tuck it in if you're that kind of girl I mean I guess I could pull them down a little bit these shorts are still really high on me and I don't have no no kind of booty or nothing all right oh

yeah this one's canceled I changed my mind about Herman these next five outfits I will be selling on this app called Poshmark so I'm sure some of y'all have heard Poshmark before but in case you haven't it's an app where you can sell some of your used organ

closed so instead of putting these on I'm just gonna talk about them because I don't want to get my makeup on it and have to watch them all over again before I have to sell them into somebody both each of these outfits has a little story and have

probably been featured in a video his first tank top is something that I got while I believe I was in Europe somewhere in Europe I was doing the detour so homegirl is very well-traveled I think I bought her in Germany and then I traveled to Italy the UK

and Ireland in her she's definitely got a lot of good energy my next homegirl is someone you might recognize it man lumpy Space Princess like our lumps are just so very long this is the lumpy Space Princess from adventure time on a body suit I definitely didn't wear

as often I just feel like my junk kept popping out like there's just not enough protection for me my next shirt is also very well-traveled it is this pink and white striped shirt I took this with me to Korea back in 2016 I wore it at a meet-up

at that meetup is when I realized that I could never wear it again because the buttons didn't button up when I was wearing a bra so it was just like open and just like I don't know just something wasn't looking right our next home girl is crazy she's

wild she came from my scene phase yes she is old okay but she looks brand new because I've only worn it like two times like and here she has the beautiful just super bright I think this is made from trip yep this is a trip NYC product so

if you're still punk rock and still feeling edgy and still feel like you could put something together with this please take this outfit so these are the matching pants and if you look really closely on the pant you can see they put little skulls as a decoration near

the pockets and last and certainly the least is this Hello Kitty black-and-white striped dress now if you guys are avid Watchers on my channel and followed me away back in like 2012 then you'll know where this dress comes from and I'm surprised I've kept it for this long

I just never found the energy to get rid of her before story times were called story times I made a story time about how I was manhandled and got a drink spilled on me by a drunk lady and this woman spilled wine on my dress and you can

still kind of see the wine stains although they're super super light now but um they're there so I'm selling her just because I feel like she just deserves a home you know I only wore this not that many times and I still feel like she has a lot

to offer we're gonna give her a nice little bath later to get rid of some of these stains so you like any of these outfits make sure you check out my closet I'll put the name of it right over here and there will be a link down below

in the description that you can click to download the Poshmark app make sure you check me oh I'm also not just selling clothes but I will be selling makeup as well who knows maybe a few we review Winx will be on there and if you guys have a

closet I'm Poshmark as well I encourage you to let people know down below and don't worry girl the app is free alright now I'm gonna put on my next outfit girl BRB so this outfit I've been told looks like Jubilee and IKEA and I'll take both of them

hi this is my favorite skirt of a long time she's got pocket that's important like I could fit my phone in this pocket like it's a deep pocket and plus it's kind of I don't even know I don't know if this is real leather or fake leather but

whatever the material is it's great like it feels great and the inside is lined with like silk and for this top I actually got this at a thrift store it is stained with something that I did not stain it with okay I like I didn't put any makeup

on it at all and what makes this a great summer outfit is because well my legs are out there's a nice breeze flowing through my legs and this shirt is made from I believe polyester but it's very thin and kind of see-through even though they look that because

of how bright the yellow is since the material is super light the wind just flows right through her like oh nice little breeze I wore this to the beach and it was the best decision I ever made on to my next y'all back so this outfit I found

at fashion Nova as you can see oh she's long and you can't see the full length of a skirt um you know she's got a little bit of leg I really love the skirt more than like the top the top is kind of hard to put on if

you've got makeup on like this hole right here is not big head friendly plus one of the straps broke it's supposed to close she used to have sleeves too but those ripped off because they were like those sleeves that were like what attached so like the size of

anyway just to sum it up I got this on the still rack at fashion Nova yeah yeah this is also a very beautiful color in lavender I don't really own anything that's lavender except for this and my last outfit is this all black number now I know what

you're thinking all whack in summer well let me put it on for you girl and I'll be right back now this shirt is 100% too tight on me but honey she is mesh so it kind of acts more as like a second skin I'm still sweating but can

you see the sweat no you absolutely cannot even though it's gathering in my armpits you can't see any drip drip you can't see anything because the shirt is absorbing all of it so I really have to be careful where I go when I have this mesh shirt on

because mesh shirts will expose you and your Bo it doesn't matter how much cologne or deodorant you are wearing because this shirt will absorb all of that sweat so when I'm wearing this are trying not to go to clubs even though this is like a clubbing shirt all

weird every someone's a lot of club oh my kid but uh normally when I wear it's because I'm going out to somewhere and I know it'll be hot and I knew I want my skin to be able to breathe and for you pants yeah girl their pants it's

not a dress so these pants so as you can see she's like um they're called Palazzo pant palazzo pants I think they're cool and they're also made from a sheer material which means you again you have to be careful what kind of undies you wearing I have white

undies on but I put a little black shirt on underneath them even if one little sliver of my white undies appears like you can see it and those are my 10 favorite summer outfits as you can see I have a very specific style in mind and that style

is nothing to wear nothing that's a be ideal outfit it's to just be naked so big thanks to Poshmark for sponsoring today's video and if you like my clothes or my makeup I hurt her make sure to check out the link down below to download the Poshmark app

and check out my closet which again will be so did you guys have a favorite outfit please let me know down below okay so until next time it's been me miles J and I was like you guys all later [Music] [Music] [Music]