My Top 5 Mens Summer Fashion 2019 Essentials – Mens Summer Fashion 2019

What's up everybody george here from GP life sstyle it's today's evening guys I'll be going over my top five men summer style essentials for 2019 and as always gentleman there is a video summary for white accents elites in description if you like to review certain items on this Listen on be sure to leave the link to every item used in this video.

Let's get started Number one on this list is the most essential and that is short both jean shorts and chino shorts But these are number one on this is because for me every elf it starts at your pant because it's one item that covers half your body that you cannot layer nor Accessorize with and when it comes to shorts jean shorts and chino shorts are the way to go because a lot of men's style Really starts with a good pair of jeans or a good pair of channels, which you wear every other season So why not just go and get the Jean the short version of those same pair of pants? Chinos jeans that you already have.

This is an excellent way for your summer wardrobe for transition Beautifully and you already have experience styling these items for me the way to go is find the similar colors and styles of jean shorts or Chino Shores that you already huh and buy because you Already have experience and you already know what to wear with them if you have the pants version of them and then when it comes to buying shorts, especially for men they can get a little squirmy Anything that is long goes below your knee looks a little too much like a pries It looks out of date and that is just certainly unforgiveable to wear never ever wear capris in your life now anything that is too sure that anything that is Anything between one to three inches above? Your knee above the top above the middle to the top of your knee is still a little suspect and when you sit down It'll ride up too much and just looks like you're wearing like denim underwear, which is also unforgiveable for me The perfect balance is anywhere the stops Right the mid to the top of uni anywhere in between there is for me.

Perfect Fitting jeans for the shorts for men without getting a little too squirmy or looking a little too suspect item number to do on this list it's great for dressing up to the Sun which I mean it's a great shirt for bigger men and that is Polo shirts for me when it comes to dressing a little bit nicer a little more kit a little more Professional in the summertime nothing beats a three-button black or white Paul These are great because they are Professional you can have a nice business casual looking Gator and wrestle it up a little more formal would like a pair of penny loafers And wear a pair of trousers, which I showed you guys how to style in my penny loafers Ooh, but if you guys want a full video showing you five different outfits that you can wear with a polo shirt Please draw leave recommendations in the comments below But the great thing about this is this is the dress shirt of the summer time That is not even a dress shirt But one thing you need to remember with polo shirts is that they do have casual a little more athletic Variations go it classic go with the classic three button.

That is cut a little bit longer in that will and Beneath your button Would you want to make sure here is that you tuck it in and that you wear it as if you were a dress shirt? So look your best this summer number three on this list is a little bit controversial because we're talking about functionality yet It's also trending people want to see the trend die, but I'm a still on the fence about it And that is a man bag a satchel or a crossbody bag Now the reason you need one of these in the summer is because unlike any other season you do not have pocket Freedom we take that for granted because look when we're wearing.

Let's say either like a jacket and a pair of jeans We got two pockets in the front two in the back.

You got your jacket pocket you get inside pockets you can put a lot of stuff there and not really bulk up anything that you're Wearing but in the summertime at the best you have four pockets and stuffing your shorts it just looks sloppy and like you brought too much shit with you getting you wanted these even if it's like a Snag or like a what's it called nutsack those kind of bags.

They're great.

They're functional These are a little bit more, you know a little bit more streets while street wear inspired I do have a little bit of clout Wearing this but then again this for me is function like right now I do this daily.

Like I keep my earbuds in here I keep my wallet and if I'm going outside take pictures I can put my camera in here and my pockets can be free Don't just tell you just because all you know, it's trendy you shouldn't actually use its functionality plus, this is great for when you take when you go on vacation, you take you to the beach put you know your Sunscreens, you know hotel keys.

This is excellent Don't let these don't let these men's style youtubers tell you what what you can't you cannot use This is functional and this is great and I love it and I dropped it number four on this list is a little less controversial that is Light-colored sneakers for the summer now if you already have a white pair of sneakers, you're pretty much good to go but I personally feel like summertime it's time you wear you can wear a little bit more color in your wardrobe and be a little More expressive unlike fall spring winter white a lot of black White's Gray's Browns navy blues This is the time where you can have a little bit more fun in your wardrobe Especially with your shoe.

Am I bursting like red and white yellow and white or just an all white sneaker? Now my personal favorites are old school advantages because they have a huge Color palette they're low top you can wear them with no show socks Stay cool in the summertime and still have an amazing color palette when it comes to your sneakers Now you don't have to go an old-school band You just step outside your comfort zone a little bit this summer and really find you one or two great light Colored pair of sneakers just to have a breath of fresh air into your summer And it gets you you guys to experiment with adding a little bit more color in your outfits that it's not always Black and white or black and gray.

I know neutral colors are great and I preach about them all the time Summer is the time.

We need to step outside your comfort zone a little bit I feel like I have a horn here for some reason And the fifth and final thing on this list is a pair of sunglasses now What can I say about sunglasses that really needs to be set? You can find them anywhere.

You can get them like $20 ones from Joe Fresh.

Like I did Joe Fresh is like the Canadian version of hmm and boy Do you go up to all the way up to? $600 a pair of Tom Ford's but these are great for this summer time not just because of their functionality But it's a great accessory to your outfit now, you know sunglasses and coming to bajillion styles in a bajillion colors But if you don't know where to start I personally stay stick with either aviator frames weigh frames or cub master frames these are timeless classic and they'll fit the majority of their faith face shapes out there because they are balance between Barely structured and also fairly unstructured you can actually see my ring light in the camera which always gets fun for me to play with But I also recommend to experiment a little bit with the colors.

Don't just go with black or brown.

That's great.

That's great That's basic.

But then again, you don't want to be basic anymore being basics not cool You're not getting any cloud being basic.

I personally play around a lot of new friends Maybe try out a pair of gold frames silver flames, maybe like a tortoise shell some different Prints on the glass and a person find something that you like, but make sure it follows some basic men style Principles like the different shapes of glasses network with the best Spade shapes.

That's it for me today guys Those are my top five men's Styles.

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