hello everyone and welcome to my channeltoday I have for you a summer essentials video and I know this comes a reallylate in the summer but basically I thought it would be a good idea to tellyou about what my favorite stuff has been over the summer what I've beenusing

the most and what you might want to invest in it for next summer so I'mactually I'm just a bit too alley so anyway I hope you enjoyed this video ifyou want to find out what I'd be loving this summer definitely stay tuned butbefore that don't forget to hit

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so whathave I been loving this summer I thought like I said I would go througheverything I've been loving what my essentials of being over the summer andthis way I can prepare you in advance for the next summer so yeah let's startoff with like ET makeup skincare and that

kind of stuff so my favouriteproduct off the summer all go found it quite late has been at the unisexhealthy glow I think it's called by Charlotte Tilbury and this is a tintedmoisturizer and it has athlete's changed my life it comes out like a kind ofnormal moisturizer that's white

I just feel a little bit grainy but it's stillquite thin but basically when you rub it onto your skin it literally transformsand it becomes like the color of your skin foam or kind of bronze e'erglowing a version I don't know if I'm exploding myself too well but yeah

youdidn't have to see it guys it's honestly amazing I've done a tutorial with thisproduct I'm really kind of easy summer glowing look without any foundation Iwould link out on the screen now so you can go and check it out if you haven'tseen that but basically it's just a

great product if you want to go makeupfree or if you want to wear it underneath foundation I find that Iusually get a little bit tanned on my body but I don't turn my face at allbecause I work very high up over the summer so this is great to

just kind ofamp up that time on my face looking kind of orange or unnatural andit just gives you a really beautiful glow bronzy kind of glow underneath yourfoundation so it's really really good to wear under foundation but I also find itamazing to wear it without kind of anything

else and just when you havingkind of makeup free day or you want kind of very very natural looking makeup doesliterally blows over all imperfections if you want a little bit more coverageyou can perhaps kind of spot conceal in a few places that need a little morecoverage but it

just looks amazing to kind of go run errands or go to the gymif you want to go like completely not bare face so it just looks really nice Ireally love the kind of glow it gives you it doesn't make me look orange justkind of really bronzy I think

it might look a tad orange if you're very veryfat but on all of skin tones it works amazing there's only one shade foreveryone so that's why I said maybe very very fast skin tones would look a littlebit orange but if you are kind of medium to deeper skin

tones I think it wouldlook amazing I think it's so natural it really is like you're wearing nothingit's completely undetectable but it just gives you a really beautiful kind ofhealthy glow and basically like you're a bronze Queen another essential designhas been my foam mask from Sephora which is got

vitamin C which makes you glow Ilove it because it is so quick I find that my skin kind of really dull overthe summer just because it gets really dehydrated from so much sun and sea andwater and everything else so I find that kind of masks that bring that

glow backinto your face are really good to kind of get rid of dead skin just bring thatkind of glow back to your face and I like I said I'd love to have makeup freedays over the summer or just worry minimal makeup so I like my skin to bein

really good condition so that I can basically share it off a little bit andI find that this mask is amazing you just pop it on it comes on like a geland then it literally just foams up within a couple of seconds and itliterally feels like shaving foam on

your face you just need to leave it onfor two minutes and then you just rub it into your skin and do it wash it off andyour skin is literally like brilliant and glowing and it's basiclike the vitamin C mask that I have a from ma spa which is

a sheet mask and welove this one but I find that this Sephora one does literally almost thesame thing it's perhaps slightly less effective but you only need to leave iton for two minutes which means you can use it kind of more regularly I'd loveto apply it before I'm

kind of going to get ready because it's just 2 minutes soit's super time efficient and it just leaves a really beautiful glow on yourskin another discovery I did very late in the summer and I wish I discoveredthis alia is the Mac strobe cream and I love this because

it just makes my skinglow so much but with that it looking unnatural you don't look like a discoball there's no kind of glitter particles but it just gives you a reallybeautiful golden glow I have it in the correct golden light and for me that'smy favorite because I have

more of an olive skin tone if you're very very fairthe silver light might work as well really really nicely because that's gotmore kind of silver particles to it but it's just such a beautiful product Ilove to mix it in with foundation to make it a little bit sheerer

and glowingI love to wear it just kind of on the high points of my face above foundationto just give it an extra glow before applying powder highlighter and I alsolove it if I'm having a makeup 3 day to just mix in a little bit just a coupleof drops

with my moisturizer and it just gives you a really beautiful healthyglow to your skin and it doesn't look kind of greasy or oily and it doesn'tkind of look too much even if you apply it all over your face mixed in withfoundation but if you want to intensify it

you can apply it a little bit morejust on your high point and it looks amazing so you can build up the productwhich I really liked it doesn't feel greasy or oily it hasn'tbroken me out it's got a very kind of thin texture which is really easy tomelt into

the skin it absorbs really quickly and I cannot rave about thisproduct enough I don't use a lot of Mac products but I have to say this one hasbeen a real real favorite other product I've loved for this side is the by eteria Sun I think it's Sun designer

palette that'swhat it's called and it's such a beautiful palette it honestly has suchbeautiful packaging like all by terry products I mean their packaging is justso luxurious but I realize this palette because I found it too super versatileit basically has six shades and I've got more kind ofshades on

one side and more kind of bronzer shades on the other side butbasically you can use these for everything the more pinky shades I likeas a blush but I really like to kind of mix in the three shades on one side butI also really like the other three shades

for bronzing up my skin but theseare also amazing as highlighter if you just use the golden shade and they'realso amazing as eyeshadows I'd love to use them as eyeshadows I mean I love touse the dark brown one to kind of smoke up my eyes the golden one to

add a popof color then it's got two more matte shades which are more kind of on theskin tones shades which are really nice to highlight or to add on to your creaseso I find it a super versatile palette it's got too much shades and to sort ofshiny shades

and to glittery shades so it's great to kind of add highlight orto just go for a more natural look the ones with a little bit of glitter andnot too much they're just kind of very very small glitter particles with just abit of a hint of a golden glow

to them nothing too crazy so they're just reallybeautiful and I find it super flattering for anything very long-lasting it'ssuper finely milled there's not much fall out with them so they're absolutelyamazing and very very good quality like with orbitary products finally thebeauty staff and SPF I haven't found an

SPF that I absolutely love to be honestI don't really like applying SPF under makeup I just find it a little bit toomuch I find that it makes my skin kind of look too greasy and too oily but thebest one I found which I wear normally when I'm going

to be in the beach whenthe Sun the whole day is the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream with SPF 50 is reallygood it protects against the Sun it's oil free so it doesn't kind oftechnically make my skin break out or oily I find it a little bit too much

onthe makeup and I prefer to apply kind of lighter products on the makeup but ifI'm gonna be in the beach or the Sun it is really really good and it's kind ofthe best SPF I've found so far but if you have any SPF recommendations do letme know in

the comments below because I would love to know moving on to kind offashion and accessories and all of that good stuff my absolutecentral for the summer which I bought very very recently are these whitePalazzo pant I absolutely love them and I've worn them to death and I think

theyare a great buy because they're not really great for the summer obviouslywhite trousers are super flattering in the summer and I think it'd go reallywell in like with some outfits I'd love to combine them kind of blue stuff but Ithink they are actually pretty versatile and I'll be

able to use them mostly allyear round so I will link here a lookbook that I've done with thesetrousers and there's 7 ways to style them to be kind of useful for all yearround so do you check it out if you haven't seen that one yet but basicallyI have

worn these are so so much they're from a brand called the rose from Isisfrom Spain they do really good stuff I got them on sale and I got them at areally really good price I love them because I've really been into reallywide trousers I think they're really on

trend I find them really flattering andI think they make you look much taller than what you actually are these oneshave a really nice kind of drape the fabric is really heavy so it fallsreally beautifully and yeah I just find them really flattering and I really likethe fact that

they've got kind of two sort of pleats on the front which makeyou even more flattering but I really love these I've been wearing them so somuch and I think they're really good because you can dress them up you candress them down and I've decided you can pretty much

wear them all seasons so Iwill link that video up on the screen now so you can have a look another whitething as you know I love my white to stuff and like I said I don't think Icould ever own too many white tops but I have been loving

this Massimo Dutti topthis one is a balloon sleeve top and balloon sleeves have been so in it'slike a jumper but quite thin which I really like because London doesn't gettoo hot over the summer and this one is great because it's not too thick whichmeans you can wear it

even if it's a little bit warm outside but it's alsoreally it just gets a little bit breezy or alittle bit chilly in the evenings and because it's a little bit warmer than at-shirt I find this leaves a super flattering and I've won this so muchwith beige trousers black

trousers evening at a time I just find it supersuper flattering I really like the boat neck as well and yeah it's just sobeautiful is from Massimo Dutti but I think you can still get it so I willlink all the products like I usually do in the info box

of it for me in summer away to jazz up an outfit and instantly make it look more summary is juststatement earrings I'm not a huge fan of necklaces actually and I don't reallywear too many I do you know statement necklaces once in a while but I'm justnot a

huge fan I think they don't bless my boy very much but I love thestatement earrings and I love putting my hair up when it's kind of hot and Ithink it's a great way to kind of show something on your ears when your hair isup so I love Easons

from out as I have mentioned them before they are sobeautiful they've got kind of a turquoise shade mix them with rose goldI find them super flattering and I really find a flattering um earringswhich are kind of stud earrings but really kind of chunky I find this reallyflattering I

don't know why I think they make my face look more proportioned umand yeah I just really like them I prefer those two dangly earrings I thinkthey're a great statement earring and they just kind of jazz up an outfitinstantly and make it look a little bit more glam and

put together a pair ofshoes I haven't taken off this summer which I got um I think in July was arethese at missourah wild thing sandals in bread I featuredthem in a favorites video and there's an unboxing video as well so I would linkthis on the screen now so

you can go have a look but basically I've beenwearing these sandals a to a depth they are super comfortable they're completelyflat but they have a really beautiful gold rim on the back and I just findthem so stunning I love the fact that they have sort of the free

bit in frontit's such a like representative at quizar I design they are super supercomfortable like all apples or shoes because this Way's are really nice forthe summer because they sort of absorb the sweat a little bit I know thatsounds really disgusting guys but it is true you know

feet sweat and the factthat this way it is really really good because they just kind of absorb thatexcess moisture on the feet and the make them really comfortable I thought theywould so comfortable because the front isreally thin but they actually hold your feet surprisingly well I find the

colorsuper flattering because my outfits are usually quite neutral colors I foundI've been wearing them nerds I think the red was super flattering it adds a popof color to very neutral outfit and yeah they're just been my favorite shoe thissummer another pair of shoes I've worn a todeafness summer

aren't my Gucci trainers I purchased these at the beginning of Ithink it was made because I was going away to Malta which is gonna be quitewarm and I've absolutely loved these trainers I find them it's so comfortableand they just go with everything I love them with shorts with

skirts with justeverything I wasn't very on board of the spikes at the back and I just thoughtthey were a bit too kind of funky and hit for me but actually now I've reallygrown to love them I think they add a lot of interest to the shoe I reallylike

the pearls on the side I think they make them look a little bit more kind ofjazzed up and they make an outfit look much more interesting and they almostkind of act as accessorizing as opposed to just a shoe so I really have beenloving these sunglasses are an absolute

must over the summer and I bought thesefrom for art's sake I featured them in a number of videos but they have been myabsolute favorite this summer I love the fact that they've got that can cat eyebut there's still quite thin I love the gold frame I find it

super superflattering I think it brings a lot of brilliance to the skin because of thatcontrast with the glow on your skin I really like the ombre shades which gokind of from a darker color to a light to come on my only gripe with them isthat the actual lens

on the glasses is just not very dark so when it's veryvery sunny the Sun does bother you a little bit but I do love them because itmeans that would it go inside you don't eat them all so they're great fortraveling when you don't want people to see your

face because you don't have totake them off and you can still see indoors so yeah I just really like theblue I think it's a very interesting design they were a little bit on thefunky aside for me but I have really grown to love them in a woman loads

theSun finally a perfume that I have loved its the Tom Ford perfume I absolutelylove it it's very kind of citrusy literally just summer in a bottle thesmell lingers around for a really long time at the unisex so I share it with myhusband which means it's well budget-friendly actually

because it's agood way to justify the price I love the packaging it's just so nice and the bluejust makes it look so fresh I really really love the scent it's kind ofcitrusy with a hint of kind of musky scent to it so it's not kind of toogirly it

feels quite sophisticated and yeah it's just literally summer in abottle so I'm not very good at describing perfumes but if you can gohave a smell of these Tom Ford perfumes because they are amazing they're reallypricey but they're honestly well worth the money I think guys well that waseverything

from me I hope you enjoyed this summer essentials video and I hopeit was useful and you could meet some notes for next summer so thank you somuch for watching and I'll see you in my next video bye