Summer fashion trends to get behind

all right looking like summer feeling like summer and you know why because summer is actually here finally and that means more people are gonna be out and about especially at the beaches so he brought style expert in with us Margot burr so good to have her back so

tell us what's in this summer so we can look our best as we're headed out so talk about what are the latest trends right now all right so the latest shows that we're gonna be seeing obviously I know you've been saying like some bright bold colors prints and

we're also gonna be looking at some Beach fashions as well today to show you how you can wear some cover-ups but also wear some summertime is here so you're ready to go hit the pool hit the beach so I'm gonna show you some versatile looks that you can

wear this summer okay in neon colors to have to be my favorite is neons are always in okay always especially green [Laughter] alright so you have a couple of models with you in studio take a look at what they're wearing alright so this is our first model and

this look comes from Kate Spade now what I love most about this dress okay so I know that it's a little black dress I know what summertime but guess what she has a peacock that has bright bold fun colors on the front okay some sequins let's get into

that shoulder she has lots of beads on the side of that shoulder giving some fun some fun to the dress then we look at the earrings the earrings are giving lots of bold pop of color absolutely love it I love the dress the dress is linen so that's

perfect for summer so she won't be hot when she wears it and then it stops down perfectly down her legs and then we have some really cute metallic pink shoes to go along with this outfit to make the outfit pop what a fun look yes I'm really diggin

the earrings yeah they compliment the shirt well and this will be a great look if you wore to like a beach party you know and you can wear it with some flip-flops or some other sandals if you wanted to as well very versatile I love the sleek ponytail

too to go with yeah alright looking good okay who's next alright so our next look this is Brooke now this look comes from uncommon sense and the bathing suit comes from boohoo now what I love most about this look okay you all know it's summertime we're all ready

to go to the beach okay but you don't want to just go to the beach and just wear a bathing suit you want to wear a cover-up so what we're looking at first is a perfect cover-up which is gray very comfortable comes from uncommon sense I love it

because it she has an open you know you can tell she's going to the beach you can see her very cute fashion forward she had a print top her bathing suit top it ties in the front if you get it wet it'll dry really fast so it it's

I'm wick wick absorbing then we go down to our shoes okay espadrilles are very on trend this season so her leg I love this cover-up because it shows some leg action so it's very cute and we have a nice straw bag to go along with it okay shares

her beach bag she can throw her stuff all in there along with some very cute fashion-forward sunglass loves the beach and it goes back to the prints too that you said are yes I love yeah it looks very very comfortable and I like that it dries quickly because

there's nothing like walking around exactly that's the work so this is perfect all right I love that okay looking good Brooke all right who's that alright so this is our last look and this is dosha now this dress comes from janessa quoi okay now this has given us

this bowl color I know you see I have this brought this bowl green on dosha has bold a mustard yellow know you have them bright yellow bright yellow and mustard yellow yellow is yellow and it looks good okay you know I love this we added a pop of

cheetah print belt so it's to make that color pop you know this dress is very cute if you don't want to show any legs it has the very cheese button going down the side give it a little cleavage action but it's safe it's fun it's cute then it

falls very cute down to all the way to her ankle it has some slits in it we paired it with some very fashion-forward navy blue shoes to go along with it to make the outfit subtle I love the sleeves its lead it's a sleeveless dress and if she's

ready to go to the beach she's ready to go out to lunch on the on the on the on the water she can do that as well absolutely I love that Emma choker to set it off yeah and a nice red lip yes you can over rock and

then your outfit I know we got about 30 seconds this is hot okay so this is a Kate Spade dress okay I absolutely love this dress because I love the straps I love the peekaboo that you have right here I love the buttons okay and then if you

get into my shoes can y'all get in somehow shoes okay he's a Kate Spade as well these are bold yellow me Makia was just talking about this she could she could pair this with her with her dress as well but these are perfect comfortable if I'm walking on

a beach if I'm walking to have lunch I won't have to worry about tripping or anything because guess what this chunky heel is so on-trend it's so comfortable and you can stand them for a wild I don't like these yeah these are just you stand them for about

an hour to be saying all that we need a split girl oh yeah yes yes so these looks are fabulous ladies you can come on out you look awesome thank you so much Margo please you know having me just help enough to say hip yeah why this not

absolutely appreciate it