Try-on Summer Fashion Haul (KOREAN SUB)

[Music] hi everyone welcome back to my channel today I have a fashion haul I thought because it's the Sun right now it would be a perfect time to show you guys like a clothing and accessories haul for the summer I went to quite a few different brands I

think I went to Jimmy Zara for between one and I also did some online shopping through a sauce so I do have quite a variety to share with you guys so if you guys are curious to what I purchased and just keep on watching the first items that

I do want to share with you guys is not purchased by me but was actually sent to me by Daniel Wellington so Daniel Wellington contacted me they asked me if I wanted to try out where their watches they asked me to just pick out anything from their website

and so I chose this one watch called classic petit Bondi I believe and it was in the color white and with silver I believe there was silver and rose gold but I chose silver because I just felt like white and silver would match me better during the summer

time they sent me a watch and strap and so I have it right here with me their packaging is super cute when I saw this oh my gosh my cute this is the box they sent me the watch in you open it up and it has Daniel Wellington

right there and then get out of the box we have Lee and after you take it out of that case you have this and you open it up and you see this watch I think this one is a little bit smaller than most of their watches that they

have this part is silver the other one that they had the other color was in rose gold and I think that's the stuff they sent me the color in you can change this dress I think right here yeah they send this little tool I usually wear watches on

my left wrist so that's where I'm going to [Music] if you guys want to purchase Daniel Wellington watch I will have a coupon code for you guys Daniel Wellington was kind enough to offer you guys a coupon code so over in this video I will have a coupon

codes I'll also have their website listed in the description box they're also having an event so make sure to go check that out I'll have all the information listed in the description box move on to my second item I have this shirt I actually got this from zoomies

and I got it in the men's section I went through their website and sometimes I just like the graphic tees a lot better with the men's section so I placed an order online and then I went to go pick it up so I didn't really know the sizing

of it I went to the zoomies website saw that this was like a new new item that they had and I really liked the colors if you guys can see the colors right here on me just show you is like orange and purple I think I did kind

of go wrong with society because it was the men's section and I decided to get a large and I was thinking in my head I'm going to get like a very oversized shirt so I could kind of wear it as like a t-shirt dress I think maybe a

medium would have done but I don't know I don't like it it's pretty ok I mean the sizing is not too bad as you guys can see it has like the adidas sign right here with the logo I just think this is like perfect for the summer I

love the colors [Music] maybe if you're looking for like an oversized shirt and you're around like by size don't get the large I guess a medium because I think I'll be probably enough like enough to be an oversized shirt but I kind of went overboard I guess it's

okay but it is a little bit too big but I just think the colors are so pretty I really really really like it I don't know if zooming is still selling it on their website maybe check it out I'll link it in the description box if I can

find it but maybe if they don't have the online just go to their offline store nearby you and see if they have it or not so yeah next two items I fit in the zoomies bag but it's not from julie's it's from a sauce on a sauce they

have different brands that they sell and I found weekday and I saw these t-shirt dresses you guys know where I'm kind of going with this I think for summer I kind of went a little bit with like the t-shirt dresses and everything which is why I bought this

I'm like an oversized sheriff in the men's section but I found these two t-shirt dresses and they were like low in stock but I managed to get two of them and the size small so yeah but I got this one and the color yellow and as you guys

can see even the small is really oversized it did say like huge t-shirt dress in the description so this is the first one and the color yellow and then I got another one which I've in love with the color and everything it's kind of like a lilac pink

in the description I think it said pink but it looks more like a lilac color to me so really really really like it it's okay a sock also does a thing where they give you discounts if your students so make sure to check that out too if you're

interested because I think you get like a 10% 10% off for being a student so very nice with that I Rex's ara and I purchased two things the first item that I purchased was a t-shirt and I think sometimes I get distance I got this t-shirt in a

size medium it's not oversized it's like a loose fit just a gray shirt and then it had like the word gray and then it's crossed out I thought it was like a nice casual t-shirt to just wear during the summer so I have this it's cuffed right here

so next one is the shirt I joined this one is the most summer like the most bummer to me I got this in a size X small a small with a little bit too big so I decide to go to the X small because it was like a

nice fit so I got the X ball in this one I thought if I went to the beach with it it would just look really really nice and I feel like in California the summer weather is really weird like during the afternoons like super hot and then once

it is like certain time during the night time it gets like a little bit chilly kind of so I felt like this would be like nice just wear like a t-shirt with shorts and then during the night time just to have this on as I go outerwear kind

of thing it split in the back [Music] already at the last shopping bag I got clothes from forever21 this time around when I went to Del Amo I went to Del Amo none of you guys that watch my videos live in Turin because I don't live around there

but I always go to Del long room and I like shop around there so let me know in the comments if any of you guys live around there but anyway I went there and they have like a lot of different clothing brands so I went to there for

over 21 I was looking around and I saw some things that I wanted so I got it first thing is the shirt and I love the colors in here I just love it so much it's a nice orange II type of color and I thought this would be

just so cute for the summer I got this in a size small so you have like your orange shirt and it says right here buys I don't know if you can see you don't come I think what you see on camera is like the color that it is

it's kind of not really like a bright orange it's more like a kind of toned down orange so yeah I got this skirt to match with like this shirt because I wanted to wear the shirt and a skirt together because I thought it looks really cute I got

this start in a size small [Music] this shirt right here this one's a black lace-up t-shirt and I got this in a size small I thought it would look really good with just like some higher Schwartz some jeans maybe oh no but I thought it would look good

so I got this shirt and the last items I have are a few necklaces I bought these three necklaces right here this one is in a denim blue so I thought it would look cute during summer just to wear like with a t-shirt or something nice detail then

got this one hmm I like it and then I got the last one which is this one right here it's just a white plain choker I just wanted like a regular choker with nothing on it just white so at this one that's pretty much it for today's video

I hope you guys enjoyed it if you liked this video please don't forget to give it a thumbs up and if you haven't already please subscribe to this channel I'll see you guys in my next video bye