🌴 SUMMER Fashion Frenzy! Roblox w/ iHasCupquake ☀️

I thought you are my friend I’m coming for you red I’m coming for you yes what time is it so much time yeah the samosa but I’m gonna get real hands real handsome boy oh okay we just started a lottery winner okay Larry Montgomery lot a summary lottery

human okay we need to look rich what what let’s rip it oh this is looks rich it looks nice see ya oh no I don’t have pen I need to go with the girlie body about always been what put a lottery winner where rich people closed that’s what

that’s stupid okay shoe no hair looks rich enough must be richer ma I know I’ll go into the VIP section Oh cookies I didn’t see Oh a lottery winner would be happy face oh oh we can’t see my eyes okay rich face hmm that looks snobby oh geez

oh geez we’re running out of time out oh no I mean hair okay we need pigeon spinners or something sure one second oh no actress going too fast oh okay here we is definitely definitely gonna lose this one that have a lottery winner look at those fancy stuff

look at how cute this day create you look fancy what where there crowd up in this place what you have a crowd too oh no never look rich like a normal person two stars with a crown edit hands I gave it son Oh Abbot dad I know oh

I like this shirt yeah and then on the legging oh my god yeah I ran out of time five stars are stars yes well done I ran out of time I like I didn’t even noticed I’m right you do not look close why is your pot anyway I’m

buddies hanging out buddy buddy buddy ruptured everywhere here you are yeah whoa hey check it oh my god looking at you you’re more that actually looks like you creepy I don’t know guys I’m good [Laughter] we didn’t do it we didn’t we didn’t make it give you the

Newseum oh well are you ready for summer summer 30 here yeah I’m cool I really like red looking for you the chat was something I really like red I not ready for you you got this oh yeah in the bag oh my gosh look there’s even our brothers

in here okay so red red red I’m going to change my body my character won’t stop dancing stop it just stop it summary red oh okay this kind of work I’m liking this so far oh there are fidget spinners there are there’s a red digits in oh my

god get it I’m not rich enough for any of this oh I’m going to be obsessed about I real you better really like rag and you better okay this is this is a new face I’m not sure I like this ooh never get to work on that pan

oh my gosh you’re right I need Japan I need well oh no I’m burnt I am burnt rice I need to change the skin color oh yeah okay I’ll look good kanna’s girls the beach so yeah okay all right we have a lot of things going on right

now not sure how I feel about it summer you know gotta hate mondays for the beach oh oh we love good new things right here press r3 roly’s walmart Martha Vickers you go stickers on your body your red one yeah we look so good [Music] everyone just dance

it around so happy my number so much yeah we got ten seconds I feel good about this but everybody also looks very good all right are you ready for this all right how much do you like red hopefully not to see you get happy whoa yeah her hair

don’t care yeah you guys just on my hair my love huh that’s ridiculous she’s probably read see your man my man oh oh shoot I’ll get that getting ah yeah yeah once we’re not summer ah maybe she’s not working on her tan okay oh sure cannabis baby thing

a weird nose Oh God oh yeah uh how big I like your support I think we should play game ha ha ha Oh where’d it go oh oh oh poor for face alone whoever winner who loves red the most my turn I thought you were my friend I’m

coming for you red I’m coming for you why am i jumping I’m involuntarily jumping I’m not touching anything so oh my gosh they’re just so happy you won you can’t stop bluffing that’s what happens a key with you should justify it’s a very difficult no idea oh gosh

what is that behind let’s all go just uh just one sit back away just slowly walk away nothing to say very well my coffee ok ok we should sit down why can’t I sit down now how’s it all just stand here okay huh he’s really close I know

making me uncomfortable scary if you sniffing you know get away from my friend yo get away from her hey yo we need to channel our inner summer think of sunshine sand in your booty cold drinks hot boys Thank You Vic oh you think of it alright I think

you better be ready to do this ha ha ha ha ha ha ha we got that hot boys I want to grin by and my hair will be the flower you’re going to be an actual flower I want to be a real flower be a flower you could

be a bee a bee for the flower oh oh shoot all bees really love flowers oh there is great skin yes okay let’s give me wait are you going to be the flower because I’ll be your BJP to be okay I’m gonna be your B yeah okay I’m

gonna try to look like a flower you don’t have anything yellow and a lot only do ya this is perfect hey what hair looks like a flower okay okay we have some hair oh my it’s me okay short hair long hair oh in the skin section oh yeah

it’s working I’m gonna have a pinata that follows me okay perfect yes just a pinata friend all right um can we look like a flower yes Oh Oh like poison ivy I was like poison ivy it’s a plan right I’m confident I think we look okay we got

this yeah have to go yeah you’re my shower I’m you’re being a hater our little flower she’s a little flower a lay on yeah oh you’re right it’s too late what’s on our head Oh flower okay she got all the good items she must be VIP oh you’re

up you’re up I’m ready and the flower I need to be smell Dee Oh what do you applause on your arm I smell real good so good yeah how is that flowers what what is the one flower [Music] okay I’m gonna do a three yeah yeah that’s exactly

what more accessories more accessories yeah yeah one more we need to wear in our life oh wow I mean from the neck down it’s all good and then it gets a bit yeah I oh I’m confused oh okay nope nope a one hour on her trip once are

free our daddy in it here we go oh my god it’s amazing where did you find that oh go right if the agent those are some big pupil see wincing etcc longer flowers she really loves flowers really love flowers lots of flowers but at least back okay [Music]

I make any of them but I love their flowers spring flowers fly away you shouldn’t slide away I get out of here find a new flower find a new game