okay guys a chest and welcome back to my channel today I want to share with you guys ten pieces that I think that every single girl should own for the spring and summertime in my opinion so if you guys are interested in any pieces I have to show you to stay tuned also the difference time to my channel thank you for clicking on this video and be sure to hit that subscribe button to not miss any more videos from me and let’s just dive in number one is to just have a pair of jeans that you love to always fall back on that are the right cut and the right wash in the right fit and everything and you just feel good in them and you know that they’re never going to do you wrong I personally really like Light washings in the spring and summer just because I do I feel like they give off that spring summer vibe I just picked these ones up from Zara they’re not going to look really flattering on camera but they’re just these mom jeans I’m a big fan of mom jeans you guys don’t already know but I thought that these were cool because they have like a cool little denim belt detailing that kind of has a soul thing in it and I’m really into denim so figured I had to get them these are from Zara they are $40 I recommend checking out your thrift stores before going to like those ours and the Urban Outfitters and everything because the best fit mom jeans that I’ve ever found has been from the first door so don’t see one at their store there are definitely some gems there you guys interested in like fifth store hacks that do have a video I will it will be on one of these corners you guys can click on it after the video but yeah I think that jeans are just like so easy to wear in the summer and I just tucked any top in and any cardigan whatever and I’m good to go number two is another denim piece but I promise it’s the only other one and it is a centum jacket and I think that this is actually probably one of the most important pieces that I have just because I wear these so often in the spring and summertime they’re so convenient to wear during the day during the night you can dress them off dresses down and I just comfy like they’re just like they feel like very homey when you wear them and I think that’s me just being sentimental but I just love how denim jackets feel I like this one specifically because it’s oversized but it’s not actually a long line denim jacket it just is oversized which is what I like this is also that light wash that I’ve been enjoying and yeah denim jackets for the summertime are so easy to style and they just give that summer vibe and yeah number two is a denim jacket number three is maxi dresses and I absolutely love these in the spring and summertime it’s because they’re so easy to throw on you don’t really have to think about it and it looks like you tried when you didn’t really try all you just throw one piece on I have a plain black one right here and then I have a black and white striped one and I’ve had these for literally ever they’re just so easy to wear I’ll throw on like a kimono on top or a denim jacket on top and I’m literally good to go I like to get mine in tank top so that I don’t get you hot but whatever you’d like I just think that maxi dresses are an essential for the spring and summer time and they’re just so cozy and it looks like you tried so hard but really you threw on one piece and you’re comfy like you cannot go wrong with them number four is something I would wear with the maxi dresses and they are kimonos these are so easy for the spring and summertime you throw them on you look you and they’re really lightweight and if you can’t tell there’s a theme here I really like to just throw things on I have one right here that I just picked out from forever 21 it’s a really long black one and I love the sleeves on it they’re kind of like has these cuts on the sleeves on I hope you can tell I just picked this one up from forever 21 I got a large so it would be like really big on me and it is $25 so I believe it’s probably still there and these are just so nice and easy and you really really look like you tried and then I have another one that is a floral print I always think that it’s a good idea to have a staple in like a plain color like I really like my black and then to have it in like a summery type of vibe thing I don’t even know if I’m making sense right now but I also have this really pretty floral print one I did wear this in a previous video I do believe in like a really recent makeup video I love this one it’s not terribly long but it’s just again super cute and really easy to style because it looks like it’s way more fancy than it actually is and again this is something that you can wear day and night and just whenever you want so kimonos for me are definitely something that are a staple in the spring and more time I believe we’re on number five and that is to have a pair of bright or wide leg or just statement pants because I really feel like spring and summer is the only time that you can really get away with stuff like that so I just picked these ones out they’re really pre really wide leg pants with vertical lines on it which I love because vertical lines makes me look taller than I am because I’m short and I really don’t like looking short but I really love these I will think that these are just so flattering so like I said really love wide leg pants I also noticed that mustard is in this year so I picked up a pair of mustard wide leg pants and I just think that this color is so beautiful it’s very complementary to dark skin tones this one just has these tassels on it and I’m just really excited to style everything like my head is already in summer mode I’m definitely going to be posting more Instagram more outfit pictures for you guys so if you don’t follow me on Instagram you guys want to see how I style all these day one before any videos be sure to follow me on Instagram so you don’t miss anything number six is something that you guys can me we’re in pretty much every single video and that is my plain turtleneck I have them in tons of colors just because they’re so easy to throw on you don’t really have to think about it again notice a theme I’ll just type them into some mom jeans for the kimono on and I’m good to go I have them in tons of different colors like I said and I get mine from forever 21 just because they’re the perfect material and they’re not to stick so I’m not going to get too hot in them and they’re not see-through and they’re just perfect mo cheap because it’s from forever 21 I never used to shop at forever 21 like I did when I was younger and then I stopped going there because I realized every time I went in there I was just frustrated because the store is like a very overwhelming store and I never found anything that I liked recently they’ve been having some sh m so I would check out forever 21 if you or someone who’s like me and you’re like nope so yeah if you are like me or your kg or you just like to dress modestly these are definitely something I would check out because they’re not too hot and they are good for the summer and like I said they’re really affordable number seven is to get a pair of sunnies which you absolutely adore because if you’re anything like me you’re going to be wearing studies every single time you’re outside and I got these from the ki and Desi collab I think that these ones are sold out they’re limited edition but if I can find similar ones I’ll try to link them below I freaking love these ones so they are like the olive colored ones and they look like this and I just know I’m going to be wearing them all the freakin time sorry there’s like a glare from the lights but I love you so you might be a tad too vain for my face is very possible that I also don’t think I care they came in like the yellow and orange which i think is a really cool trend right now but just find a pair that you’re going to wear all the time like I think that these were like $65 which is a little above my price range for glasses just because I know myself and I break them but I’m going to pray did I keep these all summer so yeah I just get it they’re at something that you absolutely love that work for your face even if they don’t if you just think they’re cute I think that every girl disputes a cute pair of sunnies because they definitely add something to an outfit if you were taking an outfit picture and you’re not you not wearing makeup like I think that there’s been a few posts where I just I wasn’t wearing makeup and I just want some sunglasses and no one knew no one knew all as well um so yeah I think it’s a good pair of sunnies will make you look about which coolers and they’re just nice and they’re practical I guess next I just have two pairs of shoes to show you guys and the first are sandals and the second are skinny girls because I think that those are just essential shoes that every girl needs in the springtime I don’t necessarily love sandals so I kind of cheated with these because I can totally see myself wearing these all summer long they are literally the cutest thing ever so they have a heel which I really like I’m not a fan of flat shoes it’s either I’m wearing sneakers or am wearing heels so there’s a check right there and then they’re open toe and then they’re open so I think I think I can get away with calling these sandals I know they’re boots what we’re just going to call them sandals I love these I got these from Zara and they were originally $70 and then they were half lost because I got them during their midseason sale and then when I went up to the counter she checked me out as $9.

99 and I was just silent I was like thank you very much and I went about my day so I’m pretty sure they actually were on sale they were just miss mark so I was really happy I love what things like that happen but I absolutely love these I think I’m going to wear a see wearing these all the time this summer and that every girl just needs that pair that she loves my second pair like I said our sneakers and I’m almost ashamed to show these on camera because I’ve really worn them out and they are my airforces I think they’re just so classic and so cleaned and every girl should just own a pair of white sneakers they don’t necessarily have to be these ones I’m going to put them down now because I’m ashamed of how dirty they are and I’m definitely going to pick up some new ones this weekend but a pair of white sneakers not even as airforces or just so classic and clean and they just make your outfit look that much better if you or someone who’s iffy on sneakers just do it because I remember I always thought I now look like such a poser or something I don’t know but recently XML even recently for the past like two years I’ve absolutely loved sneakers and they’re so comfortable they’re so practical ever since I started wearing like real sneakers I can’t go back to like the converse that I was wearing because those just don’t have like the same support I do still like my fans I still wear those but I think that my Air Forces are my most worn shoes so if you’re looking for good white shoes that are classics that will never go out of style that are a decent price I would definitely recommend getting some air forces if you guys want a video of me styling air forces I would love to film em so if that’s something you guys would want to see so let me know down in the comment section below the last staple is just to have a purse that you love that you can wear everyday that’s practical I don’t really like purses so practicality is like the most important thing I don’t want it to be uncomfortable to wear which is why I typically go for crossbody but I have to just share with you guys I have my one bag that is in everyday bag and it looks like this I just picked it up it’s super cute it’s from forever 21 and it’s just a crossbody backpack I really loved when I believe a time to mount with like their mini backpack but I was against fun two grand on it so I got this one from forever 21 and it does the job for me the only issue is that it’s like some weird something happening over here so if anyone else I fix that let me know but this is my everyday bag and I love it and like I said it’s practical it fits everything and it’s good for spring because it’s like small and cute and then my second one that I have to show you guys I only bought because it reminded me of one that I had since my junior year in high school or maybe my sophomore year I have purses for a long time because I don’t go for shopping often because I don’t love purses but it’s this really cute fringe one I’m excited to wear this is going to go at all like my bohemian outfit so exciting it’s just a bucket purse and it’s like crossbody and it has like these adjustable straps which are really nice and convenient and yeah just another person I would wear all the time in the spring and summertime and I’m sure I’m going to get a lot of wear out of so that is it for this video those are all the staples that I think that every single girl should own for the spring and summertime if you guys have anything to add to list a let me know down in the comment section below and we can definitely chat down there if you guys enjoyed this be sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe if you have not already subscribed and I will see you guys next time [Music].