a *very cute* summer clothing haul (try-on)

hi guys so today I am back doing what I do best and that is exceeding my card spending limit for entertainment purposes today I’m going to be doing a summer clothing haul it has been a whole month since I’ve done a clothing haul I know you guys love

these videos I love making them and I’ve been really into fashion lately and just exploring different styles so it’s gonna be a really fun video I hope you guys enjoy it filled with clothes that I’ve been collecting over the past month and a half maybe not all of

it is clothes that I bought because some of it may be my merch so stay on the lookout for that I didn’t want to say I do clean out my closet regularly I’ll either donate my clothes to like the kidney foundation or I’ll pass on my clothes to

either some of my friends I might want my clothes and then occasionally also sell my clothes on Poshmark and depop so I’m going to start off with reformation if you don’t know what Reformation is it’s basically a sustainable clothing brand which I’ve always been interested in buying from

them I know it is a lot on the expensive side which makes it hard to buy just because literally for these two dresses it was a little bit over $300 which is crazy this first dress from Reformation I’ve never seen anything like it you can see what it

looks like but it’s just a mini dress with these two little spaghetti straps it has this comic girl printed all over it and I think it’s so cool it’s just so different I have nothing like this in my closet so it’s perfect distress I believe was $128 so

yes it is sustainable but it’s not super realistic to have a whole wardrobe from here but very glad that I picked up this piece and then the other dress that I got from them is this beautiful deep red color and it kind of wraps around in the front

and it has these two ties at the top the cut of it is super flattering is just very summery summer vibes that is this dress and those are the two pieces that I got from Reformation one accessory that I got which I’m super excited to talk about this

I mentioned it a little bit on my Instagram story today that I got a bracelet from four oceans it’s this beaded bracelet right here and basically it’s 100% made out of recycled materials from the ocean and glass from the ocean the bracelets are $20 and for every bracelet

that you buy they remove one pound of trash from the ocean so this is the little bag it came in I just wanted to show you guys I’ll link it down below it’s a super cool cause I’ve been researching it all day and I’m very into it I

actually ended up getting five more of these bracelets because I wanted to contribute to a good cause so if you guys want to buy one of these they’re actually really cute if you want to buy one of these brace I’ll have link to their website down below it’s

getting hot it’s getting hot I’m princess Polly you guys know I’m obsessed with them and this is not sponsored but I did buy a couple things from their website I got two mini dresses that are like a silky material this one is in a light yellow color this

would look super cute without with a t-shirt underneath with some cute sneakers or sandals and then I also got the same mini dress in the black color so that’s more of like a nighttime vibe not gonna lie they’re very short but I’m 18 now so I’ll make it

work also from princess Polly I got my first long skirt because all I have are mini skirts and sometimes I don’t want to worry about bending over and worrying who’s gonna see long skirts are the way to go because I’m sick of not being able to bend down

when I’m wearing skirts this is what it looks like it’s in this beautiful forced green color it has a slit on the side zippers in the back so it doesn’t give too much adjustability but this does fit me pretty well I get a size 8 and everything from

princess Polly this next piece from princess Polly is so precious and adorable it’s this light lavender color which I really enjoy this shade of purple and it has a bunch of ruffles it ties in the front perfect for the summery vibe that I’m kind of going for two

more things from princess Polly so I got these army green colored hands that fit me very well I think it’s such a different color it gives a different vibe rather than blue jeans so I’m excited to style this and then the last thing from princess Polly is this

little kind of want to call it a pirate top it’s a cream color very cropped really got to be feeling myself on the day that I wear this that is it from princess Polly moving on it to Urban Outfitters the first piece that I got was this it

looks like this is this white see-through lace I don’t really know I think this is lace but I could be wrong and I probably am wrong but it cinches in at the waist I think this would be a really cool Beach cover-up to wear this over a bathing

suit and the holes allow for proper air flow so that your boobies can breathe this is really random but I recently have been looking deep into my past and I remembered that I was deeply obsessed with Care Bears and I forgot that they existed I had to pull

that out of the depths of my memory then I saw this shirt so it has a little Care Bear on it and it says Brad it’s just a classic t-shirt and I needed to own it this next thing up from Urban Outfitters is really random for me to

buy and it takes me completely out of my comfort zone so this is what I’m talking about it’s this velvet romper with a zipper going all the way down so my hope is that no one comes for me and just pulls my zipper down because then I will

be exposed I thought it was really cool maybe I could style this in a cool way almost makes me uncomfortable but that’s what’s life is about I guess I also picked up these really cool shorts from the bdg line at Urban Outfitters kind of has color blocking denim

with the stripes and then the back looks like this so it would add a super cool touch to your outfit it’s hot also from Urban Outfitters I picked up this super adorable romper it’s in this light pink color and it has a gingham pattern the top has the

ruching feature and then it kind of almost doesn’t look like a romper because there’s a front flap it is a romper which is super easy to throw on in the summertime and then and one of my favorite parts about this hole I got a new pad I am

completely obsessed with bucket hats right now this is my third one it’s this blue color and it has this little flower detailing on the rim I’m so excited about it it is a little bit tight because it was only one size and I do have a very large

head which makes it hard but the headache is worth it because I love this hat so much I feel naked without it I got two dresses from the website super down they’re kind of complicated to put on so in the Tryon I didn’t know what I was doing

because I didn’t know how to tie them they’re the same style they basically are these little mini dresses with buttons going down the front and then the back is completely open which is why I didn’t know how to tie it so it was highly confused about that but

I got this dress in the light yellow color and then the same style dress that has the open back in the gingham style I used to not be super into dresses just because I thought they were too girly for me but recently I realized that it provides you

so much airflow I got three things from Lulu the first thing I got are these light pink Billabong shorts I owned them in a tan and black color they’re super easy to throw on and I really like how they make my booty look I got this romper also

from Lulu’s that has this really pretty floral pattern and it’s in this light pink color then the other dress that I got from them is so sweet I love the style of this it’s this greenish blue color with these pink with these white flowers on them I got

two pairs of sneakers from Fila recently that I wanted to show you guys it’s kind of a different take on their classic Fila disruptors these are the shoes that I got they’re very chunky and white Dada sneakers pretty much what I liked about it is that it had

this super cute detailing with the zipper on the side so it’s pink and purple you can unzip it I don’t know why you would unzip it but you can in case your foot gets swollen I don’t really know and then these ones remind me of little boy sneakers

just because of the color it’s red black white and gray I feel like my little brother would wear these don’t have a little brother but if I did have a little brother I’m pretty sure he would wear them I’m gonna finish off with a brandy melville I can’t

fit too many of their clothing items because I’m a medium-sized girl sometimes I wear a size large so they’re small sizes is not my cup of tea but there are select pieces that I can fit for example this top right here I really like the button-up detailing I

got this top that I’m wearing right now and then I got the same styles hop in this light green color and it’s very cropped the same style top and this bubblegum pink color I really like the color pink I got an orange shirt and it’s such a pretty

color but I feel like it’s so underappreciated so I’ll figure out how to style this I really think orange looks good on me and I’ve been told that looks good on me so I got it orange shirt that is all that I have for this haul I hope

you guys enjoyed it if you stayed to us playing the video first of all you’re awesome and second of all comment down below rice Pierce’s bread babe of the week you guys are killing it with the edits and I love you guys so much that’s all that I

have I love you By ThờiTrangMùaHè