An exclusive summer fashion party with Bonang | FULL INSERT

nobody ever needed a reason to do a bit of spring cleaning as you output the old it’s time to in with the new and as a fashion addict Penang whatever decided to celebrate all of the seasons new trends by throwing a summer party for a fashionista friends and

who better to dress the queen bee yourself than the source of all style Woolworths the only thing that I love more than fashion in life are of course my friends so I decided to combine the two in the ultimate summer party right fashions is not only about how

you look trend livid music and decor and food in ambiance basically fashion is like a sport for none she’s got the perfect party planner Vicky grease rider Vicky I told you about my summer party and I am dying to see what you have installed a cold food let’s

do it so I thought really to go with something very glamorous very shake spring natural fresh produce beautiful flowers glass way that kind of thing and location something really contemporary really beautiful deco to go with it uh-huh and the food is all about that memory yes so I

thought to go with what’s really Unchained at the moment and do beautiful colored plates oversized so the food really stands out at summery and fresh that’s exactly what I want to do my girls are going to just fall in love I don’t like I like I love fashion

blogger melody Malala was one of the first to RSVP but now she’s left with a big decision what is she going to wear short and blue or long and black Roberts has it all Oh phonons other guests include fashionistas Shashi not you and Sarah Langer they each found

the perfect summer dress well namazi Mabini and Debbie bundler aimed to make a statement and colorful prints with jeweled heels and flowing summer stripes queen bees venue was thus breathtaking state-of-the-art home at stain city see one of my favorite things to do right is make a short list

of five outfits that I found on Instagram that I’m absolutely loving try to recreate those looks with stuff I have in my closet send it out to my girls and then see which one of those looks they are loving I mean we are so obsessed with pastels you

know the dual color mix-up was all over Fashion Week darlings of course but looking for the Instagram right now they are looking fabulous like like thanks to vicki the party is all set up she’s created a fresh summer table with some gorgeous take or pieces from Roberts Alba

none needs to do now is greet our guests when they arrive this is exactly what I wanted let’s talk about this gorgeous set up real quick so really just natural spring colors but crisp clean linen napkins freezes they’re in season orchids in tulips this is absolutely fantastic my

girls are going to love it some of my girls they’re gonna be here in a couple of moments but hey thank you very very much I’m so excited I’m so excited what see you later just Amanda loot and oh and Zoey are the first to arrive followed by

Sachi and Sarah venom Uzi and Debbie and finally melody each of these fashionistas outfits looks just as good in real life as they do on Instagram the great thing about this summer stress trends is that every hemline is on point from short to long and whether you team

it with heels or flats is up to you I love the print it’s so amazing perfect for summer all right and I usually only do black and gold like you girls but I just thought that I knew that the robbery that I was coming into let me do

something different yeah so I decided to go with a special color nothing’ll also too short yeah hi I know me I’m date and I can’t easily yeah yeah but now you other like solid color neutral canadough I love neutrals you know it’s so easy to dress up neutral

especially with like accessories so right accessories you can wear one Mutual item form amendment or very much look see so I know within the first minute if my father was gonna like a picture not if it’s gonna get a lot of likes within the first minute Mike how

many likes do you get I don’t know but you just know like oh this is a good II lasted like three seconds and it’s been like they like like eyes don’t charge me I literally keep refresh every single second if I have missed and seventy knows it’s about

you so Betty we did you need to know what do you keep with it on keep it on okay huh well ladies thank you so much for coming such a pleasure to have you guys look absolutely beautiful so here’s to a fabulous summer and looking absolutely gorgeous and

a fabulous lunch the girl sat down to dine on a decadent three-course meal made using fresh seasonal ingredients it began with an amused bouche of roasted nuts and a goat’s cheese bomb with rose Prosecco jelly that was an explosion of flavors so heels or sandals but he wearing

right now well you know me never anywhere without my heels yeah a strappy sandal Cana he’ll yes you know me so well no outfit is complete without trendy accessories especially those that get a flurry of likes on Instagram it’s so cute like your cream and your sister ease

yeah I love how I just managed to like paired with diamonds and silver accessories it’s really important to like yeah and I still look hippy but in a very classy way and on that note we left the ladies to enjoy their afternoon while keeping an eye on them

on Instagram of course okay this looks really really good I like this are you ready to tuck in yes listen I like the food I like you I like what all of you are wearing so thank you once again for coming cheers to you ladies like like like

like like style place Penang had it all with every ingredient for a party that set the tone for an unforgettable season