BOOHOO SHOPPING SPREE! 7 OUTFITS FOR UNDER $200! 😍👙🌈🛍 Affordable Summer Fashion Ideas!

hi guys welcome back to my channel I hope you were having an amazing day so today’s video is going to be a boohoo haul because this video is actually in partnership with boohoo which I’m really excited about if you’ve been around for a while like years you’ll remember

back when I was in university boo who was like my go-to store because everything is really trendy really cute and really affordable so the fact that I’m not working with them little bit wild TV so thank you so much for making weird cool opportunities like this happen for

me but anyways yeah I’ve got a lovely collection of things that I picked out from the boohoo’s summer collection that I’m really excited to show you guys I’ll make sure that I link not only all of the items that you see but also the booth who like new

ink collection as well because they do get things in like every single day and it’s all ridiculously cute and ridiculously affordable so I think you guys are gonna really like all the things I picked out so I hope you enjoy the video before we get any further please

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Gwen quiz on both Twitter and Instagram okay no further ado let’s jump into the hall and I really hope you guys enjoy so I think we’ll start off with accessories just because I kind of tried to kind of style every single item that I got until I can

outfit to give you guys a bit more inspiration I wore placed with the accessories throughout all the other Tryon clips I figured we’ll show you those first and then we’ll move on into the clothing so first of all I got this adorable little waist bum fanny pack bag

whatever they’re called nowadays how adorable is this so the little bag here you realistically this would only fit like a lip gloss lip balm cash kind of rolled up in there but you’re not even gonna really fit your phone unless you have some like weird really kind of

foam so it’s this like faux leather crop design little popper and then you can throw some stuff in there and then the kind of chain of belt is this gold chain but you can wrap around your belt I think this is so freaking cute picked for festivals and

things like that I just absolutely love it I think it’s so adorable and also just really completes all of your outfits then I grabbed two different headbands because I really love headband so I want to have them on like all the colors basically so these are these really

cute like top knot ones that are really in style at the moment so I got one in pink and one in white they literally had one and like every color I just like you know tried to resist buying them all but yeah how cute are those really great

way to get and finish off an outfit then I got the necklace that I’m actually wearing right now so it’s like a kind of layered necklace there’s two different necklaces here but like they come in a set so there’s this whole dangly set the choker and everything which

is so pretty and then there’s also this I think it’s called the a crescent moon that’s like a separate one as well so you can wear them together separately as well which is nice and versatile just think it’s lovely and cute you know how I feel about like

necklaces and things like that also grab this gold shell choker necklace I freaking love the shell trend and so this necklace it really does complete and I think it’s so pretty and then the last necklace I got actually wore in my I think Victoria’s Secret Holly I got

so many comments from you guys asking where it’s from its from boohoo so yeah it makes it affordable adorable necklace so it’s one thing that you actually have to put on but then it looks like you’re weighing on three four five different necklaces how absolutely adorable is this

I feel like it completes everything and you just look so cool and trendy I absolutely absolutely love this necklace and again I just love that it’s only one because I love the layered necklace look but if you had to put on like six necklaces in the morning when

you’re in a hurry it is not fun so having just one it looks like you’re wearing a bunch I think is just key and they should all be like that and then the last piece of jewelry I got was this little anklet it’s so cute and perfect for

the beach I’m totally gonna wear it today so it’s got like starfish and then little seashells dangling all over and you could duck to wear it as a bracelet too and that’s the way you couldn’t cuz it’s really adjustable and you could just hook it to whatever you

want but how cute is that I think it’s so pretty then I got a set of earrings these really big kind of statement hammered gold effect earrings I think these are so freakin cute you know how I feel about big statement earrings and these are definitely right up

my alley I absolutely love these then I grabbed some hair clips boo has a ton really really cute affordable hair clips in case you wanted to kind of jump on that trend so it’s like this pink glittery one this also came in like a minty Jade color that

I really wanted but I tried to resist but I’m cute so these are also the kind of Clippy kind so these are really really easy to put in versus those ones with a little ball and the clasp thing those are sub-dimension love these these you could definitely throw

on in like two point five seconds when you’re running at the door which is basically how I evaluate everything in life so I love these and they’re so cute and then the last thing in terms of accessories I grabbed a pair of sneakers but who have so many

really cute affordable shoes but I have a ton of like plain white sneakers already so I wanted to kind of branch out and try like a pair of the colorful trend that’s going on they have a bunch that I really wanted but I ended up going with these

ones so they like kind of a white base sneaker but the cute little pink accents on the bottom which is so cute and then sort of sparkly um like you and a corny material I forget what that’s called that kind no and then this blue purple a kind

of nudie cream color and then the laces are these like white and black how cute are these though I think they’re so fun and definitely but it loves mojo a boo who is that everything is so trendy but also so affordable so if you’re unsure but how you

feel about a trend get any something like from boohoo like this was so cheap and then you know and they’re not wearing it a lot I’m not really being into the trend as much as I thought I’m not out as much money as I could be so absolutely

absolutely love you think they’re so cute and definitely a good way to complete an outfit obviously with all accessories but it’s so true okay then moving on let’s jump into clothing so I’ll just have start from this way work that way so firstly I picked up this bikini

they had a ton of really cute swim that I wanted but I tried to resist getting it all because you I have a lot of swimmer already but I got this hot hot yellow neon yellow I got those neon yellow bather so the bottoms are these kind of

high leg ones that you’re really in style right now and also it they’re really flattering because they do make your legs look a lot longer and then the top is this kind of shape which I really like because it’s just so easy to throw on there so straps

doing yes or anything it gets really cute so it’s got like a scoop neckline here and then like you can kind of deeper scoop at the back which is so cute I cut up the tags I don’t remember what size I got but with everything alright in the

description box like the size I bought for you guys’s reference as well because I know that can be really helpful but yeah absolutely love the neon trend and I didn’t know anything I don’t want anything in neon yellow I’m pretty sure at least so really happy about that

supposed to imagine this with the tan I think you would like on fire so love okay then I got this top which is one of my favorite things that I got in this little haul so this black top of one of those tie up front situations here and

then giant poufy sleeves me look and they go to like kind of just above your elbow and then the back is just this tiny ruched strip at the back which i think is really really pretty and cute this is the kind of thing you could dress up dress

down wear it to a festival wear it to the mall like whatever I think it’s so easy to style and so cute for instance I think this looks so cute with black denim shorts that cute little belt bag and then combat boots and you’re going up to like

a little festival or something it’s a very kind of simple understated look if you don’t want to go all out and like crazy trendy for a festival but you still want to look really cute and lovely which is that if it is so plus common boots I feel

like we’re going to a festival feel like boots or key unless you’re going somewhere where you know it’s not going to be muddy but it’s like most festivals end up getting kind of dirty so yeah absolutely love that topping it’s so cute course you wear jeans denim skirt

skirt shorts there’s lots of options there I think it’s so cute then I also grabbed this talk which is like my second fave again we’ve got really cute dainty little poofy sleeves I really love this little kind of slightly scooped in neckline when you tie this into a

little bow and there is like a little hole underneath the little keyhole detail if you can see that the back is like totally elasticated and ruched which I really like because it’s really comfy and I also think it just sleek looks really cute and then the length goes

to like it’s not a standard length top really but you can tuck it in to something or wear it out depending on what you’re feeling I think it’s so so cute so for this I wore pair of my jeans that I already owned in my combat boots and

a little baguette bag but what I’ll do because boohoo literally have everything that you could want so I’ll kind of shop on there and basically everything that you see in the Tryon that maybe isn’t from boohoo I’ll find like a boohoo alternative because it’s cheaper for you guys

and that way you can get it all in like one order so I’ll link more stuff below for you as well to kind of help you out with styling everything but yeah freaking love that top I think it’s so cute okay then have to sweat sue or tracksuit

short sets that I’m freaking obsessed with there are so many more than I wanted to get because the thing with me is more often than not I’ll either wear a dress or like some sort of sweat suit situation because they’re so freakin easy and comfy and cute and

so I knew that like I would get so much weird of me so I kind of had to crash – so the first one is this white and black shorts here but same amendments like cursive print this also came in like a cute Corley pink color and a

few other colors as well but I under glowing wipes nice didn’t neutral see here’s a nice drawstring very very comfy very very cute if we can love them and of course they’re high-waisted as well and then I got the matching top as well which is this cropped hoodie

but again this is women all over it long-sleeve obviously a hood and gets so unbelievably cute and easy throw this on with combat boots white sneakers throw in a little backpack or handbag and run out the door I think it’s so so cute and easy which is basically

all I ever want in fashion then along the same lines I picked up this little short set so we’ve got these kind of like it’s a very pale almost nudie dusky maybe rosy pink color because absolutely gorgeous unlike the other ones these have pockets as well just so

handy and they’re really nice length as well really comfy soft like I’m absolutely in love with you and then I got the matching top so the top is this that cropped crew neck like sweater with a raw hemline the other one was like happened but yeah on sleeves

again unbelievably soft and cozy and comfy and cute and pink afro which I really like so again throw these on with sneakers boots sandals whatever I wore those with these fun funky sneakers and my little pink hair clips which I thought was really cute but of course the

options are endless okay then I got these white Demeter’s I don’t want to pair white denim shorts yet until now so I knew that I wanted to get a pair for summer I think they’re really cute so these are high waisted damn it’s a sort of been done

but definitely still good for presidency through enos really really distressed you can see there and then they’re very very cheeky I kind of didn’t realize so I’m who who had like a ton of them shorts all trialing a few more in case you’re not really down for having

your booty hanging out haha but yeah they’re definitely cheeky but so cute as well and like distressed and trendy I think they’re really really cute and they’re definitely also really comfy and portable and then with that I just threw on this little top that I also got which

I love it’s a little pink graphic tee that says thank you next a million times in this thing red print so I mean it sort of looks like basically when you go to on like a convenience store that text that they have in their bags but also I

think they’re kind of also going for like the whole Ariana Grande Thank You next thing which I’m not like a jet in general not like crazy about like the radio and the songs that they play but that song by ariana grande and seven rings are online they list

in the shower every single day because you just feel so good it makes you feel so empowered and like yes I’m gonna kill it today so I really really like it and I just thought this stuff was so fun so I think this looks so cute tucked into

those white down shorts but there’s so many options here you really can’t go wrong with a pink graphic tee especially for the summer and then the last thing that I got is a set of PJ’s they had so when you like there is so much more than I

wanted to get but I restricted myself so I got this little pj set which i think is so damn cute so it’s this kind of oversized really soft and comfortable like beyond belief t-shirt that says baby on it and then just the font as well is my favorite

font as you guys know I’ll be doing my thumbnails the clicks is that me small I think it’s so so cute and then just a pair of high-waisted like loose flowy comfy shorts that go with it such an adorable little set so cute like I’m obsessed with PJs

basically what I wear eighty ninety five ninety nine percent probably fit dive like this get all the time I’m wearing my PJs I really like getting new pages it’s like part of my wardrobe innocence because I wear them so often I want them to be cute right and

there’s something about pink PJ’s that just make me feel so damn cute and feminine I absolutely love okay so that’s everything for my little boo hoo haul I really hope that you guys enjoyed it and like seeing all of my picks like I said I will definitely link

all of the items in the description box along with extra items for styling purposes if you’re interested as well definitely check them out and again big thank you to boohoo for working with me on this video I can’t really fathom it and we get to work together yet

in the future because I freaking love boho please subscribe to my channel if you have not already and also follow me over on my other social media like I said the start again thank you so much for watching I really do appreciate it let me know in the

comments what items were your favorite or at least favorite or any other thoughts that you have because I really do love reading your comments they always make my day um yeah I guess that’s all I have to say I’m gonna go out now Saturday and it’s so beautiful

out so I can’t wait to just go frolic in the Sun so I hope you guys are having an amazing day as well and I will see you again very soon I love you so much bye [Music]