Capsule Chix | 2019 Summer Fashion Trends | Coco Quinn

[Music] hey guys welcome back to my channel so today it’s going to be a super fun video because as you guys know I love fashion and I’m going to be designing a cool fashion doll and I’m gonna be dressing up just like and you guys are gonna decide

who wore better but before I start today’s video I’m going to give a huge thank you to this choice for sponsoring today’s video they sent me their newest collection of capsule chicks and men you are gonna see what’s inside the box so let’s open it up when you

first open up the box there are these two little dolls on the cover which are super cute I like this one let’s see what’s inside so the cover of the box that they sent me is so cute it has all like the different little characters of the dolls

and stuff so let’s see what’s inside this box okay so it looks like there’s a lot of stuff and carrots all you got all four caps of cheeks out what this is is a collectable construction program where you can customize your doll from head to toe with over

four billion combinations across their four collections so in the front of the box that has five surprise capsules with 15 pieces inside and it makes one complete doll so the first capsule I have here is sweet circuit and then this one in troll off magic collection and I

have Gigan glam and I also have an ROC so the first thing you do is you take this down and hold this this is a collectible fashion lookbook where you can track your favorite pieces each collection has its own style which you can read all about in the

look books and also don’t forget to make sure you check your pieces to see if they are rare or ultra rare also keep an eye out for certain pieces because in each collection there is a limited edition doll in this limited edition collection it’s all about glitter Sparkle

frills and thrills look how cute these shoes are these dolls are built to be poseable so just as you can see here you could put them in so many positions as they have 14 points of articulation also there are over 400 pieces to collect across this series one

do they have a really cool unboxing experience where when you twist it is kind of like a vending machine it looks like you twisted to the fry and my first one popped out so let’s see when I got so it looks like I got the first part of

her upper torso so in my second capsule I got these really cute kind of like rose shoes they’re many high heels and they’re super cute and I got this Rose old purse and then I think this is a little bracelet so I’m going to twist a little bit

more this is actually really fun guys and my third capsule I got her lower half and then her clothes let’s see what’s in it so I got this long gold skirt which is super cute I can’t wait to dress her up this gold metallic skirt is the frills

and throws collection it has a red box which means it’s ultra rare fabric I also got her head those her her eyes are really pretty purple with like little star kind of balloons in them which is super cool and then this is her doll stand I’m not sure

if you guys could see it cause it’s clear but this is her doll stands and then for the last capsule that I have it looks like I got her hair at just like this and this isn’t hair it’s so pretty I actually have pink hair before so we’re

kinda like twins that’s her hair that’s basically all that was in Giga glam so right now I’m putting this doll together it’s like off your body together now I’m gonna put her head on Oh pop turned on so I put her whole body together now I’m gonna like

butter clothes on guys I think you’re supposed to put her dress on first so I got her skirt on this is actually super cute and I’m not going to put her shoes on next I’m putting her hair on and then her purse and last but not least her

stand so you actually take a bottom of a capsule and you stick it in here and then you twist it on so I’m gonna go ahead and stick her on so this is the finished product of my doll she’s so pretty I love her pink hair and her

blue metallic top laughter look how I’m doing Rimrock let’s open the first capsule so this is the upper half and then this is her top next capsule I got her face and then her stand this is what she looks like and be cute and then this is her

lower half of her body and I think this might be her about I’m not sure we’re just gonna have to see when we cut her together so in this capsule I got a yellow purse and then I got these red shoes which are super cute I have one

more capsules open and this capsule I have her hair which I’m absolutely in love with so now let’s put this one together so he or she is I love her rare golden metallic top and her red shoes and also I love her pink red and blue hair now

time for the next sweet circuit so this is her lip book and I’m gonna start spinning so I have her upper half and then I have her clothing for her upper half this is what it looks like and now I’m doing my next capsule so this one I

have her head and then I also have heard and so in this I have her purse I also have her bracelet and then last but not least her she so this I have her lower half and then I have her little skirt and then for my last capsule

I have her hair so I’m gonna go ahead and put her together so this is her I love her little rainbow jacket so she’s all finished my last package to open which I’m super excited this one is control of a doorknob and a twist a little bit more

and good so this is her upper half oh my gosh guys okay so this is her head her head is super cute it’s of her like kind of winking and she has wrangle a shadow with a little rainbow heart on her cheek and love this one so much

so on this I have your little purse and then I have her shoes they’re super cute they’re kind of like knee-high and then right now I’m opening the next capsule and then this one I have her lower half and her little skirt and you guys are this is

the last capsule I think it might be her hair because I’m sailing parts that I don’t have yep it’s her hair this hair is so so so cute how cute is that so now I’m going to start putting her together this one’s probably my favorite doll this one’s

control alt magic is my favorite she has a little piece knives are hands her makeup is so cute the flowers on the back of her hair or headbands or shoes I just love everything about her so as you can see by all these different pieces that I have

I have such a wide variety to make a really cute outfit with one of the dolls so with this I can switch has arms like it’s which whatever I want switch the clothes so I’m gonna go look at the closet seen that similar pieces so well I’m gonna

be right back okay guys so I look to my closet I am pretty good clothes that match it’s not exactly the same but it’s pretty doable so I’m gonna put together the doll of like what my outfit looks like let’s start putting the dog together so this is

my upper half I have the blonde hair with the pink headband and then I have her makeup obviously which is like a rainbow eye with a little rainbow heart on her cheek and then this rainbow top and then this yellow purse and then I’m gonna put I don’t

have together and so for the bracelet I kept her pink why not and have this pink bracelet so that I’m gonna do these bottoms with black shorts and little red shoes so I have this top it’s a long sleeve angle top just like hers and then I have

these black jean shorts kind of planes and then obviously this pink bracelet and she also has a pink bandana and then I have this really cute yellow purse because she’s really pretty my shoes that I got are exactly the same hers are lat and red so these are

black and red so these are the shoes I’m gonna be wearing for the photo so yeah I’m gonna first start off with my makeup so I’m going to be doing a rainbow eyes and I’m going to tape my eyes so I kind of have like a straight line

this verse is pretty straight so it looks like on her out of your corner shares a little bit of paint I’m gonna do painters I’m using a little bit more of my great colors although she has pastels because I don’t have pastel eye colors so it’s gonna be

a little bit brighter and look a little different but I’m trying okay so I have the pink done next the color is like a little bit of yellow and orange mixed together okay so my orange is on now I’m gonna mix it with a little bit of yellow

I’m doing this honestly really quick so I’m doing it really quick because I don’t want this Sun to go down for my photo next color I’m doing is blue red and purple so my eyes are all finished so this is my eyes they’re not bad now I’m gonna

do a little rainbow heart so I’m going to outline a little heart on my cheek in white so this is the best heart I can do I don’t know if you guys can see that but it’s there at the AMA to color in it now so on the

end it starts with a little bit of paint and then I’m going to mix it with a little bit of orange and then I’m going to do a little purple and blue and then I’m going to go in one more time to make all the colors look vibrant

and then I’m going in with a little bit of orange so my makeup is all complete now let’s put on my outfit I [Music] hope you guys love going through this journey with me of dressing up as my favorite capsule trick stole these capsule chicks are super cute

I’m going to give another thank you to moose toys for sponsoring my video thank you so much this was so fun and comment on my recent if you guys like my makeup that I did and if you guys would like to get your own capsule cheeks the link

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