eng)여름맞이 새롭게 구입한 제품들 패션하울 SUMMER FASHION HAUL|THESUZY더수지

recently it got really hot so i bought some new summer clothes and they arrived! and they all looked so good so i thought “omg i need to film a haul video!” out of the clothes i recently bought i picked the ones i liked the best and filmed this video the first item is the dress i have on right now to be honest i don’t really wear dresses i could count all the dresses i have had so far but lately dresses have been looking so cute and out of them i’ve been really into these designs with flower patterns all over with a pattern all over it looks a lot cooler and gives off a vintage vibe i said i bought a lot of dressed but the reason why i like this one the best is because the fit is so cute theres a button closing that goes across the whole front tbh putting it on is a bit difficult but if you think differently it means it has that little stretch so theres buttons down the front and little stretch means that it fits the body perfectly so usually when you wear dresses the back area lifts up a bit and that makes the fit unpretty but this dress fits the back perfectly the upper body fits tight and the hemline near the waist falls in a a-line fit so makes your body line looks good and at the bust line theres a gather wrinkles so it doesn’t look too plain you can just wear a nipple patch or pad and wear it super comfotably and cool the next dress is this beautiful red dress this fabric looks super tough but its actually cotton fabric i’m not sure what the exact term for “daimaru” is but “jikgi” are shirt fabrics and ‘daimaru’ are tshirt type fabrics normally these ‘daimaru’ fabrics all have a bit of a stretch so dresses that fit some don’t fit in the waist area but this dress i like because its cut on the waist side and is cut here and what this does is it fits the curves on your waist, hip this is designed to fit your curves ofcourse this isn’t custom made so its not perfectly fitting to my body but compared to other cotton dresses this first the body really well i talked about the dress in a super pattern-descriptive way but anyways i meant to say the fit is really nice because this is cotton fabric its super comfy but with the frill details on the top you can wear it pretty dressy i think you can wear this for events or parties as well for the summer time you can match it with sandals or heels i think you could wear it with patent boots or long boots and itd look super cute this season i noticed a lot of off the shoulder designs so i’ll show you this blouse this blouse can look a bit over the top one side is completely off the shoulder and the other is a puff sleeve i thought would i be able to pull this off? and i thought hmm.


one wouldnt hurt if you match with slacks or a skirt it can look super dressy but if you match with jeans and flip flops it can look super casual so i think having one of these in the closet can come in handy it has folds all around so its super comfy to wear i don’t really wear denim skirts but if you matched it with a high waisted design i think itd look super cute to match i’m not sure if i should call this a tshirt or a blouse its super stretchy and feels like a tshirt on but the texture seems like a blouse during the summer you tend to wear more whites it looks cool and is actually cool but if the tops too plain it could look just like a inner so i was looking for a not so basic tee and found this the knot on the shoulders just wearing one still fits and its not completely white kind of like a creamy ivory since its a bright color it could show through but this has a extra layer on the inside you can wear it without worrying about it being see through you can match this with gold accessories and a formal purse it can look super cas but also dressy this item is a tshirt this is dyed on the fabric so there’s not a single shirt thats the same as yours there’s a lot of tie-dye patterns this season there’s been a lot since winter to spring so i thought i’m a bit late on the trend but after its later there’s more and more cute designs personally i like one colored than ones mixed doesn’t look too trendy and easier to match this brand had blue and pink but since i like pink so much and neon colors is so trendy i think matching with a neon bag or shoes could be cute this is unisex so its a boxy fit for girls i think you could match it with biker shorts and itd look so cute or you can mix and match and match it with a neon colored satin skirt the next item is this super cute frill blouse i love yellow and this color is a bit pastel this shade doesnt matter what skin tone you are and super easy to match these kinds of designs you can just wear a patch and its not that noticeable so its super comfy i bought it thinking i’ll only wear this i think you can also wear it over a tshirt during the spring or fall or over a simple tube top dress or sleeveless dresses would look cute and this with denim is ofcourse super cute or you can mix and match this with track pants with like a sporty look these pants i stumbled across this online site and thought it was perfect so i got it it’s wide and has a long length that lies on the waist and they had it here so i didn’t think twice and bought it at first i bought the m size but when i wore it it settles perfectly on the hips i saw the reviews though and even super tall girls say its too long for them so i just cut off the ends with scissors its a boxy wide fit so it looks good with tube tops or tight tops for these shits i didn’t have that much high expectations but i love pink and colored denim is a trend as well so i thought id give it a try but i tried it on and the fit is perfect normally high-waisted pants the back area lifts up these shorts fits perfectly from the waist to the hips and for the thighs as well it fits perfectly even if its short it’s not too short normally high waisted pants can make your legs look long but doesn’t really highlight your curves what i personally think but these shorts fits the waist so it fits your curves well too personally the belt looks a bit young for my age i didn’t really like it but this belt can be taken off so i liked that too this one is a swim suit isn’t it so cute? normally when i buy swim suits i always went for more sexy looks but i don’t really have a waist so for me fits that are tightened on the waist it can make the waist and the hip look more glamorous and because the top and bottom are colorblocked it separates the top and bottom perfectly but this design is located higher than your actual waist line it can make your legs look super longer ive been seeing a lot of tops that are scarves tied the best part of this is however way you tie it the style can look super different like a bra top or a tube top or like a swim suit cover or you can tie it on your hair and wear it like a turban its a super convenient item wearing it alone is super cute but also matching it with a tshirt its super cute as a point item as well i was capturing a whole bunch of pics with the scarf matched designs and conveniently i found this perfectly sized scarf and i loved the color and pattern of this scarf so i’m super satisfied i’ve also been super into vintage bags i bought all these three for vintage but obviously they’re a lot cheaper than original priced items and they’re designs that were out a while ago so its hard to see the same designs as the one you have although these are designer bags i think it looks better with denim or a cute little dress just match it with a comfy look i actually bought a lot of bags recently i’ve been in to mini bags to be honest these mini bags arent that spacious but this one is a mini bag but not too small so it actually fits everything i need the shoulder straps are a belt type so you can adjust the length of the straps and it also comes with chain shoulder straps i think itd be perfect to match with a dress and red shades if worn badly can look too cheap but this shade of red is a bit dark it has a retro vibe so matching it with a bright dress like this is cute or matching it with denim is cute tada! these sneakers i actually bought on a whim you know how i said i’ve been into dresses lately but i couldn’t really find sneakers to match so i was on the hunt and fell in love with these this has a mix of several colors so there’s a lot of colors that can match and this seasons trend is neon colors so it shows off the recent trend perfectly i also have pretty small feet so i like shoes that make my feet look a bit bigger these make my feet look a bit bigger and also makes me look a bit taller i think i’ll be wearing these a lot this summer i’ll also show you some accessories i have pretty bad metal allergies especially during the summer with sweat and stuff not only my fingers but on my neck too it becomes super bumpy but then i don’t really prefer silver jewelry i go for accessories that have been dipped in gold i found a site with the designs i really like so i bought two , one i’m wearing now and this one as well this is a pendant that has the letter ‘s’ i was going to layer the two the ‘s’ pendant isn’t as long as i thought itd be it didn’t look that great together so layering didn’t look that good just wearing alone is cute as well so i think this is good too this is a 5-ring set it’s not gold so i’m a little worried i’ll get allergies again but ones that are super thin my allergies aren’t that bad so i think i’ll just wait and see lately these thin rings on all fingers looks super cute so i’ve been wearing these a lot as well so these are the top items from my recent purchases and ones that i’ve been wearing a lot how did you enjoy it? i don’t know that many brands or shopping malls if you guys have any recommendations please comment below and share with me! i will see you in my next video! becareful of the heat and over air conditioning!.

By ThờiTrangMùaHè