hi guys welcome back to my channel it is a Neumann and what best way to start a new month then with a Primark haul ad it’s another good one guys so if you’re interested to see what I got then just continue to watch so dangerous so hi everybody fin new year welcome my name is Juliet I’m a mom of two boys and I do three videos a week on all sorts day I’m bringing you another Primark or I’m just so happy we’ve Primark at the moment every time I go in I think I’m really gonna struggle this month and then I haven’t struggled and there was a lot more excessive is in this haul I have to admit Primark I’m knocking it out of the park with their accessories at the moment so yeah I got a couple of bikini some really nice things hey so where should I start mr.

ball I went into the beauty department and I’ve actually tried out prymaat foundation before and but I tried out the matte foundation and I wasn’t a massive fan but they’ve bought out this PS my perfect color glow foundation and it’s six pounds but I tried a little swatch on my hand in the actual store and it looked really nice and I bought it in shade called sand and I’m probably gonna do a makeup video and try this and the other things that I bought so I absolutely love like a highlighting glow palette that I bought from Aldi now a lot of people can get it so I wanted to try and start using something that you guys can buy as well so they’ve bought out these new ultra glow highlight powders and I’ve bought like a dark shade this is spotlight and also a hot like a light gold called brunch club so I don’t know if I put them together you can see the difference so ones like a darker bronze and ones a lighter gold and I bought these for like a contour and highlight they were three pounds each so again I’ll probably do a makeup Primark video later in the week and test out these products for you next accessories I bought these scrunchies it is a three pack there is a gray one and new decal and also this really pretty pink flowered scrunchie a pound for three so I love those I was so happy I we need to get some scrunchies because my hair so keeps telling me off you’re using like elastic like em like thin bubbles she says that break your hair so I’m so happy with these scrunchies still on accessories I bought some jewelry and don’t buy jewelry very often cuz I’m not that adventurous so I’ve got this pack of pearl earrings and you can see they’re so there are 12 pairs of earrings for one pound fifty today I do if anybody’s like me I always lose earrings so I thought they were really nice lots of different sizes I got those though got some gold ones so I’ll actually saw my friend Lisa she was actually wearing the other day and I thought that was so beautiful so I got these old dangly earrings and they were just 2 pounds let’s see if I can pop them in and show you though while I was in the jewelry section I bought this pack of anklets now there were loads of different ones and but I bought these I thought they were these would be so nice for holiday because they’ve got the shells on and the tassels and then also just a plain gold one in the middle I really really liked these and these were three unclips for two pounds Oh what next a belt so I bought this but I left like a good kind of straw style straw is really in at the moment so I’ve bought this it’s got a really nice gorgeous tortoise shell buckle and I bought this in a large because even though it’s quite stretchy it’s actually quite small so it’s just step back and show gay like this is a large and I can just Betty Brown me and if it was a waist about I’d probably have a little bit more room it’s was five pounds that was three pounds hmm I’m now debating whether it’s worth five pounds external accessories I got this beautiful scarf it is leopard print with flecks oh it’s like it’s a silvery it’s silver I think but it’s got like a gold Sheen to it sauce with the silvery gold and this scarf I just thought was so beautiful if you could imagine in the summer when it’s a bit chilly and you just want to pop something over like a white t-shirt and this was just four pounds and I really really liked that I thought was so beautiful depended on trends and if it stays in this will be a really nice like summer autumn piece as well oh also I almost missed out I bought these as well these are like some Reno’s the pearl hair grips these are just sewing at the moment and these were just two pounds for the two so I’ve just come to edit and I forgot about these so yeah those are so beautiful I’ll see if I can pop them in my hair quickly so obviously you wouldn’t wear it like this but that issues so you can see in the hair the kind of size it is I just thought these are so beautiful okay bags now first bank I bought was more for like holiday for like a beach bag this one was a bit more expensive I thought and it is this one it’s a gay like a straw bag and it’s like not what’s the word took a shopper bag but yeah and it’s got these wooden handle detail at the top I really liked this but it was 10 pounds and so I’m a bit like oh I mean an Armin about it but I did really like this bag I thought would be perfect for by the pool so I did get it and I’m still like on the fence with it so let me know what you guys think but yeah 10 pounds but now this is my favorite bag and I actually bought this before my because it was on the last video that I did with my spring/summer outfits but there’s some items on there actually that I bought that I haven’t shown you on a haul so if you wanted to see some of those items I’ll leave that video linked above and below in the description and you can go and have a look because I did get some great pieces that I didn’t show on my haul but this one I had to show and it is this bag I am in love with this bag I have worn it out a few times since I’ve had it and I generally don’t take back out but it is beautiful it’s like a dupe of the Chloe banks and the bangle strap and it’s got woven detail at the top and then it also has inside and over the shoulder strap as well but I absolutely love this and it was eight pounds and now I found seems like a lot for a bag but I honestly do think that this would go with so many outfits I really think it is worth the money so I’m gonna show you four go into the clothes a pair of shoes have bought shoes the last few times have been into Primark and I honestly thought I wouldn’t find any more than I liked until I saw these I thought these were so lovely so they really come for like a linen e cottony beige and cream and they’ve got a wicker sole platform and I just thought these were so beautiful just friendless women like to slip on with jeans or with anything and these were eight pounds okay I think the prices are going up a little bit but I did really like these shoes so yeah let me know what you think and I’ve got those in a four because I’m a size 4 okay so I will start with bikini this is the first bikini I bought it’s like this blue gingham fabric and it’s really like um creepy is that the wrong word to use and then this is the top so the top is actually too small and broke when I wrote Riley are elastic bits at the back and broke so it is a beautiful bikini but it just didn’t have another one and and the top was six pounds and the bottom was four pounds so unfortunately this has got to go back but if I could get this in a bigger size I would definitely recommend a is a beautiful bikini for 10 pounds the next bikini I’ve got was again it just doesn’t I would show it you but it really the last the last I showed you in the last haul I felt kind of okay in that one because it was like a covering my mom Tom but this one is like a hipster style bikini and it is this crocheted bikini and it’s got these gold beaded detail on the sides but it’s like it doesn’t tie it the sides they’re just like it’s just detail and already you can see there it’s just like detail so you can widen it a bit with those but it is a very low and so not for me but then that is the top I mean it is a beautiful bikini this one was a bit more expensive at the bottoms were five pounds top was eight pounds so eight and five that’s what 13 pounds for that bikini so it’s quite an expensive for Primark I suppose bikini and it isn’t the fillet but just not my star what so oh why not show you a couple of my syenite ins so I cannot go into Primark without perusing the sale aisle can I and the moment there’s some absolute of bargains in there so this was just a nice casual it’s like a thin cotton e long sleeved top it’s got a little pocket on the front and this was reduced from seven pounds to a pound next bargain again was this so they only had these in xxs-3x trous mall or i got this in x XL which i wanted an oversized one anyway and it’s like this creme v-neck e jumper and it’s just nice and soft and this again it was reduced from five pounds to one pounds and I just thought this would be so nice not in the summer when you it’s a bit cooler on the evening you could just throw this over and have it kind of off the shoulder a little bit I just really liked that for a pound I think it’s just really nice too in your wardrobe obviously I’m gonna leave the best clothing I was until last because I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t next up we have some jogging bottoms I’ve bought some more of this if you saw my all probably Wow quite a few months ago I bought some minis joggers and I absolutely loved them I wear them a lot but Primark joggers do tend to go Bob ley I’m not gonna lie and say they’re amazing but these are only 5 pounds so every couple of months I will get a new pair a new pair because my other ones are medium and they’re really big on me now so I’ve bought myself a small and yeah it’s just like this really nice family color and they’re cooked at the bottom there’s such good quality even then they go bobble a they are really thick and lovely and fleecy inside and I’ll just think you can’t go wrong however I did see on somebody’s time I’ll call the other day that they said that the men’s jogging bottoms wash better and they’re only 5 pounds as well so I may try that out it sounds like a good tip to me to Purdue try it out or let you know so if you saw in my last haul I’ve got a couple of pairs of satin pajamas which were lovely but they were quite pricey and today I went in and noticed that I’ve gotten so six men and today I notice they’ve got some like you know the tables where they stack all the pajamas we’ve got some really nice ones so I’ve got this pair of like cottony shorts aren’t they just so beautiful the pattern on those are so beautiful and they really have a really nice soft cotton and these were just three pounds for the buttons and then look at the tops they hurt so these were two pound 54 like this little crop and it’s a really good quality like it’s a double layered I’ll try it on for you and see if I can get away with you’re on camera but it feels like you could like you’re not going to be able to see nipple through this is what I’m saying like if you’re wearing this and the postman comes to the door I think you’ll get away with it so it’s a nice little crop top with this lace detail across the bottom and I’ve got it as small as well and that was to power 50 so I actually bought two of these the pair of shorts have got one of the years again florally with a full at the bottom but these are red with like a polka dot in them I just thought that was so cute for again three pounds and I bought those in as small as well so three party 150 so five pound fifty for a pajama set which is really really good I think have you got one we get in there Rhonda so if you’ve watched my channel for a while you’ll know I’m obsessed with bodysuits and I bought this and I am going to be 100% honest I didn’t realize it was a one-shoulder bodysuit I thought it was like two straps so it’s this is like a one-shoulder kaki bodysuit I’m gonna give you a try but I think it might be something that goes back I mean I know that the one-shoulder is all in fashion at the moment but I’m not a massive fan of it so I’ll try it on maybe with the jogging buttons and see what I think but yeah that was and five pounds it’s not as thick as the other body suits I’ve had and it’s a bit thinner so we’ll try them on and see what I think they had that in loads of different colors oh I don’t know whether you’re gonna like it but I just saw it and I just really really liked it there was just something about it I really liked and it is of this a v-neck top and it’s got like are they leopards cheetahs leopards all over it all over as you can see and it’s a really really like light cottony flowy material I just thought this would be really nice for in the summer when like doing the school run and stuff maybe with a cute pair of denim shorts and just some nice flip-flops I just thought it was just a lovely little casual top and it was only six pounds which i think is really good I just love all these like nudes and we’re in this season and I just loved that so I thought I’m gonna have to get it sticking with animals so animal print actually know is massive this season especially snakeskin so I got these they are like a really thin flowy that at least it actually says joggers they’ve got like a not pencil piglet like a pig pegleg peg leg good pencil leg I don’t know so yeah they type run at the bottom anyways what I’m going for and they’ve got like a little toy yeah they’re elasticated anyway I thought these were so not so nice and light I bet these would be really nice to travel in I’ve got them in a size 10 and they were seven pounds so a little pricier and but I think these would be so nice with not just a white come a or a black cami and yeah and some flip-flops and finally I just love it so on my last haul I bought a tea dress which I absolutely love no another friend this summer is white embroidery looking out for a really nice white embroidery like a dress and I saw this funny enough and I thought it was a play suit and I put it back and as I was walking to the tills I saw it and I thought sure I’m gonna have a look at it and I’m so glad I did and it is this focus it is this white embroidered tea dress and we get it if I can show you close-up what it looks like so it’s not got this detail all over its blind it is tailored it’s got like two tailored seams down the front and down the back it’s got these lovely little sleeves and I think it looks so expensive but I would say it’s quite expensive for Primark 18 pounds I don’t know what you think on that but 18 pounds for a dress from Primark I think that’s taking the biscuit a little and but I do have to say I think it is really good quality and I think that’s what we’ve got to try and think now like Primark I’ll put in the prices up a little but because the quality is getting better like I literally would see this in Topshop I think he would see it in Matalin like you probably get away with seeing something in this quad in Zara it is lovely it’s got these little buttons all the way down the front but the actual rather you can say which you can see the loop is like elasticated so put doing them off and unfasten them is actually really easy but I’ll just love this dress and really do I think it is so nice and I think for summer it will be such a nice staple item you can either dress it up with loads of gold jewelry and gold accessories and that nice little bag and some nice gold heels or hat on and sunglasses and some flip-flops and wear it out like lunch I do think it is such a versatile and such a beautiful dress so guys that is everything I got from Primark this month I really hope you enjoyed this video I love to get in there the first of the month see what they’ve got in and try and film on the same day and get it out to you so you’re getting the first look at everything that I find let me know what your favorite pieces are I would love to know yeah if you did like this video don’t forget to give it a thumbs up anetha say or we’d love for you to subscribe and stick around and share if you liked the video share with your friends I would love to grow this little YouTube family so until next time guys take care [Music].