HUGE SUMMER FASHION HAUL- Shoes, Clothes, Accessories

what’s up you guys today I’m going to be filming a huge clothing haul it happened anyway super collective video this is actually some shopping I did right before I left for camp which was like a few weeks ago and then when I was on vacation in Illinois and some online shopping as well as that much shopping today just collected from like the past month basically I like this video because I’ve been posting pictures on Instagram I’ve liked some of these items in u.

By ThờiTrangMùaHè

bro and a lot of it you guys haven’t seen an office ordered a package on over to anyone calm and actually got it today so fresh and box and by the way everyone’s been asking how I do my hair and it’s actually like um I don’t use a curling iron anymore well like during the summer release especially oh but it’s really easy it’s a non heat kind of thing so if you guys want to see if I know he curl everybody curls whatever comment down below and I’ll be sure to do it was gonna try and you store my store but like everything’s kind of scattered I’m kind of everything organized by like types of things so I’m gonna start with shoes because I mean who doesn’t love shoes I got three pairs of shoes this past month there you guys were all freaking out about supposed to picture on Instagram wearing these and there are these sandals right here and I’ve been looking for something like these forever and I found them actually a gap and I should’ve had a loss of a gap you guys would be seeing in the rest of this video obviously but oh I’m obsessed with them they’re the perfect brown color and they’re super comfortable so I think I’m gonna bring them to Europe when I go in a few weeks which I’m like sad but Tim kind of similar pair but like in black in it a little bit more strappy these are from forever 21 they’re just like super kind of like trendy I’ve been wearing them a lot with like black and gold and green kind of open today I learned today to the mall and they weren’t uncomfortable like they didn’t hurt like in they’re only sixteen dollars at forever 21 so it’s just nice to like try out things and I really like them so I don’t know if you can see like all black but yeah there we go I’m really about it not looking at the viewfinder because I freaked out that it’s not focus so like try like get into where it’s focused because this camera is such yeah sorry ass pair of shoes um I’ve been wanting a pair of espadrilles bro for quite a while now I thought this would be a really good pair of walking shoes as well as they just goes like absolutely everything really cute so I got these on Amazon there’s this kata bornin or something that but they’re really comfortable so far and they’re cutting out the cord on the insides so brought up you guys I’m just gonna dive in from Target I got this dress and I’m obsessed with ship dresses right now but I’m obsessed with ships dresses and also strikes like I always been attracted to stripes I really like it it’s something really easy to wear it wears like my big brown bag that I from made well it’s just really easy to tell he’s a little bit of a zipper in the back I can’t remember how much it was because it was like actually before I went to camp in agog this but I really liked it I just love the whole idea that this next dress is a dress I post on Instagram you’re actually whoo my gosh more is up front man I couldn’t figure out like kind of describe it so basically it’s on the store cause glicks I got this ugly because in the Midwest I don’t know but like where I live in Florida but there might be a glitch new I know there’s not just one and they are selling a ton of like stylish stuff I don’t know but eyes always maxi dresses like yes this is mine so it’s from the brand active basic but from the store flicks and it’s just this like blue and white red and her up I think I told you guys I’m like really obsessed with blue and white right now like but anyways it’s a maxi dress and it’s literally so comfortable I want to sleep in it like it’s so it’s so soft just feeling I know all right I’ve got these denim shorts from American Eagle because believe it or not I don’t really have a good pair of denim shorts other than these really really high waisted ones are basically completely ripped in I will look crazy I would and they were on sale for $25 rather than 44 and I was like it’s a sign I tried them on they’re really comfortable don’t give me a wedgie which is really important my friends so I got these and I’m really excited because actually repair Denton shorts are just wear to the beach you know it’s just casual and fun I’m J Crew factory I got a few things I got this damn shirt because I love chambray tops and it’s really easy to wear I think this would be cheaper like some printed shorts and like some Jack Rogers and these are just so easy to pair wear with and the second thing I got from j.

crew Factory what is this denim dress which was featured in my finding your style what’s your style video that I got so much good feedback on so thank you guys so much it meant a lot it’s just like it goes to a little bit above the knee but it’s just like something casual again to where I’m just like really into dresses right now because they’re really easy for somewhere to put on and you just kinda accessorize that’s not you don’t have to fuss with everything out then also I got a couple more things from that store clicks I was telling you guys about and first thing I got is this shirt and it’s like so comfortable like this top it’s just got like flowers in the front and then it’s got these all you nice sleeves on the side and zipper in the back then I also just got from like this white shirt it’s a little bit longer so I’m definitely nowhere with some leggings it’s actually big enough to like wear off the shoulder and some bracelets or something or like rings or a long necklace first accessory out complex is this dreamcatcher necklace and I actually got that specifically to wear that maxi dress I showed a little bit ago this is like six dollars and it’s gold and I don’t know it’s just nice and dainty and this bracelet I thought it’d be cute as like a summer kind of thing to wear was like if I’m not wearing any jewelry to have this is like a statement bracelet then also from galago saying they had a huge sale and I was a freaking out suddenly shopping get that much but they had some really cute something else I counted so like I said I’m really into shipped dresses right now and this looks huge on camera but you know like my body goes on its website pounds big but this is an extra small and this is a ship dress and I really love this like baby blue color and I thought it’d be really cute my Brown sandals but it fits so nicely and so cute and mmm I just and lasting from gasps is this maxi dress and I plan to wear on the plane to Europe because it’s really again it’s like a really soft material I’m not I’m gonna wear like a scarf or like a sweater with the chair because I want to be more it’s just like a navy blue color and again it was on sale and I’m into dresses right now as I said belt with us now I’m gonna start with forever21 serpentinite got them those things I love forever 21 everything is just so expensive but protune ones really up in their game in my opinion they’ve got some really cute stuff and I’ve got people saying like read you’re good done they think it’s from like Norwich like no the first thing I thought is this scarf actually and I saw exact one exactly like this on like giant career and I was like so cute $170 no I’m doing it but this one was 1080 at forever 21 and it opened wide so I think I might wear this with that Navy maxi dress and I could like wrap it on my shoulders when I’m on the plane it’s like a big blanket basically but don’t you just love these colors I just thought they were really nice colors really good for the summer if I ever get a chance to fly to that and I actually got this top one right now I had to wear it because I just love it so it’s just a navy kind of Dolman top I can I see shorts on I’m cheating but it’s really really soft I know it’s summer and it’s like hot I bought myself cold a lot of times and it’d be cute look like some cute shorts or something so and it’s really from I got this one and it’s just white and 1/8 happy count your blessings work hard follow your dreams share with each other gift things keep your memories love one another and I just thought it was a great message and it’s something really happy and I just kind of like the person to it it’s just a nice shirt to have on and didn’t look the same online it has this like weird kind of material to it I’ve never just plain white but it’s kind of I don’t know where this though it was like four dollars or something except when I try it out I think I’ll just wear it was like some shorts or something like a sweater or something I love I was so happy to find because as you guys know I’m gonna do the speech on my school we asked for colored shirts everyday I’m not back-to-school shopping but I thought this would be perfect when school starts but not I got this for the summer into to where I’m really commanding suit it’s just like a light um white collared shirt but it’s like not a button-down it’s so casual but it’s got that like canvas e-materials but it’s so soft it’s so comfortable and so cute and kind of summer if I ever go to a music festival going to wear this it’s like nine dollars on like this white top and it’s got like lace on the bottom but make you make sure you know everything’s cute short gray with like gold jewelry and nothing works like you’d go back but it’s a great top and I thought it would go good with so many other things leggings it’s just a very versatile we’re today to the mall and I got a lot of compliments and I wore my black sandals that I showed earlier it’s it’s crazy and I like it I love the flow meanness of it and then it’s like a romper but with longer pants obviously that ties at the waist I just love it and I am so happy in it I comfortable so there we go I got a couple dresses in the first one I saw on my friend and I was like oh my gosh where’d you get that she said you don’t really have a proton like okay zoom for everyone actually on it and again it’s like that blue and white color I tried it really tighten it ties around the waist and it’s really really flattering it doesn’t go that low there’s buttons a head to button but I think it’s super cute like for the summertime and it’s just I just love having dresses on hands a black dress it it’s like a fit-and-flare kind of um I just it’s nice to have black dresses and as a zipper almost all the way down then I got this romper and I am so excited about this proper so it’s a navy romper with a bow and I’ve been wanting a romper with a bow forever so it’s not perfect when I like yeah and it has like this sticky stuff on the side so it stays up because it is strapless but it fits amazingly and I got a small I think but it’s so cute and I can’t wait to wear with some sandals and like a crossbody this is like a kind of j.

crew ask style skirt I have this one in like a cream color also and I love it so it’s just got like cinches at the top and it’s like a blue cobalt blue color and I love it and then I got this skirt which I’ve tried on with like a white tank top and like a bag that you carry like this it looks really cute for the summertime um I thought was really really cute and very like girly nice breezy Chloe pants I’m just really into flowy stuff right now they’re really really comfortable I don’t know I think I could wear everything a halter top and like sandals or something I don’t know buddy it’s really comfortable and I didn’t even wear these as the drama pants so I hope you guys enjoyed this video I sure did enjoyed making it make sure to comment down below any video requests that you guys have because I’m always trying to figure out what to do so I guess I’ll just see you guys next Wednesday for my next video Fieger.