HUGE Summer Fashion Nova Try On Clothing Haul 2016 | JuicyJas

hi my love’s welcome back afraid today’s video I have a huge summer try on fashion about clothing haul and I’ve been doing a lot of these lately but honestly fashion yoga is one of my favorite sites to shop on ever they have such cute great quality clothing I

feel like all the new arrival that they have are just super on trend with what’s new in style so I definitely recommend checking them out and I also love following them on snapchat and on Instagram because I get to see like all new things that they’re working on

new things that are back in stock so I’ll leave everything down below if you guys are interested as well as all the clothing pieces and everything that I’m mentioning I’d also to have a coupon code with them it’s not an affiliate code it’s just a discount code for

you guys if you do decide to shop on their website you get some money off so by the way just for a quick aside reference if you guys have a similar body type to me and you want to order on their website I am 130 pounds and I’m

around 5-3 at 5-4 so hopefully that helps if you have my body type oh and by the way I know I’m going to get a ton of questions with what I’m wearing so I might as well just address everything now I always leave everything in the description box

below but I don’t know everyone checks it so I’m just gonna quickly mention everything so my earrings are from forever 21 this body suit that I’m wearing is actually from fashion doba I showed it in like my lab haul and I loved it my nail color is called

pastel Orange by the brand DND it’s just a gel color from my salon and the makeup super simple like glowy skin I did use my honest Asya modern renaissance palette lip color is the maybelline color jolt it’s in the shade nude I think I’ll leave it down below

I think that’s pretty much everything so do you guys have any other questions just let me know in the comments so now so starting off I have a bunch of body suits I love fashion of a body suits they seriously have the cutest ones they’re really comfortable and

they have like every style you can possibly think of I’m just obsessed so the first one I have is this one it’s in a size medium by the way I got all of them in a size medium the reason I love it is because it’s so different you

don’t have to wear a bra with this which is a plus because I honestly hate wearing bras I mean let’s get real who doesn’t but it comes with padding which is nice and it’s not an overwhelming amount of padding is really comfortable and I would probably be probably

I’d probably wear this with like a a maxi skirt or something just because of the nude colors I have like a perfect one that would go with it and these bodysuits that I’m mentioning do all have buttons on the crotch area which is really nice and convenient for

when you have to go pee all right next I got this like tape a street kind of a bodysuit that’s what it reminds me of and kind of also reminds me of like cotton candy cuz it has like blue pink purple like little tiny pops of teal in

it which is super cute this material is like a really thin mesh material which is so lightweight and comfortable I think it’s perfect for summer and I love it because even though it has like all these prints on it and stuff I think it’s just a super simple

casual bodysuit that you could wear with so many different things and again comes with the buttons on the bottom which is great and another bodysuit that I got is this cream like I recolored one I think this is just perfect with so many different shorts skirts jeans anything

it’s just everyone needs just a plain bodysuit and these come with like little ties around the neck area which I think adds a little bit of a nice effect to such a simple bodysuit so love that one and the cloth material is really comfortable and soft as well

which I love next up I got some matching separates I feel like matching separates are so convenient because you can wear them together obviously or you can wear the shorts separately with a different top or the top with a different bottom you know what I’m saying so this

one I also got in a size medium I feel like it could have honestly got a size large the bottoms fit me really nice but the top is a little bit tight on me because my arms are pretty big but it’s all good I’m still gonna make it

work I love the floral it’s literally what gets me every single time and the tiny pops of purple are just super cute it’s one of my favorite colors ever so I love this one the material is very flowy which is like right up my alley this next dress

that I got it’s super different but I think it’s perfect for all year round I feel like I could wear it in the summer with some really cute sandals or in the fall and winter with like boots and stockings so this one’s also in a size medium as

you can see I am holding at my chest area together because if not my boobs are gonna fly out all over the place this is a very open cut chest area dress so I feel like whether you have small or big boobs you’re gonna have to get this

kind of hemmed and cinched together because it is so open from what I usually like to do is just take like a thread and needle and kind of just sew things together that’s how I always cinch in my clothing because it’s really easy and it works so this

one is just really nice though because it has like a really nice flowy effect and then on the top it is a little bit like tighter with the lace and the see-through it’s just really elegant and different I just I love it I don’t have anything like that

so I thought that was really cute then I got some more dresses the first one is this floral kind of watermelon colored dress it just reminds me of watermelon because the green and like the red but this one I love because even though it is like so bright

I feel like it’s so simple and I could dress it up or dress it down with like some really cute sandals so I also really like the crossings on the chest area I think it adds a really nice effect and touch to the dress and this also you

don’t have to wear a bra with it because it comes with padding in it which is nice honestly up until about a year ago I was never really into like these really tight form-fitting dresses because I felt like my body just was not perfect for them and it

was not made for them but I just come to the conclusion that my body is never going to be perfect and that’s okay so many times I feel like myself included we all kind of refrain ourselves and restrict ourselves from buying certain clothing pieces because we feel like

we’re not gonna look right in them but honestly at the end of the day if you don’t look like the model who’s wearing the dress or whatever clothing piece you can still rock it and still look good so just keep that in mind whenever you’re shopping for yourself

don’t let like the media influence you on what you should and shouldn’t wear just an FYI because I’m still learning that myself so this next dress is another floral of course and I really like this because it’s kind of giving me like wedding vibes like I want to

wear this to a wedding even though nobody I know is getting married but it’s just really elegant I love how it’s long in the back and shorter in the front and it has like a really nice cage chest area which is just a really pretty touch – such

a really elegant dress and then I have a bit of a belly so I love dresses that kind of have like knots on the stomach area because I feel like it doesn’t accentuate it at much and it kind of takes away from it so love this one it’s

also in a size a medium by the way and last but not least I got one more dress this reminds me of like a Disney Princess it’s just so flowy and pretty and it kind of just reminds you of like Rapunzel or something it does drag on the

bottom it’s a little bit longer but I really like it I think it just goes with like the theme of the dress and it is open back so I definitely recommend wearing this with like nipple covers or an adhesive bra I personally prefer nipple covers because you can’t

feel them at all it just literally feels like you’re not wearing a bra and you can wear like anything and you want to worry about anything coming through so you can get them like a Target or like anywhere where they have like bras underwear things like that definitely

check them out I love them they’re seriously lifesavers and then the final thing that I got is just a pair of jeans I love that you know the jeans because they are super comfortable and they have really great quality jeans actually so these are just a really nice

acid-washed pair I don’t have anything like these I figure they’re just perfect for summer and these are a size 11 I do find the fashion nova jeans run small in my opinion I’m typically a size like seven and regular jeans from like anywhere else but with them I

feel like I do have to go up a couple sizes like a 9 or 11 but it doesn’t really bother me at all because I love all the styles that they have and they’re super comfortable these are just the standard high waisted ones which are my favorite style

jeans and I did cuff them on the bottom because it were a little bit long for me but I always cuff my jeans on the bottom I just like the effect that it gives all right guys so that just complete this a video I hope you enjoyed it

let me know down below what your favorite clothing piece was and also what some of your favorite shops to shop buy are down below so I can go check them out thank you guys so much for watching I love you all and I’ll see you soon bye