hello I can’t believe that just got it orange is the new black I’ve been trying to evade the serial for a year and I just got into it and I can’t get out of it and a web is my favorite character so you what orange is the new

black who is your favorite character let me know how rude of me this video is not about orange is the new black tea I’m gonna be doing a huge summer haul so here are all the clothes I’m gonna be talking about in this video I’m also gonna be

breaking down some of the hottest summer trends so I’ll be ready for this Oh before that if this is the first time you’re watching me hailey hello I’m Joe Beda please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more videos like this we can’t even discuss about orange

is the new black if that’s what you’re into no one cares yeah also don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up if you liked it okay let’s go let’s get into it I got two new Blazers for summer and one of them was this linen striped blazer

stripes are huge this summer guys and linen is also very very huge this summer linen is also perfect for summer because it is a very airy material which helps you keep cool now on the web said it looked like this came with a pair of shorts so it

looked like a sit that’s another huge trend for the summer set items or matching pieces but when I got this I realized that I did not do the reading it was just the blazer now this blazer is gonna size so large so it’s a little too large for

me as you can see it’s a little shapeless because it’s too huge but if I take in a few inches here and try to bring it in a little bit I think it’ll be really cute same thing I got is this blush pink suit and blush pink is

another color that is really really really training for summer and also this style of it’s called the shawl label where you see it’s like swooping down and it kind of looks like a shawl and also the scrunched up detailing on the arm is very very end guys so

I got this in the size medium I think it’s really really cured but I wish it was a little bigger so it would like stay closer and the front but it’s okay I really like it next up I have this beautiful cobalt blue blouse and what I like

about it is this frill detailing frill is unavoidable the season guys are frill skirts frill dresses present everywhere I love this console and detailing I think that’s a very beautiful and updated take on that trend a little bit highlighter on your shoulders and go you’re so already you

know I would think for white blouses so let’s not even address that issue okay this is the next table in my hall and this is like a little different from your regular peplum spectrums have been out for a while now but I love the coming back of the

petals because that will just give you a waist when you don’t have a waist or you’ve put on a little bit of weight it’s just like very gracefully covers it off you know the material itself is a little see-through transparent so you might want to wear a nude

slip inside once again feels like it’s from Zara mango has a very good quality we have another white blouse in this end it’s got a little bit of laser cutout detailing right over here this is a size medium but I think I could’ve gotten a size small because

this is fitting a little matronly on me I think this top came is it’s button spot so I sewed it right back on and everything is okay and that’s that WTS where’s the food it just speaks my mind like I can get into a room and be like

hi all the items I’m showing you in this video are definitely from Shane calm and now they have an ad you can find the download link and everything down in the description box and guys I also have a discount code for you so if you use the code

Jovita 25 on shi in comm or even the app you get makeup with it off no matter what the ocean crisis of course now this doesn’t applied to items that are already on sale it is like a general rule these tiny little very nineties style of gloves are

so in with colored glasses I remember when I was in school I had a bunch of these and who do you know they back they have these same glasses in yellow and blue and a bunch of colors and I picked red just because I would have another pair

of glasses and you’re supposed to wear them down your nose like this but I’ve got such a tiny nose it’s like pretty much like a big tip for my nose like hey I am but hey it works for pictures right but I can’t be walking around like this

because literally it’s it’s in my nostrils right no it’s not even at the tip of my nose but that’s how they did it if you wanna if you want to be rocking this kind of shades this is how you do it not really like that’s not that’s not

the vibe this this is like if you you know you you wear it however you want okay and you wear it with confidence that’s how you sell it whatever you do you wear with confidence here is another pair of glasses that I got I also got one in

yellow because a retro vibes only baby shall we move on now melanin yeah baby I love statement-making conversation starting t-shirts and this is one of them why not it looks like friends it says melanin represent so goddess are so nerdy back to the t-shirt how difficult is it

for me to focus on the subject of a tomboy love this material feels so good I’ve already worn it check out my Instagram and I just love the slightly looser fit on this I just feel so comfortable even when I’m a little bit gloated you know what I’m

talking about even when I have like a little food belly one thing I have a problem with white t-shirts are I’m always wondering if they are transparent but this one is not you don’t need to wear a hundred different layers underneath next up I have this lace dress

it is beautiful you can wear it in so many different ways you can even wear a bikini cover-up you can wear it underneath the t-shirt and have it peeking through over a jeans or you can have nickel in spaghetti black whatever and wear this on top you can

wear it as a dress you can wear it as a layering piece you can wear it as a bikini cover-up I love it and what I love more is that it’s the good kind of lace there’s like the cheap kind of lace which I hate oh my gosh

how cute is this blush pink dress I love it I think this is Portia yeah this is crochet there’s a cute little mini dress with a couple of layers I love the cut I love the color and I love the make actually I was not able to zip

it up completely on my own but you can kind of imagine what it will look like why did you note is that the back of it is completely see-through there is no lining so if you want you can wear like a mute slip like myself or just just

yet another blush pink dress I told you blush pink is a color to watch out for and also this dress has got that frilly culture already realized well I think it’s just so flattering on all body types of shapes and colors I just love it so feminine and

romantic and beautiful here is another dress with all of the frills and magical Sufi details and I love the floral print on it it’s lace actually and it’s got a little bit of glitter going on so it makes it a perfect evening dinner time cute girly kind of

an outfit as well because it’s got that might have colors but it’s still popping with your spring flowers a little bit of shimmer shimmer with these letters it’s stretchy you can eat and not feel bad about it I love that it’s perfect the next dress we have is

a beautiful wraparound dress with a lot of frill detailing and this I saw the exact dress in H&M with polka dots and sort of floral details and I personally love the floral detail mode but here’s the problem it’s a little too transparent a little to see throughs I

lean more towards the modest side so I don’t want to be showing my inner wear and that’s a lot of cleavage because it comes a little too low so I got this in aware from H&M on sale and it goes perfectly with it I feel like you have

to be a little careful with the stitching I feel like the stitching is not as strong as on the other dresses right here this is a dress that I woke my kkw ex Mario smoky blue eyes tutorial you can watch it here if you haven’t already in the

k’kaw video I work with these gold tassel earrings I think they just match so beautifully and these are all from Cheyenne calm I love the accessories and she’ll come because I’m not one to spend a lot of money on a trendy accessories because they come in and go

out of style so soon you don’t want to be missing a lot of money into those so these are perfect oh my god I love the short dress so much but I think I got it in a size large and I think I should have got it in

a size medium there is something going on with it but I think I can fix it if I figure out why it’s a little frumpy but I love the material it’s like a suede material I love the color this comes with its own bed but I’d rather wear

a belt like this I had one this sure dress a couple of times on my accessories with a pair of jeans underneath the shortest has a lot of static for some reason maybe it’s because of the suede like material it’s kind of gathering on all the electricity but

just want to quickly show you the links it’s kind of like a highly obit hi and I know in the back because of the static it sticks on my legs a lot and I’d rather wear it with a pair of shorts or something I want pants inside so

that it doesn’t stick to my legs I hate static god I have your glasses and you’re done look how cute Matt is this the longest hole you’ve done or what now this next dress is so cute gingham is huge this season as well and I love the tassels

on the neck liner this is a very sweet simple front with a little bit of frills and everything and you know how we feel about frills the season now you turn it around and the back is so deep and so cute and I think this will look so

beautiful with a cute pair of bralette like this or you can wear a slip up to you you can wear a shirt oh this dress means vacation it’s loose it’s airy I love it so much and it feels so comfortable so soft I would definitely wear a pair

of shorts with this because a little bit of wind and the whole thing can flew away okay I need to go on a vacation like right now I wonder how many are you pregnant comments and get when I wear this race just because it’s so loose like every

time guys no I’m not trying I’m just a little chubby okay let’s move right along we have got a couple of coats guys now really though how cute is this skirt I love love love the frill detailing I love that it has a nice secure snap closure with

a zipper this is size medium and this is perfect for me all of these size mediums are kind of different so always make sure that you read the description and the size description and make sure that it matches your size next we have this khaki skirt this also

has a very similar design to the red polka dotted one but it is of a different material it’s more of like a stronger kind of like it cotton style this also in a size medium and this fits me tight it’s like a wrapper long skirt basically you wrap

it around put on the button and then you well crow it right here but if it is tight for you like it is from me like the button doesn’t reach so the whole thing is dependent on just this velcro which nyan be smarting this velcro opens up guys

and it comes with a belt so I guess you can wrap it around and kind of secure yourself from the embarrassment so once you have this on probably it will not just oh oh my gosh so much I cannot wait to wear it and finally we have this

stripy asymmetrical skirt this comes with elastic band so it doesn’t matter what your wife’s eyes it’s gonna fit you I am in this size mini my large again details will be down in the description box but this is a little too long for me it was like 1/2

inch shorter I think it would have been perfect but with heels it’s perfect anyways I can make it work and lastly we have this pair of pants this is actually a really really beautiful I love the color and the style of it but the material is such that

it’s really really flimsy so unless you have Kendall Jenner’s and Gigi Hadid body it’s kind of gonna look like it’s painted on you camel toe and this is a size medium but look how tiny the waist is who is this tiny waist when they’re size is medium so

yeah maybe if it was large I would have fit I want to talk about a couple of other accessories that I bought I bought this draw hat but it came really smooshed together so I steamed it and it actually straightened out so if i steam it one more

time I think it should be fine and this is what it looks like on me right now so it needs a little bit of straightening out right here a little bit steam should do you know how much I love packing huge so I also bought a new pair

of packing cubes for our trap it’s an amazing way to organize your clothes while you travel let me know if you want me to do an entire video on how I pack for my travels I got this really cute pair of headband for my videos but somehow it

doesn’t fit my hair I guess because this little bit is welded on to the whole piece it doesn’t stretch so you see it’s not stretching so well to fit my head that’s what it looks like on my head and it’s a little too tight so I know that

I will end up with a migraine if I leave it on for too long I also got this sequence pair of cat ears from Shion but this fits just perfectly and I think I’ve already used this in a couple of my Instagram mini makeup tutorials and finally I

got a pair of shoes from Shion I’m always so scared of buying footwear from online websites because I have bunions and those are people and I usually don’t but I just took the chance because these looked so beautiful look at the detail yeah there are bugs on them

and it’s just so cute and they are so comfortable I wear them every day and I love them let me know what were your favorite pieces let me know what are you gonna purchase from all that I showed you all the links are right down below do not

forget that and all the videos are right down below just in case you missed it guys we cross 350 thousand subscribers on YouTube I want to take a second to thank you for that I love you I really do I should see you in my next one [By ThờiTrangMùaHè]