May Favourites | Summer Fashion and Beauty | Tamara Kalinic

hello my lovelies can you even believe that I’m back with filming the video are like saying that I literally feel like it’s been over a month now that I’ve done a video but that’s purely because of like a total chaos and disorganization of my private work life and just in general like taking a lot of things last-minute which meant that every time I tried to plan ahead I couldn’t and so on and so on anyway I don’t bore you with those things I am now back and I’m very excited to be filming monthly favorites video because I haven’t been one of those in a while and I feel like I’ve got so much we’ve really got into spring and that excites me so much that I just couldn’t wait to show you a few things before I start I wanted to say that the dress that I’m wearing will be linked below as well as everything else that I’m going to mention throughout this video I will try and take you through all of my favorites and as always I will start with fashion so favorite top of the mountain one that you’ve probably seen so so so many times on my Instagram is this beautiful kind of like cottony almost almost a crochet and lace makes top from Suzanne and it’s like in a beautiful off-white color with this detailing in the minute in the middle and I just really really loved wearing this with like that I’m sure it’s my Gucci belt some nice flats or even ankle boots I could put like my white oversized monster jacket over it or even a blazer depending on the weather I just I’m really really into these kind of things as you can see this spring really enjoyed wearing a lot of differences on tops and dresses and things that I’ve got in my wardrobe now as I find it to be different and not something that everyone is wearing so really really enjoying this I’m gonna go into the shoes section next because I’m very excited to show you my new slippers and these babies are just something that I only bought recently but I’ve already worn them so so so much I mean it’s ridiculous I love these memory flats they’re pink about that with pearls I want them in every single color now because they’re just so beautiful they’re so comfortable I wore them during a Bentley ride that was kindly invited by Bentley to go to Austria and to drive the new Continental GT from kids ville to Venice which was honestly one of a lifetime experiences I had an opportunity to drive with my best friend like childhood best friend so we had such a girly roadtrip and there was a fleet of cars we all like we’re driving I feel like it was 700 kilometers if I’m not wrong and then we had the most magical dinner in Venice beautiful beautiful day like it was just stunning so anyway I was wearing these for some of the pictures and a lot of you asked me about them and now you have all the answers as well as where you can get them so yeah really enjoyed them really comfortable and would definitely buy them in every single color that is there also are so useful for traveling because they don’t take a lot of space and just easily fit in your luggage love them ok another pair of shoes and this time talking about heels you guys I don’t actually remember last time I fell in love with a pair of high heels as much as these these are just something different they’re absolutely spectacular and I’m so scared that I will like at some point in my life not have them anymore I want to find like I want to stock up already they’re a little bit over the price that I would normally pay for a pair of high heels but these are just so worth it and I’ve already learned them so many times now we’re talking about my new Gucci sandals that you can see over here you get two in one when it comes to these shoes again the black strappy sandal which is like a simple kind of black beautiful strappy sandal and then this thing is removable like an elastic but it’s honestly like the most beautiful detail that I have ever seen it’s like a sparkly Gucci bow where there’s so many times made me feel like nights out and things like that and I’m just so obsessed with them I feel like I’ve never owned a more beautiful pair of high heels or shoes in general I love them I’m gonna bring them with me everywhere this summer they’ll be just like my night out evening or a more elegant kind of shoot if that make sense I’m normally size 39 got over 40 adjust it’s kind of like getting the size up especially during the summer months the definitely would recommend getting the size out because they’re open in the back and I like having more space rather than really really really snug slides when it comes to these I could have also gotten thirty nine and a half maybe or 39 but 40 is also fine I’m not like one of those people where like shoe has to like be like so well fitted as long as it’s not like falling off or like you know what I mean as long it’s not like too obviously big or it’s not like tight everything else is fine still on fashion I have one of my all-time favorite designers completely rocked my world at least past months and of course I’m talking about single man Zimmerman is just a brand that I am like long-term obsessed with for years now and this year I completely went overboard went shopping now I don’t know how to say it this is as well another cement dries this isn’t exclusive that I got online but I’m going to show you the ones that I got in store and I’m gonna start with this jumpsuit it’s a beautiful lace wide the jumpsuit everyone thinks it’s a dress but I’m getting more questions about this dress then about anything else in my life I mean I bought this jumpsuit then about anything else in my life and I cannot explain to you how much I want it how much I love it and how it’s just so easy to pack it in your bag where you going somewhere where it sneakers or sandals put a like what is cool I like it or a denim jacket over it anything really it’s just like an amazing amazing item that is giving me a lot of compliments as well as this beautiful kind of again crochet lace mixture slightly more plunge like v-line and this is a dress which is in beautiful pastel colors all my favorite causes you can see here I worn it a lot and I absolutely loved it I would definitely buy it again it has like bell sleeves and kind of like a bell bottom and we wanted to tell me that this is the most beautiful dress that they have ever seen in their life it also comes in all white I think yeah in all white and I don’t know which one I love that and allow zimmerman dress but definitely not least and the one that i obsessed with would be this SIL fun they’re all very different I would say this one has open and kind of like lace back open back open waist and it’s kind of like a peachy color with the green leaves I got this one they’ve got challeng April you guys that picture did so well on Instagram you all said how much you love this dress and how obsessed you are with it as much as I am so yeah this was one of the best purchases as well I really enjoyed it I feel so feminine wearing Zimmermann and ever since these purchases I got more from them which I will hopefully show you among the next trips because I’m gonna be very very much much much much more regular now because I honestly like me to promise to myself that I’m gonna be much better look like it’s in my hand like ignore this I’ve literally was doing something earlier on and I also have the most horrid burn on my hand I’m really sorry like if this sketch in your eye I’ve promised is not a skin disease it’s a burn I burned myself like three weeks ago so it’s hopefully healing now but it’s just such a long process and I’m so like awkward about it because I hate like when I’m eating in public and stuff and then like people stare in my hand I’m like so insecure about it but anyway hopefully will heal very very soon that aside I have a handbag that I would like to show you oh there’s something inside and this is in my favorites because I’ve worn it way more than I thought I would do I have some jar in here that I removed because it was getting loose so this is a mini Valentino handbag in white color of white color I got this one for ammonia-free and I really really really really really really really really really loved wearing this one because actually the thing is that this item I just kind of thought I was not gonna wear it as much because it’s not like so big and you know like it’s why it doesn’t look extremely like a feeling or anything new it’s nothing new really but I worried so much about it too much – with me we’re at every single day every single night but gracious lavinia Italy trip when I went in my beginning of me and just like one of those bags that goes with everything because of the color and when you don’t have the right accessory to go with it this was perfect and I really loved it and I really really enjoyed wearing it and if it’s a right amount of stuff so huge thumbs up for this bag really loved it and it’s been a great companion throughout these months so yeah that is it from kind of like fashioning things when it comes to like accessories random accessories I’ve been really into my like cartier jewelry like leave like my Cartier rings only have one on at the moment but also another accessory in terms okay how fabulous is this Louboutin trunk case it’s called I trunk I really really really love it it’s like it’s reverse monogram as you guys can see and I really love it’s quite heavy so if you’re one of those people that tend to look at their phone in bed and then the phone fold on their face maybe don’t get this case because it’s way too heavy but I love it for this future and I often want my bag is way too small I wear it as a crossbody and just so good because I can always look at my phone and not have to go through my bag to get it so like amazing amazing thing that you came up with here leave it on I love it let’s move on there’s one more fashion thing that I would like to mention as a favorite of the month and that would be my collection of Beaumont Blazers but I have six of them right now and I have to say that it wouldn’t really make sense to bring all six of them because I wore the black white pink and the blue throughout the month so much that they’re honestly like something that I cannot imagine my life without right now I’m actually intending on filming a whole dedicated videos to those bomber Blazers would you guys like to see that let me know yeah I basically love them and I really want to show you how I wear them why well then why I love them and so on so yeah regarding my favorites and April favorites they definitely would have to be mentioned so let’s get into beauty because I know you guys are dying to see you know what I loved inmates so for all of you skin care lovers I have something exciting as always and it would be the Sicily fighter blind brightening daily defense fluid it’s multi production movie and it’s SPF 50 now I’m like battling hydro pigmentation hole in my life on my face or my body why because I don’t get many spots but when I get one I pick on it it gets kind of like pigmented like hmm I don’t know when my skin’s really good that’s would know that I said that anyway I don’t know my skin’s like relatively good but I think it’s thanks to this because I’ve been using SPF 50 for like two months now so I’m not getting any pigmentations or any like weirdness on my skin it’s really great it’s like brightening and it makes my skin feel and look very glowy even without makeup besides that I’ve been using a lot of different between see products and vitamin C is really really great for brightening skin for fighting pigmentation for in general just like keeping skin great young and fresh so I’ve been using the beacon C ester 15 from Paracon MD I got this baby on cult Beauty and they have really really amazing Perricone products as well as some digestive enzymes that I’m currently they’re currently both from Perricone and then I’m really loving but I will talk about it’s probably next month when I’ve tried them a little bit more but I’ve noticed like huge improvements in my body even though I’m exercising and I’m eating a lot healthier I’ve noticed a lot of differences on my body since I’ve been using those so I will talk about them soon now this product you get like a box with I think four or five tubes of this and it’s like almost between a cream and paste because it’s quite thick and yeah it’s almost like a pace but it’s still cream and I have to say that once you apply it it kind of feels a little bit almost dry on your face so I apply oil always after it but I have definitely noticed huge improvement whenever I get like imperfection or something I’ve noticed a huge huge huge help from this little baby here and it really battles any kind of skin imperfections pigmentations and keeps your skin really fresh and bright so the oil that I use after this would be this luminous light Nordic see Arctic bright cocktail brightening hydro L contains between see Wild Arctic cloudberry Arctic spring water as you can see a dual face oil and when you mix it it’s like a light pink color I’ve used quite a bit of it this is a Finnish band that’s available in the UK since recently and I’m really obsessed because they have they’re using products with this like cloud bring this Arctic cloud free which is a berry that I’ve never heard of but apparently it is known in Finland and it continues way more of it in sea than orange so what’s so great about this is that every morning I wake up and my skin looks amazing without makeup and that’s what I really really loved waking up in the morning with great looking skin and things like noticing differences after the first time of use for me are a huge game changer which is that why I will definitely be getting loads of these luminaire brightening Arctic bright cocktail brightening hide royal it’s a mouthful of a name but I love it last but definitely not the least skincare product would be Kat Harper next generation Beauty boosted contouring islands now this is a really tail almost like a lip balm tick eye cream and I am obsessed smells like all the Tata products without any bad stuff in it it’s like a very very balmy thick point minty almost like I’ll ask now apply this at night before going to bed and I’d learn how to massage my around eye area now for myself so that I can notice a visible kind of like lift of the area there I mean I’m hitting 30 next year so you know it’s like Oh for prevention purposes anyway really really obsessed with this product it’s amazing and I I cannot imagine my life without it right now feels so soothing as well around my eyes and I really love it oops I really really love it I have you of course makeup products and I’m gonna start with the foundation of the month and that would be this lumen silk foundation by Giorgio Armani and mine is in color 6.

5 I do have a little bit of tan right now because I’ve been kind of traveling around a lot and I’m going to really beautiful nice places where I call it some tan even though I’ve been wearing a lot of SPF so my foundation is a little bit darker at the moment I really love this because I think it’s nice coverage it’s very luminous it’s light my skin loves it it seems to breed with it and smells great feels great it’s just like all to get a great foundation that I love using during the summer I don’t know if it’s just me but for me during these months this is just an incredible incredible thing so really really enjoy getting back to it now I’m using it together with Laura Mercier a flawless fusion ultra long wear concealer this really is ultra long wear and it’s really creamy really nice it’s kind of similar to NARS radiant creamy concealer maybe a little bit more long wearing and thicker that I really enjoyed it when you get the right color and I have like a whole array of colors I’m actually using all of them because when you mix a good foundation and so on you can just get the right color even when it’s a little bit lighter I love using it for highlighting or things like that and it’s just absolutely amazing for under-eye around the nose and nasal labial line area if that makes any sense but love this and cannot imagine my life without it anymore a blush of the month has to be dolce gabbana luminous cheek color and provocative now this product is just spectacular have you seen the packaging I mean can I just see how beautiful this is this is probably one of my favorite products or makeup products lately it gives such a beautiful diffusion into the cheek I’m wearing it right now if you like give such a beautiful definition to the cheeks what do you guys think I feel that it really adds a bit of 3d it has some luminous particles in it it’s a beautiful pearly pink color and I am obsessed I literally love the whole spring collection of dolce gabbana and this product is insanely amazing talking about their spring collection I have to say product on my lips is this satin finish lipstick in Dolce puny 130 it’s beautiful like I said satin finish like moisturizing kind of slightly shiny like Santa Fe but matte lipstick that makes your lips look really really kissable and really plump I love it I love dilution gabbana lipsticks and this color is just so perfect for spring/summer it’s not too pale it’s nude but it’s a little bit pinky which is what I love about it another amazing lip product that actually I can layer with this one would be Tom Ford ultra shine lip color in bear now this is from their like summer packaging and you guys this is so moisturizing smells like vanilla and it adds such a nice shine really really really really really love this product I’ve been using it for years now I think like I mentioned in my favorites so many times but it’s always in my handbag and it was always in my handbag throughout April throughout me so I just had to mention it because I love the effect it has on my lips so definite deserves to be in this video as well as the hourglass eyebrow pencil now this one is it says arch brow sculpting pencil in warm brunette it’s really like your kind of standard eyebrow pencil I really really love this one I’ve been using it a lot on one hand it has that kind of like pencil and then the other one is for the brush and it’s just really an amazing amazing amazing brow sculpting pen which is why it had to be included here so that would be it I know this video was way too long but I’m super curious to hear what are your monthly favorites please comment below letting me know about those tell me what did you really really really love using I have way more products that I could actually mention because I haven’t been doing these for a while but I guess we’re just oh there was one more next part that I want to talk to you about I sadly cannot show you because there’s a little unknowing war around the house on who’s gonna use it and this worries between my three-year-old nephew my sister and myself everyone seems to be loving it and it’s this Lancome I’m gonna try and insert the pic here it’s like a multi-purpose cream it’s honestly the most beautiful thick incredibly smelling a Lancome cream that I use for my heels for my elbows for any kind of dry area for my body especially after tanning I absolutely love it and if you guys could do me one favor please next time you pass one come stand anywhere just stop by ask for this products and try it out because when from the moment I first tested it I was like why did I never know about this product before why is it not the most hyped about product in the world and I need gallons of it.