MEN'S SUMMER FASHION HAUL 2018 | Bershka, Stradivarius, Burton & ASOS

[Music] 20:18 quite a few different things that you wouldn't usually see me get so let's get into it I'm excited about this as usual the sun is shining I've just had a coffee I mean what's not to be happy about no again but right it's none of the

a soft brand so it's other brands in within a sauce I as you although a sauce sells so many different brands that they sell Nike Adidas oh I think I've got Burton Stradivarius and another brand in there so when I open it up is all summer based so

there's a lot of summery stuff stripes stuff that's on trend in a minute you know you have those days where you just can't seem to get your words out today seems to be one of them poor guys right so if you do like any of your stuff I'm

link it in the description like I usually do if you use the channel don't forget see that subscribe button right down there somewhere give it a thumbs up and let's get into it let's get trying some of this stuff on so this is the first piece about this

Stradivarius stripy t-shirt I'm not sure if it's like any muscle fit or regular fit I'll try it on stripes are really in in a minute so we've got loads of stripes stuff especially vertical stripes but [Music] I'm really up remove that so I'm a size large as usual

this is from Stradivarius nice horizontal stripes it's not too tight it's a nice fit on the arms as well and the one's good as well you always know that the length of these always a problem Bob this seems to fit me really nicely I'll put the price on

the screen and I'll link it in the description like usual Bob this is a really nice summer t good sir from Stradivarius stratify Marie yes the next tee is from Bershka again a size large I really liked the design and what it said on this one so it

says keep moving forward I thought if you can see it but I just feel like it speaks true for me because I assumed my business I want to try and keep progressing and just try and help as many people as possible get in shape as well so keep

moving forward don't look back and I really like the design so it's got Navy pink on the sleeves fits me really well like it's not too tight not too tight at all you know I don't like that tight good length that length is Bhangarh these t-shirts I'm very

happy with them so far it's just something a little bit different so again this is from Bershka this son is a long fit so if you don't have a measurements already I'm 6 foot 2 I want to die at a minute so I'm losing a little bit of

weight about around 190 394 pounds which is around 88 kilograms so there my measurements because I always get asked it in the comments one for this actually does look pretty long it's either one way or the other isn't it it's like too long too short too tight or

too baggy to get the perfect tease very hard actually quite my form is going to be like really really long but it's not it's quite nice actually it's not this core would you call this like fire red or nice tea it's like 80 pound so it's an absolute

bargain so this one is from only on sons Wow no sorry navy and whiteness don't know if it's coming across on the cover book definitely Navy I've never had any hidden from all mean sons before just saw in thought it look like a pretty nice t-shirt size large

shoot I asked how much sizing can change that into a different brand so bershka and Stradivarius large fit me perfectly this is a large and it's too small so it's too tight that that's sure it's hard to come across on camera ball but the sizing is a big

change to the others so I need max out in this a sauce needs to light changes sizing thing I just be the same for every brand coming go another strike t from bershka actually really like this this is really nice oh it's pink black and gray again size

large that's what I had really nice the burger T's fit me I suppose everybody's different but Bershka T's fit me really well she's really good the laughs it's really nice happy with something a bit different for summer wear it with shorts chinos walking by the beach very nice

nice necklace on your accessories see myself wearing that when I'm in Barcelona next week also one thing I forgot to tell you guys I've told my Instagram family but not you guys so sorry you out of it oh I've actually created a 21 buttons account so 21

buttons is like an app where you post all your outfits on and then on the outfits there's a button and if you click on the button it takes you straight to that problems basically an app where you could if you like if you like a piece of clothing

somebody's wear and you could kinda it take you straight to the website and can buy it so I'll link it in the description if you want to go and check it out I'll be posting all of my outfits for my summer from all these halls on there and

it'll just make it a bit more simpler if you do want to get some of the stuff as well so go check it out I think my name um that's just Josh Sullivan but yes definitely it's a sick up I've only been using it like a few weeks

but it's a really good app I really like it I don't hate on me but I saw this on the website and I thought it just looks something different something that I wouldn't usually go for but I've got this like bright orange hoodie it says some random ground

like a line through it and it's from Stradivarius again I really like this stuff from Stradivarius it's a size large see what the is like so it's a bit more of a fitted hoodie which is pretty cool it's a little bit tight on my arms it's got like

paneling I like high light up and down sir I think it's a bit bright I like a hot orange highlights at a ho it looked pretty nice on the website or in person he's honestly a bit bright something that you have on a bike so you don't get

run over it's not a great fit either so now this isn't one of the best items of graph but if you liked it go and get it linked in the description I'm not hating on you I don't judge people I don't judge I see you walking about the

street in it though I will be like coming over asking if you boy you're through my link moving on we have forgot some shirts so shirts for summer and gray and I know I've talked about in the Primark haul I just really cheap ones bought striped shirts I

feel like a trend at the minute so I picked this one up from only and Sons let's hope it fits that t-shirt wasn't great was it size large regular fit is nice and loose she's what you wanted some you don't want it to be dead tired yeah and

Finn's just like this blue with an off-white and it's just a really nice definitely work some sunglasses with this there open it up a bit more just chilling by the beach and a big fan of this I really like it there's something that you just were like in

the day because it's really lightweight material it's just getting me excited can anyone relate to this so you're walking down like the beach or what having just stopped off and a little cafe have a nice coffee maybe a cross on this is simple things like that that I

don't know that I just really appreciate it so comment down below if you understand what I mean nothing beats an iced coffee when you're on holiday in the Sun maybe like a nice bakery is the one yeah this is really nice there's been a lot of stripes of

in this video other so this is another short sleeve shirt from ASOS size large tall fit as well no problem I've got all these clothes I've got how am I gonna fit them in a suitcase to take with me on holiday that's going to be the next video

so I'm gonna be making another video in a couple of weeks buy water pack to take on holiday if you've only got a small like I might have a luggage to take with you just the essentials and a few tips and tricks I've picked up over the past

few holidays but this is the ship from ASOS size large tall fit it's a bit tied to the new Barrois and the material is not as soft so I think this is just polyester or it's a really nice sure again it's just a bit tight on the arms

it just depends what you're going for like if you want something that's a bit tighter and go for this what you're something a bit loose and a bit softer and this one's to go to I actually do prefer this one a softer want to be honest this one's

a bit more like a bowling shirt isn't it over a nice bow fit well I completely forgot that it took this Jackie from Burton as well this is like a pink Harrington jacket for the bird says he's got white flowers on the inside of it not got to

you online that's why it's it's awful it's really lightweight for summer so I think it was on sale nice or sort of see what it's like it's not bad actually it's alright it's a bit loose around the back then it comes up a bit that's why I much

prefer the bomber jackets bought it's really lightweight and perfect for summer a nice summery color that's our last two items we've got our pair of jeans from start Stradivarius because like I always do I always like to test out genes from different brands and I've never had any

from that and you've also got a pair of swimming shorts conversion you try these on first so these are the sweet jobs in BA swimmer choice actually fit if you watch the last whole video you know they're like hardly any fit yeah these are actually really lightweight materials

quite sure you get at animal public why these also have not got any blocks from Incheon so that's quite a bonus yeah nice is these are the genes so 34 regular is always my size these I love the design and color of these guys so they've got a

little bit of a rip call either blue wash on them is so nice the nose comfy as the legend London and the top man oh they are nice man genes are there I was not too much material going on there are the suit the skinny fit from Stradivarius

yeah really like the color of these the wash a nice decent pair of jeans from strata so it's good to try it out from different brands just so you can get a gist for the future in case I cry a few items come on sale or whatnot alright

guys so I'm going to ask you something you do me a huge favor and if you did enjoy the video give it a thumbs up it's really gonna help me out it's going to help the channel out all the products will be linked in the description if you

want to get any of them like usual and also let me know what the brands you want me to do or any other type of videos I'm open to suggestions because I always want to make content that you guys want to watch oh yeah that's basically it hope

you enjoyed this video subscribe if you're not already just hit that bond go and tell your friends about me as well gonna get them to subscribe and I'll catch it on the next you guys [Music]