My Summer Fashion Obsession | Target Shopping

hey guys I have a blue tongue because I just had candy I’m in the car and I just got back from my camp which I am gonna vlog but today was the first day so but that’s interesting as my camp vlog will be now me and my mom

are gonna go to Target to get me at least a wrapper because I wear this rum for literally all the time and a long time ago I would look at robbers I’ll be like you that’s so ugly why would I wear something like that and then now they’re

like the only type of clothes I wear so we’re gonna go Target and get a few more wrappers and we have to drop Laura off at Sandy’s house because she’s spending the night there and I can’t because I’ve camp tomorrow as well I haven’t been the target so

long I feel like I haven’t been home in forever like target is my wife I think about getting maybe two or one offer you’re gonna get some food first we’re gonna get something at Pizza Hut there’s no she’s all the way back there no no no oh so

freaking good we got an icy dish you okay so I’m going to try this 122 looks really big though and then I have yeah I’m gonna try it on then I have pink hey let’s get this one it’s so cute but look at this mom don’t really like

and then there’s this one which is long it’s not my style but cute Oh mom look how cute this is that’s like look oh wait don’t look at this we have this one I’m excited about the overall so I’ve never had a pair of overalls and I love

them they’re super cute is they’re done baby because it’s not like to thank you it’s so like cute but it’s not like it’s on a phone call but I absolutely adore this one do not like this one it’s very uncomfortable and then that there’s this little flap it’s

about it it feels like it should be like this but that’s just plain ugly and then it has like this bra built-in but it’s like a tiny bra it’s like that big it’s not like that big it’s like that big and so I can feel it and it’s

just very uncomfortable and a little big let’s show my mom mom said she doesn’t like the color on this line and it’s not not cute so so far those two are not– that one’s a maybe probably asked us super cute and then that pink ones a definite yes

we’re at the fourth of July one like I said the lighting takes out some of the color it’s actually a lot prettier red and I really like it stay with you and it’s also really comfy guys I’m up steps with this one it is I just know I

just I just love it on a super cute it’s just kind of uncomfortable and it’s very tight and then it also has a little thing no I like them the shirt that I put underneath isn’t right because I don’t actually have shirt since it came in a romper

but my mom it doesn’t like them on me so I’m not going to get them you I like them but I would need a different shirt this one doesn’t tell condors it needs to be tired I don’t think I don’t like that on you at all okay okay

so I showed you the once-over getting that we gotta go sign Lulu now I gotta go find Elora and Mark Adam and now I’m gonna look at my list because I think we have to go to Home Depot to get a light bulb well I think they might

have light bulbs here so let’s try here at Target let’s check here I sure the ones that are like next well we go let’s go find out what else is on your list in the auction there was a shampoo and it like every time I get out of

the shower it is so smooth you got a ball okay so I think it’s these ones you want okay standard reveal head you want 60 watt 60 watt of the reveal ones so let’s try this okay what double-a is actually pretty good I have um cleanser from Olay

my mom and Laura went to go look at underwear she needs some new ones and I still can’t find it that birthdays Naturals up teen is a pretty good one too oh maybe way here’s some okay I’m looking for malli hair character didn’t give the shampoos gonna drop

off Laura then go to Claire’s spend our summer gift card yeah just dropped off Laura and on from the car those two real like Josh Chuck okay I am walking into Claire’s my mom is super tired so I’m gonna just look in Claire’s alone and this can be

fast because I went to the women’s mall and they said that this is the junk claire’s of the things that don’t get sold at the woodland small clothes so all the things that are like dirty and things that don’t get celled are here gonna find anything Claire’s because

everything is just super expensive and I don’t have like ten more dollars so the only thing I could get is literally like these scrunchies okay so I’m gonna put a few things over in my room then go get my bags and just kind of chill in my room

do my room is fun I have my rompers here and I was can’t craft and I I had this shirt and I ruined it look at it see it’s got a lot of paint on it so since I now have two of these shirts I’m going to take

this one I’m gonna bring outside and already and pour a bunch of paint onto it and maybe it will end up looking cute I don’t know so far this is a goner like I want what this shirt anymore I’m just playing and having fun with this um I’m

just like basically pretending that I’m painting on this shirt is mighty sure I’m going to come back later but so I was painting and I realized that I got paint all over my screen I don’t know if you can tell but I have paint all over there and

I have paint um right here and ah this sucks and I green paint on the lens I am such a messy worker oh my gosh I’m so mad at myself and there’s got purple everywhere but you know what best to see the best of everything try to find

something good about this now I know that I can paint my camera if I want to I guess yeah Eden is at our house right now and Eve oh we’re just about to drop her off at Sonic whoa my cameras foggy so did my nails a few minutes

ago they’re just plain pink and uh I like them they go great with black bye Eva ha ha I went to ZZZ utopia the same place I forgot about on but my super versus your gran was so boring wasn’t there so I’m in the doesn’t work take it

a little clearer my window doesn’t work before it gets dark this is what you look like hot water ok guys wait apparently you’re watching TV so we have no hair like so camping that’s brutal yeah like heavy and there’s no Starbucks any popcorn do you have money aspirate

and somehow I think I’ll be cleaning it the movie gets finished by hilar and then the movie it is Oh anyway so it was so so good the shadow of the day goes to Rachel Plunkett 12 whoa sparks sparks Edwards she said any I’m such a big fan

I love your blocks because you are always so happy and always smiling hide emoji I wish I could be there for your Meetup and Dundrum because I live in Ireland I really hope you go another do another one soon because I will definitely go oh so so so

so so much hard hard that’s super sweet and I really hope I get to meet you too is that would be awesome garden become one of n dentals thanks for watching bye