hey guys and welcome back to my channel it’s all like just to be such a great video right now because of this spring almost summer so it is a spring summer Tryon house fashion oh I haven’t done one in a while and you guys have been requesting one

so here it is and it’s a beautiful day outside you guys might hear the birds chirping because I have the door open so it’s a great it’s a great day to be alive a great day to be alive but these items most of the items you’re gonna see

you’re gonna be wondering why are they yellow because the theme on my Instagram page was actually yellow you guys so that’s why most of these items are yellow but as you can see now the theme on my page is orange I know a weirdo I’m like a freak

when it comes to organizing my history um but yeah I hope that you guys enjoyed this video I already styled all of these items on my page so if you guys are interested in seeing how I style them please go over to my page I’m actually going to

leave the link to my page right in the description box so you guys can just click in and I’ll take you right over there and if you’re not following me make sure to follow me and if you are not subscribed here make sure to subscribe but yeah other

than that I hope that you guys are excited for this video but for this video the next city of what should be a vlog of my boyfriend and I so it’s like a Sunday Funday type of video so I hope the users are excited for that but yeah

other than that if you guys are interested in finding out what items I picked out then please watch it I really like this piece because it’s so flowy and then you can actually open it here and anywhere like a tank top or crop top that’s how I styled

it on my Instagram but it’s pretty and classy you can style them with shorts or some jeans like I’m doing right Daniel super cute you can even wear this like a throw over on top of a baby soup so this top you guys is just a regular little

button up and then hangs right here on this side but if you want to take care of them like a 5 to attend you watch this I actually saw this on the model and I’m like yes I’m gonna wear it like that so basically what you do and

you unbutton right here and then you pull this to the back so that way it’s more like an off-the-shoulder shirt and then you tie this right in the middle so it looks super cute watch let me show you how cute is this and you can bring it down

a little bit more if you want to do but when I saw someone wearing and I’m like oh there’s no way that’s the same shirt these jeans are actually also from trash removal I love their jeans you guys they’re amazing what I really like about their jeans is

that they’re super stretchy stock of yours is like a denim yellow has a little ruffles on the side and throw out the back as well but if you want to take this again for like a 5 to 10 I’m gonna do the same thing so here’s how it

looks normal and here how it looks with a little twist to it so this shirt obviously the material is very different so I was able to just tie it without buttoning any of the buttons up this one the material is a little different so I just did the

last two and look how cute it looks you can do this with anything that you have – but enough are you getting in a moment of silence for this beautiful dress you guys spring and summer these sets are a must they just look so cute of how it

has the little here in the floor and then of course it has a little in the bottom so you don’t have to worry look how cute it looks from the back this is one of my favorites for sure it’s another set same exact style just different then last

but not least this beautiful flowy romper clickbait me again he always follows me back hi Vinny hope they enjoyed this video please don’t forget to give a thumbs up and also let me know what item was your favorite wine the kiss why you might win the item I

haven’t done it giveaway in so long so we might get away this video so let me know what item was your favorite one also don’t forget to turn on your notifications that way you get an alert every time I do upload but other than that thank you guys

so much for all your love and support and see you next video [Music]