[Music] hi guys welcome back to my channel I’m Amy for anybody that is new here I am so excited to talk about spring fashion finally I know I feel like I’m so freaking late because now all over the fall 2018 stuff has already shown but we are moving into spring so it is the perfect time to talk about spring and summer fashion I really love to pick trends that have a little bit of importance behind them rather than like it just being a fad because there are hundreds of trends that come about each season but these personally are my favorite and as well as like the ones that are gonna have staying power so they are gonna last you if you do want to try out some of these trends so you don’t have to wear it like one and done it’s gonna be like all year round and then like maybe into next year so I’m also bringing up some of these trends that I mentioned in my fall and winter trends because yeah they’re still very much relevant and that is what I mean by like they’re gonna last you all year are you guys seriously like get comfortable because I am gonna be like so it might be a long video but I don’t know hope you guys enjoy it let’s hop right into this first try this is one of my favorite trends it’s all about dressing up any excuse to dress up I am like there for it we saw a lot of glitz a lot of glam a lot of feather a lot of embellishment a lot of sumptuous fabrics that have like a sheen to it like satin and silk and so stuff stuff so so much friends you guys fringe was everywhere but dresses on shirts on pants like literally they were everywhere and I kind of mentioned this in my autumn winter trends when there’s this like time of uncertainty you put your best foot forward so it’s like a time to like really dress up so I feel like it’s a mix of that and also I feel like because we have seen all this like athletic athletic athletic hoodies and street wear for so many seasons then it hits a certain level in the trend graph so it’s here and then it’s gonna start to slowly decline decline decline and then it’s gonna go like a complete 180 that’s when we’re you know kind of being introduced this is like the first season I want to say we saw a little bit of the dressing up in the fall winter but it was more with like Blazers and soot and that’s when I mentioned this trend of like dressing up so now it’s like more in this like party vibe because we usually see this during holiday and this is for spring and summer so this trend is definitely gonna continue on so some designers where we saw this is Saint Laurent oh my gosh like Saint Laurent really went hard with this trend with the feathers also Rodarte Ferragamo Gucci oh my gosh of course Gucci Valentino Oscar de la Renta like literally every designer had some kind of glitz some kind of feather some kind of Fringe Marc Jacobs Coach Christian Dior Alberta Ferretti Michael Kors the lean everybody and just a kind of piggyback on this with the fringe it’s very like Western some of them had like very Western feels to it Western Americana is still much a trend and I talked about this in my autumn winter trends so you guys could take a look at that video if you haven’t already but it’s still pretty much prevailing through the year so this is how I’m styling this trend since it is spring and summer I think the sequin romper is perfect for nights out shout out to Lulu’s for sending me this and some other outfits you’ll see through this video I love the gold sequin against the black as well as the batwing type sleeves it’s giving me disco vibes but modern I paired it with some black booties to dress it down but you can also pair it with a more bitchy heel to really show out this next outfit I’m super obsessed with because I love a Western type of look this trend is all about fringe like I mentioned so this is definitely checking it off also if you notice the top has a bit of Sheen which really makes it look dressy and the metallic skirt also has that great sheen of course which again what this trend is all about I love that I can wear these separately as well as also I could totally dress it down with sneakers and dress it up with heels like I did here so I’m all about versatility here I pair this vintage Yves saint-laurent blazer with a metallic pleated skirt from a ritzy ax and these feathers shoes like I mentioned feathers were everywhere I thought it would be more wearable to incorporate them into my accessories so I definitely went for the heels I’ve always loved the look of these and these are also from Lulu’s you can tell the Blazer is from the 80s because of the shoulder pads I’m gonna figure out a way to tailor this because I feel like it’s a little too big but I was so excited to style it I love the huge gemstone diamond looking buttons on the front and on the cuff I feel like this outfit is very much in line with this trend that I mentioned in this video but also the dressing of Blazer wise that I mentioned in my fall video so I thought it’d be cool to kind of show you guys that you can also dress up a blazer in a more party scene so let’s move on to my next trend this one I’m calling for the frill did I tell you guys what the first trend around it was show up and show out okay so this one I’m calling for the frill so it’s this whole idea of like balloon sleeves like so much volume these sleeves are like enormous and again thank you st.

Laurent for this trend that you really really saw this whole like volume situation going on there it’s a lot of Rouge details like this sheering on tops on dresses like just gathers is an exaggerated ruffle see we’ve already seen a lot of this like ruffles but they got even more exaggerated and elevated so we’re still really seeing that it’s very ultra feminine of some designers where we saw this trend was like I mentioned my beloved Saint Laurent we saw it at selling McCartney we saw it at off-white we saw tons of it at Gucci tons and tons and tons at Gucci Carolina Herrera Isabel Marant so definitely all these designers are super influential and a lot of these designers get knocked off by these like fast fashion companies like H&M and Zara so I feel like we are gonna be seeing a lot of it if you haven’t already been seeing it for this trend I’ve actually been loving a balloon hem moment for a while now I love this top in the fall in winter so I’m happy to introduce it to my spring wardrobe I paired it with these paper bag trousers which are also on trend right now and give that volume and with these summer accessories like the brown sandals and the basket bag it looks way more resort way more this season so that’s a way to really transition your wardrobe as well and I always think accessories can really transform your wardrobe so this next outfit I paired a little frilly puffed sleeve top this is actually from dolce gabbana and some vintage Levi’s cut-offs this is probably my favorite outfit from the video of course these outfits are just my style so I really encourage you to have fun and mix it up this use this as a super rough like inspo especially because some of the items here are thrifted and I won’t be able to list them below or anything but I really encourage you to have fun and mix it up in a way that really works for you and showcases your personal style if you feel like you don’t know what your personal style is I’ll have that video where I help you figure out linked below all right so my next trend is powdered hues so think pastels think of my little pony inspiration of course we always see pastels in the springtime it’s like a staple it’s like The Devil Wears Prada coat like her laurels for Springs groundbreaking like pastels for spring it’s not a new thing at all but what we saw a lot of in particular was lilac so lilac or lavender I mean I know there’s a difference there I feel like lilac has a bit more of like a pinky tone to it where lavender is like more like that true true purple like pastel purple so purple is actually Pantone color of the year every year Pantone puts out their color of the year and designers really try to incorporate the color of the year I don’t know it’s just like a thing but it is ultra violet purple so this is very like bright it’s very vibrant purple and what they’re saying the color communicates is originality ingenuity this kind of vision for the future maybe we’re gonna be seeing purple come in a little bit stronger in the fall winter of this year so for spring and summer it’s this introduction of lilac and lavender still in the purple huge family of course but I feel like it’s also this is just my thought that because the Millennial pink was so so huge for so many seasons Pantone again had the color of the year I think it was like for 2016 was rose quartz I want to say it was 2016 rose quartz and serenity which was like this powder blue anyways I’m going like off tangent sorry so I feel like this lilac is like a new rendition of millennial pink because I feel like millennial pink has just been on top for so so long so again it’s kind of like that trend draft kind of like at its peak and maybe they’re trying to introduce something a little bit new and fresh I feel like millennial pink has like this staying power that I don’t think lilac will be able to compete with but anyways we saw a lot of this lilac / lavender / pastels all over the runways and they’re paired together either monochromatic looks or just a soft yellow at the soft lilac it was just a pastel dream and it’s like honestly my favorite color palette so I really love this trend as well and the designers that we did see incorporate this color in their collection was Tom Ford Roberto Cavalli Dionne Lee Chanel Max Mara TV we really saw this color pop up a ton so I low-key have PTSD from overdosing on lavender as a child it was my favorite color but I love pastels together so I wanted to show you this outfit I paired this vegan leather lilac skirt from Lulu’s with this blue Western asked top again it has those puff sleeves that I love I’ve mentioned this before you don’t have to go for every trend if it’s not right for you so I don’t think I’ll be incorporating much of this but I do love the color combo so moving on to the next trend I’m calling this one oat Planet like hot should I be a fashion editor I’m just kidding I like to suck at making up these names as we know global warming is a very real I don’t know how anybody can deny it it like blows my freaking mind but global warming is real and this trend I think is going to be one that is severely important you’re gonna start hearing a lot of more buzz words surrounding sustainability or charm I only Kate took all these things trends because they’re such important issues but that’s the fashion industry for you sorry like I always mention in these trend videos fashion is 100% a reflection of what is going on in the world that’s why you’ll see like a running theme and all of these collections and you’re like what how do they all have the same thing going on so a lot of the running themes are the same so I’m taking a really long time to get into this trend I’m so sorry let’s get into it so what we’re seeing a lot of is like glossy textures like vinyl and plastic and I feel like that plastic is kind of correlating or I’m correlating it to our landfills that are filled with plastic if you see the Chanel runway I would highly suggest to like watch the video I’ll link it down below where you guys can watch it here on YouTube so the actual like scene the environment at the Chanel show was outdoors in like a very natural kind of environment and then the clothing was these plastic boots and like plastic trench coat that are actually like see-through so for me it just reminded me of like our landfills because plastic is actually one of the worst things for our environment it’s really polluting our planet because it takes us decades literally a thousand years for plastic to like decompose in a landfill plastic is being made a higher rate than it has been ever before so it’s already causing a lot of harm to our planet and I don’t know it just with Chanel it really reminded me of that so the designers that had these like glossy textures where chanel like I mentioned balm on Ellery Isabel Marant Marc Jacobs as well and then also in this trend that there’s a lot of layering happening a lot of kind of like DIY thrift shopping aesthetic like cut and paste split situations where like one colors on this side then another colors on this side kind of like you did it yourself but it’s like Calvin Klein we saw a lot of that and I feel like that also has to do with this like I don’t know I mean just like picturing a landfill then like just kind of taking scraps and like being resourceful like putting this together and I feel like that is what this trend is all about reconstructed yet deconstructed kind of situations happening all over the runways we saw them at Miu Miu Marni Gucci Lowe saline Calvin Klein Jason Wu Dion Lee there’s just a ton of this this is a trend that you can do yourself which I love you can go to the thrift stores you can get fun and get really creative and it is gonna actually be sustainable so here is a sweater that I thrifted and has that split thing going on that I was talking about I paired it with a leather skirt and these patent booties for the glossy feel that I mentioned again you can just DIY the sweater yourself or do it with the jacket like the Calvin Klein reference or a t-shirt it’s super easy honestly also this handbag has been my go-to lately it is by angelo roy they make these premium vegan handbags sweatshop free manufacturing and very very fair pricing they have so many cute designs so definitely check them out I’ve been obsessed a symmetrical hems are key for this trend as well I love this top because it also has my beloved ruffles I paired it with this skirt by redone which I love redone is all about reconstructed denim so they take old denim and remake them in a fit that is way more flattering and just overall cooler I love this skirt I literally wear it so so much and I love the little free hem that is very much this trend moving on to my next trend I’m calling it take a trip so it is like nature meets psychedelics meets futuristic AI meets like a 90s rave party basically so just very trippy I guess you can say so take a trip that’s why I called it that but also like I was saying like nature and environment is gonna be a huge topic of conversation and it’s gonna be like nature meets the future I don’t know if you guys have noticed but it’s like all this like virtual reality like these glasses and stuff so it’s gonna be that but it’s gonna like take us to nature am I crazy so instead of experiencing it because maybe not everybody can escape to a jungle or I don’t know the mountains or something we’re gonna be kind of like taking these trips virtually so that’s translated pretty well like in this trend as far as like the 90s rave because a lot of that like rave culture is a little bit futuristic as well so we’re seeing a lot of this like trippy kind of texts a lot of rainbow so I know I mentioned read it like the color of the season for autumn and winter so for this trend it’s more like every color and it’s all like kind of like monochromatic as well but also color clashing so like fuchsia and red yellow and purple just like very vibrant vibrant vibrant hues all over the runways I think we’re seeing a lot of the impact that we do have in our environment but then also just realizing like the natural powers that Nature has like they’re very healing and it is reflecting in our fashion with like palm leaves and palm trees and hibiscus flowers it was a lot more tropical flowers in this trend in particular so some designers where we did see this take a trip trend where is about Murat Emilio Pucci Dior mary kay transou I hope I’m saying that right I’m probably butchering it Marc Jacobs Fendi so I think we were gonna be seeing more of this trend pop up as summer rolls around not quite so much for the spring but I love these pants from Lulu’s I just have to get them hemmed I paired these tropical babies with a bright pink shirt that says tacky tacos and that trippy 70s kind of text that I mentioned also I’ve been wearing these earrings so much throughout the video I’m obsessed they literally go with everything they are from bauble bar if neon and brights really aren’t your thing I think this one is perfect such a great summertime outfit with the beautiful tropical flowers I was talking about again that little basket bag that I’ve been wearing and if florals aren’t your theme then there is this color-block type of outfit like I said and this trend is all about color as well and these pants are also very on trend the glossy textures are super in like I’d mentioned before as well sorry I’m like repeating myself but I love this furry bag it reminds me of the furry boots Reavers wear and I just tied it in together with these red earrings those are my five trends the most important trends and the trends that I’ve been loving so thank you guys so much for sticking to the end you guys know I’d love to go on and on and on especially about like the reason why these trends are happening I always think that’s super interesting but anyways thank you guys so so much for sticking to the end I really think this was a long one let’s go ahead and discuss everything maybe something that I might have missed let me know your thoughts on these trends and what you guys are gonna be incorporating into your wardrobe this spring and summer and I hope you guys have an amazing day and I will see you guys in my next video bye guys [Music] [Applause] [Music].