hey guys welcome back to my channel if you’re new here welcome i’m allegra i made fashion beauty lifestyle content land screams like a sha-1 check me out if you’re not new here hi welcome back so today as promised I am gonna go through and talk about upcoming trends

for spring/summer 2019 I just went to New York in Paris Fashion Week which I guess was fall but sometimes in New York they were showing spring and summer so kind of confusing I also attended Fashion Week in fall for the spring so I wasn’t done with the trends

trends that I have seen a lot online shopping trends that I saw in the runways trends that I’ve just seen in like online magazines it stuff like that so let’s just get right into it try number one is cargo and utility I saw this literally all over Paris

all over New York people wearing it on the runways I think it’s a trend that’s gonna kind of go through spring into it fall cargo pants were big matching sets with cargo so like that khaki colored pant with a jacket huge utility belts utility pants like they’re just

it’s just everywhere and I’m so here for it cuz it’s a neutral so you can keep it in your wardrobe it will go with everything I’m a huge fan I wore it in New York I wore utility kind of cargo pants with a trench and a great sweater

and looked really good so utility and cargo number one trend I’m super excited for it I think it’s gonna be that’s gonna be fun trend number two is broom you know shorts or like long cycle shorts but longer shorts shorts up just like hit right above your knee

or some everywhere I think it’s a cool look I think it might be a tough look to pull off but if you can pull it off I think it’s gonna be I think it’ll look really cool I saw it a lot with sneakers and just like t-shirts like

really basic outfits I think that this is a kind of a trend that’s been evolving we look like super short shorts like mid thigh last year and now we’re into like longer Bermuda style and I think it looks really cool it can look really really hip I saw

them in of single fabric from jean to suit to cycle like stretchy so they’re everywhere it’s a cool trend on that note suiting also a huge trend suits are everywhere everyone’s wearing suits casually so if you saw my other video I bought a mint suit but I also

wore a suit at Fashion Week suits are just in and specifically I saw a lot of short suits which I think is like really cool very 80s but still really cool and then I also saw like the bicycle shorts with Blazers a lot that’s also been everywhere so

suiting very–in I’m gonna hit three on-trend colors in one we have lavender I have seen lavender everywhere it’s like the most on-trend color for this season it’s crazy it is a beautiful color I think it’s perfect for spring like it gives you that pastel sort of like you

know like spring is just like the world is like weird anyway that’s what lavender like that’s what it feels like beautiful purple is everywhere mint / pistachio I’ve been seeing that everywhere as well I just said I bought a minute suit it’s it’s pretty it’s not I’m not

talking about like teal I’m really talking about like a mint I have just been seeing it everywhere also a great color for spring gives you that like soft pretty spring kind of vibe and then the third color that I think will be great for spring but also for

summer is yellow yellow just taken the world by storm here like everyone is making things in yellow in different shades of yellow and like a really bright yellow to the softer yellows it’s everywhere yellow can be a hard color to pull off on some skin tones on some

hair colors so you would have to find the right yellow for your skin tone he’s not everyone can can pull it off but I have a full like Jean situation in yellow and I think it’s really cool so look out for that because that’s definitely a big trend

the next trend is boiler suits I think they’ve been on trend for a while but I would say in the fall and in the like fall fashion month and then this fashion month I just saw them a ton I saw them a lot in the fall with a

turtleneck underneath now I’m seeing them just like in a lot of different materials in the cargo material and just I think there’s like a ton of different ones that you can choose from I have a short sleeve one that has like a wider leg but it’s cropped they’re

coming in tons of shapes and styles and I really like them because they are a piece that you can wear casually but you can also dress up and they’re just easy it’s like wearing a dress you can just throw on your boiler suit and you’re literally good to

go you don’t think about anything else so I’m into that I’m gonna say about it but it’s a cool trend and then on the accessories trend I have been seeing a lot of different accessories accessories I feel like I’ve come more to the forefront of outfits more basic

outfits with cooler accessories so like the first one is like really mini bags like I’m talking like tiny you can’t fit anything in them I have one where is the joke I’m the one you were wearing it this morning so really really mini bags jacquimo makes really small

cute bags there’s a ton of the market right now and they’re very impractical you can’t hold anything in them but they look really cute I think they’re really cool accessory they’re definitely more of an accessory not a bag but I’ve been seeing those everywhere and they’re cool trend

bucket hats I feel like also have been around for a while but they’re coming more into fashion and not so much like hypee style you know like tons of different designers are making them they’re just more they’re easier to get they’re cool I find them a little hard

to wear ways I feel like they like hit the back of my neck all the time they come off but I’ve worn it I think it looks cool I don’t know if I can pull it off that well but it’s a it’s a nice accessory to have because

it’s different than like other hats I mean we had that like train hat for a while this is like kind of replacing that I think and then the last accessories are hair accessories so headbands huge Prada made them and they kind of blew up like those padded headbands

literally like Blair Waldorf’s tie headbands pearled headbands just like any sort of headband is I just saw everywhere crazy I actually think they’re cool especially if we’re like kind of an edgier outfitting through a headband on it kind of gives you that feminine but also edgy vibe I

haven’t tried it out yet but when I find the perfect headband I definitely will give it a go and then hair clips so like a lot of pearled hair clips everywhere every designer is making them there’s that like Gucci one there’s a Chanel one then there’s like a

ton of different ones I wore them in Paris and you can find them on like ASOS on store ads like on all these different websites but pearled hair clips or hair clips in general super on-trend quick little video but those were the those are the trends that I’m

most excited for and that I saw a lot on the runway isn’t on on people in the street style of Paris Fashion Week in New York Fashion Week I’m excited for them I can’t wait to style them and upcoming the spring and summer content let me know what

spring trends you’re most excited for and let me know if you’re excited for spring because I am thank you guys so much for watching I’ll go up the slope bye you