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[Music] hello and welcome to the Sherlock show I'm Olivia Wayne and joining me on the sofa today are Charlotte Collins Lou Hough and Becky hull is that even your name's Charlotte we'll get to that welcome ladies today is a bit of a fashion and beauty special later in the show I'll be chatting to make up a body artist extraordinaire Amanda Harrington will be sharing all her pro tanning tips for summer plus our style watch segment is that blue Charlotte and I we were running through our favorite looks from Instagram celebrity of the week ahead but gone the first chat you guys do it I can't Charlotte you got married [Applause] oh my god she's still talking about yeah yeah yeah visit me the final time I'm okay you know what I'm sorry I bought you Stefan this know whatever there is all these things that you worry about going wrong for so long and just like ticking them off as they don't happen like I've always missed so yeah but I wouldn't sleep the night before my wedding I woke up I was like always that and be worried the night before all those nights but once you what were you were there were you like okay no I was pretty worried about well but then the day before we had a really boozy beach party all day I thought was a little bit bull no as the effect really so tired like I'm not yeah not a lot but yeah it really homey it was yeah it was just perfect I'd love to be able to tell you a funny story of this but wrong another wrong but no thrilled there's no different so yeah so happy and the pictures or you just look so glowy and like the colors were amazing and it kind of everything you drive thanks Siri and yeah if that's the thing and also you so like you know if you ready married aboard you so put your vision light in somebody else's hang on we're lucky enough to have a wedding planner and you just tell them what you want and then you just turn off on the day and hope that it's going to lie and if yourself a bit of credit there was a lot of back and forth it was that it should like yeah I've seen money there now right and it's a lot of work but you still you know you've never tangibly seen that thing you talk about said and then it just comes and it yeah it was all perfect or something and well we loved it here pouring over your insistence thanks so much that it smelt speaking of weddings on a similar theme had Megan redesigned her engagement ring we asked because potentially in photos it's changed from the original band made of gold now a kind of diamond encrusted ring potentially the diamonds change shape okay would you guys do it I guess is the the question here would you change let's talk to someone here I don't know it's been recently engaged are you happy with your ring or in ten years you're like alright upgrades switch it up I am very lucky that I'm genuinely obsessed with my ring I literally I keep looking down so my boyfriend has got fiance fiance he has got incredible taste so he really he knew he knew what was what he knew I would like and picked himself well that's what I was gonna say today I imagine if someone picks it for you and you don't have any you haven't even given a kind of hint of what you might like that's when this yeah right it's what special I dunno some some of my friends who maybe aren't in like they wouldn't pick their ring if they were going to but there's such a connection to it because it like the play so when the fact that your fiance is picked out for you so I guess there's a real sentimental value to it as well as on paper would this be the one I would have picked out Becky you thought of that ring yeah [Applause] yeah think about this but I was thinking the same as Luke I think there's so much sentiment it's attached to it I'm not sure I would ever have the heart to be like oh I want to change it or I want to be you seem like a really sweet nice girl but you know there are some people who are very particular say like my husband designed it chose it and I wouldn't change it for the world but I love it if I was like oh I don't know that I would be like that but if if I every time I liked it I'd be like it doesn't suit to my hand mainly and I do get that I can understand why people might want to change it or tweak tiny tiny bit I just personally don't you know also the trends do change so my mom has changed hers from silver to gold a couple of times over 35 years just as what she has worn has changed and so I think I think now we're all close enough to marriage that you know we feel like a source element towards it but I can imagine 15 years I mean you're like yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I hate you change my room okay time and I think we're it's been more acceptable damn it I feel like maybe on a big anniversary it's like yeah but also finally if you're propose do with I don't know a grandmother's ring but maybe you know it doesn't suit you or you know I think it's when it's a phrase upgrade it was sounds a little bit yes just rephrase it girls hey baby almost 60% of British shoppers are too lazy to return items they don't like ie we all do a big Zara haul occasionally and then they just like math can't be bothered okay that's odd to me I'm first in line the next morning but it's a big deal isn't it ordering and returning that's like kind of the way we shop nowadays as you say I sound like there's no excuse I think if everyone has got their returns policy correct then it should they should make it as easy for you as possible I guess when you have to take it to the post office yourself pay food to pay for the return yourself I guess those that have things where sometimes maybe you'll be like oh we hope this hasn't happened yet all their art you should probably check first yes yes rather than like ordering on a whim yeah apparently 86 percent of shoppers do check the returns policy you know check the kind of a sauce h&L where it's all very easy to do young is there an excuse not to return it but you see actually and not now now I do take it much more seriously don't judge me but a source used to be the one that I would find really no I could just leave it in my room and forget which is really about not now but I think because it was just is too easy that's too easy and too I don't know what it is I wouldn't do it now because now if I say it irritates me I have to give this them back but there was one of the money like you know financial spend but there was a period of time with some reason is with and also fashion I mean it's like I know a thing isn't it well I have to say yeah I am guilty of it I like for my head I ordered so many fun things from various very cheap websites which I wouldn't normally shop from but I was after a certain look and this a bit class and they I have to say admit they are so sitting onto my desk it just didn't get around to doing it and and it's the caught and it's really bad but it's because each cost was so little you know it was like eight pounds here and six pounds there and so I just effort of it yeah and packy each one of them art and I just kind of put it off and put it off and then went away for two weeks and now I'm like but that all adds up I know that totally task force on that seal and she now knows really sorry I'm like where than one day I wait I'm not going to know like friggin way very their neon metallic glitter you know what I don't I think when you try them on if you're immediately like no then take it back straightaway yeah it's where you have that like oh not quite sure or maybe you're not sure if it's like the one way you want to get some like I don't know if you've got a dress for wedding or something and you want to try and smoke and see which one the best is that's I guess where they can add up and some yeah you've only got like be on 18 day seven day policy it's like yes very gloomy yeah you also just need to be okay with queuing in the post office or finding your local DPD drama Naomi Campbell to be honored with a fashion icon award at the Fashion Awards 2019 matey here which is the second of December we feel like maybe she should have got this already she's 49 she's done a lot obviously for fashion activism charity she does it's a big name but it's deserve it definitely I mean she is absolutely incredible a true British fashion icon and totally deserves it and yeah I'm surprised she hasn't won the swords before if she has not already I was saying before I quite liked when it feels like somebody's really paid their dues yeah get an award yeah but when you watch whatever the BAFTAs the Oscars and somebody it's like oh gosh all right they're a real legend they really deserve this accolade and yeah and I say I feel like 49 I mean she's like that's plenty of experience that's Emily identify actually won it in 27 days ago she's like a in my people get Hollywood stars when they're like yeah 20 yeah exactly it's annoying wait for your word though having to wait now likes it you won't feel the hype yeah let's get outside yeah summers a bit quite a fashionable nothing okay finally some change of weather sweaty in here not as all thinking how do you get your body summer ready we're all this dong – Amanda later about the tanning element but Becky a piece has gone up on the site about kind of that cracked heel dry dull skin look tell us what should be the ball it's a well it's basically a broken down on the side timeline of what you should do so apparently before you go anyway you should spend time dry body brushing at least three weeks before you go on holiday ideally all year round yeah I don't know let you be pretty brush every day Wow yeah and you can do it in the shower or on dry skin it doesn't always have to be either you know it still makes a difference but it is the one thing that it's proven to really boost lymphatic drainage without getting yourself down the gym and just squatting yeah I've got one that's been I haven't never read an article thing saying how am I suppose I was like right get one and I have never oh that's what used to take up my feet up exactly but it is really useful for just breathing like blood to the surface and maybe a little bit but it's the only thing that gets rid of cellulite proven right yeah I know what I'm doing tonight right so that was one of them and then another piece in there that was interesting was when you file your feet ready for your holiday you should actually make sure they're dry I think everyone always does it when they're wet and soft and bendy and brave but they should be dry because I always when they're wet you can't see the patches that need I'm sorry you mean file like oh yeah sorry oh this is full of hacks but yeah I think generally I definitely need to take it all on board cuz I in case you check out all the details let's make you a goddess for the beach well ladies thanks very much that's it for now next up we're over you that with Beauty Pro Amanda Harrington don't go away actually I'm here to do new celebrity an editor I make about this and I'm going to show you how to get super glowy I do not always use foundation I actually pretty much exclusively use concealer concealer glossy is one of my favorites and I use it with a fluffy brush and I spread it really be the shear over the face it gives you this insane radiance and glow decaf EMS I'm getting the skin wet within allowing me to go in some more moisturizer there just over the cheeks to keep everything really really light and fresh she's done promise of this is that we've done three different shoots with different women wore the out there and one this is what this one is preferable then we've got a backup as well are you friends with Charlotte Tilbury you need the whole pillow talk I'll send this is a very casual dining room eighteenth century Irish mahogany table 20 Center on in Jakob says 16th century harvest recalled the Battle of when you asked me about my interior design rules about there there are no you've got to sit in this space and just be how are we going to do it how you describe your signature style everything's very maximalist a blend of lots of different color print pattern but our signature style I'd say it's a duster cardigan in the summer we use a cotton yarn and the wind turbine you try cover things like what do you get for the dress there's a lot of green John Cullen is only wearing now crocodile prune in leopard College halftime just so nice hey do something question every nice and light actually it's thin look really good be out of hair of hills evening now obvious been working as a film makeup artist painting the face of everyone from the Tomb Raider castor Sienna Miller in the dota davines Amanda harrington developed a bespoke body contouring technique making her one of the beauty industry is most respective perspective and innovative today was wrong sunless tanning experts yeah it's just so nervous than when you're present oh stop she now the crack team of talented artists working for her brand Impala delivering natural-looking chance to women all over London I'm thrilled to say she's here with us today Christian's literally jetting off to tan all the celebrities for Glastonbury so thank you for coming in Amanda who are welcome give us your proto we are thrilled I'm so excited to share this actually with you yes so you've bought products are your reign I know but before we get into that because really it's about what can we do at home because get hard all have Amanda Harrington on speed-dial that's right we can have your team but still yeah tell us but not not outside of London which is why I have created this and it's taken quite well so easy at home self-tanning tips what are your absolute essentials scrub scrub scrub scrub scrub it's so important to prep I call it the canvas because I'm an artist but prep the skin make sure it's as smooth as humanly possible hair removals done deep I mean you say that on a whim but I have specific questions on that yes let's stop with the scrub you have scrubs can you use just a loofah body brush a kind of for sure do you prefer a product scrub I prefer a product scrub because I'm sort of into ingredients so I like to super exfoliate and you can do that with glycolic so obviously we know to use glycolic on the face and it's like a hyper exfoliant and I often and can you use this oh my gosh three times a week I write and use it whenever you like but it just it it completely gets rid of all the dry skin so therefore tan is not going to cling to it which is normally when you get elbows and knees exactly exactly but it's not messy it's not a salt scrub it's like a really fine I was like a lovely horse to feed so yummy scrub yeah so it's super super easy to use and you're in a spa yeah lovely it's not okay so you've got to scrub there and you've got your pad here exactly so the part the scrubs for the body and the pads of the face so they're super quick didn't turn prep the skin for your three-step tanning method hair removal hair shaving at what point before a tan should you shave night before morning of night before is your preferred exactly same as waxing same as it however you remove hair do it the day before and also with your tan if you're going to if you've got a special occasion do it two days before that special occasion it's Han it's at their town it leaf in shame afterwards again once it's 100% vine yeah yeah yeah but and that won't be affected but just I always find that Tan especially this method it just looks so amazing two days in so any red carpet I'm doing any wedding and if any event is two days before good now it's time to settle in should you moisturize the morning of to get your skin lovely before a tan and also should you must rise after a tan well if you're scrubbing then you're going to take a lot of dead skin off but if you're like me and you have really dry knuckles elbows ankles and you know that tan clings this is why I made this little baby here which is an ultra balm it's a barrier so it stops it's an amazing hand cream on its own but just pop that on after you scrubbed right good in those areas in those areas we I mean I put it everywhere but it right yeah and then go to bed and then wake up and do your three-step tanning method okay so how do you apply your tan this looks really complicated doesn't it but it's not okay okay you're just I'm making things easier for you here a primer a primer so as you do your makeup as you do anything your nails we put base cream you know we put base polish on we put primers on our face that is that for the body collagen in its collagen it's high trionic it's a loan it feels really classy Tanner it's classy ya know love Island tan we're taking it seriously yeah okay you mention this is a 3d town not to detail exactly so that is where yeah so you put this all over like a body lotion it's also got DHA in it so DHA is the tan is what dies the skin oh so the privacy that crime gorgeous hand huh yeah you are I mean it's it's like a gradual tan so it's a duo product okay so once you've turned you use this day to day three day four top top-up pratense okay but what will what you're going to do is going to use your mousse which is like a souffle it's super light Dominator Oh then a brush or so that's like it so this is what makes it 3d so bye-bye MIPS which is 2d flat going straight over about it okay yeah you're just gonna blend right now Wow so that's streak free completely streak free and you can actually get in all the nooks and crannies yeah I mean y'all go everywhere you just go in your ears you go I mean here Wow and you can make muscles so you know you can too so you define the muscle groups so there's loads of tutorials based around it there's loads of illustrations I just feel a clean brush I mean I want the dead to brush I'm not dirty but in town brush but I'll look how in that like whoa I mean you'd add more you know I mean I hate my forearms I think they're really big so I just want to make sure that they go down a bit I wasn't aware but weird isn't it getting it yeah you want if they go through your thing wow this is lovely anything and so this is a base one that's why it feels like a treatment pills and loves it it is really like and you're doing something really nice for your self yeah but your art in color that is such a so there's not like a green disgusting pigment of it some do you put on tan you're like oh I'm literally painting on it ribbing slide these are like super light yes fascinating okay how did you get your book just cool windows yeah that will pour arms gonna main though it's fun buzzing I'm a patchwork well how'd you get your back though with this brush so we're creating a bat brush just give me some time I think they've taken since 2011 Wow so the back brush is gonna take a little bit of time so in the in the meantime own it ask someone to do it for you I mean you pretty you can get it all you are cuz I actually can actual areas right okay I can do it too but just it's just that tiny little bit here just ask a friend or leave it out I mean like it's not the what end in a while exactly okay exactly um but it coming so this basically is your system for a streak-free naturally shrink the brush really yes and it's smell free as if you watch on my leg are you yes I mean it's instant so it's instantly dry and then you can about your day put leather trousers on I don't care what you do white dresses yes bedsheets yes totally fine Wow because this buffs it in it's not sitting on top it's were not it's not allowing your skin to absorb it you're already you've already done the hard work yeah this just sounds miraculous patches though so the L but the areas yeah if you've done your bomb if you've done your bar and would you do bomb just before applying again to prevent if you're really dry right not don't worry about it just work it into is your primer all over because that then allows this to beautifully glide onto the skin and you get a longer-lasting town I mean you know seven days from no really how much will that develop how dark all that go I mean pretty dark it's not eating as a layering system so as dark as you'd like it to go Wow so if you wanna just look like you know really well versus where you be right so it's one one one stride because I call it so one layer and then ah maybe I need a bit more okay a little bit more so it's just shell rental why is that because it's thin skin it's on bone so you can stipple pack it in okay a bronzing mist I actually eat the best why so and you need to be very careful of hair lines eyebrows and nooks and crannies with a Miss not at all so I've made it super this is collagen collagen mist with slight color there's three skin tones here so we're going on skin tones not light medium and dark which is really decent of you because we are not all the same no and I've color guided it for all of skins op jaundice no rose pay list of the pails and then honey which is California like beautiful you know that golden look that we all want in the summer and it doesn't matter your skin tone you can still use the Californian shop right okay yeah yeah for sure it's up to you is how you want to look but if you base yourself in the olive camp which is that you naturally tan then you're going to look like you've been away for a few days with some set that on my face with now I know I see some spray it on the brush you still spray on the brush but it's super light I mean Johanna do you have a look I mean I made oh I'm kidding yeah I 100% even we makeup I mean whatever and then you just put a bit on and you can create a lift it's like Bron it's a contouring it's semi-permanent contouring so you wake up you look oh god I love writing and would you do this pre makeup and then pre makeup and then hopefully what I want you to do is wear less makeup which is just in the sea oh that's really what you want yeah you're only wearing base to give yourself color I just want a little bit of a tinted moisturizer on this is a dream but you can make everything blended so the hairline isn't a problem blended in everyone needs this in their life I do a mime is not paid endorsement this is just genuine obsessed okay going on holiday should you fake tan before holiday if you want to catch a little bit it doesn't matter right it won't affect that won't affect it so think of your think of your skin layers your tan will sit on layer 3 and your suntan goes to layer 5 so they're not they're not fighting each other right okay go to my skin awareness in SPF is super important okay that is important and I was going to ask about tips to avoid transfer onto clothes but yours doesn't as long as it's how long do you need to wait just for getting dress ten minutes okay 5-10 minutes it's really but you can all feel like that but let me put anything silly oh it's not it's nothing it's dry ah okay and that is the power of this right the brush the brush is key for this that's occasion and how do you clean the brush just I've made a really really lovely brush shampoo so it's for all your makeup brushes and your body brushes because you're going to be tooled up and then you just it's you know it's like natural hair just treat them like your hair oh gosh well treat them nicer than why my hair do you think therefore for a mere mortal it's easy to achieve a natural looking tan at home without seeking a professionals help the only thing I can do is basis on my current clients and so for clients that I've seen weekly for years and now I can't see so much I gave them a pack and I should see how you get on and I haven't seen them since it's so easy it's so easy and the feedback is so unlike admins I can do this in ten minutes and it's like wow you can do that in ten minutes that's are over it's like if the man you know right oh yeah you know the tools to that she's water and all that and it's all there and you become quite addicted to it definitely so talk to us about the tones ha like I know I'm olive-skinned but natural honey sounds lovely so how do you know which one do I love you right so we have definitions on the website and we can get happily guide you through those two so that at the moment there's three skin tones natural rose natural honey and natural olive so Rose is if you're fair very fair skinned and you've got light eyes or you burn easily in the Sun honey is if you can if you've got that yellow undertone but you're quite golden and you've got either very urban hair or blonde and you can a little bit in the Sun and by day five you are tan yeah and then olive is is UAE it's an Italian skin it's it's it's a yellow very yellow green right home so it suits your skin that's what I've made for you thank you it's okay and just finally because I feel like we talk all day and I know that everyone interacts and loves tan yeah but how do you avoid it then going patchy once it's on it looks beautiful but I guess bits wear off quickly faces hands all that exactly so this is this is why these are quite good because you can easily top-up so face go hands go feet go the extremities so I always use this pack just to oh I've got a really white hand let me just put a little bit of mist Oh Matt's never spray mist on your face direct always on the brush some people do like yeah it's up to you but I'll either you know I like control yeah and then oh gosh yes oh you know just do it a little bit I do it in the boot I do it the back of my boot just oh my god my foots white hold on so it's a patch-up situation Wow but to prolong it you've got your primers you've got your graduals here so you use those every day it becomes part of your skincare instead of a body cream or a face just brilliant I mean I could talk to you all day but I will have to stop no thank you so much for joining us a man that we are hook line of you here Thank You Stephanie no need to go on holiday now to get our brilliance for more information on impala and their tanning services check out Amanda Harrington dot-com now and next up it's time for style watch don't go away [Music] now regular viewers will remember last month's style watch our new series in which we dissect the best outfits from Instagram the red carpet and beyond well it's back again for June and we've got a veritable feast for you to munch on luckily our fashion girls here to take time or Nicky what's wrong with me I come home Charlotte gone yep I'll just talk okay so first up we're gonna look at a beach and see who was at Ascot ladies day last week I'm in head-to-toe white oh as she looked so human magnet every trend she was and you said that she just had a baby maybe not less than two weeks prior and how incredible does she look she looks amazing I love the fact that there's an opportunity to wear white yes during summer because you know there's always fabulous white dresses out there you can't buy them to all the peoples weddings so how nice to have an event you can't wear a great white dress yeah oh my Wimbledon Queen exactly based on that you this is proof that there are and you couldn't wear that to Wimbledon well no and it's eternal it's really elegant and it kind of looks like a vintage inspired doesn't it I love it like the ruffles on it and ruffles the UM tassel tassels yeah um super gorgeous and elegant and that has to die for yes we get a lot of questions about what to wear to ask for and how to make it look yes how to look good how to not look dated I mean you have to have a certain type of body probably to wherever I slipped a position for this shape for sure even a lot could show a thigh and I think the solicitors probably I think there's actually it denotes like how many inches you can go but what I was gonna say is that the tips taping this is head to toe part of locking yeah because actually if you're scared about looking you know messy or dated or whatever just going from one block color and if you're brave at a white or a neutral it's a really easy way to look chic yeah ultimate like chic modern ticked okay next we're gonna look at Daisy natural she was at the V&A summer party which this year was of course I'm hot with you all because they have the amazing to your exhibition you there if you haven't been it go she is the founder of the deck which what you said you spoke about it last week we did talk about her being one of the best rest as well she's two very chic oh yeah deck is a tailoring brand viewers of behind the scenes will have seen Georgie go and visit them yes I know G was obsessed with the Afghan and God I mean this is proof she wouldn't ask what you say when it comes to tailoring yeah and I think if you described it a lemon double breasted suit with a white lapel I think you'd be like oh gosh it's not gonna work but she looks incredible however she also is known for wearing I guess her creations at things yeah and with the confidence that again you've got to just own the look don't you you too but again there's nothing that other people can't replicate with this it's not a Latina well it's not like she's got you know fabulous accessories or anything she's literally just wearing yeah a great cut suit and a pair of heels yeah that's amazing yeah and I think you're right I think it's wearing that type of thing with confidence as well you've got to own it wearing the Hyde Street yeah oh yeah or under the stories do really yeah pastille Taylor ethically it has this mumbled a slight sheen to it and stories has a really nice pink sheen a suit yeah gorgeous yeah so definitely have a look that okay let's move on Christina Chandler over was I'm not that guest at the V&A party and she is wearing head-to-toe Dior on this outfit right it's the Carey skirt yeah it is stunning I still around then is I think that never goes well Stuart I'm sorry originally wore in yeah the final season Saxon City but they're Maria gratia who's the current unrealistic he new creative arts behind you really give it a renaissance brought it back modernized it so put it with things like you know first hand ring like this which really yeah reinvented the look yeah and those slim gaps as well again they were so every element going anywhere the moon which is good to know if you did invest but you can get lots of high street dupes can't be I do too but it's also a lot of money it's a lot of money yeah and there are things that you know with a big logo on them that potentially will go out deep but these are such a classic shoe there's actually they're pretty timeless lately but if you do want to get the look unfortunately don't have achieved before the heels but we do have a jeep for the big tulle skirt which is gorgeous and you can get the city quit on Theory the same that's a no-brainer okay to move on a bit of summer inspo now we've got Fashion Bug blogs and lovely Laura Wales in probably the best job to you I've ever seen which I have I heard yeah I went black I went black no because white I just felt was unless you're Laura yeah and your children don't get dirty I didn't know how I would maintain white people and and also I just thought was more wearable for latex yeah this I think is my favorite look of the whole whole week I'm widely absolutely I would never put that down it's winning yes it's a we the white the linen the frills they're like back detail it's just it's so cute yeah but I just like so easy as well like on a beach you know in the evening on holiday it's such a gorgeous exactly exaggeration and it's lovely linen it's 150 pounds but you are going to come back to it some are young and frail Lily is like a lovely small brand who she literally does there yeah so it's like you're really supporting a nice small gosh it's not like a you know huge loads of really cute kids we're like super sweet rompers if you know if you're looking to buy gifts and she does with boys too I didn't like yeah no frills certainly like if you want your like one-year-old Emma cute yes what rump respect and a twinning can be cringe but I feel like this is yeah sure yeah I'm sure the High Street for kids at least worth a similar yes correct yeah but actually this one's fifty pounds the little of the mini ones so not super cheap but yeah and actually the the dung the junglers aren't so miss those tops at once that I tried on only the summer in Braille so yeah definitely options on the history as well judge okay next we're gonna look at implements that Tiffany sue who's wearing the Isabelle ront jumpsuit or dreams I mean I don't know where to start that's my Kayla suit with with big loose shoulders and turned up coughs it's proportionately a perfect performance you know I think with that it is those styling tweaks it is that rolled up cuff it is the cinched at the waist it's those big exaggerated sleeves that make again it's got like a cord black collar on it which I think when you described it be like oh good on baby pink I'm not sure about that but actually those bits Mesa cool and white is bomber on is just oh she's so incredible with her designs and always we come back to like when do we ever do an edit in this bubble on sorry yeah can I ask before replicating they look is there any thing styling wise you think is an absolute must or must not with it it's feminizing it with a pair of hills so that's what's stopping this from looking too like she's off to go and working buildings yeah a pair of trainers because it's got there's no Anka non-show is oversized on top it's automatically going to be a bit more masculine a bit more bulky soso a feminine shoe is that yeah okay with that look great but I think with the boiler suit trendy do you want it to be quite loose I don't think you want yeah it's high yeah I think about the shape exact size up and then balance out exactly all you know we're cool earrings or some things so I think feminizing it that way and we do actually have another good house youtube right there for 55 pals from Topshop as well and there's actually there's loads of these around my friend connection or friend looking both have wheeler all three of us oh yeah no it's they're really easy to find the high street and actually there's also a jacket of this boiler suits yeah amazing but also potentially if you're a bit scared of the whole look is a lovely way to do it just wear baggy jeans I think he wants it exactly right so a really good sale right now so good yes go shopping okay let's move on to Murray Mick who is an influencer wearing probably the best out of five seen so far this summer starting my voice is so amazing cuz it's so elegant I mean she's got the killer tan with an amazing white body see and it's which you can now get yourself in is just saying super elegant and I think again if you break down this look it's a cream body scoop bodysuit a pleated midi skirt white sunglasses I think she's even got flip-flops I mean Lincoln almost how they are nourished I mean it's just like it's relaxed it's chic it's cool it's like pulled together but it's not you know looks off duty and just relaxed young however again I always keep banging on about this remember her body is suited to wearing not much structure sure yeah you know like her bosom can happily be in a simple thing and also though simple hair amazing glasses abuse yeah the beauty I think is key to this there's no expensive like no jewelry going on whatsoever her sit back so it looks neat and tidy if you're not somebody who's gonna wear a tight body see like that wear a white t-shirt with a look it still will it you know it's not gonna look exactly like this but if what you're looking for is implicitly it's an easy everyday on holiday it's bacon hot outside look it's gonna look even office appropriate maybe not as a body but with a t-shirt that it's very simple yeah and it's I think you're so right there there's sort of there's not loads of things that going on in the look with which your show goes to show you that you know you can wear three great pieces and look elegant exactly and very easy to replicate again I'm talking about great body suits and those pizzas skirts are everywhere everywhere if you're out I reckon everybody's got one of those no water yeah she pull it out um okay next let's look at Amina Mirage II who is wearing round at the moment Asha Cove with a pair of we done denim I think it's actually then redone oh that's what a grounding a kiss it's a collaboration between a Sakura and we done yeah plasmatic you talk and I mean they're known for their statement party pieces yes and how come to see it just sound a little bit so cool and I think you're just showing as well how you can wear like ripped denim but still feel like cool and fresh in in the summer as well I love that like exaggerated ruched detail around the throne it's super amazing I'm in the public know just talk I mean that's like your perfect going out right we ome neva people always like G's in a nice talk this is how to get the look of make it modern the attica is expensive but so are actually have some really good really pieces at the moment like you know one-shoulder statement shoulders things that look really expensive yeah because they're more statement also just to say I mean as shoe line mmm is she has her own brand right and I mean those must be a pair of her killer heels there and they are mega – yeah yeah and that can elevate a jeans and a top exec beautifully and those are again with top notes but those are the strappy sandals of the summer which everybody is wearing it's not so yeah really easy also to get those on the high street so are H&M exactly a minute it's a glam fairy' okay finally we're gonna look at thunder crystal Kristofferson he was wearing I mean again the Victoria Beckham t-shirt that everybody has been wearing and the denim controversial denims this is nothing a big topic of discussion how you know I think Allah where I could not wear a knee-length tight shorts yes and I think but and I could not just put it out there but some people definitely can I think you need long legs I guess so yeah that counts me out too I think you need you need a bit of length but if you're gonna I like how she started it with a long blazer yeah that does a lot of the hard work for you covering up any nasties any bits that you don't want on show if you are uncommon and she's what she's made it look pretty effortless with the casual t-shirt as well lately but the heel is essentially st.

sure oh gosh you know can't borrow at the training you know again it's one of those trends where you really have to feminize it's kind of maybe this is kind of like the cycling short of the summer moon the new at least it's sorry a bigger like a more substantial material that there for work appropriate that's a great length room yeah exactly yeah I think it depends on your industry but the yeah it's it's slightly shorter an incredibly sporty look so you know if you want something that fit I actually think this is more wearable yeah then it's like not sure yeah that is a hard trend though it's some people look very good in it you do well ladies that was very exciting oh I find it exciting we like so much well it is all for this week though as usual though everything will be linked in the show notes below big thanks to Amanda of course for joining us the team we'll be back on Thursday with a very special fashion clinic so we'll see you Thursday [Music].