Summer Fashion Essentials | Model Guide

[Music] hi guys I’m Miranda today I’m going to be showing you some summer essentials we have some wonderful fabric and patterns and just some basic simple things that are good for summer when it’s hot and you want to move around so enjoy so the first thing that I

think is so important is a good pair of data you want to know that it’s easy to move around in I’m really into these ones right here like a nice dinner skirt one that is easily movable and this one is Topshop it’s my favorite they have really great

denim fits really well and it’s made really well structured super nice so yeah this is a nice and obscure but everyone should have and then we have this pair of Levi’s Levi’s are just great for moving around and these ones are shorter but really great see I have

my favorite jeans so these are around the wedge it fit but from Levi’s and they have a nice rip in the knee and then they’re sort of cut off at the bottom like this but they’re super super comfortable and easy to move around in so all right and

I love Levi’s they have the little patch on the bottom and then I have these which are from urban I got these not that long ago but these are really great with like a nice flowy shirt and so these ones are super lightweight and just flowy and you

can breathe in them which is super nice because if you’re wanting to wear something longer yeah so and then Tamara looks like a nice tank top upper with a belt or a little bit more high-waisted you can so these are a great essential item you have this fun

shirt which is great I have not worn this one yet but just got it from Topshop they have really great items which are summery but also kind of more editorial find a nice detailing the stitching right here where’s and then I love the little details on the sleeves

which is really nice this shirt which is also from Topshop it is a really nice detailing right in here and it kind of opens up in the front which is super cool and fun so you can wear open or close it but I love how has this little

hole of the fabric and it’s super lightweight recently I went to sup for love and lemons warehouse sale I picked up these two items is this one which is a cute little summer dress and then I don’t know if you can tell but there’s a bunch of little

butterflies coming off of them and little bugs and I just think it’s super cute and lightweight for like a nice day or if you’re going out on the town you know it’s fun and honey this one which is my favorite I got this one at the Berlin Women’s

warehouse sale as well it’s just super nice statement coat and you can wear it over jeans or you can dress it up you just super cool and then it has it’s like reflective stitching in there so it’s super shiny and the powder and the textures of me that

is so cool and another great thing about this is that it’s super lightweight and it’s not very heavy so if you’re just somewhere a night on the beach or something it’s great to wear like at night during the day it might get a little hot but I think

for nighttime is really amazing because it is so lightweight and so next let’s go into shoes some really great shoes for the summer are these amazing Nike Cortez these are kind of old-school and fun and you can wear them with jeans or you can wear them with shorts

or whatever really these are super fun and I love how they’re just kind of like a statement within themselves really really great really comfortable as well so I recently picked up these low top platform converse and these are super cool these are also great for castings or really

anything because they give you that extra little height this is – which is nice they look really nice with really anything jeans shorts on the skirt but these are super cool and they’re just like the low top ones but just with a little bit of ink to them

and another pair of shoes I have are these just kind of nude converse low tops these are super great to wear like you know like kind of more detailed outfit going on it’s kind of new just kind of accents them a little bit which is nice they’re super

super comfortable everyone’s got a love favorite pair of chucks and everyone has their go-to flip-flops or sandals that they like to throw into summer I thought I had these for going out they have these are the Steve Madden Carson block heels which have a little bit of a

block heel to them so they’re super easy to wear super comfortable they’re nice to wear for long times and without your feet hurting or needing to take them off so that’s always nice and they’re just a nice nude color which I love because they kind of match with

anything especially in the summer when there are more colors going on your wardrobe we wear a lot of jewelry in the summertime it’s just going to be so hot and we live in Phoenix and yeah I just so you kind of like don’t like it getting in the

way of the activities I like to do I like to swim a lot so I mean I don’t have to be taking it on and not often that kind of thing so but yeah I think earrings are a great way to just kind of add a little bit

of into whatever it is you’re wearing and lately I’m super into statement earrings these are kind of like a drop earring little blood pieces which are really cool they’re reflective and gold which I love my lot of cold accessories and these are just super fun and lightweight which

is great for somewhere of course these ones as well these are a little bit more dressy but you can dress them down as well I love to the shape and the geometric shape that they have to them these ones are super cool as well I just kind of

drop and then have like some detail which i think is super fun and great for summer so thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed if you like this video give it a thumbs up and subscribe down below [Music]