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Oh [Music] I can love you with my eyes closed [Music] hi guys so today’s video is going to be a summer fashion essentials video basically these are kind of my staple pieces for my everyday outfit kind of the things that I can’t live without as far as what

I wear and what I always gravitate towards so these pieces have been in rotation for these past couple weeks especially just mixing and matching these particular items but I want to share with you guys kind of those pieces and then ways I style them in different outfits with

my outfit ideas so I hope that you guys enjoy this video and if you’re interested go ahead and keep watching so I feel like I haven’t done a fashion video in a while so I definitely thought that this would be kind of helpful as an overall just summer

fashion must-haves type of thing and first off you got to start off with these denim shorts I obviously love love my denim shorts I feel like you just go with absolutely everything when I am up and out of the door in the summer about 90% the time I’m

wearing shorts so these are kind of my favorite and so I have this darker wash and levi’s especially if you by its bit and just the fraying it’s always just exactly what I like in a denim short so yeah I got this pair and this pair from naked

comm so let her know where I got certain seasons I’ll be sure to you guys know about that in the descriptions to kind of see working at these different items I got these a while back they may not have to be exact like wash and all that stuff

but they basically always have like drifted looking different washes and Levi’s and a bunch of different sizes so naked comm is a good safe and also the Nordstrom sells them a lot I found a couple here and there at PacSun and I’ve gotten like my favorite hair ever

actually drifted but they don’t anymore so you can kind of find here and there I’ll involved has some I’ve never gotten from their site before though those are kind of my main places that I find these at yeah and then it seems a little too they have a

little like embellishment on it with some markstram so I’m inside like 25ish so about a side someone in Levi’s here and these are really really flattering they make my butt look a lot better than any other shorts do which is also why they like these so I’ll try

okay I’m wearing right now I really really like these are from PacSun so yeah I had a lot of questions on my Instagram asking where it got these denim shorts from so they’re from a couple of different places but I absolutely love these alright next category is crop

tops which includes like two tops and off the shoulder tops they’re all like cropped so I kind of want to put it under that category and I have to apologize pretty much all these tops are from brandy melville I live in Seattle and they recently just open one

ten minutes away from me and there are absolutely no branding models in Washington the closest one would probably be Canada so I went out to like I went crazy in that stores so it’s kind of all I go wearing lately and all that I am about to share

with you guys is from brandy you guys get the idea and honestly like brandy is not cheapest place with pom poms expensive and I just like how lightweight everything is it’s just so wearable and casual and they have like really really cute patterns and colors and the size

fits me really well so that’s why I kind of I’m a huge fan but two tops I love love tube tops are so simple and a lot of you guys asked where this one’s from I posted it I’m secure I’m in this picture right here and it’s for

Brandi so it’s just a simple heather gray to top it just fits really snug and then I love these ruched tube tops as well on this one a patent on it possible for brandy this sounds a little bit different than what I used if your habitate towards but

I love the way it looked I have a little tie in the front and think she’s really cute and feminine perfect for the summertime and the straps are adjustable which is always nice so there’s that one and then I love off-the-shoulder looks this one has a little off

the shoulder replicas going on right here and it has like kind of a loose fit with this like scrunched this going on at the bottom awesome description words it means good jobs so these ones obviously pair like all of these go with any of these shorts basically that’s

what I love there’s so easier to match and literally this is like all these up let’s about to show you guys you can mix and match pretty much any of them so if you are ballin on a budget you just gotta get some cute crop tops and like

to Levi’s shirts in your set honestly you can just mix and match and Levi’s are a bit more expensive so you can buy like just a few and the two tops go from around like ten to twenty five dollars which isn’t too bad so that’s pretty pretty doable

I think if you are trying to save money alright so if I’m not wearing shorts I am wondering a sundress or a romper like that’s pretty much it so I have been really really into sundresses lately I just like the idea of having outfit on one piece and

it’s just so flowy and just so easygoing so they’re kind of my favorite some different styles I want to show you guys so this first one is guess learn Brandi but it kind of looks like almost like a Tommy Hilfiger or like some sort of vintage brand but

it’s not so I really love the way that this one looks and I posted a few pictures as well on this chart my boyfriend really likes this dress though yeah but that one looks like for something a little bit more feminine concurrently I got this off shoulder roughly

1 and seems like your typical brand new dress I swear but you can find like really good Sun dresses at packs on on first room as well this one is from urban and this look a little bit more fitted it’s like the trail it’s like a nice light

linen and it has a lot it has a little bit more structure to it so that senshu AIT’s the waistline really nice and it hasn’t just a really cute look about it I really really like so there’s that one and then favorite robber I have at the moment

also from urban it’s this one here and they had this in several different colors but I just really liked the white I feel like it’s really fresh and you can accessorize with like gold jewelry make it more glam or more like fat so that’s what I really really

like about this Roberts who wear it with heels or with sandals to the beach or to dinner so it’s always about how first child pieces and that’s what I really really like it’s how you can make the same piece kind of in two different looks just because it’s

something so staple so next category is jewelry more specifically hoops I absolutely love my hoops right now I don’t really wear that much jewellery usually mostly because I don’t do blue stuff or just get some away and of taking it off and then lien so my hoops I

just can’t lose their stuff throughout the day and these ones here are from an apology there’s a really nice thin gold too and then my other favorite I have our card strip actually didn’t pop shop but still in this room so I got these silver ones and they

kind of get a little bit thicker at the bottom here which makes it look a little different but I like how these ones you can close them because I’ve gotten a few hoop earrings that have just little plastic rubber stoppers and most always end up coming out of

my ears so these ones are very secure which is nice they are like 20 funds and I hate losing hair because it’s not like it’s a treat so yeah hoop earrings and then I got this little cute bracelet from Anthropologie so like little dainty pieces are really cute

for the summer as well stuff that’s like rose gold silver gold go with absolutely everything next category is scandal so comfortable easy to walk in and any of these outfits can be paired with these juicy and always so I have a point here there Olivia Miller but I

got to pump everything but water I think that’s what it’s called it’s just to store that and the shoppings in there nearby and I love the crochet detailing it’s very nice on your feet does it not too tight is it rough weird so I really really like these

and then these ones are just leather straps leather goes with any color scheme you got going on your outfit these are from urban I got something like $25 or something but they have them in different colors too so you can get like a whole bunch of different ones

people on all right so last category is sneakers so once again you can pair any of these outfits with sandals or sneakers and I really really like white sneakers during the summer so my favorites are the Stan Smith ideas which downstairs but I’ll insert a clip of me

wearing them right here and they’re kind of dirty because I wear them a lot that kinds of downside to having white shoes I’m still wear them I really don’t care but they’re really comfortable and you just slip on when you’re on your way out the door but because

are my favorites and pieces at the moment yes so that is basically it for my summer fashion essential like I said be sure to talk about the just lit up be sure to check out the description box below or I’ll put different stores that I tend to find

these if items that that are my favorite places to shop and such yeah that’s basically it for the video I hope you guys enjoyed it be sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter and snapchat but it’s quick video I hope that you guys are having a wonderful

summer and thank you so much for watching hope you’re having a wonderful day I sure I keep your much a baby up you in the pose I’m in the pen with your baddest intentions your bed and I mentioned that you had with my eyes open there’s no one

better there’s blender today buddy like a queen but I never surprise baby so much big I roll enough but I’m gonna hop when you’re ready