Summer Fashion Haul! ♡ Topshop, H&M, Wasteland + More! – ThatsHeart

greetings to all of you so I’m back to do another haul video for you guys and I’m slightly embarrassed to do this video because I just uploaded a fashion haul video not very long ago and ever since that video I’ve sent more shopping more damage and I’m not

I’m not proud of myself but what are you gonna do so I’m just gonna get right into this video because there’s lots of cute things to show you guys but a little disclaimer out there this video may want to make you go shopping because I’m going to show

you lots of cute things that you may want for yourself so you’ve been more in so I’m just gonna start off with what I’m wearing I’m wearing this really cute kimono I got this from a store called I think it was called fashion Jay lately I’ve been all

about kimonos I live in kimonos these days especially for the summer I think they’re the perfect cover-up it’s very Airy very loose very comfortable and you don’t really have to think about it when you’re wearing it it’s just kind of there I’m also wearing this crop top it’s

by Topshop and what I really love about it is the scalloped detailing I think it’s super adorable I also got it in black just because I’m obsessed with it and I think it’s perfect for summer they’re very airy as you guys can tell it’s a little bit on

the shear side but once you’re wearing it it doesn’t really show too much I mean I’m wearing a black bra underneath this and you guys can’t even see I’m wearing a black bra so it’s not too sheer I got a few more things from Topshop and I got

this crop top this one sleeves on it and this is a little bit more on the shear side you can definitely see the raw area when wearing this but I think it’s fine you can wear it to the beach or if there’s a bonfire party another one from

Topshop is this really cute shirt that I’m obsessed with it’s also a crop top but it’s not to crop top and what I really love about it is the detailing at the ends of the sleeves and down here I think it just adds a really feminine touch they

actually have this in different colors and I’m thinking of going back and getting the other colors just because I’m obsessed with this shirt alright so next are from H&M and the first one is this short right here the moment I saw this I knew I had to get

it love at first sight you guys love it for sites it’s just one of those really nice blue shirts you can probably wear this with a pair of jean shorts or boyfriend jeans I definitely wear this with a pair of boyfriend jeans I think it would look really

cute I also got this shirt from H&M it’s a floral shirt in says fresh love which I don’t really care for I don’t really care for this part but I bought it anyway because I feel like this would be a really huge shirt to lounge around in and

I love me some floral stuff so I bought it the last item I got from H&M is another floral shirts but this one is a crop top it’s one of those loose crop tops which I personally really love hi junior high huh go back to sleep can we

please take a moment and just appreciate how cute Junior is it’s like he’s posing for the camera hi Junior hi baby I went to the store called wasteland and I think it’s a thrift shop they have really cute things and I only got one item and it’s this

floral shirt I I was about to say shirts floral skirt right here surprise surprise another floral item of the original price for this was around fifty or sixty dollars but I only bought it for twenty dollars which I thought was a steal but I just thought it was

really cute I really loved the color combination on this I think it’s absolutely perfect for summer so I normally don’t shop at PacSun but for some reason I decided to go into one of their stores and I’m so glad I did because I found the perfect boyfriend jeans

for me I have been on a hunt for the perfect boyfriend jeans for the longest time it’s really hard to find one that suits me perfectly because I’m so short and majority of um just look very weird on me finally I found a pair that fits me I

love it so much that I got two of them the first one is in lighter color I love the detailing on it I love how the buttons are rose gold / copper the second one is just a regular pair of dark denim boyfriend jeans I think they look

perfect on me so happy I found these good job Paxson in case you guys were wondering it’s called the bullhead denim Co it’s the super soft a boyfriend perfect fits vintage-inspired jeans that was a mouthful I just proved my hunger alright so the last items I’m going to

show you guys are from daily look and the first one is this awesome Komodo as I’ve mentioned I’m all about kimonos these days and I think this one is perfect this one reminds me of Hawaii Cancun some sort of tropical location every time I’m wearing this I feel

like I need to be on vacation it’s screams vacation or you need to be on vacation or get ready because I’m about to show you another set of floral items and the first one is this floral top this actually has a matching skirt but I don’t think I’d

ever wear them together because I don’t know I tried them together and it did nothing for my figure I felt like I was just drowning inside both of them I actually wore this skirts already and posted it on Instagram and a lot of you seem to like it’s

at the top I haven’t worn but I’m definitely really excited to play around with it let me know down in the comment section what you guys would wear with this one coffee break yes so good the last thing from daily look are these super cute sandals they are

by Dolce Vita I have been eyeing these sandals for the longest time and I’m so glad I got them because they are seriously so perfect for summer I really love the color combination on this lately I’ve been all about white sandals and this is perfect I also really

like how the heels are not too tall I’ve worn this a few times and they’re super comfortable so good job thumbs up to Dolce Vita alright you guys so that’s it for this video thank you so much for watching be sure to give this video a big thumbs

up if you enjoyed it and I think that’s it I love you guys have an awesome day and I will see you in a few days in my next video bye