Summer Fashion Haul & Try On

[Music] [Applause] so today we’re doing a haul with free people who are an American brand and I think the thing to point out when you talk about three people is that they might be American but they do absorb all the shipping costs so I’m you don’t to be

worried if you’re ordering from overseas yes exactly so first off in their new summer collection we have this white baby doll dress which I think it’s just so pretty it’s not thin so it’s not a holiday dress but I think this is a great London option when the

weather’s a little bit warmer here I think this is just adorable I mean it is absolutely lovely and it feels amazing and as you say it it’s not it’s not very thin in line I think in the evening on holiday wear that you know with a really brown

legs yeah I’m gold sandals but equally over pair of leather trousers yeah that’s easy to see it would look fab yeah really cool absolutely gorgeous I think that’s one of my favorite pieces and it kind of have seen in a long time amazing yeah it is it does

all the work for you as well you don’t need much accessorizing you know you can just kind of throw it on and go yeah it’s stunning yes Dunning and and quite transitional you know I don’t think they were at this time of year oh you don’t want to

spend huge amounts on summer clothes you’re not going to wear for that much yeah to me this is really something that you can wear well into the author of Daphne’s agreeing it’s stunning nice so free people are also a bit of a hero for evening wear and this

dress is kind of case in point it comes in a couple of other shades but I think this green is the one that packs a real punch it’s the most stunning something green yeah it comes in white it comes in black yeah and maybe a couple of others

but I think the point to make as well is that you think of three people and you think this very sort of bohemian Miranda you know it’s part of the same family as anthropology yes and you think of these sorts of pieces but as you say it has

some incredible evening I can’t believe when I saw some of the evening where they had this season I kind of couldn’t urge people and no yeah and we ran a second round of story on their dresses remember and it performed amazingly people love that yeah yeah it’s sort

of dressy but modern and relaxed at the same time yeah I just think that’s so clever and this is just the most beautiful dress definitely so next up we have another off the shoulder dress but this one’s so pretty and if you’re really kind of prepare to embrace

the real boho versions that I’m really really worried yeah of course Red Bull and if you can even really get on camera how stunning that is and the how the color combinations work really well together don’t they I mean who would have thought orange red already looks so

good together I love the sleeve detailing as well you know we’ve seen a lot of this kind of trumpet detail around and it’s just a simple but effective yeah really nice and I like the pockets as well and it’s really that incredible tomorrow Redmond is so around the

season all it’s always around in the summer but just works on any skin color yeah any hair color and it’s just so flattering definitely so we can’t get enough of the white lacy roughly blouse look at this time of year and I think this is just another really

great version of that trend I think this is one of the best if not the best blouses of this variety I mean it is absolutely beautiful and it’s so nice yeah say like so easy to wear there’s nothing stiff about it there’s nothing you know I think sometimes

with lace it can feel a bit bulky and a bit yeah restrictive new is the most easy easy top unlike that lovely covered bottom detailing at the back lovely with a high-waisted trousers yeah completely gorgeous and a bit sexy as well with it yeah it is it’s the

kind of thing we see so many street style stars in whether it’s with a pair of denim shorts or whether it’s with skinny jeans whatever you can kind of dress it up or down however you like so obviously the tee dress look is another one that’s been around

knows the summer and this is just a really creative way to sport that look so as you can see it’s kind of one short tea dress with this funky yeah if this detachable like Cape coat thing we’ve also seen a lot of these kind of kimono style jackets

so this is a dress yeah how brilliantly cool write hate that off and wear that with a pair of jeans or with a pair of denim shouts on holiday and equally there’s a little dress yes clever new both exactly and exactly that’s amazing how clever really clever I

love the idea of this just a repair blue jeans and white t-shirt so do I just with that colored yeah that’s so nice no one’s done that have they no it’s really unusual and actually I presume you could even take away what’s underneath and just that wear that

on the phone for evening wear I love that would be quite nice as yeah it’s a really nice low V yeah again I love the sleeves it’s I suppose that’s what you get with Free People Jane you get these kind of slightly more intricate details it’s cool that’s

really clever really clever and a great investment I mean that is two pieces yeah endless ways so next up we have this play suit which is really Isabel moron to me it’s got that I notice you know boho meets Parisian chic nurse which i think is just it’s

really effective but also it’s a bit more grown-up than normal a suits and some play seats look very young but it’s a bit more covered up I mean it’s got an open back yeah which is nice and it’s just a bit more grown-up and I think this quilted

tie is really yeah yeah but it just adds a bit of something doesn’t it but you could always take it off and add something glitzy or if you wanted to wear it in the evening you know it’s quite a versatile piece that’s really versatile I think that’s just

it I mean that would be great on the beach yeah with a great big hat but also could be evening with some great jewelry and the arteries yeah it’s very nice next up we have this watery high neck blouse which to me is this is the perfect transition

piece it’s obviously in their summer collection but I mean this is something you’re gonna wear through from you know through to November it’s a great color this dark teal that’s what makes it so traditional really and I just love the sleeve detailing I do – I agree I

think it’s a stunning color and it’s nice to see you know three people do these kind of tops you know you know these are things you can watch work yeah but equally they’re things that are also so sort of Bohemia mm-hmm relaxed and laid-back and I think you

know they’re perhaps you would necessarily associate with that brand definitely it’s one in particular I love it but it’s really small it’s quite structured this one I think which also makes it that bit more wearable kind of whatever you’re doing yeah I just think it’s lovely it’s quite

a flattering color as well like the red on a lot of people’s so I think that’s a good buy yeah really nice a slightly darker teal it snows so going back to free people’s roots we’ve got this super boho white dress which is just I feel like you

must love this yeah I mean on holiday this is all I wear and you can wear this anywhere I mean you throw this to a beach vibe yeah yeah two weeks she could well it’s a small restaurant out for lunch Gruber’s own jacket yeah it’s nice in the

city when it’s really hot I mean it’s it’s so light isn’t it the easiest things are sort of teacher and it’s got that’s like linen II yes Antionette material and it’s just what see and cool yo and I just completed all that I think that’s the kind of

thing you’re gonna get loads of compliments on your Beach and I think you can buy lots of cheap sort of t-shirts he dresses on the High Street in the summer but you just don’t quite get anything that cool yeah I agree next up we have this fab kimono

I love this there’s this kind of Shinhwa sorry I think it’s the word this trend is get its it’s already just starting to take off it’s gonna be massive next season and so buy it now yeah I get involved I’m with you it’s beautiful I mean look at

that yeah just stunning I think if you like the pajama trend last year then you know this is the one yes so good for evening just literally a pair of black jeans black cami no sorted it’s a statement piece and that’s gonna dress up anything yeah it’s beautiful

yeah and I think it’s one of those things that you’re just gonna wear the seasons it’s more endless you know as much as it’s on trend now this is something lovely with velvet as well you know it’s the kind of thing that I think you could really go

back to for years and years and will be a real sort of hero of your wavery and there are so many kind of ultra expensive versions around you know with the high-end designers say this is a good way to get that for a bit less so we only

talked about this skirt before saying how Reformation it seemed to us you know I think this is just such a cool piece for summer I love the look with a crop top because it’s so high waisted but you know you can wear everything white t-shirt or whatever and

it’s just an easy throw on piece it is and who’d have thought two years ago that a bottom dance girl be so on track yeah but it is and it’s quite ageless as well oh yeah you can you can why that in lots of ways yeah lots of

an age groups and it’s just it’s just easy isn’t it and again it’s something your work for you yeah I have so many friends who would shy away from a skirt it’s like a casual piece but I think the wash makes it a really safe bet for daytime

as well it’s a good piece really nice so this jump suits me again is kind of that super like California relaxed ilk I just think personally I probably belt it you know to kind of give it a bit more shape but I just think it’s again it’s a

great throw on peace when the weather’s warm it’s sort of that dumb gorilla in his net which you know I I can’t see on myself yeah but I can see it looking great on you for example yeah it’s very laid-back and very easy you’re going to be more

inclined towards it if you’re younger because it’s got a kind of playful vibe and you could really maximize on that if you are you know I would probably work with trainers but actually you could work with a pair of wedges airing on holiday I only wear doesn’t like

I want to see it was it’s a tight white body underneath yeah definitely going through I think it needs something underneath yeah they’re it’s swimwear or a white body yeah and you know I’m Jack it exactly you know if you’re bored of dresses for the beach then this

is you know it’s called again I think that comes in a few colors so another piece that’s really kind of hitting that boho nail on the head it’s gorgeous the decoration all down the back as well it’s so intricate beautiful I don’t think you get from seeing it

hanging up what I didn’t get initially how light it is yeah it’s me it’s like that white you know it’s very wealthy it’s sort of it looks like it’s gonna be a bit of a thicker ya know you know incredibly light and actually really nice as evening wear

I think again and again you know keep saying other trousers but it just goes to show you actually you can still be buying some of the pieces that aren’t a write-off as it gets cold understand you just and I think now it’s really beautiful and flattering and it’s

there yeah yes what about the floaty drops on economy absolutely stunning so if you’re not already on board with the corset tie top now’s the time I think this is there are a lot of t-shirts around with this detail at the moment I’m not really sure about them

this I think is such a kind of it’s a more glamorous way yeah do that a little bit cheese and it’s also quite a it can be quite an intimidating friend I think whereas to me this is just quite a gentle way yeah to do it isn’t it

and it definitely rusty top so pretty pretty fabric he sees us amazing yeah and I love this sort of rusty it’s sort of not orange it’s not black yeah pink it’s a it’s just it’s a gorgeous color it’s lovely and I think the problem with this look on

other products and other pieces is that it kind of highlights an area that not many people want to highlight but because of all the loose lovely fabric here it doesn’t do that so yes you’re quite right and actually at the back it’s worth pointing out that it’s elastication

yes so it’s not one of these toxic okay it’s because it’s the belted waste it’s not it’s just a detail isn’t and lovely low back it’s got a coming in it as well yes it’s got another layer nice it sort of built here yeah but again it’s another

really season list all you know with a leather jacket you can wear that any time of year yeah we already saw one come you know if you’re willing to really embrace that community look that we have this very dramatic piece I think this is fabulous you know it’s

amazing you know you have to be prepared to make a statement in this but this yellow trend is something yeah so much of the season massive lapel yeah makes it doesn’t I think the velvet again makes it so seasonless it’s gonna be a perfect winter piece as well

and yeah fat be balls do it yes just do it exactly yeah I just want to wear it over like an LBG with like some amazing heels yeah so cool that is a real taste off me yeah walk into a party or a wedding or and abandon everyone

and yes then we have this jumpsuit which I’ve actually marked I think school yes what can you say about it it’s just it’s like a cami detail top lovely wide leg trousers and this is just like everything that holiday dressing is about I think if you are a

feminine dresser you’re probably not someone who has a Wardrobe full of Jean patiently but to me this is about as pretty as I’ve seen a jumpsuit ever yes it asks completely gorgeous and effortless honey and last for itself I love covered buttons and lace and you know it’s

cinched waist oh it’s just fab yeah completely gorgeous you notice that we have this maxi and love these like earthy territory colors that they’re doing a lot of at the moment this is just a great throw on Maxine this is so unusual but just again super flirty when

you’re boiling hot this is such a good thing to just throw on it is I think what few people does so well it’s sort of one Pete’s dressing you know I think so many of these pieces it’s sort of all you need yeah you know everything is so

strong in itself and you know you you pick up this that’s all you need yes quite but you pick up this that’s all you need and I think that’s quite rare in a brand today everything’s sort of so iconic and so strong yeah so if you are a

playsuit kind of girl then there’s this amazing boho version I’ve not seen it as a jumpsuit no neither have I that’s really different it was actually the incredible colors gorgeous because a lot of the colors are quite strong and there are lots of mustards and and quite bright

colors so I like this sort of it’s soft yeah the softness of it and I think it’s really pretty any other fact that it’s a jumpsuit and again it’s just one piece it’s darn easy and I think it’s really I think it’s really stunning and very cool really

cool yeah you’re right about those colors actually the line ich in the pink yeah so pretty sort of cheesecloth fabric yeah it is then we have officially the kind of vitac in style look you know who isn’t doing one of these this season I love these sleeves gorgeous

colors you know actually we’ve seen quite a little black around and actually if that’s not really your garb on holiday then the Navy is quite nice and it’s just so you know it’s a very soft Navy isn’t it yeah it is it is and I love the way

they’ve put the mustard with the Lila I mean it really works and you know everyone’s done these you know every High Street store this one’s just got something it’s got a bit more of a locks feel about yeah hot air scent and the fabric feels very soft it’s

not stiff at all no I think in our experience you get what you pay for with this style and you can feel in the embroidery this you know it’s good choice with the button so you could wear it undone you know with your knees yeah just be worn

this is an extra small this size so go down down down I think with the sizing it’s a cool job it’s a really nice one yeah really nice fun finally we have this using purple dress another serious transition piece it’s pretty boho but great one year-round gorgeous and

again I mean I keep saying it but the colors they’ve chosen to be embroidery you think you know that stands out to me is giving it such a lochs feel definitely and the detail of the embroidery again it feels so light I think that’s what’s really nothing about

this collection is it doesn’t feel like I’m big and bulky no and it’s almost easy to work yeah 100% I think that’s stunning and again you know great over to skinny trousers as the months go on the other jacket any favorites god I actually have so many favorites

I mean this to me my love that just has my name on it this I think is stunning I mean god I’m picking out all the white because I think that evening wear it’s just incredible I think that’s so clever I mean it’s an amazing collection and and

yeah as I said before it’s a real one piece it does all the hard work for you yeah I think it’s not everywhere in the UK and that’s the real beauty of it three people now yeah everyone realizes that it’s so easy from the UK because it’s got

a really unique special quality about I think what about you yeah I agree I love all of these white pieces I think the place use a bit of a hero as well I think that’s great for holiday that’s amazing and actually a silky version as well yes get

Free People