SUMMER FASHION HAUL | Understated Sexy (and Comfy)

hey guys welcome back to my channel for those of you that I’m new my name is Danny and this is coffee break with Danny we’re basically the entire contents of this channel is all today I’m here with a summer fashion haul I’m actually kind of proud of this

haul and I was not planning on sharing it with you guys in this video but I was like it’s only ten pieces so the video is not gonna be that long and with JustFab things run out really quick so if I don’t share it with you guys then

it might sell out and you won’t be able to be twinning with me and I don’t like that I love when you guys tag me in the same items that I hauled and then we’re totally matching you know like amber and Iowa that’s totally gonna become a hash

tag hash tag amber in Iowa okay so if you guys are unfamiliar I have been partnered up with JustFab for I would say two years now maybe a year maybe I’m being over generous but JustFab is really cool because it’s one of those online retailers that keeps you

up to date on fashion and it kind of makes it really easy for you guys the very first time that I signed up with JustFab and this is kind of what I’ve encouraged you guys to do just so you can get a sneak peek at what you can

expect from the site is you get on the site you take a 60 second style quiz or like fashion quiz and it basically curates a collection for you guys with over a thousand items from clothes to accessories to shoes and the first time that I did it I

was like I don’t know about that JustFab do you do you really think you know because that’s not something I would ever actually and so I picked a few items that I ended up purchasing for myself which I would have never picked for myself and actually ended up

being some of my favorites so today I have ten items that I want to share with you guys and they’re from the newest summer collection so if you guys want to see what kind of collection JustFab would curate for you guys make sure that you follow the link

in the description box below enter your email take the quiz it’s about sixty seconds long it’s super quick it’s actually quite interesting now here’s the scoop since this is a video that’s in partnership with JustFab there obviously has to be a treat at the end right so if

you guys follow that link in the scription bucks below and you do a little browsing after you take the style quiz you will also get your very first item for as little as $10 or 75% off so it’s kind of an amazing deal and so remember the very

first thing that I got for 75% off we don’t need to talk about it but I remember it well are you guys so let’s go ahead and get started I’m working on my intros you guys I’m working on my intros I get a lot of heat for how

long my interests are but I just feel like we’re sitting down I mean it’s called coffee break you know you’re sitting down with your girlfriends you’re chatting Here I am on a tangent again the very first piece that I want to share with you guys it’s actually what

I’m wearing right now I was nervous to get this piece because oh you guys know I’m almost 6 feet tall so I’m pretty pretty tall and many dresses aren’t always so many on me in fact they turn into shirts basically but I am a huge fan it is

a linen trench dress that I’ve already imagined a million different ways that I’m going to wear it so I don’t know if you guys can tell it has really big buttons it has a tie it’s sort of like an a-line cut super super cute it has this really

cool double collar the way that I imagine wearing it is the way I’m wearing it now was probably some wedges or really cute flat slide sandals I could probably also pull off maybe some cowboy boots or booties but come fall when it starts to get a little bit

chilly and fall is one of my favorite seasons I would imagine wearing it without the belt or rather the belt tied around back like the loop and then just a basic white tee long-sleeve white tee and this opened like a vest trench or like a start like a

trench look but it’s sleeveless so it’s really like a long vest and just jeans skinny jeans you could wear black jeans you can wear blue jean blue jean jeans jeans jeans but I really really liked it one thing though that makes me nervous about JustFab is that if

you see a style you legit have to check out in that very second in that moment because things sell out super quick which brings me to my next item I wore this on Instagram stories the other day and a bunch of you guys asked me where it was

from I was like oh yeah it’s just fast from the new summer collection it’s a linen tank it’s a racerback it’s super comfy I’m in a size small and that night it was sold out I’m not saying I sold it out what I’m saying is pieces fly off

the shelf fast especially if they’re from the newer collection so if you guys really are into that summer Safari very fresh very flowy linen II look right now is the time to shop from JustFab because that’s kind of like the style theme that they have going on so

really fan of this tank along with that tank I also got this one you guys know how I feel about leopard leopard everything this is more of a satin fabric but it’s the same cut style and shape of that tank that I showed you guys I don’t know

if you guys can tell but it’s a really silky slinky top this would look amazing with black skinny jeans with the French tuck in the front and maybe some suede black booties maybe sort of some biker booties it would look really cool kinda like a rocker chic look

could also pair this with white denim and maybe some nude pumps and it could be a really fun summer night out outfit that’s a little more dressy but do you guys want to know a secret this is a public confession on the internet that I’m making on the

Internet um when I go to shop on the JustFab website I go to the search bar and I put leopard and I see anything new that’s leopard print that catches my eye and then I find things like this so if you guys are a fan of leopard print

you guys the nanny was my hero so she’s my style and spoke then I got this amazing miniskirt it’s in an olive shade this would look really cool with wedges it would look really cool with flats lights it would look really cool with all kinds of things in

fact I would push this outfit into fall where it was like a long-sleeve tee and or even like a chambray button down and cool sandals or wedges it would be a really cool outfit I love the color olive I feel like all of it is the new beige

it’s the new gray it’s the new white it seems very very loving neutral you could pair it with a bunch of different fabrics textures and colors and it goes really really well I love the fact also that it’s MIDI link because I don’t have to shave my legs

just thing alright moving on to this dress now this dress this dress is a dress that you must try on – believe me when I say it’s a beautiful dress when you look at it you’re like that’s a little frumpy dumpy like I don’t need to be turnin

butter right now in my dress but it’s a really really lovely dress the cut of it is also very all loving so no matter what your body type is or what body size you are it’s a dress it’s gonna look really pretty on everybody I love the fact

that it has the same fabric for its belt I was gonna say bow for its belt so you could wear it with or without the belt there are days where I don’t wear it with the belt I don’t like the way the belt looks I’m not in the

mood to have something cinching me out the way today’s one of those days you guys if I’m completely honest just between us pandas this belt is really hurting my feelings right now you know how some days you don’t want something you know on your waist you just don’t

want it you want to wear it stretchy pants today’s one of those days but you put on red lipstick and you shake it off I don’t know what I was thinking when I place this haul I knew I wanted more summer pieces because as I was going through

my closet I needed inspiration for this haul and I felt like everything that I had in my closet currently was t-shirts or tanks and I was like man I need something else I need something that’s cute girly feminine but also forgiving for summer when I did a haul

just recently for summer wardrobe it was a lot of clothes that I could wear when I was around all my kids you know and I could play with them and I could go to the park and he was comfortable was cute but it was comfortable so I wanted

something I was like I want to feel a little pretty little girly like this dress right now that’s attacking my waist um which leads me to this dress ah electric coral is one of the ways to my heart I wish electric coral lipstick looked good on me it

makes my teeth look better yellow but I make up for it in every other area of my life like clothing this is a hi-low linen wrap dress I know that’s a lot of information but when you can see the dress on its higher in the front lower in

the back if the illusion of a wrap dress but it’s actually sewn in so it’s not you can’t just open it up it also has a belt but I love this little keyhole detail in the back so has a little peekaboo um I would still wear a nude

bra with it and even if it did show from here it’s like look if you’re if you’re looking that hard you deserve to see my bra strap right so um it’s not a dress that makes you wear a bra that’s not comfortable you could definitely pull off your

regular bra you also have to consider they have these little almost like wood detail that looks a coconut shell you’re gonna see the bra strap through there so if you wanted to wear a strapless you could if you wanted to wear a backless that for me is pushing

it in comfort but you could also do that as well if you didn’t want it to show back here but I just loved that it is the v-cut it has the illusion of being a wrap dress without the discomfort of a wrap dress you guys when I wear

wrap dresses the belt that holds it into place starts to get loose and then the dress starts to get loose it’s not a pretty sight no one wants to see that okay no one wants to meet flasher Danny moving on to the last dress you guys I don’t

know what I was thinking but no regrets no regrets this is a chambray off the shoulder dress do you guys remember when like my entire wardrobe was off the shoulder please tell me you remember everything sweaters t-shirts everything was off the shoulder like where did I shop for

everything that was off the shoulder like you needed it I found it off the shoulder off the shoulder brought sure I got it wait that’s a strapless anyway so this is an off the shoulder chambray dress it’s also mini length which is super forgiving it has the two

slits in the front the buttons are fully functional so if you wanted to do three slits in the front you could do that too go Tina I love that it’s not super low cut in the front so it is a comfortable dress but it has that like hidden

sex appeal to it plus you know chambray is my color like is that a thing chambray is not a color but in my heart it is you guys if I had a dollar for every time Parker or one of my boys said something about my love of overall

I would be pretty pretty comfortable woman right now because every time that I put on overalls my son either says you look like a farmer or you look like a minion so there’s that and then every time I wear overalls Parker my fiancee says Oh button up the

overalls that’s my girl I don’t know if he’s teasing me or if the Louisiana boy and him is like yeah that’s my fiancee I don’t know I still haven’t figured it out but regardless no matter how much I get bullied oh my love of overalls they keep coming

home with me you guys I love overalls overalls are the equivalent of stretchy pants in jeans for me I probably have like 10 pairs of overalls I might even go out on a limb to say that I have more overall than I do pants is that bad you

guys and you know what I consider myself like a VIP overall connoisseur or wear I know what size like what exact size to buy I know how to take off the straps without letting them fall in the toilet I know which ones are gonna fit slouchy and which

ones are gonna fit sexy I know which ones need to be rolled up I know which ones to avoid because the knee hole the distressing he’s not gonna be my friend I learned that just recently the hard way but anyway overalls are one of my love languages we

need to call Barry Chapman and tell him to add that one to my list because Oh stretchy pants overalls are the new stretchy pants this has been this is a big statement you guys sit down grab a snack this has been my favorite pair of overalls that I’ve

ever purchased across retail not just JustFab because I’ve purchased three from JustFab across all retailers this has been my favorite pair of overalls that I’ve ever gotten I went one size up these are a 29 they have the buttons down the middle and they are a rose gold

color I love them I love the length I love the way they fit I love the way the straps fall on my shoulders I love that they don’t have a pocket in the front because I tend to put things in that pocket and then that thing falls out

and potentially breaks I love the length the distressing on the leg is on the perfect spot where I’m not going to further distress it or damage the size of the hole but anyway love letter to my JustFab overalls you guys all right you guys two more pieces and

we’re done but you can’t see them right here but cuz they’re on my feet bless you hey come here do you want to show on my shoes if you want to show my shoes you being so good you think so go ahead you staying out a camera frame

why don’t you want to show them your pretty face huh do you guys see my little lovely assistant here there’s actually another lovely assistant down here come here come here ready oh oh hey hey now hey now what you doing what you doing hey say how your friends

say I’m your friend say what up y’all you want to see my mama shoes we’re almost done we’re almost done you want to show me shoes I don’t know if they’re gonna like our shoes but you know what I like my shoes right you like my shoes all

right let’s show Marsh you the first pair of shoes that I got well I only got two only the first pair is this sandal you guys this sandal these sandals these Santa’s EFL vomit how lovely are these I wore them in my weekend vlog last weekend they are

super comfy the color is absolutely stunning I’m a fan of news and I’m a fan of neutrals I’m a fan of anything that is very very very neutral however if you can do neutral with the splash of fun like blush why not these are super comfortable I wore

them for a very long time guys the last pair of shoes the verdict is out I’m in love I love them however every person that has seen them has the strong opinion about them so these are shoes that upon first impression when you see them you’re like whoa

wow they’re aggressive because they’re platform sandals but once you see them styled you’re like hmm I’ll see where you’re going with this Danny I love these because whether it’s a miniskirt a sundress jeans or a sundress I already said that overall yes girl and you know the best

part about these platform sandals you guys is that the wedge is hollow have you guys ever heard those really loud clanky platforms because they’re so heavy because it’s actually wood these are not so they are very light and even though they’re yellow you guys would be surprised with

the kind of stuff they look cool in so that is a that’s it for my JustFab haul you guys have any of you are secretly internally judging me how many of you are adding things to your cart tell me the truth don’t lie we’re all friends here anyway

that is it for my JustFab haul I’m really curious to see what your collection looks like so I encourage you guys to check the link in the description box below so that you guys can head over to the JustFab website and find out what your style is it’s

a style quiz if you guys remember the good old days of Cosmo when you would look forward to the mail like you’d run out to the mailbox and you take the Cosmo quiz that was in the back of the magazine those were the good old days do they

still have those I would sign up for Cosmo just to do those quizzes they were so much fun so let me know what your style is and remember that if you guys liked any of these pieces they will be listed and linked in the description box below but

don’t wait on purchasing those items because they do sell out quick and they do have a late list for restocking items so if you’re looking for a weight lifted item make sure you enter your email on that you’ll get a notification if it comes back in stock but

other than that make sure you take advantage of that discount and if you become VIP you guys free shipping for $39 just saying $39 adds up real quick you anyway I love you guys so much and you know what to do if you found this video useful entertaining

and learn something please give me a thumbs up and subscribe if you haven’t already and until next time this coffee break is over bye bye [Music]