SUMMER FASHION HAUL: Verge Girl, Vici Dolls, Revolve, Sabo Skirt & more | Emma Rose

hi guys and welcome back to my channel or welcome to my channel my name is Emma so as you can tell by the title of the video I’m going to be doing a summer haul so all of these pieces have kind of accumulated over the past few months

at the past few weeks so I decided to pick out a few of my favorite pieces out of my closet right now so I’ve worn so I haven’t worn if you follow me on Instagram then you’ve definitely seen some of these pieces that some of these pieces I

haven’t worn yet and I’m going to be wearing at my upcoming travels I’m doing a lot of traveling throughout August and September I’m like hardly home so I had to pick up a bunch of clothes to be wearing throughout these travels so I’m excited to show you guys

and let’s get right into it I’ll have hopefully everything linked down below for you guys to shop hopefully I can find everything online and totally everything’s still available I think everything is still available because everything’s still pretty new but if not then I’ll try to find something similar

do you guys can check out the description box if anything that catches your eye and you can shop it yourself so the first brand I might be talking about this VG dolls is an all night brand I just actually did a cute shop on their websites I’m going

to show you some of the pieces I picked up so the first dress I picked up is this lace black slit but it was really really cute but I think honestly if you dress it up for a more of a daytime look and layer with a t-shirt underneath

or even just like that it’s really cute I’m really into slip dresses right now so I’m excited to style this one but this one’s for beachy nose the next piece I got from beachy dolls is this white eyelet top and I’ve actually worn it off the shoulder super

cute little white it actually fits a little bit big so I would probably size down in this but it’s this cute little eyelet white top but I think it’s perfect for summer so the next piece from Yuki doll I picked on the website was this off-the-shoulder long maxi

dress and I think it’s so pretty with the little red flowers by the time you see this video I think you’ve already instagrammed a photo in this dress it’s so feminine so cute and very my style so yeah I really really love it I’ll have it linked down

below the next piece I got from each adult is actually another maxi dress I’m kind of into Mexico so right now I’m not even wearing one right now but pretty simple but just kind of one of those is where it’s easy to throw on to go to the

beach or just in the summertime it’s so hot it’s just easy to wear maxi dresses so that’s why I’ve been kind of loving them lately it’s so hot in Vancouver and like everywhere I travel seems to be really hot right now so okay and then the next hop

I got was this very simple little tie tank top it’s kind of like this a charcoal color but I thought this would go really well with my skin tone and I just think it’s a really simple cute top that I can just throw on and it colored it

in and then the next piece I got is this lace bodysuit and I think it’s so so pretty I think this bodysuit is so feminine so girly and so cute so obsessed with it I just love body suits so let’s definitely call my higher so the next piece

I got from beachy dolls is this two-piece like a rainbow two pieces of super super stretchy material really comfortable and breathable for summer I thought it was so cute I usually wouldn’t gravitate towards something like this but I don’t know why it just caught my eye and I

wanted to try it so I’m excited to sell this so the next piece is this kind of a feminine take on a denim overall set so it has this very cute tie back it’s really hard to explain when it’s not on the body but I have Instagram a

photo of it so AHA that link down below are all insert a photo we’ll be wearing it right here but it’s this kind of take feminine take on overalls it did fit a little bit big so I would definitely recommend sizing down for this guy but super cute

the last piece of clothing I got from beachy dolls is this maxi dress it’s just blue and white straight maxi dress and like I said before I’m obsessed with maxi dresses right now just for summer it’s so easy it’s been so hot lately so they’re just so easy

to wear but it’s super super cute so it’s like a blue stripe Max dress I don’t know it’s pretty self-explanatory but it’s super cute I’m excited to tell this I don’t want it yet but keep an eye out for it on my Instagram okay the last thing I

got from each adult wear these pair of shoes and in my last shoe haul I mentioned to you guys that I’m obsessed with cheetah print or leopard print and I got these ones I got these espadrilles I think they’re so cute for summer I’m really excited to wear

these throw in August but I just think they’re really cute summer shoes so I’m excited for these okay so onto the next brand so the next brand I’m going to be talking about is a RIT SIA and if you guys I don’t know if you guys know this

but I used to work at Rydia so I’m a dad Carter it’s a fan I love their stuff they have some really classic beautiful pieces so I always try to get some new things from them so I picked up this blazer from them and it’s so chic so

cute it’s kind of like a staple in your wardrobe I’ll insert a phone be wearing it I’ve already worn it before but I’m really excited to style this into fall even because I’m honestly just obsessed with Blazers and this white is just so pretty on I’m obsessed with

it it’s so chic so cute or it’s yet you did good I think it also comes in black on the website and I’m honestly tempted to get the black one too so so cute so the next piece I picked up is by the brand lovers and friends and

from the website evolve but it’s this a frilly blue skirt I think it’s so cute it’s honestly like if I could design a skirt it’s gonna look like this it’s so freakin cute so feminine so girly it’s very my style I think it’s so cute it’s just one

of those skirts that you can just throw on and you look put together so so if the next piece is by the brand mozzarella is also from the website revolve and it’s this baby doll style dress it’s in like a orange color which usually I don’t get more

enjoy I feel like orange doesn’t really look good on me but I’m literally obsessed with this dress it’s so freakin cute it’s kind of like a lingerie style babydoll dress I’m really excited to wear this so growth summer I’ve actually worn it before in LA I’ll insert a

photo of me wearing it I’ve instagrammed it already but I’m obsessed it’s so freaking cute so the last thing I wanted to show you guys from revolt that I’ve picked up recently is by the brown LPA and it’s this tweed skirt and I think it’s so adorable so

I’m obsessed with tweed I think it’s so 90s so coming back into style and the skirt could not be prettier I swear it’s probably the pretty skirt I own I’ve learned before an LS well insert photo be wearing it there but hopefully it’s still available the website I

tried to get the match on top but they sold out a bit like right away which I was so heartbroken about but yeah it’s so ok and then the next brand I’m going to be talking about is birch girl and I get stuff from now probably monthly I

really really like their pieces and they just have very unique kind of they’re very like unique designs I think they’re just very very pretty and feminine it’s very my style very girly but I got this off the shoulder blue and red floral dress this dress really you know

stood out to me and I thought it was so pretty on the model but it’s just off the shoulder just I’m really excited to wear it I haven’t worn yet so I’m going to probably be wearing it this weekend on my trip but we’ll see so the next

thing I got from Birch girl is this gingham two-piece and honestly I was over gingham for a little while it kind of got way too overplayed and I was really over it but now I’m kind of starting to get back into it I really like game again especially

if it’s done a little bit differently not just like the typical game um so I got it in this like mint green color which I’ve never seen before and it’s this little crop top and matching pan matching pans I think it’s so freakin cute I think I’m gonna

wear this begin to the music festival I’m going to not sure yet though because it might be a little bit too hot for that but I’m really excited to style this I think it’s such an interesting color which like I don’t think I own anything in this color

of my closet so I’m really excited stylist I think it’s so cute and I’m really excited to also style it separately and not necessarily together I think I can do like we’ll talk with this pads and then like some denim shorts with this top so I think this

is gonna be a really versatile for the rest of summer okay so I lied and there was one more piece from revolve that I wanted to show you guys it’s probably one of my favorite dresses I own in my closet it’s so pretty it’s absolutely stunning it’s by

my favorite brand of evolve I’m not sure L every time I’m shopping under involve I always go straight to my trail because it’s like totally my style but it is this floral white sheer mini dress and you think it’s so cute honestly I’ve never gotten so many DMS

and so many messages asking about this dress and it also never received so many compliments when I wear this dress or what any of my friends borrow this dress they like everyone complements them I don’t know what it is but it’s such a good dress yeah I’ll try

to link it down below and if not they do have other styles in this fabric and it’s just as pretty so I’ll hopefully get that for you down there so the next thing I wanted to show you guys are these denim shorts by girlfriend mo and they’re also

sold on revolve I keep saying that I’m done with it all but I keep showing you more of all stuff so one last wrong piece I think oh my god there’s another one okay there’s two more pieces I can show you so it’s these girlfriends and I’m shorts

I own two girlfriend denim shorts now and I’m obsessed with them I think they’re so flattering they really compliment my body type I feel like I feel like not a lot of denim shorts fit me right and these definitely do so I was really excited to get my

hands on these and I’m wearing them like every day they’re so good so the last revolve piece I swear it’s the last one but it is by the brand same swim and it’s actually swimwear so it is this gold polka dot bikini it’s kind of like a mustard

yellow gold it kind of a little bit of a shimmer to it but not too prominent so I actually did a bikini haul maybe like a month or two ago and I actually forgot to include this bikini in the hall so I had to make sure to include

it in this haul because I’m obsessed with it so hopefully I can find this for you guys online and I’ll link it down so the next brain I’m going to show you guys is blue life and that’s sold on the planet blue website so I am obsessed with

Planet gloop they’re so comfortable so cute so girly very summery so good for travel so I picked up this maxi dress by them I think it’s so darling so freaking cute the only thing if I’m really short and their clothes are made pretty long I would say so

if you’re shorter I would definitely be prepared to like haven’t the pieces it fits me like just right and i’m 5-4 so if you’re shorter than 5’4 I would tell you be prepared to have something on their website if it’s like full-length it has that kind of scratching

material on top so it’s so comfortable don’t even need to wear a bra and it’s just like the perfect summer maxi dress so I’m obsessed with this and if you can get your hands on it I would I’ll have it linked down below so the next piece from

Planet Blue is actually a swimsuit again it’s this one-piece I think it’s so pretty I’m obsessed with it is kind of like a baby pink tie-dye swimsuit with these like gold rings on the front it’s kind of hard to explain it’s just kind of like string right now

but I’ll show huh I’ll have a picture of it so you kind of see what it looks like on the body I’m addicted to swimwear you want to see the rest of my swimsuit collection I’ll have my swimsuit collection link down below because it just made a video

on that like maybe a month ago so I’ll have that link down below but yeah it’ll also have this link down below okay and then the next piece I wanted to talk about is actually by the brand wild fox honestly I’ve never been more excited about like a

loungewear company they have the best loungewear best pajamas sweatshirts sweatpants like you name it they have the best so I have so much wall talks and I honestly show you my whole collection if you wanted me to make a separate video on that but I just wanted to

show you one piece that I just picked up that I thought was really cute but it’s this pink sweater and it says asking about my cat just so relevant to my life because person and I love my cat but honestly I just wanted to put wild fox in

here to kind of tell you guys how much I love wild Fox and how much you should get wild Fox because it’s the best this isn’t sponsored I’m just obsessing about Fox okay and then the next brand I want to tell you guys about is shot Fletch and

it’s actually by Joe Al Fletcher if you watch The Bachelor she just came out with her own clothing line and I went to the launch party she was so sweet so down to her so I really want to support her brand I think she’s got such a cute

collection so she sent me a few pieces from her collection and I’m really excited to wear it so I got this blush of pink navy dress has buttons all down the front and it has kind of like a mermaid style on the bottom I honestly think it’s so

pretty so precious so I’ll have that link down below I haven’t worn it yet I’m excited I’m kind of saving it for one of my trips so I can post a photo of me wearing it on my trip so I’ll have her clothing line link down below and

you guys can check it out because I think she did a really good job so the next piece I picked up for some rich by the brands table of skirt it’s actually there’s Sabo love’s collection this collection was actually designed by Matilda Durr who is an influencer on

Instagram and she is like the cutest stuff she’s the best style um yeah I’m obsessed with it and I’m obsessed with Nicole collection honestly so I’ll have the whole collection link down below if you guys wanted to shop it but I think it’s so cute so the last

piece I wanted to show you guys that I picked up for summer is by the red Tobi and it is this eyelet white dress I think it’s so pretty so I’m really excited to wear this on my trip this month I have a few more pieces from Tobi

that I picked up but I do want to show you guys because I didn’t want to spoil the instagrams so I just wanted to show you one piece of been loving but I’ll definitely be selling more Tobi so keep an eye out for that okay and then the

last piece I wanted to show you guys that I picked up for summer is by the brand and Other Stories so when I was in LA we went to the showroom or that Atelier that’s the proper term we picked up some pieces so I picked up this white

blouse that kind of has like these fringes all along it I think it’s so pretty and then it also comes with the matching shorts so it’s a little two-piece that I’m really excited to wear this I have a yes but I’m really excited about that too because I

think it’s so chic and it’s gonna be great salt in the hot weather okay and last but not least I’m gonna show you guys a couple pairs of shoes that I picked up recently that I’ve been loving so the first pair of shoes are these sandal heels by

Lulu’s I’ve run them a few times now but I’m obsessed with knowing is so summery so chic and totally my style and honestly a pop of yellow and all my outfits has been great I’ve been obsessed with yellow lately I think it’s I think it’s the new color

I think it’s so freakin cute okay and then the next pair of shoes I wanted to show you guys are by the brand Steven by Steve Madden they’re these ones right here you follow me on instagram then you’ve definitely seen them before because I sell them a bunch

throw my la trip but honestly I think they’re just so cute and very elegant and chic and kind of elevate any outfit so I’ll have them linked down below so the next pair of shoes I wanted to show you guys for these Vince Camuto kitten toe pointy toe

shoes I included them in my last haul on my last shoe haul but I wanted to show them in my fashion haul just because I’ve worn them literally so much since I got them and I think they’re just such a good shoe with the slingback and the point

to heel I just honestly think they’re so chic they’re so good even into fall I’m going to be wearing them so I wanted to show you guys and link them down below for you so I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video like I said it don’t want to

show you everything I’ve picked up recently just because I didn’t want to spoil all the instagrams but if you wanted to see the rest of the clothes I picked up apart from all of this then definitely follow me on instagram because I will be posting my outfit photos

there yeah I’ll have everything hopefully linked down below from today if I can find it online hopefully everything’s still available so you guys can shop it as well but thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you in my next video bye [Music]