okay yes Alex welcome back to my channel welcome to my channel if you are new here today I am back with another fashion overhaul you guys seem to really like the other ones that I filmed so I thought I would do another one today because they never found

me I love their stuff and I really wanted to try some different stuff that I’ve never tried from this store before so I’ve got some bikinis some active we’re both I’ve never tried and also some more summery pieces I’ve got some more jeans because you guys know I

love to they’re jeans the first time I ever tried them so I want to try some more styles I’ve got some shorts as well so yes I have a huge pile in front of me and I thought I would show you everything that I got everything is going

to be linked down below while we’re going over exposed songs coming out to me anyways everything is linked down below along with that site if you want to go and check out their new arrivals they are constantly adding new stuff hence why I find myself browsing on that

all the time now going to bunch of clothes in front of me so I thought I would show you today so let’s just get straight on into it before I show you the next item I also when I pre warn you you may notice that I am peeling

very much less so on my chest I got burnt on the weekend and now I’m paying for it because I put fake tan over it and now I just look like something is wrong so you may notice about wake no problems I’m gonna have to try and scrub

it off tonight or something but it’s bad so I’m very sorry about that hopefully you can look past it but let’s get started with the first item I actually think this is my favorite piece from the whole haul so this is what it looks like it’s very kind

of 60s 70s grandma blog that I’m kind of living for it I think it’s really really nice and summery so this one it looks like it’s a crop top you’ve got to tie up around the back I tied it up around the back but I feel like you

could also wrap it around twice if you want to and then it’s got this really nice kind of puppy sleeves and then it’s got a little trumpet sling so cool a little bit of a flare out on the end it’s got a zip all the way down the

back to help you get in and out of it and then obviously it’s got this little ring around the front I just think this is really cute super summery parrot with a pair of shorts and it would look really cute some gold jewelry oh my god I cannot

wait to wear this I think it is adorable I know you forgot to mention what size I got this in I got it in a size small and this one fits absolutely perfectly so if you have a bigger boobies this it absolutely fine in a size small so

yeah secondly we have a bit of a going-out piece this is what it looks like it’s coming out and very bright in the camera it’s definitely more of a bronzey Orange in real life it’s not so bright but it’s this really beautiful mini cinched dress and then it’s

like we can talk look at this lighting it’s like five o’clock in the afternoon so the Sun doesn’t really know what it wants to do I think with it it’s got this mesh detailing on the side which I thought was really cute you just have to be careful

with your underwear and I have to like pull them up or not wear any or wear like a really small skin colored g-string so you don’t see that so this is what it looks like big zipper down the back to get into it you’ve got adjustable straps which

is always amazing so you can cinch it to your body and make sure that everything is fitting nicely it’s also padded on the boobs so I think that’s really nice also you’re not going to have nipples everywhere which is great you have to let me know what you

think because this is the one item I’m kind of not sure about so let me know what you guys think I’ve got this one in a size small I think I could have gone for an extra for extra small extra small possibly just so it fit around my

body a little tied up that is the second item that I picked up next up we have a bit more of a daytime dress I don’t consider this it looks like it’s long sleeve but it’s actually a three-quarter so I would consider this as summery dress I would

wear this all throughout summer so this one looks like again with the kind of burnt orange color I’m obviously obsessed with that right now this one’s a bit more muted more of a brown so I really like that it’s also a nice ribbed material I’ve got this one

on a size small once again fits perfectly I love that it’s got this really nice open back it’s super flattering and it kind of ties up along here so the sleeves don’t slip off because that is so annoying when you have a dress with an open back with

sleeves and they just fall off all the time so that is a really nice detail but yeah that’s what it looks like a little mini dress super comfy super soft I feel like I’m gonna get a lot of wear out of this as well which is amazing it’s

definitely what you want when you buy things to wear all the time so yes very happy with this next up we actually have some activewear and I must say I’m very very impressed when I put these on I did not want to take them off because they were

so freaking comfortable I can’t even explain so this is what they look like they’re like a really nice dark move color and they’ve got these nice detailing on the side they kind of remind me of Jim shark leggings the way they look with their kind of air holes

at the bottom and whatnot they felt really airy too which is really really nice especially being in Queensland right now where it’s literally boiling so that’s what the leggings look like they’re full-length as you already saw but those are the size small and next we have the top

which actually looks really small but it’s super stretchy I was worried about putting it on but it fit perfectly so this one’s in a small medium so don’t worry if you have bigger boobs the small medium does stretch so I’ll probably go for that if you’re like a

d double D because it’s nice and stretchy and it’s gonna be tight to support you so that is what it looks like it’s got a really nice crisscross actually it’s not even really crisscross is it just like a nice detailing at the back super nice it had our

removable pads so I took those out because I hate the look of them I feel like you can see it so I’d rather just see my nipple to be honest and plus I never really wear just a sports bra anyway so I just took those out but you

can leave them in if you want to so that is what we have very impressed with fashion / sportswear and I feel like I’m definitely going to buy more of these because for the price this is really good quality like this top was $30 and then I actually

think the whole pair man thing because I think it comes together it could be wrong yeah because there’s no tag on your I have to double check that but I feel like all that active wear was really affordable so I’ll double check and write it on the screen

how much it where it was but for a good two-piece that is really affordable and I’m very impressed I heard the lighting isn’t too bad the Sun keeps going away because it’s really late in the afternoon normally I feel in the mornings but we couldn’t today because I

was busy and now I’m regretting it because this lighting is horrid so I’m very sorry about that moving along to another two-piece I guess you could say this is more sportswear however I would actually probably wear this to a festival because this looks so cool on this is

what the top looks like it’s just a little crop top it comes all the way up your neck which I actually find really flat for some reason you guys will see it on just looks really cute I got it in a size small and yeah that’s what it

looks like it is a red white and black obviously I think this is the pair of sneakers and some cool jewelry for a festival looks so cool so that’s why I picked this one up just in case I actually get around to going to some this year this

is what the bike shops look like same idea these are also in a size small I believe yes size small fit perfectly they’re not see-through which is great you don’t like bending over and seeing your bum sorry that is very good I really actually like this on it

kind of surprised me when I pulled it out I like why do I get this and then I put it on a second time it’s actually kind of cool so yeah I really really like this one again nice and affordable I think the whole set was $40 for

both of them which is amazing god I’m so much trying in my videos it’s actually embarrassing next up we have a jumper now I know I said this is a summary haul but I do wear jumpers in summer because I like to go to the cinema I like

to go to the shopping center but I get cold very easy so I love to bring something like this alone to chuck on when I’m too cold to function and it’s ruining my day I’m dramatic I know but I love having these I find I really do Chuck

them on all the time even in summer and obviously this one is very crops so you’re gonna be nice and aerated as well which I think it’s amazing I’ve got this one in a size small and it just looks like this it’s coming up more orange on camera

once again it’s definitely more of an orange e Brown rather than a orange so yes this is what it looks like it’s kind of like an infinity jumper is that what you would call it it sounds alright but it’s probably not one of those ones that goes from

like along the bottom all the way into the sleeves and just fits really nice and cozy and slouchy and looks really cute which I love here’s gonna have to be super careful because it is very crops like if you lift an arm up you’re gonna pop through for

sure so make sure you wear a strapless bra or like a bikini or a little bralette or just anything underneath to cover yourself because you don’t want to be giving some boobs out at the movies but yes this is what it looks like absolutely love it I find

out where these things all the time so I was very happy when I pulled this out with my packaging because I actually forgot I ordered this one but I have a feeling you guys might laugh at me for this one cuz she a bit funny on this is

what it looks like now oh it doesn’t look too scary it just looks like a black bodysuit I love that it’s a thong I love when body suits come with a song rather than a fool like bottom area on it otherwise you see the lining and the lack

of deep in and on your bum and whatnot it’s really unflattering so I love that it’s got that I love the fit it’s a really nice comfortable material it’s really structured around the front as well which I love because it’s not gonna be like moving around all the

time I got it in a size small fit perfectly the only thing that I don’t really enjoy is the sleeves they are very pointy you guys will see in the Triangle clip I just don’t think I can pull it off it looks a little bit like a costume

to me I don’t know so I think if I was going to keep this I would just cut that out of it so it doesn’t stick up so much but let me know you guys think some people might like that look but I’m just not too sure about

it they’re a bit too pointy for me so that is one of the items and do I think I’ll be wearing unfortunately next up we have some fashion over denim you guys know I love it I couldn’t wait to try more these ones are a pair of shorts

I think this is another one of my favorite items because these fit so nicely I absolutely love them I think I got them in a size three it doesn’t actually say on any of these logos it almost looks like it’s another brand by fashion notice I’m not too

sure I imagine I got them in a size three because that’s what I get from most of my jeans but whatever they are I write them down below they fit absolutely perfect I love that they’re a little longer so they’re more modest they’re not going to show your

whole bum but they’re also really nice and fitted to their fluttering at the same time I just absolutely love these I love the ripped detailing you’ve got some cute little rips the back underneath the bum I just love these so much I feel like I’m gonna be wearing

them a lot this summer because they are so comfy as well I think what it is about fashion over jeans is they’re really nice and soft and stretchy so they just mold to your body which is amazing and they really take time to make sure where the shading

is to flutter you so that is why I think there are just really really good next up we have some jeans I know summery whole don’t yell at me but our jeans all throughout the year and I honestly couldn’t pass these out because I thought they were so

cute and I really loved the kind of ripped ripped I guess frayed that’s the word I was looking for frayed detailing around the top of the waistline there’s also the detailing out to the bottom as well and I just thought that were really cute I love the color

of them I love that they were just like a basic Jean with that nice frayed detailing I feel like it always gives it a summery vibe that could be weird to say but I just think that’d be really cute like a little summary crop top some sandals I

wear jeans all year round especially if I’m going somewhere indoors I just love them I don’t care how old it is I love me some jeans so these ones are really cute they fit really well as well they are a skinny jean they were just a little bit

loose around the waist which is very normal for me I’ve got them in a size 3 I feel like I could have made me downsize but the legs wear tight on me so I’m not too sure maybe I could go to a two but yeah I really really

like these I think I can definitely get away with them you guys will see in the trial but it’s only a tiny bit loose which is seriously fine for me plus I can wear a belt sir yeah very impressed once again nice soft material that’s super comfy they

always feel like you’ve leggings but they are jeans so I just love fashion over jeans they’re amazing sir you’re a curvy girl definitely go and try out some fashion over jeans because they literally just fit over your body is so beautifully I absolutely love them also by saying

that I’m not labeling myself a curvy girl I just think these would look absolutely stunning on someone with like a nice been bum like they do on the website they look so beautiful in them so that’s why I was saying that I wasn’t thinking that I’m curvy next

up we have another pair of jeans now I didn’t even try these on because I’m going to send them straight back these ones are in a size small and they’re like a boyfriend fit Jean Mills absolutely awesome on the website and I really wanted to get some because

I love boyfriend fit jeans however these are massive like that is not going to fit me these are the jacks distressed high rise jeans in a size 3 so if you’re looking at these definitely downsize like two sizes because these are absolutely massive and once you have a

pair of jeans you kind of want them to be a little bit too fitted because they do stretch off a size so yeah if you’re looking at the definitely make sure that up sighs because they are humongous so I’m gonna send these back and get the right size

last but not least I have some bikinis to show you these are the first ones and they are super bright they’re like a hot pink and light pink checked bikini the bottoms are nice and family friendly which I love the top is a little more more mature but

you know you got boobs you got boobs there’s not much you can do about it is that so this is what the top looks like you guys to see it in the train anyway I’ve got both of these in a size small I believe with their bikinis from

memory you do have to order a size small for both things so if you’re a bigger boobie girl keep that in mind but I got these in a size small they actually fit fine so that is great and yeah so that’s what the little top looks like I

just thought the color was really pretty I love bright colors especially when I’ve got a lot of fake tan on I think it looks really beautiful so that is the first bikini I got very excited to wear these at the beach and get some weird tan lines the

second bikini that I got is definitely going to be better for a day at the beach tanning because there are basic triangle bikini I love triangle bikinis I find they’re the ones that I reach for the most because they’re nice and fluttering especially on bigger boobs I don’t

know why they just seem to flatter them a lot so I really really like these they’re in a size small they fit fine they’re a tiny bit small however a little bikini the smaller the tan line so it’s okay I don’t really mind but yet they fit fine

you’ll see in the triumph it anyway so that’s what they look like anywhere they’re like anywhere anyway they’re like a pinky nude snake print absolutely love it again I feel like that would look really good with a nice deep fake tan I feel like that defines my life

I’m like everything will look over the tan that’s okay white girl problems and these are what the bottoms look like again family-friendly love that they’re not gonna run too far out you bum they’re a little more cheeky but they’re definitely safe which is great you’ve got the drawstrings

on the side which is amazing absolutely love them they fit perfectly again I got them in size small and I feel like I’m gonna be reaching for these ones a lot because that is nice they’re nice and fluttering basic style bikini and that is everything I have to

show you from fashion over today I’m going to hurry up and say goodbye to you because the sun is saying goodbye to me but I hope you guys enjoyed this video everything will be linked down below if you want to go and check what I got in buy

it for yourself or you can check out their other items on the site they had literally have so many items I could scroll on their site for days so yes if you’re bored definitely go and check out their website and treat yourself but I hope you guys enjoyed

this video don’t forget to give it a thumbs up if you did and to subscribe to my channel if you would like to become a part of my YouTube family it would mean the absolute world to me I hope you guys have had an amazing start to 2019

and I will see you guys in my next video [Music]