hi everyone welcome back to my channel my name is Maria Pat and that is candy and Vinny but today I have a try on haul for you guys I really hope that you enjoy it try on Hoss is gonna be a summer try on haul here in Arizona

you guys know that it’s hot almost all year round so I’m gonna get a really good use out of all these items but I really hope that you guys enjoyed this little Tryon Tom if you’re interested in finding out what items I picked out then please keep on

watching you can actually I think you can do like a little money throwing here my mirrors dirty you can do a little more neat though if you like but I’m just gonna leave it like that yeah it’s super cute it is kind of cropped but there’s enough material

to tuck it in so that’s what I did just because I feel like it looks cuter tucked in if you are a size small and you think you can rock this piece these two pieces let me know down below and I’ll be selecting a winner in a few

days cute little set it is a baby blue like you guys can’t see and it is a midi skirt with it’s a crop top do you like this one you do oh my goodness pesos bushels besos but I love this set the only thing is that it is

a very light weight so the material is not thick so you do need to wear Spanx underneath the color is so pretty you haze that’s not cute now we have this a very very cute romper it looks a very sporty and it has the zipper so you can

show a little bit of cleavage or you can slip it up whatever you like but I think it’s freaking adorable it’s a gray material it’s very thick it’s not see-through show you up close because you’re trying to see it on the mirror but I think it’s adorable such

an adorable little mini dress these are just gonna hang around baby yeah oh my goodness take your tactical attack tickle tickle tickle tickle tickle tickle I love these pants but they don’t have a lot of stretch like the previous ones but I love how high-waisted they are I

like when the pants cover the belly button I just feel like it snatches your waist a lot better this is how they fit from the back they fit very nice and like I said they don’t have a lot of stretch so they snatch your waist even though the

other ones have stretch to is still snap this matches your waist but since these don’t stretch they snatch your waist a little tighter okay guys so this dress is super cute because you can dress it up or you can dress it down it is a not very very

thick as you can see right over here but as long as you wear black Spanx and like a black bra you won’t have any issues it doesn’t stretch it was so hard to get on I actually it actually almost took my eyebrows so that means that I should

have kinda medium but look how adorable it is I styled this with some bands it definitely hugs your body it is super adorable I love the little sleeves here it says honey as you can tell I’m out of breath but I think a medium would have been a

little bit better but it is adorable you eating on my buns ultra white candy always you want them Oh writing my love’s well this is the end of the video really hope that you enjoyed it please don’t forget to let me know down below which item was your

favorite one for a chance to win it I always do little giveaways at the end the fashion of a try on Hoss so you might be the lucky thank you so much for all the love and support please don’t forget to give it a thumbs up if you

enjoyed this Tryon huh and also subscribe if you haven’t and I will see you on the next video