[Music] hello everyone my name is Kelsey Simone if you’re new to my channel welcome if you’re not so welcome back so today I’m going to be doing a summer clothing haul because I got a couple beautiful beautiful new pieces I couldn’t wait to talk about so I thought

why not the clothing pieces that I’m gonna be showing you are from luscom you know I’ve worked with Lulu’s so many times they have the most amazing dresses if you ever need dresses I highly recommend going there I have probably my number one most favorite dress in my

entire wardrobe in this haul especially if you need a dress for like an event there’s some events you just show up to and then there’s some events you show up to you know what I’m saying that’s when you go to Lulu’s of course as always I will have

links for everything I’m going to talk about in the description below for you guys you can scroll click buy so like I said I’m kind of excited to talk about the stuff that I have here it is a little try on haul I decided to do a little

lookbook you probably already saw that um so I’ll show you what the outfits look like on style I’m just instantly going to start off with the dress that is my now favorite in the wardrobe dress I know I know I know I know I know I know pink

so if you’ve watched my channel for a long time it’s probably obvious that I don’t wear a lot of color but especially pink pink is my least favorite color in the entire world I don’t like pink the last time I touched something the color pink I was like

13 I’ve recently lightened my hair and everything obviously looks different when you have a completely different hair color and I think now that I’ve light hair I like the way pink looks on me so it’s this beautiful like floral II almost berry printed it’s very ruched the sleeves

are definitely what sold me they have these poet’s leaves which are so 90s I’m so obsessed with the fit of this dress it looks so gorgeous on its off the shoulder but it does have these little straps to give you some support which is nice it’s super stretchy

super thin fabric so even though it is long-sleeve it’s very breathable so you won’t be sweating to death trust me I love the scrunchie Russia nosov the dress it’s very very figure-flattering that’s another thing I love about Lulu’s is they have such good prices for the most high-quality

orders dress like you would never the next item that I have is of course another dress this is like a spaghetti strap v-neck dress and it goes all the way down it’s not like a floor-length maxi dress it sort of cuts off mid-shin I feel like again it’s

a very vintage thing to have that sort of cut as you’ll see in the Tryon you’ll see how it flows and how it fits I think it’s really cute I actually decided to style this dress with Doc Martens which that’s probably my favorite thing to do when styling

is that juxtapose of like a super girly flowy pretty summer dress with like grungy edgier boots I think it looks so good or even just to wear this with like sneakers or like high-top converse that would look so cute you could definitely dress this up with heels as

well and like a cute belt cinch it at the waist but I think it’s cool to wear it with a more dress down shoe and I like the flow enos of the dress as well as there’s a little slip under here which gives you perfect coverage I hate

wearing white flowy dresses and they’re always see-through so this one’s amazing because it has a little slit so the next thing I got is actually a jumpsuit so it’s like all the way down pants very flowy with a tank top v-neck sort of thing I love the v-neck

I’m a very short person so I feel like a lot of my clothes tend to swallow me up so when I have an open neckline I always feel like it along gates and just lets you breathe you know I think they just look a lot more flattering lace

is so in right now I mean lace kind of hasn’t not been in you know what I’m saying but I just really like it right now I’ve been wearing a ton of just really pretty lacy things it has a nude flick cotton seaming underneath so there’s no see-through

witness and like how flowy and wide the pant legs are again that super just summery I love it I love this jumpsuit this jumpsuit is definitely more of like a event jumpsuit I mean you can definitely wear this out to like brunch with your girls you could even

wear this like if you’re going to a wedding like a summer wedding this would be so perfect I have none I have nothing to wear this to but if I had something to wear this do I would definitely wear this next thing we have is this lace bodysuit

which it’s a lifesaver for me if you watch my videos or follow me on instagram you know i wear stuff like this a lot this sort of like loose flowy like a slip like just silk with a little lace i have tons of tops like these I always

try to tuck them into my jeans or my pants my shorts whatever because it’s like this very slippery smooth fabric it always either slides out or bunches up really weird and I hate it but this one I saw on the website it’s a bodysuit I have never seen

this before and I’m so happy somebody probably shared my pain and decided to invent this it’s got the lace detailing up at the front it’s just black and flowy and silky it’s got a cute little X going on in the back this is amazing this is a lifesaver

I can’t wait to be wearing this because I’ve had that frustration for so long of wearing silk tops and I can’t really tuck them in so this is great next okay this is the last clothing piece we have and then we’ll move on to like shoes and accessories

but I’ve got this skirt big surprise Kelsey bought something pinstriped for the summer whoo so basically this is a it’s like cinched at the waist very long asymmetrical skirt it’s got a lot of flow eNOS this side probably I think it goes all the way down to the

floor on me it’s got this navy blue rusty red and white stripes so very nautical very beachy vibe I just think these are so pretty and they’re so fun like do you know how much twirling I do when I wear these if you know how many little like

that I do when I wear these it’s it’s a fun time I got two pairs of shoes the first pair of shoes I got are these which are so cool oh they actually look really cool with my outfit they just have these two little straps right here so

they’re very simple they’re kind of like a mule which I love mules I think they’re amazing I think they’re beautiful and it’s got like a sort of squared off toe here which I’ve been loving shoes like this a lot of my shoes are either like pointy or like

a rounded toe and I’ve been loving the square look I think these are so cool and I styled these with actually pinstripe skirt and they looked so pretty but I mean you could just wear these with like cute jeans and a little white top you can sell these

so many ways because they’re so simple they’re versatile and they look good with anything and then I got these because I was dying for a pair of heels like these I have been seeing these all over on the internet I’ve seen everybody wearing these during this summer these

woven platforms so I got these nude pair they sort of criss cross in the front and then they can wrap all the way up and they’re very comfortable like those heels those were a little bit uncomfortable because they’re a high heel but because these are platforms there’s so

much easier to walk in one if you’re not good at walking in heels I would suggest getting something like this too if you even if you are cooking meals there’s so much more comfortable than a stiletto or anything else platform heels are like my go-to shoe and then

I just have three accessories the first thing is this bag I fell so in love with this bag when I saw it online I knew I had to get it I love the handle I think it’s really cool but it does come with a long strap if you

don’t want to have to hold your bag if you find that annoying I do think it’s pretty cool though I like this little circle out to lunch you just want like a cute little bag to go with your dress or if you’re going to the beach this is

really nice because it’s just kind of like low-key I got this hat I think it’s like the coolest ever my mom didn’t like the hat I like the Hat I thought it was cool it’s very very summery like the print on it as well like the just the

woven as’ with the black I think it looked cute and it’s sizable for anybody’s head which is great it has like a little bow in the back I think it’s great you just throw it on and then the last thing I have are these earrings I love tortoiseshell

printed stuff so these are these I don’t know if you could see them can you see them they’re like unfinished rectangles about they’re white and brown tortoiseshell print and I just think they’re super cute touch that is everything that I have from my Lulu summerhall without a Lulu’s

I wouldn’t be looking as cute as I do I hope you guys enjoyed this video I know you guys like hauls I know you love when I do these so give it a thumbs up if you want me to keep doing a ton of hauls I kind of

want to do them like seasonally I think this is my second one already for the summer but I definitely every season want to like update you guys with new stuff that I’m filling my wardrobe with as well as don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you’re new

I post videos every single Friday but you can still click the little notification bell to be notified when my next video is up I love you guys so much and I’ll see you my next video mwah