Sunny Leone’s Summer Fashion Essentials

whoa it’s hot out there are you feeling the heat of course you are it’s summertime it’s time to pull out those shorts go barefoot and embrace the Sun in all its glory summertime is all about living it up and letting your toes wriggle around in those open toe

sandals and when it comes to style this season is all about pastels and boozy fabrics this is our summer carpet let’s walk it with style here’s how you can add the sunny quotient to your wardrobe get it [Music] summer for me is a perfect time to wear lots

of color it’s time to ditch the boring blocks that you’ve worn last season vibrant and colorful is my mantra neon is a perfect trend that you can experiment with [Music] [Applause] this quirky accessory is one of my favorites it’s the bandanna it’s super versatile and you can wear

it as a scarf or as a headband and add to that instant boho vibe to your outfit one of my favorite things that I’ve seen people doing with a scarf is they’re actually bit they’re making like a pony and they’re braiding the scarf into their hair and it

looks very very cute [Music] florals are always a good idea and translate well from a brunch to a party and everything in between it’s really hard to go wrong with it I mean I’m wearing florals and I love it and this is a beautiful pop of color with

florals can’t go wrong I know you really don’t want to dress up in the summers but earrings can dress up your outfit with minimal effort like these guys these are so cute I wonder if they look good in my outfit you’ll have to send me a message if

it does these aren’t too heavy and they do the job of adding that extra drama and color to your outfit like this one the courses are so in style and doesn’t have much going on but these earrings could definitely add to it for me one of the most

important summer essentials are sunglasses the right pair of glasses cannot that instant to even the most basic of outfits and there’s always gonna be one that is perfect for you that’s gonna flatter you you just have to find it it’s like you know finding that perfect pair of

jeans if you keep trying and trying and trying but once you’ve got it you look fabulous [Music] have too big this season I mean are you even doing Instagram right if you haven’t gotten a picture with a hat I mean try an oversized beautiful colored hat like this

I mean it’s great on vacations or you put the Hat you got the glasses and you’re good to go [Music] but most importantly summer is all about being me so I wear whatever I want and whatever is comfortable and it always helps if it’s in trend so when

in doubt I turn to my staples a simple white tee a pair of shorts and a slogan that describes my personality so cute short the slogan t-shirt whatever I’ll just state myself isn’t it perfect I love stuff like this the one I love the most is I’m not

a morning person don’t talk to me just kidding but I think these earrings also would look good with this what do you say yes you guys summer so fun so it’s all about going into your closet and finding the most amazing things sub just for you [Music] don’t

forget to tell me your summer fashion pics in the comment section below there’s one last thing I want to talk about you guys I’ve all the fun that we’re gonna have and the clothes and the shoes and the scarves and the slogan tees and you know friends with

you know all these different people and having a good time I believe in the idea of giving back a little bit in life so I found these amazing canvas shoes that are hand painted by these beautiful young people who are special needs and that’s what they’re doing this

summer they’re making us these amazing shoes that you guys can get the company it’s called feet me up the you guys can get a pair of these we should all give back a little bit you know for the sake of our comfort so like share and subscribe to

butterfly [Music]