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hi guys welcome back to my channel I am so excited to finally be filming again so just to catch you guys up I was out of town in Florida doing the whole Disney vacation with the kids and everything for about 9 days then I came back in that

same week we moved so we’ve been moving pretty much all week we still have a bunch of furniture to be delivered and once maybe once my bedrooms done which should be in the next in 1 2 weeks if you guys want I could give you a room tour

or a whole house tour whatever you give me a thumbs up if you want to see something like that but one of the things that really sold me on this place was the size of the master closet and this is a master bedroom so the closet is right

over there and it’s big it’s so excited about it and I know I just ate the closet sale and thank you to everyone who shopped the closet sale um I seen some of you in the clothes but if any of you want to like show me you know

how you like feel free to follow me on Instagram or Twitter or tumblr or email it to me whatever just show me how everything looked on you I would love to see how everything worked out and anyway my head is on sale and everything and then I was

like you know what girl like you need to shop so I actually went and I’ve seen the the Avon viv collection at Target a few times and you know I peeped it when I first came out and I like the pieces but I wanted to see sort of

what else they were gonna come out with so they just released like their new what is it called I’m gonna call it a flow it’s not a flow but they just released like the the summer stuff so I went ahead and I picked out some outfits and stuff

so I’m gonna go ahead and do the try on haul like I normally do and let you guys know what I think so let’s get right into it so we can go ahead and start with a swimsuit like I really need another swimsuit in my life right so

I picked up the Aven of the high-waisted ruched a swimsuit and the bottom is in black I mean they’re all separate so you buy everything separately but I wanted to get a high-waisted in a non high-waisted the high waisted one is 2299 and it is it’s high waisted

enough from me but if you have a longer torso you know don’t expect it to go up too high and with this one I picked up via this like super super pretty bra top thing I love how it looks they came out with such pretty slim suits like

if anything from the first like round of clothes that they had released I was obsessed with this one suits they were so cute but of course I just bought about 10 swimsuits so now you know it’s one of you months your girl can get right back into the

swimsuit buying game because no one can stop me so I got the top at an 18 wide and I got the bottom if I didn’t mention it in a 20-wide because I’m big around the bottom than I am on the top and I wanted it to not be

super tight because you don’t want an extra tight swimsuit because there’s nothing covering that up I mean I guess unless you buy cover up but I don’t roll like that so I also picked up the Avon viv the just the swim bottoms which also have ruching on the

side and I picked him up in black I got these ones in a size 20 wide 22 wide I picked up the other ones originally but they just weren’t loose enough for my liking so I went back and I switched him out for a bigger size because like

I said you don’t want your some suits to be too tight and with that bottom I picked out this super cute top it I’m freaking obsessed with it and I actually got this because I wanted to show you guys that you can still be super hella cute and

like have a really nice swim suit without having to have like a traditional two-piece also without having to do like the traditional plus-sized looking swimsuit where you know it’s like a full skirt and the tank top is loose like what so I thought this was the perfect sort

of in-between because it does conceal and it is somewhat of a tank me I comes with extra straps if you want to put straps on it I thought it looked great without the straps though I’m but it’s sheer so you can see through it just a little bit

and I’m it does actually come open a little bit in the front so I thought that the print was freaking gorgeous and that’s actually what drew me to it I was just in love with it and I got the top in a size 16 wide women size 16

this is a plus size line so let’s just go with a size 16 another thing that I picked up was this super cute maxi dress I’m so excited about this maxi dress like I don’t really have a lot of maxi dresses and I got this one in a

size 1x and it was $35 the other ones if I’m not telling you the prices because the price isn’t on my hey it’s not on it because you can rip the price off so anyway it was about 35 bucks again I love this print like it’s so loud

and in-your-face but it has black and as long as something has black or white in it I feel like I can work with it like I can work with you I can draw in a pair of shoes I can get you a little coat whatever whatever like I

can work with this so I’m really into this particular maxi and I don’t have a lot of maxi’s but they’re the most effortless like good-looking thing that you could put on your body and everyone should wear maxi’s everyone so with this maxi I picked up a jean jacket

to go with it this is a size 1x and it’s it’s pretty much your basic jean jacket I had one just like this and I actually I accidentally sold it in the closet sale so I was like you know what you need a new jean jacket because I

didn’t even realize I listed it but it is what it is so I got this one in a size 1x which is a 16 18 and it doesn’t really have stretch in the in the material so it’s not a stretchy jacket um but it does fit my arms

which you know that I’ve done a whole video on having big arms so I’m it does fit my arms so I would say if you’re in between or you’re not go ahead and go for you know your typical size because even though it’s not stretchy it still fits

like I want to call them oversized arms but I’m not really sure would call alright so I also picked up some basic t-shirt kind of things except they’re a little bit more than just a basic t-shirt this one’s I’m a size 1x and it’s a really pretty purple

color and it’s not a burnout tee but it’s maybe it is a burnout too it’s almost a burnout tee it’s not super sheer but it is pretty lightweight and I thought I would work really well in the summertime since you know supposedly it’s going to be warmer at

some point yesterday was like 50 degrees I had a whole jacket on but whatever I’m not gonna I’m not gonna talk about the weather I can’t control that come in to wear with this particular tank top I picked out these sweet jean shorts they’re distressed and they’re like

cuffed on the bottom and I got these ones in a size 20 now I’m typically like a size 16 18 but whenever it comes to shorts it doesn’t matter the brand it doesn’t matter anything for whatever reason I always have to size up so these you have some

stretch in them but I am really really really into them and I love the way that they fit and it just they fit so nice and I have like bigger size and a bigger bottom hat but whatever they fit so freaking good so I’m really excited because I

actually also grabbed a shorter pair which is not really like me I don’t wear a lot of shorter shorts just because I don’t know I spent 25 years of my life telling myself I wasn’t allowed to wear short so now it’s still kind of foreign to me to

go pick out a pair of shorter shorts like and by shorter I mean not Bermuda so these ones then I just dropped on the floor these ones are definitely shorter but they’re so comfortable and they’re like the perfect denim like the dark blue and it does have a

little sticker here that tells you or rather a tag that tells you that it will say furniture and anything that is light – the first couple of times so watch where you put your butt and I did just get new furniture so I will be watching where I

fit while I wear these but I also got these in a size 20 and they’re probably my favorite thing that I got now to go with these I wasn’t sure if they were going to be tight or not or high high how high they were going to be

so I went ahead and got this super pretty like crocheted tank top and the back again with this one I was ordering stuff online I don’t know if I mentioned that but with this one I didn’t know if the back was gonna be stretchy or if the whole

shirt was or was not going to be stretchy because you know with crocheted stuff it’s it’s never stretchy because you can’t really stretch it but the the material in the back was stretchy so it turns out I probably could’ve done a 1 nice but I went ahead and

got a 2x and it worked out pretty well because of how loose and flowy it is it looks really good with those shorter denim shorts now this is probably my favorite top that I got just because of the detailing but I also really like this blue one the

blue shirt paying homage to the blue wall that is no longer I got this shirt in the size 1x again it’s kind of like a little t-shirt I had like a shorter sleeve on it but the top has a fun detailing on the front and on the back

and it’s nice and flowy and really loose and comfortable and I got that to wear with these little black shorts you can dress them up you can dress them down they’re super duper stretchy and they fit me like a frickin dream of course they’re above you too shorts

cause like I said baby steps ok I’m taking baby steps into the shorter length shorts so these are size 20 and they have a 9 inch inseam so um that’s what I picked up at Target I hope that you guys enjoyed this haul I am shopping a lot

right now but mostly not for clothes mostly like home stuff and kitchen stuff and you know what I mean because we have to kind of outfit this whole entire house so um yeah but anyway let me know how you’ve been and I’m so glad to be back to

filming finally this is not gonna probably be like my normal filming spot we will see how it goes let me know what you think but I think that’s it so let me know what you thought of this hull or if you’re gonna pick up any of these items

I mentioned um any links for stuff down in the description box if I can find links I’ll put everything down there below and I think that’s it let me know what videos you want to see next I want to jump right back into filming my normal stuff um

so you know more do your fat girl more l TAS so let me know what you want to see and now that’s definitely it I hope you guys enjoyed the video and I will see you in my next one bye guys