hey guys what’s up welcome back to my channel hope you’re all doing well today hope you’re having a really good day so in today’s video I’m going to be talking about the huge fashion trends at the moment these are 5 the top 5 fashion trends / essentials at

the moment that you guys can wear and it’s been awhile since I have done a trends video this was a series on my channel I would do every single season but it’s been like I think two seasons that I haven’t done a trends and essentials video but yeah

I’m really excited to get back into my fashion videos just like I used to like my look books my fashion trends and all that these are like I said the top 5 fashion trends at the moment I’m sure you guys are we seeing these trends in stores fashion

blogs or Instagram feed so yeah and I always like to say just want to point out that fashion trends aren’t for every single one out there like it’s it’s for you to pick and choose what you like best what’s it’s your style it’s just kind of like a

guide to to fashion you know I don’t I don’t believe that you have to wear every single fashion trend in order to be stylish or to be fashionable like I said you pick and choose what you like best what goes with your style I’m really excited about these

trends because I like a lot of these in fact most of the trends for spring / summer time I’m really excited about so without further ado let’s get right into the video all right so fashion trend number one vertical striped shirts or t-shirts these are very trendy at

the moment I’m sure you guys are seeing these everywhere I personally love me some stripes this one here is from Zara but um yeah I’m a fan of vertical stripes and these are a huge trend at the moment this one’s a nice slim fit navy blue and white

vertical stripes shirt these are really like I said trendy can wear these with like white jeans white shoes even like khaki pants or light denim jeans dark knit dark denim jeans with this you know the Navy and white really easy to to style in my opinion so these

are just super on trend at the moment every single item that I’m mentioning in today’s video and all the outfits you’re gonna see on screen all of the items for the clothing I’m wearing will be down below in the info box so you guys can shop directly if

you guys want but yeah this one’s great and I also have this one here from H&M this is another vertical striped shirt and also you guys vertical striped shirts like this are great for like your body it makes you look more slender alright fashion trend number two actually

one of my favorite trends at the moment which is the tropical print shirts kind of like floral prints are really great as well for this time of year for the spring and summer time but yeah I’ve been seeing a lot of these I went on to the Dominican

Republic not long ago and I saw so many guys with these shirts we went to Club and I saw so many guys with like the tropical printed shirts so like the word is out there like it’s a huge trend at the moment I have these two for example

these type of shirts are just huge if you go to All Saints any like fashion store right now there’s these are everywhere for summertime so this one’s from All Saints I love this shirt it’s one of my t-shirts at the moment I just like the colors this is

a perfect example by the way on how trends you know you can make it your own like I am NOT a fan of huge bold colors as you guys can see on my videos I’m not really like a guy that wears right like super bright colors this is

a perfect example how I can rock like the tropical printed shirts but more of my style with more like tone down not so in-your-face colors alright fashions right number three this is my personal favorite I love myself inside strive to shorts or side striped trousers or pants so

this side stripe thing has been a huge trend at the moment so like you’re gonna see a lot of trousers and like pants with a nice side stripe on the sides of the pants or shorts like I said perfect example you can do more of like casual stuff

like this so this one’s from a vintage brand called reclaim dat vintage I’ll link everything below in the infobox but perfect example these shorts right here with a nice stripe on the side really retro kind of like a throwback yeah vintage feel I love the side stripes this

is a huge trend at the moment dude I love these pants right here so I got these as well recently actually at least to have the tag on him but yeah look at this the side striped trouser I love these myself specially like that white clean stripe look

at this I love this and this here is another example as well nice side strike with a little twist so these are just black pants black trousers but it has a nice stripe on the side but it actually has I don’t know if you guys can see closely

but it has a like checkered print these are great I’m gonna style these with vans and just like a nice black t-shirt yeah these are great I love personally love this trend right now with the site stripe fashion trend number four we have to talk about shoes the

shoes are really important and white sneakers are everywhere you can’t go wrong with sneakers these are ones here that I have then these ones are from Aldo actually you can even use high-top so you can do like low tops like these just clean sneakers like white clean sneakers

are a huge trend and they’re easy to style as well like lately I’ve been really into just white sneakers like I probably wear these maybe four to five times a week lately like the past month I feel like I’ve been just it’s really easy to go to you

just have a nice little outfit combine it with white shoes and I feel like it seals the the outfit you know especially for spring in summertime so yeah I love me some white sneakers and last but not least fashion trend number five which I actually don’t have a

product to show you guys but a huge trend as well are the dad jeans now I know I made a video a while back I did a haul which I’ll link below are carded up here but I did buy a dad Jean and I was wearing them for

like a few days still kind of deciding if I liked it I actually returned it back just because I feel like the brand wasn’t the best so I want to get like retro dad jeans but that are like Levi’s are a little more like sturdy so that I

can just kind of have them forever be a dad jeans are a huge trend I’m sure you guys like seeing that everywhere as well I love the throwback to like the 90s I mean I was born in 1990 actually October 19th 1990 so the 90s hold like a

special place in my heart and just like I don’t know the vintage retro vibes it’s funny because before I started YouTube like a while back my style was very retro like I just like the vintage retro II feel which I love that that’s coming back into fashion so

that is pretty much it that is the fashion trend number five the dad Jean and those are the top five fashion trends at the moment for spring going into summertime I hope this helped you guys out maybe if you guys are gonna go shopping maybe you can have

some ideas of like let’s see I should check these out so yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this let me know below in the comments what are your favorite trends at the moment if I missed any let me know in the comments cuz I know there’s more than

I left out but these are like I said in my top five I have the guys have a great rest of the day thank you so much for watching hit subscribe if you guys are new to my channel and if you guys already subscribe to hit the bell

button below so you guys can get notified whenever I post a brand new video and yeah I’ll see you guys in the next video [Music]