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hello my beautiful unicorns welcome to a new episode of fashion cafe today I’m gonna be showing you a lot of stuff could I bought some of it was for Coachella some of it was for spring and summer season and some of it I have no excuse for it was just cute before we get into this amazing goodness right behind me I just wanted to let you know something really exciting that’s happening in my life I am now officially part of the Amazon family which is while insane it blows my mind I was on their live show in New York last week called style code live where you can chat live chat with amazing hosts and live shop whatever’s happening in beauty in style tips and I was there with Frankie Grande and Rachel Smith oh my god I got to breathe the same air as them I’m still in shock from God and as if that’s not enough I’m gonna be having a weekly segment on style called life showing you the accessory of the week that I picked out and kind of showing you how to style it and all that kind of jazz so for all the information check out the links down below and I can’t wait to see you there okay so right here I got my magical rack of beautiful things and the first thing that I want to show you guys is this amazing Walmart jacket if you guys don’t know this about me I’m obsessed with bomber jackets I can never have enough and in this one I got two and up because this baby is reversible now can we check out this embroidery right here because I live and I die all at the same time so right here we got this US Navy print and right here we have this Japanese style prints I live well it’s that apprentice and embroidery so anything with an embroidery on it put my name on the list sign me up I’m in baby does anybody like ever get so excited about clothes and I found this baby I’m going to try to find everything and link it down below if not just search for its silk bomber jacket on amazon.

com and to further feed my bomber jacket obsession I also ordered this this one is by Marciano and I found it on Amazon as well I feel like if you’re getting a bomber jacket you might as well get a silk bomber jacket because yes and also this print of flowers the sort of like garden print on black is everything and it’s super light it doesn’t have a lining which I love which is going to be so perfect for the spring summer days and guess what I found bail pants overalls I’m not a huge fan of bail pants but these are everything and there’s a lot of cat hair on them because me strap kind of finds his way through everything I think you may have climbed this a couple times but this one is by Paige and I found it on Amazon I just cannot deal with the fact of how well this fits this goes with everything ever simply a spoke at an event and I wear these with a white t-shirt and I felt pretty cool that day I believe the shirt was a collaboration between American Apparel and chrome apps I’ve never heard of the designer before but it looks pretty awesome I feel like it’s a take on the average tourist shirt you know like those shirts we’re gonna make a bikini in the body or something like that so this is like the edge year more fashion-forward version of it I love this this one is a piece by French Connection and I got it from Amazon and I’m actually super impressed by the way that it fit me because it is so difficult to like order denim or stuff that you know can be very risky online so I’m super happy about that it was like such a good stay up stable piece you can wear with any of these t-shirts or lace-up tops or anything like that for spring and summer this is a dream mama loves herself some comfortable tees and this one is my laundry room I got a few here I think that they make the most comfortable soft and amazing to the feel shirts this one says on vacation we wear bikinis and I think it’s the most adorable thing ever it is sort of this cropped II that you can wear with all sorts of then denim overalls denim shirts denim everything I mean you could wear this with some dress bands but I would strongly recommend wearing like a little relaxed tea with some denim that was a ground-breaking style tip by the way I’m so proud of myself another tea from the laundry room this one says hot sauce and it has a little Tabasco sauce on the top which i think is so cute it’s like I love attention to detail like that again it’s very soft very relaxed I can’t wait to wear this in the summer months I got this plaid shirt which is also from the laundry room I love wearing these kind of shirts around my waist or when I go out at night sort of like having something with me that I can also put away again tie around my waist it’s not like a serious of a jacket and this was just like a simple black and white plaid shirt you can never have too many of beads next I have this laundry room sweater I feel like I put that extra touch on their fabrics they’re very soft very nice to the skin this is like a cropped little sweater and yeah I feel like it kind of makes any look again very relaxed very California girl and the last thing from the laundry room is this Taurus shirt if you guys don’t know I am a Taurus no I don’t really believe in horoscopes or zodiacs but I thought this was pretty cool you guys know how much I love for love and lemons if you follow me on Instagram I’m constantly wearing for love and lemons stuff and they were sweet enough to send me a few pieces for Coachella thank you for loving lemmas gods you have made my dream come true this one is a cute little silk robe and I cannot rave about this piece enough it’s just so delicate and beautiful and in photos looks like you’re not really wearing anything like this is like a little white choker or something like that because this is like the skin color the color of the skin this is adorable I feel like this is supposed to be like a little nightgown slip or something like that but I would totally wear this and first of all which I already did or I would wear this to a pool party or anything cute like that the next is this piece I believe it’s from Jet Set Diaries and is this cute amazing embroidered dress that I was going to wear for Coachella but it never made it to my outfit it came with a little slip that you kind of wear under it so you don’t look completely naked but you still kind of do look naked since this is like the color of your skin but I just love this like victorian intricate embroidered dress next I dropped by the revolve showroom here in LA and picked up a couple of things this one is this cute adorable little polkadot romper oh gosh it is by NBD which is a revolve brand and I’m super obsessed with revolt clothing if you guys don’t know this yet but it is the tiniest little romper which fits me so well because usually romper school like up below my knees which is kind of awkward but this one really fits so I’m pretty stoked about it another piece that I picked up from the revolve social club a showroom was this little cute white dress fringe number I live for a little tiny white dress I feel like the little white dress is definitely the new little black dress yeah there’s this denim brand that I’ve currently been obsessed with it’s called Rails I got this little chambray top which sort of has this little phrase at the bottom and then I love like the Hawaiian flowery prints on the chambray I think it’s so much fun I feel like it would go really really well with something like this like this little fringy white dress and that and throw on some dance girl you set so shopping is probably the most convenient thing in the world but it’s also the most frustrating thing in the world I got this little romper from Nasty Gal and it looked so gorgeous on the model I was like oh my god let me get this I’m going to wear this ik Coachella I’m going to be the Coachella superstar of the season girl I don’t think this isn’t do in terms of tailoring so I’m going to have to return it and I’m really bad at returning stuff online I don’t know do you guys have the same problem I feel like oh yeah let me go and make a trip to the post office and then get another packaging slip and then ship it so I’m just like now I have this and lastly for my clothes I got this overall dress from booboo calm I love that their shipping is like pretty fast I want to say especially for something being shipped in the UK I’m always pretty happy with the quality of the clothes because the stuff is pretty inexpensive and they do have a petite section which fits amazingly so this one is meant to be like a bit of a looser fit but it’s it’s kind of that style you know I feel like it’s a very sort of like cool street style piece now I’ve probably accumulated over like 30 pairs of shoes but the speed is going to be like 30 minutes long so let me just show you one of them that I feel like it’s 100% worth mentioning these Stuart Weitzman shoes are freaking everything ever since Coachella have I talked about Coachella in this video yet I have been more into like bohemian style and like laced-up shoes and they’re not the most comfortable things in the world but the reason why I think you should go and buy these and I’m not getting paid for this because they have this zipper in the back so you don’t actually have to you know play with these laces which can be the most annoying thing for lace-up shoes you just kind of set your laces to whatever fits your foot you know zip it up they’re so comfortable they have a nice little thick heel but it’s not too much I already took them to the club and somebody spilled vodka soda on them so they’re a little ratchet but I’m going to wash them and I’m going to keep them forever I’ve been living for fringe backs lately so I got a couple of these this one is by sorry Al and it’s this beautiful balloon sort of like vibrant blue fringe bag the detailing on it is absolutely gorgeous it has like a shoulder strap bag and then it has a little handle this is removable so and one more bag that I wanted to show you guys today this one is by Cynthia Vincent and you can find it on revolt as well you would just look at the detailing of this bag but this is amazing I feel like I could give you a style tip of what you can wear this with I want to wear this with everything I want to wear this with my bomber jacket probably everyone do that but yeah look at this little like Navajo print and then there’s more prints this bag is pure perfection and that is it for this week’s fashion cafe I hope that you guys have so much fun if you want to stay in touch with me I’m going to leave my Twitter down below which is twitter.

com slash Evelina let’s stay in touch during the week while I don’t post video so we can always kind of have this little chat conversation going on and do that no I will see you in my next video but.