[Music] hi guys welcome back to my channel today’s video is going to be a clothing haul of course I’m gonna try everything on for you guys there’s a few places that are new which is exciting but yeah this is pretty self-explanatory you’ve seen these to be done so

many times so I’m just gonna get started because there’s really no intro needed okay so the first shop I’m going to talk about is new I’m really excited it’s not sponsored or anything I just randomly came across it I don’t even know how probably through Instagram but I’m

obsessed with this online shop normally I would probably say ASOS first but this one I’m just loving right now it’s all like this kind of like vintage vibe it’s right up my style alley so I’m just like loving it but the first thing is this top it looks

like these these are always so awkward because I just hold it up and I tried my best to explain it I just love the cut of it it’s like formal but still casual at the same time like it definitely has a sexy cut but like old school vibe

does that make sense I’m just talking I don’t know but yeah love it next are some shoes and I am really excited to cut these subtle vibe boss like that but they’re basically just like red sandals there have a little bit of a heel not a crazy heel

so they are like I wore them during the day and I what my feet weren’t dying if I wasn’t walking a ton but they still are heels like flats are obviously preferred but these are just really really cute these go well with jeans dresses pretty much everything and

I’m just kind of like loving a red shoe right now because I just think they make such a statement and they’re really really cute sirens filming in New York sorry the next place is Zara and Zara is another one of those stories that’s like a hit or miss

I either go in there and find a ton of stuff I like or I go there and find nothing so currently I’ve been finding a lot of things I have three things that I want to show you guys because I just am so excited about them the first

one is a red dress I just showed you red shoes and I’m showing your red dress but I think this is so so cute my favorite thing are the buttons I love the buttons the weight cut reminds me of something from Reformation which you know I love so

I just think it’s a really really cute style again kind of like has a vintage II cut to it the sleeves are really like poufy okay the next thing I’m gonna show you is linen again oh um these are pants and I’m obsessed with them you’re gonna have

to see the cutaway to really get the full full effect of what these things look like but they’re basically just this beige color or tan with very very tiny black stripes these are also soso high-waisted which I absolutely love you guys know I’m a huge fan of high-waisted

things but these go up so high that you can wear like a real real crop top um so all those tops that I have that I’m like oh I need really high-waisted things for just to not show up too much of my midriff these pants work for that

and I just love them I wear them with a big belt around the waist and I just think it’s so pretty next from Tsar if you watched my Instagram followers control my life for a day video which is my last video I had you guys vote on which

dress I should bring on my last trip that I just went on and all of you guys voted for this one so I thought I would put it in this haul because it’s really really cute I shouldn’t say all of you guys voted for this one a good

amount of you guys did but it’s really cute it looks like this all the buttons are not buttoned but basically it has a really unique button cut to it and then it has a little belt here that cinches it and I wore this dress with the red shoes

recently and it looked so good I absolutely love this again this is really really pretty it’s like a MIDI length so it’s really good if you have something a little bit nicer to go to so it’s not like a super short dress or anything next place I shopped

was princess Polly another one of my favorites I got three things two accessories so let’s just start with those first because why not the first thing our earrings they look like these they’re really really cute I’m pretty sure on the site these are called mallanna earring which i

think is really funny I don’t have any brown earrings like this I always just kind of stick to gold so I thought this was a fun little twist to pretty much go with everything that I have in this haul it would look good with just kind of classic

very different they kind of are very retro too which are fun the next thing from princess colony the Hat you guys know I love my hats and always I feel like I’m always hauling hats I love hat but this is just basically just a boater hat it’s from

lack of color it’s really cute these kind of hats are perfect for the summer again they go with this goes with pretty much everything I’m hauling so I love that I love styling this I just think it looks really cute I love it and lastly from princess Polly

is crop top guys know I love these but this is just really good for summer because well first of all it’s summers really hot so these are really easy and convenient to wear but I love white for the summer hence what I’m wearing right now and a few

other things that Halling but I just think this is really cute it has a little like florals and like is it called eyelet detailing throughout it I love that it’s kind of like puff sleeves you can wear them off the shoulder on the shoulder really really cute I

wear these with like high-waisted pants or skirts and I just think it looks so good next is revolve I love love love revolve you guys know that they have some great clothing pieces I kept looking at this because I’m so obsessed with it I’m didn’t talk about this

one first this is a big belt basically it I love this right now this is the trend that you’re going to be seeing a lot more on my Instagram and on my youtube videos I love belting things cinching my waist and having like high-waisted again it’s like that

vintage like kind of 50s look with like big skirts and like a huge belt I absolutely love it so this is by the brand lovers and friends next is a super cute top that I’m rebooting because I wore this for my birthday a couple days ago and I

love it I’m a huge fan of polka-dots especially right now but Spri the brand LPA looks like this I think I missed a couple buttons but anyways it’s a white love white and it has all these like beige polka dots on it these really cute buttons that go

on the front it’s not super cropped I’ve worked with some denim shorts and just some shoes like wedges and that was my birthday outfit but I absolutely love it I think it’s really really cute next we have Lulu’s and you guys know Lulu’s it’s one of my favorites

I only have two things in this specific haul the other things that I got from Lulu’s are for a different video but basically I got this shirt also it looks so tiny but you guys know when you buy these tops they’re like the ones that stretch it’s off

the shoulder really cute I love the stripes this mustard color right now is my absolute favorite I also love this like blueish green so yeah when I saw this top I was like must have it’s just one of those easy tops that you can just throw in with

some jean shorts and you’re good which I feel like it’s such a crucial summer outfit and then the next thing from Lulu’s are shoes I got these black shoes they’re like little mules but this cut right now is kind of all over the place again it’s like this

like vintage throwback style which I’m living for I absolutely love it but it’s got this like deep v cut into the shoe and when you’re wearing it it has such a unique look it kind of elongate the leg they look really good with jeans with dresses with pretty

much everything and I love these type of shoes because they’re not super high heeled so they’re perfect for like day to day now let’s do a toast because it would it be a my haul without some sort of pesos clothing I mean really so this skirt I’m really

excited about because you guys I just got done telling you that I love mustard right now Kars I think it’s so cute this is like a denim skirt super high-waisted also which you know I love I’m gonna sound like a broken record in every Hall um but anyways

it has like a cinched waist up here it’s so cute I love it it’s one of those skirts that you can kind of dress up or down but it’s really easy to wear a day today I love that it’s not like a typical denim skirt which is either

black or like a denim blue this one is orange or like mustard I think it’s kind of more Orange and then the last thing from ASOS is a romper and it looks like this why I originally was like yes I need this is because it kind of reminded

me of a Zimmermann outfit peace robber dress whatever if you’re familiar with that brands then we’re has the most beautiful dresses rompers outfit pieces in general like it that I’ve ever seen they’re a designer they’re very expensive and I just can’t get myself to buy one just yet

so I saw this and I was like this is awesome it kind of has the same roughly feel to it similar print I just thought it was really really pretty I plan to belt it with that beige belt then I showed you guys from revolve it’s definitely on

the fancier side so I would probably say this one for like a nice dinner or some sort of summer event and then the last thing that I’m going to show you guys is a jumpsuit it is from made well I’m kind of new to made well I’m just

started kind of trying out their clothes they have some really cute classic pieces but when I saw this jumpsuit I loved it has this really pretty floral print to it again kind of retro I’m gonna use that word too much I love the tie top here kind of

reminds me of like Selena Gomez Coachella vibes you know she’s like always wearing this stuff now but I just think it’s really cute I love the link normally jumpsuits like this I have to get hemmed because they just like swamp my legs and I have to like get

it shortened but I love this I’m kind of wear with like tennis shoes or like some wedges I just think it’s a really really cute but that is it for my haul video I really hope you guys like this got some summer fashion inspiration as always if you

want to see these outfits in action you will probably see them on my Instagram first so make sure you’re following me on there but yeah I really hope you guys liked it be sure to give it a thumbs up let me know what videos you guys want to

see next I always need new video ideas so please let me know what you want to see next and yeah I will see you guys in my next video bye