hey everyone welcome back to my channel for today’s video I have a Walmart try on haul to share with you guys and this is gonna be a little bit smaller than the typical try on haul I’m actually planning like my large summer try on haul early June so

stay tuned for that but this one wasn’t even planned I’m actually working with them over on my blog so I recently placed an order to find some pieces that I potentially would want to wear it to style for that and I would rather be safe when it comes

to that so I normally buy like multiple outfit options that way I can wear the best option instead of just kind of settling if that makes sense so I wasn’t even planning on sharing these but I thought it would actually be fun to show you guys like what

caught my eye for this photo shoot and kind of bring you into the campaign to interact a little bit more because I would love your feedback on these outfits and I don’t really ask for your favorite outfit anyway because I like to see that but I would love

to see your favorite outfit for this video because I will probably feature that outfit for the campaign for Walmart and I think that’s kind of fun and if that post is up it will be linked down below so definitely check that out so you can see what outfit

I ended up picking for the photo shoot lots of fun things coming up but let’s jump into today’s outfits so I just got this bag and I haven’t even taken the wrappings off just yet but this is from soul Society and I was actually really torn on what

color to get but I ended up going with the white and a brown I thought about getting the pink but I thought this would be a little more versatile circle bags I feel like are having their moment I actually have another one two of them actually to share

with you guys from Walmart but I felt like this one worked the best with this outfit just because it’s a little more neutral I’ve actually had this top for quite some time but I wasn’t able to link it until now so you best believe I’m gonna share it

with you guys now because it’s one of my favorite tops I actually own it in white and navy I love them I think it is so flattering and I got the navy because I knew I’d want to wear it with white jeans and then I got the white

just to go with everything else and I wore them so much when I first got them I actually had to stop wearing them because it was like the most asked about item on Instagram stories so I know now that I can share it it’s probably gonna go quickly

I hope they have a lot of stock of these because I want all of you guys to get them they’re so cute so it has like this ruffle detail the peplum is so flattering and it just is so cute I love it I love eyelet I’ve talked about

that in multiple videos I’m wearing it with this Victoria Emerson rat bracelet which I hope they restock soon because I have been living in it it was in my April favorites and then I’m wearing my go-to white jeans from Walmart I have a feeling these are going to

be really hard to find now that this video is going up because they’re on clearance but if you guys can get your hands on them by like multiple pairs I wish I kind of got multiple pairs because they’re so good and they were so cheap and I actually

just got mine out of the wash so you can see they wash really well they keep their shape and they’re actually stretchy so they’re not uncomfortable to put on after you get them out of the dryer which I just did so love these can’t say enough good things

about them I’ve been living in them since my last march on hall and then these wedges I wore these in that Tran hole as well but I just love the neutral little ruffle feel like for the price point these are comfortable and easy to walk in and they

give you that same look so I’m glad that I size down in this dress I feel like it does run a little big this is an extra small so I would probably size down if you guys are interested in it I do feel like it looks a little

matronly it’s just a little overwhelming on my frame just with like how big this ruffle is and then the length but it is very comfortable kind of easy breezy dress I feel like for the right occasion this would be cute the off-the-shoulder does stay on so that’s a

plus in my book I do feel like the belt definitely helped kind of break up how much material is kind of hanging on my body so I threw on this one from H&M although I think I’m going to get the real Gucci belt so I’m going to be

returning this one but if you’re looking for a Gucci belt dupe this one’s under $10 highly recommend it if I wasn’t getting the real one when my next student loan is paid off because I do really well the reward system then I would keep this one so the

dress is double but I would still be careful with what I wore underneath don’t wear any like colorful printed undergarments you will still see it because it is a little bit on the thin side but the material is really soft it almost feels like nothing other than around

the shoulder you can feel the shoulder kind of cinching in right here but otherwise it is pretty comfortable sometimes this can be really like diggy but it is pretty comfortable so I loved the floral print of this it’s very pastel there’s yellows pinks and blues and I actually

was expecting this to be more of a chiffon material I didn’t really look at the picture too much but it’s actually like that balance II cotton a Jersey blend type material so it’s very stretchy and comfortable like I don’t even feel anything up here it’s great I only

feel it kind of around my waist where this seam is right through here that’s kind of a little tight I do think that I would prefer a small I did size down to an extra small and I feel like it’s just a little grabby and tight through my

hips and I just would like it a little more flowy through this area so I would recommend to get your normal size I am a normal size small but it just seemed like Sophia ran big but I guess that’s not the case so I do think the neckline

is very flattering I love this crisscross design typically wrap stuff doesn’t work on me unless it is made perfectly so I do really appreciate the cut of this and it is a fake faux wrap so you don’t have to worry about it opening up on you and then

the straps are adjustable and I just love all the little ruffle details they’re not overwhelming but they do wonders for small busted girls and then the strap around the waist is really long so I actually have my double knotted there and then it has just pretty little ruffles

that aren’t overwhelming like they just flow well I don’t know this is cute but I definitely think I need a little bit bigger size as for my bracelet I forgot to mention it last outfit this is another Victoria Emerson bracelet I loved how like the blue tie tin

and it just seems very summery to me the layers are all just one big buckle so it’s very easy to get off and on because it’s just a magnetic closure which I definitely appreciate you can it on and get out the door and then I’m wearing my favorite

little Tory Burch sandals I love this blush color it’s really subtle but just enough pink to add in they do take a little bit of breaking in but once you do they’re just like my go-to sandal they’re so good so I love the pretty blue floral print of

this dress this would be really cute for a baby shower or summer wedding it’s really easy breezy comfortable you do have to it’s like a tulip style dress so when you sit down there is like the layer that’s long enough but it will be opening up a little

bit so keep that in mind but I think the cut of that is just really flattering and it shows off your shoes really well so I do like the fit like the tulip style maxi dress and then this print is just really pretty I love the blues and

the purples of it this top fits a little bit big I don’t have the like I feel like if I was wearing a normal bra I would fill it out a little bit more but right now it’s kind of a little sad looking but I do appreciate that

it comes with a clasp because otherwise it would definitely be a no-go for me the sleeves are really fluttery and ruffly and pretty and then the back has like a little tie there it does dip down just a little bit but not too low codes like too right

there this little blush straw bag I definitely had to see in person I love circle bags I love straw bags and I haven’t seen one in this color so I think it’s really cute I think it was around 30 ish Oh had to guess and I actually have

another one from the same brand or boutique on there and then I’m wearing these comfortable white this dress feels a teeny bit heavier than the last one that one was like a chiffon material this one is almost like that bouncy material but a little heavier I love again

the print on this dress it’s just really cute I love the floral it is a little bit different than the type of floral I’ve seen before as more of like an artistic take on a floral if that makes any sense the waistband is a thick smocked waste which

I don’t have anything like this it’s almost like maternity style but it just gives it a really easy like fold over effect and then I do really love this neckline the sides you tie in two cute little bows and I do feel like this neckline is a little

different than what I typically wear so it’s nice to mix it up every now and then there is a little bit of a keyhole but I actually it just lays flat so I didn’t even notice until just then and then it does have an under layer that stops

right under the knee so that doesn’t go all the way down and has like this ruffle little peplum detail on the bottom so what’d you guys think of this one but I do always like to add something to my cart that’s out of my comfort zone just to

see what I think about it so for me that was these pants um let me know what you guys think of them I’ve been seeing pants like this everywhere so I thought I might as well try them from Walmart they do fit really well they look make your

waist look really small because they are high-waisted this is a size four I don’t love this bright silver button so i’m i would like fold my shirt over top of it and then this is a little denim off the shoulder top as for this bag i do really

love the bag i think the print is so cute and i love the colors in it but i do wish that this was a removable strap it just seems really thick for the size of the bag so I would almost prefer to just carry it like this or

if the strap was smaller I just seemed like it just seems like the proportions are off a little bit there’s like more strap than there is back but I do really think the print is adorable and very summery so when wearing pants like this I would definitely go

for a nude heel that will make your legs look the longest and I feel like it’s the most flattering especially since these are very like bailed at the bottom they’re very flowy but let me know how would you guys think of these pants I’ll definitely be interested to

read the comments on this but I will show you guys this shirt without the pants on I mean with pants on but with different pants I was looking for my white shorts and I could not find them anywhere so I guess I need to ask that to my

list because that’s what I wanted to wear this shirt with I don’t typically ever wear denim on denim or these types of colors so it’s not my favorite but I just do on these shorts I fell more in love with these shorts every time I put them on

they are a splurge for denim shorts but I can see why I can definitely see the quality when it comes to them I guess I’ll put it that way they’re very comfortable and I’m glad that I picked them up but here’s that shirt without the pants just so

you can see it untucked so it has a little bit of a C hemline and it is a little bit shorter so I feel like I have like a little bit of a mess-up sleeve on this one because this one looks completely different it just seems like it’s

sewn differently because it do you see how thick it is over here it just keeps like folding over like that and that’s just how it is and then it will pop up easily whereas this one is normal so I feel like it’s just like an error with how

it’s sewn on but if you end up getting this let me know if yours is like that too I feel like with this type of top it would be really cute to like wear your hair up and play up your accessories like your earrings wear like a messy

ponytail or wear a cute little scarf in your hair I would just have fun with my accessories when it came to this type of shirt and then I have on a little cute both sides I just think they’re adorable so I do really like this shirt I love

the C green color to it it’s different than my normal pink but I do still really like this type of color I wear blues a lot more in the spring and summertime and then it has like an oval neckline and then the ruffle sleeves are very flattering sometimes

they can make your arms look and feel bigger but this one’s actually really flattering I think this top is really cute some of you guys could potentially wear it to work the only thing kind of holding me back from wearing it to work is the back has like

a low cross detail I feel like I could get away with it because my hair would cover it but I know that somebody I’ll have more strict dress code so this is one of those shirts that you may or may not be able to wear to work but

if you can I feel like that’s a really great value because you can definitely dress this down to wearing it with white jeans that type of thing arrested here like I was gonna wear it to work with my favorite work pants and then just some gold Tory flats

that I have been wearing a tend to work so I am losing steam I’ve been filming all day and I’m just like ready to get in comfy clothes but this dress is actually the same as that first top I’m telling you I’m obsessed with all of those pieces

so this is a sweet little dress and it has the same eyelet detail down the front and same kind of cinching at the waist it is a little flowy err on the bottom half but I just love the ILA detail so much so I feel like this would

be cute with a little like half-up half-down little conservative hairstyle and i think it’s just really sweet I don’t actually have a handbag to share I do have another handbag but I just didn’t have the right outfit for it so I’m just not a hundred percent sold on

these just yet so I’m gonna read browse and see what else I find I think they’re all cute they’re all just kind of the same to me there’s not one main stand out so I would definitely love your feedback down in the comments I’ll grab that other bag

that I haven’t styled and a pair of shoes that I haven’t styled actually I have two more items to share but I just didn’t find the right outfit for them I think this little bag is just so precious I absolutely love it I had it in mind actually

for those denim shorts I styled and then a pretty little white eyelet blouse oh I have that one from Walmart maybe I’ll go that route I just love this little bag so I’m kind of want to feature it I think I love the size it’s just really cute

and I actually do like that it comes with a strap most straw bags like this I haven’t seen a strap that goes with it and then the little pom detail is removable if you don’t love that or if you wanted to mix it up take it off and

then put a scarf on it will be a little tricky but you can definitely squeeze them up and over that I think they’re so adorable so there is one accessory I feel like I kind of want to style this on the blog and then I got these sandals

and I am just not a silver person I feel like I look like and like The Tin Man or something and I actually for whatever reason thought they were gold when I ordered um based on the image and I just did not look carefully enough so I was

expecting these to be like a pretty champagne gold and they’re bright silver so I think I do really like the style I’m gonna see they’re still available I’ve seen a couple bloggers share these since I’ve ordered I think like I think I saw Emily Gemma she has a

very large following share these in rose gold so they sold out completely that was the color I originally wanted but I think they have them in white I might swap them out for that I think they are really cute and comfortable but I just I’m just not a

silver person especially this metallic and bright alright those are the outfits that caught my eye recently at Walmart and one of those will be featured really soon over on my blog so be sure to check that post out whenever it goes up to see which one I went

with and don’t forget to let me know your favorite down in the comments below because that one will most likely be featured and I’m really excited about this like I think it’s fun to have a little more interaction with a try on haul so let me know your

thoughts on it if you liked this type of try on haul it’s a little smaller than my normal like all out Tran hauls but I think I found some really cute pieces so I hope you guys enjoyed it if you’re not already subscribed I would love for you

to consider subscribing to stick around for more fashion content here on my channel I have a lot more Walmart content coming out for the rest of the year so you can see that consistently thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you in the next

video [Music] make it shine but I can see that you don’t that’s one day