hey y’all welcome back and this is gonna be another Walmart shot with me I love filming these I love Walmart you guys seem to love these Walmart hauls and Walmart shot with me so that’s what this is gonna be today there probably won’t be a haul at the end because if I get anything it’ll be for the girls Easter baskets and I’ll do a whole separate video on that but I’m just going to go around and show you guys everything they have new for spring and summer I haven’t done a video of this since January and you guys love these so let’s head on in and see what they have so I don’t know about y’all but I love elf products they have one of those filthy lights that go on your phones I’ve never tried the sponges by elf they are four dollars they have as so many and new products I’ve found lately this is probably something I need hydrating bubble masks have such dry skin I like this peak packaging is like a new line I have the glow stick that they carry and it’s really really good it’s kind of like the to look lipstick these are really cute they have these little makeup organizers that you could put in a drawer and then they also have these and brush organizers which is your Walmart brand so that one’s 694 that’s 984 not bad at all and then I’m not very tall so I can’t reach up there but they have some really cute travel bags this is the size I need for my makeup and then I like this pattern even more that’s really cute love the see-through actually might get this one I’m debating I’m gonna put it in the buggy how many of you buy something or you don’t buy it but you put it in the buggy because you’re thinking about buy it because you need time to think about it I do that all the time and then also in that design they have the kit and then this style as well and then down here if this one this one’s cute – love these I like that – you and what do you know Walmart is now caring Kaboodle’s I think that’s so funny they’re actually only 1297 here and I think it Target there are $20 I think that’s how much I paid for the girls but 1297 or mark and then they have these little bags these are really neat of course I’m gonna like the cold coffee mascara hustle that’s for me for sure leave a trail glitter wherever you are or wherever you go and I like that one too and then they also have this big one if you just want like the whole travel case this one is in 1997 and you get pretty much everything cute little macaroon lip balms I’ve actually never had a macaroon in the life so this is the first mermaids have more fun soothing bath crumbles and then they have unicorn among horses that’s cute and then I’ve never seen these either I guess they’re just like for bubble baths so if you like peeps and you like birthday cake flavored stuff just I mean I love birthday cake stuff I love peeps but these not disgusting look at these little wine glasses they’re actually plastic these I would get these for any time of year honestly normally and don’t really buy too much Easter decor just because you know you you can’t leave it out too long but I love this stuff right here this is stuff you could use like during the summer just these little plates and stuff and I think these are supposed to be like Easter baskets but I could totally see myself using this as some kind of decor with the pastel colors and 298th is not a bad process at all okay this is a cute Easter basket check that out if I already didn’t have my girls Easter basket I would totally go for something like that they even have paint back here too look they have all those baskets with the tassels and then look at these I mean you don’t even have to use these it’s like an Easter basket you could use them for anything really then they have these down here which I would just use as a decor piece there’s 798 love that I can’t believe that Walmart has two basket baskets now how much are these I don’t know how much they are probably not much though I love the white color and then they have the little while X right here or no lavender what am I talking about la likes I love that so to be honest with you guys they have so much Easter decor and it’s all cute but to me Easter is about over it’s already April Easter is what April 21st this year so I mean how long would you really need to use this but they do have some cute stuff but I’m not going to show you too much Easter stuff just because it’s about over and then they have this hanging in the Easter decor it’s like a little truck but really you could use this all summer all spring and then I’ve been debating this forever I don’t know why I keep waiting I love this so much I’ll probably put it in my kitchen if I got it and then these are really neat too but honestly have no idea where I put those little lemon things and then those are nice and colorful probably would not match my house but they’re cute so I found this whole state I guess did you open your garden it actually matches my garden plaid perfectly and then I found these little birds these are really really cute but yeah if you just want to get a better look at it that’s what it looks like really cute and they have two different colors so I love these little water bottles these are so cute they have three different kinds I think this one right here would probably be my favorite and they have all these little cute more these called kitchen towels but to be honest with you I just like these Walmart better home and garden ones these baby blue ones those are so pretty so I think I’m gonna show these place mats in my last Walmart shot with me but they still have them there’s a Pioneer Woman brand and then they have this color and then I really like these these would go with pretty much anything they would go with like a farmhouse inspired theme and of course you can never have too many coffee mugs this is the one I would get look at these these are so cute I don’t need any more cups but if I did I’d be going for that one and it’s only for 78 that’s not bad this is the part of the store that always gets me in trouble like seriously how cute are these tumblers this is the one that I like the most I saw this a couple weeks ago in my Walmart and actually posted it on my Instagram story and I’ve been thinking about it ever since it’s only 12 84 but I literally have no more room for anymore cups and then these are really cute and different too they finally have the snow cone and ice cream makers out to yum y’all know cotton candy is my favorite and then probably blue raspberry oh my gosh this is really making me want summer to hurry up and get here with all these neat little table cloths and then lo you’ve got your infusion pitcher over here and then this little covered tray for cakes or cookies or whatever you want to put it in this cake tray it’s probably my favorite design I love that and then they also have like the matching cups and then oh my gosh all the summer bobs over here look at these you know I cannot handle Walmart they have so much cuteness I mean I’ve always loved Walmart but just here lately maybe it’s because I’m getting older and I’m more into like home decor and kitchen stuff that I’ve noticed but I love these I saw these same things at t.


maxx and I think this was 15 and this was like $9.

99 crazy there are literally cups everywhere I go but they’re asking for it I have to get this like how can I not get this oh my goodness I’m gonna be ashamed of myself and I’ll leave here but look so cute this is why I have no room for any more cups or bowls in my kitchen because people make the cutest uh-huh and then they have these little kids dinnerware sets and it’s twenty-four pieces only five dollars they’ve got a different a few different color combinations as well these are so cute I like these like this one more of course these are really really cute for only five dollars and then I guess these are for kids but they’re 394 and they’re really adorable y’all know how expensive beach towels usually are these are pretty big and they are only eight ninety four I’m starting to have a slight obsession with Pioneer Woman stuff because he makes the cutest things look at this I love love love that she even has these like little bags like if you’re taking a meal somewhere with you or doing potluck you could zip it up in this I’m telling y’all Pioneer Woman is making everything these are refrigerator letters these are super cute too and then she has like the utensil things that you can put in your drawers and I believe these right here would be for like your spice cabinet we have even moved on to the salt and pepper shakers this is insane everything I mean I am loving it I really like this one right here so gorgeous all of her stuff is gorgeous and then she just has this coffee mug stand and then the bottom of it is down here I guess so it doesn’t get broken off but it’s really pretty and then even tiered trays now how cute is that and we also have bread boxes and then they have the mug racks here this is actually just like mimeograph except for – wat at this point I might as well just name my video Walmart pun your woman’s shop with me because this store has so much of her stuff but I’m not complaining so we love these oatmeal cookies in our house I just had to smell it and see if it actually smell like one and yes it does but I would probably consider this more of a fall or winter scent and then I really like these flameless led Lots usually you just see the normal candle looking ones that they have these and then they also have these right here they have those but those aren’t that cute to me but those are cute and then these are as well I think these sounds are new too I really like that and then that one’s pretty too but that’s just like the ordinary that you can find that Hobby Lobby but I’ve never seen one with like a painting on it like that that’s really really nice check out these pinatas the coffee the taco they have the cutest gowns I love these you’ll know I love my RVs and my trucks that’s really cute and I think they have like some different ones back here yes and then the cute little coffee pajama shorts and they have these little cute pajama shorts but they are way too short for me I would not be able to wear these they have a bunch of different kind they’re kind of messy right now but those are probably gonna favorite and then I like this is on two and then I may have to show these on my last video but they still have these like Steve Madden looking to use I really am digging the white I don’t know how long I’d be able to go without getting them dirty but I like them a lot and then I really like these flats totally Giddings if they had not died and then they have all the little Birkenstock looking shoes so if you’ve been looking for those they do have some at Walmart and they are very affordable they even have some of these wedges like I was looking for some like this forever from Target and I finally ended up ordering from Amazon that’s not a bad pass not to 88 they have these right here for little girls I really like those and then they have these right here I would wear these if they had these in my size I may pick up a pair for Ansley because that’s not bad 1276 for these and then they also have these and little girls they’re just kind of like seen men’s but they have like the glitter on them have these as well these 798 that is like a really good price and these would pretty much go with anything see I would wear this too I feel like they make all of the cute stuff for the little girls or maybe I’m just like maybe I need to grow up maybe that’s what it is and all to keep work out short I love them all and I mean really look little girls sports bras do they make like a 1000 XL because I would definitely go for this one this one and then they have a really good selection of bathing for little girls big girls I guess you could say I guess size 6 to 16 I really like this one right here and then they have some really cute like juniors shirts my daughter’s started wearing juniors so we do shop over in this section a little bit they have these if these are your style lace is not really my style but for some it might be and then more lace I don’t really like those but you never know some people might and then me myself and huh like all of these right here even though when we’re them because they probably come really short but they’re not very expensive I think they’re like eight dollars not 92 I do think these dresses are really pretty I probably wouldn’t wear them because I couldn’t pill them all but I do like them and they are 1592 and they have a bunch of these little lounge pants I feel like if these days if anybody just wants to go summer shopping or beach shopping they can just get up Walmart that’s crazy I like these I know my daughter would like them and they have them in white navy blue and then they have these little shirts back here which are also cute as well these are kind of dressy check these out I love the dress on the left that one is very pretty I love the color but they have a lot more designs as you can see back there and I know these shirts right here have pretty much been in since the fall but I love these pink ones they’re only ten ninety two and then they have the light blue and the green but if it were me being blonde I would probably go with the light pink or the baby blue and then check this out that’s really cute I mean not for me but you know maybe somebody who has that body top I like that that’s pretty and then they have these tank tops different kinds do what is this let’s check this out I like these colors can we restart the weekend why yes we can every single time love that these are cute little teeth I really think Aubree would like things your only 792 you know I found so much stuff in this Walmart that I want to put in the girls talking then I just put everything back because I got overwhelmed then they have the canvas shirts as well I like these as well they seem like they’re pretty good quality and they have you know this different color back here those are 1092 and as far as that little spring dresses go they have a lot a lot a lot but they have a bunch of different designs that blue is really pretty I usually don’t go for like that color dream during the summer or spring but so many pretty spring dresses and there are only 10 bucks some other cute little blouses or shirts whatever you want to call them and they also have them in my favorite print my favorite print right now here are more of the dresses they have and then they have t-shirts over here and then this little shirt you know I’m really just impressed with everything that they have this year just so much trendy stuff so are these supposed to be in style now I mean I could take that one I would not wear a skirt that short these days but yeah I love these for somebody like Ansley’s age and check out the designs of these rompers like for real so adorable so it’s a little messy over here but the beach bags they have are incredibly just took you I would like this one for like the girls it may be one of those with the brown handles for myself you may have these two down here as well they have all this kind of stuff that you would like take to the beach to put your phone in and things like that and then it’s kind of cluttered over here but they have like all these little bags like this and they’re made out of like mesh material I guess stuff you would take out to the beach and then I just like the color of these bags these would do good as beach bags as well more cute bag I love this one right here I like that a lot actually then they have all these right here which I really really like this one and then I couldn’t believe it when I found out that Walmart had these straw bags these two are probably my favorite I might end up getting the one on the left just ignore that cannon hat and then they have this one down here which I really like the handles on this one and then all of these mini backpacks I love the clear ones and then we went on our trip to meet disc in the girls I bought both the girls both of my girls one of these I got anslee the pink and then Aubry has this one I don’t know where the pain gets here I haven’t seen it and then they have these little weekender bags that one down there is cute actually I think Madeleine had that one that one comes with the water bottle but I really like the one with the leaves on it too and then who doesn’t need a cute little head to wear on the beach and then if you’re in the fanny packs they do have a pretty good selection of those as well this section over here just screams out summer to me I really like this hat right here the one that says summer Bob’s that’s so adorable and I think it’s pretty cool that I have all of these sunglasses that are pretty minutes later the same as what adults are wearing now and they are all to fit kids they have a good variety of scrunchies I will probably come back and pick the girls some of these up to put in their Easter basket they have a lot of cute little designs this is the Hat I need I’ll take this one and then I’ll be fun or even this one this one will work for me as well and then they just have these little bags I guess you could use these as a beach bag as well I do like that a lot pink one I like the one that says de que down there on the left and then I like this one back here as well y’all know and every Walmart shot with me I show you a little bit of the food section and what I thought its new the first thing I found is these brands cinnamon rolls with strawberry and cream flavored icing and you know I’m about to take them home with me I don’t know if these are new I guess they are obviously they say new I think my girls would love these maybe I’ll get them when we go back to the grocery store this weekend because they’re on spring break so they don’t need anything like that now but they love cotton candy flavored anything I’ve never seen these before either apparently they’re new I don’t know are these they are in the yogurt section maybe it’s pudding but they have the salted caramel delight Kate better strawberry Royale and a vanilla fudge do it I’m pretty sure everybody has seen all of these new chips by now but to be honest none of them sound appealing to me so I don’t think I’m gonna try any of them I wonder if those are actually really good I don’t think this Sour Patch ones would be but honestly this is my favorite cereal ever made I was so happy when they brought it back I’ve probably seen this before but I’m gonna be honest though it’s been really really good and so does this I don’t know if everybody has a Buffalo Wild Wings near their homes but I’ve never seen any of these in the store so if you like their sauces you can come to Walmart and get them now they do have these which I would never bought not a huge fan of Jolly Ranchers in general but that’s pretty interesting [Music].